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You will not hear from Trump's big twitter mouth that E-VERIFY should be imposed. He's lying about border security like he does everything else!

July Jobs— “Trump Effect” Back, American Worker Displacement, Immigrant Workforce Growth Both...

By Edwin S. Rubenstein, August 5, 2017

More good news: the foreign-born share of total employment fell slightly in July, to 17.11%, from 17.22% in June.

While welcome, this is not necessarily much to celebrate, as June was a month of record displacement. In fact, the foreign-born share of employment in July 2017 was higher than in any July since we have been tracking this statistic (2009.) In only six months since January 2009 have immigrants held a larger share of jobs than in July. So, while the Trump Effect seems to be taking hold, the Obama Effect—immigrant displacement of American workers increased relentlessly during his term in office—is far from erased.

MSM coverage focused on the fact that jobs are being created at rates that keep unemployment in the low 4 percent range. The difference between the 345,000 employment gain reported by the Household Survey and the 209,000 reported by the more widely-cited survey of employers, may well reflect illegals entering the labor force—employees that employers are loath to acknowledge when surveyed.

New DHS Data Reveals 4 Million

'Half-Amnestied' Aliens

Washington, D.C. (August 7, 2017) – A new analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies finds a little-known foreign-born labor force of close to four million people. These workers are not included among the one to two million temporary workers or the estimated seven million illegal workers. These "half-amnestied" aliens have Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) allowing them to work legally, but they do not have legal permanent status.

David North, a Center fellow and author of the analysis, bases his estimates on newly released DHS raw immigration data, which also reveals that most of this population receives temporary legal status for reasons unrelated to their skills. They are "as free to move around the labor market as citizens or permanent resident aliens," North writes, and "with a handful of exceptions, they are free of ties to a given employer."

"This is a huge, rarely discussed alien labor force that is all but hidden from the public," North said.

View the full analysis at:

The U.S. immigration system has 58 sub-classifications of EAD holders. The largest categories are DACAs (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), asylum applicants, two subgroups of adjustees, plus workers in Optional Practical Training (i.e. foreign college alumni) and Temporary Protected Status.

The numbers recently made public are of annual issuances, and therefore misleadingly small because most EADs are good for 18 months or longer. That means the published numbers do not reflect the full impact of the EAD population on the labor force at any one time. The estimate of four million is thus a snapshot of the current total number of EAD workers rather than the annual flow of approved applications.

North writes, "The major policy point here is that there is a huge alien workforce that remains unrecognized because it is never seen as a group, the way it should be viewed."

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