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Lamar Smith calls for immigration reform because of would-be Capitol bomber - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

Lamar Smith calls for immigration reform because of would-be Capitol bomber - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room


One in two adult African-Americans in New York is unemployed. African-American children’s poverty grew by 50 percent since 1999. Why? Their dads can’t find work... AND YET OBAMA CAN'T HISPANDER ENOUGH!

LOS ANGELES GIVES AWAY 37 MILLION OF YOUR TAX DOLLARS TO ILLEGALS ON WELFARE.... like the ones that marched on us waving their Mexican flags!
Welfare and food stamp benefits soar $3 million higher than September payout. New statistics from the Department of Public Social Services reveal that illegal aliens and their families in Los Angeles County collected over $37 million in welfare and food stamp allocations in November 2007 – up $3 million dollars from September, announced Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich. Twenty five percent of the all welfare and food stamps benefits is going directly to the children of illegal aliens. Illegals collected over $20 million in welfare assistance for November 2007 and over $16 million in monthly food stamp allocations for a projected annual cost of $444 million. “This new information shows an alarming increase in the devastating impact Illegal immigration continues to have on Los Angeles County taxpayers,”said Antonovich. “With $220 million for public safety, $400 million for healthcare, and $444 million in welfare allocations, the total cost for illegal immigrants to County taxpayers far exceeds $1 billion a year – not including the millions of dollars for education.”


“TBR News has received so many favorable comments on my illegal immigration article, comments mostly on the number of statistics instead of political rhetoric, that I am adding more material, much of it from law enforcement friends in Arizona: And to those who write complaining letters in foreign languages, why not try English? We speak English here, not some garbled Spanish patois. If that presents major problems, why not try migrating south like the birds? Our loss will be Mexico’s gain! Here, from various sources is more cheering information for the suffering American taxpayer and his family: In 2003, according to the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles, 57,600 cars were stolen in Phoenix. It is now the car-jacking capital of the world. Most were SUV’s and pickup trucks. At a conservative average of $15,000.00 per vehicle, owner losses exceeded $864 million. Insurance companies in the state suffered incredible claims from policyholders.Arizona is the temporary home of 500,000 illegal aliens. They cost Arizona taxpayers over $1 billion annually in services for schools, medical care, welfare anchor babies, loss of tax base and prisons. Illegals use those vehicles for smuggling more people and drugs from around the world into our country. When the vehicles are recovered, they are smashed-up wrecks in the desert. If not found, they have new owners south of the border as thieves drive the cars through the desert and into Mexico as easily as you drive your kids to soccer practice. Illegal aliens displaced American workers at a cost in excess of $133 billion dollars last year according to Harvard Professor George Borjas.American citizens: College and high school kids cannot find a summer job in yard care, landscape, fast food or service jobs. Why? Illegal aliens work them at a third the wage and often, under the table ( THE TAX-FREE MEXICAN UNDERGROUND ECONOMY IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY IS CALCULATED TO BE IN EXCESS OF $2 BILLION PER YEAR!).Not only do young American not have jobs; their parents are paying taxes for illegal aliens who are not paying taxes. Annually, 75 percent of drugs arrive from Mexico at a net cost of $120 billion hard currency that leaves our country for good. In addition, our tax dollars pay $80 billion for the War on Drugs each year. It is a war that hasn’t been won in the past 30 years and drugs are as available today to your teenager as they were in 1970. (CA HAS THE LARGEST AND MOST EXPENSIVE PRISON SYSTEM IN THE NATION. HALF THE INMATES IN ARE MEXICANS. ACCORDING TO CA ATTORNEY GENERAL, HALF OF THE MURDERS IN CA ARE BY MEXICAN GANGS! – VIVA LA RAZA???) When an alien criminal gets caught for rape, murder or drug distribution, you pay $1.6 billion annually in prison costs to house, feed and clothe those filling 30 percent of our federal and state prisons—not to mention TV, movies, weight rooms and other entertainment—they enjoy while being incarcerated. Over 300,000 women annually arrive pregnant and drop them on U.S. soil. The American taxpayer pays for food, housing, medical and schooling for them to age 18 PLUS their mother. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, average annual cost per child K-12 is $7,161.00 and exceeds $109 billion annually per cycle of anchor babies. The average head of household illegal alien costs you $2,700.00 in welfare money over and above any taxes he or she pays in their meager paying jobs. With 15 to 20 million illegal aliens in the USA, that figures exceeds $20 billion of your tax dollars. (Source: Center for Immigration Studies, August 2004) How about the $56 billion in pure cash illegal migrants sent to their home countries last year and every year? That’s after their kids enjoyed free education, free lunches, and free medical care paid for by you. Mexico receives $15 billion annually from its worker drones. No wonder Vicente Fox sent us 9.2 million illegal alien Mexicans so far. The lifetime net fiscal drain—taxes paid minus services used—for an adult immigrant is $55,200.00 according to Carrying Capacity Network. (MOST SOURCES PUT THE NUMBER OF ILLEGALS AT 38 MILLION AND BREEDING LIKE BUNNIES! NOW DO THE MATH!) With a minimum of 15 million illegal aliens in our country, these figures are the tip of the iceberg. Average bilingual education is $1,200.00 per illegal alien student. Get this! We educate 1.1 million illegal alien children each year. The American public has paid $27 billion to provide forms, ballots, interpreters, and brochures for languages other than English in 2003. An estimated one-third to one-half illegal aliens work off the books.It costs $200 million to provide for emergency health care for illegal aliens in the Border States annually. California with over three million illegals paid $79 million, and four of their major LA hospitals bankrupted and shut their doors in 2004. Texas with 1.5 million illegal aliens paid $74 million in hospital care. Georgia ran a $63 million deficit for 64,000 unpaid doctor visits to their Grady Health Care system in 2002. Georgia taxpayers paid $27 million for 11,188 anchor baby hospital births. Georgia taxpayers paid a whopping $242 million for educating illegal alien kids in 2003. What are the consequences? One in two adult African-Americans in New York is unemployed. African-American children’s poverty grew by 50 percent since 1999. Why? Their dads can’t find work. It costs the taxpayer, $68 billion a year to pay for the resettlement of legal immigrants. (THERE ARE ONLY EIGHT (8) STATES WITH A POPULATION GREATER THAN LOS ANGELES COUNTY WHERE HALF OF ALL JOBS GO TO ILLEGALS USING STOLEN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS! THE LA RAZA CONTROLLED STATE LEGISLATION JUST PASSED A LAW READILY SIGNED BY LA RAZA DEM GOV JERRY BROWN MAKING IT ILLEGAL FOR EMPLOYERS TO USE E-VERIFY! VIVA LA RAZA? THE DEMS DO ALL OVER THE NATION STARTING AT THE WHITE HOUSE. OBAMA’S DEPT. of LA RAZA JUSTICE HAS SUED THE STATE OF ARIZONA TO STOP E-VERIFY DESPITE THE STAGGERING UNEMPLOYMENT OF AMERICANS!) Only 22 companies in 2003 were taken to court for hiring illegal aliens. None went to jail. However, it’s a $10,000.00 fine per illegal alien hired and up to five years in prison. You would think that would deter corporations. Not when they’ve bought off enforcement! Who else figures in this grand scheme? Your governors and mayors who provide sanctuary laws for illegal aliens! Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, Governor Baldacci of Maine! Governor Bill Owens of Colorado! Mayor Hickenlooper of Denver! Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles! The Mayor of San Francisco! The Mayor of Chicago! The Mayor of Miami! How do we know? All those cities and dozens more give sanctuary to illegal aliens with Special Order 40. Illegals remain in our country with exemption from arrest—yet, they are federal criminals! A national consensus on immigration is clear from the wide range of polls on the issue over the past several years: By overwhelming margins, Americans want to cut back drastically on immigration—not bring in new immigrants or legalize those who are already here illegally. Limiting immigration has the overwhelming support of most Americans, regardless of party affiliation or race. · 65% of voters favor stopping all immigration into the U.S. during the war on terrorism. · 92% of voters favor “imposing stricter immigration and border crossing polices.” · 84% of Americans support tighter restrictions on immigration. · 77% think the government is not doing enough “to control the border and to screen people allowed into the country”. · 85% strongly/somewhat agree “that enforcement of immigration laws and the border has been too lax and has made it easier for the terrorists to enter”. · 72% think that “a dramatic increase in resources devoted to border control and enforcement of immigration laws would help reduce the chances of future terrorist attacks”. · Six in ten Americans support reducing legal immigration levels. · 77% of respondents in a CNN poll opposed granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. 53% of Americans said the number of legal immigrants allowed into the U.S. should be decreased. Only 6% wanted to see it increased. · 41% of Republicans and 45% of Democrats support stopping legal immigration altogether. · 72% of Americans think immigration should be reduced, · A Roper poll in January found that 83% of Americans favor a lower immigration level. 70% favor restricting immigration to less than 300,000 new immigrants a year (including 70% of Republicans, 73% of African-Americans, and 52% of Hispanics). Most want even larger cuts: 54% favor an immigration level of below 100,000 a year. 20% support no immigration at all. The same Roper poll found that a large majority (75%) supports strong laws to identify and deport illegal immigrants. Only 10% disagree with strict laws against the removal of illegal immigrants. The strongest supporters of tough measures against illegal immigrants are self-styled political moderates (78%), strongly religious (76%), whites (77%), Protestants (82%), and Midwesterners (85%). 76% of Democrats, 76% of Republicans, 78% of self-described middle-of-the-roaders, and 60% of Hispanics (English-speaking) also support tough laws against illegal immigrants. · 52% of all Americans favor a five-year ban on all legal and illegal immigration to the U.S., including 54% of all Republicans and 48% of all Democrats. · 50% favor a law that would stop all legal immigration into the U.S. for the next five years. · 63% of Americans think immigration levels are too high, including 66% of Republicans and 60% of Democrats. · 62% of Americans think immigration levels should be decreased, 27% think the present levels should remain, and 12% say they should be increased. Some lawmakers are particularly concerned with the attitudes of Hispanics on the immigration issue. Polls show that Hispanic Americans, like all Americans, support cutbacks in immigration. · 89% of Hispanic Americans strongly support an immediate moratorium on immigration. 74% feel fewer immigrants should be allowed and stronger restrictions should be enforced. · Hispanics favor reducing immigration by a margin of 53% to 35% in Texas, 48% to 40% in New York, and 47% to 39% in Florida. Rudolfo de la Garza, a University of Texas at Austin professor and one of the directors of the study, said: “U.S born Mexican-Americans believe that they suffer a lower quality of services because of the excess demand on them generated by the immigrants.” · 43% of Hispanics nationwide think the government is not doing enough to stop illegal immigration. The more established Hispanics are in the United States, the more likely they are to think the government is not doing enough to curb illegal immigration. 37% of foreign-born Hispanics believe not enough is being done; that belief increases to 45% of first-generation Hispanics and half of second-generation Hispanics. A sampling of a number of states regarding illegal immigration. With the mid-term elections on the horizon, Congress should become very attentive or they run the risk of being very unemployed.
CALIFORNIA · 82% of Californians believe that the projected population growth during the next 20 years will make the state a less desirable place to live. Over 80% of California’s growth is due to immigration. · 50% of California voters oppose granting amnesty to illegal immigrants, versus 34% who favor it. 35% of all people in prisons and jails are ILLEGALS FROM MEXICO. The county of Los Angeles spends millions jail housing illegals who are actively engaged in drug trafficking.
2,000 CALIFORNIANS have been murdered by illegals who fled back over the border to avoid prosecution. The Narco-mex government refused to return them.

COLORADO· 68% of Colorado voters say overpopulation is a major problem in Colorado. Only 2% of voters believe that the state needs to expand its population at all, yet the state is projected to increase its population by 67%, from 4.3 million today to 6.4 million in 25 years. 61% want the federal government to lower immigration levels to reduce the environmental impact and development pressures on communities across the nation.

FLORIDA· 58% of Florida voters favor making legal immigration more difficult. 71% favor the U.S. government spending more time and money to prevent illegal immigration into the U.S., including more than 40% of Hispanics. · 59% of Florida voters believe current immigration levels are too high. Almost two thirds (63%) of voters agree that “immigration levels are out of control and we need to reduce the number of immigrants we allow into the country”. A majority of voters (52%) said they would be more likely to endorse a candidate who supported immigration reduction as part of his or her campaign. 76% feel that "Continued population growth is a threat to Florida’s resource base, environmental health, and quality of life”.

GEORGIA · 69% believe that the quality of life in the state will deteriorate if current growth and population trends continue. 74% are concerned about the level of immigration to the U.S. 79% are specifically concerned about the level of immigration to Georgia. 61% oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants.

IOWA · 62% of Iowans feel that the U.S. should lower its current level of immigration. 65% feel that a U.S. population of 400 million in 2050, as projected by the U.S. Census Bureau, is too large.

KANSAS · 86% of Kansans say levels of immigration into the U.S. are a “serious” or “very serious” problem.
MARYLAND· 68% of Maryland voters are concerned about the current level of immigration to the state, and 58% want the federal government to lower immigration levels to reduce development pressures on the environment. 61% think overpopulation in Maryland is a major problem. · Two-thirds of adults in rural southern Maryland say the place where they live is growing too fast. Frustration with crowded roads is mounting, and nearly two-thirds want strict new limits on development.

MICHIGAN· 52% of Michigan voters say legal immigration levels should be decreased, 41% say they should remain at present levels, and 4% say they should increase.

NEW JERSEY · 82% of New Jersey residents say that illegal immigration is an important problem facing the country. 39% say it is one of the most important problems.

TEXAS · 82% of Texans see illegal immigration as a serious problem (including 86% of Caucasians and 69% of Hispanics), and 61% say the federal government is not doing enough to stop it. VIRGINIA · 73% consider the pace of population growth to be an urgent problem, with 60% saying it threatens quality of life in the state. 70% say they are concerned about the level of immigration to Virginia, and 57% say they would be more likely to support a candidate for Congress who supported a reduction in national immigration levels.

CFR’s Plan to Integrate the U.S., Mexico and Canada Great Alien Invasion - What's Happening Now"Bush Secret Border Wars" Mayhem and terror in Southern states to protect government drug cartels Crime Families Expand in U.S. up America!!! Illegal Immigration has to be stopped. Take a look at this website and see where all your tax dollars are going: 1. 1)

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