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THE OBAMA DOCTRINE: PUT AMERICA UNDER A MUSLIM-STYLE DICTATORSHIP WHERE ILLEGALS VOTE FOR PRESIDENTS, OR BANKRUPT IT AS PUNISHMENT - The White House has released figures showing that the FY 2016 budget deficit will be $162 billion more than originally projected. That brings the deficit back up to $600 billion after a few years of declining deficits from a high of $1.4 trillion in ...

Obama’s Divide-and-Rule Presidency


The president is near the end of an eight year train wreck presidency, the result of which is that every social issue is more divisive, more unsolvable, and more dishonestly framed than ever before.  It is no secret that he has done nothing for the black community, whose unemployment and crime rates are rising every day, while he demonizes police and lauds racist activists who condone assassination and lawlessness.  Hillary Clinton has promised to be Barack Obama in a pantsuit, which means the downward trend will continue as the Democrat practice of “Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing, Blame Others” goes on in perpetuity.

The black community allows itself to be played this way each and every election cycle, and reliably elects progressive politicians who care more about the profitability of corruption than about their lives or hardships.  Indeed, we know that the majority of these individuals live in Democrat controlled cities and states, where Democrat policies ensure that nothing changes for the better, but will often change for the worse if given minimal time.  Somehow, the dots remain unconnected.   Nevertheless, the party can’t afford to allow the black community to consider other options, including the message of success and advancement via the content of one’s character and work ethic.  The party motto ought to be “Strength Through Failure”.

Thankfully for the Democrats, there are groups like Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers, and every organization that preaches Black Liberation Theory or Theology.  Trinity United Church comes to mind, but the Dallas racist didn’t need a church when he had so many other pan-African hate groups to follow.  History tells us that nothing stirs the supposedly big hearts and closed minds of leftists like race-based radical hate groups. 

It is no longer chic for the party to support the old Klan, which was entirely peopled by Democrats in its heyday, and was used as an enforcement tool by the local Democrats to keep people in their predetermined social places.  Fortunately for the Democrats, there is a new Klan on the block: Black Lives Matter.  It’s still populated by Democrats and is still prepared to use violence and assassination to keep people in their social slots.  Ironically, the old Klan and the new Klan are both devices to keep blacks in their predetermined places, just exactly where the Democrat party wants them.  The self-inflicted damage being done to the image of black Americans by this group is incalculable, and is ensuring that restoring trust is now generations away, if it happens at all.  It is not lost on whites that there is racial hatred toward them for merely existing, hardly a starting point for dialogue.  Lies and hatred don’t presage a healing process.

In a country of 340 Million people, we periodically see stories on the news about a police shooting, sometimes a couple within a short period, usually of a suspect who we end up finding out was far from random, far from peaceful, and far from innocent.  Of course, we don’t find that out until well after the left has framed the narrative with lies about the reasons for the confrontation or the risks to the police.  Given the extent to which such events, as unfortunate as they are when erroneous, serve the left’s agenda it is safe to conclude that we would hear about more of them if there were more of them.  That so much is made of the ones that do occur is testament to the fact that they are not a daily occurrence, as the progressives would have us believe.  If such events were as common as they claim, we would hear about them every day, all day, non-stop, and there would be in inexhaustible supply of them.

Needless to say, we already know that.  We all live in the same country as the propagandists.  If they had evidence of rampant and systemic murder by police, they would do anything to publish it.  When such evidence does not exist, however, it becomes necessary to lie.  This is a tactic of other leftist special interest groups, as well.  There are countless stories of activists for gay rights, or women’s rights, or race frauds, who fabricate stories of abuse, violence, gang rape, etc. because there are so few truthful examples of these events occurring in a country the activists hate for the bigotry it continually fails to demonstrate.  Sometimes it’s a Tawanna Brawley scam, other times a slur on a cake from Whole Foods, and yet other times it’s college gang rapes that never happened.  If the systemic hatred and violence was so common, the elaborate frauds would be needless overkill.

We also know that elitist progressives are nothing if not master liars and puppeteers.  They have spent years tailoring and refining their manipulation of the black communities, inflaming their resentment, bitterness and hopelessness by reminding them of how little progress they have been able to make, without reminding them that the Democrats have led them for decades to this dead end and made sure they stayed there.  You will never hear the Democrat mayor or governor of a blue city or state admit that they have been so busy nurturing and feeding their own corruption that they simply never got around to bothering to try to make things better.  You will certainly never hear them remind their dependents that black men and women occupy the highest offices of the country, proving systemic racism has long since been defeated, and the fault lies elsewhere.  Something must be done to distract them, to prevent them from pausing long enough to think, to discourage them from any critical thinking whatsoever, hopefully while enraging them.  They must be played.

So, here we go again.  An election is coming up, and the Democrats can’t afford for their minority captives to stray.  What better way to ensure allegiance than to fabricate a false narrative of wholesale murder, support it with infuriating lies and half-truths that will eventually be dispelled too late to make a difference, and step back while the inevitable violence escalates?  The president can claim to support police because he mouths words to that effect, while actually throwing his entire support behind the radicals, whose leaders he entertains at the White House, and whose actions he enables by faulting the police for his loyalists’ violence and murder.  He can claim to have the cops’ backs, while elevating Al Sharpton, and holding planning conferences with professional agitators, protestors and anarchists, as he has done throughout his presidency, whether during the “Occupy” phase, or the Ferguson phase, or now. 

Of course, those emotional votes are paid for with the innocent lives of Honest to God American patriots.  The president is coldly unconcerned that the upheaval and violence he condones brings with it the loss of selfless American men and women who do more in one day to serve their country and the president’s voters than this president has done in his entire life.  They risk their lives, and their families’ futures, while the president risks being exposed as nothing more than the radical community organizer and race profiteer he never stopped being.  If the president did nothing for a day, the world would be a better place.  If the police did nothing for a day, it would take years to catalogue all the crimes that would be done by those who will vote for the Democrat party candidates this fall.  At the hands of this president’s voters, more police will die to irreparably change America.  It is a price the president is prepared to have others pay. 

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It's official: Budget deficit nearly doubles during Obama's tenure

The White House has released figures showing that the FY 2016 budget deficit will be $162 billion more than originally projected. That brings the deficit back up to $600 billion after a few years of declining deficits from a high of $1.4 trillion in 2010.

Washington Times:

In March, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projected a $534 billion deficit in fiscal 2016, which ends on Sept. 30.
Shaun Donovan, director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, said the new projection is actually $16 billion lower than the $616 billion deficit estimated by the administration in February.
He said deficits are expected to remain below 3 percent of gross domestic product through the next decade.
“Even as the administration made critical investments to support economic growth, it also succeeded in putting the nation on a sound fiscal path,” Mr. Donovan said. “Since 2009 federal deficits have fallen by nearly three-quarters as a share of the economy — the most rapid sustained reduction since just after World War II.”
Under Mr. Obama, the total national debt has climbed to $19.3 trillion; it was about $10.6 trillion when he took office in January 2009.
Mr. Donovan credited the $821 billion recovery act of 2009, the Affordable Care Act and other measures for American businesses adding 14.8 million new jobs since February 2010 and lowering the unemployment rate by more than half.
On what planet does a $600 billion deficit represent a "sound fiscal path"? And that's with the administration catching a break. The economy is so bad that the Federal Reserve has put off raising interest rates, thus saving the government tens of billion of dollars in servicing our $19 trillion debt.
I should add that it takes two parties to make a $600 billion deficit. Neither party is willing to do the tough work necessary to bring any sembalnce of balance to the nation's finances and until both parties get serious about entitlement reform and reining in the power of the federal government, we'll continue to sell our future to feed the present.


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