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A NATION UNRAVELS: America's Road to Civil War II



The Road to Revolution or Civil War II

“Behind this year’s surge is a toxic mix of cuts to social services, unemployment, hopelessness…”

For all practical purposes, there is no longer one America.  Instead, there are now two radically different Americas.  The Democrats led by the left represent both American coasts and urban cities, while the Republicans ...

January 13, 2017

The unbridgeable divide

For all practical purposes, there is no longer one America.  Instead, there are now two radically different Americas.  The Democrats led by the left represent both American coasts and urban cities, while the Republicans and their conservative base represent the rest of the country, sandwiched in between the leftist elites.
In days gone by, our country was represented by two major political parties that had the same end, values, and vision but differed in methodology.  Today, conservatives no longer share the same mission as the left.  Their missions are polar opposites, and the divide is unbridgeable.
While conservatives seek a return to constitutional principles of less government, a free market, and sovereignty, the left seeks open borders, wealth redistribution, and statism.
For the last eight years, the left has made considerable inroads with the election of Barack Obama.  Under his administration, businesses are overregulated and heavily taxed.  Health care was socialized, and our borders are wide open.  Sanctuary cities sprang up throughout the land, and the resettlement of migrants from hostile third-world war-torn countries were and continue to be given a welcome mat.  No longer is there any distinction between a citizen and an illegal for many in the media, our universities, and our local institutions.  Schools and law enforcement are told to look the other way when confronted with those who have entered our country illegally.
Those of us who seek to preserve our culture, sovereignty, and language are labeled as racists, bigots, Islamophobes, and the usual litany of insults.  Is it any wonder the left has stifled debate, since many of us do not want to be labeled as racist xenophobes?
Language is key when it comes to winning a war of ideas, and the left has succeeded in shutting down debate by resorting to name-calling and ridicule of opponents.  Fear and shame work, and no one knows that better than those who have successfully used it to shut down free speech.
Currently, there is a move by the left to censor conservatives on the internet.  George Soros, with his billions, and several left-leaning foundations have infiltrated Wikipedia with millions in donations.  The leftist Southern Poverty Law Center, the organization rich with Soros millions, cut a deal to smear and discredit those on the right.  As an example, Frank Gaffney from the Center for Security Policy and David Horowitz from the Freedom Center are now labeled as "peddlers of hate" and "conspiracy peddlers." 
Censorship is commonly utilized in countries run by tyrants, and its use here threatens our liberty, while much of America remains clueless that censorship is even taking place.
It is imperative for conservatives to employ alternative strategies to get our message out to the public.  Monetarily, we are at a disadvantage.  Additionally, we do not have the mainstream media or press to support us.  Even though we still have talk radio and social media to advance our message, this too now has limitations, with threats of censorship and regulations.  We must continue to use these media to our advantage while we still can.
What can only be described as a nonviolent civil war between the left and the right has now infiltrated all walks of life.  The presidential campaign is still ongoing, even though the election is over and Trump and Republicans won.   The left hopes it can overturn the results of the election or impeach President-elect Trump.  Furthermore, Obama, unlike his predecessors, has stated he will remain in D.C. to obstruct the incoming president and the Trump agenda.
In effect, the left will not permit Trump and the Republicans to govern.  They and their cohorts in the media, Hollywood, and the universities will do everything they can to stop the will of the people.  Lawsuits will be filed and fake news stories will be planted to delegitimize President-Elect Trump and those who support him. 
The call for unity coming from many quarters is a noble one, but how can conservatives reconcile with a Socialist Progressive agenda?  The answer is, they can't!
As a conservative living in the Socialist Republic of California, I no longer have representation.  We in California are at the mercy of the left, whose ideology and agenda we do not share.  The stark contrast between us now engulfs the rest of the country in a war for the heart and soul of America.  Each one of us must view himself as a foot soldier in this battle.  The election may be over, but the war continues.  Fight on!
Shari Goodman is an educator, activist, and political commentator.  Her commentaries have appeared in World Net Daily, American Thinker, Canada Free Press, Family Security Matters, and Israel Today, among others.  She is a red dot residing in the blue state of California.



GRAPHIC IMAGES of America coming under Mex Occupation

The NARCOMEX drug cartels now operate in all major American cities and haul back to NARCOMEX between $40 top $60 BILLION from sales of HEROIN!

Build the La Raza Democrat Party base with open borders, no ID to vote Democrat, no E-VERIFY and NO DAMNED LEGAL NEED TO APPLY.

"Republicans should call for lower immigration to stop the Democrat voter recruitment.  But more importantly, all Americans should call for lower immigration in order to offer a better opportunity of finding jobs for those millions of their fellow Americans of all political persuasions who would like to work."

Eight men own same as poorest half of world: Oxfam
The wealth of the world's poorest 3.6 billion people is the equivalent to the combined net worth of six American businessmen, one from Spain and another from Mexico
by AFP16 Jan 2017

London (AFP) – Eight men own the same wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population, a level of inequality which “threatens to pull our societies apart”, Oxfam said on Monday ahead of the World Economic Forum opening in Davos.
The wealth of the world’s poorest 3.6 billion people is the equivalent to the combined net worth of six American businessmen, one from Spain and another from Mexico.
Picked from Forbes’ billionaires list, they include Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg who co-founded Facebook, and Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.
Oxfam pointed to a link between the vast gap between rich and poor and growing discontent with mainstream politics around the world.
“From Brexit to the success of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, a worrying rise in racism and the widespread disillusionment with mainstream politics, there are increasing signs that more and more people in rich countries are no longer willing to tolerate the status quo,” Oxfam said in its new report, “An economy for the 99 percent”.
The charity said new data on wealth distribution from countries such as India and China had prompted it to revise its own calculation, having said a year ago the wealth of half the world’s population was in the hands of 62 people.
Inequality will be among the issues topping the agenda as the world’s political and business elite meet in Davos from Tuesday until Friday, when 3,000 people will gather for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. 
“Responsive and responsible leadership” has been chosen as the theme of the summit, which organisers said was a response to a “backlash against globalisation leading to two surprising vote results and a rise in populism in the West”.
In its report Oxfam called for an increase in tax rates targeting “rich individuals and cooperations”, as well as a global agreement to end competition between countries to lower corporate tax rates. 
The charity also condemned lobbying by corporations and the closeness of business and politics, calling for mandatory public lobby registries and stronger rules on conflicts of interest.

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