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THE RISE OF BARACK OBAMA AND THE FALL OF AMERICA AND THE ULTIMATE FALLOF OBAMA! They are the two men who changed the course of the history of the United States and the world in the new millennium: one by his capacity for evil, the other by his incapacity to comprehend it.  The saga of Osama and Obama begins at the dawn of t...

They are the two men who changed the course of the history of the United States and the world in the new millennium: one by his capacity for evil, the other by his incapacity to comprehend it.  The saga of Osama and Obama begins at the dawn of t...

The Strange Saga of Osama and Obama

They are the two men who changed the course of the history of the United States and the world in the new millennium: one by his capacity for evil, the other by his incapacity to comprehend it.  The saga of Osama and Obama begins at the dawn of the 21st century.
In September of 2001, Osama bin Laden slaughtered thousands of Americans in New York, Washington, and in the skies, undermining the nation's sense of security. The Twin Towers were a symbol of the soaring power of the unchallenged United States following the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Osama didn't have to leave his Afghan hideaway to accomplish his "feat."  He sent no clunky missiles in an effort to dent the impenetrable power of fortress America as Saddam Hussein had attempted with his Scuds against U.S. troops during the Gulf War.  He relied on a small group of Muslim fanatics with box cutters and the schedules of U.S. airlines servicing a booming economy.
In response to bin Laden’s outrage, then President George W. Bush launched the War on Terror.  In 2008, Americans chose Barack Hussein Obama to be their first post-9/11 elected president.  That his surname, Obama, rhymed with Osama and had the unusual names “Barack Hussein" attached to it is only a coincidence.  The resemblance, however, was not lost on the future president when he lunched with a political consultant in late September of 2001.  Before them was a newspaper with Osama bin Laden's photo.  "Hell of a thing isn't it?" remarked the consultant. "Really bad luck.  You can't change your name, of course.  Voters are suspicious of that kind of thing."
Voters seemed to be more suspicious of Obama’s association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whom the Wall Street Journal called a "passionate proponent of the view of America as the world's leading agent of evil and injustice,” than his Muslim roots.  The association with fiery preacher and his friendship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers did not deter the American people.
Perhaps Barack Hussein Obama’s amazing rise was the result of some deep wound in the American psyche after such a direct hit on its pride that still smarted seven years later.  
On May 2, 2011, Obama killed Osama, or at least he took responsibility for the action, while watching it on closed-circuit deep in the heavily-fortified White House Situation Room -- but his incapacity to call out evil during his presidency weakened America's power in the world and gave birth to an even more malicious Al-Qaeda offspring -- the Islamic State.
“Like most children of divorced parents, he felt a loss, for he was no longer as intimately involved with his father’s family… he keenly felt his lack of status, genuinely suffering from his father’s lack of personal love and care.”  These words were written by Omar bin Laden, one of Osama’s 20 sons, regarding his father's relationship with his grandfather, but they could have easily been written about Barack Obama, whose autobiography, titled Dreams from My Father, aptly describes the importance of his Kenyan progenitor's absence.  Both men’s Muslim fathers died prematurely:  Osama’s in a plane crash at age 59, Obama’s in a car accident at age 46, thus precluding any reconciliation with their feelings of abandonment.
Osama bin Laden’s father was fantastically rich and had many wives. Since Osama was not among the first born among 50 sons, he received little attention from the busy patriarch before he died.  He was raised by a stepfather. Unlike his brothers, who studied abroad, Osama stayed in Saudi Arabia and thus remained  “the most provincial of the bin-Laden boys.”
Barack Obama was raised in multicultural Hawaii and in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim nation.  It was with Obama’s Indonesian stepfather that the future president first came in contact with Islam, at the time in Indonesia, a much more tolerant version than that of Osama’s Saudi Arabia.
Bin Laden, living in the birthplace of Islam, found meaning in its message and gravitated towards the works of Sayid Qutub, “widely considered the father of contemporary jihadist thought.”
Four and a half years younger than Osama, Barack Obama was drawn to the writings of Malcom X of the Nation of Islam, a black nationalist group that prepared for a race war in America and believed that Christianity was the religion of slavers.  Malcolm eventually left the NOI for the more traditional Sunni form of the religion and made the Hadj to Mecca. Obama wrote:
If Malcolm X's discovery toward the end of his life, that some whites might live beside him as brothers in Islam, seemed to offer some hope of eventual reconciliation, that hope appeared in a distant future, in a far-off land.  In the meantime, I looked to see where the people would come from who were willing to work toward this future and populate this new world.
That search led Obama to a hybrid multicultural and polyreligious concept of world harmony that included an idyllic image of Islam based on his formative years in Indonesia and his emotional attachment to his Muslim forbears.  For his “vision,” the president won the Nobel Peace Prize shortly after taking office and spent the next eight years trying to create it.  He failed miserably, further undermining the post-World War II order that Osama Bin Laden’s atrocity had shaken.
The youthful quests of these two highly educated, self-confident men led them to two opposing views of Islam.  Bin-Laden's followed the literal words of the Quran: only all-out war on the unbelievers would bring the peace of Islam to the world.  For Obama, Islam was a religion of peace.  Later it became his "responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear."
Osama became an evil man of action -- Obama an immoral man of inaction.
Osama, with few troops, no country, and no official title, declared war on the world's greatest superpower in 1996 and took action:  the Khobar towers, the USS Cole, the U.S. embassies in Africa, the WTC, and many more acts of terror.
Obama, commander in chief of the world's most powerful military, did everything to appease America's enemies:  the withdrawal of troops from Iraq which led to the rise of ISIS, his failure to act when Syria's Assad crossed his red line of chemical weapons use, the nuclear deal with Iran, and many more acts of rendition. 
Osama always told the truth about his beliefs -- Obama told half-truths and lies about Islam.
Let us contrast just a few of their statements from Osama's letter to America andObama's Cairo speech.
On each other’s civilizations:
Osama: It is saddening to tell you that you are the worst civilization witnessed by the history of mankind.
Obama: As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam.
On religious pluralism:
Osama: The religion of Jihad in the way of Allah [is] so that Allah's Word and religion reign Supreme. It is to this religion that we call you: the seal of all the previous religions.
Obama: The world must continue to lift up the voices of Muslim clerics and scholars who teach the true peaceful nature of Islam.
On war and peace:
Osama: Do not await anything from us but Jihad, resistance and revenge.
Obama: Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.
President Obama told the world "that Islam has always been a part of America's story."  In fact, the first country to declare war on the United States was Muslim Tripoli. Following the early conflicts with the North African Barbary States, historian Bernard Lewis wrote (The Crises of Islam, p.69) that there was little contact between the two civilizations until the post-WW II oil boom.
The United States is now in a third historical phase of interaction with the Muslim world.  We have been savagely attacked by "Radical Islam," a phrase Barack Obama refuses to utter, while being besieged by Muslim propaganda. By taking an active role in the latter and by failing to decisively combat evil, Barack Hussein Obama has advanced the cause of Osama Bin Laden.  Yes, the president "killed" one mass murderer, but he has enabled the formation of tens of thousands of ghoulish assassins who believe that it is their religious duty to enslave non-Muslim women and who can look an infidel in the face before slowly slicing off his head.
The author is a “self-made multiculturalist” who has lived and worked in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. He blogs at The Multicultural Conservative: Conservative by Nature – Multicultural by Choice.  
Critics often make for strange bedfellows.  Louis Farrakhan and Cornell West are examples.  Both argue that Barack Obama was not ready for prime time.  For Farrakhan, Obama failed on race and social issues.  For West, the 44th pre...

Requiem for a Lightweight: Obama Out

January 16, 2017

Requiem for a Lightweight: Obama Out

Critics often make for strange bedfellows.  Louis Farrakhan and Cornell West are examples.  Both argue that Barack Obama was not ready for prime time.  For Farrakhan, Obama failed on race and social issues.  For West, the 44th president was a sell-out to a capitalist establishment.  Overall, both say the Obamas didn't do much for blacks in particular and social justice in general.  For brothers like Farrakhan and West, the last eight years were a wasted opportunity.  
Buyer's remorse may be the new "hope and change."
There will be a black president one day – maybe not for decades, thanks to the outgoing regime.  Obama had little time for pragmatism and too much to do with special pleading; identity politics; and feckless, if not sanguinary, foreign policy.
Be it race or religion, Obama's tragic flaw was policy marked by timidity and moral ambiguity – both underwritten by the belief that he could be a racial, religious, or policy shape-shifter as the occasion demanded.  Having parents on both sides of racial and religious divides allowed Obama to play race and religious cards often, yet seldom well.
As team Obama heads for the exits, the race joker is again in play.  White working-class Americans and any flavor of Russians are the new bogymen for bad losers, right and left, across the land.
In the twilight of a checkered political career, Obama's only claim to legacy might be "first black," a dubious attribute that can never be more than a half-truth.  Half- truths might be a fitting coda to an era that may go down in history as a tipping point, a juncture where "fake news" became the real news.  Factual ambiguity is now viral and that cultural meme is a precedent that Obama owns.
As a young hipster in exclusive white schools, he was "Barry," not Barack Hussein.  As a Chicago politician, Obama self-identified as a black man, although that identity was more expedient than real.  As a presidential candidate, Obama often ignored his African and Muslim antecedents while celebrating his heroic American white grandparents.
In mid-career, with a media assist, he jettisoned the "Hussein" moniker.  Clearly, it wasn't politically expedient to self-identify as black and Muslim, even in Farrakhan's Chicago.
Barack's father was an unfortunate stereotype, a deadbeat dad who abandoned his son and fled to a life of substance abuse in Africa.  Obama's mother seemed to be a white flower child with a taste for exotic, if not constant, mates.  Ultimately, Obama spent his formative years in the custody of white privilege and grandparents in Hawaii.  To this day, the black and Muslim sides of family Obama languish in Kenyan and Indonesian poverty and obscurity.
In the main, the president's personal career path was consistent snowflake: prep school, Ivy League college, prestigious law school, and then politics.  At the curb level, Barack Obama probably cared as much about black culture in America as does Chris Matthews.
After 20 January, the Obamas plan to remain in Washington so that their daughter can remain in a pricey, majority-white private secondary school.  Self-segregating public schools in Washington, D.C. are a function of entrenched double standards among elite black liberals like the Obamas.  Arguably, the District of Columbia has the worst public schools in America.  
Withal, you could argue that the "great black hope" was neither.  In life and theater, the last act is often like the first – bookends, if you will.
The Obama Bookends
Obama leaves the Oval Office as did the Clintons, trashing the White House.  Since the election, both families have done their level best to poison domestic and foreign policy wells.  First, there is challenging the legitimacy of the 2016 election at home and then blaming the Trump victory on white fright or Russian meddling abroad.
Sour grapes do not capture the stench of such 11th-hour hypocrisy.  And "sore loser" does not begin to describe the perfidy of American intelligencecollaboration in the partisan challenges to the legitimacy of the 2016 election.
Eight years of Obama torpor had nothing to do with the Clinton defeat?
If the Kremlin hacked the DNC attempt to hijack the Democrat primaries, such enterprise is a tribute to an efficient FSB or GRU.  Worse still, if there was a hack, and subsequent desinformatsiya campaign in America, any Kremlin scam is a testament to the manifest incompetence of the DNC and General Clapper'sbloated American intelligence megaplex.
The truth about the intelligence profession today is alarming.  The grand illusion in Congress about 16 U.S. intelligence agencies is the belief that spending is somehow related to performance.  Since 9/11, the business of the I.C. is clearly business, not efficiency, effectiveness, or improved national security.
The intelligence community took sides in the recent election because it anticipated a Clinton win.  Trump is a clear threat to business as usual at DOD and a clear threat to an obese and out-of-control intelligence behemoth.   
When the media speaks of weaponized cyber-attacks, the American sponsored "Stuxnet" assault on Iran's nuclear infrastructure is seldom mentioned.  U.S. intelligence fired the first salvo of the 21st-century internet wars as early as January 2010.  Any hack of the DNC is small potatoes compared to the Obama-Clapper idiocy of playing nuclear chicken in a dicey neighborhood like the Levant.
Bottom line: A Shia bomb is still waiting in the wings.
Beginning with the Sunni attack on Manhattan, intelligence community fundinghas been inversely proportionate to national security performance.  Indeed, regime change chickens have now come home to roost inside the Beltway.
Opposition to Trump in D.C. is now flirting with sedition.
The latest "Russian" hysteria has all the earmarks of xenophobia, vindictive remorse, or political vendetta.  General Clapper's empire bet on Obama and the Clintons.  Trump won in spite of Washington fixers.  Real change is a bitter pill for losers and elites alike.
The best revenge is often blowback.  Barack Obama and Jim Clapper have managed to turn Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, and Edward Snowden into global cyber-heroes.
Clapper and his agency vassals might now displace both Benedict Arnold and Rube Goldberg on the partisan political walk of shame.  If Russian intelligence is more effective than American intelligence, Putin might indeed take a bow, but surely Donald Trump is not the culprit, nor the beneficiary.
Obama leaves the Oval Office as he entered, festooned with garlands from sycophants.  The president got the Nobel "Peace" Prize at the start of his run when he had done nothing.  Now he gets the "Defense" Distinguished Service Medal after accomplishing little.  Both awards are bookends for wishful thinking.  Eight years of Obama were neither distinguished nor a service.
Obama probably killed, with Islamic allies, more Muslims than Charles Martel.  Mister Obama also leaves his successor at least five hot wars in the ummah and one cold war in Europe.  No fair analyst can possibly argue that America and the world are better, or safer, places after the Obama years.
Nearly a decade ago, Obama ran on a theme of "hope and change" as if he had a program for either.  Recent events in Chicago are a microcosm of domestic failure on both counts.  We could start with the Black Lives Matter hustle, a coalition of greedy lawyers, hip-hop, rap, and anti-cop punk activists.
Apologists might argue that Chicago is not Obama's problem, but if urban punk pathology is a national problem, then that buck stops on Obama's desk.
Chicago is Obama country – his nascent political constituency, if you will.  The Windy City is a burg where lives do not matter, especially black lives.  Chicago is the murder capital of America, a city where victims are usually black, and perps are almost always black, too.
In any given year, nearly five thousand of Mr. Obama's Illinois constituents will be maimed by criminals and a fifth of those usually end up dead.  Black mayhem is routine in every American city, most of which are one-party towns like Chicago and Washington, D.C., hostages to a smug and complacent Democratic Party.
Chronic, now generational, violence in the United States is a phenomenon of the urban American Left. Obama and his Party own that demographic.
The most recent racial atrocity in Chicago featured four punks who kidnapped a mentally challenged white man for two days of racial abuse and ritual torture.  The ordeal was live-streamed on YouTube.  The only difference between this incident and everyday city mayhem is that this victim was white.
Social pathology in places like Chicago is of a piece with Islamic necrosis abroad, a product of indulgence.  Tolerating aberrant behavior anywhere makes more of it possible everywhere.
Culture is behavior.  Behavior is culture.
Maybe it is too early to suggest that Barack Hussein Obama is America's first affirmative action president.  Buyer's remorse is the ugly side of affirmative action.  If facts and performance matter, Obama had eight years of golden opportunity to address domestic and foreign policy civility.  Alas, he did little or nothing on both accounts.  Both landscapes now are literally littered with body bags and the human detritus of civic incontinence.
Barack Obama was never varsity material.
Indeed, he doubled down on failure.  Obama never used his bully pulpit todemand a better moral standard for his core urban constituency at home or those perfidious Muslim "partners" he sought to appease abroad.
Obama's tenure is not without merit.  He looks good in a suit.  Just ask CNN or MSNBC.  He seems to have a nice family, too.  And Barack's rap is nonpareil.
Indeed, Obama sounds like a park bench preacher.  He's arrogant enough to tell a crowd to go to hell, and most marks would get in line for the trip.  The Obama aura for folks who work for a living; however, people in flyover country is something very different.  If you ask about Obama in Deer Lick, the response would be "all hat, no cowboy."
The black vote in America may continue to be a "blue wall," a racial monolith – or maybe now with Keith Ellison, just another round of domestic jihad.  Yet for the rest of America, any future appeals to melanin as an asset, religion as an excuse, or affirmative action as a remedy may be dead letters.
Team Obama out!  Let the requiems begin.
G. Murphy Donovan writes about the politics of national security. 



And while the Obama administration worked systematically 

to bail out the banks and make the financial oligarchy richer 

than ever, shielding the architects of the Great Recession 

from criminal prosecution, it did impose fines for some of the

banks’ grossest swindles, including the sale of worthless 

subprime mortgage-backed securities, the rigging of key 

global interest rates such as the London Interbank Offered 

Rate (Libor), drug money laundering, illegal home 

foreclosures and other illicit activities.


Closet Muslim Obama and his Muslims

“Mexican drug cartels are the “other” terrorist threat to America. Militant 

Islamists have the goal of destroying the United States. Mexican drug cartels

are now accomplishing that mission – from within, every day, in virtually

every community across this country.”    -   JUDICIAL WATCH




"This offers cold comfort to millions of college students saddled with massive debt and workers confronting the prospect of dead-end, low-wage and part-time jobs. The economic legacy of the Obama administration has been a bonanza for Wall Street, with huge income gains for the top 1 percent and falling and stagnating wages for the vast majority. The main beneficiaries have been wealthy individuals l
ike Chelsea Clinton herself, who is married to a hedge fund manager."

Who does not remember the Obomb bending

over to kiss the hem of the 9-11 invading

Saudi dictator, King Lardbucket the



Let us see if the SAUDIS invaders will finance Obomb’s PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY like they did Bush and Billary’s!

Selling Out America and Sucking In the Bribes!


"But the Clintons personify this corruption just as much as Trump, even if they made use of a different mechanism and on a somewhat smaller scale. They amassed a fortune exceeding $150 million in the decade after Bill Clinton left the White House, mainly through six-figure fees for addressing corporate and Wall Street audiences. Barack Obama will shortly take a similar path, reaping his reward from the financial aristocracy whose interests he safeguarded so assiduously over the past eight years."

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