Wednesday, August 12, 2009

THE LA RAZA DEMS healthcare sellout for the ILLEGALS' ILLEGAL VOTES

Nancy Pelosi demands Obama's HEALTH CARE "reform" like she did the BANKSTERS' REFORM.

Is it because Nancy Pelosi, like Dianne Feinstein has long worked for OPEN BORDERS, AMNESTY, NO ICE, NO ENFORCEMENT OF LAWS PROHIBITING THE EMPLOYMENT OF ILLEGALS?

Or is it becase NANCY PELOSI has long hired illegals at her St. Helena, Napa winery, and restaurants, and DOESN'T WANT TO PAY A LIVEING WAGE?

Or is it because her La Raza sister, Dianne Feinstein illegally hires illegals at her San Francisco hotel, and like PELOSI has said HELL NO, WE WON'T PAY LIVING WAGES. NO LEGAL NEED APPLY HERE!

The La Raza dems work tirelessly to keep wages depressed. The Mexican occupation of 38 million "cheap" labor illegals already depresses wages yearly $200 - $300 BILLION.


Want Health Care Cut$ ?

Stop Anchor babies. Tell your rep vote yes on HR 1868

Stop amnesty for illegal workers.

Stop government $$$ from going to illegals in any form.

Send ALL illegal alians back to where they came from.

AN AMERICAN SPEAKS - Obama's sellout for the ILLEGALS' VOTES


Thats why they want Healthcare reform before Immigration reform.

"FREE HEALTHCARE for ALL citizens"
After Obama gives AMNESTY (remember that?) to 30 million ILLEGAL ALIENS....along with FREE HEALTHCARE, Judge Sotomayor and a Latino to replace Biden.

Of course he expects their vote...AKA: a BRIBE.

In short.....TRILLIONS of debt to be paid by you and me and our grandchildren for "OBAMA 2012" CAMPAIGN.

No American will get anything FREE!

30 million ILLEGAL ALIENS converted to citizens will eat up all the FREE HEALTHCARE........AND.....another 20 million will RUSH across the border and fill the E.R.'s where the newly amnesty'd aliens USED TO BE SITTING.

Got it?