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ALIPAC - Prayers for Americans Murdered by Illegals - A NATION OVERRUN BY LA RAZA








Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

Friends of ALIPAC,

Today is November 4 and this marks the 2nd annual National Remembrance Day for Americans killed by illegal aliens and the politicians who support them through the non-enforcement of our existing laws.

Another heartbreaking story came to our site after another preventible death on Thursday, October 25, 2012. Another American family and community became aware of what we know about our open borders and unenforced immigration laws the hard way.

An illegal immigrant who navigated around our Border Patrol, and then navigated around our immigration laws and decided to ignore many other US laws, decided to ignore the law about stopping for a stopped school bus. Fernando Ortiz-Soto has been in the United States illegally since 2000. He had an expired NC license in his wallet given to him by the Democrats who used to rule NC. It was expired because we finally got the state to stop handing them to illegals.

But driving with an expired license is just another American law that Fernando Ortiz-Soto did not respect because he has been shown at every level of government our laws do not apply to illegal immigrants.

That is why he felt so confident driving a van with his brother to his carpet and tile installation job, which it was illegal for him to be working. A job that could have saved an American from foreclosure or the food stamp rolls. Fernando Ortiz-Soto was in a rush to reach his stolen job when he passed a stopped school bus doing 55 miles per hour!

When Fernando Ortiz-Soto's van came in contact with 12 year old Adam Kempf, a seventh-grader at Coats-Erwin Middle School, just before 7 a.m. that morning, we can only pray that little Adam did not suffer and we can only guess because the media reports have omitted the more gory details of this horrific crime. Our hearts and prayers go out to Adam Kempf's family, who are probably just now learning that this crime happened because of our government's failure on many levels to adequately enforce our existing border and immigration laws.

Adam Kempf joins the thousands of Americans killed each year due to the illegal alien invasion of America which is happening due to a plot against our nation that is being conducted and supported by corrupt politicians, global corporations and banks, and powerful interest groups.

No mainstream media outlet will ever mention these mass murders being conducted by illegal aliens. The mainstream media supports the invasion by hiding the atrocities from sight. And in the case of Adam Kempf, the notoriously biased and illegal immigration supporting Fayetteville Observer did a whole article dedicated to Fernando Ortiz-Soto's wife telling us all what a great man Fernando is. The News and Observer usually refuses to report these deaths and gang rapes that involve illegal aliens, but when they do report, the articles are designed to conduct damage control for the cause of illegal immigrants at the expense of Americans.

Fernando Ortiz-Soto is but one of 12-20 million illegal aliens that roam the United States each day with little to no fear of detection or deportation whatsoever. They are "undocumented and unafraid" because the Executive Branch of the United States is on the side of the invaders and their chances of being deported in any given year are less than 1% of 1%!

Fernando Ortiz-Soto should have been stopped by a secured border. If not, he should have been detected, detained, and deported when he had to fill out bogus I-9 forms for his first stolen jobs. If not, he should have been nabbed when he was first caught driving without a licenses or trying to apply for one.

How many different opportunities did our government have to enforce the laws most Americans support that should have and would have saved the life of Adam Kempf and the job that Ortiz-Soto stole from an American or legal immigrant?

At ALIPAC we want to salute Congressman Steve King and Maria Espinoza of the Remembrance Project in Houston, Texas, for working to unite the family members of the victims in order to try and prevent future deaths.

Each November 4 will be the day we stop to reflect and to pray for those who suffer from this invasion.

Little Adam Kempf has been laid to rest, but his memory now resides in the massive archives at which chronicle the deaths of thousands of lost Americans. Different patriotic groups are using our archives to chronicle and memorialize the fallen.

It is our hope that ALIPAC can grow stronger and can play a greater role in the Remembrance Project and National Remembrance Day in the future.

If we can find the time and the funding, we would like to create a new online memorial for the victims and their families that ties these deaths to the politicians, companies, and organizations that have blood on their hands

Does the family of Adam Kempf know that NC Democrats like Mike Easley, Marc Basnight, and Jim Black made it possible for Fernando Ortiz-Soto to get that license in order to conduct his business in this state? How would Adam Kempf's mother and father feel to know that sellout Republicans like NC State Senate President Phil Berger and his La Raza right hand men Senators Tom Apodaca and Bob Rucho protected Adam Kempf's killer this year when they blocked all legislation designed to thwart illegals like Fernando Ortiz-Soto and drive them out of our state and country?

ALIPAC has a powerful plan to memorialize the fallen and connect families with the politicians, companies, and groups that share responsibility for the deaths. With your support we can launch this new effort and provide more support for the Remembrance Project in 2013.

Please say a prayer today for the American lives that have been cut short by illegal aliens and the politicians, groups, activists, and companies that support their invasion of our American homeland.

November 4, 2012

William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team


Untold Story of American Workers Vs. Illegal Immigration

By William Gheen
Across America a terrible story unfolds trapping honest and hard working Americans between the proverbial rock and a hard space. It is a story that I have gleaned from conversations with those directly impacted. It is a story I have learned from reading between the lines in the print media.

Many of America's print media publications are now facing well deserved financial extinction due to their penchant for bias, censorship, and promotions of unpopular political positions, rather than reporting facts. No issue illustrates their heavy bias more than illegal immigration.

American readers are bombarded on a daily basis with the latest illegal alien sob stories about how illegal aliens are getting laid off, being profiled, discriminated against, or finding it harder to get licenses and government benefits from mean and hateful Americans, while the most important part of the story is conspicuously absent!

The Americans who are falling down in historic numbers are not in these articles or publications!

The propagandists at the newspapers should take heed, when I remind them of two important things. One, people read the news to learn the facts and not the asserted political positions of the paper. Two, readers look for characters in articles, as well as in movies and books, who they can identify with.

Americans are losing their wages, jobs, homes, health, and sanity in numbers unprecedented since the Great Depression, yet you will not hear their trials and troubles in your elitist newspapers. And if you do get a glimpse of the horror of your neighbors and fellow countrymen, you will most certainly never hear of what I will speak of next.

You will not hear about how illegal immigration is trapping Americans in a vise which is leading to the destruction of their lives.

I hope no one in America needs a lecture on how horrible losing your job can be when there are no other jobs available and that not being able to provide health insurance or even food for your children is a life threatening situation. Marching your belongings and loved ones out of your house in front of a Sheriff's deputy is a story Americans are living out in larger numbers daily.

Many studies tell us that American workers work harder, longer, and more productively than many others on the planet. We are known for getting the job done and done well. Before the recent political invention of "jobs Americans won't do" we got the houses built, the landscapes tended, the chickens plucked, and the bathrooms cleaned without 15 million illegal aliens in the country.

Here is the scenario and perspective you will not find in your newspaper that must be told to the nation.

It has long been a tradition in America for wage earners to take a menial job or an extra job, when times got tough for their individual families, a region, or during a national economic downturn.

If your husband was injured, the wife would take on an extra job waiting tables or as a cashier. If you lost your job, you would seek another one no matter what it was, as long as it would help you keep food on the table and a roof over you and your family's head.

In 2009, when you go to look for a new job of any kind you will find that many jobs are not even listed in the Want Ads because those jobs are filled with illegal aliens and a surplus of legal immigrants. The employers have no desire to spend money on newspaper ads, if they have an opening they just tell the foreman, ask their existing workers, or in some cases call up the drug and human importing cartels in Mexico to order a new shipment of illegal aliens workers, as was the case with Tyson Foods here in North Carolina.

So American workers are not even finding notices for many jobs in construction, landscaping, hospitality and food industries, agriculture, meat processing, textiles, raw materials production, etc...

And even if you do approach one of these employers, you may find yourself in the position that many ALIPAC supporters have reported.

The employers of illegal aliens and H2B visa immigrants do not want Americans in the mix. There is rampant discrimination against America workers because they do not speak Spanish, are more concerned about worker health and safety laws, and might contact Immigration and Customs Enforcement to report illegal workers and visa fraud.

Even if you did go out on your own to find the non-advertised menial jobs, and you made it past the discrimination factors, you still have two major hurdles.

One, multiple studies have documented the common sense knowledge that illegal immigration greatly depreciates wages for American workers and legal immigrants. As far back as 1968, the renowned labor leader Cesar Chavez patrolled the border and ordered his union to call Federal authorities to try and stop illegal immigration. Wages have been significantly depressed due to the intentional hyper inflation of the labor markets.

If you are a full tax paying and debt carrying American, many of these jobs now offer wages that are insufficient for you to even make ends meet!

But illegal aliens are not just in the menial jobs or unskilled labor sector of our economy. We have seen countless news reports over the last few years documenting illegal aliens working on commercial jet engines, or in nuclear power plants, or the technical fields?

With the almost minimal enforcement levels of our existing immigration laws, illegal aliens are working in jobs across the spectrum!

Anyone seeking a job in a call center or the Information Technology fields will find many of those jobs have been sent offshore to India. As for the jobs which remain here at home with Google, IBM, Microsoft, and many others, the positions are taken and being filled with H1B visa holders from India and China.

According to our unenforced existing immigration laws, an H1B visa worker can only be used, if an American worker cannot be found for the position and if the immigrant will be paid the same as an American worker would.

But, since nobody is enforcing those laws, many Global companies are intentionally throwing out their American workers and replacing them with foreign labor that will work for much less!

And if you go out in search of an American small business that plays by the rules and respects our laws, you will find fewer and fewer of them. Honest employers who hire Americans and legal immigrants have found themselves unable to compete with the low bids of less scrupulous competitors who hire illegal aliens. You won't hear their voices in this barage of biased articles either!

Only through the valiant efforts of talk radio show hosts and brave men and women like Glen Beck, Lou Dobbs, and Michelle Malkin will you hear these voices represented in the media. And each of them faces the same threat of smears and lies from the ideology fascists for speaking out for the innocent American workers and millions of victims of illegal immigration, corporate greed, and political corruption in our nation.

So American workers are facing what I call "The Great American Replacement Act" where Americans are being replaced in jobs, homes, schools, colleges, and at the ballot box through rampant illegal immigration combined with historically high levels of new worker visas being issued.

To ad further insult to injury, the illegal alien Amnesty supporting groups and politicians are now trying to claim that even though 11 Million Americans are out of work, we need Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty right away for the approximately 7 million illegal aliens, which are currently holding jobs that our existing laws mandate are illegal for them to have in the first place!

How can so many politicians and people in the media ignore and neglect innocent Americans who are suffering and having their lives ruined? The dire consequences for Americans due to the bad economy combined with rampant illegal immigration are horrific. The fact that their stories are not told and their voices are censored by the print media is even more horrifying.

For things to improve for Americans, we need our existing immigration laws, and all workplace and financial regulatory laws fully enforced. Those left in the media with a soul need to illuminate these problems and side with the American public before it is too late.

We need to know how much the influence the billions of dollars in perks, contributions, and payoffs coming into Washington, DC (See Bill and Hillary Clinton) from Global corporations and countries hostile to the United States like Saudi Arabia and China are responsible for these dastardly, illegal, and unconstitutional policies.

The American public is no longer in control of our national destiny. We are no longer self governed or secure. We are not being asked for our support, we are being told we will suffer in silence or face aggressive ridicule. We are being dictated to by politicians who's pockets are lined with the gold of powerful bankers and foreign nations.

We are now entering an even more dangerous phase where many Americans are losing all faith in the political process. There is dangerous talk in private conversations, and many are saying "America has already been conquered without a shot fired."

Perhaps America's most powerful enemies have discovered how to take us with a Trojan horse? No adversary would want to take us on militarily or do anything to awaken the ire of the American populace. Our own politicians, bureaucrats, and Wall Street leaders have already deeply wounded this nation more than Osama Bin Laden's attacks on 9/11.

Perhaps they have moved on America's Achilles heal of greed and corruption to incrementally reduce the American populace to such a desperate level surrounded by financially empowered subservient foreign workers that we cannot defend ourselves.

If this is the case and if these atrocities are not corrected soon by political means, may God help us endure, survive, or prevail against whatever evil our conquerors have planned for us next.


By Neema P. Roshania,

Jun 29th, 2010

The economic recovery may be slow and uncertain. Immigration remains a hot button political issue. But there's one positive trend that will keep benefiting smaller cities in the years ahead: Their growing appeal to immigrant poppulations.

Though New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and other large U.S. cities remain hubs for immigrants, newcomers from abroad are increasingly settling in smaller communities across the U.S., lured by a lower cost of living, more job opportunities, and a support structure of fellow immigrants. In return, these communities get a rejuvenated work force and a consumer base.

Here are eight rapidly emerging gateway communities for immigrants. All are likely to remain popular with foreign newcomers, despite stepped-up enforcement of federal immigration laws. Some may surprise you.

Benton/Washington Counties, Ark.

Home to large employers such as Wal-Mart in Bentonville and Tyson Foods in nearby Springdale, these northwest Arkansas counties have seen enormous growth in their immigrant populations over the past decade.

Foreign born residents now make up more than 20% of Springdale's population. The area's chicken farms, construction industry, corporate headquarters, and low cost of housing remain a strong magnet.

With Hispanics accounting for most of the increase, the region is seeing more ethnic bakeries, restaurants, media outlets, and other businesses. The once nearly homogeneous local school districts have added English as a second language to their curricula in addition to special programs to help involve parents in their children's education.

Portland and Salem, Ore. (Marion/Multnomah counties)

The growth of the area's technology industry draws highly skilled immigrant workers to northwest Oregon, where they're joining earlier arrivals -- refugees from Southeast Asia, Africa, eastern Europe and Russia.

Fairfax County, Va.

In this large suburban county bordering Washington, D.C., immigrants make up almost 30% of the population. The recession hasn't been felt here as much as it has in other parts of the country and construction, and service jobs are still plentiful. Fairfax County is across the Potomac River from the nation's capital, which, along with other large cities, has long been a draw for immigrants.

There's also a strong immigrant presence among service workers, especially in health care, restaurants, and cleaning services. Nearly 40% of the region's immigrant population arrived within the past decade. Many own their own businesses. And they are encouraging more family members and friends from the old country to join them.

Shelbyville, Tenn. (Bedford County)

Though the foreign born population in Shelbyville hovers around the national average, the small city and its environs have become a mecca for refugees from Egypt, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), and Somalia. There are jobs in Shelbyville's food processing plants and other factories.

Cape Coral, Fla. (Lee County)

Southwest Florida's Gulf Coast has strong agriculture and service sectors. In 2000, Cape Coral's foreign born population was 8.7%, relatively low compared with national average of 11.1%. In the past decade it has increased by about 250% -- putting it above the national average.

Boise, Id. (Ada County)

Attracted to the area by job opportunities in agriculture and an affordable cost of living, Boise's immigrant population has climbed by more than 50% over the past decade.

Gwinnett County, Ga.

The foreign born population in Gwinnett County has more than doubled since 2000, and now represents about 25% of the county's total population. Drawn to the area by an abundance of jobs in the service sector and the low cost of housing, the immigrants are mostly Hispanic. They are carving out a livelihood in a region where blacks have traditionally been the most visible minority. Gwinnett also has one of the highest rates of illegal immigration in the U.S. -- authorities estimate that half of all foreign born residents of the county are unauthorized.

Raleigh-Durham-Cary, N.C. (Wake/Durham/Chatham Cos.)

North Carolina's 394% immigrant growth rate in the 1990s was the fastest among Southern states, and the trend has continued in the 21st century. The Raleigh-Durham area has been hub to much of this growth.

The draw? Affordable housing and jobs at Research Triangle Park -- one of the country's largest technology development centers -- as well as in the construction and service sectors. The recession and stricter enforcement of immigration laws in the Tar Heel State are slowing immigration growth -- at least for now. But many experts think migration could pick up again as the economy recovers.

Sources: Census Bureau, University of Southern California, Moody's


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Monday, September 28, 2009

And T.J. BONNER, president of the National Border Patrol Council, will weigh in on the federal government’s decision to pull nearly 400 agents from the U.S.-Mexican border. As always, Lou will take your calls to discuss the issues that matter most-and to get your thoughts on where America is headed.



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You can contact President Obama and let him know of your opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens:



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“PUNISH OUR ENEMIES”… does that mean assault the legals of Arizona that must fend off the Mexican invasion, occupation, growing criminal and welfare state, as well as Mex Drug cartels???



Friends of ALIPAC,

Each day new reports come in from across the nation that our movement is surging and more incumbents, mostly Democrats, are about to fall on Election Day. Obama's approval ratings are falling to new lows as he makes highly inappropriate statements to Spanish language audiences asking illegal alien supporters to help him "punish our enemies."



Heather Mac Donald: White House doesn't want to enforce immigration

By: Heather Mac Donald
OpEd Contributor
August 4, 2010

The real motivation for the Justice Department's lawsuit against Arizona's new immigration statute was the only one not mentioned in the department's brief: The Obama administration has no intention of enforcing the immigration laws against the majority of illegal aliens already in the country.




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