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“The Wahhabis finance thousands of madrassahs throughout the world where young boys are brainwashed into becoming fanatical foot-soldiers for the petrodollar-flush Saudis and other emirs of the Persian Gulf.” AMIL IMANI


How we produce enemy propaganda against ourselves.

The West, particularly the left, not only believes the enemy’s big lie that “Islam means peace”, but we propagate the lie ourselves. And we do this while blaming ourselves for the Islamic enemy’s jihad on us. This corrupt state of ours began with our pretending that inferior cultures aren’t inferior and superior cultures aren’t superior. It began when we told nice lies about rotten cultures and rotten lies about great cultures. It began with the double poison of political correctness and multiculturalism, which spawned Islamic correctness. This self-destructive rot in the West allows the enemy to remain undefeated 17 years after 9/11, and it allows many of us to utter “Islam means peace” no matter what Islam preaches, no matter what Muslims do, no matter what horrors we witness with our own eyes.
And our refusal to challenge the enemy’s big lie, besides a number of disparate individuals across the West, and a handful of organizations like The Freedom Center and others, has corrupted the West on all levels, from art, to politics, to news, to media, to academia, to think tanks. According to some reports, Saudi Arabia is considering buying Legendary Entertainment, which produces comic books and movies. And if that goes through, (other reports say Legendary isn’t interested in selling to Saudi Arabia) it is guaranteed to produce more Islam-friendly entertainment. But looking at how Islam-friendly 99% of our entertainment is, why is the Saudi government bothering? They used to have to buy people to kiss Islam’s ass, but now it’s done for free.
In comic books, Muslim superheroes are being shoved down reader’s throats, without demand, and without much interest even from Muslims. In TV, there’s always that kind, wise Muslim teaching Westerners the errors of their ways. And this goes for movies as well, where Muslims are only portrayed as victims or heroes.
Just today, the illiberal New York Times celebrated Mohammad, the warlord founder of Islam whose religion motivates the Islamic enemy’s war on the West. They published a piece of enemy propaganda by a Muslim, Haroon Moghul, called “Happy Birthday, Muhammad.” This is disgraceful. The civilized world’s newspapers shouldn’t be celebrating a warlord whose war continues to murder innocents over a thousand years after his death. A newspaper located in the same city of the worst attack against non-Muslims ever perpetrated by Mohammad’s followers.
And yet only a minority will find this to be intolerable, as most people have become inured to it, thanks to Islam’s rabid propagandists, coupled with the left’s rabid propagandists. I still get shocked at how much undeserved praise Islam gets, and how much it gets away with murder. And I’m glad I still have the capacity to get shocked, as I’ve never made peace with this intolerable state of ours, and I never will. But the truth does break out from time to time, even in unexpected places, and millions are exposed to it, in a surprising way.
The BBC TV series, Bodyguard, was such a big hit in the UK, and now on Netflix, not only because it’s well done, with great writing, acting and production quality, but because it tells the truth, in the end. In the end, it shows us a truth that nearly no entertainment does today, regarding the Islamic enemy and our willful blindness about it. That’s why the UK went crazy over it. Westerners are dying to hear the truth. We’re sick and tired of being lied to every single day about what we’re facing in the Islamic threat.
The show saved the best for last, as it revealed a truth about us and the Islamic enemy. Seeing the hero of the story, who fought the Islamic enemy overseas as a British soldier, and who should be wise to it, get fooled by a Muslim who played victim in the premiere, only to reveal herself as a cold-blooded jihadist in the finale, speaks to the West’s refusal to see the enemy for what it is. This enemy is as brutal as it is deceitful. Everything is a weapon to it, including words and emotions. And the Islamic enemy, through this show, reveals itself in a way I don’t recall seeing in post-9/11 shows that deal with terrorism. And yes, I’ve seen nearly all the ones that have been offered in TV and movies, and I’ve enjoyed some, particularly 24, but these shows always push the lie that jihadists are perverters of Islam, or that they’re noble in their own way, or that they’re mere dupes to some evil politicians and businessmen, etc., and we’re so used to those lies, that when the truth is told, it lifts a good show to great heights.
So while many in the West have allowed themselves to fall for the lies about Islam, the truth still breaks out in unexpected ways. So of course the show has been branded “Islamophobic” by Muslims and leftists. The show has a killer ending, and yes, I’m Shocked that the BBC aired it. But I’m not shocked that it was a major success with Millions of viewers.
And one last thing: Leftist Hollywood has had 17 years to show how down they are for Islam, but even they haven’t pulled the trigger and had a Muslim play the lead in one of their blockbuster action films. I know someone will tell me, “Don’t give them any ideas”, or “You know that’s just around the corner”, or even, “They Already Have!”, but the fact is, in 17 years, they haven’t put their millions where their mouths are. Why? Because even they know that they can’t get away with completely ignoring jihad as they have, and then hit us with a hero who shares the same religion as the enemy at war with us. They can’t get away with it. And they know it. So things are bad, but the truth always gets out, no matter the lies that are concocted to stifle it. The Truth Always Gets Out.


Anti-Semitic, open borders for cheaper labor and funded by criminal banksters… and these pols are making vast fortunes sucking the blood of America!

We must not let them cheat their way to power over the rest of us.  Their ongoing vote fraud must be stopped and the Democrats need to take a look at themselves and at what they have become. It's not a pretty picture.  What they have become threatens to destroy the greatest nation on the planet and they are doing it on purpose.  They have nothing but contempt for the US as founded and for those of us who love this country. PATRICIA McCARTHY – AMERICAN THINKER

“Then we suffered the rattling election of Barack Obama, whose active membership in a white-, Jewish-, and America-hating church was well known to the electorate.  His close personal relationship with the likes of his adored Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan was no secret.  Obama was open about his goals.  He told us he was out to "fundamentally transform America" and the world.”  ALAN BERGSTEIN
“There is a deep racist and anti-Semitic disease in the leadership of the Democrats. As Senator Cory Booker brings his hatred for the Jewish State to the Senate, he should be asked whether he agrees with his hero, “The only good Zionist is a dead Zionist we must take a lesson from Hitler”. DANIEL GREENFIELD

SWAMP KEEPER TRUMP’S BIGGEST DEAL EVER: Saving the 9-11 invading Saudis’ arses!
"I doubt that Trump understands -- or cares about -- what message he's sending. Wealthy Saudis, including members of the extended royal family, have been his patrons for years, buying his distressed properties when he needed money.
“You saved my a rse again and again… So, I’ll save yours like Bush and Obama did!
"I doubt that Trump understands -- or cares about -- what message he's sending. Wealthy Saudis, including members of the extended royal family, have been his patrons for years, buying his distressed properties when he needed money. In the early 1990s, a Saudi prince purchased Trump's flashy yacht so that the then-struggling businessman could come up with cash to stave off personal bankruptcy, and later, the prince bought a share of the Plaza Hotel, one of Trump's many business deals gone bad. Trump also sold an entire floor of his landmark Trump Tower condominium to the Saudi government in 2001."

A radical muslim wants to cut your head off. A peaceful muslim is praying that a radical muslim cuts your head off.



A 1,400-year-old primeval testimony of indoctrination and conquest.

October 3, 2018

It has been widely asserted by many psychologists that human beings act upon their beliefs. Well, if this is true, we can deduce that beliefs direct people in life, and while some beliefs are harmless, some are the motivating force for good, others are delusional, misguided, and even outright dangerous.
In my opinion, every version of the belief called “Islam” ranges from the delusional to the dangerous.
Islam is a fantasy, birthed by Muhammad’s delusion that he relayed to his first wife and employer, Khadija. Greatly frightened, he told Khadija that he was visited by a jinn (devil) in the Hira cave. Khadija comforted the distraught man by assuring him that the episode was Allah’s way of choosing him as his messenger.
Muhammad believed his rich wife/employer, who was 15 years his senior and the delusion became a belief: Islam. Remarkably enough, under the early tutelage of Khadija, Muhammad succeeded in attracting influential followers. Before long, the movement gathered more and more power through violent campaigns, and the faith was taken to new people and foreign lands.
This impressive delusion, Islam, presently has in its stranglehold in over a billion humans, posing an existential threat to all non-Muslims.
Islam is rooted in the primitive tribal mentality of “Us against Them,” “We the righteous against the heathens,” “We the servants submissive to the Great Allah against the rebellious enemies of Allah.” Islam is a polarizer. Islam is an enemy-maker. To Islam, a non-Muslim is a combatant against Allah, and he is fair game to be subjugated and killed. When some billion and a half people adhere to the pathological belief of Islam and use it as their marching orders for life, the rest of humanity can ignore the threat only at its own peril.
After 1400 years, Islam is still on a campaign of conquest throughout the known world. Hordes of life-in-hand foot-soldier fanatical Muslims are striving to kill and get killed. All they want is the opportunity to discharge their homicidal-suicidal impulse, on their way to Allah’s promised glorious afterlife. And in the background, granting the foot-soldiers’ wishes, are their handlers, the puppeteers, who pull the strings and detonate these human bombs.
Those who cherish life must recognize these emissaries of death, what makes them, what motivates them, and how best to defend against them. The campaign of death waged by these Islamic jihadists, be he a puppet or a puppeteer, is energized by the belief of delectable rewards that await the faithful implementer of Allah’s dictates.
Through a highly effective indoctrination, the jihadist has come to believe firmly in Islam’s absolute delusion. He believes that Allah is the one and only supreme creator of the heavens and the Earth; that it is his duty and privilege, to abide by Allah’s will and carry out his plans at all costs. He believes firmly in a gloriously wonderful immortal afterlife in paradise, for which a martyr’s death is the surest quickest admission. Although the dominating theme of the delusion is quasi-spiritual, the promised rewards of the afterlife awaiting the martyr are sensual and material.
All the things and activities that the jihadist desires and cannot attain or practice, and rejects in his earthly life, will be purified and proffered to him in the paradise of the next life. Thus goes the delusion.
As I have asserted in my previous articles, it is important to understand that the human mind is not a perfect discerner of objective reality. Reality is in the eye of the beholder. The outside world only supplies bits and pieces of raw material that the mind puts together to form its reality. Depending on the type and number of bits and pieces that a given mind receives, its reality can be very different from that of another mind. The more prescribed and homogeneous a group, the greater is the group’s consensual reality, since the members share much in common, experiential input and reinforce each other’s’ mindset.
Thus members of a given religious order, for instance, tend to think much more similarly to one another than to members of other groups with different experiential histories. Various approximations of the objective reality, therefore, rule the mind. The degree to which these approximations deviate from the larger group’s consensual reality determines its delusional extent and severity.
A methamphetamine user’s reality is often distorted in a different way. Under the influence of the drug, an intense paranoia overtakes him. His reality is dominated by the belief that one or more people are lurking about to harm or kill him. He may wield a deadly weapon, going from room to room, from closet to closet, in search of the assailants.
If you believe that a bug is camping deeply inside your body, then you might go ahead and try to dig the non-existent bug out. If you believe that people are lurking around the house to harm or kill you, you go after them before they get to you. If you believe that all the troubles of the world are due to the evil-doings of the non-Muslims who war against Allah, then you do all you can to fight and kill them, particularly since Allah tells you to do so in the Quran. The drug-induced delusions are hallucinations.
They are dramatic and usually transitory, while religiously-based implantation of ideas program the mind with lasting delusions. Delusions, even when they are at great variance from the objective reality, can rule the mind without the need for drugs, or because of neurological dysfunctions or other factors. The young and the less-educated are most vulnerable to believe the claims of charlatans, con artists, and cunning clerics, as truth and reality.
The repeated intense indoctrination of the children even changed the perception of some of the charlatan mullahs or the imams, who believed their own lies and rushed to their own death clinging to trinkets. Hence some of the puppeteers, in this instance, became puppets themselves. Such are the folly and fallibility of the human mind.
It is, therefore, understandable that many of the higher-up Islamic puppeteers, who are usually brainwashed from early childhood, devote their fortunes and persons to the implementation of their deeply ingrained delusions. Deluded by the threats and promises of Islam, Muslims, rich or poor, vie with one another in furthering the violent cause of Allah.
Many non-Muslims are also victims of a different, yet just as deadly, delusion. They believe that Islam is a religion of peace, that only a small minority of Muslims are jihadists, and that Muslims can be reasoned with to abandon the Quran-mandated elimination of non-believers. These well-meaning simpletons are just as deluded as the fanatic jihadists by refusing to acknowledge the fact that one cannot be a Muslim and not abide by the dictates of the Quran.

“The Wahhabis finance thousands of madrassahs throughout the world where young boys are brainwashed into becoming fanatical foot-soldiers for the petrodollar-flush Saudis and other emirs of the Persian Gulf.” AMIL IMANI

Koran 2:191 "slay the unbelievers wherever you find them"
Koran 3:21 "Muslims must not take the infidels as friends"
Koran 5:33 "Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam"
Koran 8:12 "Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Koran"
Koran 8:60 " Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels"
Koran 8:65 "The unbelievers are stupid, urge all Muslims to fight them"
Koran 9:5 "When the opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you find them"
Koran 9:123 "Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood"
Koran 22:19 "Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water, melt their skin and bellies"
Koran 47:4 "Do not hanker for peace with the infidels, behead them when you catch them".
“The tentacles of the Islamist hydra have deeply penetrated the world. The Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood poses a clear threat in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood also wages its deadly campaign through its dozens of well-established and functioning branches all over the world.”
“The Wahhabis finance thousands of madrassahs throughout the world where young boys are brainwashed into becoming fanatical foot-soldiers for the petrodollar-flush Saudis and other emirs of the Persian Gulf.” AMIL IMANI

We will take advantage of their immigration policy to infiltrate them.

* We will use their own welfare system to provide us with food, housing, schooling, and health care, while we out breed them and plot against them. We will Caliphate on their dime.

* We will use political correctness as a weapon. Anyone who criticizes us, we will take the opportunity to grandstand and curry favor from the media and Democrats and loudly accuse our critics of being an Islamophobe.

* We will use their own discrimination laws against them and slowly introduce Sharia Law into their culture..


Islamic terrorists are the world’s eighth largest military.

Islamic terrorists are a “tiny minority of extremists”. That’s the message we’ve been hearing ever since 9/11. They’re only a handful of “guys in a cave” or a few “lone wolves” radicalized over the internet.
How tiny is that tiny minority?
According to a study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, there are 230,000 Jihadists.
Put this tiny minority of extremists together in a city and you would have Boise, Idaho, or Richmond, Virginia, or Des Moines, Iowa. But that’s not a roster of Muslim civilians who support Islamic terrorism, just active members of terrorist groups. And so a better point of comparison is to national armies.
At 230,000, Sunni Islamic Jihadists outnumber the British Armed Forces (149,000), the French Armed Forces (117,000), and Germany's Bundeswehr (179,753). That should be troubling since those are some of the militaries and countries on the front lines of Europe’s reluctant fight against Islamic incursions.
The list of Sunni fighters has a lot of questions marks and is incomplete. Sunnis outnumber Shiites, but under the Iranian umbrella, Shiites have fielded sizable terror forces in Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.
Hezbollah in Lebanon boasts between 25,000 to 65,000 Jihadists. The Houthis in Yemen, currently the beneficiaries of a massive propaganda campaign in the media, have around 25,000 to 30,000 Jihadists. Iraqi PMU’s add another 90,000 to 150,000 Jihadists to these numbers. And finally there’s Iran’s own Revolutionary Guard, a regional terror hub with another 120,000 members.
These numbers add between 260,000 and 365,000 Jihadists on the Shiite side for a total of over half a million Sunni and Shiite Jihadists making Islamic terrorists the world’s eighth largest military.
That’s not a tiny minority of extremists and it’s not a few guys in a chat room or a cave.
This dark army of terror grew by leaps and bounds under the Obama administration which fractured Sunni countries by overthrowing their governments in and bringing Islamists to power in the Arab Spring, while the Iran nuke deal fed and freed up billions for Iran to invest in Shiite expansionism.
The CSIS report notes that the number of Salafi Jihadists and allied terror groups more than doubled between 2008 and 2016. Despite the Iraq War, during Bush’s second term, the increase was fairly light. The stratospheric increase, from the thirties to the sixties, took place during the Obama years.
The estimated number of Jihadist fighters rose from a high of 100,000 in 2008 to 250,000 in 2016.
The mass deaths in Syria, Libya and Yemen (to name some of the worst Arab Spring trouble spots) are a direct result of the policies and, in Libya of the military intervention, of the Obama administration.
Lefty twitter brims with propagandas photos of supposed Yemeni children starving to death. The media has tried to blame the religious war between Sunnis and Shiites (and their Saudi and Iranian backers) on President Trump. But dead children in Yemen are the wages of the foreign policy of Hope and Change.
As the Democrats and the Republican foreign policy establishment advocate for Jamal Khashoggi, intervention in Syria and support for the Palestinian Authority, it is urgent to remember that these are the same old failed policies that led to a 150% increase in Jihadists and killed over 500,000 people in Syria, and cost the lives of tens of thousands more in Yemen and Libya. And elsewhere in the region.
“Democratization” is a poisoned Islamist chalice. At its cloudy bottom lie terror and death.
The media has accused President Trump of a callous indifference to human life for putting American national interests ahead of Khashoggi, an Islamist pal of Osama bin Laden. But it’s the media radicals whose horrid idealism put half a million people into the ground in the service of the region’s Islamists.
Khashoggi’s Islamist political agenda killed enough people to qualify as its own genocide.
Half a million dead and half a million Jihadists rampaging around the world are the outcome of an idealistic foreign policy in which chattering class lefties allowed Islamists like Khashoggi to call the shots. The tiny minority of extremists was never that tiny, but it grew to a monstrous size with massive infusions of cash and military interventions plotted by Islamists and implemented by Washington D.C.
Many of the 70,000 Jihadists in Syria were directly or indirectly funded by the Obama administration. As were many of the 5,000 Jihadists in Libya, where Obama’s illegal military intervention led to everything from a near Al Qaeda takeover of Mali to the flow of surface-to-air missiles to Hamas terrorists.
Major terror groups and state sponsors of terror from Pakistan to Iran to the Palestinian Authority also saw huge cash transfers from American taxpayers to Islamic terrorists.
In his first year in office, Obama signed off on a $7.5 billion aid package for Pakistan. The Islamic terror state repaid us by harboring Osama bin Laden and aiding Islamic terrorists killing American soldiers.
This year, President Trump made drastic cuts to foreign aid to Pakistan after tweeting, “The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools.”
We’re still foolishly funding Jihadists, including the tens of thousands of members of the Palestinian Authority’s security forces, even after their leader, Abbas, called for the destruction of the White House.
CSIS doesn’t list the Islamic terror militias in the Terrorist Occupied Territories in Israel. That leaves the tens of thousands of Jihadists in Hamas, Fatah and other Palestinian Authority TOT terror groups out of the calculations. These groups are not just a threat to Israel. Hamas is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and is backed by Iran. Its skills and resources are at the disposal of allied terror groups.
That’s how Iran’s Hezbollah assisted Al Qaeda in its preparations for 9/11. It’s why Iran is aiding the Taliban today. An Islamic terror group or terrorist anywhere is a link in a global terror network.  
That is the understanding that made ISIS so deadly, striking from Iraq to Paris to New York.
Islamic terrorists are not a tiny minority of half a million. They are not an aberration. They are everywhere. And the failed foreign establishment funded and aided many of them.
Military interventions spread them, democratization brought them to power and immigration transplanted them from war zones into our countries. Their numbers have more than doubled in a decade. If the Left gets to set foreign policy again, in another generation there will be millions.
If we want to avert that outcome, our interventions, regime change and immigration policies must all objectively meet the test of making societies, including our own, less Islamist, not more so. Foreign aid should be barred by law from going to any country or militia whose goal is to establish Islamic theocracy by force. Any intervention must be objectively shown to make a society less bound to Islamic law. And immigration policy must be aimed at reducing the percentage of Islamists in the United States.
Otherwise the next Islamic civil war won’t be fought in Syria, but in the United States of America.

Louis Farrakhan: ‘I’m Not An Anti-Semite. I’m Anti-Termite.’

Barack Obama and Louis Farrakhan (Askia Muhammad via TriceEdnyWire.com)
(Screenshot / YouTube)

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan addressed a gathering in Detroit on Sunday to mark the 23rd anniversary of the Million Man March, and used it as a platform to launch yet another attack on Jews, calling them “termites.”

Anti-Semitism is acceptable, even promoted,  by the Democrats.  They embrace Linda Sarsour and Louis Farrakhan without shame.  


Anti-Semitic, open borders for cheaper labor and funded by 

criminal banksters… and these pols are making vast fortunes 

sucking the blood of America!

We must not let them cheat their way to power over the rest of us.  Their ongoing vote fraud must be stopped and the Democrats need to take a look at themselves and at what they have become. It's not a pretty picture.  What they have become threatens to destroy the greatest nation on the planet and they are doing it on purpose.  They have nothing but contempt for the US as founded and for those of us who love this country. PATRICIA McCARTHY – AMERICAN THINKER

“Then we suffered the rattling election of Barack Obama, whose active membership in a white-, Jewish-, and America-hating church was well known to the electorate.  His close personal relationship with the likes of his adored Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan was no secret.  Obama was open about his goals.  He told us he was out to "fundamentally transform America" and the world.”  ALAN BERGSTEIN

“There is a deep racist and anti-Semitic disease in the leadership of the Democrats. As Senator Cory Booker brings his hatred for the Jewish State to the Senate, he should be asked whether he agrees with his hero, “The only good Zionist is a dead Zionist we must take a lesson from Hitler”. DANIEL GREENFIELD


When Jew-Hate and financial improprieties come with a cost.

Linda Sarsour has had a good run. Over the years, she’s raked in a lot of money and hobnobbed with the Hollywood elite but the media savvy, narcissistic anti-Semite, who never missed an opportunity to thrust herself into the limelight, is now watching as her former allies are distancing themselves from her like rats jumping from a sinking ship. Sarsour has become toxic.
First, it was actress Alyssa Milano, who announced that she would no longer speak at Women’s March rallies headed by Sarsour and her xenophobic cohorts, Carmen Perez and Tamika Mallory until the troika unequivocally condemned anti-Semitic and homophobic comments made by Nation of Islam head, Louis Farrakhan. Then Sarsour was dealt a second blow when “Will & Grace” star Debra Messing voiced support for Milano’s stance tweeting, “I stand with you @Alyssa_Milano.”
Sarsour is extremely sensitive to public criticism especially when it emanates from prominent quarters. Last year, CNN’s Jake Tapper called out Sarsour on her vocal support for a cop killer. Sarsour’s unhinged response was to accuse Tapper of being a member of the alt-right
The instant Milano-Messing one-two combination proved too much to bear for Sarsour whose raison d'ĂȘtre, aside from spreading Jew-hatred, is to consort with the rich and famous by falsely wrapping herself in the flag of progressivism. On November 8, the Women’s March released a pathetically weak statement which merely stated that they do not “endorse” Farrakhan’s comments on women, Jews and members of the LGBTQ communities. The statement concluded by going into deflect mode, blaming the racism on the Republican Party and Trump.
Utterly lacking in the statement was an unequivocal condemnation and repudiation of Farrakhan and his hateful rhetoric. The reason for the blatant omission is readily apparent; the Jew-hating, race-baiting foul-mouthed Sarsour agrees wholeheartedly with Farrakhan. One need look no further than the litany of past comments she’s made about the Jews, “the Jewish media,” and Zionists to know that Sarsour is an anti-Semite to her core. Her most recent gem, which garnered Twitter support from none other than former KKK leader David Duke, alleged that U.S. Jews maintain dual loyalties, a rancid anti-Semitic trope that draws widespread support among radical right and hard left conspiracists.
The November 8 statement did nothing to stem the tide of those calling for Sarsour & Company to step down. The Friedrich Ebert Foundation, an NGO affiliated with the German Social Democratic party, withdrew its Human Rights Award slated to be given to the Women’s March USA following troubling findings by doctoral students associated with the foundation. The students noted that “the Women’s March USA does not constitute an inclusive alliance,” and specifically cited Sarsour’s vitriol. The students cited the fact that Sarsour, among other things, “spreads anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that resemble the classic anti-Semitic trope of blood libel. In September 2018, for instance, she claimed that when US police officers shoot unarmed black people, Jewish persons responsible would lurk in the background.”
Then on November 19, Women’s March founder Teresa Shook took to Facebook to issue an unreserved, scathing criticism of those currently leading the Women’s March accusing them of “hav[ing] allowed anti-Semitism, anti-LBGTQIA sentiment and hateful, racist rhetoric to become a part of the [Women’s March] platform.”
The dramatic development proved too much to bear for Sarsour and her cohorts. On November 20, they were forced to issue a second statement, which was markedly more contrite in both tone and content than the first. But unsurprisingly, this too fell woefully short of what was required.
Adding to Women’s March’s leadership woes are accusations of financial improprieties which include mismanagement, unaccountability and embezzlement. The Women’s March rakes in millions in donations and grants but according to its former DC chapter president, Mercy Morganfield, Sarsour and her gang “have refused to give the [Women’s March] chapters any accountability for the money they receive in donations and grants;” this while they live it up in posh hotels, fly their family and friends everywhere, employ Nation of Islam thugs as their security detail and pay themselves monthly stipends.
As an aside, this isn’t the first time Sarsour has been accused of financial improprieties. Money raised by Sarsour and her partner Tarek El-Messidi, which was to be earmarked for the rehabilitation of a rundown Jewish cemetery, had not been delivered. At the time, Sarsour lashed out at her accusers, calling them “right-wing Zionists.” This is Sarsour’s modus operandi. She refutes her critics by labeling them. It’s a tired Sarsour melody that we’ve all sadly become accustomed to.
The public has grown weary of Linda Sarsour. Her latest mea culpa is nothing but a PR stunt and we’re not buying her snake oil. Sarsour is a vile, pernicious, foul-mouthed bigot and a master manipulator. Her latest faux expressions of contrition represent nothing more than pathetic attempts at damage control.
Democrat Corruption is a Clear and Present Danger to America

On November 6, it seemed the Republicans might hold their majority in the Senate and in the House.  Sadly, they lost their majority in the House. The mystery is why so many Democrat candidates who are so obviously ethically challenged won in races that should not have even been close.  

How and why do Democrats continue to vote for unqualified, dishonest candidates?  Elizabeth Warren is a proven liar, a cheat who claimed Native American heritage in order to get a job at Harvard.  Her baby, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, was her plan to wield control over all bank and non-bank institutions without Congressional interference. In short, she is a hard-left socialist who means to control how Americans earn, spend and borrow money, how they use their savings.  Warren is a blight on the Constitution and the guaranteed freedoms of US citizens. She is an advance operative for the socialist America the left envisions.  

Andrew Gillum, the left's choice to be Governor of Florida, is the failed mayor of Tallahassee.  He remains under FBI investigation for corruption.  Given the information about that investigation that has been released, he appears yet another greedy and corrupt Democrat pol in the Hillary Clinton mold.  The stability of Tallahassee declined catastrophically under his leadership;  crime and murder rose drastically.  

Gillum sold out his city for money, and cries racism when confronted with his crimes.  He should never have been the candidate for the Governor of Florida but the left cares only about race and power, not ethics or honor.  For progressives, race trumps everything else, even character.  If Gillum wins after the cheating Broward County is infamous for, Florida will suffer the slings and arrows that are inevitable under politicians like Gillum.  Why was this race even close?  Have half the nation's voters scuttled any semblance of  traditional values in order to win?  Yes.

Then there is Robert Menendez, the credibly accused pedophile senator of New Jersey.  He should be in prison but was saved by one juror in his corruption trial with whom he partied after his win on November 6.  Who votes for a man like this?  There is plenty of proof that he took bribes from a wealthy client for numerous favors, trips to  the Dominican Republic for sex with underage girls being one of them.  But New Jersey just re-elected this man.  They too have lost all sense of right vs. wrong.

Stacey Abrams, the still grasping gubernatorial contender in Georgia,  is a hard-left, anti-capitalist, anti-Second Amendment candidate.  She owes about $200K in credit card debt and wants to run Georgia?  She too is corrupt and incompetent.  She is also willing to cheat to win. Are Georgians ignorant of her many, many negatives? If they are, they voted for her anyway.  Again, skin color trumps everything.    

The left ignores fine men like John James, who ran for the House in Michigan against Debbie Stabenow.   The left  ignored Eddie Edwards who ran in New Hampshire.  Both men  are conservative African Americans.  The American left today pretends such candidates do not exist.  They have ignored fine people like James and Edwards as they have always ignored brilliant men like Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Walter Williams, Jason Riley, and Larry Elder.  They revile the brilliant Clarence Thomas.  They don't like to be reminded of men like Frederick Douglass or Booker T. Washington.  Neither of them, like Sowell, Steele, Williams and Elder ever promoted the idea that African Americans were or would be perennial victims.  Each of them advocated for quite the opposite, for self-reliance and independence. 

This notion of personal responsibility is anathema to today's left; they need and promote subservience and dependency among their flock of reliable but uninformed voters.  This is why they encourage the immigration of so many millions of illegal migrants. They assume they will be able to win for them the right to vote.  Judging by the number of them who likely voted in the midterms, their plan is succeeding.  
This is how they will destroy America  from within.  The leftist billionaires who orchestrate these plans are extravagantly wealthy. Those tasked with representing us in Congress will never be exposed to  the downside of the invasion of millions of migrants, the crime or the  financial burden.  They have nothing but contempt for those of us who must endure the consequences of our communities being intruded upon by gang members, drug dealers and human traffickers.  These people have no intention of becoming Americans; like the Democrats who welcome them, they have contempt for us. 

Then there is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the thoroughly-ignorant-of-everything candidate who won her district  by 80%!  This young woman knows nothing about how any government works, let alone ours.  She is hopelessly uniformed; she knows even less about US history or the Constitution.  She is clueless about the economy.  When asked how she would pay for all the give-away programs she touts, she replied that that was  a "puzzling question"!  "You just pay for it"  she answers.  She has no idea; no idea about anything.  She thinks she will be "inaugurated" to the House!  Most fourth graders know more than she does about US history.   And yet she is already thinking about running for President!  This is a wholesale  indictment of our politicized, dumbed-down system of education.  Many of her constituents are immigrants; we are obviously not educating them at all.  They voted for all the free stuff -- college, medical care, basic income, housing,  that Ocasio-Cortez has promised to deliver.  This is what socialist Democrats dream about:  perpetual power over a populace too ignorant to rebel.  American as founded is at grave risk. 

In addition to ODasio-Cortez, Gillum, Ilhan OmarAbramsSinema, who very likely cheated to take  the Arizona Senate seat,  there is Linda Sanchez.  Kirsten Gillibrand is a Hillary clone; she only cares about her own political power. She speaks like a small child but is also considering a run for the presidency.  She was best pals with Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein until they were politically inconvenient.  Amy Klobuchar, who embraced the vicious and obviously false allegations against Judge Kavanagh, was re-elected!  Like every other Democrat member of the judiciary committee, she knew those accusations were false, without a shred of corroboration, but her constituents re-elected her!  Who are these voters?  How do they reconcile voting for people willing to destroy a fine man for political purposes?  She is exactly who every Democrat member of that committee is, who every member of the Democrat Party is:  nothing more than power-hungry political operatives out to ruin any and all opponents by any means necessary.   They are a clear and present danger to American as founded. 

Young people are no longer taught the truth of American history.  They are not taught the truth of the Holocaust.  Anti-Semitism is acceptable, even promoted,  by the Democrats.  They embrace Linda Sarsour and Louis Farrakhan without shame.  Young people don't know that communism killed over a hundred million people in the twentieth century.  Their calculated-by-leftists  ignorance is destroying our country. They try to sell the idea that gender is not a factor of biology!  They attempt to convince young people that climate change is man-made (a travesty) and that global warming causes wild fires (a lie).  Having control over academia, they have willfully brainwashed students for nearly two generations.  Unless your children are a strong-willed, independent thinkers, do not send them to college! 

How and why the American left has devolved into the kind of party one finds in a banana republic is a mystery.  That our media is so anxious to promote their corrupt candidates and the low-brow tactics they employ is a tragedy. Do they do it because they can no longer win by promulgating their Orwellian vision of a socialist state, mandated equality of outcome?  Perhaps.  They will never sell socialism to enough sentient Americans to win.  They need millions of uninformed voters to succeed.  
We must not let them cheat their way to power over the rest of us.  Their ongoing vote fraud must be stopped and the Democrats need to take a look at themselves and at what they have become. It's not a pretty picture.  What they have become threatens to destroy the greatest nation on the planet and they are doing it on purpose.  They have nothing but contempt for the US as founded and for those of us who love this country.

When Muslims Rape European White Women, Whose Fault Is It?

European women are to blame for being raped by Muslim men.  Such is the latest position – the latest apologia – being offered by those dedicated to exonerating undesirable Muslim behavior, particularly in the context of accepting more Muslim migrants into the West.
On October 14, seven Muslim migrants raped a teenage German girl in a park, after drugging her at a disco in Freiburg.  (At least she survived; in a similar case that occurred a week earlier in Italy, the drugged rape victim was left murdered.)  Bernhard Rotzinger, the police chief of Freiburg, responded bysaying, "We cannot offer citizens an all-risk insurance [against crime], but I can advise this: Don't make yourself vulnerable by using alcohol or drugs."
Similarly, after mobs of Muslim migrants sexually assaulted as many as one thousand women on New Year's Eve 2016 in Cologne, Germany, the city's mayor, Henriette Reker, called on the women, the victims – not their male rapists – to make changes: "The women and young girls have to be more protected in the future so these things don't happen again.  This means they should go out and have fun, but they need to be better prepared, especially with the Cologne carnival coming up.  For this, we will publish online guidelines that these young women can read through to prepare themselves."
Such advice against alcohol, drugs, and reckless behavior would be more respectable had it not been made under duress.  As it is, it is a cop-out.  Or, as a November 8 report discussing the aforementioned rape in Freiburg puts it, "[t]he focus on prevention is a good thing, but also shows how German authorities and media barely hold the migrant crisis responsible for the disaster that is unfolding in Germany.  Political correctness has caused officials to put the blame for the criminal acts on the women instead of Merkel's guests."
These are hardly the first times officials "put the blame for the criminal acts [of Muslim men] on the women."  Nor is this phenomenon limited to Germany.  For instance, after a 20-year-old Austrian woman waiting at a bus stop in Vienna was attacked, beaten, and robbed by four Muslim men – including one who "started [by] putting his hands through my hair and made it clear that in his cultural background there were hardly any blonde women" – police responded by telling the victim to dye her hair:
At first I was scared, but now I'm more angry than anything.  After the attack they told me that women shouldn't be alone on the streets after 8pm.  And they also gave me other advice, telling me I should dye my hair dark and also not dress in such a provocative way.  Indirectly that means I was partly to blame for what happened to me.  That is a massive insult.
Likewise, Unni Wikan, a female professor of social anthropology at the University of Oslo in Norway, insists that "'Norwegian women must take their share of responsibility for these rapes,' because Muslim men found their manner of dress provocative.  The professor's conclusion was not that Muslim men living in the West needed to adjust to Western norms, but the exact opposite: 'Norwegian women must realize that we live in a Multicultural society and adapt themselves to it.'"
So much for the feminist claim that women are free to dress and behave as promiscuously and provocatively as they want – and woe to any man who dares cite this as justifying his sexual aggression.  Apparently, this feminist refrain does not apply to Muslim men.
But perhaps the greater irony of all these excuses is that, from the very start of Islam 14 centuries ago, European women – even chaste nuns – have always been portrayed by Muslims as sexually promiscuous by nature.
This is easily discerned by examining medieval Muslim perceptions – and subsequent treatment – of European women, as documented throughout Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West (see American Thinker review here).  Consider Muslim views concerning neighboring Byzantine women, who came to represent all European or Christian women to Islam.
As one Western academic of Muslim origin (rather euphemistically) explains:
The Byzantines as a people were considered fine examples of physical beauty, and youthful slaves and slave-girls of Byzantine origins were highly valued. ... The Arabs' appreciation of the Byzantine female has a long history indeed.  For the Islamic period, the earliest literary evidence we have is a hadith (saying of the Prophet).  Muhammad is said to have addressed a newly converted Arab: "Would you like the girls of Banu al-Asfar [the yellow (haired?) or pale people]?"
Muhammad's question was meant to entice the man to join the Tabuk campaign against the Romans and reap its rewards – in this case, the sexual enslavement of attractive women. In other words, as "white-complexioned blondes, with straight hair and blue eyes," to quote another academic, Byzantine women were not so much "appreciated" or "highly valued" as they were lusted after.  (All quotes in this article are sourced from and documented in Sword and Scimitar.)
Any sense of compliment ends there.  Muslims habitually portrayed Europe's Christian women, as contemptible and corrupt infidels, beginning with those they first encountered in neighboring Byzantium, as sexually promiscuous by nature – perhaps simply to support the fantasy that they were eager to be sexually enslaved.  Thus, for Abu Uthman al-Jahiz (b. 776), a prolific court scholar, the females of Constantinople were the "most shameless women in the whole world"; "they find sex more enjoyable" and "are prone to adultery."  Abd al-Jabbar (b. 935), another prominent scholar, claimed that "adultery is commonplace in the cities and markets of Byzantium" – so much so that even "the nuns from the convents went out to the fortresses to offer themselves to monks."
For all these reasons and more, European women, typified by neighboring Eastern Roman women, became Islam's "beautiful femme fatale who makes men lose their self-control," as Nadia Maria el-Cheikh, author of Byzantium Viewed by the Arabs, explains:
Our [Arab-Muslim] sources show not Byzantine women but writers' images of these women, who served as symbols of the eternal female – constantly a potential threat, particularly due to blatant exaggerations of their sexual promiscuity.  In our texts, Byzantine women are strongly associated with sexual immorality[.] ... While the one quality that our [Muslim] sources never deny is the beauty of Byzantine women, the image that they create in describing these women is anything but beautiful. Their depictions are, occasionally, excessive, virtually caricatures, overwhelmingly negative.
Such fevered fantasies – which "are clearly far from Byzantine reality" – existed only in the minds of Muslim men and "must be recognized for what they are: attempts to denigrate and defame a rival culture. ... In fact, in Byzantium, women were expected to be retiring, shy, modest, and devoted to their families and religious observances. ... The behavior of most women in Byzantium was a far cry from the depictions that appear in Arabic sources."
Clearly, little has changed some 1,400 years after the founding of Islam: European women continue to be seen as naturally promiscuous and thus provoking Muslim men into raping them.
Thus, in the United Kingdom, a Muslim man explained to a British woman why he was raping her: "you white women are good at it."  Another Muslim man called a 13-year-old virgin "a little white slag" – British slang for "loose, promiscuous woman" – before raping her.
In Germany, a group of Muslim "refugees" stalked a 25-year-old woman, hurled "filthy" insults at her, and taunted her for sex.  They too explained their logic to her – "German girls are just there for sex" – before reaching into her blouse and groping her.  A Muslim man who almost killed his 25-year-old German victim while raping her – and shouting "Allah!" – asked afterward if she enjoyed it.
In Austria, an "Arabic-looking man" approached a 27-year-old woman at a bus stop, pulled down his pants, and "all he could say was sex, sex, sex," prompting the woman to scream and flee. 
In Australia, a Muslim cabbie groped and insulted his female passengers, including by saying, "All Australian women are sluts and deserve to be raped."
In short, the ancient Islamic motif concerning the alleged promiscuity of European women is alive and well – irrespective of the latter's behavior – and continues justifying the Muslim rape of Western women. 
Yet, even in this, Islam can turn to those "progressive," godless elements that dominate Western society for cover.  For, just as "the Left" has worked long and hard to portray Islamic intolerance, violence, and terrorism as the West's fault – because of the crusades, because of colonialism, because of cartoons, because of Israel, because of freedom of speech – it now adds "because of Western promiscuity" to the list of reasons that "provoke" Muslims to behave like Muslims.
(For many more examples of Muslims sexually objectifying Western women throughout history, see the author's new book, Sword and Scimitar.)

Reports: Saudi Authorities Tortured and Sexually Abused Human Rights Activists

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in March said wearing the robe was not mandatory in Islam, but in practice nothing changed and no formal edict to that effect was issued.

Human rights organizations including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch accused authorities in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday of torturing and sexually abusing some of the country’s most high-profile dissidents and human rights activists.

According to detailed testimony published by Amnesty International, “activists were repeatedly tortured by electrocution and flogging, leaving some unable to walk or stand properly,” leading to one of the victims repeatedly trying to take her own life:
In one reported instance, one of the activists was made to hang from the ceiling, and according to another testimony, one of the detained women was reportedly subjected to sexual harassment, by interrogators wearing face masks.
According to the testimonies obtained, the human rights defenders were unable to walk or stand properly, had uncontrolled shaking of the hands, and marks on the body. One of the activists reportedly attempted to take her own life repeatedly inside the prison. Prison authorities in Dhahban Prison have also reportedly warned detained activists against disclosing any accounts of torture or prison procedures to family members.
This testimony was also corroborated by “informed sources” who spoke with Human Rights Watch, who reported on similar cases of torture and sexual abuse:
The reports allege that torture by Saudi authorities included administering electric shocks, whipping the women on their thighs, and forcible hugging and kissing, Human Rights Watch said today. The sources were concerned that they and the activists would suffer reprisals if the women were identified publicly.
The sources say that masked Saudi interrogators tortured the women during the initial stages of interrogation, but it was unclear whether they were seeking to force the women to sign confessions or merely to punish them for their peaceful advocacy. Following the interrogations, sources said, the women showed physical signs of torture, including difficulty walking, uncontrolled shaking of the hands, and red marks and scratches on their faces and necks. At least one of the women attempted to commit suicide multiple times, the sources said.
The Saudi government has held the activists in the Dhahban prison on the western Red Sea coast since May, following a crackdown on women’s rights campaigners charged with trying to “destabilize” the Kingdom and supposed links with “suspicious” entities working outside the country.
The women were principally campaigning for the establishment of equal women’s rights in the face of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s reforms to various aspects of Saudi’s religious law, which include allowing women to drive cars.
On Wednesday, the Saudi government strongly denied all allegations of torture, claiming the activists were subject to the “standard judiciary process.”
“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s judiciary system does not condone, promote, or allow the use of torture. Anyone, whether male or female, being investigated is going through the standard judiciary process led by the public prosecution while being held for questioning, which does not in any way rely on torture either physical, sexual, or psychological,” a Saudi official said.
The Islamic kingdom has come under growing international condemnation in recent weeks following the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the country’s embassy in Istanbul last month. Principal suspects in the case include members of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s inner circle, although he has denied any connection to the killing.
On Tuesday, President Donald Trump confirmed that the U.S. would not pursue the allegations against the country involving Khashoggi further for fear of jeopardizing business and security relationship, despite growing criticism of the country’s appalling human rights record.
“It’s a very simple equation for me. I’m about making America great again and I’m about America first,” Trump said in his statement. “We may never know all of the facts surrounding the murder of Mr. Jamal Khashoggi. In any case, our relationship is with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They have been a great ally in our very important fight against Iran.”
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BARACK OBAMA and his SAUDIS PAYMASTERS: Did they build his Muslim tower in Chicago?

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