Saturday, September 5, 2015

AMERICAN LAWS and BORDERS DO NOT APPLY TO INVADING MEXICANS or THE DEMOCRAT PARTY - Group pushes investigation of DNC's illegal immigrant hire

Group pushes investigation of DNC's illegal immigrant hire

Viva La Raza Supremacy?

"With the approach of the 2016 elections, the Democratic Party and its trade union allies are once again ramping up their efforts to fraudulently posture as advocates of working people."

 “But these attempts to palm off the Democrats as defenders of the working class, and in particular of low-income workers, stand in stark contrast to the actual record of the Obama administration, which has waged a systematic and determined campaign to slash the wages of workers in order to further enrich the banks, hedge funds and major corporations.”

Foreign-born women gain 141,000 jobs, U.S.-born women lose 90,000

By Paul Bedard (@SecretsBedard) • 9/4/15

The surge in the numbers of foreign-born women getting U.S. jobs at the expense of American-born women expanded in August, continuing an eight-year trend.

New Bureau of Labor Statistics info detailing August jobs shows that the number of U.S.-born women 16 and older with jobs declined by 90,000 and rose for foreign-born women by 141,000.

There are currently 59.258 million American-born working women compared to 10.028 foreign-born working women.

Secrets last month reported that all job gains among women since the 2007 recession hit went to foreign-born women workers.

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