Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hill$$$ 4 Bill$$$ Clinton - THEIR GLOBAL LOOTING - The Export-Import Bank is the International Bank of Clinton |

The Export-Import Bank is the International Bank of Clinton |

The answer: Any tool that increases Washington's

involvement in big business — here and abroad —

creates opportunities for politicians to demand

tribute from corporate and government coffers and

increase political control over business. Ex-Im is a

goldmine for a transactional politician like Hillary.


Goldman Sachs is part of this story, too. In the summer of 2011,

Goldman Sachs hired a K Street firm to lobby the State Department

on Ex-Im. That fall, Ex-Im approved a $75.8 million loan to a state-

owned Chinese bank so it could buy private jets from Hawker

Beechcraft, a jetmaker owned largely by Goldman at the time.

Secretary Clinton at that time praised her deputy, former Goldman

vice president Robert Hormats, for "coordinating with the Export-

Import Bank," on international trade and development issues.

“I smell bribes!” the first words Hillary
spoke in Chinese!

The stunning revelation is just one of many in the new book, Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.

Clinton global hucksterism – Selling out America like they sold out the Lincoln Bedroom.

HOW TO BUY HILLARY CLINTON: From selling overnights at the White House, she’s become a global influence peddler.

“Hillary Clinton takes a course of action that benefits those donors, in many cases, I think, outlined in the book, she is reversing course on policy prescriptions.”

“Schweizer said he had found “a pattern of
behavior…the proof is, you look at a series of
actions in which money flows to the Clintons,
either through speaking fees or Clinton
Foundation donors.”

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