Friday, May 1, 2015


OBAMANOMICS: The massive transfer of the American economy to the 1% and total devastation of the AMERICAN MIDDLE-CLASS to build a DEM DICTATORSHIP…..

and the banksters are investing massive amounts of loot in Hillary Clinton, a disciple of OBAMANOMICS!

Income inequality grows FOUR TIMES FASTER under Obama than Bush.

First he  sabotaged America’s borders and then invited endless waves of illegals to grab America’s jobs and keep wages depressed.

Then he went after America’s pensions, medicare and social security towards his design of destroying the American middle-class.



“Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America (ALL MAJOR DONORS TO BARACK OBAMA) and every other major US bank have been implicated in a web of scandals, including the sale of toxic mortgage securities on false pretenses, the rigging of international interest rates and global foreign exchange markets, the laundering of Mexican drug money, accounting fraud and lying to bank regulators, illegally foreclosing on the homes of delinquent borrowers, credit card fraud, illegal debt-collection practices, rigging of energy markets, and complicity in the  Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme.


“By large margins, even in opinion polls conducted by the corporate-controlled media, the American people support sharp increases in taxes on the wealthy to fund social programs and provide jobs for the unemployed; they oppose cuts in Social Security and Medicare and view education, health care and other public services as basic rights; they oppose government spying on the telephone and Internet usage of ordinary Americans, as well as other police-state measures; and they oppose overseas military interventions in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The Democratic and Republican presidential candidates stand on the other side of the barricades on all these issues.”


AMNESTY: The solution to keep wages depressed

“A more recent national survey by the Federal Reserve, based on 2013 data, suggests the problem has not only persisted as the economy recovered but may even have worsened. More than 30 percent of Americans reported spikes and dips in their incomes. Among that group, 42 percent cited an irregular work schedule; an additional 27 percent blamed a span of joblessness or seasonal work.”

“In the two advanced countries with the greatest income inequality, Spain and the United States, job losses and wage cuts accounted for nearly all the increase in inequality.”

Net Job Growth Since Recession Still To Foreign-Born

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ March job’s data released Friday — as in previous months — again shows that net employment growth in the U.S. since the beginning of the recession has gone to foreign-born workers.”

“From the beginning of the recession in December of 2007 through March of this year, while the native-born population has experienced a net decline in employment, their foreign-born counterparts have experienced a net increase.”

The fraud of Obama’s “Student Aid Bill of Rights”

By Nancy Hanover
23 March 2015


Last week President Obama announced a series of executive actions that he dubbed a “Student Aid Bill of Rights.”


The initiative is partially an exercise in damage control. It follows a series of lawsuits and scandals involving the Department of Education (DOE). The government agency has become the target of growing anger for protection of predatory student loan collection agencies, its bailout of the for-profit career college chain Corinthian and its overall profit-taking from student loans.



The 43 million Americans who owe some $1.3 trillion in student loan debt were offered zero forgiveness. In fact, Obama does not propose even one measure to actually lessen the ever-escalating cost of college or encroach on the lucrative business of student loan debt. All the “rights” remain in the hands of the government, the banks and hedge funds.


 Far from a “Bill of Rights” Obama continues to deliver a fraudulent bill of goods. At every point, his administration has protected the financial industry in looting an entire generation of students, preventing millions of young people from either attaining the education they desire or making them pay through the nose for the rest of their lives.

OBAMA IN SELMA: Is it his biggest hoax and lie to date?
"The lies and demagogy in Obama’s Selma speech cannot conceal the huge class gulf between the government he heads and the self-sacrificing workers and youth who led the fight for civil rights. They fought for equality. He represents privilege."
The Democrat Party’s OPEN BORDERS agenda at work.

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