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April 20th,2011

Fellow Americans. Today the Obama re-election campaign strategy for the voto Latino was made public. The Obama strategy is base on an immigration reform, the promise he made and was able to sell to the Latino community during his campaign in 2008 and do not deliver.

The Obama administration is doing every thing to convince the Latino community that he is serious about an amnesty, Obama and the Democrats are working in secret to pass the Dream act by executive order, he is promoting an amnesty knowing that most of the American people including Latinos are against any immigration reform.

The only groups that are interest to use the Latino community to gain political power or membership are: LA RAZA-MALDEF-MECHA-LULA-THE WASHINGTON HISPANIC CAUCUS-THE NATIONAL HISPANIC LEADERSHIP-THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND SOME CRISTIAN CHURCHES.

The truth is that no immigration reform or amnesty is possible no now or ever.

Why it is not possible any immigration reform:

1- This economic catastrophe, made Americans very concern about their economic and welfare. The real unemployment is 14% not 8.4% like the Obama administration report.

2- Today Americans are more inform about the negative economic and social impact that illegal immigration caused in their communities.

3- Americans know that illegal aliens benefit only the US business, and they paid for these benefit with their Taxes, lost of income and lost of jobs, they know that illegal aliens no only are working in agriculture in the fields but they are doing every type of work, from labor work in construction to hi- tech, sales, retail and management.

4- Americans know that their children are getting poor education in schools with large numbers of illegal aliens students, because the bilingual policy and the cost of educating the illegal aliens.

5- Americans are very concern about their real state property because they trash the neighborhoods; they made our communities like third world communities.

6- Illegal aliens commit more crimes than any class in the United States and cost the States legal system billions of Dollars each year.

7- Illegal aliens take out from our economic 30 billions Dollar per year by sending this money to their country. Mexico's illegal aliens income receives is second to his petroleum industry.

8- Americans know that illegal aliens are responsible for identity theft and its illegal use including voting fraud in many states in the Union, that is why Democrats opposed to show two IDS in order to vote.

9- Americans know that Obama only interest to pass any immigration reform is to gain political power, Americans want to get this incompetent out of Washington he is the worse President in the History of this United State. His contribution to this economic catastrophe is huge, Obama increased our national debt by 3.7 trillions Dollars more and he continue his expending frenzy and refused to cut expenses and balance the budget.

Thanks God the majority of Americans know what he is “ a pathological liar that deceived us and betray the American people.

We Latino Americans, demand that the Obama administration and every State Government Enforce our immigration Laws.

Congress, as the lawmaking body under the U.S. Constitution, should hold Obama and his Administration accountable for failing to execute the laws that the legislature has passed and must enact meaningful immigration reforms that do not make the program worse, such as the obama amnesty that would only incentive further illegal immigration. Such reforms would include:

A- development initiatives and reforms to form a win-win trade policies to end the American Corporations exploitation of labor in Mexico.

B- Secure our Border, build the fence and make illegal immigration a felony and ban persons convicted of crimes from enter the Unite States.

C- States and the US Federal Government must enforce our existing immigration laws including the E-verified policy.

D- Make a policy to implement a bounty reward program and made public by special television or website, persons known to be in our country illegally and offer a reward for the arrest for deportation of illegal aliens.

Failure to enact these reforms will only weaken Congress while providing Americans with a legitimate reason to self protection and defend our country from it's destruction and the Washington Corrupt politicians.

Washington must know that any immigration reform will result in a revolution. We are economic slaves and an immigration reform will make the poor suffer more because social service will be gone, we can not expend any more money and illegal aliens cost billions of Dollars to the American tax payers.

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