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Rick Perry Campaign Caught Trying to Censor Opposition

For Immediate National Release

September 28, 2011

CONTACT: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
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At least one official member of Rick Perry's campaign for President asked Facebook to censor and remove an online ALIPAC invitation asking Americans who oppose in-state tuition for illegal immigrants to protest outside of a Perry fund raiser in Charlotte, NC on Thursday.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), the group reported widely in the national media predicting that "Rick Perry Is Finished" after stating his current support for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants during the last debate, has called for a protest outside of Rick Perry's $1000 per plate fund raiser at the San Antonio Modern Mexican Restaurant in Charlotte, NC. 11:30am-1:30pm Thursday, September 29, at 4331 Barclay Downs Dr.

ALIPAC created a Facebook event invitation last night to invite the group's thousands of online supporters on Facebook to attend.

Facebook Event: Protest Rick Perry and His Support For Illegal Immigration

This morning, ALIPAC captured screen shots proving that Clint Cox, who is the Washington State social media coordinator for Americans for Rick Perry's Super Pac 'Americans for Perry', used the 'Report' feature to ask Facebook to delete the event.

The Facebook report feature asks users to report postings for harassment, Scams, 'Hate Speech', Violence, or Sexually explicit content. Once the reporter selects one of those options they can then notify the target of their protest.

William Gheen, President of ALIPAC, received two copies of reports from Perry Campaign operative or employee Clint Cox and from a Christine "Chris" Warren that state, "I found this event offensive. Please remove the event or content posted that may potentially be harmful."

As documented in the screen shots ALIPAC is releasing today, William Gheen responded to Mr. Cox saying, "This is a political event and your attempt to have Facebook censor our event because you disagree is reprehensible."

Clint Cox then replied "Your a liar and deserve to be censored...people are on to you!"

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC calls on Rick Perry to direct his campaign supporters or employees to not engage in censorship and false accusations on behalf of his floundering campaign.

"Americans who represent the 81% of US Citizens found in Rasmussen Reports polling to oppose Rick Perry's in-state tuition for illegal aliens subsidy have a right to speak out, assemble, and protest his events and stances without attempted censorship," said William Gheen. "The fact that an official member of Americans 4 Rick Perry tried to have our Facebook event deleted claiming we were "harassment, Scam, 'Hate Speech', Violence, or Sexually explicit content" is very inappropriate."

Shortly after these false reports were filed by Rick Perry's campaign, William Gheen was blocked from inviting his remaining Facebook friends to the event.

The Des Moines Register reports that Rick Perry's wife is in Iowa today trying to limit the damages to his campaign by excusing his recent support for in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

"Anita Perry also defended in-state college tuition for the children of illegal immigrants, saying the Texas Legislature thought it was a choice between educating the youths or having them go on welfare. "

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC opposes both welfare benefits and in-state tuition for illegal aliens as do hypermajorities of American citizens.

"Texas should not be giving welfare or college tuition to illegal immigrants," said William Gheen. "The fact that Rick Perry and his wife support both are strong reasons for GOP voters to reject his candidacy."

According to Zogby polling, Rick Perry's support levels have dropped 19% in reaction to his comments during the recent debates.

Rasmussen polling released today indicates that "...a plurality (44%) says Perry is not qualified for the job."

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC will protest Rick Perry's fund raiser in Charlotte tomorrow and then call on GOP, Tea Party, Patriot, and Immigration Enforcement groups across America to protest every Perry event they can to warn voters of his unpopular support for illegal immigration.

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