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By Dave Gibson (09/17/2006)

In 2005, the Latino group known as La Raza (The Race) was given $15.2 million in U.S. federal grants. La Raza also received an additional $4 million in so-called 'earmarks' tucked into the 2005 Housing Bill, which our Congress passed and President Bush signed. Considering the racist agenda of La Raza, giving federal funds to this group is tantamount to the U.S. funding the Nazis in the 1930's. The comparison to the Nazi Party is well deserved. La Raza openly supports pushing all but Latino Americans out of a portion of the United States (ethnic cleansing – DO A SEARCH ON THE BLOG, OR LOS ANGELES TIMES ON MEXICAN GANGS MURDERING BLACKS IN LOS ANGELES TO “ETHNICALLY CLEANSE THEIR HOODS), they call for 'Reconquista' or the re-conquest of the American Southwest by Mexico (the re-occupation of the Sudetanland), and the establishment of 'Atzlan' which is the utopian all-Latino version of the American Southwestern states (Adolf Hitler planned to called his utopia Germania). Karl Rove was one of the keynote speakers at this year's annual National Council of La Raza Conference. The event was held in Los Angeles (the eventual capital of Atzlan). Other speakers included Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton, and the virulent racist L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. The fact that Karl Rove is the President's top political adviser and addressed the group with Bush's blessing, is a strong indicator that this nation is being subverted at the very highest levels. If La Raza was a white supremacist group with equally deep pockets, the U.S. government would place them on a terrorist watch list, infiltrate them with undercover FBI agents, and subject them to constant harassment by the Internal Revenue Service. Eventually, the group's leaders would be jailed and the group itself would be rendered irrelevant. However, because La Raza is a Latino supremacist group, the Bush administration and most of Congress offer them financial support!

One of La Raza's biggest supporters is Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV). In 2001, Reid asked the Senate Appropriations Committee for $5 million to help further the racist goals of that organization. That same year, La Raza gave Sen. Reid their Capital Award for "his commitment to advance legislation priorities of the Latino community." Reid in turn praised La Raza by saying: "La Raza is like the biblical David (MEXICAN OCCUPIERS?), fighting all these Goliaths (AMERICAN PEOPLE?)."

Taxpayer funds are also funneled to La Raza through the Department of Health and Human Services, The Environmental Protection Agency, and even NASA. Tax dollars are hidden in these government agencies, earmarked to be specifically given away to La Raza. Inside the halls of Congress, the practice is known as discretionary funding...In the real world it is known as money laundering! In 2005, $7.9 million was stolen from the American taxpayers and given out to Latino-only charter schools in the form of U.S. Department of Education grants. The following is a list of a few of those schools: -La Academia Semillas del Pueblo (Los Angeles) -Atzlan Academy (Tucson, AZ) -Mexicayotl Academy (Nogales, AZ) -The Dolores Huerta Prepatory High School (Pueblo, CO) -Academia Cesar Chavez Charter School (St. Paul, MN) These schools stress Latino culture, the Spanish language, the reconquest of the American Southwest, ethnic cleansing and the establishment of the mythical Atzlan, and even Aztec math!...Again, all taught on your dime! According to the Capital Research Center, La Raza has assets well in excess of $50 million. This same group reports that La Raza spends about $1 million annually on lobbying and fundraising. Can you imagine a high-ranking member of the Roosevelt administration making a trip to Berlin to show support for the Nazi Party? Or perhaps the Congress appropriating money to the Ku Klux Klan? While those scenarios both sound absurd, the support that our elected officials are giving to the racist group known as La Raza is no different. One has to wonder, if the KKK offered extremely cheap labor to unscrupulous American businesses and potential votes to equally unscrupulous politicians...Would Congress fund whites-only charter schools?


MEChA-the Mexican Nazi Movement

MEChA (“Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan” or Chicano Students Movement of Aztlan) is neither a fraternity nor a “good-natured and altruistic college campus organization”. Rather, it is the Hispanic version of the Nazis, Ku Klux Klan or Islamic Jihad—take your pick or mix ‘n match. MEChA’s news organ La Voz de Aztlan (“the voice of Aztlan”) regularly and consistently prints opinions and “news” stories that vilify Israel and Jews, in general. Amongst others, one of its staff writers-Ernesto Cienfuegos-has written numerous anti-Semitic articles including but, not limited to “Jews against Islam: The War of Cartoons”, “Jewish Maquiladora Owners Scam Tijuana Workers”, “The Kosher Nostra Scam on the American Consumer”, “Zionist Plot to take over Mexican Presidency” and “Jewish Rabbi gives three infants Herpes”. WHEW! The site also blasts Los Angeles KFI talk-show host Bill Handel in its statement: “The radio show is hosted by a Jew named Bill Handel who has a history of making obscene and racist remarks against non-Jewish ethnic, racial and religious groups including Mexicans.” Another of its “news” stories includes “Anti-Mexican Jewish Bigot Identified” in which it states: “The racist Jew who filmed a video in which he humiliates a group of Mexican workers (Jornaleros) has been identified. La Voz de Aztlan has received information on the hateful Jew who produced the shameful video. This is more proof that these sinister, malevolent, malicious and nefarious people will stop at nothing.” The site also firmly aligns itself with Islam. If one is looking for good old-fashioned no-holds-barred “hate speech against Jews”, La Voz de Aztlan is the site to visit. But, the Aztlan Movement is much more than just a small and inconsequential “hate-Jew movement”—much more, indeed. On its site, La Voz announced its participation in the 2004 "Forum on Binational Thought" which was held in Mexico City. The speaker from the Aztlan Movement was named as no other than Henry Cisneros! La Voz writes: “From Aztlan, Henry Cisneros will deliver the speech "Future of the relationship between Mexican and Mexican-Americans". Cisneros was Bill Clinton's Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and is presently a John Kerry campaign aide within the Mexican-American community.” And if that doesn’t curl your hair, current California Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa are “former” MEChA members. But, one has to wonder if the “former” designation is accurate. Note: This definitely takes MEChA and the Aztlan Movement out of the “fringe” category and places it into the mainstream Hispanic Democrat camp. And it is patently chilling. Most certainly, MEChA’s Aztlan Movement does not represent the majority of Hispanics in the United States. The mere fact that lawmakers in the US are members (or claim to be “former” members) should at least give all US citizens pause—if not creating a call to action. This hate-filled organization is growing, folks—and so is its influence on other US lawmakers. Bear in mind, MEChA’s Aztlan Movement is also the organization that is working for the Reconquista (“reconquest”) of the US’ Southwestern states, which include California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. And with increasing backing from US “leaders”, including a US Senate that appears to be feckless in passing any Immigration Reform bill that has real teeth and viability, they just might affect it. However, this time the New Nazi movement won’t have a German accent. Comprende usted?

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