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"The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!" PAT BUCHANAN

"Washington’s announcement this month that it intends to effectively occupy one third of the country and assemble a 30,000-strong proxy army from Kurdish and Islamist militias has created conditions for direct clashes not only with Iran and Russia, but also with its nominal NATO ally Turkey."

The Economist: Humanity teeters on the brink of world war

30 January 2018

The Economist magazine, the influential London weekly described by Karl Marx over 150 years ago as the “European organ” of the “aristocracy of finance,” has devoted its latest issue to discussing “The Next War” and “The Growing Threat of Great Power Conflict.” Its lead editorial opens with a chilling warning:
In the past 25 years war has claimed too many lives. Yet even as civil and religious strife have raged in Syria, central Africa, Afghanistan and Iraq, a devastating clash between the world’s great powers has remained almost unimaginable.
No longer … powerful, long-term shifts in geopolitics and the proliferation of new technologies are eroding the extraordinary military dominance that America and its allies have enjoyed. Conflict on a scale and intensity not seen since the second world war is once again plausible. The world is not prepared.
The Economist envisages a dystopian, violent future, with the American military deploying to intimidate or destroy purported challenges to its dominance everywhere.
The Economist predicts that in the next 20 years “climate change, population growth and sectarian or ethnic conflict” are likely to ensure that much of the world descends into “intrastate or civil wars.” Such conflicts will increasingly be fought at “close quarters, block by block” in cities ringed by “slums” and populated by millions of people. The future for large sections of humanity is the carnage that was witnessed during last year’s murderous battles over the Iraqi city of Mosul and the Syrian city of Aleppo.
But more chilling are the series of scenarios it outlines for a major escalation in tensions between the United States and Russia and China, presented as Washington's strategic adversaries, which at any moment threaten to spiral into a nuclear holocaust.
In July of 2016, Mehring Books published David North’s A Quarter Century of War, which noted:
Beginning with the first Persian Gulf conflict of 1990-91, the United States has been at war continuously for a quarter century. While using propaganda catchphrases, such as defense of human rights and War on Terror, to conceal the real aims of its interventions in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa, as well as its confrontation with Russia and China, the United States has been engaged in a struggle for global hegemony. As the US seeks to counteract its economic weakness and worsening domestic social tensions, its relentless escalation of military operations threatens to erupt into a full-scale world war, between nuclear-armed states.
Less than two years later, much of this assessment has been echoed by one of the most significant political organs of Anglo-American capitalism. But the conclusions drawn by the Economist, speaking as the unalloyed representative of financial and corporate oligarchs whose wealth is bound up with American imperialist global dominance, are the exact opposite of North’s stated aim of helping build a “new antiwar movement.”
Rather, the Economist urges the United States to develop the “hard power” to defend itself against “determined and able challengers,” presenting the sociopathic argument that peace is best safeguarded by America’s ability to utterly destroy its adversaries.
The premise of the special report is that urgent action must be taken by the United States to stem the decline of its hegemony. It asserts that if the Chinese and Russian ruling classes are permitted to realise their ambition of dominant influence in their own regions, the “plausible” consequence will be a “devastating clash between the world’s great powers”—a world war fought with nuclear weapons.
China and Russia, its editorial in the January 27 edition declares, “are now revisionist states that want to challenge the status quo and look at their regions as spheres of influence to be dominated. For China, that means East Asia; for Russia, eastern Europe and Central Asia.”
The conclusion advanced by the Economist is that America must end “20 years of strategic drift” under successive administrations, which has allegedly “played into the hands of Russia and China.” In a series of articles, its special report advocates that the US spend staggering sums on new nuclear weapons and conventional weapons systems, including robotic and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, to ensure that it retains the military superiority that has, until now, inspired “fear in its foes.”
It warns: “The pressing danger is of war on the Korean peninsula, perhaps this year ... Tens of thousands of people would perish, many more if nukes were used.”
The US military is ready to launch such a war. It has B-2 and B-52 nuclear-capable bombers forward deployed at Guam, and hundreds of jet fighters and an armada of warships in other Pacific bases. There is ample reason to believe that the confrontation Washington has provoked with North Korea, through its demand that Pyongyang give up its nuclear weapons program, is a massive rehearsal for a future nuclear stand-off with China.
The Economist opines that “a war to stop Iran acquiring nuclear weapons seems a more speculative prospect for now, but could become more likely a few years hence.”
It asserts that the US is threatened by the so-called “grey zone” in which China, Russia, Iran and other countries are seeking to “exploit” American “vulnerabilities” in parts of the world without provoking an open conflict. It gives as examples Chinese territorial claims in the South China Sea, Russia’s annexation of Crimea and Iran’s political influence in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.
US imperialist meddling, however, is considered entirely legitimate by the Economist. In Syria, the US has overseen seven years of civil war for regime-change to overthrow the Russian- and Iranian-backed government. Washington’s announcement this month that it intends to effectively occupy one third of the country and assemble a 30,000-strong proxy army from Kurdish and Islamist militias has created conditions for direct clashes not only with Iran and Russia, but also with its nominal NATO ally Turkey.
Predictably, amid the frenzied moves in the US and internationally to impose state control and censorship over the Internet, the journal accuses Russia of seeking to “undermine faith in Western institutions and encourage populist movements by meddling in elections and using bots and trolls on social media to fan grievances and prejudice.”
Technology companies, it insists, must be even more integrated with the military, while Internet corporations must work with the state apparatus to suppress access to oppositional views, on the fraudulent pretext of combatting “influence operations” and the “mass manipulation of public opinion.”
It notes in passing that for the American government, which already runs annual budget deficits approaching $700 billion, “finding the money will be another problem.”
The truth is that the subordination of every aspect of society to war preparations will be paid for by the ongoing destruction of the living standards and conditions of the American working class, combined with the elimination of its democratic rights and repression of opposition.
In an unintended echo of George Orwell’s “Newspeak,” the Economist concludes that “a strong America”—armed to the teeth and permanently threatening its rivals with obliteration—is the “best guarantor of world peace.”
The most chilling aspect of the report, however, is that it is pessimistic about its own prognosis for US imperialism succeeding in intimidating its rivals into submission. The very development of an ever more aggressive military stance toward China and Russia raises, not lessens, the likelihood of war.
“The greatest danger,” it states, “lies in miscalculation through a failure to understand an adversary’s intentions, leading to an unplanned escalation that runs out of control.”
What is being referred to is escalation to a nuclear holocaust. The article quotes Tom Plant, an analyst at the RUSI think tank: “For both Russia and the US, nukes have retained their primacy. You only have to look at how they are spending their money.”
The US is upgrading its entire nuclear arsenal over the coming decades at a cost of $1.2 trillion. Russia is upgrading its nuclear-capable missiles, bombers and submarines. China is rapidly expanding the size and capability of its far smaller nuclear forces, as are Britain and France. Discussions are underway in ruling circles in Germany, Japan and even Australia on acquiring nuclear weapons so they can resist the nuclear-armed states.
The madness of a nuclear arms race in the 21st century arises inexorably from the contradictions of the capitalist system. The struggle among rival nation-states for global geostrategic and economic dominance is the inevitable outcome of capitalism's intractable crisis and the ferocious conflict for control over markets and resources.
James Cogan

Too Many Wars. Too Many Enemies.

Posted: Jan 30, 2018 12:01 AM
If Turkey is not bluffing, U.S. troops in Manbij, Syria, could be under fire by week's end, and NATO engulfed in the worst crisis in its history.
Turkish President Erdogan said Friday his troops will cleanse Manbij of Kurdish fighters, alongside whom U.S. troops are embedded.
Erdogan's foreign minister demanded concrete steps by the U.S. to end its support of the Kurds, who control the Syrian border with Turkey east of the Euphrates, all the way to Iraq.
If the Turks attack Manbij, the U.S. will face a choice: Stand by our Kurdish allies and resist the Turks, or abandon the Kurds.
Should the U.S. let the Turks drive the Kurds out of Manbij and the entire Syrian border area with Turkey, as Erdogan threatens, U.S. credibility would suffer a blow from which it would not soon recover.
But to stand with the Kurds and oppose Erdogan's forces could mean a crackup of NATO and loss of U.S. bases inside Turkey, including the air base at Incirlik.
Turkey also sits astride the Dardanelles entrance to the Black Sea. NATO's loss of Turkey would thus be a triumph for Vladimir Putin, who gave Ankara the green light to cleanse the Kurds from Afrin.
Yet Syria is but one of many challenges to U.S. foreign policy.
The Winter Olympics in South Korea may have taken the threat of a North Korean ICBM that could hit the U.S. out of the news. But no one believes that threat is behind us.
Last week, China charged that the USS Hopper, a guided missile destroyer, sailed within 12 nautical miles of Scarborough Shoal, a reef in the South China Sea claimed by Beijing, though it is far closer to Luzon in the Philippines. The destroyer, says China, was chased off by one of her frigates. If we continue to contest China's territorial claims with U.S. warships, a clash is inevitable.
In a similar incident Monday, a Russian military jet came within five feet of a U.S. Navy EP-3 Orion surveillance plane in international airspace over the Black Sea, forcing the Navy plane to end its mission.
U.S. relations with Cold War ally Pakistan are at rock bottom. In his first tweet of 2018, President Trump charged Pakistan with being a duplicitous and false friend.
"The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!"
As for America's longest war, in Afghanistan, now in its 17th year, the end is nowhere on the horizon.
A week ago, the International Hotel in Kabul was attacked and held for 13 hours by Taliban gunmen who killed 40. Midweek, a Save the Children facility in Jalalabad was attacked by ISIS, creating panic among aid workers across the country.
Saturday, an ambulance exploded in Kabul, killing 103 people and wounding 235. Monday, Islamic State militants attacked Afghan soldiers guarding a military academy in Kabul. With the fighting season two months off, U.S. troops will not soon be departing.
If Pakistan is indeed providing sanctuary for the terrorists of the Haqqani network, how does this war end successfully for the United States?
Last week, in a friendly fire incident, the U.S.-led coalition killed 10 Iraqi soldiers. The Iraq war began 15 years ago.
Yet another war, where the humanitarian crisis rivals Syria, continues on the Arabian Peninsula. There, a Saudi air, sea and land blockade that threatens the Yemeni people with starvation has failed to dislodge Houthi rebels who seized the capital Sanaa three years ago.
This weekend brought news that secessionist rebels, backed by the United Arab Emirates, have seized power in Yemen's southern port of Aden, from the Saudi-backed Hadi regime fighting the Houthis.
These rebels seek to split the country, as it was before 1990.
Iran, Saudi Arabia and the UAE appear to be backing different horses in this tribal-civil-sectarian war into which America has been drawn.
There are other wars -- Somalia, Libya, Ukraine -- where the U.S. is taking sides, sending arms, training troops, flying missions.
Like the Romans, we have become an empire, committed to fight for scores of nations, with troops on every continent, and forces in combat operations of which the American people are only vaguely aware.
"I didn't know there were 1,000 troops in Niger," said Sen. Lindsey Graham when four Green Berets were killed there. "We don't know exactly where we're at in the world, militarily, and what we're doing."
No, we don't, Senator.
As in all empires, power is passing to the generals.
And what causes the greatest angst today in the imperial city?
Fear that a four-page memo worked up in the House Judiciary Committee may discredit Robert Mueller's investigation of Russia-gate.
Trump’s State of the Union address: A spectacle of reaction and militarism

By Patrick Martin
31 January 2018

US President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address, delivered Tuesday night, was a festival of reaction and political filth. The speech dragged on for more than 80 minutes, interrupted by ovations from the assembled members of the Senate and House of Representatives. It was filled with paeans to the police and military (which won the particular support of Democrats), fascistic attacks on immigrants, and invocations of religion, patriotism and the American flag, culminating in howls of “USA! USA!” during the closing section of the address.
The annual State of the Union speech has long since decayed into a hollow ritual, whose essential emptiness is an expression of the crisis and decay of American democracy, weighed down by militarism and rampant economic inequality.
With Donald Trump, the real state of the union is revealed, not by the endless torrent of lies fashioned by his speechwriters, or the people they exploited as human props, but in the persona of the president himself: the first billionaire to occupy the White House, preening over the signal accomplishment of his first year in office—trillions of dollars in tax breaks for corporations and the super-rich.
In a speech that quickly received positive responses in the media, Trump cited the record-breaking rise in the stock market and the decision of major corporations to repatriate funds to the United States—since they can now do so virtually tax-free—as though these would benefit American workers.
However, Trump’s efforts to paint a portrait of a country on the rise, with living conditions improving, will not have fooled anyone. Only a few minutes after claiming that Americans have never had it so good, he noted that 64,000 people died of drug overdoses in America last year, a record number. This was one of his few concessions to social reality, which Trump used to demand increased police powers.
Trump’s arrogant demeanor reflected something of the political conjuncture. The Democrats pretended to oppose the tax cut, but did nothing to stop it, because their most important social base, Wall Street, supported it enthusiastically. 
There is little point in attempting to provide a point-by-point rebuttal of the barefaced lies in Trump’s speech. He was describing America as it is seen by the billionaires, for whom, as he said, this seems the best of times, with stock prices and profits soaring, income and corporate taxes slashed, government regulations on business either not enforced or scrapped outright.
On foreign policy, Trump said relatively little, but all of it was reactionary. He called for Congress to “fully fund our great military,” hailed US military operations in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, while announcing he had signed an executive order to keep open the US torture prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to house new prisoners seized in the “war on terror.” He insisted that alleged “terrorists” should be treated as “enemy combatants,” and made clear that the US would maintain and expand its network of detention and torture centers.
He threatened Cuba, Venezuela and Iran, as well as the more than 100 countries that voted in the UN General Assembly to condemn the US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He cited North Korea as a nuclear threat to the United States and promised a further build-up of the US nuclear arsenal.
The truly foul character of the speech, the media coverage and the ceremony as a whole only testifies to the exclusion of any genuine opposition to the political and social agenda of corporate America. Official American politics consists of various gradations of right-wing politics, from the pro-corporate, pro-CIA agenda of the Democratic Party to the fascistic ravings of sections of the Republican Party who view even Trump as too soft on immigrants.
The official Democratic Party response, delivered by Massachusetts Representative Joseph Kennedy III, a grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, combined demagogic posturing, mostly along the lines of identity politics, but with some criticism of Wall Street profiteering thrown in, and scaremongering against Russia, which he described as “knee-deep in our democracy.”
Even at his most demagogic, however, Kennedy could make no reference to the working class or to any movement from below against the growth of economic inequality. That is because the Democratic Party is just as much an instrument of the corporate and financial aristocracy as the Republican Party. Whatever differences they have on secondary issues and matters of tactics are subordinated to a common defense of the profit system and the interests of Wall Street and American imperialism.
The State of the Union showed an extremely degraded and reactionary president and an impotent and bankrupt “opposition.” The real opposition, to both Trump and the Democratic Party, must come from below, from an independent movement of the working class in opposition to the capitalist profit system.

OBAMA-CLINTONOMICS to serve the filthy rich

The same period has seen a massive growth of social inequality, with income and wealth concentrated at the very top of American society to an extent not seen since the 1920s.

“This study follows reports released over the past several months documenting rising mortality rates among US workers due to drug addiction and suicide, high rates of infant mortality, an overall leveling off of life expectancy, and a growing gap between the life expectancy of the bottom rung of income earners compared to those at the top.”

OBAMA’S CRONY BANKSTERISM destroyed a TRILLION DOLLARS in home equity… and they’re still plundering us!

Barack Obama created more debt for the middle class than any president in US

history, and also had the only huge QE programs: $4.2 Trillion.

OXFAM reported that during Obama’s terms, 95% of the wealth created went to the top 1% of the world’s wealthy. 


For all of his talk about leading “political revolution” against

the “billionaire class,” Sanders backed Clinton, a shill of Wall Street 

and the Pentagon, who has nothing but contempt for the tens of 

millions of workers devastated by the 2008 financial crash and 

Obama’s pro-corporate policies.

Oxfam: Bottom half of world’s population received none of the wealth created in 2017

By Niles Niemuth 
23 January 2018

With the world’s elite and their political representatives converging on Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum this week, Oxfam released its annual report on global inequality, exposing the historic growth of social inequality over the last year.
Nearly all global wealth growth in 2017, 82 percent, went to the top one percent, while the bottom half of the world’s population, some 3.8 billion people, saw nothing at all. Last year saw the largest increase in the number of billionaire’s worldwide in history. The number of dollar billionaires currently stands at 2,043, with a new billionaire created every two days.
Every year, the Oxfam report reveals an increasingly irrational and untenable political and economic setup, in which a handful of elites engorge themselves on the wealth created by the labor of billions.
“All over the world our economy of the 1% is built on the backs of low paid workers, often women, who are paid poverty wages and denied basic rights,” the report notes. Women provided $10 trillion in unpaid care work last year in support of the global economy, according to data cited by Oxfam.
A recent survey by the International Labour Organization (ILO) found that nearly one in three workers in emerging and developing countries live in poverty, and that this figure is only increasing. Even more exploited are the 40 million who were enslaved in 2016, forced to work for nothing as modern slaves in a host of industries including harvesting shrimp, sewing garments and cleaning buildings. The ILO estimates that 25 million of the enslaved worldwide are forced labor.
Over the course of the past year, the world’s billionaires saw their wealth increased by $762 billion, enough to eliminate extreme poverty from the face of the planet seven times over. From 2006 to 2015, the typical worker saw their average income rise by just two percent a year. This was dwarfed by a 13 percent annual increase in billionaire wealth.
Rather than being the result of hard work on the part of the world’s billionaires, the report found that two-thirds of billionaire wealth is the product to inheritance, monopoly, and cronyism. The 500 richest people in the world are expected to hand down $2.4 trillion to their heirs over the next two decades, an amount larger than the GDP of India.
Oxfam notes that the world’s billionaires utilize their extreme wealth and connections to manipulate public policy, take advantage of privatization deals, procure natural resource giveaways, and benefit from tax exemptions and loopholes to further enrich themselves at the public expense.
The super-rich can dodge taxes by hiding their money in an international network of offshore tax havens. Accord to data contained in the leaked Panama and Paradise Papers, some $7.6 trillion is being shielded from taxation. An analysis of the data by economist Gabriel Zucman found that the super-rich are avoiding $200 billion in taxes through the use of tax havens.
Nearly every country can lay claim to a handful of rich elites who control enough wealth to eliminate hunger, poverty and all other social ills.
The report found that the richest man in Nigeria, Aliko Dangote, earns enough just in interest on his $13 billion in wealth to pull two million out of extreme poverty. At the same time that Dangote has become one of the richest people in history, poverty has risen in Nigeria.
The four richest men in Indonesia owned more wealth in 2017 than the bottom 100 million people in the world’s largest island country. Nearly half of the country’s population, approximately 133 million people, continues to languish in poverty.
Meanwhile, in Brazil a worker earning the minimum wage must work 19 years to make the same amount that someone in that country’s top 0.1 percent makes in a single month.
When it comes to social inequality within so-called developed countries, the United States is in a league of its own. In little more than a day, a typical CEO in the US earns as much as the average worker will make in a year. The three richest people in the US owned as much wealth as the bottom half of the population, approximately 160 million people.
Jeff Bezos, CEO of Seattle-based Amazon, recently became the richest person in world history with a net worth of $105.1 billion, which he acquired off the backs of a highly exploited international workforce of some 300,000 employees. Amazon workers in India make as little as $233 per month, while workers in the US average less than $13 an hour.
Microsoft founder Bill Gates follows closely behind Bezos with $92.3 billion, while Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, claims a net worth of $87 billion. The implementation of tax cuts signed into law by President Donald Trump late last year will only accelerate the growth of the gap between the top and the bottom.
The ever-increasing concentration of so much wealth into so few hands to the detriment of the billions who toil every day just to meet their basic needs makes the case for the expropriation and redistribution of the global plutocracy’s ill-gotten gains.

In just one instance cited by Oxfam, it would cost only $2.2 billion to raise all 2.5 million Vietnamese garment workers to a living wage. This is just one third of the amount that was paid to the shareholders in the country’s top five garment sector corporations last year.

Cancun Suffers 30 Executions in January 2018 amid Rising Cartel Violence

Violence at various businesses in Cancun has not slowed with at least 30 cartel-linked executions taking place in January.

In the most recent execution, a team of gunmen entered Oasis Bar, killing three customers and injuring five others. The gunmen managed a complete escape. Two of the fatal victims died inside the bar while the third passed en route to a local hospital. The bar is in the popular tourist area called El Crucero.
The attack at the local bar is not an isolated case. Earlier this month, a team of five gunmen entered a bar called “La Palapa de Chucky” and killed two men while injuring seven other victims. One of the victims was identified as a local drug distributor.
In recent months, violence in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, considered the “jewels of tourism in Mexico”, have become the scenes of cartel executions like never before. In December, Breitbart Texas reported on an execution where a group of gunmen left the body of a beheaded victim next to a poster board warning of more organized violence.
Recently, the U.S. Department of State published its most recent travel advisory which documents the dramatic spike in violence in many parts of Mexico and shows various areas as dangerous as Syria and other Middle Eastern conflict spots.
Editor’s Note: Breitbart Texas traveled to the Mexican States of Tamaulipas, Coahuila, and Nuevo León to recruit citizen journalists willing to risk their lives and expose the cartels silencing their communities.  The writers would face certain death at the hands of the various cartels that operate in those areas including the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas if a pseudonym were not used. Breitbart Texas’ Cartel Chronicles are published in both English and in their original Spanish. This article was written by Tony Aranda from Nuevo León. 

Enough Fentanyl to Kill Millions Found En Route to U.S. South of Border

A traffic stop led Mexican authorities to seize enough fentanyl to kill millions of people as well as almost 1,000 pounds of crystal methamphetamine and other drugs that were headed to the California border. 

This week, Mexico’s National Security Commission announced the seizure of 45.5 kilograms of fentanyl that were found as part of a synthetic drug shipment in the Mexican beach resort town of Ensenada, Baja California. The seizure also included more than 914 pounds of crystal meth, 87 pounds of cocaine and 18 pounds of heroin. 
Unlike the other synthetic drugs, fentanyl is a medically used opioid that is considered to be 100 times more powerful than morphine and prone to lethal overdoses. 
According to the Oxford Treatment Center, the lethal dose for an individual taking fentanyl is 2 milligrams. 
The 45.5 kilograms of fentanyl seized is enough to fuel millions of possible lethal doses. 
The seizure was made by federal police forces who spotted an SUV without license plates that had been traveling along the highway that connects Ensenada with the town of Lazaro Cardenas. The beach resort of Ensenada is directly south of the border city of Tijuana and its various ports of entry into California.
 After pulling over the vehicle, authorities searched the SUV and discovered 10 bundles, three suitcases, 18 bricks and 18 plastic containers with the various drugs inside.  As part of the investigation, Mexican authorities were able to confirm that the SUV is registered in California. 
Ildefonso Ortiz is an award-winning journalist with Breitbart Texas. He co-founded the Cartel Chronicles project with Brandon Darby and Stephen K. Bannon.  You can follow him on Twitter and on Facebook. He can be contacted at Iortiz@breitbart.com.
Brandon Darby is managing director and editor-in-chief of Breitbart Texas. He co-founded the Cartel Chronicles project with Ildefonso Ortiz and Stephen K. Bannon. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook. He can be contacted at bdarby@breitbart.com.
ILLEGALS CLIMBING CALIFORNIA’S BORDERS FOR JOBS AND WELFARE: SAN DIEGO … Mexicans (registered democrat anchor baby breeders (1,877).
In just the month of October 2017 CBP Border Patrol San Diego border sector reported apprehension of individuals from Bangladesh (12), Brazil (1), Camaroon (3), Chad (1), China (16), El Salvador (76), Eritrea (7), Gambia (4), Guatemala (178), Honduras (54), India (101), Iran (1), Mexico (1,877), Nepal (31), Nicaragua (1), Pakistan (13), Peru (1), Somalia (1), and “Unknown” (1) — a total of 2,379 individuals. These numbers are similar to volumes seen in this sector for October since 2012. MICHELLE MOONS


Overall, in the 2017 Fiscal Year, officials revealed that a record-breaking 455,000 pounds plus of drugs had already been seized. In 2016, that number amounted to 443,000 pounds. The 2017 haul is worth an estimated $6.1 billion – BREITBART – JEFF SESSION’S DRUG BUST ON SAN DIEGO


“The greatest criminal threat to the daily lives 

of American citizens are the Mexican drug 


“Mexican drug cartels are the “other” terrorist threat to America. Militant Islamists have the goal of destroying the United States. Mexican drug cartels are now accomplishing that mission – from within, every day, in virtually every community across this country.” JUDICIAL WATCH

January 24, 2018

Mexico drug cartels stealing billions of dollars in oil from Pemex

Reuters has an astonishing report about Mexican drug cartels tapping into oil pipelines owned by the state oil company Pemex in order to steal enormous amounts of fuel from the Mexican oil industry.
Apparently, oil has become a target of the cartels because it is cheap to steal and the risk of being caught is negligible. The cartels employ several methods to steal the oil, including bribing and threatening Pemex employees and directly tapping the pipelines that bring gasoline and other fuels to the people.
The practice has skyrocketed over the last few years, scaring off foreign investors and severely cutting into the profits of one of Mexico's largest industries.
Fuel theft is not new or unique to Mexico. But cartels are taking it to calamitous new dimensions and, in the process, bolstering their bottom line.
“Fuel theft just makes these groups more powerful,” according to one senior official from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, who asked not to be identified.
By targeting refineries, already suffering from a lack of investment, Mexico’s most notorious criminals gain access to nerve centers for much of the country’s fuel supply. That threatens an oil industry that accounts for about 8 percent of Mexico’s economy and creates yet more uncertainty for a country already reeling from U.S. threats to dismantle the North American Free Trade Agreement.
“It hurts the national coffers, weakens national security and hinders the reform and development of Mexico’s energy market,” said Gustavo Mohar, a former Mexican energy and intelligence official.
Between 2011 and 2016, the number of unauthorized taps discovered on Mexico’s fuel lines nearly quintupled, according to a recent report by the federal auditor. Repair costs surged almost tenfold, to 1.77 billion pesos ($95 million).
A May 2017 study, commissioned by the national energy regulator and obtained by Reuters via a freedom of information request, found that thieves, between 2009 and 2016, had tapped pipelines roughly every 1.4 kms (0.86 mi) along Pemex’s approximately 14,000 km pipeline network.
After decades of poor upkeep, the refineries are bleeding money as well as fuel. In addition to unscheduled outages, which cause big operational losses, maintenance problems have led to fatal accidents, including fires and explosions.
Together, the refineries have accumulated annual operating losses of about $5 billion in recent years. Production of refined products, meanwhile, fell to just over 700,000 barrels per day in 2017. That’s about half the production levels at the refineries’ peak in 1994.
It's estimated that annual losses in revenue to the Mexican government as a result of the thefts amounts to more than a billion dollars.
The drop in production over the last couple of decades is due to Mexico's antiquated and inefficient oil infrastructure. Energy reforms in 2014 was supposed to encourage foreign investment in the oil industry, changing long standing policy that prevented it. But there have been few takers because of Mexico's downward spiral into failed state status as a result of violence by the cartels.
Efforts by Mexico’s state-owned oil company Pemex to attract about $5 billion in capital to help modernize its two largest refineries so far have proved futile, according to two people familiar with the process who declined to be named because they were not authorized to speak publicly.
The company is seeking a joint venture partner for its Salina Cruz refinery on the West Coast. It’s also looking for an investor to complete construction of a coking unit to process heavy crude at its Tula refinery just north of Mexico’s capital.
Among those to rebuff overtures from Pemex over the past year are U.S. refining giants Valero Energy Corp (VLO.N) and Tesoro Corp TSO.N, the people said.
Valero and Tesoro declined to comment. Those and other companies were deterred by operational, political and market concerns, the people said.
Pemex officials said they “categorically reject” the notion that they are struggling to find investors.
“There has been interest,” a company spokesman said Thursday. “We’ve had talks with many companies whose names we can’t reveal.”
Pemex has said publicly it’s seeking investment from Korean, Japanese and Chinese firms. The company hired Bank of America last year to seek potential partners.
The world's oil companies are showing little confidence in Mexico's ability to deal with the cartels. They have good reasons. Why pour money into projects that have been compromised by criminals? Pemex is bleeding red ink and the irony is, they won't start making money again until foreign investors can be enticed to become involved, but foreign investors refuse as long as so much of the oil is being siphoned away by the cartels.
Mexico has had some success in bringing down drug king pins. But that success has resulted in an even bigger problem; the fracturing of drug cartels into many smaller entities, only compounding the misery of the country. The violence and political corruption flowing from the drug trade is rapidly making Mexico into a failed state. The consequences of that for the US is obvious; a growing number of Mexican citizens looking north for salvation.

GRAPHIC — Mexican Cartel Cuts Out Living Victim’s Heart near Acapulco

A group of cartel gunmen fighting for control of a Mexican coastal state cut out the heart of one of their living victims while another was beheaded. The violence took place not far from the beach resort cities of Acapulco and Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Guerrero.

The execution was recorded by cartel gunmen who then disseminated the footage through social media. Mexican intelligence sources revealed to Breitbart Texas that the murders took place at a ranch near the boundary between Michoacan and Guerrero states. The location of the murders is not far from the famed resort city of Acapulco. Law enforcement sources also revealed that the ranch once belonged to former Los Zetas ally and founder of La Familia Michoacana, Carlos Rosales Mendoza.
During the execution, a leading figure within Los Viagras Cartel threatened and tortured two villagers whose hands were tied behind their backs.
The victims were killed for allegedly relaying information to their rivals. One of the gunmen used a large stick to beat one of the villagers.
Another gunman then comes up from behind and uses a sharp knife to slash the man’s throat and then sever his head.   
While the second victim screams for mercy, the gunmen use knives to slice open his chest to the point where they can see the man’s beating heart. One of the gunmen reached inside the victim’s chest cavity and manually removed the vital organ.
Soon after the executions, the gunmen issued a series of threats toward rivals claiming they would meet a similar fate.
The Mexican states of Guerrero and Michoacan are theaters for a fierce territorial war between the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG) and their rivals with Los Viagras, La Nueva Familia Michoacana, and some factions of the Sinaloa Cartel. 
Editor’s Note: Breitbart Texas traveled to the Mexican States of Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Nuevo León and other areas to recruit citizen journalists willing to risk their lives and expose the cartels silencing their communities. Breitbart Texas’ Cartel Chronicles are published in both English and in their original Spanish. This article was written by Jose Luis Lara, a former leading member who helped start the Self-Defense Movement in Michoacán.
Tony Aranda from the Cartel Chronicles Project contributed to this report.

THE HORDES OF ILLEGALS KEEP COMING…. Despite America’s jobs, housing and Mexican crime tidal wave.

"If the racist "Sensenbrenner Legislation" passes the US Senate, there is no doubt that a massive civil disobedience movement will emerge. Eventually labor union power can merge with the immigrant civil rights and "Immigrant Sanctuary" movements to enable us to either form a new political party or to do heavy duty reforming of the existing Democratic Party. The next and final steps would follow and that is to elect our own governors of all the states within Aztlan." 



Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan 

Institute has testified before a Congressional 

committee that in 2004, 95% of all outstanding

 warrants for murder in Los Angeles were for 

illegal aliens; in 2000, 23% of all Los Angeles 

County jail inmates were illegal aliens and that 

in 1995, 60% of Los Angeles’s largest street 

gang, the 18th Street gang, were illegal aliens


A county by county chart:       



Endless wars for Muslim dictators while the Mexican drug cartels expand from border to open border.




“Heroin is not produced in the United States. Every gram of heroin present in the United States provides unequivocal evidence of a failure of border security because every gram of heroin was smuggled into the United States. Indeed, this is precisely a point that Attorney General Jeff Sessions made during his appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on October 18, 2017 when he again raised the need to secure the U.S./Mexican border to protect American lives.” Michael Cutler …..FrontPageMag.com

THEY INVADE OVER AND UNDER OUR BORDERS… and do so by invitation of the Democrat Party.
Lawmen are worried that the cartel tunnel builders on the Mexican border are now using their engineered concoctions to smuggle illegals, not merely drugs.

That's what the Daily Caller has found, describing the new anxiety as one was discovered over the weekend, catching about 30 illegals coming in from Mexico and China. MONICA SHOWALTER – AMERICAN THINKER.com

“The greatest criminal threat to the daily lives of American citizens are the Mexican drug cartels.”

“Mexican drug cartels are the “other” terrorist threat to America. Militant Islamists have the goal of destroying the United States. Mexican drug cartels are now accomplishing that mission – from within, every day, in virtually every community across this country.” JUDICIALWATCH
“Mexican authorities have arrested the former mayor of a rural community in the border state of Coahuila in connection with the kidnapping, murder and incineration of hundreds of victims through a network of ovens at the hands of the Los Zetas cartel. The arrest comes after Breitbart Texas exposed not only the horrors of the mass extermination, but also the cover-up and complicity of the Mexican government.”
“Heroin is not produced in the United States. Every gram of heroin present in the United States provides unequivocal evidence of a failure of border security because every gram of heroin was smuggled into the United States. Indeed, this is precisely a point that Attorney General Jeff Sessions made during his appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on October 18, 2017 when he again raised the need to secure the U.S./Mexican border to protect American lives.” Michael Cutler …..FrontPageMag.com


Overall, in the 2017 Fiscal Year, officials revealed that a record-breaking 455,000 pounds plus of drugs had already been seized. In 2016, that number amounted to 443,000 pounds. The 2017 haul is worth an estimated $6.1 billion – BREITBART – JEFF SESSION’S DRUG BUST ON SAN DIEGO


Overall, in the 2017 Fiscal Year, officials revealed that a record-breaking 455,000 pounds plus of drugs had already been seized. In 2016, that number amounted to 443,000 pounds. The 2017 haul is worth an estimated $6.1 billion – BREITBART – JEFF SESSION’S DRUG BUST ON SAN DIEGO


Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute has testified before a Congressional committee that in 2004, 95% of all outstanding warrants for murder in Los Angeles were for illegal aliens; in 2000, 23% of all Los Angeles County jail inmates were illegal aliens and that in 1995, 60% of Los Angeles’s largest street gang, the 18th Street gang, were illegal aliens.  


One Year of Trump: Border Wall Prototypes Sit in Desert As Border-Crossings Surge to Obama Levels
by JOHN BINDER21 Jan 2018Washington, D.C.7,777

A year ago, President Trump committed to the American people to build a wall along the United States-Mexico border to stop illegal immigration and the flow of drugs into the country.

A year later, Trump is still promising to build the border wall, as prototypes of what the wall could look like sit in the San Diego, California, desert and border-crossings surge back to President Obama-era illegal immigration levels.
Since September 2017, eight border wall prototypes have sat in San Diego, being tested by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and toured countlessly by government officials.
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen toured the border wall prototypes in December 2017, telling Fox News that the wall was paramount to ending illegal immigration.
“We got to have a wall, we’re going to have a wall. But then you need the technology, you need the people, you need the censors, you need the cameras, you need the monitoring, to make sure that that wall is as effective as it can be,” Nielsen said.
A month later, Nielsen and the Trump administration have continued to struggle to secure the full $18 billion funding for the border wall from a Republican-controlled Congress that remains dedicated to the big business lobby’s interests on immigration, constantly demanding more legal immigration and continued access to illegal alien workers.
While the prototypes continue collecting dust in the San Diego region, border-crossings under Trump have surged back to where they were under Obama, a pattern that proves pro-American immigration reformers’ assertion that talk of cracking down on illegal immigration will only deter illegal immigrants from breaching the southern border for so long.
Between April 2017—when border-crossings hit a historic low—and December 2017, family unit border-crossings have surged 625 percent, Breitbart Texas reported, with the last month of 2017 even exceeding the number of border-crossings under Obama.
In the month of December alone, U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended almost 30,000 illegal aliens trying to cross into the country between ports of entry, where Trump’s border wall would be sitting if it were constructed today.
As Breitbart News reported, for the last two months of 2017, the Republican establishment, Nielsen, and Democrats have floated the idea of giving amnesty to nearly 800,000 illegal aliens shielded from deportation by the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
The mere talk of the DACA amnesty has coincided with surges in border-crossings, with Nielsen admitting last month that human smugglers on the southern border and future illegal aliens pay close attention to the national immigration debate in the U.S. to decide when will be the best time to cross into the country illegally.
Nearing the end of the first month of 2017, the Republican-controlled Congress has yet to hand over full funding for the border wall, and more importantly, have shifted focus to getting DACA illegal aliens a pathway to U.S. citizenship.
John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder. 

Border City near Texas Considered Mexico’s Most Dangerous, Finds Survey

Breitbart Texas / Cartel Chronicles

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — The citizens of this border city consider it as one of the most dangerous in Mexico.

The perceived lack of security conditions was measured through a study of urban public safety by Mexico’s National Institute for Statistics and Geography (INEGI). 
The city where citizens felt least safe is in Reynosa, according to 95.6 percent of local respondents.
Since 2010, this border city has been immersed in waves of violence where rival cartel groups fight for control. The violence began when the Gulf Cartel split off from its former enforcers, Los Zetas, thus setting off a series of gun battles for control of the streets. The skirmishes continue in waves where in addition to the fight with Los Zetas, the CDG went through a series of internal fractures that spread even more bloodshed. As a consequence of the high cost of being constantly at war, residents have also been victimized by a spike in extortions, carjackings, kidnappings, and home and business robberies.
As Breitbart Texas reports, the perception of insecurity comes at a time when Mexico had its bloodiest year in decades. According to the 2017 statistics, Mexico suffered 29,168 tallied murders, surpassing all prior records.
Editor’s Note: Breitbart Texas traveled to the Mexican States of Tamaulipas, Coahuila, and Nuevo León to recruit citizen journalists willing to risk their lives and expose the cartels silencing their communities.  The writers would face certain death at the hands of the various cartels that operate in those areas including the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas if a pseudonym were not used. Breitbart Texas’ Cartel Chronicles are published in both English and in their original Spanish. This article was written by “A.C Del Angel” from Tamaulipas. 

Family Unit Border Crossings Up 625 Percent from April 2017 Low

The number of families apprehended by Border Patrol agents grew by 625 percent from a low point in April 2017. The figure fell sharply during the first four months of the Trump Administration but has risen steadily thereafter.

In April 2017, Border Patrol agents apprehended 1,119 Family Unit Aliens (FMUA), Breitbart Texas reported. The number of FMUA apprehensions rose nearly every month since the his low point to 8,121 in December, according to the Southwest Border Migration report released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on Tuesday. This number represents an increase from April of more than 7,000 FMUAs (625 percent). CBP defines FMUA as the “number of individuals (either a child under 18 years old, parent or legal guardian) apprehended with a family member by the U.S. Border Patrol.”
CBP officials released the shocking numbers on the same day President Donald Trump met with Congressional leaders to discuss amnesty for illegal alien minors brought to the U.S. by their families under the same circumstances as the FMUAs currently entering the country. The meeting addressed Congressional plans to replace President Barrack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Shortly after the meeting, a judge in the Ninth Circuit ordered the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to largely reinstate DACA.
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the DACA program in September, Breitbart News reported. He said there would be an “orderly and lawful wind-down.” His announcement followed a threat from Texas and nine other states to add the DACA program to an already successful lawsuit that effectively ended President Obama’s Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) program.
“For these same reasons that DAPA and Expanded DACA’s unilateral Executive Branch conferral of eligibility for lawful presence and work authorization was unlawful, the original June 15, 2012 DACA memorandum is also unlawful,” the letter from the states explained. “
Following the DACA rescission by Sessions, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced the states would drop their threatened lawsuit, Breitbart Texas reported.
DACA is seen by many as a magnet that draws FMUAs and Unaccompanied Alien Children to risk their lives to come to the U.S. illegally. These groups pay large sums of money to cartel-connected human smugglers to bring them to the U.S. in hopes they will be included in a DACA replacement amnesty program.
FMUAs and UACs represented nearly 40 percent of all illegal aliens apprehended by Border Patrol agents during Fiscal Year 2017. Agents apprehended a total of 117,057 FMUAs and UACs during the FY2017 which ended in September. Between the beginning of the new fiscal year on October 1 and December 30, agents apprehended 31,209 additional families and unaccompanied minors.
The UACs are reported to be coming from Guatemala (5,697), Mexico (2,433), Honduras (1,740), and El Salvador (993). Guatemala also leads the list of countries sending FMUAs to the U.S. with 10,650 during the first three months of FY2018. This is followed by Honduras (5,545), El Salvador (3,136), and Mexico (481).
Bob Price serves as associate editor and senior political news contributor for Breitbart Texas. He is a founding member of the Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTXGab, and Facebook.

Kris Kobach: Border Surge of Potentially 1M Illegal Aliens ‘Guaranteed’ Following DACA Amnesty
by JOHN BINDER15 Jan 2018Washington, D.C.3,487

A surge of illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border that could reach up to one million border-crossings is “guaranteed” following a possible amnesty for nearly 800,000 illegal aliens, says Kansas Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach.

In an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday, hosted by Breitbart News Political Editor Matt Boyle and Deputy Political Editor Amanda House, Kobach warned President Trump against negotiating a deal wherein illegal aliens shielded from deportation by the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are given amnesty, saying such a plan would trigger a massive border surge.
KOBACH: And there will be a surge, it is guarenteed. If there is a DACA amnesty, there will be a massive surge of hundreds of thousands, if not more than a million, new illegal aliens.
HOUSE: Right, we saw that in the ’80’s and the ’90’s, as well, following the 1986 amnesty.
KOBACH: That’s exactly right. And as some Breitbart readers may know, if they’ve seen my piece this week, I put some statistics in there. Yeah, that ’86 amnesty, it ended up being for 2.7 million people which was a larger number than was expected by Congress and by President Reagan’s administration when it happened. And the reason its a larger number is its estimated that about 700,000 people came in or applied for the amnesty who were not eligible for it. And so… what happens when you grant amnesty is immediately people flood across the border because they want to falsely claim that they were already here and get the new amnesty or they want to at least get here and wait for the next amnesty.
An amnesty for DACA illegal aliens has the potential to trigger a border surge that could triple the current level of border-crossings, which under President Trump, have ticked back up to Obama-era levels due to border wall construction being stalled in the prototype stage for months.
As the Migration Policy Institute has chronicled, previous border surges from amnesty programs have brought hundreds of thousands across the U.S.-Mexico border:
While the flow of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) has been climbing steadily since 2012, a dramatic surge has taken place in the last six months, with the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas as the principal place of entry. The Border Patrol there has converted entire stations to house unaccompanied minors and families.
According to the Border Patrol, apprehensions of unaccompanied children increased from 16,067 in fiscal year (FY) 2011 to 24,481 in FY 2012 and 38,833 in FY 2013. During the first eight months of FY 2014, 47,017 such children were apprehended by the Border Patrol. If the influx continues apace—and it shows no signs of slowing—the administration predicts that by the end of the fiscal year on September 30, totals could reach 90,000.
Ninety-eight percent of unaccompanied minors currently arriving at the border are from Honduras (28 percent), Mexico (25 percent), Guatemala (24 percent), and El Salvador (21 percent). This breakdown represents a significant shift: prior to 2012, more than 75 percent of UACs were from Mexico.
In recent days, Trump has said that negotiations for a DACA amnesty — that would include cutting legal immigration levels to benefit America’s workers and immediately constructing the border wall — are “probably dead” due to Democrats’ unwillingness to cut legal immigration and bar employers from hiring illegal aliens over U.S. citizens.
Listen to the full Breitbart News Sunday interview here:
John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder. 

Criminal illegals, tax cheats, sanctuary cities OK'd in Gang of Six immigration deal

by Paul bEdard |  From left, President Donald Trump, accompanied by Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., Vice President Mike Pence, Senate Majority Whip Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas., and Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., speaks during a meeting on immigration in the Roosevelt Room at the White House, Thursday, Jan. 4, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

A plan to reform immigration and grant amnesty to nearly 700,000 young adults that is being shopped by six senators would waive some criminal convictions, let 300 “sanctuary cities” off the hook and starve Immigration and Customs Enforcement of funds to track down and deport criminal illegals, according to a new analysis of the proposal.
“This proposal is not a serious effort to find common ground with either the majority of congressional Republicans or the president,” according to immigration expert Jessica M. Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies.

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