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WATCH: Man Goes on Rampage in Seattle Target Store

FILE - In this Friday, Nov. 25, 2016, file photo, Paul Poirier shops at a Target store, in Wilmington, Mass. Target is lowering its fourth-quarter profit and sales outlook Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017, after the discounter said that sluggish holiday sales and traffic in its stores offset a surging online …
AP Photo/Elise Amendola, File

Store surveillance video reveals a man going on a rampage at a Seattle Target store that he allegedly terrorized on three occasions, according to KIRO 7.

According to King County Sheriff’s documents, Jason L. Lewis, 41, did not just smash merchandise; he also headbutted a store employee. Furthermore, Lewis allegedly tried to kick open a locked cabinet storing Apple iPads, smashed several counter displays, and threw a large standing display down an escalator just before he ran out of the store on August 17:
Surveillance video allegedly shows the accused using parts of a store display as a weapon to hit employees who were trying to apprehend him and as a tool to break open the locked Apple display case. The man is then seen pulling the case from its moorings, dragging it to an escalator, and sending it crashing down the stairway as customers rush to get out of the way.
Court filings charge that Lewis then loaded several backpacks with as many Apple iPhones, watches, and other items as he could before exiting the store. He is also accused of stealing items from another local store that day as well as stealing items from that same Target on other occasions.
An employee of Belltown Storage told police Lewis threatened him with violence on August 21.
Lewis has a long arrest record filled with incidents of violence, threatening behavior, threats of terrorism, and convictions on weapons charges in Texas.
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You know when you see a headline of "looters" you're going to be looking a blacks!



BLACK LIVES MATTER? Life doesn’t matter to America’s ignorant ghetto blacks period!


WATCH: Robbery Suspect Flees After Deli Clerk Takes Away His Gun

Dramatic surveillance video shows the moment a brave Bronx deli worker fights back against an armed goon who put a gun to his head during a foiled stickup, police said Tuesday.

A deli clerk in the Bronx wrestled the gun away from a would-be robber Monday and everything was caught on surveillance video.

CBS New York reports that the deli clerk, 38-year-old Mina Farag, did what he had to do once face-to-face with the armed suspect, whom the New York Police Department believes was in his 20s.
Farag said suspect raised suspicion the moment he walked into the store. He said, “He was like going around the store. His bag was open. In the beginning I thought he was trying to take something from the store.”
Then the suspect allegedly came behind the counter and confront Farag with a handgun.
Farag said, “He showed me his gun and said, ‘Give me money.’ I tried to calm him down. I told him the money’s right there. Once he tried to grab the money, I grabbed his hand with the gun with my two hands.”
The surveillance video shows other customers enter as Farag and the suspect fought over the gun, but no one came to Farag’s aid.
Police say the suspect fled the deli without getting any money. “He was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and a black backpack.”
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Watch: Teens Rob Store After Watching Clerk Suffer Heart Attack

Police in Washington state searching for two males caught on camera ignoring a store clerk who collapsed in front of them from an apparent medical issue, choosing instead to step around him to rob the store. https://abcn.ws/2N2IOLA 
Three males are caught on camera robbing a Shell station Saturday after watching the clerk collapse from a heart attack and leaving the man to die.


When a hurricane comes, fake reporters stand in ponds or lean into the wind. Real reporters confront looters, as this brave woman, Chelsea Donovan of WECT, does in North Carolina, chasing them down and demanding answers.
Her attempts to shame them are utterly futile. The Democrat base knows no shame. Hasn't even the faintest concept of it. And it's only a question of when the left, which believes that looting is a human right, decides to label her something alliterative, e.g. Permit Patty, and demand her firing.
A little flashback courtesy of Newsweek.
As the day wore on, the turmoil increased. Looting and burning swept down 14th Street and 7th Street, two of the ghetto's main thoroughfares, then spread south to the shopping district just east of the White House. On the sidewalk in front of the Justice Department's headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue, shirt-sleeved DOJ staffers watched helplessly as looters cleaned out Kaufman's clothing store. The story was the same all over. Without the force to control the situation, the cops let the looters run wild. The result was an eerie, carni­val atmosphere. Jolly blacks dashed in and out of shattered shop windows carry­ing their booty away in plain sight of the Law. Others tooled through the shopping districts in late-model cars, pausing to 611 them with loot and then speeding off­ only to stop obediently for red lights.
Looters stopped on the sidewalks to try on new sports jackets and to doff their old shoes for stolen new ones. Only rare­ly did police interfere. At the corner of 14th and G Streets, police braced a Ne­gro over a car. On the hood were several pairs of shoes. "They killed my brother, they killed Luther King," the culprit cried. "Was he stealing shoes when they killed him?" retorted a cop.
White reporters moved among the plunderers with impunity. "Take a good look, baby," a looter cried to a carload of newsmen as he emerged from a liquor store on H Street. "In fact, have a bottle"—and he tossed a fifth of high-priced Scotch into the car. Young black girls and mothers, even 7- and 8-year-old children, roamed the streets with shopping carts, stocking up on gro­ceries. "Cohen's is open," chirped one woman to friends as she headed for a sacked dry-goods store with the noncha­lance of a matron going marketing. "Take everything you need, baby," Negroes called to each other from shattered store windows. Mingling with the crowds on Pennsylvania Avenue were observers from the German, French, Japanese, Norwegian and other embassies, taking notes to cable home. "It's a revolution," a French Embassy attache remarked to his companion.
There was little fighting in Chicago. But at least nine Negroes were killed there, mostly in the act of looting. As elsewhere, the police who pegged shots at looters were the exceptions to the rule. And so the plundering went on al­most unopposed. Along Kedzie Avenue on the West Side, Negroes carried arm­fuls and cartloads of booty from ravaged storefronts. "I'm a hard man and I want some revenge," explained one. "King's dead and he ain't ever gonna get what he wanted. But we're alive, man, and we're getting what we want." 
'Bums': Nearby, a Negro woman begged the vandals to stop. "Come out of that store and leave that stuff," she shouted. "You all nothing but bums. Ain't we got enough trouble with our neigh­borhood burning down? Where are those people gonna live after you burn them down?"
Unhearing—or uncaring—the looters ignored her.
And what happens if the stores don't reopen? Society will take the blame for creating a "food desert". It's never the fault of the looters.

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