Sunday, January 22, 2017

VALUE LIFE! - WE MUST DEFEND THE UNBORN! - Big pro-life group flexes lobbying muscle

Big pro-life group flexes lobbying muscle

Leading anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List is kicking its advocacy game into high gear under President Trump. SBA List, which works to elect abortion-opposing women to office, has brought on longtime Capitol Hill staffer Autumn Christensen, who headed the House's Pro-Life Caucus for more than a decade. It's a major hire for the group, which sees a vast new horizon of possibilities with a Republican in the White House. The group's goal: To ensure key anti-abortion priorities are front-and-center in the new Trump administration. Topping the list are reinstating a ban on foreign aid for groups that provide abortions, paring back Obamacare's contraception mandate and blocking Medicaid funds from Planned Parenthood clinics. There will be amazing opportunities in a new way for people to advance life, said Marilyn Musgrave, a former member of Congress who has been with SBA List since her defeat in 2008.

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