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NAFTA - The Koch Brothers and Obama-Clintonomics to surrender our borders to keep wages depressed - Will America fly the flag of Mexico? Doesn't it already?


"NAFTA has become symbolic of the fears and apprehensions of globalization in general. "Despite promises that NAFTA would help keep Mexicans at home, illegal immigration to the U.S. has accelerated. 
About two-thirds of the estimated 12 million
illegal immigrants in the United States have
arrived since 1995, according to the Pew Hispanic

"Remember 187 -- the Proposition to deny taxpayer funds for services to non-citizens --- was the last gasp of white America in California." --- Art Torres, Chairman of the California Democratic Party… NOW THE PARTY for LA RAZA SUPREMACY… do a search for Barack Obama and LA RAZA.

A week later, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said the immigration bill was “far worse” than ObamaCare: He described the bill as an attempt by Senate Democrats “to establish another monolithic voting bloc” among Hispanic Americans.







MIDDLE-CLASS…. Is it working?
This nation no longer is a democratic republic...rather it has become a tool of the super-rich members of the above mentioned elite who preselect our presidents based on their cooperation and complicity with the elite’s ultimate goals. Obama has, in their opinion done superbly carrying out the plans well laid out for him by his backers.




Obama Quietly Erasing Borders


“Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) warned his colleagues in Congress that Americans will vote them out of office in November if they do not act this week to thwart President Barack Obama's plans to grant work permits and amnesty to up to eight million more Americans via executive fiat.”

FROM WASHINGTON STATE…. if you thought Mexico ONLY occupied and looted the former American southwest!

"They hauled them down to the border," Sakuma said. "Three days later, they were standing in our office, but they had a different name and a different Social Security number."

Sanders’ wording cannot be dismissed as a gaff.

On the contrary, it conforms to his political

record. In 2007 and 2009, he co-sponsored bills

with Republican Congressman Chuck Grassley

that would have restricted the federal visa

program, citing the need to protect American

jobs. He has opposed trade deals with China on

the grounds of protecting American jobs and

“sovereignty,” and denounced transnational

corporations for making profits overseas

instead of at home, which he portrays as

tantamount to treason.
Bernie Sanders pits US workers against
immigrants in Vox interview
By Tom Hall

30 July 2015

The campaign of Bernie Sanders, the self-described “socialist” senator running for the Democratic presidential nomination, continues to attract widespread support. Many workers, youth and students, deeply alienated from establishment politics, are intrigued by the prospect of a socialist candidate.
As Sanders has climbed in the polls, however, the pro-capitalist and nationalist content of his politics has become increasingly clear. An interview with Sanders released Tuesday by former Washington Post writer Ezra Klein for the Vox web site is particularly revealing in this regard.
About halfway through the interview, Klein asks Sanders about his attitude towards immigration. “You said being a democratic socialist means a more international view,” Klein says. “I think if you take global poverty that seriously, it leads you to conclusions that in the US are considered out of political bounds. Things like sharply raising the level of immigration we permit, even up to a level of open borders.”


At this point, Sanders abruptly cuts off Klein, saying, “Open borders? No, that’s a Koch brothers proposal.” “Really?” Klein responds, apparently taken aback. “Of course,” Sanders replies. “That’s a right-wing proposal, which says essentially there is no United States… It would make everybody in America poorer.”


Sanders continues: “You’re doing away with the concept of a nation state, and I don’t think there’s any country in the world that believes in that… What right-wing people in this country would love is an open border policy. Bring in all kinds of people, work for $2 or $3 an hour. That would be great for them… You think we should open the borders and bring in a lot of low-wage workers, or do you think maybe we should try to get jobs for those [American] kids?”
Sanders is here referring to Charles and David Koch, the Republican billionaires who have pledged to spend nearly a billion dollars in the 2016 election cycle to promote right-wing candidates. In characterizing an open immigration policy as a “Koch brothers proposal,” Sanders is apparently alluding to their support for limited immigration “reform” of the kind that passed through the Senate in 2013, combining limited avenues for citizenship for current undocumented immigrants with a draconian militarization of the US-Mexico border.
Sanders’ own position more closely aligns with the Republican right than even that of the Koch brothers. Wisconsin Governor and Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker, whose claim to fame is forcing through reactionary anti-worker legislation over mass opposition in 2011, echoed Sanders’ argument virtually word-for-word on the Glenn Beck Program in April, declaring: “The next president and the next Congress need to make decisions about a legal immigration system that’s based on, first and foremost, protecting American workers and American wages.”
Sanders’ argument that open borders would “make everybody in America poorer” takes for granted the enforced division between American and immigrant workers and the super-exploitation of the latter. It also implicitly accepts as permanent the continued monopolization of wealth in the US by a tiny financial aristocracy. The expropriation of this parasitic social layer would, in and of itself, provide substantial resources to raise the wages and living standards of all workers in the US, native-born and immigrant alike.
Sanders has called for a “political revolution” against the “billionaire class.” But his chauvinist position on immigration not only demonstrates his opposition to the unification of the working class, it also underscores his refusal to propose any measures that seriously challenge social inequality. That is because to do so requires championing an attack on entrenched wealth and capitalist private ownership of the banks, corporations and natural resources.

Sanders opposes any such struggle. Hence, his claim that allowing workers of all nations to come to the United States and live and work with full citizenship and democratic rights—a basic principle of genuine socialism—would “make everybody in America poorer.”
By promoting economic nationalism and protectionism, Sanders implicitly argues in favor of American workers lining up behind “their” bosses and government against workers of other countries. So much for his supposed hostility to the American “billionaire class!”
While Democratic politicians, along with their agents in the trade union bureaucracy, have long utilized the supposed threat of foreign labor to whip up nationalist sentiment within the working class, Sanders takes this position to its logical conclusion, openly promoting the sanctity of the American nation state.
The implications of this position are profoundly reactionary. Sanders’ insinuation that open borders would lead to the dissolution of the United States is an argument whose logic leads to fascistic conclusions. Sanders is not a fascist, but his suggestion that immigrants pose a threat to the American nation state recalls the type of arguments and slogans utilized in Germany during the Nazi period. These included the notion of “überfremdung”—the inundation of the Fatherland by foreign, non-Aryan elements.
Sanders’ wording cannot be dismissed as a gaff. On the contrary, it conforms to his political record. In 2007 and 2009, he co-sponsored bills with Republican Congressman Chuck Grassley that would have restricted the federal visa program, citing the need to protect American jobs. He has opposed trade deals with China on the grounds of protecting American jobs and “sovereignty,” and denounced transnational corporations for making profits overseas instead of at home, which he portrays as tantamount to treason.
The democratic right of workers to live and work wherever they choose is a basic principle of socialism. It is bound up with opposition to nationalism, which is the essential ideology of the bourgeoisie, and promotion of internationalism, i.e., the recognition of the fundamental identity of interests of all workers, regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, religion or gender, and the struggle to unite workers across national borders against their common exploiters, the capitalists of all countries.
Socialism strives for the dismantling of the nation-state system, which is rooted in capitalist private ownership of the means of production, and which, like private ownership, collides at every point with the progressive and rational development of man’s productive forces. The contradiction today between the global economy and the nation-state system is the breeding ground for conflicts between the major powers that threaten mankind with a nuclear Third World War. Only the mobilization of the international working class against imperialist war based on the fight for world socialism can prevent such a catastrophe.

Democrat politicians partner with Mexico and the

Mexican Fascist Party of LA RAZA “The Race” to

loot America and then send the tax bills to the

American middle-class whose jobs LA RAZA owns.
AMNESTY: America’s death warrant
THE CONSPIRACY to DESTROY AMERICA’S BORDERS… Obama and his Wall Street banksters
“This nation no longer is a democratic republic...rather it has become a tool of the super-rich members of the above mentioned elite who preselect our presidents based on their cooperation and complicity with the elite’s ultimate goals. Obama has, in their opinion done superbly carrying out the plans well laid out for him by his backers.”
BILLIONAIRES partner with MEXICO, OBAMA and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to

assault the AMERICAN WORKER…. Amnesty, it’s all about keeping wages depressed and

passing along the real cost of all that “cheap” mex labor to the American middle class.

To cite just one example, if there is a shortage of U.S. engineers, are 1.5 million Americans with engineering degrees either unemployed or working in other fields? In all too many cases, U.S. tech companies prefer foreign workers on temporary visas because they are cheaper and more exploitable than Americans.

“At the hearing, Dr. Rakesh Kochar, Associate Director for

Research at the Pew Hispanic Center, testified that in the year

following the official end of the recession (June 2009), foreign-

born workers gained 656,000 jobs while native-born workers lost

an additional 1.2 million jobs.”

"We have a situation where the job market — the bottom fell out, yet we kept legal immigration relatively high without even a national debate," he said. "As a consequence, a lot of the job growth has been going to immigrants."
Mr. Obama did take action this year to grant many illegal immigrants up to 30 years of age a tentative legal status that prevents them from being deported and authorizes them to work in the United States.
Some Republicans in Congress have criticized Mr. Obama's policy, saying it violates his powers and will mean more competition for scarce jobs.


The term “illegal migrant” should never be used. As any other

person, migrants are not “illegal.” They are in an “irregular”

situation or “undocumented”. The term “illegal” is not accurate; it

is misleading, contributes to negative stereotyping and criminalizes

migrants. Irregular entry and stay are administrative oenses, not

criminal oenses. – Media Friendly Glossary on Migration.
Fact Check: This “glossary” is the product of George Soros’ Opens Society Foundations. The multi-billionaire Soros funnels money through these foundations to weaken American sovereignty by promoting open borders and other globalist agendas. The glossary is being sent to the media to persuade them not to describe illegal aliens as Illegal, and use other terms such as the thoroughly dishonest term “undocumented.” Its use would have us believe

that their lack of legal documents has nothing

to with their being here illegally.
Obviously Glossary’s authors intend to change public perceptions with the manipulation of language. The goal is to make us believe that it is no big deal when foreigners violate our immigration laws and disrespect our national sovereignty. Indeed, these manipulators seek to shift censure away from foreign lawbreakers to those who object by depicting the latter as bigots who practice “negative stereotyping.”
Also, the Glossary aims to strengthen the claim increasingly used by illegal alien advocates that illegal residence in the U.S. is not a crime, but an “administrative offense” (whatever that is). This claim simply isn’t true.
As Mike Nicely, writing for the Center for Immigration Studies observes, “Federal [law] (8 USC 1325) outlines the elements of illegal entry and establishes penalties for the crime. A first offense may be charged as a misdemeanor and the violator is subject to a fine and imprisonment for not more than six months. Subsequent violations may be charged as a felony with the violator exposed to a fine and imprisonment for not more than two years.”
Evidently, illegal alien advocates don’t regard misdemeanor violations (for a first offense) as a significant law violation, even though it carries a penalty of up to six months imprisonment. Another point to keep in mind is that illegal aliens residing in the U.S. for any length of time use fraudulent documents to obtain jobs and social benefits. Such use is a felony offense.
Soros and those who share his agenda don’t care

about the immigration laws that uphold and

safeguard our national sovereignty. The reason, it

would seem is that they don’t think our

nationhood and sovereignty are significant.

It started the day Obama moved into the White House and commenced the perpetration of his “hope & change”.
24,639,000: Record Number of Foreign-Born Hold Jobs in U.S.
24,639,000: Record Number of Foreign-Born Hold Jobs in U.S.
24,639,000: Record Number of Foreign-Born Hold Jobs in U.S.
24,639,000: Record Number of Foreign-Born Hold Jobs in U.S.
"We could cut unemployment in half simply by reclaiming the jobs taken by illegal workers," said Representative Lamar Smith of Texas, co-chairman of the Reclaim American Jobs Caucus. "President Obama is on the wrong side of the American people on immigration. The president should support policies that help citizens and legal immigrants find the jobs they need and deserve rather than fail to enforce immigration laws."

MEXICANS ABOVE THE LAW IN AMERICA… a nation under LA RAZA occupation 

U.S. capitulates (again) to LA RAZA SUPREMACY (mexifornia)




With colossal impertinence, the Mexican government attacked Texas Gov. Rick Perry for sending National Guard troops to guard our Southern border, saying that Mexico "deeply rejects and condemns the deployment." The Mexicans accused Perry of taking this action to advance his political ambitions.
INCOME PLUMMETS UNDER OBAMA… most jobs go to illegals.
“The yearly income of a typical US household dropped by a massive 12 percent, or $6,400, in the six years between 2007 and 2013. This is just one of the findings of the 2013 Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances released Thursday, which documents a sharp decline in working class living standards and a further concentration of wealth in the hands of the rich and the super-rich.”

OBAMA BROKE PROMISE ON IMMIGRATION??? Not really! Illegals are pouring over our borders in response to Obama’s bit by bit amnesty.
AND UNIONS? What promise have they kept to the AMERICAN (Legals) worker?


AMNESTY: America’s death warrant
BILLIONAIRES partner with MEXICO, OBAMA and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to assault the AMERICAN WORKER…. Amnesty, it’s all about keeping wages depressed and passing along the real cost of all that “cheap” mex labor to the American middle class.




“What we're seeing is our Congress and

national leadership dismantling our laws by

not enforcing them. Lawlessness becomes the

norm, just like Third World corruption.

Illegal aliens now have more rights and

privileges than Americans. If you are an

illegal alien, you can drive a car without a

driver's license or insurance. You may obtain

medical care without paying. You may work

without paying taxes. Your children enjoy

free education at the expense of taxpaying


Obama Quietly Erasing Borders

WorldNetDaily Exclusive

Dem administration advancing 'North American Union' agenda

By Dave Hodges

Humanity is under attack from so many directions, it is difficult to count the ways.
We are under attack from the skies and through the poisoning of our air through massive chemical spraying complete with Alzheimer’s and dementia causing aluminum sulfate and cancer causing barium. Fukashima radiation, Corexit spraying and the resulting toxic rain from the Gulf oil spill is running rampant over our country and not one ounce of mainstream media coverage is afforded to these dangers. Prevention and remediation from these dangers are not put into place by our present government.
Our water is being systematically removed from the country by Nestle, and our water tables are being systematically compromised by environmental toxins and of course many Americans are consuming water permeated with IQ-lowering rocket fuel (i.e., fluoride).
Our food is being poisoned through the rampant use of cancer-causing MSG products, and the unlabeled, unregulated and cancer-causing Monsanto GMO's.
Under the guise of fighting terrorism, Americans are now facing illegal detention, torture and murder. The Military Commissions Act and the John Warner Defense Authorization Act. The average citizen is now labeled as a terrorist by Homeland Security as their inspired documents, such as the MIAC Report, define domestic terrorism as the mere act of criticizing our governmental leaders, supporting Ron Paul, being a Libertarian, being a member of the Constitution Party, being a Second Amendment supporter and demanding that our leaders follow the Constitution. By virtue of the fact that you have visited this web site, you could now be considered to be a domestic terrorist.
Our national sovereignty and manufacturing base has been

destroyed through NAFTA and CAFTA which has resulted in

totally open borders culminating in the overwhelming of our

infrastructure, hospital emergency rooms and our educational

institutions by the human onslaught which will be soon be at

unprecedented levels which promise to bring 150 million

additional immigrants to our country by 2040.

Obama’s administration has openly engaged in human smuggling as well as drug and gun trafficking to criminal cartels, in programs such as “Fast and Furious.” Bush and Obama have illegally entered America into the sovereignty snatching SPP through the implementation of the North American Union.
Our property rights and water rights as well as our right to farm in traditional ways are being destroyed through the implementation of the pseudo-environmentalist, Agenda 21 programs at the local level. As a result, massive food shortages and outright famines are right around the corner.
America is being de-industrialized through the global warming scam and the accompanying illegal cap and trade schemes. Meanwhile, as the New York Times reports, Ugandan villages are being burned down and replaced with trees in the name of saving the planet through carbon offset programs. This insane application of carbon trading is now being enforced by American military boots on the ground in Uganda. Next year, you will see roving blackouts and the doubling of utility rates as Obama makes good on his campaign promise of “necessarily skyrocketing utility rates.”
Americans will soon be subjected to the death panels of Obama care in which citizens over the age of 70 are officially referred to as “units” and are targeted for comfort care but not given life saving measures. This is an undeniable, unmitigated and naked version of Eugenics cast in the same flavor as that practiced by Margaret Sanger and Adolph Hitler.
In the meantime, our youth are under attack through mercury laden vaccines which also contains the immune system destroying properties of the flu vaccine adjuvants of MF 59, Squaylene and now we find that the active ingredient for Lyme disease is in the patent for the current flu vaccine. One in 58 boys are now autistic courtesy of the pollutants in the vaccines.
America is now witnessing the final stages of the installation of a police state surveillance grid through the creation and installation of video cameras and microphones in the Homeland Security funded Intellistreet light poles. The National Security Administration listens to our every call, their computers read every email and fax, courtesy of Echelon. Americans are being encouraged, by Big Sis, to spy on another as we purchase the Chinese slave labor products at Walmart.
Our homes are being stolen through the use of fraudulent
robo signers and illegal repossessions without the mortgage note in order that the six mega banks can double and triple their illegitimate profits off each home they are able to steal and resell again and again.
This week, Americans have discovered that the Federal Reserve (i.e., Goldman Sachs) is giving our money away to their private banking interests, (aka) their subsidiary holdings, in Europe.

Additionally, more of our money has been stolen with the complicit participation of ex-Goldman Sachs federal government overseers like Gary Gensler who has failed to deliver even one indictment of his ex-Goldman Sachs partner, John Corzine, and his MF Global theft ring resulting for the “loss” of $3 billion dollars in private accounts. John Corzine and his governmental partner in crime, Gary Gensler, have established the legal precedent of stealing from private American accounts. The net effect is that YOU have no retirement. YOU have no social security. YOU have no bank account. Soon, everything YOU own will all belong to the banksters!

Our “public servants” in Congress (e.g., Nancy Pelosi) self-admittedly, on 60 Minutes, routinely engage in stock market insider trading which they have made legal for themselves, but would send you to prison for doing the same.
Every day, the TSA conducts heinous acts against the American people, such as strip searching and injuring 85 year old ladies, grabbing the genitals of our children and wives and largely engaging in acts which, if performed by you, would land you in jail for five years. Your body and your self-respect belong to the globalists and their minions.
Even with all of these hideous events now hiding in plain sight, I have never called for a revolution against our increasingly illegitimate government, or, should I say against the banksters who have hijacked our Republic, until now. There are so many more heinous acts being committed against the American people that it is difficult to count all the ways that tyranny is being installed in America. Even Ray Charles could see the depth and scope of this all out war which has been declared on all of us.
Our Congress has an all-time low 9% approval rating and as a result, Congress has taken up sides with those who would exterminate most and enslave the remainder of us with the new indefinite detention bill, S. 1867.
Very soon, we will live in an America in which the government can declare peaceful dissent, public criticism, and the failure to comply to globalists’ trickle down tyranny as an act of terror in which YOU are subject to secret arrest, torture and even murder. The dead spirits of Mao, Stalin and Hitler are coalescing in the hall of congress and you are their newest target! These congressional criminals have declared war on you and your families. Many of our countrymen have been given a death sentence, but are sadly oblivious to the new place in history that we all occupy. The finishing touches of the establishment of a tyrannical government are being put into play as I write these words.
Many of you, because of your political and moral advocacy, have a bull’s eye on your back. As with all patterns of tyranny from Stalin to Hitler to Mao, the chess pieces have been laid into place for your final demise. The police state grid is in place as are the FEMA death camps. WWWIIII will soon be upon us. They will be coming for your guns under the coming martial law which will accompany the coming war. As with all tyrannical governments which confiscate guns, they will be coming for you following the disarming of the American people. Read your history! The playbook of the globalists is located in your former 10th grade World History books. This is the unmistakable pattern of tyranny!!!
To those who think that S. 1867 will result in many of us being transported to your neighborhood FEMA camp to await an unknown fate is tin foil hat territory; please consider that KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton, is in the process of activating the FEMA camps according to a leaked memo. As if America needs anymore proof of the tyranny which lies ahead, perhaps the remaining doubters would like to email Bob Siefert at the KBR administrator in charge of this action and ask him why the camps are being activated. Thanks to the Alex Jones staff for publicizing this memo.
While in the Soviet Gulag Alexsandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn and his fellow victims, lamented that they did not mount a resistance when the Secret Police came and dragged people out of their homes and sent them to Siberia. We will soon be faced with the same choice.
Our entire governmental leadership is a self-admitted criminal enterprise system as it lawless; it is devoid of empathy, compassion or has any remaining vestiges of the system of Constitutional fair play which was bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers.
The 300 or so banksters who have hijacked our government are mentally ill. They are sociopathic serial killers. They (e.g., George Soros, Warren Buffet, David Rockefeller, etc.) destroy economies, ferment violent revolutions and start wars which kill millions. In short, they are the modern day version of the money changers that Jesus chased from the Temple.
To the police and the military that are going to be told to enforce this globalist, tyrannical takeover and subsequent subjugation of America, I ask all of you: Which side of history will you be on? Are you going to mindlessly obey the soon-to-be illegitimate orders emanating from these despots, or, are you going to uphold your sworn oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic? Do you really think that your military retirements and police pensions are going to be waiting for you when your tyrannical deeds are done? Again, Mr. Law enforcement official read your history.
What did Hitler do with the very people who helped him gain control over the German government? The simple answer is that Hitler killed all of them without blinking an eye. If you, as a law enforcement official or member of the military obey these banksters and minions, you better hope that this globalist takeover is successful and complete.
For if the real terrorists on this planet are not successful in gaining absolute control over America, there will be nowhere that you can hide if you commit despotic acts against our fellow Americans. The vengeance of the people of this country will be carried out against all of those who would dare raise an illegitimate hand against the American people in the servitude of these banksters which will begin with trials which will make the Nuremburg Trials look like a traffic court.
As a result of the passage of Senate bill 1867, Ninety three United States Senators have drawn a line in the sand which will result in the bifurcation of America into two distinct camps. There are those who will serve the satanic globalist regime and then there is everybody else. The fundamental question remains for all military and law enforcement personnel, what side are you on and what are the rest of us going to do about it?
“Tis Time to Part” -Thomas Paine
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Dave Hodges is an award winning psychology, sociology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach as well as a former mental health counselor. Dave also serves as the spokesperson to the newly formed national coalition, The American Coalition to Protect Personal Property Rights, which is designed to combat the growing erosion of personal property rights across America.
Often referred to America’s most independent talk show host, Dave Hodges is the host of the nationally syndicated, hard-hitting and exciting investigative radio talk show called “The Common Sense Show.” “The Common Sense Show” airs on the Republic Broadcasting Network every Sunday evening from 9-11pm Central. The show features an array of impressive guests coupled with an in-depth analysis of important personal, social and geopolitical issues which are largely unreported in the mainstream media. The wide variety of show topics ranges from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of “The Common Sense Show” is to provide the listening audience with the tools necessary to reclaim both their individual freedoms and national sovereignty.

To learn more about his radio talk show please visit:
Clinton Tests Out Populist Approach... it's her "Hope & Change" huckster's approach.... but haven't we heard that crap before???
Obama Cites NAFTA in Questioning Her Criticism of Corporate World
By Perry Bacon Jr. and Alec MacGillisWashington Post Staff WritersMonday, February 25, 2008; A01
PROVIDENCE, R.I., Feb. 24 -- Blasting "companies shamelessly turning their backs on Americans" by shipping jobs overseas and railing that "it is wrong that somebody who makes $50 million on Wall Street pays a lower tax rate than somebody who makes $50,000 a year," Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton increasingly sounds like one of her old Democratic rivals, former senator John Edwards of North Carolina.
Eager to recapture the white, working-class voters who favored her in some of the early primaries but who have since shifted to Sen. Barack Obama, Clinton traded her usual wonky style this weekend for a fiery, populist tone in speeches in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island.
Instead of giving precise policy details, she repeatedly pointed her finger skyward, declared that Americans "got shafted under President Bush" and cast herself as a fighter, as Edwards often described himself, promising to help most Americans, not just the "wealthy and the connected."
In an appearance here Sunday afternoon, she mocked Obama's hopeful rhetoric, declaring that it is not the answer to fighting entrenched interests.
"I could stand up here and say, 'Let's just get everybody together, let's get unified, the sky will open, the light will come down, celestial choirs will be singing, and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world will be perfect,' " she said, as people cheered and laughed. "You are not going to wave a magic wand and have the special interests disappear." AREN'T THESE THE VERY "SPECIAL INTERESTS" THAT HAVE FLOODED HER PHONY CLINTON FOUNDATION CHARITY WITH TENS OF MILLIONS???
 But her rhetoric did not go unanswered. In trying to reach the same working-class voters, Obama continued to emphasize over the weekend that Clinton was part of the White House that pushed the North American Free Trade Agreement through Congress and highlighted remarks Clinton made in support of the deal.
On Saturday, Clinton charged Obama with sending out a mailer that unfairly quoted her as saying that NAFTA had been a "boon" for America, a word that Obama acknowledged Clinton had not used. But the senator from Illinois kept up his attack on Sunday while speaking to dozens of workers at a gypsum plant in Lorain, Ohio.
"Yesterday, Senator Clinton also said I'm wrong to point out that she once supported NAFTA. But the fact is, she was saying great things about NAFTA until she started running for president. A couple years after it passed, she said NAFTA was a 'free and fair trade agreement' and that it was 'proving its worth.' And in 2004, she said, 'I think, on balance, NAFTA has been good for New York state and America.' "

The senator from New York has tried to distance herself from NAFTA, which is unpopular among workers in manufacturing who believe the deal has contributed to the movement of jobs overseas. In Ohio on Saturday, Clinton argued that while NAFTA "passed" during husband Bill Clinton's administration in 1993, President George H.W. Bush actually "negotiated" the deal. Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (D), a Clinton backer, told Bloomberg News this weekend that Bill Clinton told him Hillary Clinton had opposed NAFTA in 1993.
In Lorain, Obama blamed NAFTA for the loss of 1 million jobs since 1994, including 50,000 in the Buckeye State, and ridiculed Clinton's efforts to distance herself from the trade deal. "It was her own husband who got NAFTA passed," Obama said. "In her own book, Senator Clinton called NAFTA one of 'Bill's successes' and 'legislative victories.' "
Clinton is trying to assume the populist mantle of Edwards -- whom she described in December as "screaming," in his critiques of special interests -- with March 4 looming as the decisive day for her candidacy. Four states will vote that day, but Bill Clinton, among others, has said that his wife must win the two largest -- Ohio and Texas -- to continue her campaign.
Her campaign aides say wooing both working-class voters and middle-income people concerned about the economy is crucial, particularly in Ohio.
"These are the voters who are up for grabs," said Doug Hattaway, a Clinton adviser.
During the campaign, Clinton has often criticized trade agreements and the movement of jobs overseas. Over the weekend, she adopted a far more pointed tone and spent a lot of time emphasizing her populist message, reducing mentions of issues such as balancing the budget that have been standard in her speeches. She spent less time on the intricacies of her health-care plan and her proposal to withdraw troops from Iraq, heeding advice from aides who have urged her to speak in broader terms.
Clinton is seeking to get past the loss of 11 straight contests to Obama and to shore up the support of groups that have been key to her candidacy. In the states where she has performed strongly, Clinton has won among households with less than $50,000 in income, among people without college degrees and among families with at least one member in a labor union. But in last week's primary in Wisconsin, she lost all three groups.
White, working-class men, in particular, are a key voting bloc in a race where blacks have overwhelmingly supported Obama and white women have backed Clinton. A Washington Post-ABC News poll last week showed Clinton leading overall in Ohio, where she led among white men, while the candidates were tied in Texas, where Obama had an advantage among white men.
James Rivard, a Cleveland technician who was polled and whose family makes less than $50,000, said he is leaning toward Obama but wants to hear more about the economy. "My income has been stagnant for like 12 years now, but my expenses have continued to go up, while all of this capital is leaving the country every year," he said.
NAFTA has had its trade-offs for the U.S.

Consumers and global companies benefitted, but critics see pitfalls.

 By Marla Dickerson

Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

March 3, 2008

MEXICO CITY — Four campaign seasons have come and gone since

presidential hopeful H. Ross Perot warned that NAFTA would

create a "giant sucking sound" of jobs going to Mexico, and the

trade pact is still generating plenty of noise.

Calls to renegotiate the 14-year-old deal are rising from both sides of the border.Thousands of protesters paralyzed traffic in Mexico's capital in January to demand a redo of the pact, which they said had hurt Mexican farmers. In the U.S., the North American Free Trade Agreement looms large in states such as Ohio, which hosts a crucial presidential primary Tuesday.The Rust Belt has shed hundreds of thousands of factory jobs since 1994, when the U.S.-Canada-Mexico trade bloc was implemented. Ohio alone had lost a net 50,000 jobs as a result of NAFTA, according to a 2006 analysis by the Economic Policy Institute in Washington. Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, who are campaigning for the Democratic nomination, say the deal needs to be retooled to protect American workers."Let's get real about NAFTA. It simply isn't working for all Americans," Clinton said at a recent rally in Youngstown, Ohio. If elected, she said, she would call for a temporary freeze on new trade pacts and a thorough review of existing ones. Obama wants stronger labor and environmental provisions put into NAFTA and other accords.Whether talk of revamping NAFTA amounts to more than election-year stumping remains to be seen. Three-way trade has soared and unemployment in the U.S. is substantially lower now than it was 14 years ago -- 4.9% in January 2008 compared with 6.6% in January 1994. American shoppers have benefited from lower prices on imported goods, and U.S.-based multinational companies have boosted their competitiveness by whittling production costs.Yet there is growing wariness among the public that the U.S. is giving away more than it's getting. After all, the nation has lost 3.1 million manufacturing jobs since 1994, and its trade deficit with Mexico and Canada has risen to $138.5 billion last year from $9.1 billion in 1993.Lawmakers who are critical of the Bush administration's trade policies picked up 37 congressional seats in the 2006 election, according to Global Trade Watch, a Washington-based advocacy group. Although Congress approved a free trade pact with Peru in December, pending deals with Colombia, Panama and South Korea are stalled.It's not just Democrats who want a time out. Six in 10 Republican voters said that free trade had hurt the U.S. and that they would support tougher import restrictions, according to a Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll in October."We're seeing the strongest opposition to free trade expansion in recent memory," said Eric Farnsworth, vice president of the Council of the Americas, a Washington-based business group that promotes open markets in the Western Hemisphere. "NAFTA has become
symbolic of the fears and apprehensions of
globalization in general. "Despite promises that
NAFTA would help keep Mexicans at home,
illegal immigration to the U.S. has accelerated.
About two-thirds of the estimated 12 million
illegal immigrants in the United States have
arrived since 1995, according to the Pew Hispanic
 Many hail from rural Mexico -- casualties, critics say, of a trade deal that pitted highly subsidized U.S. and Canadian agribusiness against Mexican producers working tiny plots.


By Xelan Bonn

Now risen to the level of an insurgent war, the battle between the falling Kleptocratic Mexican government and supra-wealthy organized crime groups who now control much of Mexico's land areas, police forces, and even some of its military has hit a new milestone.  

Exasperating political climates, the violence, bloodshed, and hatred for Americans South of the border, coupled with rising injustices and racism against and by US citizens, compounded by an incompetent federal government North of the border, are propagating the fires of civil discontent on both sides and about to strip-away the last veneers of civility.


Toss into the ugly political salad the mix of illegal immigration, free trade, high treason, disdain for the Constitution by US leaders, anti-rule-of-law anarchists groups and members of Congress (i.e. pro-open borders, pro-illegal immigration groups), and increasing economic pressures and uncertainties on both sides of the border, the climate is now ripe for growing a civil war.

Corrupted Mexican officials are driving an ever-increasing political wedge against Americans, demanding non-existent rights for millions of their invading hordes in direct violation of the Treaty of Guadalupe--giving the US the unilateral legal right to militarily invade Mexico and seize its oil fields and other natural assets. However, at the highest level of government, both countries remain safe from such political unthinkables--but then the choice as to whether the US goes to war with Mexico is not in either government's hands.

Somewhere, anywhere, perhaps along any stretch of the border where Mexican militants are becoming extremely aggressive, or within any US city where illegal aliens have coalesced, a violent event is now likely to unfold that could trigger a powerful domino effect, bringing both countries to war with lightening speed--citizen national against citizen national!

Along the borders, many patriotic Americans are often working side by side to prop up a greatly understaffed Border Patrol, as well as aid what many pundits claim is an incompetent, bureaucratically quagmired Department of Homeland Security. Such private groups, uncensored by government regulations, are now reporting that aggressive actions by both armed and unarmed Mexican citizens, coupled with high tensions on both sides of the border, are threatening to erupt into full-scale war--a war that neither government will be able to quell once ignited, they suggest. [1]

Gun fights between Mexicans and Americans on the borders are not unusual and many Border Patrol agents have lost their lives while others have been used, and even jailed, as international political fodder in a fight fraught with political and economic complexities and racial and nationalistic tensions.

Hatred is now growing on all sides of the issues and fences.

"The Brown Berets de Aztlan [in the US] have undertaken an
active campaign to recruit more soldiers and form new
chapters throughout Aztlan," said Chairman David Rico this
month. (Aztlan is defined by this group as Southwest United
States and parts of Mexico--to be a new country ruled by
militant Mestizos--i.e. Mexicans).[3]

Making matters worse is the fact that Mexican human and
drug smugglers have hired gang members, such as the
international Mara Salvatrucha street gang, to kill U.S. Border
Patrol agents.[4]

Across the country in cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, Latino gangs made-up of largely illegal aliens, are routinely practicing race-based murder against Whites and Blacks. [5]

YOUR LA RAZA DEMS AT WORK… for illegals!

Even members of Congress have splintered into race-biased groups, such as the Hispanic Caucus lead by Rep. Luis Gutierrez, a known anti-rule-of-law proponent of illegal immigration and original signatory to the unconstitutional Kennedy/McCain "comprehensive amnesty" bill proposal expected to cost taxpayers an estimated $7 to $36 trillion dollars over 30-years if approved. [5.2] (He is not alone in his disdain for the Constitution and law or anti-Americanisms, given Democratic House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi's blocking of all progress on the SAVE Act, which would markedly end illegal immigration by forcing criminal employers to quit hiring illegal aliens).

[PUA Note: Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have both refused to support the Safe America Act, which would seal our borders within 6 months and repatriate all illegal aliens within 16 months, permanently ending illegal immigration, and more--its the bill proposal of its kind that would actually save taxpayers trillions of dollars and help reduce the national debt while increasing security for all Americans.]

In the mean time, White and Black supremacist groups have remained largely benign, showing little retaliation against illegal alien Latino gangs to date, which could be a sign of a dangerous smoldering time bomb looking for an excuse to explode.

Activist groups, as well as state law makers, are routinely pointing out that the federal government has breeched its Constitutionally required duty under Article IV, Section IV to protect citizens and states from foreign invasion, instead choosing to play politics with the law and mislabeling the invasion (of an estimated 11-16 million armed and unarmed Mexican citizens and another 4-8 million nonMexicans) as merely unfortunate--ignoring the $300+ billion yearly impact on local and state governments and landslide of negative impacts on Americans.[6]

Each year, foreign invaders murder an estimated 4,380 Americans in their undeclared war on Americans, a death toll totaling more than the 5 years of war in Iraq combined. [7] Compounding the impacts, another 4,735 innocent Americans are slaughtered by illegal alien drunk drivers who should not be in the country at all but are allowed to remain by local, state, and federal law enforcement. [sic] Equally sickening is the fact that over 243 innocent children are brutally molested or raped each month by foreign intruders--tragic crimes that could have been avoided by simply enforcing our immigration laws--clearly Pelosi and Gutierrez stand against American children, given their Draconian positions and respective outcroppings. [sic]

Many journalist and researchers now conclude that President Bush and Congress have raised their collective incompetency to the level of criminal negligence, and even treason, for failing to deal with these issues as required by law and Constitution.[8] Criticism, legal, and political issues aside in the US, the war South of the border continues to escalate and threaten the US.

A United Nations survey of security and criminalization of 38 countries ranked Mexico "number one" in the category of "violent crime" in the use of firearms--a country where privately owned guns are largely illegal--much to the detriment of its defenseless citizens.[9]

In the state of Sinaloa, unarmed and unprotected families have locked themselves inside their homes in fear of being gunned down by pervasive local drug cartels who have killed over 46 Mexicans so far this month.[10] State and federal leaders have gathered in secret locations in a desperate attempt to figure out how to retake control. [11]

Organized crime, which collectively earns an estimated $23 to $40+ billion annually from the illegal drug and human trafficking markets in the US, are growing bolder throughout Mexico and using their funding to corrupt anything and everything that stands in their way. They have hit an all-time high in both infiltration of government, as well as murder of prominent families, police, and army officials--racking up 102 executions nationally in just the last seven days.[12] Mexican armies are now spread thin, trying to quell the violence and warfare across one third of its territories but are losing ground--government leaders are highly alarmed. [13]

The raging war in Mexico has gotten so bad that three high ranking federal officers resigned their posts and asked the US government for "political asylum" last month.[13.2] The obvious implication is that the Mexican government can no longer protect its own and is now being seen as a political threat to upstanding citizens--such is the infiltration and corruption level within government by organized crime that now appears to be running much of the government (for all intents and purposes).

In the city of Tijuana, Wild West style shoot-outs on city streets have become common place between the forces of good and evil, with evil largely winning with impunity. A major cash cow for Mexican mafias, kidnapping along the border areas of both American and Mexican citizens has escalated to such a point that mayors of cities from Tijuana to Juarez have requested help from the Mexican Secretary of Government. [sic]

Even the US has entertained the idea of sending a billion dollar stipend to Mexico's deep dark financial hole (where so much money is known to mysteriously disappear). [14] Ironically, given the state of the Mexican government's corruption at all levels, such funds may ultimately end up in the hands of the very organized crime groups it was meant to fight--imagine Americans funding their own foe and demise!


Fueling the war fires by showing their lack of concern for opening

the deadly Pandor'a Box onto American society, President Bush,

Mexican President Calderon, and Canadian Prime Minister Harper

are pressing forward aggressive plans to permanently open the

border with Mexico to the US in advancement of their free trade

agenda under the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). The

SPP, according to many research analyst, journalist, state

legislators and other officials, has been deemed the precursor to the

North American Union (NAU). The goal, they claim, is to

eventually combine the US, Canada, and Mexico into one country

under one currency--the "Amero"-- much like the European Union.

It is a claim the three leaders flatly deny, but their actions, and

those of all three governments, dictate the plan is well underway.[15]

The result has been that state legislators, like Arizona's State Senator Karen Johnson, have taken bold steps to stop the NAU and have threatened to secede their states from the union in the event unconstitutional mandates such as the SPP are attempted by the federal government. [16] Twelve states have some form of anti-SPP/NAU laws either secured or in the works. [17]

Citizens across the US are awakening to the facts with much anger and bitterness, pointing hatful fingers at both federal leaders and millions of unwanted foreign invaders stealing their resources and opportunities.

Compounding problems, Mexico's government has proven itself equally incompetent.

Admitting its own abuse of immigrants coming to Mexico from

its South, the Mexican oligarchy of super-wealthy families who

puppet-master the Congress and President, have perennially

proven themselves unwilling and unable to deal with their own

country's economic and immigration problems, or its endemic

corruption. Their last resort agenda for their own failures has

been to push their citizens out of Mexico and into the US

toward keeping their economy from collapsing--using the ploy

of blaming the US for criminalizing the trespass of its borders

while crying racism--even though Mexico is comprised of many

races and ethnicities--counting on the ignorance and assistance

of the national mainstream new media in the US to swallow the

bait and promote its smoke-screen rhetoric. [18]

Mexico will become one of the main expellers of its countrymen because of the high degree of violence and insecurity, according to Marion Hoffmann, regional representative of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees in the Distrito Federal.[19]

Then there are, of course, the drug and human trafficking wars still raging on and threatening the US in too many ways.

Mexican border cities everywhere can be exampled by Juarez where deadly violence has become a mainstay and is spilling across into the US with tragic consequences--that city alone reported 31 dead for the first twelve days of May.

Characterized as " very dangerous"..."potentially deadly" by Rob Daniels of Border Patrol, Mexican gunmen stormed an armed National Guard unit in Arizona between Lukeville and Nogales showing their disdain for the US and its security measures. [20]

"There has been an over-100 percent increase in

the last fiscal year in border violence aimed at

our Border Patrol agents, and that ranges from

gunshots fired across the border to rocks being

thrown, sometimes flaming rocks," said

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.


Mexicans have heavily armed themselves and are increasingly prepared to use force to ensure their continued US invasion via both drug and human trafficking.[22]

"They've got weapons, high-tech radios, computers, cell phones, Global Positioning Systems, spotters and can react faster than we are able to," said Shawn P. Moran, a 10-year U.S. Border Patrol veteran who serves as vice president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 1613 in San Diego. [sic]

"And they have no hesitancy to attack the agents on the line, with anything from assault rifles and improvised Molotov cocktails to rocks, concrete slabs and bottles," he said. "There are so many agent 'rockings' that few are even reported anymore. If we wrote them all up, that's all we would be doing," he said. [sic]








In Arizona and California, Immigration and
Customs Enforcement (ICE) scratched the
surface of criminal overspill into the US from
Mexico when they raided two dwellings to save
over a hundred illegal alien kidnapped victims
being held hostage by Mexican organized

crime. [22.1]

The political artifice that unsecured borders and immigration is merely a minor issue unworthy of solving by US leaders contrasts the hard reality that we are now engaged in a low level war with Mexico--a war that could escalate at any moment.

Compounding the violent aspects are the racist aspects from both camps, on both sides of the border.

In Mexico, a recent Zogby poll declared that the

vast majority of Mexican citizens hate Americans.

[22.2] Mexico is a country saturated with racism,

yet in denial, having never endured the social

development of a Civil Rights movement like in

the US--Blacks are harshly treated while foreign

Whites are often seen as the enemy. [22.3] In fact,

racism as workplace discrimination can be seen

across the US anywhere the illegal alien Latino

works--the vast majority of the workforce is

usually strictly Latino, excluding Blacks, Whites,

Asians, and others. [22.4] This has not gone

unnoticed by US citizen workers.

In the US, growing worker frustration from wage devaluation and job losses due to illegal immigration and free trade, as well as a faltering economy is spurring increased intolerance for both illegal aliens and those in the Hispanic communities who are increasingly seen as co-conspirators for their failure to speak-out loud and clear against the foreign invasion. Hate crimes have been on a steady increase since 2005 with 7,722 reported in 2007 alone (the majority race-based), according to the FBI. [23]

Raising its ugly head in 2002 and making a recent comeback, the Flash video game known as Border Patrol is again increasing its popularity across the US on the Net. In what is seen as racist or hate-mongering content, the video features the US-Mexican border and illegal aliens trying to cross--points are scored for killing illegal aliens.

Such social trends tend to show increasing frustrations and underlying anger of US citizens that is fueling an undercurrent mix of nationalism and racial tensions between Americans and Mexicans in particular. [24]

Adding unwanted fuel to race tensions is the mainstream news media's insistence on not reporting the facts on illegal immigration or the dangers of open borders while focusing on the agendas and rhetoric of race-based groups. For example, pro illegal

immigration activist Alfredo Gutierrez, an

alleged Latino racist, revealed the group's

agenda and strategy that is still in use to this


“We call things racism just to get attention. We

reduce complicated problems to racism, not

because it is racism, but because it works.” [25]

Such statements have been turned into a mainstream news media platform, which has been consistently brought forward in the press and is actually racist in and of itself--for it promotes the race-based agenda of those who support illegal immigration, which devalues fact exploration, rule-of-law, Constitutional respect, and logical conclusions surrounding highly complex issues that are severely and negatively impacting Americans--and now skewing both camps toward a war footing.

The sad irony is that illegal aliens come in all races and ethnicities, including Euro-whites, so while race clearly plays a role on both sides of the issue toward fueling hatred in both camps, race itself in not the central issue--not by a long shot.

This administration and this Congress are and will be responsible for the deaths of thousands of our citizens for their failure to secure our borders and they should be held [legally] accountable, said Lou Dobbs, of CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight. [26]

If anything is clear from these trends and developments, it is that Congress's dereliction of duty to ensure the enforcement of our current laws, and the President's preoccupation with his treasonous SPP project that is undermining trust in government and fueling nationalism, are two major underlying weights pressuring a frustrated citizenry toward a predilection for violence that has, as yet, remained well constrained. For there are two camps of citizens in America--those who clearly see the threats and are ready to fight for their country--and those who have kept their heads in the sands and are ready to run away from their country--the former will likely do all the deciding for the latter.

The issue, although clearly not about race at its roots, is quickly becoming a political wildfire about race and nationalism due to the rudderless and incompetent national leadership of two countries whose failed policies and lack of solution-making on behalf of their citizens, is outcropping us all toward yet another preventable catastrophe. Citizens are being forced to the solve the problems government refuses to deal with, and as we all know, that's when things go to hell.

Americans will never tolerate an open border with Mexico and they want control of their country, immigration, borders, and security returned to them, while Mexico's citizens will likely tire of living in fear in their own land--they will, at some point, as in their historical past, rise up to take matters into their own hands. We could very well be in the midst of the starting stages of the next Mexican Revolution where both mafias and governments may soon learn to fear the people--but it's a civil war more likely than not to ignite first on American soil--where one stupid act mislabeled as "racism" by one side or the other, could trigger it all.

One thing is certain for both country's citizens--they each deserve better from their government and leaders--and they each deserve a country that works!

Xelan Bonn is founder of the Patriot Union of America, a nonpartisan, nonprofit citizen's advocacy. Learn more at



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Report shows continuing stagnation in US jobs, wages


Report shows continuing stagnation in US jobs, wages

By Tom Hall 
8 August 2015
The latest jobs report by the US Labor Department has been the subject of mild praise in the corporate media, which has portrayed the figures as an indicator of a slow but steady recovery in the American labor market.
As with previous reports, however, the anemic figures released on Friday actually demonstrate that American workers face continuing economic stagnation.
The economy added only 215,000 new jobs in July, slightly below analysts’ already low expectations. Through the first half of the year, the job market is on pace to grow at a much lower rate than last year, which averaged 246,000 jobs a month.

The added jobs were not enough to affect the 

official unemployment rate of 5.3 percent. 

However, it is widely acknowledged that the 

official unemployment rate is largely 

fictitious, with the head of the Gallup polling 

agency going so far as to call it a “Big Lie” 

earlier this year.
The Economic Policy Institute, a Washington think tank, estimated that there were around 3.4 million “missing workers” last month, defined as those who would be looking for work if the job market were better. If these workers are included, the unemployment rate would rise to 7.3 percent. In addition, a large number of people are still underemployed. Some 6.3 million people were classified as “involuntary part-time workers” in July, meaning they worked part-time because they were unable to find full-time jobs.
The main factor in the fall in the unemployment rate is not a growing job market, but a falling labor force participation rate—a measure of the percentage of the population that is actively seeking employment. This remained constant at 62.6 percent in July, its lowest level since 1977. Particularly pronounced is the fall in labor force participation among those in the prime of their working career.
According to the EPI, the employment-population ratio for people aged 25-54 was only 77.1 percent in July. This figure has stagnated or declined since the beginning of the year, following years of extremely slow growth. During the the early 1990s and 2000s, the employment-population ratio for 25-54 year-olds never dropped below 78.1 percent.
The number of people in long-term unemployment, defined as the percentage of the population that has been out of work for 27 weeks or more, remained constant at 2.2 million people in July, or 26.9 percent of all unemployed.
The jobs situation facing young people is especially bleak. The labor force participation for teenagers was only 41.3 percent in July, the lowest level in the post-war period. The official unemployment rate for teenagers was a staggering 16.2 percent.
A defining feature of the American economy seven years after the 2008 collapse is the prevalence of low-wage jobs. Wages grew by only 0.2 percent last month, according to the report. This follows on the heels of a previous report by the Labor Department that found that employment costs in the second quarter of the year rose by only 0.2 percent, the lowest quarterly rise since 1982. Over the past year, wages have only risen by 2.1 percent, barely enough to keep up with inflation.
The increase in employment in July skewed toward the retail industry, which added 36,000 jobs. The median hourly wage for retail salespeople in July was a poverty-level $10.29.
Significantly, the Labor Department statistics show a decline in employment in the mining sector of 5,000 jobs, reflecting a wave of layoffs and bankruptcies due to a collapse in the price of coal and of commodity prices. Last month, the world's fifth-largest mining conglomerate, Anglo American, announced that it would cut 53,000 jobs worldwide in the near future.
What is revealed in these monthly figures is the restructuring of class relations in the United States after the 2008 recession. The economic recovery that officially began in 2009, far from leading to any benefits for American workers, has been largely predicated upon their impoverishment. What remains of the social and economic gains made by American workers after World War II are being systematically dismantled, and the United States converted into a low-wage platform.
Friday’s report was considered especially significant because of its implications for the Federal Reserve’s widely-expected decision to begin raising interest rates sometime later this year. Although the report was slightly below analysts’ expectations, it spooked investors worried by the prospect of the Federal Reserve beginning to turn down the spigot of virtually free money.
This caused a brief sell-off throughout the middle of the day on the stock market. At one point, the Down Jones Industrial Average was down by more than 135 points, before closing the day down by 46 points, the seventh day in a row the index had fallen.
The Federal Reserve’s near-zero interest rate policy, far from fueling new investment in productive capital, has encouraged an orgy of the sort of financial speculation by Wall Street firms that produced the 2008 financial crisis in the first place. This is expressed in the boom in share values on the stock market, which have almost tripled since 2009, even as the real economy has stagnated.


AMERICA the failed Nation that Invited Mexico to Invade and loot and then Handed Amnesty to 40 Million Invaders


The solution to Mexico’s invasion, occupation and ever expanding welfare state in American borders.


…. but we still get the tax bills for Mexico’s welfare state in our open borders!


“They are in the process of hiring 1,000 full-time staff to quickly approve applications for the president’s illegal amnesty, which will provide work permits, photo IDs, Social Security and Medicare to illegal immigrants — all benefits rejected by Congress,” Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., said earlier this month. “This action will mean that American workers, their sons, their daughters, their parents, will now have to compete directly for jobs, wages, and benefits with millions of illegal immigrants.”


“Part of the problem, Santorum said, has been the arrival of millions of unskilled immigrants — legal and illegal — in the United States."American workers deserve a shot at [good] jobs," Santorum said. "Over the last 20 years, we have brought into this country, legally and illegally, 35 MILLION  mostly unskilled workers. And the result, over that same period of time, workers' wages and family incomes have flatlined." SEN. RICK SANTORUM


AMERICA the failed Nation that Invited Mexico to Invade and loot and then Handed Amnesty to 40 Million Invaders


“The percentage of foreign-born workers in the U.S. labor force has more than tripled over the last four decades and while the U.S. represents just 5 percent of the world’s population it attracts 20 percent of the world’s immigrants, according to a new report.”


No party can win without working and middle class voters. The path forward for the GOP is to become the party of the American worker. The party of higher wages. The party of full employment.
The Democratic Party has already cast its lot: its members have endlessly enabled the President’s anti-worker policies, including his wage-cutting agenda of uncontrolled immigration and the bleeding of American manufacturing wealth overseas.”


Sarah Saldaña, who will head Immigration and Customs and Enforcement (ICE). She will be the  first Hispanic woman to lead the agency.

“She will continue the pattern of lawlessness perpetuated by the president and the political leadership at the Department of Homeland Security,” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) said. Congress cannot and must not confirm anyone to lead an agency in DHS or other law enforcement agency who supports executive amnesty.”

According to DHS’s own reports, very little of our nation’s 

borders (Southwestern or otherwise) are secure, and gaining 

control is not even a goal of the department.


“The President is providing an estimated 5 million illegal immigrants with social security numbers, photo IDs, and work permits—allowing them to now take jobs directly from struggling Americans during a time of record immigration, low wages, and high joblessness.”

“The President’s plan also calls for boosting foreign worker programs for IT companies that experts tell us displace U.S. workers and keep wages low,” Sessions said. “The President’s unconstitutional action is a direct threat to our Republican system of government and will have catastrophic consequences for the American people. It must be stopped. And the way to stop it is by using Congress’ power of the purse.”

For Every New Job, Two New Immigrants

Since 2000: 9.3 million new jobs, 18 million new immigrants
Download a PDF of this Backgrounder

Steven A. Camarota is the Director of Research and Karen Zeigler is a demographer at the Center for Immigration Studies.

Government data collected in December 2014 show 18 million immigrants (legal and illegal) living in the United States who arrived in January 2000 or later. But only 9.3 million jobs were added over this time period. In addition, the native-born population 16 and older grew by 25.2 million. Because job growth has not come close to matching immigration and population growth, the share of Americans in the labor force has declined dramatically — a clear indication there is no labor shortage. Despite this, Congress is considering proposals to increase legal immigration even further; and during the last Congress the Senate actually passed the Schumer-Rubio bill (S.744), which would have doubled legal immigration and legalized illegal immigrants.1 Congress's disregard for the absorption capacity of the U.S. labor market has profound consequences for American workers.
  • In December 2014 there were 18 million immigrants (legal and illegal) living in the country who had arrived since January 2000.2 But job growth over this period was just 9.3 million — half of new immigration.3
  • Between two-thirds and three-fourths of the new arrivals are estimated to be legal immigrants.4 Of the new arrivals 89 percent were potential workers 16 and older. 
  • In addition to the 18 million new immigrants, the native-born working-age population (ages 16 to 65) grew by 16.5 million since 2000; if we count natives over age 65, total native population growth was 25.2 million since 2000.5 
  • Job growth has not come close to matching new immigration and natural population increase; as a result, the labor force participation rate (the share working or looking for work) of native-born Americans 16 to 65 shows a significant long-term decline. 
  • The share of native-born Americans 16 to 65 in the labor force was 77 percent in December 2000, 75 percent in December 2007, and 72 percent in December 2014.6 
  • The number of working-age natives not in the labor force (neither working nor looking for work) increased by 13 million from December 2000 to December 2014.7 
  • If we look at the period after the Great Recession began, 7.8 million new immigrants arrived from 2008 to 2014, yet net job growth was just two million from the beginning of 2008 to the end of 2014.8 
  • If we look at the period before the Great Recession, from January 2000 to December 2007, 11.1 million immigrants arrived and job growth was still only 7.3 million.9
Discussion. The 18 million figure represents new arrivals. The net growth in the immigrant population was 12 million, 2000 to 2014. The difference reflects the roughly six million immigrants here in 2000 who returned home or died by 2014. Of course, the net growth of the immigrant population also greatly exceeds job growth in the last 14 years. Nonetheless, it is important to focus on the 18 million arrivals because this number reflects our immigration policy — both legal immigration and efforts to enforce the law and deter illegal immigration. With the exception of return-migration among illegal immigrants, which does reflect enforcement efforts, legal immigrants who choose to leave the country and natural mortality are things outside the control of policymakers. But the level of new immigration is determined by policy.
The key question for policymakers is whether it makes sense to allow in this number of legal immigrants and tolerate this level of illegal immigration when long-term job growth has not come close to matching these numbers. Moreover, this record immigration has occurred at a time when job growth has not even kept pace with natural population increase, let alone new immigration. Unfortunately, policy-makers have given little though to the adsorption capacity of the U.S. labor market when formulating immigration policy."
Of course, the argument is often made that immigrants create more jobs than they take. The last 14 years are a good test of that argument. Since 2000, 18 million immigrants have arrived, yet job growth has been very weak despite record immigration. In fact, the number of immigrants that arrived was about twice the number of new jobs. While employment rises and falls with the economy and temporary changes in the business cycle matter little when considering a big policy question like immigration, when we examine long-term trends we find that the level of immigration (mostly legal) and natural population increase have completely swamped job growth. As a result, there has been a long-term decline in the labor force participation rate of working-age (16 to 65) natives. This is certainly not the long-term pattern we would expect if immigration is the boon to native employment that so many immigration advocates argue.
Data Source. The arrival data, population growth figures, labor force participation, and employment rates reported in this analysis all come from the public-use files of the Current Population Survey (CPS) collected by the Census Bureau and analyzed each month by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). We focus on the December 2014 data and prior Decembers for comparison to control for seasonality.10 The growth in the number of jobs reported here comes directly from the BLS website. The BLS measures the number of jobs using what is officially known as the Current Employment Statistics (CES) survey, more often referred to as the "establishment survey".11

End Notes
1 Congressional Budget Office projections indicate that if the Schumer-Rubio bill (S.744) had become law, the number of new legal immigrants allowed into the country would have roughly doubled to 20 million over the next decade, adding to the 42 million immigrants (legal and illegal) already here. A Congressional Budget Office cost estimate (Table 2, p. 14), reports that by 2023 there would have been 10.4 million additional U.S. residents if the bill had passed, including 1.2 million U.S.-born children of new immigrants. This increase is in addition to the legalization of illegal immigrants already in the country. The primary argument for this dramatic increase is, as Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) has argued, that without it the country faces "labor shortages". The National Restaurant Association, National Association of Home Builders, National Association of Manufacturers, Business Roundtable, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and numerous other companies and business associations have all argued that immigration should be increased because there are not enough workers in the country, both skilled and unskilled.
2 The Current Population Survey (CPS) collected by the Census Bureau and analyzed each month by the Bureau of Labor Statics includes a question asking immigrants when they came to the United States. In December 2014, 18 million immigrants, referred to as the foreign-born by the Census Bureau, indicated that they had come to America in 2000 or later. Of these post-2000 arrivals, 9.97 million were employed. The number of new arrivals is almost certainly larger than 18 million for several reasons: First, the monthly CPS generally undercounts new arrivals relative to other Census surveys. For example, the most recent data available from the much larger American Community Survey (ACS) show about 600,000 more arrivals compared to the July 2013 monthly CPS. (The ACS is controlled to a July 1 total so it is necessary to compare it to the CPS from July.) This indicates that there is about a 4 percent undercount in the monthly CPS compared to the ACS in the number of recent arrivals. Second, even though the ACS captures a slightly larger share of the foreign-born compared to the monthly CPS, the Department of Homeland Security still estimates that the ACS undercounts the post-1980 immigrant population (legal and illegal) by 5.4 percent. See Table 2 (p. 4) in "Estimates of the Unauthorized Immigrant Population Residing in the United States: January 2012", Department of Homeland Security, Office of Immigration Statistics, March 2013. So the actual number of new arrivals 2000 to 2014 is almost certainly closer to 20 million. It is also the case that the 18 million figure does not represent the growth in the immigrant population, but rather the number of new arrivals. New arrivals are offset by deaths and return migration. Comparing the January 2000 CPS to the December 2014 CPS shows a net growth in the immigrant population of 12 million. The total immigrant population grew by 12 million and not 18 million because some six million immigrants (roughly 430,000 annually) already here in 2000 had died or had returned to their home countries by 2014, so the net growth in this population was 12 million. This is only a rough estimate of deaths and return migration, and is based on the raw data provided by the Cen¬sus Bureau; no adjustments have been made for breaks in the continuity of the CPS from 2000 to 2014.
3 The Bureau of Labor Statistics surveys employers using the Current Employment Statistics (CES) survey. The CES asks employers each month about the number of employees they have. This table at the BLS website shows the number of jobs in the United States based on that survey. One simply needs to select the years desired. It is also possible to use the CPS rather than the CES to measure employment growth (number of people working) rather than job growth. The BLS explains the differences between the two sources here.
4 Of all new arrivals, 10 million or 55 percent were working in December 2014. The latest estimates of the illegal immigrant population from the Department of Homeland Security show that, of the total illegal population of 11.4 million in January 2012, 4.8 million had entered the country from 2000 to 2011 (see Table 1 in "Estimates of the Unauthorized Immigrant Population Residing in the United States: January 2012"). DHS also estimated 1.54 million new arrivals from 2005 to the end of 2011, or about 220,000 on average annually. Extrapolating out these numbers through the end of 2014 would mean 5.46 million illegal immigrants in the country in 2014 who arrived from 2000 to 2014. The actual number would be lower because some of the 4.8 million post-2000 illegal immigrants in the country in January 2012 would have died, returned home, or gained legal status by the end of 2014. Also the 4.8 million figure is adjusted upward by 10 percent relative to the Census Bureau data on which it is based to reflect what DHS believes is the undercount of illegal immigrants in the data. The CPS data used here for employment and new arrivals have not been adjusted. Nonetheless, these numbers allow us to roughly estimate that illegal immigrants accounted for between one-quarter and one third of the 18 million arrivals. The Pew Hispanic Center's most recent estimates of illegal immigrants through 2012 show 4.55 million illegal immigrants (40.6 percent of the total) who have been in the country for less than 10 years. Unfortunately, Pew does not provide the number who have come since 2000, as does DHS. However, they do estimate that in 2012 there were 1.85 million illegal immigrants who had arrived in the country in the five years prior to 2012. Assuming that illegal immigration continued at that level in 2013 and 2014, there would be five to six million post-2000 illegal immigrants in the country by the end of 2014. Again, this would mean that between one-fourth and one-third of the 18 million arrivals in the December 2014 CPS were illegal immigrants. See Table A2 in "As Growth Stalls, Unauthorized Immigrant Population Becomes More Settled", Pew Hispanic Center, 2014.
5 Population growth is based on the January 2000 CPS and the December 2014 CPS.
6 Figures are from the December 2000, 2007, and 2014 CPS. Labor force participation had already started to decline slightly by the end of 2007 as the Great Recession began in the fourth quarter of that year. So a better comparison with December of this year might be the December 2006 CPS, before the Great Recession. In that month, labor force participation was still only 75.1 percent, significantly below the 76.9 percent in December 2000. To see other figures that show the same trends for the first quarter of each year 2000 to 2014, see Figures 6 and 7 in "All Employment Growth Since 2000 Went to Immigrants: Number of U.S.-born not working grew by 17 million", Center for Immigration Studies, 2014.
7 Figures are from the December 2000 and 2014 CPS. The number unemployed (share looking for work) is also higher now than in 2000.
8 As with all other data in this report, arrival data are from the December 2014 CPS and job growth is from the BLS website.
9 Figures are from the December 2007 public-use file of the Current Population Survey. The December 2014 CPS shows 10.2 million people living in the country who indicated that they arrived from 2000 to 2007. The difference partly reflects sampling variability and changes in survey weighting. The lower number in December 2014 represents deaths and out-migration of the 2000-2007 cohort by December 2014.
10 The labor force participation rates reported in Figure 1 are seasonally unadjusted.
11 The CES asks employers each month about the number of employees they have. This table at the BLS website provides the number of jobs in the United States based on that survey. One simply needs to select the years desired. The CES covers non-farm jobs. The exclusion of the farm sector has no meaningful impact on this analysis because it is only a tiny share of U.S. employment. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that all farm and agriculture service workers made up "less than 1 percent of all U.S. wage and salary workers" in 2012. They also reported that farm employment was actually slightly lower in 2012 compared to 2000. So if these workers were included in the CES it would mean that immigration outpaced job growth by an even wider margin. Finally, job growth in this report is focused on January 2000 and December 2014 and farm employment is lowest in the winter months. See the USDA website

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