Thursday, January 12, 2012


Morton Memos Put To The Test And Found Wanting

In 2011, FAIR was there to let America know about the historic presidential power grab of congressional authority that produced controversial "Morton Memos" - seemingly innocuous "reprioritization" that has produced an administrative amnesty. FAIR warned of the dangers their new policies would cause to American citizens and the people's right to decide who gets to come to the U.S. FAIR is right there, and we have the fight of our lives.

The story below is typical -- but seeing it reported in the news is not:

Saul Chavez was previously convicted of a DUI, but was not handed over to ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) because he was lucky enough to be in Chicago, a proud Sanctuary City and home of the President's re-election machine. Chavez drove drunk again, this time killing 66-year-old father Dennis McCann.

Without penalty, Chicago police declined to hand Chavez over to ICE, allowing him to walk. Not surprisingly, Chavez skipped bail and will likely not be held accountable for killing an American citizen.

Because Chavez would likely have been convicted of homicide, he might qualify for deportation under Obama's new "reprioritization." But, remember, Chavez was convicted of a crime before he killed McCann. Under Obama's new priorities, Chavez would not have qualified as a priority since he was only convicted of a misdemeanor. Though he was here illegally and was found breaking our laws, Chicago allowed him to stay to break yet another law that devastatingly resulted in a man's death - this is the policy that Obama has adopted nationally.

Remember: this administration is also suing states that seek to get immigration laws enforced. Increasingly, counties and cities are getting the message: this president won't enforce the laws so we won't even honor ICE detainers. A true national crisis is upon us.

In 2012, FAIR will be here fighting to reverse these policies and to stop the resulting tragedies. Already this year, we have met with top ICE agents, are suing for release of more administration documents and are applying pressure where it's due. But we need your help. Your donation of $25, $50, or $100 will go a long way in fighting against immigration polices harmful to Americans.

We can't afford another four years of administrative amnesty and policies that reward those who break the law and demand special treatment. How many warning signs will we allow our government to ignore before there are more victims? Please stand with us.



Dan Stein

P.S. You can also mail your tax-deductible contribution to FAIR at 25 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Suite 330 Washington D.C. 20001, Attn: Membership.

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