Friday, June 5, 2015

IN AMERICAN, ONLY ILLEGALS GET JOBS! - 6,652,000: More Americans Working Part-Time, But Not by Choice

6,652,000: More Americans Working Part-Time, But Not by Choice

AMERICA: NO LEGAL NEED APPLY…. but we still get the tax bills for Mexico’s welfare state in our open borders!


“Part of the problem, Santorum said, has been the arrival of millions of unskilled immigrants — legal and illegal — in the United States. "American workers deserve a shot at [good] jobs," Santorum said. "Over the last 20 years, we have brought into this country, legally and illegally, 35 million mostly unskilled workers. And the result, over that same period of time, workers' wages and family incomes have flatlined." SEN. RICK SANTORUM

Planning for the looming OBAMA GREATER DEPRESSION:


In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, on the other hand, none of the basic causes of the crash, including the enormous size of the global financial sector and its pervasive criminality, have been even remotely addressed. Rather, under the guidance of the Obama administration, the dominant position of Wall Street in economic, social and political life has only been entrenched and expanded.


UNIONS ASSAULT THE AMERICAN WORKER… just like the Democrat Party, Wall Street,

LA RAZA Fascist Party, and Mexico

“In city after city, minimum wage laws have included union exemptions. The pro-business US Chamber of Commerce published an extraordinary report last year, “Labor’s Minimum Wage Exemptions: Unions as the ‘Low-Cost’ Options” which provided details about many of these ordinances.”

JOE LEGAL v LA RAZA JOSE ILLEGAL…. which one has it good under the Dems???

 “This gain, however, comes at the expense from a total reduction of U.S. workers’ wages per year of $402 billion—this reduction being the consequence of competition from immigrant workers…”

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