Friday, November 18, 2011

ALIPAC - Fighting For Americans (legals) & Against LA RAZA SUPREMACY (OBAMA ADMINISTRATION)

Friends of ALIPAC,

Obama's unlawful and dictatorial Amnesty for illegal aliens has just started going into full effect and federal authorities are ordering authorities to release illegal immigrants from our jails, even in places like Georgia, Arizona, and Alabama. In many cases, they are handing the illegal immigrants work permits signaling to all illegals in America that it is OK to stay. This unprecedented form of Amnesty may stop the reversal in illegal immigration which our efforts to pass state level enforcement has caused in combination with the bad economy.

Yes! I want ALIPAC fighting against Obama's unconstitutional Amnesty for illegal aliens and will donate today at...

Patriotic American citizens in California, Utah, and Maryland have plans underway that have strong chances of reversing recent illegal alien incentive legislation in these states. ALIPAC is ready to put our national organization's resources behind these efforts which would serve as major victories for the American defender side vs. the illegal immigrant invasion.

Yes, I want ALIPAC to be able to help the American resistance in California, Maryland, and Utah and will offer my support at this link today...

An unprecedented number of federal candidates are contacting ALIPAC requesting endorsements, donations, and volunteers. More illegal immigration and Amnesty fighting candidates can be elected to Congress in 2012 if we start early and get more involved with primaries. ALIPAC has been working diligently to circulate information on presidential candidate positions as well.

Yes, I want ALIPAC to launch 2012 candidate support operations to help me and millions of other voters be informed about federal candidates who support immigration enforcement and who support Amnesty for illegal aliens. I am offering my support today via...

While the Fast and Furious Gunwalker Scandal is now making national headlines with the official congressional hearings proceeding and coming closer to serving justice on those in the White House responsible for this betrayal of the nation, ALIPAC has played a key communications role since the start before America had heard of this scandal. Our efforts to archive and distribute information combined with our national network's pressuring of federal lawmakers to act has been essential in getting things to this point. ALIPAC has proven again and again that our collected information and our strategic messages and activism efforts lead to results.

Yes, I want ALIPAC to continue to educate and encourage federal lawmakers to seek justice for those in the White House who used our tax dollars to buy thousands of assault rifles for drug and illegal alien smuggling cartels. My support is on the way today via

ALIPAC has recently set new web traffic records! More and more Americans seek information from the world's largest archive on the topic of illegal immigration maintained at Later this month we will set a new yearly traffic record. Over 5 million pages of information are viewed by citizens, lawmakers, candidates, and reporters along with your commentary each month.

Yes, I want ALIPAC to continue to reach new historic levels of visibility and influence and remain the top source for information about illegal immigration in America. I am offering my support today via...

ALIPAC has held its ground and often won major legislative and campaign battles against multimillion dollar organizations that support Amnesty for illegal aliens. Most of the pro illegal alien organizations we fight are funded with your tax dollars and large donations from global corporations. On a national yearly budget of around only $150,000 we have won against numerous pro illegal alien groups that have millions of dollars at their disposal because of our volunteer base and the fact we support the views of 80% of America's legal citizens representing all states, races, and political parties.

Yes, I want ALIPAC to continue to defeat multimillion dollar organizations that support illegal aliens and my support is on the way today via...

After seven years of service to the cause of fighting against illegal immigration (since 9/11/2004), playing a strong role in the national reversal of illegal immigration, playing a central role in stopping federal Amnesty legislation over six times, informing millions of Americans about the negative consequences of illegal immigration, helping to pass immigration enforcement legislation in more than 30 states and stopping bills that would offer in-state tuition for illegal aliens in 20 state battles ALIPAC is on the verge of shutting down. This is due to the lack of financial resources available. ALIPAC has accomplished great things on a very small budget compared to most national organizations, but current funding levels will force us to close down before Christmas.

We only have 12 days left to raise $25,000 to maintain our operations into 2012!

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