Thursday, March 26, 2020


“He’s a totally corrupt swamp thing, and here’s the worst part of his manifest corruption – he doesn’t seem to realize that he’s corrupt, if not personally than in terms of allowing his bum kid to leverage his position. He thinks it’s A-OK for his boy Hoover to cash in all over the globe. After all, that’s what you do, right? That’s part of the benefits package for being in the liberal elite. And all these people fussing and fighting about the paternity test-failing dirtbag getting rich are totally out of line. How dare they? HOW DARE THEY!”
He wants to raise taxes, open the borders, let you pay for illegal aliens’ sex changes, and spark a civil war by taking guns from the people who don’t commit crimes.

We know Biden has roaming hands, but how far have they roamed?

Before you even begin to read this post, remember what Hillary Clinton, the voice of the left in 2015, said about sexual assault allegations: "Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported."  With that fixed in your mind, it's time to talk about Joe Biden.
The #MeToo movement in America reached the top of its crescendo in 2017.  The diminuendo phase happened soon after, when it seemed as if every Democrat man in America, especially in Hollywood and the media, had been playing fast and loose with women, even while pandering to feminists.
Up until spring 2019, when he began his presidential run, Joe Biden seemed immune.  That was when Lucy Flores, a Bernie Sanders–supporter, claimed that, in 2014, when he was still vice president, Joe Biden touched her inappropriately and kissed her head at a campaign rally.  In other words, she claimed that he did to her what he did to the women and girls in this video:
Biden denied the accusation.  And because Biden seemed like the best hope to beat President Trump, he got a pass.  (Recall that back in 1998, feminist reporter Nina Burleigh said of Clinton, "I would be happy to give him a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal."  Politics before principles...)
Tara Reade, however, believed Flores's claims.  To support Flores, she went public with her own story about the time that Biden had "put his hand on my shoulder and run his finger up my neck."  However, because Reade was threatening the man who would save America from Trump, the Democrats threw at her the worst insult they could think of, calling her a Putin puppet.  Reade retreated.
As the Democrat Party began to consolidate around Biden, Reade decided that, for her daughter's sake, it was time to tell the whole story about Joe.  She reached out to Time's Up, a post-#MeToo organization that was established to help survivors of sexual assault and harassment tell their stories.  Because Reade supported Sanders, Time's Up bowed out of helping her.  The organization was afraid that doing supporting her would look like a political act and threaten its non-profit standing.  Additionally, Reade had written nice things about Putin, which gave credence to the charge that she was a Russian operative. 
Eventually, Reade found her way to Katie Halper, a podcaster and journalist who often works with Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi (one of the last honest left-leaning journalists).  On Wednesday, Katie Halper released a short excerpt of a more extended interview with Reade.  In the excerpt, Reade gives graphic details about what Biden allegedly did to her in 1993.
According to Reade, she was working in Joe Biden's office in 1993.  Her supervisor asked that she deliver a gym bag to Biden.  Reade reached Biden just as he was finishing a conversation with someone, after which they were alone.
Suddenly, Biden pushed Reade up against a wall, slithered his hand down the outside of her skirt and up the inside, and then thrust his fingers, not just into her underwear, but into her.  At the same time, he started kissing her and asking her if she wanted to go somewhere else.
Reade's body language must have alerted Biden to the fact that, no, she didn't want to go somewhere else, for Biden pulled away.  He then said either, "Come on, man. I heard you liked me" or, perhaps, "Come on, man.  I thought you liked me."
Reade was shattered.  Up until then, she'd admired Biden, whom she considered a father figure, for he was the same age as her father.  More than that, "[h]e was, like, this champion of women's rights in my eyes, and I couldn't believe it was happening.  It seemed surreal."
Even worse than the assault, said Reade, was what Biden did when it was over.  "He took his finger.  He just, like, pointed at me and said, 'You're nothing to me.'"  And at that moment, Reade truly felt like nothing.  While she told her brother and a close friend what happened immediately after the event, she remained silent until Flores's words, and the treatment meted out to Flores, caused her to act.
Keeping in mind Hillary Clinton's words, which were the mantra of the Democrat Party until too many Democrat men got hit by them, Reade must be believed.  And frankly, listening to her, she sounds believable, not least because it's so easy to envision gropey, arrogant, hair-sniffing Biden being gropey and arrogant with Reade — and then calling her "man," as he does everyone else.

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