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Immigration Opinions, 7/28/17

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‘... But at Least Sessions is Attorney General’ 

By Mark Krikorian 

The Corner at National Review Online, July 25, 2017 

Sessions’s presence in the administration has been consolation for many upset by Trump’s various deviations: 

Trump is an enthusiastic backer and user of H-2B “Fire Americans” visa? 

Well, at least Sessions is attorney general. Trump promised to end the illegal DACA amnesty, but is expanding it instead? Well, at least Sessions is attorney general. 

Trump has agreed to bring Australia’s refugee rejects to the U.S.? Well, at least Sessions is attorney general. “Well, at least Judge Jeanine is attorney general” doesn’t have quite the same ring. If Sessions does end up being forced out, the tolerance for Trump’s policy aberrations evaporates. Trump needs Sessions more than Sessions needs Trump. 

Losing Jeff Sessions Means Losing Immigration Reform with Him 

By Michael Brendan Dougherty 

National Review Online, July 25, 2017
. . .
On the long-overdue issue of immigration reform, Sessions was primed to provide leadership from within the executive branch. Any restrictionist bill was already going to be a tough legislative battle, given opposition from Republican elites, corporate America, and the media. Firing Sessions or forcing him to resign would tip the balance of power in the White House even farther away from conservatives towards the New York moderates, very likely killing any chance of immigration reform. And that, in turn, would deprive Trump’s earliest and most vocal supporters of their rationale for supporting his presidency. The entire premise of the Trump campaign was that he was, in Steve Bannon’s words, a “blunt instrument” who could be used to push through restrictionist immigration reform and other needed change. The support of Sessions was the social proof of this thesis. 

. . . 

Mr. President, Do Your Job and Let Jeff Sessions Do His 

By Ira Mehlman, July 25, 2017 
. . . 
Rather than using his social media accounts to undermine his attorney general, President Trump should be using those platforms to spur Congress into action to fulfill popular reforms to our nation’s immigration policies. These include, urging the Senate to hold a vote on House-passed legislation to rein in sanctuary jurisdictions, fully funding the president’s promised border fence, enacting mandatory E-Verify to protect American workers, and crafting a merit-based legal immigration policy to name just a few. 

Jeff Sessions did not take an oath of loyalty to the president. He swore to uphold the Constitution and to enforce the laws of the United States. He is doing exactly that and the president should get out of his way and let his attorney general do his job. 
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