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"Newhouse’s district is now more than one-quarter Hispanic, 

largely because of the many Hispanics who arrived in the 

state to work for agriculture companies, such as Newhouse’s 








Newhouse also said he is spending half his time lobbying other GOP legislators to pass the quick amnesty for the young illegals.

December 8, 2017

America's Farmers Don't Depend on Illegal Immigration

Liberals frame the debate over illegal immigration as a dilemma: either America grants amnesty to aliens or the economy will collapse.  Some even imply that Americans will starve to death because of higher food prices – who will pick America's fruits and veggies if not illegals? Bruce Goldstein, president of a nonprofit called Farmworker Justice, boldly claims that if we were to deport all illegal aliens, "our agricultural system would collapse."  Collapse.
This is nonsense.  American agriculture will not collapse without illegal labor.  Why?  Because there are plenty of technological solutions and American workers available to pick up the slack.  It is time to put this myth to bed.
Agriculture is not a labor-intensive industry, and it has not been for decades.  Less than 2 percent of Americans work in agriculture, according to the World Bank.  This figure has declined since 1960, when roughly 6 percent of Americans worked on farms.  If trends continue, we can expect the number to continue to fall.  This is because of the wonders of mechanization: machines now do everything from threshing wheat to milking cows.  The bottom line: Most farmers do not "benefit" from cheap illegal labor, since their labor costs are minimal to begin with. 
The "exceptions" to this rule are fruit and nut farms, located primarily in California.  Crops like raspberries and almonds are notoriously difficult for machines to pick.  There are many reasons for this, including the fact that berries require a "soft touch" – they ripen at different times, and bushes are tough for machinery to navigate.  These labor-intensive farms are the main agricultural culprits when it comes to hiring illegal workers.  After all, they have the most to gain.
But realistically, even labor-intensive agriculture does not depend upon illegal labor.  Orchards could get by without illegal workers since only four percent of American agricultural workers are illegal aliens, according to a report in National Review.  Likewise, only one in six workers in California's nut orchards is an illegal alien.  Removing illegals from the system would be inconvenient for them, but it would not drive them out of business – the remaining employees would simply have to work a few hours of overtime per day.
Without Aliens, Who Will Pick the Crops?
There are two ways for the agriculture industry to replace illegal workers: they can either hire Americans or invest in better technology.
At this moment, there are roughly 23 million unemployed Americans, some of whom have experience in agriculture.  On top of this, America has a massive problem with seasonal unemployment for its college students.  Either way, there are more than enough Americans to fill the potential labor shortage.  The only reason Americans are not working in agriculture is because they are out-competed by cheap illegal workers.  Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that millions of Americans – of all races – currently work as janitors, laborers, and agricultural workers.  If farmers were required to pay market wages, they would not have a problem finding employees.
The counterpoint: If farmers hire Americans, the price of food will go up!  Yes – but not by much.  Higher labor costs can result in higher prices only to the degree that labor impacts the product's cost.  For example, higher wages for train conductors does not appreciably impact rail shipping costs because there are so few conductors per unit of freight – rail is capital-intensive.  Contrast this with some retail outlets that spend 70 percent of their revenue on labor costs.
Agriculture – even fruit and nut orchards – is relatively capital-intensive – i.e., the labor costs aren't all that significant per unit of produce.  Proof is in the numbers.  A 2011 report published by the Federation for American Immigration Reform found that the agriculture industry was one of America's most profitable sectors and could easily afford to pay its workers 20-30 percent more without significantly impacting profits.
Furthermore, research conducted by Philip Martin, a leading expert on farm labor and migration issues, found that labor costs are negligible compared to the retail cost of produce.  In 2006, Martin found that only 5-6 cents of every dollar spent on produce is due to labor costs.  Therefore, if illegal aliens were removed from the labor force entirely, and labor costs rose by up to 40 percent to attract American workers, labor would still only account for 7-9 cents.  Over the course of a year, this works out to just $9.00 extra for the average household.  This is nothing, especially when you remember that illegal immigration costs America between $115 billion and $140 billion annually.
The second option, improving technology and embracing mechanization, is the strategy employed by America's wheat, corn, and dairy industries.  Ever had trouble affording flour or milk?  Probably not.  Thank mechanization for this fact, not illegal aliens.
Although adopting new technology can be expensive, it brings costs down in the long run.  And as it turns out, there is a good argument to be made that the American fruit and nut industry's addiction to cheap illegal labor has stifled technological development and kept prices artificially high.  Farmers should and could mechanize – today.  The technology exists.  If only America's fruit farms would embrace it.  For example, an American company called "Abundant Robotics" has developed a fruit-picking robot that can harvest apples and peaches.  Other companies have developed machines that are able to pick much smaller, more delicate fruit, like grapes and strawberries.

America's farmers do not rely on illegal alien labor.  This is a myth cooked up by the pro-illegal immigration lobby to further its agenda.  Nothing more.  Meanwhile, America pays the price.

Trump promises Wall Street, the Plundering U.S. Chamber of Corporate Fascist, Mexico and voting illegals:


But isn’t that already the La Raza Supremacy Democrat’s agenda???

 THE WAR ON AMERICA’S MIDDLE-CLASS waged by D.C., U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the La Raza Fascist Party and Mexico!

The Washington-imposed economic policy of mass-immigration floods the market with foreign labor and spikes profits and Wall Street values by cutting salaries for manual and skilled labor offered by blue-collar and white-collar employees. It also drives up real estate priceswidens wealth-gaps, reduces high-tech investment, increases state and local tax burdens, hurts kids’ schools and college education, pushes Americans away from high-tech careers, and sidelines at least 5 million marginalized Americans and their families, including many who are now struggling with opioid addictions. NEIL MUNRO

The Trump Secret Deal with Narcomex:
NO E-VERIFY, NO ENFORCEMENT, NO (real) WALL and NO LEGAL NEED APPLY to keep wages depressed….. but isn’t that the Democrat Party’s amnesty plan in a nutshell???

Swamp Keeper Trump is hiring 70 illegals at his Swamp Palace of Mar-a- Lago.



NO (real) WALL!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions blasts Trump’s DACA sell out…. Will Sessions move to impeach the Swamp Keeper who hired 70 illegals to work “cheap” at Mar Lago?


JOBLESS AMERICA: Push 2 for English and go to the front of the line!


GOP Rep. Newhouse on Amnesty: ‘We Owe it To These Young People’

GOP Rep. Dan Newhouse told C-SPAN viewers that Americans owe an amnesty to roughly 690,000 young illegals who got DACA work-permits from former President Barack Obama.

Newhouse appeared on C-SPAN December 7, where he said:
I have been part of a group that has been asking and pushing to get this done sooner, preferably by the end of the year, so we can take this off the table and put these young people who are in legal uncertainty, give them some legal certainty in their lives, some continuity. So I think if there is enough urgency here that we should address this before the end of the year, not wait for that March deadline. There are people every day who are losing their legal status and this is something I think we owe it to these young people to be able to come up with a legislative solution that will work for them.
On December 5, Newhouse and 33 other GOP legislators signed a letter to House Speaker Ryan asking for a quick Christmas amnesty for roughly 690,000 adult illegal immigrants who choose to stay in the United States after being brought into the country by their illegal immigrant parents.
The GOP letter did not demand any measures that would help young American fulfill their dreams, or raise their salaries, or that would push employers to recruit sidelined Americans now living in areas that get little investment or new jobs.  Instead, Newhouse and the other 33 GOP legislators called for an amnesty to benefit companies and illegal immigrants:
We write in support of passing of a permanent legislative solution for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients before the end of the year …
… we must address the urgent matter before us in a a balanced approach that does not harm valuable sectors of our economy nor the lives of these hard-working young people. We must pass legislation that protects DACA recipients from deportation and gives them the opportunity to apply for a more secured status in our country as soon as possible. Reaching across the aisle to protect DACA recipients before the holidays is the right thing to do.
The letter also dismissed the importance of American parents and citizenship, saying that “DACA recipients … are American in every way except their immigration status.”
When asked by Breitbart why the illegals deserve an amnesty, Newhouse’s office responded:
DACA recipients were brought here as children through no fault of their own. In the U.S. we do not hold children accountable for the actions of their parents. I have sat down with DACA recipients in my home state of Washington, one of whom was brought here at the age of seven months, and these young people want to work and contribute to our way of life in the U.S. To obtain DACA status, these young people were required to be in school, to have graduated high school or obtained a GED certificate, or be an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces. DACA recipients cannot have not been convicted of a felony or significant misdemeanor.
President Donald Trump is ending Obama’s DACA amnesty in stages. By November, roughly 300,000 illegals will have lost their DACA work permits, opening up hundreds of thousands of jobs to Americans.
The 34-member letter also did not denounce the demand by industry and the Democrats for quick passage of a “clean DREAM Act.” The legislators’ silence allowed business and progressive groups to portray their letter as support for the quick, no-strings DREAM Act amnesty.
The Democrats’ pending DREAM Act would 

amnesty to 3 million illegals, without any 

safeguards and offsets for Americans, such as 

civil lawsuits against employers who hire 

illegals, or an end to chain-migration rules. 

The act would put the 3 million illegals on a 

fast-track to welfare programs and voting 

booths, and would allow them to bring 

millions of additional relatives into the 

United States via chain-migration rules.
The expensive push for an unpopular amnesty is being led by wealthy groups such as the Emerson Collective, New American Economy and, which was created by information-technology investors to raise the supply of foreign graduates and to lower the salaries of American graduates.’ founders include billionaires Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, whose Microsoft Corp. is based a short distance from Newhouse’s district.
Newhouse is a farmer who represents an apple-growing district in Washington State. He justified his amnesty call by citing fruit-growers’ use of cheap labor to pick their crops, despite his allies’ effort to portray the low-skill migrants as university graduates.
Newhouse owns a 600-acre farm and was appointed the director of the state agriculture department in 2009. He won his federal seat in 2014 after a very close race with a Tea Party Republican, partly because of support from the state’s GOP establishment. In Congress, Newhouse joined the establishment’s Main Street Partnership caucus.
Newhouse said companies like his need imported labor instead of crop-picking machinery:
The Yakima Valley is where I’m from and we have a large variety of different kinds of crops that are raised in the state of Washington. Over 300 crops are raised commercially in Washington state so it is a huge agricultural state. But it is intensive agriculture. A lot of labor is necessary in order to raise some of the crops that we have in our state. and so, labor is a huge issue. It really is. It is something, we need it solve this immigration problem because of the fact of the matter is the [migrant] folks that we have coming in to do the agricultural work we absolutely need. There is not enough American citizens to get the work done to feed our country and feed the rest of the world. And so this is a solution that we are working on in order to not only help agriculture but other aspects, parts of our economy.
American farmers’ reliance on labor instead of machines leaves them with little maneuvering room as foreign competitors compete for market share by combining their very cheap foreign labor with U.S-style management techniques and long-distance transportation. In response, Newhouse is also pushing Hill legislators to back a plan that would allow orchard operators to hire the foreign H-2A visa-workers who are allowed to work in fields for several months a year.
In his C-SPAN interview, Newhouse seemed to recognize the unpopularity of any no-strings amnesty for either the 690,000 recipients or the 3 million ‘dreamer’ illegals. He said:
I think it is clear the American public would like to see improvements in the security measures that are taken not only on the border but also in the interior of our country. Plus, and this is a very important thing, we want to get to a spot where we don’t have to in 10 or 15 years to go through this again. So we want to prevent us being — prevent us from being in the situation in another decade.
When questioned by callers on C-SPAN, Newhouse veered away from his December 5 letter urging a quick amnesty, saying “Wcan’t just pass a clean DREAM Act.”
He said, without offering any strategy for achieving his extra goals, that:
We have to have other measures in place so we don’t have to do this [amnesty] again in 10 or 15 years. So I agree with your point … What do we do? This [quick amnesty] is something I think that is the right thing to do but also at the same time, like I said, we don’t want to have to repeat this action in the future.
Newhouse’s district is now more than one-quarter Hispanic, largely because of the many Hispanics who arrived in the state to work for agriculture companies, such as Newhouse’s operation.
When asked by Breitbart News if he would reject legislation that lacks safeguards and offsets for Americans, Newhouse’s office responded:
Like most of my GOP colleagues, I have consistently opposed a ‘clean’ Dream Act, because any legislative fix for DACA must not only pass the House, but President Trump has indicated that increased border security and immigration enforcement, which I support, are required in a DACA deal to win his signature. I support a compromise that meets the President’s requirements to be signed into law; we need to keep all options on the table, including additional border security, interior enforcement, ending the visa lottery program, and tougher vetting of immigrants.
The President has said that he would “like to see something where we have good border security, and we have a great DACA transaction where everybody is happy and now they don’t have to worry about it anymore because, obviously, as you know, before, it was not a legal deal.” I support negotiations for a standalone piece of legislation that supports the President and would include border and interior enforcement while protecting DACA recipients from deportation.
Newhouse also said he is spending half his time lobbying other GOP legislators to pass the quick amnesty for the young illegals.
There are conversations happening on a regular basis between all members of Congress. There are small group meetings happening every single day. I think that I spend probably myself at least half of my day visiting with members of  — on both sides of the aisle — members of the House on this issue. I think what we are trying to do … instead of anyone saying ‘I don’t want to do this,’ people are trying to find the correct balance of the two sides on the issue.  Some people want a clean DACA bill meaning that nothing related to border security or any of those kinds of things are included … that would be more like the DREAM Act, yes. Others would like to see much more in the way of security measures taken. So we are trying to find that balance, that sweet spot in the middle that a majority of the members of both Houses can accept.
So far, Democrats have refused to accept any safeguards or offsets on their planned DREAM Act amnesty for 3 million illegals. However, Democrats are backing away from their threat to shut down the federal government if they do not get the DREAM Act amnesty.
The retreat comes as multiple polls show the public is strongly opposed to the Democrats’ amnesty-or-shutdown threat.
The Democrats’ calls for amnesty are unpopular because the contradict Americans’ sense of fairness to other Americans. Business groups and Democrats embrace the misleading, industry-funded “nation of immigrants” polls which pressure Americans to say they welcome migrants. But the alternative “fairness” polls show that voters put a much higher priority on helping their families, neighbors, and fellow nationals get decent jobs in a high-tech, high-immigration, low-wage economy. The political power of the voters’ fairness priorities was made clear during the GOP primaries and again in November 2016.
Several of the letter’s 34 GOP signatories are not running for re-election. They are Reps. Charlie Dent, Joe Barton, Dave Reichert, Frank LoBiondo, and Illeana Ros-Lehtinen,
The other legislators who signed the letter include Reps. Scott Taylor, Rodney Davis, Carlos Curbelo, David Valadao, Mia Love, Mark Amodei, Brian Fitzpatrick, Mike Coffman, Peter King, Ryan Costello, Fred Upton, Jeff Denham, John Faso, John Katko, Chris Stewart, Susan Brooks, Adam Kinzinger, Mike Simpson, Mimi Walters, Leonard Lance, Pat Meehan, Elise Stefanik, Tom MacArthur, and Chris Smith, Will Hurd and Bruce Poliquin.

Every day there are 12 Americans (Legals) murdered and 8 children molested by LA RAZA OCCUPYING MEXICANS!

Mark Levin: ‘There Is a Big, Ugly Side to Illegal Immigration’

Thursday on Levin TVnationally syndicated radio show host Mark Levin warned about the dangers of illegal immigration saying, “There is a big, ugly side of illegal immigration,” Levin said. “There’s all kinds of crimes being committed by people who aren’t supposed to be here.”

Mexico, the U.S. Tax-supported La Raza Fascist Party of UNIDOSus Endorses Democrat Candidate Doug Jones For His Advocacy of Amnesty and La Raza Supremacy Over American Workers

Everyday there are 12 Americans murdered and 8 children molested by Mexicans!

Steinle’s murderer, Jose Zarate and been deported 5xs!

"While walking with her father on a pier in San Francisco in 2015, Steinle was shot by the illegal alien. Steinle pleaded with her father to not let her die, but she soon passed in her father’s arms."

Adios, California           
A fifth-generation Californian laments his state’s ongoing economic collapse.
By Steve Baldwin
American Spectator, October 19, 2017
What’s clear is that the producers are leaving the state and the takers are coming in. Many of the takers are illegal aliens, now estimated to number over 2.6 million. 
The Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates that California spends $22 billion on government services for illegal aliens, including welfare, education, Medicaid, and criminal justice system costs. Liberals claim they more than make that up with taxes paid, but that’s simply not true. It’s not even close. FAIR estimates illegal aliens in California contribute only $1.21 billion in tax revenue, which means they cost California $20.6 billion, or at least $1,800 per household.
Nonetheless, open border advocates, such as Facebook Chairman Mark Zuckerberg, claim illegal aliens are a net benefit to California with little evidence to support such an assertion. As the Center for Immigration Studies has documented, the vast majority of illegals are poor, uneducated, and with few skills. How does accepting millions of illegal aliens and then granting them access to dozens of welfare programs benefit California’s economy? If illegal aliens were contributing to the economy in any meaningful way, California, with its 2.6 million illegal aliens, would be booming.

Furthermore, the complexion of illegal aliens has changed with far more on welfare and committing crimes than those who entered the country in the 1980s. 
Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute has testified before a Congressional committee that in 2004, 95% of all outstanding warrants for murder in Los Angeles were for illegal aliens; in 2000, 23% of all Los Angeles County jail inmates were illegal aliens and that in 1995, 60% of Los Angeles’s largest street gang, the 18th Street gang, were illegal aliens. Granted, those statistics are old, but if you talk to any California law enforcement officer, they will tell you it’s much worse today. The problem is that the Brown administration will not release any statewide data on illegal alien crimes. That would be insensitive. And now that California has declared itself a “sanctuary state,” there is little doubt this sends a message south of the border that will further escalate illegal immigration into the state.
"If the racist "Sensenbrenner Legislation" passes the US Senate, there is no doubt that a massive civil disobedience movement will emerge. Eventually labor union power can merge with the immigrant civil rights and "Immigrant Sanctuary" movements to enable us to either form a new political party or to do heavy duty reforming of the existing Democratic Party. The next and final steps would follow and that is to elect our own governors of all the states within Aztlan." 
Indeed, California goes out of its way to attract illegal aliens. The state has even created government programs that cater exclusively to illegal aliens. For example, the State Department of Motor Vehicles has offices that only process driver licenses for illegal aliens. With over a million illegal aliens now driving in California, the state felt compelled to help them avoid the long lines the rest of us must endure at the DMV. 
And just recently, the state-funded University of California system announced it will spend $27 million on financial aid for illegal aliens. They’ve even taken out radio spots on stations all along the border, just to make sure other potential illegal border crossers hear about this program. I can’t afford college education for all my four sons, but my taxes will pay for illegals to get a college education.


The true cost of all that “cheap” Mexican labor is staggering!

Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. Taxpayers a Stunning $134.9 Billion a Year




Is DHS Secretary Nielsen Willing to Enforce Immigration Laws?

By Dan Cadman

CIS Immigration Blog, December 7, 2017

Note also in Greer's column a reference to Nielsen's remarks at her confirmation hearing that the American people "owe" DACA recipients an amnesty. Really? Do we? This suggests a shallowness of analysis that itself should make Nielsen's incumbency suspect.

If smuggling youth across our borders is a dangerous and pernicious act — and there is no doubt that it is — then our country should be doing everything possible to interdict and halt that traffic, which results in all too many human tragedies. (See here, here, and here.)

But who are the folks primarily responsible for this cross-border movement of children and youth? The parents. And who will be the down-the-line happy recipients of green cards once these children are amnestied and eventually naturalize, thanks to the generous foolishness of our country's chain migration policies? The parents.

So exactly where is the disincentive for tens of thousands of other parents to cross with their children, or to summon them via criminal cartels once they successfully enter illegally themselves? It's nonexistent.

"Low-Skill Immigration: A Case for 

Restriction" Published in American Affairs

By Jason Richwine

CIS Blog, November 21, 2017

Excerpt: Last fall, I participated in a CIS panel entitled "Immigration and Less-Educated American Workers", alongside University of Pennsylvania law professor Amy Wax and political scientist Charles Murray. The panel was perhaps most 

notable for Murray's revelation that, despite his 

libertarian instincts, he had come around to the 

position that we should "shut down low-skill 

immigration for a while" to encourage more 

Americans to rejoin the labor force.

Murray's announcement is not the panel's only legacy, however. Amy Wax and I realized that the material from our own presentations would combine nicely into a long-form essay. Now, one year later, that essay appears in the latest issue of American Affairs. Our essay is unique in that it combines "top-down" Census Bureau data on native job losses with "bottom-up" ethnographic research on employer preferences for immigrant labor.

Wages remain mostly stagnant despite unemployment hitting new lows



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