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MICHAEL BARGO, Jr. - THE TRAGIC LEGACY OF BARACK OBAMA AND HIS TRANSFER OF AMERICA'S ECONOMY TO THE SUPER RICH..... But will his crony banksters support his third term for life campaign?


Millions of children go hungry as the super- rich gorge themselves and ILLEGALS SUCK IN BILLIONS IN WELFARE!

"The top 10 percent of Americans now own roughly three-quarters of all household wealth."

"While telling workers there is “not enough money” for wage increases, or to fund social programs, both parties hailed the recent construction of the U.S.S. Gerald Ford, a massive aircraft carrier that cost $13 billion to build, stuffing the pockets of numerous contractors and war profiteers."

President Obama’s great stimulus spending and QE programs saw disposable income of average Americans reverse historic trends and stagnate or  actually decline.  There has been a huge increase in the taxes they have to pay for everythi...

September 4, 2017

How President Obama Shrank America’s Consumer Dollar

President Obama’s great stimulus spending and QE programs saw disposable income of average Americans reverse historic trends and stagnate or  actuallydecline.  There has been a huge increase in the taxes they have to pay for everything from gasoline to cell phones and property taxes. And since government is responsible for these taxes and the big states are all run by Democrats with liberal news media, these facts are seldom reported.
December 2015 study of the American middle class done by the Pew Research center found that for the first time in over forty years the middle class no longer includes the majority of Americans.  The plain fact is, after the largest so-called stimulus government spending program in world history, conducted by President Obama and his Democratic Party, both the number of persons in the middle class and the proportion of the population shrank.
The Pew Hispanic Center May 2016 Study found that at the end of President Obama’s second term, the middle class had been shrinking in the vast majority of metropolitan areas of the US.  The important of the metropolitan areas is that 1) 76% of all Americans live in metro areas, 2) metro areas are the areas where most jobs are located, and 3) illegal immigration is promoted in metro areas all across the nation.


While the shrinking middle class proves that government cannot raise the incomes of middle class persons in the US through stimulus spending, at the same time it shows that the increasing tax burden on the middle class eats away at their disposable income and their lack of spending hurts the local economies.
The biggest flaw in traditional measures of taxation is that the great majority of studies, including those done by the Census Bureau, primarily record state and Federal income tax burdens.  They usually do not account for such things as property taxes, motor fuel taxes, alcohol taxes, cigarette taxes, and sales taxes.  These taxes have increased at rates faster than the rates of income taxes, proving that local and state governments are placing a great demand on the incomes of local residents throughout the US.
The Tax Foundation has compiled state tax burdens per capita.  In 2016 the highest tax burden state was NJ, followed by CT, VT, NY, and IL.  The states that are dominated by the Democratic Party have the highest property taxes.  Similarly, the states with the highest per capita tax burden were such states as CT, NJ, NY.  In New York, for example, each person paid an average of $6,993 in state-local taxes.  A family of five paid close to $35,000.
Wireless phone tax burdens have increased as consumers are making less money.  The three highest tax rates are, naturally, found in IL, WA, and NY, since these states care the most about economic justice and the middle class.  As monthly subscription rates have slowly dropped due to increased cell phone provider competition, the states need to make it up by charging more.
The demand of government upon the middle-class wallet increases 

by the day.  The state of Illinois, which has the largest unfunded 

pension liability of a state, at $251 billion, and the lowest credit 

rating, also has not paid state vendors about $15 billion.  The 

interest alone on these unpaid bills amounts to $20 million per day. 

And Illinois is the home of both Barack Obama and Hillary 

Clinton.  Barack Obama created more debt for the 

middle class than any president in US history, and 

also had the only huge QE programs: $4.2 Trillion.
Chicago illustrates how rising public pensions impact disposable income.  Today 100% of the property taxes in the city go to pensions. If these public pensioners, the great majority of whom earn higher salaries than residents, had 401K programs; the property tax revenue would only go to pay for public services.  This reveals an easy way to put a number on the amount: the property tax revenues are then equal to the extra disposable income people would have if the pensioners had 401Ks.  Since sales and other taxes are increased to fund the public services (to replace revenues that go to pensions)  then this amount is equal to the loss in disposable income.  More money would be available for small and medium size businesses and the city would grow.  Today Chicago iscollapsing.
These debts not only constrain government spending but reduce the disposable incomes of American workers now and for the foreseeable future.
The great demand upon middle-class incomes comes from government.  In California, there are over 40 public servants who have salaries from one to $2.4 million per year.  And many hundreds take over $500,000 a year.  They expect comparable money to be given to them when they retire.  It’s difficult for the average working American who expects a Social Security annual retirement of $17,000 a year to understand how public workers in California can get pensions over $1,400,000 a year, and in Illinois pensions over $500,000 a year.  If working middle class residents of these states are expected to have a 401K, so should theone-percenter public servants.
The Tax Foundation also looked at the sources of state and local taxes and published a study in June 2017.  While property taxes remain the single greatest source of tax revenues, the idea that the property tax goes solely to fund public services such as police, water and sewer maintenance, street lighting, etc. is now a lie in many areas.   The Illinois Policy Institute audited all the cities of Illinois and found that in 10 of the cities including Chicago, all of the property taxes collected go only to pay public sector pensions.  This leaves a huge gap in the funding of local public services, which is why Chicago has the highest sales tax, some of the highest taxes on tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, etc.
OXFAM reported that during Obama’s terms, 

95% of the wealth created went to the top 1% 

of the world’s wealthy.  This can be 

interpreted as proof that stimulus programs don’t work or, as I 

have argued, that the spending was never intended to stimulate the 

economy: only to bolster the equities values of public sector union 

pension plans, since they are the largest contributors to the 

Democratic Party’s national machine in all fifty states.  We are 

losing our incomes because we’ve been forced to subsidize 

Obama’s political party.   The debt, Fed balance sheet, and financial

instability indicate there’s no end in sight. 

UNDERWAY: THE OBAMA COUP FOR A THIRD TERM FOR LIFE… for 8 years he laid the groundworks for his Muslim-style dictatorship.





“Obama’s new home in Washington has been described as the “nerve center” of the anti-Trump opposition. Former attorney general Eric Holder has said that Obama is “ready to roll” and has aligned himself with the “resistance.” Former high-level Obama campaign staffers now work with a variety of  groups organizing direct action against Trump’s initiatives. “Resistance School,” for example, features lectures by former campaign executive Sara El-Amine, author of the Obama Organizing .”




"We know that Obama and his inner circle have set up a war room in his D.C.

home to plan and execute resistance to the Trump administration and his legislative

agenda.  None of these people care about the American people, or the fact that

Trump won the election because millions of people voted for him."  

Patricia McCarthy / AMERICAN



"Cold War historian Paul Kengor goes deeply into Obama's communist background in an article in American Spectator, "Our First Red Diaper Baby President," and in an excellent Mark Levin interview.  Another Kengor article describes the Chicago communists whose younger generation include David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, and Barack Hussein Obama.  Add the openly Marxist, pro-communist Ayers, and you have many of the key players who put Obama into power." Karin McQuillan



"These figures present a scathing indictment of the social order that prevails in America, the world’s wealthiest country, whose government proclaims itself to be the globe’s leading democracy. They are just one manifestation of the human toll taken by the vast and all-pervasive inequality and mass poverty. 



 How the Democrat party surrendered America to Mexico:

“The watchdogs at Judicial Watch discovered documents that reveal how the Obama administration's close coordination with the Mexican government entices Mexicans to hop over the fence and on to the American dole.”  Washington Times

"These figures present a scathing indictment of the social order that prevails in America, the world’s wealthiest country, whose government proclaims itself to be the globe’s leading democracy. They are just one manifestation of the human toll taken by the vast and all-pervasive inequality and mass poverty. 


The same period has seen a massive growth of social inequality, with income and wealth concentrated at the very top of American society to an extent not seen since the 1920s.

“This study follows reports released over the past several months documenting rising mortality rates among US workers due to drug addiction and suicide, high rates of infant mortality, an overall leveling off of life expectancy, and a growing gap between the life expectancy of the bottom rung of income earners compared to those at the top.”


LOOTER OF THE POOR….. But she served Obama’s crony bank$ter$ well!


REPORT: The assault to finish off the American middle-class is NOT over

“The report noted that many illegals don't have jobs or have difficulty in landing good jobs because of local laws.”

“However, it identified several states that have begun easing employment laws so that illegals can get a job.”

September 6, 2017

DACA Was Only One Part of Obama's Seizure of Congressional Power

The DACA program being terminated by AG Sessions was a Federal program started by President Obama. The program was promoted as an administrative strategy to provide eligible youth relief from deportation.  Since the entire issue has been clouded with political rhetoric it’s important to look at its legal and constitutional status.
The DACA program was started when on November 20, 2014 President Obama issued an Executive Order.  It’s important to note that the US Constitution does not allow any president to set immigration policy.  Since the DACA EO was directed to delay deportation of illegal immigrants it clearly falls under the authority of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and those Federal rules can only be passed by Congress.  The Constitution clearly states in Article I Section 8 clause 3 that only the Congress shall have power “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.”   It further states that all legislative powers shall reside in Congress, which shall be composed of a House of Representatives and a Senate.
The power to establish any rules regarding immigration do not reside in the office of President and never have.  So, at this point the question is moot: President Obama did not have any authority to issue a DACA order through any “executive action.”
President Obama himself stated twenty-two times that he has no authority over issues of immigration.  This then means he can’t unilaterally change any immigration laws.  But President Obama’s entire presidency was an exercise in executive overreach, and several of the changes he made to immigration law were overturned by the Supreme Court.
It’s important to understand that whether or not one agrees with what President Obama does about immigration is irrelevant: he has no authority under the Constitution to write or rewrite, or amend, the rules of immigration passed by Congress such as the 1996 Illegal Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act. What President Obama frequently did during his presidency was go around Congress and write his own laws by changing the application of existing law through new regulations and rules.  He has no more authority to change laws through bureaucratic rule changes than he does to pass a law.
But this was something he established immediately in his first term.  The $800 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), designed to work around existing Federal laws, was clearly established to enable President Obama and his private army of appointed bureaucrats to rewrite existing laws.  The Actstates, on page two, “The Presidents and the heads of Federal departments and agencies shall manage and expend the funds made available in this Act so as to achieve the purposes specified in subsection (a)…” 
While this one sentence seems innocent enough, consider that the department heads were then appointed by President Obama as “czars.”  These czars were discussed by Judicial Watch in a special report published September 15, 2011.  The report states “the number of czars that have been appointed by the President, or by others in his Administration, appears to total 45…there are as many as 18 other unfilled or planned czar positions.”
These czars were clearly appointed by Obama to spend money on policies chosen by President Obama.  In addition, in 2011, 56% of the Federal budget was dedicated -- pre-spent -- on mandatory programs.  This includes the entitlement programs that earn the Democratic Party the votes of program-dependent voters throughout the US.  So, between the czars, ARRA act money and mandatory spending, President Obama’s party had seized the will and consent of the voters and used the czars to both choose public policies and pay for them.  At the same time, he refused to negotiate with Republicans on a budget.  The Republican House after 2010 was forced to just go along with existing mandatory spending programs and through this strategy, President Obama seized control of the Congress as well, even though his party didn’t have majority control.  This is perhaps unprecedented in US history -- just as the illegal immigration strategy is unprecedented.
The DACA act is just one of many hundreds of major programs.  The strategy President Obama used to create DACA, while unconstitutional, is minor compared to the trillions of dollars spent on the mandatory programs already established to keep his party in control of policy and the national budget.
It’s no coincidence that the nation’s credit rating was downgraded after Congress passed the Budget Control Act of 2011, which didn’t control the budget in 2012 or in the future. In fact, the budget of the US continues to spiral out of control.  Its major component now is mandatory spending, spending that goes on automatically, without the voters having any influence as to how their will and consent, as expressed in national elections, is realized through appropriations.
The Democratic Party’s control of the US Government in Washington is now effectively a fact.  Since no one, under existing practices, will bring mandatory spending under control, the DACA policy can be seen as just one more usurpation of the power of Congress to control the rules of naturalization.  The far bigger issue is the impact the growing debt, interest payments taxpayers are forced to pay, and loss of control they have over Congress has in dismantling the role voters have in the functions of the Federal government.
There’s no doubt that Barack Obama, the unknown candidate from Chicago, was put into office to promote the Democratic Party’s control of US government at all levels, since all units of government, from the smallest town to the largest state, now heavily depend upon mandatory spending.  This does not bode well for the ability of voters to control the direction of government or for the US to remain a government that is, in Lincoln’s words, “of the people, by the people and for the people.” 

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