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 “Our entire crony capitalist system, Democrat and Republican alike, has become a kleptocracy approaching par with third-world hell-holes.  This is the way a great country is raided by its elite.” ---- Karen McQuillan  THEAMERICAN

“Attorney General Eric Holder's tenure was a low point even within the disgraceful scandal-ridden Obama years.” DANIEL GREENFIELD / FRONTPAGE MAG





“Obama’s new home in Washington has been described as the “nerve center” of the anti-Trump opposition. Former attorney general Eric Holder has said that Obama is “ready to roll” and has aligned himself with the “resistance.” Former high-level Obama campaign staffers now work with a variety of groups organizing direct action against Trump’s initiatives. “Resistance School,” for example, features lectures by former campaign executive Sara El-Amine, author of the Obama Organizing.”


This manufactured crisis has, in turn, been exploited by the Obama administration and both big business parties to hand over trillions in pension funds and other public assets to the financial kleptocracy that rules America.
 “Our entire crony capitalist system, Democrat and Republican alike, has become a kleptocracy approaching par with third-world hell-holes.  This is the way a great country is raided by its elite.” ---- Karen McQuillan  THEAMERICAN

“This was not because of difficulties in securing indictments or convictions. On the contrary, Attorney General Eric Holder told a Senate committee in March of 2013 that the Obama administration chose not to prosecute the big banks or their CEOs because to do so might “have a negative impact on the national economy.”


"When former president Barack Obama, former president Bill Clinton and Eric Holder, a top DOJ official in both administrations, have been caught hanging around with Farrakhan, there’s a racism problem." DANIEL GREENFIELD

"Then we suffered the rattling election of Barack Obama, whose active membership in a white-, Jewish-, and America-hating church was well known to the electorate.  His close personal relationship with the likes of his adored Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan was no secret.  Obama was open about his goals.  He told us he was out to "fundamentally transform America" and the world." ALAN BERGSTEIN

Attorney General Eric Holder: Tim Geithner can be sure he won't be hounded about his tax-dodging by his colleague Eric Holder, US Attorney General. Judicial Watch strongly opposed Holder because of his terrible ethics record, which includes: obstructing an FBI investigation of the theft of nuclear secrets from Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory; rejecting multiple requests for an independent counsel to investigate alleged fundraising abuses by then-Vice President Al Gore in the Clinton White House; undermining the criminal investigation of President Clinton by Kenneth Starr in the midst of the Lewinsky investigation; and planning the violent raid to seize then-six-year-old Elian Gonzalez at gunpoint in order to return him to Castro's Cuba.  JUDICIAL WATCH

Earlier this month, jihadists of the Al-Shabaab terror group hijacked a bus heading to Garissa and ordered all the passengers to exit the vehicle. The assailants asked for identification cards, then proceeded to separate the Muslims from the Christians.

When two Christians refused to recite the Islamic statement of faith, or Shahada, they were executed.




THE RISE of BARACK OBAMA, sociopath huckster from Chicago, and the FALL of AMERICA

“My guess is that the students and employees at the U of I who listened to Obama's self-righteous speech believe that Obama is ethical because most of the media intentionally hid the mass corruption, or if they reported on it, they downplayed it.  The corruption and unethical behavior started as soon as Obama took office.” JACK HELLNER / AMERICAN

“They knew Obama was an unqualified crook; yet they promoted him. They knew Obama was a train wreck waiting to happen; yet they made him president, to the great injury of America and the world. They understood he was only a figurehead, an egomaniac, and a liar; yet they made him king, doing great harm to our republic (perhaps irreparable.)” ALLAN ERICKSON

President Barack ObamaDuring his presidential campaign, President Obama promised to run an ethical and transparent administration. However, in his first year in office, the President has delivered corruption and secrecy, bringing Chicago-style political corruption to the White House. JUDICIAL WATCH


“Of course, one of the main reasons the nation is now “divided, resentful and angry” is because race-baiting, Islamist, class warrior Barack Hussein Obama was president for eight long years." MATTHEW VADUM
"But the Obamas are the center of the most delusional cult of personality that the media has yet spawned. And so we get bizarre pieces like these." MONICA SHOWALTER
"Along with Obama, Pelosi and Schumer are responsible for incalculable damage done to this country over the eight years of that administration." PATRICIA McCARTHY

Eric Holder: Northam Should Resign, National Conversation Needed About ‘Racist Symbols’

Ralph Northam, Eric Holder AP
Getty/AP Images

Former Attorney General Eric Holder called for Gov. Raph Northam (D-VA) to resign over an unearthed photo with racist imagery, and he said a nationwide discussion about modern-day racism is needed in America.

“I have come to know Ralph Northam as a good, very decent man,” Holder’s statement shared to Twitter began. “I regretfully conclude that he does not now have the ability to effectively govern and effectively stand for the issues – moral and political – that Virginia and the nation must confront. The Governor should resign.”
Holder then went on to say that while Northam’s resignation would be “correct,” it would not put an end to the matter. “We still need to have a difficult and necessary conversation about how racism and racist symbols still pervade too much of our society – and the pain they cause,” Holder said.
“What have we learned as a nation?” he concluded his statement by asking.
Holder’s call for Northam to resign comes as the Obama-era official weighs a run for the presidency in 2020 and is scheduled to deliver a “major speech” in Iowa in February, according to CNN contributor April Ryan. Appearing on CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert last year, Holder revealed he is toying with a White House bid, saying that he would make up his mind in the coming months.
“I’m thinking about it and what I’ve said is that I’d make a determination sometime early next year,” Holder told the comedian. “My focus, really, now is on 2018, the midterms and trying to make sure that Democrats take back the Senate, take back the House, and that we do well, importantly, at the state level.”
Earlier Saturday, Northam denied being in a photo with another individual in blackface and a Ku Klux Klan robe and hat featured in his 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical yearbook.
“Yesterday, I took responsibility for content that appeared on my page in the Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook that was clearly racist and offensive,” the embattled Virginia Democrat said. “I am not and will not excuse the content of the photo. It was offensive, racist, and despicable.
“I stand by my statement of apology to the many Virginians who were hurt by seeing the content on a yearbook page that belongs to me,” he continued. “It is disgusting, it is offensive, it is racist, and it was my responsibility to recognize and prevent it from being published in the first place.”
The stunning reversal came after Northam admitting and apologizing for being in the photo, which he called “clearly racist and offensive.”
Despite denying he was in the photo, Northam did reveal that he once darkened his face as part of a Michael Jackson costume for a dance contest in the same year the yearbook was published.
“My belief that I did not wear that costume or attend that party stems, in part, by my clear memory of other mistakes I made in the same period of my life,” Northam admitted. “That same year, I did participate in a dance contest in San Antonio in which I darkened my face as part of a Michael Jackson costume.”
“I look back now and regret that I did not understand the harmful legacy of an action like that,” he added. “It is because my memory of that episode is so vivid that I truly do not believe I am in the picture in my yearbook.”
Holder joins a slew of leading Democrats and Republicans calling for Northam to resign over the flap.
Late Friday night, the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus issued a statement calling on the embattled governor to leave his post.
“But given what was revealed today, it is clear that he can no longer effectively serve as governor,” said the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus. “It is time for him to resign, so that Virginia can begin the process of healing.”
Democrat presidential contenders, including Sens. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) joined the fray, both saying that the time had come for the state’s chief executive to step aside.
“Leaders are called to a higher standard, and the stain of racism should have no place in the halls of government. The Governor of Virginia should step aside so the public can heal and move forward together,” said Harris.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) criticized Northam over the phone, yet stopped short of calling on him to exit his post.
“The photo is racist and contrary to fundamental American values,” the Speaker said in a statement via Twitter. “I join my colleagues in Virginia calling on Governor Northam to do the right thing so that the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia can heal and move forward”

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