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"The American Southwest seems to be 

slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico 

without firing a single shot."  -- 

EXCELSIOR --- national newspaper of 


Senator McCain solicits support in Australia for Trump’s removal
1 June 2017
Among the most fundamental precepts of US foreign policy is the adage: “Politics stops at the water’s edge.”
Coined in 1947 at the start of the Cold War by Republican Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg, the phrase expresses the conception that, whatever the internal divisions over foreign policy, they must be subordinated to the united front the US political establishment presents to the world. Under no circumstances should an American political leader traveling abroad denounce the head of state.
This principle was explosively thrown overboard by Arizona Senator John McCain on Tuesday. Speaking in Australia before high-ranking state and military officials, including two former prime ministers, McCain delivered a damming indictment of Donald Trump and called upon the Australian government to defy his administration.
“I realize that some of President Trump’s actions and statements have unsettled America’s friends,” he said. “They have unsettled many Americans as well. There is a real debate underway now in my country about what kind of role America should play in the world. And frankly, I do not know how this debate will play out.
“What I do believe, and I do not think I am exaggerating here, is that the future of the world will turn, to a large extent, on how this debate in America is resolved.”
Imagine for a moment that the roles were reversed. If a high-ranking Australian government official came to the United States to denounce the Australian prime minister before American officials, it would legitimately be interpreted to mean he was soliciting support for the removal of the current head of his own government.
As a senior senator, former Republican presidential candidate, chairman of the powerful Senate Armed Services Committee, an admiral’s son and former military officer himself, with countless private connections to the military, McCain is speaking as one of the most powerful figures in American politics.
He continued: “I know that many of you have a lot of questions about where America is headed under President Trump. Frankly, so do many Americans… But it has many decent, capable people—Jim Mattis, H.R. McMaster, John Kelly, Mike Pompeo, Dan Coats, Rex Tillerson—people who deserve your support, and need it.”
The figures named by McCain include three generals—Secretary of Defense James Mattis, National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster and Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly—along with CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and the former Exxon Mobil CEO and current secretary of state, Rex Tillerson. Significantly, McCain left out the vice president, Mike Pence.
If this is what McCain says in public about the American president and head of his own party, what is he saying in private? He began his remarks by noting that, over the previous several days, he had met with “Prime Minister Turnbull and his team, as well as opposition leaders” and “Australian diplomats, parliamentarians, [and] military officers.” He likewise no doubt spoke with admirals and generals from the US Navy and Marines.
McCain’s selection of Australia is not an accident. The US is stepping up its confrontation with China and stands on the brink of war with North Korea. It sees Australia as a critical strategic ally in the unfolding conflict in the Asia/Pacific theater. Washington has been deeply involved in every aspect of Australian politics, including the removal of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in 1975 and the ouster of Kevin Rudd in 2010.
Acknowledging that “what is really in question, then, is America’s judgment,” McCain acknowledged, “I realize there is much to criticize.” He then proceeded to side with the Australian government against the policies of the United States.
“I know Australia is now talking with Japan and others about moving forward with the TPP [Trans-Pacific Partnership] despite America’s withdrawal. I would strongly encourage that,” he said. “So I would urge you to keep at it. And hopefully, someday in the future, under different circumstances, America will decide to join you.”
In what cannot simply be dismissed as a coincidence, an editorial appearing in the New York Times the next day used nearly identical language. Decrying the collapse of US foreign policy, the Times praised German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron just days after the two leaders had launched political broadsides against the Trump administration.
The Times concluded ominously, “For now, it looks as if it is up to Ms. Merkel and Mr. Macron to keep the [NATO] alliance alive and relevant, at least until Mr. Trump wakes up to the need for American leadership or until another, wiser president replaces him.”
The people to whom McCain and the Times are making their appeal know what such language means: The knives are out at the highest level of the American state.
Political division on this scale can emerge only under conditions of the most acute social crisis. Powerful factions in the US state believe the policies of the Trump administration threaten a complete breakdown of Washington’s global authority and hegemonic interests. They are at the same time concerned over increasingly explosive social conditions within the US, and the fact that the ability of the ruling elite to contain these contradictions is gravely undermined by the precipitous decline of America’s global prestige.
The conflict rending the American state is between two reactionary factions, each engaged in conspiracies and prepared to use unconstitutional means to reach its ends.
Such an atmosphere creates the conditions for the emergence onto the political scene of the working class, which cannot remain a bystander in this war between contending right-wing sections of the ruling elite, much less side with one or the other. As McCain and his collaborators seek alliances among different groups of imperialists, American workers must seek allies among the international working class and pursue their own revolutionary and socialist strategy—for jobs, an end to war and the defense of democratic rights.
Andre Damon and David North

It has become apparent that a coalition of former U.S. officials, current Democrats in office and the #NeverTrump contingent in the GOP is working to turn President Donald J. Trump into an American Viktor F. Yanukovych, the duly-elected presiden...

The Oust Trump Campaign:  Transforming Lies into Truth

It has become apparent that a coalition of former U.S. officials, current Democrats in office and the #NeverTrump contingent in the GOP is working to turn President Donald J. Trump into an American Viktor F. Yanukovych, the duly-elected president of Ukraine overthrown in February 2014.  To this end, the New York Times has taken to reporting, almost daily, what former Senator Harry Reid called "tarring... with thin innuendo."  As it happened, Reid used the phrase in his October 30, 2016 letter to James B. Comey, accusing the former FBI director of playing politics for the purpose of defeating the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton. (More on that later.)
Obama's bulbous twins, former CIA head John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper, Jr.  have taken to disparaging President Trump openly, for the obvious purpose of sending him fleeing from the presidency as Yanukovych  fled Kiev three years ago.  Unlike the false witness of these intelligence twins -- giving the American people conclusions that lack evidence, their goal of overturning the election of President Donald J. Trump, to quote an observation in John le Carre's  The Spy Who Came In From the Cold, "is an assumption which the evidence permits."
The New York Times, January 5, 2017, reported that "Clapper and other intelligence chiefs" effectively told president-elect Trump "that the spy agencies believe he won with an assist from President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia."  That allegation more commonly appears in reports from the Oust Trump Campaign in terms of Trump colluding with the Russians to gain the presidency.  More than four months later, May 24, 2017, the New York Times turned to testimony from Brennan before the House Intelligence Committee about his concern that Russians aided the Trump campaign.  The Times story continued, "American intelligence agencies have concluded that the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, tried to damage Hillary Clinton's campaign and help Mr. Trump." Most interestingly, the Times told of an August 4, 2016 conversation between Brennan and Alexander V. Bortnikov, head of "Russia's Federal Security Services."  According to the Times, Brennan warned the Russian security director "not to meddle in the [U.S.] election."
But what else, if anything did Brennan say to his Russian counterpart?  Surely, there must be a transcript of the conversation!  If what Prof. Stephen F. Cohen has termed "Intelgate" tells us anything, it is that we have all Russians officials under surveillance.  Hey, Republicans, how about demanding the transcript of Brennan's August 4, 2016  chat with Mr.  Bortnikov.  Indeed, let’s get transcripts of all conversations held, during the Obama years,  between our intelligence people and the Russians.  After all, given Brennan's past admission that he voted for Gus Hall, the Communist candidate for president (of the U.S., that is) has he ever reminisced with Russians about the good old Soviet Union? Has he ever let it be known that he would be less antagonistic towards the Kremlin if only it were led by a Communist? Let's have the transcripts or the videotapes of those "former U.S. officials" with Russians.  Let's also have transcripts of conversations between John Podesta, Clinton's 2016 campaign manager and Russians.
Former FBI director James B. Comey reportedly is again to testify before a congressional committee.  It is to be doubted, however, that congressional Democrats would call Comey's attention to the Harry Reid letter, mentioned above. That letter, by the way, was mentioned in a CNN report, January 11, 2017, whose contributors included Jake Tapper -- but the CNN reference omitted Reid's disparaging tone, saying only that Reid wrote:  "'It has  become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisors, and the Russian government -- a foreign interest openly hostile to the United States.'"  CNN did not point out that the letter's tone was "'openly hostile'" to Comey.  Reid suggested that Comey had partisan intent in keeping   the "'explosive information'" about Trump's ties to Russia under wraps, and  may have violated the Hatch Act which bars, Reid noted -- with reference to a March 10, 2016 memo from Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, --"'activity directed towards the success or failure of a political party, candidate for partisan political office, or partisan political group.'"  Reid also accused Comey of a "clear double-standard," suggesting he "intended… the success or failure of a partisan candidate or political group.  Reid concluded the letter regretting he had "believed you to be a principled public servant."
CNN, in its January 11, 2016 story, said that Reid's October 30, 2016 letter to Comey had alluded to material presented by Brennan, Clapper, Comey and NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers to President Obama and President-elect Trump from a British intelligence operative that "originated  as opposition research, first commissioned by anti-Trump Republicans, and later by Democrats."  CNN also reported, "The FBI is investigating the credibility and accuracy of these allegations, which are based primarily on information from Russian sources, but has not confirmed many essential details..."  Yet, on CNN's State of the Union program, May 14, Clapper indicated to Tapper that he was not aware of an FBI Investigation prior to Comey's March 2017 testimony to Congress.  He added, ""So the bottom line is, I don't know if there was collusion, political collusion, and I don't know of any evidence to it, so I can't refute it and I can't confirm it."
Tapper did not respond by challenging Clapper:  Are we to believe that you were  one of  the intelligence chiefs who  gave President Obama and President-elect Trump a two-page summary of what became known as the Christopher Steele dossier, compiled by  a former British intelligence operative -- and you did not know the FBI was investigating?
What Tapper did get from Clapper, later in the interview, was Clapper's claim that President Trump was assaulting "our institutions."  Tapper then inquired about "checks and balances," and Clapper said he felt as though the "built-in system of checks and balances" was "under assault."  Tapper did not ask Clapper to elaborate.  The transcript continued:
TAPPER:  Are you surprised at how quiet Republicans on Capitol Hill have been?
CLAPPER:  Well, I can't--I can't say.  I think each senator or congressman has got to -- I hope will think in terms of their own conscience. And I can't -- I can't characterize it as being surprised. I just -- I hope they will speak up.
It is indeed time that Republicans spoke up -- spoke up against the campaign to disrupt the election.  This charge made by the Oust Trump campaign to describe Russian intentions certainly describes the actions of Democrats, their Never Trump Republican allies and the monolithic media since January 20, 2017 and the Inauguration of president Trump -- following failed attempts to derail the inauguration by vote-recount demands and then a pathetic attempt to rig the Electoral College vote against Trump.
It is time that Republicans spoke out against the Obama use of surveillance for purpose of spying on the Trump presidential campaign, and spoke out, too, against the illegal leaking of classified information to the monolithic media by the anti-Trump forces.   Failure to prosecute the illegal unmasking of Trump campaign aides and leaking of classified information makes a mockery of leftist cries that "No one is above the law."   The left brazenly asserts that The Law is whatever they say it is -- and Republicans are silent.   (In this regard, where is the Republican senator to remind Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy that in his opening statement at the July 9, 2013 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Comey's nomination to be FBI director,  Leahy called for "proper limits  on the Government's surveillance activities...,"  and to ask Leahy, do you claim that intelligence surveillance of the presidential campaign of a  Republican candidate  is within the proper limits of domestic spying?)
Is there no Republican member of the House or Senate with the fortitude to tell leftists:
We will not stand idly by and allow you to overturn the results of the November 8, 2016 presidential election.  We will not let you overturn democracy in America and replace our legacy of liberty with a leftist dictatorship.  
Simply stated, is there no Republican in Congress willing to stand up and defend the Constitution, and, thereby, demonstrating that he or she stands with the People?


….It’s all to keep wages DEPRESSED.

 “This nation no longer is a democratic republic...rather it has become a tool of the super-rich members of the above mentioned elite who preselect our presidents based on their cooperation and complicity with the elite’s ultimate goals. Obama has, in their opinion done superbly carrying out the plans well laid out for him by his backers.”        

“The principal beneficiaries of our current immigration policy are affluent Americans who hire immigrants at substandard wages for low-end work. Harvard economist George Borjas estimates that American workers lose $190 billion annually (DATED FIGURES) in depressed wages caused by the constant flooding of the labor market at the low-wage end.”   --- Christian Science Monitor

While the declining job market in the United States may be discouraging some would-be border crossers, a flow of illegal aliens continues unabated, with many entering the United States as drug-smuggling “mules.”

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