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 BARACK OBAMA and ERIC HOLDER’S SABOTAGE OF HOMELAND SECURITY: The “zero tolerance” program was dismantled by Attorney General Erc Holder once it had successfully cut the transit of migrants by roughly 95 percent. Initially, officials made 140,000 arrests per year in the mid-2000s, but the northward flow dropped so much that officials only had to make 6,000 arrests in 2013, according to a 2014 letter by two pro-migration Senators, Sen. Jeff Flake and John McCain. NEIL MUNRO


Maryland County Mulls $373,956 Fund to Pay Legal Expenses for Illegal Aliens Facing Deportation

The Montgomery County, Maryland Council is considering a special appropriation to its budget of $373,956 to pay legal expenses for illegal aliens fighting deportation.

The council held a contentious meeting last week, where a standing-room-only crowd cheered and jeered speakers who favor or oppose the move.
If passed, the fund would be given to the Capital Area Immigrants Rights Coalition (CAIR), which would screen “low-income” illegal aliens who are facing deportation proceedings, eliminating those convicted of crimes or involved in gang activities.
The Sentinel Newspapers reported:
The crowd at the County Council hearing was packed with every seat full and those standing in the back holding signs for and against the resolution. Council President Hans Riemer (D-at large) had to remind the crowd to keep quiet, as partisans on both sides could not resist the temptation to cheer on those testifying on their side.
It was not just residents who were divided – immigrants were split, with those speaking both for and against the special appropriation.
“This is the right thing to do, it is consistent with the core values of our County and our country,” Laura Munez Lopez, an illegal alien who came to the U.S. as a minor, said in theSentinel article. “It is consistent with the values that drew my parents to seek a better life here in the first place.”
“This special appropriation is against American values of fairness,” Wei Wang, a legal immigrant, said at the meeting. “It is not fair for legal immigrants who respect the U.S. immigration law,”
“I am seeing your neighbor, that nice guy whose daughter plays with your child and who works hard every day to provide for his family, being arrested after having paid, in a timely fashion, his traffic violation ticket,” Claudia Cubas, who is with CAIR, said at the meeting, according to local radio station WTOP.
WTOP reported on two others opposing the funding:
An opponent of that view, Amy Waychoff, called it “morally wrong to take money out of the hands of U.S. citizen taxpayers and give it to illegal immigrants who should not be in the county in the first place.”
Pam Smith said the money used to fund the legal aid for immigrants could be allocated elsewhere.
“Paying for legal representation for illegal immigrants is simply another show of defiance against President Trump’s immigration crackdown,” Smith said. “Do you know that 746 teachers could get $500 each for classroom supplies with this money?”
No date has been set yet for a vote on the matter, according to media reports.
Breitbart News has reported extensively on the violent MS-13 gang, which originated in Los Angeles, California, and has members mostly from Central American countries. Gang members have been convicted of murder, rape, drug and human trafficking, and have had a high profile in Montgomery County:
In late May [2017] J. Thomas Manger, the chief of police in Montgomery County, Maryland, an MS-13 hotspot located outside of the nation’s capital, told lawmakers, “MS-13 preys upon the immigrant community with the worst forms of violence and intimidation.”
“These vicious tactics utilized by the gang have a chilling effect on the [Latino] immigrant community. Join the gang or be beaten, pay an extortion or your family will be targeted, go to the authorities and be killed. The forced silence of the community caused by these violent tactics adds to the gang’s reputation and power,” he added. “This is what local law enforcement across this country is faced with when confronting MS-13 and why it is so difficult to combat this group and obtain the trust of the most affected communities.”

Taxing Remittances Can Build the Wall

Among the alleged asylum-seekers parked on the U.S. border is a contingent of Hondurans, allegedly fleeing persecution, poverty, crime, and oppression.  If that is the case, then why is the Honduran government helping them, driving them northward under orders given to the Honduran ambassador, who is helping and escorting them?
Leaders of a caravan of Central American migrants traveling toward the United States through Mexico have repeatedly accused the Honduran government of corruption and with failing to address the poverty, crime and economic conditions forcing families to flee by the thousands.
So it shocked some observers when the Honduran ambassador joined the migrants protesting outside the Honduran embassy in Mexico City on Wednesday, and then accepted their invitation to walk 9 miles to a migrant shelter.
"I have been ordered by my government to support the Honduran migrants traveling with the caravan.  There are about 200 Hondurans who we will help out with paperwork and whatever is necessary," Alden Rivera Montes, the Honduran ambassador to Mexico, told El Universal.
Why is the country whose oppression they are allegedly fleeing helping them leave?  The answer is remittances, the money sent back home by so-called "migrants."  Asylum is in large part a colossal scam designed to provide Latin American countries with both a safety valve and a cash cow of foreign exchange.  In 2017, remittances sent back to Honduras totaled $4.33 billion and make up a significant part of the Honduran economy:
Within the span of a few short decades, migrants have become an essential engine of economic support for Honduras.  Remittances comprised 17 percent of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2011, according to World Bank estimates, the second largest share of any country in Latin America or the Caribbean.  As such, Honduran emigrants have tremendous significance for the country's economy and for the sustenance of many otherwise impoverished communities and families.
Talk about a trade imbalance.  We import alleged asylum-seekers and other illegal aliens, and they send home billions sucked out of a benevolent U.S. government and economy.
Trump's wall would do a lot to stop this, but the question is how to pay for it.  One U.S. congressman has suggested a way to get Mexico to pay for it, and Honduras, and Guatemala, and the rest of them:
Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) sponsored a bill in March that would slap a 2 percent tax on all money transfers from the United States to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.
If Rogers expanded the idea to include all transfers to countries outside of the United States, it would generate $2.76 billion, based on the 2016 remittance totals.
"Over 10 years, there it is," Chmielenski said.  "There's your wall."
Indeed, but a 2-percent tax is a pittance.  Why not a 25-percent tax like the proposed tariffs on foreign steel?  The amount of money funneled out of the United States is staggering:
Immigrants in the United States in 2016 sent home more than $138 billion – a sum that exceeds the entire gross domestic product of Kuwait – according to a new report from the Pew Research Center[.] ...
"It's a staggering number," said immigration reform activist Chris Chmielenski, marveling at the $138.2 billion that immigrants wire out of the United States.
President Trump has floated the idea of a tax on remittances as a way of getting Mexico and others to pay for the wall and otherwise cooperate in controlling the flow of illegal immigrants:
President Trump is mulling a tax on cash transfers between immigrants in the U.S. and their relatives in Mexico as a way to fund his promised border wall without forcing American taxpayers to open their wallets, according to sources familiar with the proposal.
Trump first floated the idea of taxing or halting person-to-person wire transfers, known as remittances, during his bid for the White House.  A two-page memo released by his campaign last April described a plan "to compel Mexico to pay for the wall" by preventing immigrants from wiring money outside of the U.S. unless they can prove their legal status to law enforcement authorities.
Because the Mexican economy has become so dependent on wages sent home by migrant workers, which surpassed oil revenues as its leading source of foreign income in 2015, Trump said he could convince the country's leaders to make a "one-time payment of $5-10 billion" toward his border wall by threatening to stop the annual flow of billions of dollars from the U.S. to Mexico in the form of cash transfers.
President Trump has shown that border security is not that hard.  It merely requires willpower and resolve that put the impact of illegal immigration on America and its citizens above the impact on the political fortunes of pandering politicians.
Now comes a study from the Center for Immigration Studies showing that this ongoing reduction in illegal immigration will reduce related costs to the point the wall is paid for:
President Donald Trump's border wall only needs to stop about 10 percent of illegal crossing in order to pay for itself, according to an analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies.  The estimated $12 to $15 billion cost of the wall would quickly be offset by the savings to the government if fewer illegal immigrants arrive in the country over the next decade, CIS found.  Only a small portion of the population of people who are expected to attempt an illegal crossing in the next decade – between 9 and 12 percent – would have to be stopped for the wall to totally pay for itself.
The analysis from CIS, a group that advocates for moderating immigration levels, relies on fiscal estimates from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NAS) for the average cost to taxpayers of illegal immigrants [sic].  NAS estimates one illegal immigrant [sic] costs state and local governments approximately $75,000 in a lifetime, taking into account taxes paid and the cost of providing benefits such as education and health care.
Critics say the costs of illegal immigration fall largely on state and local governments, and it is a federal government burdened with debt that has to write the checks.  But the costs in either case are borne by the American taxpayer and the American worker.  Ask Kate Steinle's father what the true costs of illegal immigration are and who pays for them
Remittances are the huge carrot attracting illegal aliens and alleged asylum-seekers.  Open borders advocates like to talk about how much illegal aliens contribute to the U.S. economy.  It would seem they are benefiting the nations from whence they came more than the United States.
The proposed tax cut bill 2.0 making individual tax cuts permanent should include a tax on remittances to not only pay for the wall, but set up a compensation fund for the victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens. MS-13 members have been found among the latest round of asylum-seekers.
As with most everything else, if you want to learn the truth about illegal immigration and alleged asylum-seekers, just follow the money.




Mexico prefers to export its poor, not uplift them

Adios, Sanctuary La Raza Welfare State of California  

A fifth-generation Californian laments his state’s ongoing economic collapse.

By Steve Baldwin

American Spectator, October 19, 2017

What’s clear is that the producers are leaving the state and the takers are coming in. Many of the takers are illegal aliens, now estimated to number over 2.6 million. 
The Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates that California spends $22 billion on government services for illegal aliens, including welfare, education, Medicaid, and criminal justice system costs. 


Billionaire Mexicans tell their poor to JUMP U.S. OPEN BORDERS and LOOT THE STUPID GRINGO… and loot they do!
Billions of dollars are sucked out of America from Mexico’s looting!

1) Mexico ended legal immigration 100 years ago, except for Spanish blood.
2) Mexico is the 17th richest nation but pays the 220th lowest minimum wage to force their subjects to invade the USA. The expands territory for Mexicans, spreads the Spanish language, and culture and genotypes, while earning 17% of Mexico's gross GDP as Foreign Remittance Income.


America builds the La Raza “The Race” Mexican welfare state

Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. Taxpayers a Stunning $134.9 Billion a Year

THE GRUESOME VIOLENCE OF THE MEXICAN… over, under and in our open borders.


MEXIFORNIA under LA RAZA SUPREMACY RULE: CA has the largest and most expensive prison system in the nation. Half the inmates are Mexicans.  Half the murders in CA are by Mexican gangs.
In Mexico’s second largest city of Los Angeles, 93% of the murders are by Mexicans.

"The state of California and the sanctuary city laws that make it a safe-haven for criminal illegal aliens is likely responsible for at least 5,000 crimes that were committed by criminal illegal aliens released by local authorities rather than being handed over to federal immigration officials."

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