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Hillary Clinton's Big Secrets - Should she go to prison?


1,100 donors to a Canadian charity tied to Clinton Foundation remain secret

A charity affiliated with the Clinton Foundation failed to reveal the identities of its 1,100 donors, creating a broad exception to the foundation’s promise to disclose funding sources as part of an ethics agreement with the Obama administration.

The number of undisclosed contributors to the charity, the Canada-based Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, signals a larger zone of secrecy around foundation donors than was previously known.

Details of the organization’s fundraising were disclosed this week by a spokeswoman for the Canadian group’s founder, mining magnate Frank Giustra.

The Canadian group has received attention in recent days as a potential avenue for anonymous Clinton Foundation donations from foreign business executives, including some who had interests before the U.S. government while Hillary Rodham Clinton was secretary of state.

The partnership, named in part for Bill Clinton, sends much of its money to the New York-based Clinton Foundation. Two of the partnership’s known donors — Giustra and another mining executive, Ian Telfer — are featured in the soon-to-be-released book “Clinton Cash” for their roles in a series of deals that resulted in Russia controlling many uranium deposits around the world and in the United States.

With the foundation’s finances emerging as an issue for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, a foundation official this week defended the arrangement with the Giustra group, noting in a blog post that Canadian law prevents charities in that country from disclosing their donors without the donors’ permission.

The Canadian partnership has in recent days begun to reach out to its 28 largest donors, each of whom gave donations equivalent to at least $250,000 in U.S. dollars, to seek permission to release their names, said a person familiar with the foundation, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.

The large number of undisclosed supporters of a Clinton-affiliated charity raises new questions about the foundation’s adherence to the 2008 ethics agreement it struck with the Obama administration, which was designed to avoid conflicts of interest during Hillary Clinton’s tenure at the State Department.

Former senator Richard G. Lugar (Ind.), who as the senior Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee quizzed Hillary Clinton during her 2009 confirmation hearings about potential conflicts stemming from foundation fundraising around the world, said Tuesday that he considered such undisclosed donations to violate the spirit of the ethics agreement.

“Clearly, there was an expectation and a commitment that large donations to the Clinton Foundation would be disclosed,” Lugar said via e-mail.

A spokeswoman for the Canadian group said the majority of the 1,100 donors gave small, one-time gifts while attending a 2008 fundraising gala.

A spokesman for the Clinton Foundation said the agreement did not apply to the Canadian organization, which is a separate charity based in Vancouver. The spokesman compared the group to other major charities that provide funding to the Clinton Foundation but do not themselves disclose all their donors, such as Partners in Health and the Nature Conservancy.

Clintons' personal wealth intertwined with charity(1:50)

In an analysis of public records and Clinton Foundation data, The Washington Post found that there was an overlap of Bill and Hillary Clinton's charitable work and their growing personal wealth. The Post's Rosalind S. Helderman breaks it down. (Alice Li/The Washington Post)

In the Sunday blog post, the foundation’s acting chief executive, Maura Pally, said the arrangement was “hardly an effort on our part to avoid transparency.”

However, the Giustra partnership has been more intertwined with the Clintons’ $2 billion foundation than other independent charities.

It uses both the Clinton name and the logo of the Clinton Foundation. Giustra himself has given more than $30 million directly to the Clinton Foundation and sits on the organization’s board. He has separately pledged $100 million to the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, making him one of the foundation’s largest donors. Bruce Lindsey, a longtime Clinton adviser who chairs the foundation board, also sits on the board of the Canadian organization.

According to Canadian tax filings, the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP) has spent nearly $30 million in current U.S. dollars since 2007; and nearly $25 million of that spending has gone directly to the Clinton Foundation, a spokeswoman said.

Bill Clinton has also personally raised funds for the group, including at the 2008 gala, where the Canadian mining industry pledged millions for the effort.

“I love this guy, and you should too,” Clinton said of Giustra that night, according to Toronto’s the Globe and Mail newspaper.

A foundation official has said the partnership was Giustra’s brainchild, born of his desire to join forces with Bill Clinton to work to alleviate poverty around the world, particularly in places where the mining industry had been present.

The partnership’s projects have included funding thousands of cataract operations for local residents in Peru and thousands more meals for starving children in Colombia, where Giustra has many investments.

A spokeswoman said the organization is active in Haiti, India, Peru, Colombia and El Salvador and is exploring expanding in Mexico, South Asia and Africa.

In an interview, Giustra said his group was not dependent on the Clintons.

“I’m not doing this because of Bill Clinton,” Giustra said. “He loves what we’re doing with CGEP. But if for some reason he walked away tomorrow, I would just rename it. Call it something else and keep doing it, because I think we’re on to something really great.”

Giustra said many of the organization’s other donors are people he has met through the mining industry, where he has made his fortune, a community he saw as an untapped resource for philanthropy.

“Every year, we come up with a budget for CGEP programs,” he said. “And I make sure, by hook or by crook, that that amount is there. It has to come from me or some other means.”

One controversial Clinton Giustra partnership donor is a Canadian energy company that operates oil fields in Colombia.

The company, Pacific Rubiales, has been the subject of complaints to the State Department from organized labor groups reporting alleged mistreatment of workers. Labor officials said that repeated complaints to the State Department under Clinton and her successor have not produced significant action. The counsel for Pacific Rubiales, Peter Volk, denied the allegations, saying the complaints “stemmed from a rival union to the one representing our employees.”

The company does not appear in the Clinton Foundation’s published list of donors. But it has said in a news release that it has given$3.5 million to the Clinton Giustra partnership.

Rosalind Helderman is a political enterprise and investigations reporter for the Washington Post.

Tom Hamburger covers the intersection of money and politics for The Washington Post.

HILLARY CLINTON: A dedicated disciple of OBAMANOMICS – Why else would his banksters invest so much in her???
“That her candidacy is announced without calling for any particular policies underscores the fact that the election is not about the American people deciding the course of policy, but rather the vetting of candidates to serve the interest of the financial oligarchy.”
“There is, of course, no acknowledgment that Clinton was part of an administration that oversaw and continues to oversee the greatest transfer of wealth from the bottom to “those at the top” in US history.”
“Schweizer: Clinton Donors, Relatives Got Rich Off Haiti Contracts, US Taxpayers”
 Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer reported on the US taxpayer money and contracts in Haiti profited Clinton Foundation donors and Clinton relatives.”
Clinton Foundation Put On Watch List Of
Suspicious ‘Charities’
“This decision wasn’t made because of the Clinton Foundation’s remarkably lucrative sideline as a uranium superstore for Russian strongmen, but because its finances are opaque and dishonest, and because such a tiny amount of the money it rakes in actually goes to charitable endeavors. “The Clinton family’s mega-charity took in more than $140 million in grants and pledges in 2013 but spent just $9 million on direct aid,” notes the New York Post. “The group spent the bulk of its windfall on administration, travel, and salaries and bonuses, WITH THE FATTEST PAYOUTS GOING TO FAMILY FRIENDS.”
Hillary Clinton bellies with the 9-11 invading Saudi dictatorship like Obama. She’s collected her bribes for pushing the Bush-Saudi wars against Iraq and Obama smells the dirty Saudis loot coming for his presidential libaray!
HOW TO BUY HILLARY CLINTON: From selling overnights at the White House, she’s become a multi-continent influence peddler.
“Hillary Clinton takes a course of action that benefits those donors, in many cases, I think, outlined in the book, she is reversing course on policy prescriptions.”
“Schweizer said he had found “a pattern of behavior…the proof is, you look at a series of actions in which money flows to the Clintons, either through speaking fees or Clinton Foundation donors.”
The International Monetary Fund warned Wednesday that the world economy would remain locked in a pattern of slow growth, high unemployment and high debt for a prolonged period. The forecast, contained in the organization’s updated World Economic Outlook (WEO), marks a shift from previous economic projections in acknowledging that there is little prospect of a return to the growth levels that prevailed prior to the 2008 Wall Street crash.
The document’s grim analysis amounts to a tacit acknowledgement that the crisis ushered in nearly seven years ago by the financial meltdown is of a historical and fundamental character, and that the underlying problems in the global capitalist system have not been resolved.
“By large margins, even in opinion polls conducted by the corporate-controlled media, the American people support sharp increases in taxes on the wealthy to fund social programs and provide jobs for the unemployed; they oppose cuts in Social Security and Medicare and view education, health care and other public services as basic rights; they oppose government spying on the telephone and Internet usage of ordinary Americans, as well as other police-state measures; and they oppose overseas military interventions in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The Democratic and Republican presidential candidates stand on the other side of the barricades on all these issues.”
THE LOOTING OF AMERICA: BARACK OBAMA AND HIS CRONY BANKSTERS set themselves on America’s pensions next!
The new aristocrats, like the lords of old, are not bound by the laws that apply to the lower orders. Voluminous reports have been issued by Congress and government panels documenting systematic fraud and law breaking carried out by the biggest banks both before and after the Wall Street crash of 2008.
Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and every other major US bank have been implicated in a web of scandals, including the sale of toxic mortgage securities on false pretenses, the rigging of international interest rates and global foreign exchange markets, the laundering of Mexican drug money, accounting fraud and lying to bank regulators, illegally foreclosing on the homes of delinquent borrowers, credit card fraud, illegal debt-collection practices, rigging of energy markets, and complicity in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme.
One government-organized settlement has followed another, utilizing “deferred prosecution” deals and other gimmicks to allow Wall Street CEOs to get off scot-free. All the banks have had to do is pay largely fictitious fines, much of the nominal amount written off as tax credits.


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