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U.S. Congress Filled With Corrupt Career Politicians

 By Frosty Wooldridge, November 6, 2015

 . . . Not in any particular order: U.S. Senator John McCain continues to serve in Congress for the citizens of Arizona for the past 30 years. He signed the 1986 Immigration Amnesty that allowed 4.3 million illegal aliens to gain citizenship. He promised it would never happen again. Twenty nine years later, we suffer from and pay for endless robberies, killings, drunken driving, ruined schools, anchor babies and medical care for 20 to 31 million illegal aliens and their families. McCain did nothing to stop the invasion. He voted to fund the bogus Iraq War, which the Military Industrial Complex along with bankers, created out of thin air. He watched Arizona’s borders become overrun with illegal migrants to the point that the governor called for a federal “state of emergency” to stop them. With over 240 “sanctuary cities” harboring illegal aliens against ICE officers, we American citizens can be killed while criminal aliens enjoy sanctuary. Kate Steinle died because San Francisco’s mayor and California’s two U.S. Senators Feinstein and Boxer support all illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. Let’s examine U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein of California. Both support illegal immigration. Both support sanctuary cities. Both support the war in Afghanistan for the past 14 years with NO results of stopping terrorism. Their state houses 3 to 4 million illegal aliens wreaking havoc in California’s schools, prisons, hospitals and communities. Gangs, drugs and killings grow as their numbers grow.

What do Boxer and Feinstein do? Answer: nothing for the past 20 years.

Let’s go to New York with U.S. Senator Charles Schumer. He voted for “free trade” that created our $1.3 trillion debt with China. He supported offshoring, insourcing and outsourcing of American jobs that created 10 million jobless Americans. He voted against mandating controls on illegal aliens which gave the 19 Muslim hijackers driver’s licenses that allowed them to train and walk onto our planes to create 9/11.

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Immigration Will be Our Downfall if We Don’t Change

 By Stan Gudmundson

 The Winona (MN) Post, November 4, 2015
. . .
We have not come to grips with reality. Both Europe and the United States are now being invaded. It is a creeping invasion whose long-term impact is every bit as threatening as a foreign army overrunning us.

Europe continues to bring in Muslims who will not assimilate. Consequently, they are signing a death warrant for European civilization. And so are we with an immigrant population far, far too large to assimilate.

Unless Europeans stop bringing in Muslims and unless they insist that Muslims already in Europe assimilate, Europe’s fall will be inevitable. It will be violent and bloody. Eventually there will be millions of additional refugees fleeing a continent taken over by the laws of Sharia and a primitive ideology almost 1,400 years old.

European countries must slam the door shut on more Muslim immigration. And it has to remain closed until the Muslim world can peacefully get along not only with us but also with each other.

We too have to slam the door shut on illegal immigration and significantly reduce legal immigration here in the United States. Moreover, we require the right to decide who we will take in as citizens.

That doesn’t mean we stop all immigration from Muslim countries. However, those immigrants must be Christians and non-Muslims who this administration seems to pretend don’t exist. These people are being persecuted and killed in extraordinarily vile ways that are virtually beyond comprehension. The survivors, fleeing from Muslim countries, should be welcomed here with open arms.
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U.S. Seals Another Deal to Protect Illegal Aliens’ “Workplace Rights”

Judicial Watch Corruption Chronicles, November 6, 2015

In a final push to ensure the “workplace rights” of illegal immigrants in the U.S., the Obama administration continues to sign pacts with foreign countries guaranteeing to protect their nationals from discrimination on the job.

This month its Ecuador’s turn and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency that enforces the nation’s workplace discrimination laws, is sealing the deal. In past years the Department of Labor (DOL) has executed similar agreements with an assortment of countries, including Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and India. In fact, under Obama’s first Labor Secretary, former California Congresswoman and influential La Raza figure Hilda Solis, the DOL signed a number of these “partnership agreements” vowing to protect illegal aliens working in the U.S.

Solis even created a special division at the DOL to enforce labor and wage laws in industries that typically hire illegal aliens without reporting anyone to federal immigration authorities. Protecting the workplace rights of “vulnerable” migrants was a big priority at the agency under her leadership. During a ceremony to celebrate pacts with several foreign countries Solis said that “migrant workers make important contributions to our economy,” and that the deals will “help ensure these workers are aware of the right to safe workplaces and to receive full payment of the wages owed to them under the laws of the United States.”

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“Positive” US jobs report belied by mass layoffs

"The decades-long stagnation of wages for US workers and the destruction of decent-paying jobs were reflected in a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences. According to the study, the mortality rate of white, middle-aged working-class Americans has dramatically increased since 1999, translating into nearly 100,000 more deaths than if it had remained flat over this period. This increase is largely due to drug overdoses, alcohol abuse and suicides, symptomatic of the social misery and distress that pervades the lives of a growing share of American workers."

“Positive” US jobs report belied by mass layoffs

By Josh Varlin
7 November 2015
The US economy added 271,000 jobs in October, according to the latest jobs report by the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Media commentators hailed the jobs figure, which was higher than economists’ predictions of about 180,000 jobs, as “stellar,” “off the charts” and “sizzling.” Unemployment fell to 5 percent, the lowest level since April 2008.

October’s report comes following lackluster figures in September and August, in which the US economy added only 137,000 and 153,000 jobs, respectively. President Barack Obama praised the jobs report in a speech Friday, declaring “Our businesses created 268,000 new jobs last month. They’ve created 13.5 million new jobs over the past 68 straight months—the longest streak on record.”

A recent wave of mass layoff announcements, however, belies the official triumphalism by the media and political establishment. The Kraft Heinz Company announced on November 4 that it was closing 7 factories across the country, thereby axing 2,600 jobs over the next two years, in addition to 2,500 jobs that were cut in August. Oscar Mayer, a subsidiary of Kraft Heinz, will lose its Madison, Wisconsin plant in the layoffs, affecting 1,200 workers in a medium-sized city. The layoffs are the direct result of the Merger of Kraft and Heinz announced in March.

GE Transportation announced 1,500 layoffs at its Erie, Pennsylvania locomotive production facility on November 6, pointing to low locomotive demand and falling commodity prices. The layoffs will affect mostly skilled workers. Chevron announced layoffs totaling between 6,000 and 7,000 jobs, along with a “similar” number of contract workers, on October 30. This is in addition to plans to lay off 1,500 workers and 600 contractors announced in July.

On Wednesday, Sprint chairman Masayoshi Son announced that layoffs at the company would be “in the thousands.” Sprint plans to cut spending by $2 billion a year and already cut 3,700 jobs at the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015.

The recently announced mergers of pharmaceutical giants Allergan and Pfizer, pharmacy chains Walgreens and Rite Aid, and health insurers Cigna and Anthem will likely entail job losses down the line as well. These mergers and acquisitions, which result in massive payoffs to Wall Street investors and corporate investments, create the conditions for slashing workers’ wages and benefits, the closure of workplaces and mass layoffs.

Wal-Mart announced last month that its sales for the year would be flat and that earnings per share would decrease next year. Target, meanwhile, announced that it was closing 13 of its stores nationwide, in a move that will likely spell unemployment for most of the workers at the affected locations.

The poor sales figures for Wal-Mart and Target express the worsening financial position of working people amid the decades-long stagnation of wages and continued mass joblessness despite the headline unemployment figure.

Wall Street reacted to the jobs report with a mild selloff early in the day, reflecting fears that if the real economy or employment situation improved, the Federal Reserve would be more likely to raise interest rates in December. Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen said on Wednesday, before the jobs report, that a hike in the key interest rate that month is a “live possibility.”

Despite the better-than-expected jobs figures, the labor force participation rate, an important indicator of the actual job market, remained at its 38-year low of 62.4 percent. In other words, a whopping 37.6 percent of the population is neither employed nor actively seeking work, with many having simply given up on the prospect of finding a decent job.

The latest report comes in the context of a global economic slowdown and other figures pointing to deteriorating economic conditions in the United States. The US economy grew at a mere 1.5 percent annualized rate in the third fiscal quarter of 2015 after a 3.9 percent rate in the second quarter. The World Bank has projected that American GDP will grow 2.7 percent this year, but this has already been revised down from a January estimate of 3.2 percent.

When broken down by sector, the jobs report reveals much more than the headlines suggest. Manufacturing employment was unchanged in October at 12.3 million workers, compared to over 13 million before the financial crisis and recession. In other words, despite the “recovery,” relatively high-paying manufacturing jobs have failed to reach even pre-recession levels, let alone keep pace with population growth.

The positions added in October were overwhelmingly in the service industry, which is dominated by low-wage employment. The sector that hired the most workers was professional and business services, which added 78,000 jobs, followed by health care, which added 44,900, retail, which added 43,800 and leisure and hospitality, which added 41,000 jobs.

The professional and business services sector includes technical, management, administrative, support and waste management services, including custodial, clerical and security staff. Nearly one third of the jobs added in this sector were in temp agencies, which added 24,500 jobs.

The next-largest sector was health care, which includes home health aides in nursing homes, whose median hourly salary was $10.74 in 2014. The retail and leisure and hospitality sectors are notorious for their low wages. Cashiers at grocery stores had a median wage of $10.31 in 2014.

Leisure and hospitality workers made still less, with the median wage of nonsupervisory employees a mere $12.51 per hour and the median workweek only 25 hours. Fast-food cooks earned a median wage of only $9.13 per hour in 2014.

These industry sectors, staffed by underemployed and underpaid workers, represent the “new normal” of the American economy. The recession and subsequent “recovery” resulted in millions of formerly well-paying jobs being axed and replaced with poverty-wage employment. A 2014 report by the National Employment Law Project notes that while US businesses have added 1.85 million low-wage jobs over the past six years, they had eliminated 1.83 million medium-wage and high-wage jobs.

The decades-long stagnation of wages for US workers and the destruction of decent-paying jobs were reflected in a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences. According to the study, the mortality rate of white, middle-aged working-class Americans has dramatically increased since 1999, translating into nearly 100,000 more deaths than if it had remained flat over this period. This increase is largely due to drug overdoses, alcohol abuse and suicides, symptomatic of the social misery and distress that pervades the lives of a growing share of American workers.

Obama Continues To Rule By Executive Order, Will Bring Waves of Illegal into U.S.

By Suzanne Eovaldi

November 5, 2015

The way to the White House leads through Florida and with waves of illegal immigrants continuing to pour into the Sunshine State, Rubio and Bush will have a tough time garnering support from voters. The media was reported to have muted the favorable cheers for Trump at his Jacksonville rally while also refusing to display pics of the sizeable audience. But no matter how hard they try, they are unlikely to stop Trump because he knows THE PEOPLE; how to talk with them, what matters to them and how to address their likes and concerns.
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Feds Lose Track of Most Border-Surge Teens After Release

By Jessica Vaughan

CIS Blog, November 5, 2015

Excerpt: New information from a variety of sources further demonstrates that the Obama administration's handling of the continuing influx of illegal Central American family and youth border-crossers has been nothing short of a disaster. Government agencies and NGO contractors have lost track of most of the youth who have been released (or escaped) from shelters. Immigration court records show that about half of the "unaccompanied" alien children (UACs) do not appear for immigration court hearings. A recent murder of one UAC in Virginia by three others is a reminder that some of the kids are involved in gangs. And, because we let them, they keep coming; the number of new arrivals spiked again at the end of the summer, with twice as many Central American youth and families arriving in September 2015 as arrived in September 2014.

No single government agency has been given the responsibility for tracking the UAC and family arrivals. As a result, the statistics that have been published by different sources may have slightly different numbers, depending on the time period covered and how they are counted.

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