Thursday, October 22, 2015

MEXICO INVADES FOR DEMOCRAT PARTY'S AMNESTY, JOBS AND ANCHOR BABY WELFARE - Border agent: Illegals 'know that they will be released'

Border agent: Illegals 'know that they will be released'

A border agent who patrols the Rio Grand Valley in Texas told the Senate Wednesday that illegal immigrants continue to stream into the U.S. from Mexico because they are confident they'll be released quickly by U.S. authorities.

"Most believe that they will either not be caught, or even if they are caught, they will not be deported back to their home country," Agent Chris Cabrera told the Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee in prepared testimony. "The UACs and family groups we detain are acutely aware of the fact we will not hold them until they are adjudicated."

Income inequality grows FOUR TIMES FASTER under Obama than Bush.

“Behind the orgy of profit-making and stock speculation sustained by the policies of the Obama administration and the Federal Reserve, broad masses of the American people remain in the grip of the deepest social crisis since the Great Depression.”

SANCTUARY LAWS ….. Sanctuary cities where illegals are above the law have now become sanctuary states!

THE DAILY EXPANSION OF THE MEXICAN WELFARE STATE IN AMERICA…. they also get the jobs and commit most of the murders!


Amnesty and open borders …. it’s all and only about keeping wages DEPRESSED!

"Any grant of legal status will serve as a magnet to prospective illegal immigrants and further depress employment opportunities and wages for African-Americans," Kirsanow wrote Obama in August. "Given that the labor force participation rate is at an historic low, the unemployment rate is 6.2 percent, and there has been a precipitous decline in household wealth, the timing for such a grant of legal status could not be worse."

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