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ANCHOR BABIES - The Mexican Fascist Party of LA RAZA "THE RACE" Expands La Raza Supremacy & Anchors the MEX OCCUPATION


Please email this link to family and friends. There is NO greater threat to this nation than the MEXICAN FASCIST PARTY of LA RAZA! NOW ONE-QUARTER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES ARE THE CONGRESSIONAL HISPANIC CAUCUS… LA RAZA IN CONGRESS!

August 11, 2010
Study Looks at Babies Born to Illegal Immigrants

About 340,000 of the 4.3 million babies born in the United States in 2008 — or 8 percent — had at least one parent who was an illegal immigrant, according to a study published Wednesday by the Pew Hispanic Center, a nonpartisan research group in Washington.
Because they were born in this country, the babies of illegal immigrants are United States citizens. In all in 2008, four million children who were American citizens had at least one parent who was in the country illegally, the Pew study found.
Children of illegal immigrants make up 7 percent of all people in the country younger than 18 years old, according to the study, which is based on March 2009 census figures, the most recent data on immigrant families. Nearly four out of five of those children — 79 percent — are American citizens because they were born here.
About 85 percent of the parents who are illegal immigrants are Hispanic, the Pew Center reported.
The Pew study comes as lawmakers in Washington have been debating whether to consider changing the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, which grants citizenship to anyone born in the United States. The controversy erupted after Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, said in July that he might offer an amendment to revoke birthright citizenship for the American-born children of illegal immigrants.
Mr. Graham’s comments touched a nerve with many Americans, who called in to talk shows to question whether the children of immigrants who have violated the law by remaining in the United States should be granted citizenship. But it was less clear that there was strong support for altering the Constitution to address the problem.
A nationwide survey in June by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, a group affiliated with the Hispanic Center, found that 56 percent of those polled opposed changing the 14th Amendment, while 41 percent supported it.
The study by the Pew Hispanic Center casts light on an issue raised by Mr. Graham that prompted the current debate. In an interview with Fox News last month, Mr. Graham said that many illegal immigrants were crossing the border to have babies in this country to gain citizenship for their children. “They come here to drop a child,” Mr. Graham said.
The Pew figures showed that over 80 percent of mothers in the country illegally had been here for more than a year, and that more than half had been in the country for five years or more, said Jeffrey S. Passel, senior demographer at the Pew Hispanic Center and the co-author of the study, along with Paul Taylor, the center’s director.
“The combination of the growing undocumented population through 2007, with more staying in the country longer, creates a situation where we have seen increasing numbers of these births over the last six or seven years,” Mr. Passel said. “Because the immigrants are staying here, this is a young population, and they get married and form families.”
Republican leaders and conservatives have been divided over Mr. Graham’s proposal for a constitutional amendment.
“What the Pew estimate underlines is that this is a big problem,” said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, a research group in Washington that advocates reduced immigration. “It really is a subversion of national independence for people who break into your country then to demand that their kids be U.S. citizens.”
But Mr. Krikorian, a conservative, does not favor an immediate effort to amend the citizenship clause of the Constitution. He said he wants to see tougher enforcement to reduce the number of illegal immigrants in the country.
“The point is to shrink the illegal population and prevent new illegals from coming in,” he said, “before it’s appropriate to have the constitutional debate.”
REALITY CHECK: One of the fastest ways Mexico expands their WELFARE SYSTEM in our borders is by packing off millions of pregnant Mexicans over our borders to loot the gringo welfare!
These children are then raised to be typical Mexican racist with contempt for the gringo, our laws, flag, culture and language!
They are indoctrinated to believe that America is AZTLAN! As yet an unincorporated province of Mexico!
"Remember 187 -- the Proposition to deny taxpayer funds for services to
non-citizens -- was the last gasp of white America in California."
---Art Torres, Chairman of the California Democratic Party
Anchor Baby Power
La Voz de Aztlan has produced a video in honor of the millions of babies that have been born as US citizens to Mexican undocumented parents. These babies are destined to transform America. The nativist CNN reporter Lou Dobbs estimates that there are over 200,000 "Anchor Babies" born every year whereas George Putnam, a radio reporter, says the figure is closer to 300,000. La Voz de Aztlan believes that the number is approximately 500,000 "Anchor Babies" born every year.
The video below depicts the many faces of the "Anchor Baby Generation". The video includes a fascinating segment showing a group of elementary school children in Santa Ana, California confronting the Minutemen vigilantes. The video ends with a now famous statement by Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez of the University of Texas at Austin.
Anchor Babies Grab One Quarter of Welfare Dollars in LA Co

The anchor baby scam has proven lucrative for illegal aliens in Los Angeles County, at considerable cost to our own poor and downtrodden legal citizenry.

The numbers show that more than $50 million in CalWORKS benefits and food stamps for January went to children born in the United States whose parents are in the country without documentation. This represents approximately 23 percent of the total benefits under the state welfare and food stamp programs, Antonovich said.

"When you add this to $350 million for public safety and nearly $500 million for health care, the total cost for illegal immigrants to county taxpayers far exceeds $1 billion a year -- not including the millions of dollars for education," Antonovich said.

I love children and I'm all for compassion -- smart, teach-them-to-fish compassion. But when laws, the Constitution, and enforcement allow illegal aliens (the operative word here being "illegal") to insinuate themselves into our nation and bleed us of our precious financial resources, then laws, the Constitution and enforcement need to be changed.

Birthright citizenship: The big Republican issue for 2010 elections?
Don't be surprised if you hear the phrase "birthright citizenship" a whole bunch of times before the November election.
The U.S. rule that all persons born in this country automatically become citizens is becoming a major front for Republicans in the immigration debate.
On Sunday, Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, the second-ranking Republican senator, expressed support for hearings on the issue. Last week, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, generally considered a moderate on immigration, said he may introduce a constitutional amendment so children of illegal immigrants did not become citizens.
Sen. Lindsey Graham has called for an amendment to end "birthright citizenship."
"People come here to have babies," he said. "They come here to drop a child. It's called "drop and leave."
While there is already legislation to eliminate birthright citizenship, making the change would probably require a constitutional amendment, a much more difficult task. That's because the Fourteenth Amendment states:
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.
Supporters of a change say the amendment adopted just after the Civil War was designed simply to make sure that former slaves became citizens, and wasn't intended to apply to illegal immigrants' kids. But the pro-immigration Immigration Policy Center offers a rebuttal, with scholar Elizabeth Wydra citing the "clear intent of the Reconstruction framers to grant U.S. citizenship based on the objective measure of U.S. birth rather than subjective political or public opinion."
There's already a sense that the Republicans will want to make immigration a big issue. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has seen a rapid rise in popularity in the wake

County Spends $600 Mil On Welfare For Illegal Immigrants
Last Updated: Thu, 03/11/2010 - 3:14pm
For the second consecutive year taxpayers in a single U.S. county will dish out more than half a billion dollars just to cover the welfare and food-stamp costs of illegal immigrants.  
Los Angeles County, the nation’s most populous, may be in the midst of a dire financial crisis but somehow there are plenty of funds for illegal aliens. In January alone, anchor babies born to the county’s illegal immigrants collected more than $50 million in welfare benefits. At that rate the cash-strapped county will pay around $600 million this year to provide illegal aliens’ offspring with food stamps and other welfare perks.
The exorbitant figure, revealed this week by a county supervisor, doesn’t even include the enormous cost of educating, medically treating or incarcerating illegal aliens in the sprawling county of about 10 million residents. Los Angeles County annually spends more than $1 billion for those combined services, including $500 million for healthcare and $350 million for public safety. 
About a quarter of the county’s welfare and food stamp issuances go to parents who reside in the United States illegally and collect benefits for their anchor babies, according to the figures from the county’s Department of Social Services. In 2009 the tab ran $570 million and this year’s figure is expected to increase by several million dollars. 
Illegal immigration continues to have a “catastrophic impact on Los Angeles County taxpayers,” the veteran county supervisor (Michael Antonovich) who revealed the information has said. The former fifth-grade history teacher has repeatedly come under fire from his liberal counterparts for publicizing statistics that confirm the devastation illegal immigration has had on the region. Antonovich, who has served on the board for nearly three decades, represents a portion of the county that is roughly twice the size of Rhode Island and has about 2 million residents.
His district is simply a snippet of a larger crisis. Nationwide, Americans pay around $22 billion annually to provide illegal immigrants with welfare benefits that include food assistance programs such as free school lunches in public schools, food stamps and a nutritional program (known as WIC) for low-income women and their children. Tens of billions more are spent on other social services, medical care, public education and legal costs such as incarceration and public defenders. 
“Wherever there’s a Mexican, there is Mexico!”... President Calderon.
NOT JUST CALIFORNIA, coming to a state near you!
1 in 10 births in this country is by an illegal!
Sept. 24, 2006,
'Border baby' boom strains S. Texas
More illegal immigrants are pouring into the state to give birth
Houston Chronicle

RIO GRANDE CITY — First it was a trickle, now it's a flood.
Rising numbers of undocumented immigrants from Mexico and Central America are streaming into Texas to give birth, straining hospitals and costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, health officials say.
Doctors and health officials say they are overwhelmed by both the new arrivals and those immigrant mothers who already are in the state. Even Houston's feeling the pinch. An estimated 70 percent to 80 percent of the 10,587 births at Ben Taub General Hospital and Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital last year were to undocumented immigrants, administrators say.
Also feeling the strain is Starr County, an already poor South Texas county that has the region's only taxpayer‑supported hospital district.
Immigrants "want a U.S.‑born baby" and know that emergency room staffers don't collect any money up front, said Dr. Mario Rodriguez, an obstetrician in Starr County.
"The word is out: Come to Starr County and get delivered for free. Why pay $1,000 in Mexico when you can get it for free?" Rodriguez said.
'Unfortunately, doctors say, Starr County isn't alone.

“OUR LITTLE SNAPSHOT IS DUPLICATED IN ALL THE MUNICIPALITIES BETWEEN HERE AND CALIFORNIA.....” how about every muni in all 50 states? Know of a state not overrun by illegals?
''Our little snapshot is duplicated in all the municipalities between here and California," said Tony Falcon, a Rio Grande City physician who was appointed to the U.S.‑Mexico Border Health Commission in April. ''What you see here is what is happening in Brownsville, McAllen, El Paso and San Diego."
Immigration‑control advocates regard the U.S.‑born infants as "anchor babies" because they give their undocumented parents and relatives a way to petition for citizenship. They estimate that 360,000 of these babies are born in the U.S. every year and warn that the numbers are rising.
Once parents have an "anchor baby," they become more difficult to deport, said Jack Martin, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a lobby organization in Washington, D.C.
''It's a fairly big factor in complicating the removal of illegal aliens," Martin said. "Illegal aliens know that and, to some extent, we think they're being influenced into having children as soon as they get into the U.S. to complicate their removal."
Some lawmakers want to begin denying citizenship to babies born to illegal immigrants.
Birthright citizenship, as it is known, has been in force since the approval of the Constitution's 14th Amendment in 1868. But several bills under consideration in Congress would abolish the longstanding federal policy. Sponsors include U.S. Reps. Ron Paul, R‑Lake Jackson, and Nathan Deal, R‑Ga.
In a largely symbolic move, the Michigan House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly on Sept. 8 to end birthright citizenship.
Uncollected medical bills
Starr County Memorial Hospital had $3.6 million in uncollected medical bills in 2005, up from $1.5 million in 2002. The total when fiscal 2006 ends on Sept. 30 is expected to hit $3.9 million, chief financial officer Rafael Olivarez said. Unpaid bills for the past five years will reach nearly $13 million, he said.
To make up for the shortfall, Starr County's hospital district is proposing a 25 percent tax hike.
Already, the U.S. government is pitching in, setting aside $1 billion in Medicaid funds to pay for emergency care received by undocumented migrants over the next four years.
But Olivarez said getting the reimbursements isn't easy. Federal officials ''told us at a meeting they would pay us about 20 cents on the dollar," he said. "But it's better than nothing."
No one knows for sure how many undocumented immigrants there are or what they cost the health care system. Most hospitals don't ask whether patients have papers.
Total cost unknown
Jose Pescador Osuna, Mexican Consul General We are practicing "La Reconquista" in California."
Stop anchor baby benefits /300,000 a year born in US
Most countries don’t even allow that many LEGAL immigrants per year into their country...

A proposition to stop automatic benefits to children of illegals (anchor babies) is coming soon.
The cost to California is 4 to 6 billion a year. This prop is not driven by racism, but by citizen-ism... to prevent people from taking dollars from legal taxpayers to give to another illegal group of non-citizen parents....

It will also help to prevent illegals crossing our border and having a baby for this purpose (and then later complaining about unfair/exploitation) This also will help stop Birth-Tourism.

Illegal immigration will never stop, as long our laws stay the same, are not enforced, and we act like idiots and give our hard earned taxes, freedoms and citizen rights away.

300,000 illegal babies a year are born here.

97 percent of anchor baby births are paid for by US taxpayers - your money that you need for your own kids.

Ted Hilton with the TAXPAYER REVOLUTION has launched a June 2010 ballot initiative to help solve California's budget deficit crisis. The laws address the problems of "birth tourism," welfare dependency and other benefits used by those here unlawfully which are draining U.S. citizens' tax dollars. Mail all petitions to POB 9985, San Diego, CA 92169.

go to this link to DOWNLOAD the petiton for the June 2010 Ballot initiative:

thank you.

THE BREEDERS: Hey, it's free for them!
Nearly 25 Percent of Children Younger Than 5 Are Latino, Census Says
By N.C. AizenmanWashington Post Staff Writer
May 1, 2008; A02
Hispanics, the nation's largest and fastest-growing minority group, now account for about one in four children younger than 5 in the United States, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates released today.
The increase from almost one in five in 2000 has broad implications for governments, communities and schools nationwide, suggesting that the meteoric rise in the Hispanic population that demographers forecast for mid-century will occur even sooner among younger generations.
"Hispanics have both a larger proportion of people in their child-bearing years and tend to have slightly more children," said Jeffrey S. Passel, senior demographer at the Pew Hispanic Center and co-author of a recent study predicting that the Latino population will double from 15 percent today to 30 percent by 2050.
"So this means that in five years, a quarter of the 5- to 9-year-olds will be Hispanic, and in 10 years a quarter of the 10- to 14-year-olds will be Hispanic. It's just going to move up through the age distribution with each successive cohort being slightly more Hispanic," Passel said.
Hispanics account for more than half of children younger than 5 in New Mexico and California, where their share of the overall state population is 44 and 36 percent, respectively. In Texas, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado, about one-third or more of children younger than 5 are Hispanic.
The figures are less dramatic but still notable in Virginia and Maryland. In both states, Hispanics account for 11 percent of children younger than 5 -- and 7 and 6 percent of the overall population, respectively.
Although the census is not scheduled to release county-level data until later in the year, statistics compiled by Washington-area school systems indicate that the number of youngsters who are Latino is even higher in the Maryland and Virginia suburbs. In Montgomery County, for instance, Hispanics make up 14 percent of residents and 22 percent of public school students. In Fairfax County, Hispanics account for 13 percent of residents and 17 percent of students.
The census figures showed a slight drop in immigration to the United States by Hispanics from July 1, 2006, to July 1, 2007, vs. the previous 12-month period. That suggests that the U.S. economic slowdown might have had some impact on immigration. For almost a decade, U.S. births have accounted for a far greater share of the growth in the Hispanic population than immigration.
Nonetheless, many researchers warn that the higher-than-average poverty rate of U.S.-born Latino children and the fact that many are raised by immigrant parents pose particular challenges to their education and integration.
"Based on what we know, many in this population may not be growing up speaking English in their homes," said Margie McHugh, co-director of the National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy at the Migration Policy Institute in Washington. In a recent study, McHugh found that 75 percent of limited-English-proficient students in Los Angeles County elementary schools were born in the United States.
Adding to the difficulties facing such children, McHugh said, is the fact that Latinos are increasingly moving to states and counties where they have not been historically concentrated.
"Because of the accountability requirements in the No Child Left Behind law, many of these states and localities have already been thinking hard about how to serve these children," she said. "But the gap between the services they have in place and what's needed is quite large."
The shifts in focus and resources that local school systems make to address the needs of growing Latino and immigrant populations can arouse concern and resentment among other residents, said Audrey Singer, a researcher with the Brookings Institution who has studied new immigrant gateway states.
"Schools are often on the frontline for debate in communities because they are on the leading edge of change," Singer said. "People who might not otherwise have an opinion take notice when the schools begin to change."
Yet the increasing number of Latino youths might enrich mainstream U.S. culture in unexpected ways, Singer said.
"A lot of popular culture comes from youth culture, and we already see the effect of the newest demographic waves in current music and new media," she said.
The rise in the Latino population has been accompanied by significant, if slower, growth among African Americans and Asians. Minorities account for one-third of the U.S. population, a similar portion of Virginia's population and 42 percent of Maryland's.
The District, which the census treats as a state, stands in marked exception to that trend. As once-affordable neighborhoods have gentrified over the past decade, the city has been losing black residents while gaining white newcomers, steadily diminishing its longtime status as a majority-black metropolis.
The latest census figures confirm that pattern, with non-Hispanic blacks accounting for 54 percent of the District's population in 2007, compared with 60 percent in 2000. Meanwhile, the number of non-Hispanic whites increased from 28 to 33 percent in that period, while the Hispanic and non-Hispanic Asian population remained at 8 and 3 percent, respectively.
If we don't get this immigration monster stopped within three years, it will rage like a California wildfire and destroy everything in its path, especially The American Dream.

“First, to destroy America, turn America into a bilingual or multi-lingual and bicultural country... History shows that no nation can survive the tension, conflict, and antagonism of two or more competing languages and cultures.”

“I would next make it impossible to enforce our immigration laws. I would develop a mantra: That because immigration has been good for America it must always be good. I would make every individual immigrant symmetric and ignore the cumulative impact of millions of them.”

Finally he said, 'Lastly, I would censor Victor Hanson Davis's book 'Mexifornia.' His book is dangerous. It exposes the plan to destroy America. If you feel America deserves to be destroyed, don't read that book.'


'Here is how they do it,' Lamm said:
'First, to destroy America, turn America into a bilingual or multi-lingual and bicultural country... History shows that no nation can survive the tension, conflict, and antagonism of two or more competing languages and cultures. It is a blessing for an individual to be bilingual; however, it is a curse for a society to be bilingual. The historical scholar, Seymour Lipset, put it this way: 'The histories of bilingual and bicultural societies that do not assimilate are histories of turmoil, tension, and tragedy.' Canada, Belgium, Malaysia, and Lebanon all face crises of national existence in which minorities press for autonomy, if not independence. Pakistan and Cyprus have divided. Nigeria suppressed an ethnic rebellion. France faces difficulties with Basques, Bretons, Corsicans and Muslims.'
Here’s one teacher’s report on the illegals in our schools.
Subject: Cheap Labor This should make everyone think, be you Democrat, Republican or Independent  From a California school teacher - - -"As you listen to the news about the student protests over illegal immigration, there are some things that you should be aware of:  I am in charge of the English-as-a-second-language department at a large southern California high school which is designated a Title 1 school, meaning that its students average lower socioeconomic and income levels.  Most of the schools you are hearing about, South Gate High, Bell Gardens, Huntington Park, etc., where these students are protesting, are also Title 1 schools.  Title 1 schools are on the free breakfast and free lunch program. When I say free breakfast, I'm not talking a glass of milk and roll -- but a full breakfast and cereal bar with fruits and juices that would make a Marriott proud. The waste of this food is monumental, with trays and trays of it being dumped in the trash uneaten. (OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK)  I estimate that well over 50% of these students are obese or at least moderately overweight. About 75% or more DO have cell phones. The school also provides day care centers for the unwed teenage pregnant girls (some as young as 13) so they can attend class without the inconvenience of having to arrange for babysitters or having family watch their kids. (OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK)  I was ordered to spend $700,000 on my department or risk losing funding for the upcoming year even though there was little need for anything; my budget was already substantial. I ended up buying new computers for the computer learning center, half of which, one month later, have been carved with graffiti by the appreciative students who obviously feel humbled and grateful to have a free education in America. (OUR TAX DOLLARS A T WORK)  I have had to intervene several times for young and substitute teachers whose classes consist of many illegal immigrant students here in the country less then 3 months who raised so much hell with the female teachers, calling them "Putas" whores and throwing things that the teachers were in tears.  Free medical, free education, free food, day care etc., etc., etc. Is it any wonder they feel entitled to not only be in this country but to demand rights, privileges and entitlements? To those who want to point out how much these illegal immigrants contribute to our society because they LIKE their gardener and housekeeper and they like to pay less for tomatoes: spend some time in the real world of illegal immigration and see the TRUE costs.
Anchor Babies

Anchor Babies - In Conclusion...The Educational Chaos
Part 4 - Fomenting Failure In Our Educational Systems

In this final entry of this series on Anchor Babies in America, we shall investigate the unbelievable but verifiable costs to American citizens. Additionally, we will explore ancillary problems created by illegal alien children within our classrooms across the country.

Do we blame the children? No! Do we blame their parents? Yes! (They know they are illegal aliens!)

Who do we blame? Simple! Our U.S. Congress and U.S. presidents from Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and today, Obama! They must take responsibility for this fiscal/educational and linguistic fiasco. They failed to enforce our laws in the past 20 years, and Obama fails to enforce our immigration and labor laws in 2009. Thus, they allowed countless tens of thousands of employers within the United States to subvert our laws as to employment of unlawful immigrants. Our Congress allowed a new 21st century slave class to establish itself in excess of 20 million unlawful aliens-inside this country. The rich benefit and the rest of us subsidize and suffer from it.

While those 20 million enjoy employment, housing, welfare, food and medical care on U.S. taxpayer dollars, 15 million Americans cannot find a job. An astounding 32.2 million Americans subsist on food stamps. Our working poor and minorities languish in the streets and 13 million American children live below the poverty level.


Those 400,000 anchor babies cost taxpayers big time! At $6,000.00 per delivery in our hospitals where those pregnant alien mothers take themselves to birth their children X's 400,000 annually: $2.4 billion annually. Year after year after year! If the child suffers from autism, Down's Syndrome, myocardial septal defect (hole in heart), deformity, premature birth in ICU or other problems-the costs may hit $1 million and more.

Remember also, that the mother becomes a ward of the welfare rolls in assisted housing, food stamps, medical care, welfare payments-all on the taxpayer's dollar. Instead of 400,000 dependents, the actual number doubles to 900,000. Additionally, as that mother births more children, the costs rise dramatically.

Once the child reaches age five, it begins a 13 year educational journey that costs taxpayers on average $9,644.00 annually depending on school districts within the United States. When you add in 'free' breakfasts and lunches for those disadvantaged children, the costs rise into the billions of dollars. Finally, English as a Second Language costs taxpayers according to economist Edwin Rubenstein:

"The total additional per pupil costs for language assistance instruction was estimated to be in the range of $200 to $700 in 1981 dollars-equivalent to $460 to $1,600 in 2007 dollars. Using the average of the latter two amounts-$1,030-as our estimate of per pupil cost, the total cost of providing English Language Learning instruction to the 3.8 million students enrolled in those programs would equal about $3.9 billion. ($1,030 3.8 million.)." (Source: , Department of Education - Immigration Fiscal Impact Statement, By Edwin S. Rubenstein
Volume 18, Number 2 (Winter 2007-2008) Issue theme: "What price mass immigration?"

With those figures of 3.8 million illegal immigrant children and children born as anchor babies X's a minimum figure of $5.00 for 'free' breakfasts and lunches X's 180 school days equals: $5.42 billion annually.

Talk about throwing U.S. taxpayer dollars down a rat hole, NBC's Brian Williams reported last June that high school graduation rates around the country suffered tremendously. Detroit public schools, loaded with Middle Eastern legal and illegal immigrants along with unlawful Mexican migrant children tallied an astounding 76 percent dropout/flunkout rate among potential graduating seniors. Other cities like L.A., Chicago and Houston hovered around 50 to 60 percent dropout rates.

Brian Williams reported that 1.2 million 'American' teens hit the streets annually "functionally illiterate."

In my city of Denver, 67 percent of the graduating class dropped out or flunked out before age eighteen. (Source: Rocky Mountain News, "What Happened?")

Dan Stein at published a report titled: "Breaking the Piggy Bank: How Illegal Immigration is Sending Schools into the Red". Estimated costs of educating illegal migrant children and anchor babies: $7.5 billion annually.

The report said, in California, the $2.2 billion spent educating illegal alien immigrants for one year could:

• Pay the salaries for 41,764 teachers.
• CA schools are threatened with a $1.5 billion cut next year. Eliminating illegals would pay for all needs.
• Pay for CA's class sizes to remain capped at 20 students for a year, with $300 million to spare.
• Buy books and computers to equip 346,689 classrooms or 79 percent of classrooms in California.
• Fully fund the state's free lunch program for poor American students for two years.

Instead, California dropped from the top five top school systems in the United States to the bottom five states. Teaches struggle teaching with 113 different languages in their classrooms. As a teacher, I can tell you that more than one language in a classroom causes educational tension, ethnic tension from lack of ability to communicate and racial separation.

Students become angry, stubborn, and overwhelmed as they 'drop out' from sheer frustration and inability to perform academically. Violence ensues or complete withdrawal! Thousands join gangs for their identity.

Finally, what about U.S. children? What about the quality of their educations? What about their well-being? What about our own poverty-stricken students and special needs across the country?

Today, one-third of all students graduating from high schools heavily impacted by mass immigration must take remedial courses in universities to bring their minds up to speed for college work. In thousands of schools, gangs, foreign languages, and strange customs usurp the educational experience for U.S. students.

At some point, and soon, we must stop 'birthright citizenship' as all other countries, including Ireland and New Zealand, have done.

This year, House member Nathan Deal introduced HR 1868: reintroduced his Birthright Citizenship bill that would eliminate automatic citizenship for children born in the United States to illegal aliens. The Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009 (H.R.1868) would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to make it more difficult for children born in the U.S. to gain citizenship.

Under the proposed legislation, a person born in the United States, in order to gain citizenship, must have at least one parent who is:
A U.S. citizen or national;
A lawful permanent resident alien whose residence is in the United States; or
An alien performing active service in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Thank you for joining and and to send in pre-written faxes that will push the entire Congress to pass this important bill. Otherwise, you will keep paying and paying billions and billions-year after year with no end in sight.

Additionally, when those kids reach 18, they can chain migrate their entire families into the USA-causing a horrific overload of our infrastructure, carrying capacity and quality of life. Not to mention we are displacing Americans out of their own culture, language and way of life!

Anchor Babies: born in the USA - Enormous taxpayer costs
Article by Stephany Gabbard and Frosty Wooldridge
July 9, 2004
Published on
If you don’t think our Congress is taking Americans for a ride, think again. According to Dr. Madeleine Cosman, "At least 300,000 to 350,000 anchor babies annually become citizens in California." In 1994, 74,987 anchor babies in maternity units cost taxpayers $215 million in Stockton, California. In 2003, 70 percent of the 2,300 babies born in San Joaquin General maternity ward were from illegal aliens. That number has exploded today with over three million illegal aliens residing in California.
The French economist Frederic Bastiat said, "The unseen is more expensive than the seen." In Stockton, California, the Silverio Family was featured in the Wall Street Journal in 2003. They were fruit pickers who arrived illegally from Oxtotilan, Mexico in 1997. The wife, Felipa had three kids, but popped an anchor baby named Flor. The child was premature and spent three months in a neonatal incubator at a cost to the San Joaquin Hospital of over $300,000.00. They conceived another, Christian. The second baby made them eligible for $1,000 per month welfare. Because Flor is disabled, she receives $600.00 monthly for asthma. Although the illegal aliens made $18,000.00 annually picking fruit, they collected $12,000.00 of your tax dollars for their anchor babies. One night the father, Cristobal crashed his van. He had no license or insurance. Taxpayers paid for all hospital bills. That’s why 77 hospitals in border states were going bankrupt in 2003, but Senator John McCain wrote a rider into the Medicaid Bill for $1.4 billion of your tax dollars. It passed. Not to finish the spending spree on these anchor babies, the children attend California schools at a cost of $7,000.00 per year over and above what their parents pay in taxes. The cost for all five of their children for one school year exceeds $35,000.00 times 18 years for a grand taxpayer total of $630,000.00. This is only one family. No wonder California is $38 billion in debt.
Additional costs for illegal alien children stem from translators, advocates and middlemen. MediCal in 2003 sponsored 760,000 illegal aliens. Supplemental Security Income is a non-means-treated federal grant of money and food stamps. Be assured that scams and fraud run rampant. Over 500,000 ‘mentally disabled kids’ are on drugs for ADHD and ODD. One lady, Linda Torres was arrested in Bakersfield with $8,500.00 in small bills in her pocket. It was her SSI lump award for her disability, which was heroin addition.
Just so Americans across the country don’t feel left out, let’s move to Georgia. Net Fiscal Costs of Illegal Immigration for Georgia: Births of illegal aliens in Georgia cost to taxpayers:
2000-- 5,133 births cost: $13 million
2001-- 9,528 births cost: $23 million
2002—11,188 births cost: $27 million
Additionally, receiving public assistance in 2002 for 25,000 children of illegal aliens cost Georgia taxpayers $42 million annually. Health care costs to Georgia taxpayers for illegal aliens in 2002 was 64,000 doctor visits which ran Grady Health System into a $63 million deficit. What is it in your state? This picture is a small window into the massive fraud being perpetrated on your wallet by your congressional leaders. What is your senator or congressman doing about it? The simple answer fulfills French economist Bisbiat’s rule of the unseen. Your congressional reps assist this fraud! They encourage it every day by doing nothing about 2,200 illegal aliens crossing our borders and they have done nothing since 9/11 to deport the estimated 13 million that are already here.
With over one million illegal aliens arriving annually, they birth 300,000 anchor babies in California alone and you pay the maximum. When those legal ‘American’ babies grow to 18, they can ‘chain migrate’ their kin into our country. We’re talking about a crisis SO huge, your children and this country will not survive it.
Part III: ‘Anchor Babies: Long Term Crisis to Society’ Sources: "Madeleine’s Guns and Medicine: Why is California Going Broke?" Madeleine Cosman, Ph.D. "Third World in the Making" by George Putnam
Stephany Gabbard, RN, CLNC, is a

Anchor Babies: Born in the USA -- The Abuse of the Fourteenth Amendment - Part I

Article by Stephany Gabbard and Frosty Wooldridge

July 6, 2004

My commute to work exceeds fifty miles but it gives me time to reflect. It is 1987 and I am an obstetrical nurse working in the crowded San Fernando Valley of California. Tonight I drive to my job in "Labor and Delivery," knowing the scenario before I arrive. Eight other nurses will battle through the night in this very busy obstetrical unit. Our patients are 99 percent pregnant illegal alien women who have broken United States immigration law to birth an American citizen child.
This will be their families' entry ticket into the United States. For them, no pesky visa applications and no waiting in line for several years like so many millions that enter this country through the front door. Pregnant Third World women have discovered that the only thing they have to do is cross the U.S.--Mexico border. The Fourteenth Amendment is their ticket.
It is now seventeen years later and things have worsened. The babies I helped deliver are older teenagers. When they turn 21, they will be eligible to bring their family members from Mexico, Central America and South America, i.e., chain migration on an ever-accelerating spinning wheel. Whole industries have now developed around abusing the Fourteenth Amendment. Pregnant Korean tourists come to the U.S. on travel visas to have their "anchor" babies. Coyotes dealing in human traffic are paid $1,500.00 to $25,000.00 per person to shuttle pregnant illegal aliens across our southern border. Our politicians and elites wink at this blatant law breaking and do nothing. The colonization of our country continues with the cooperation of our government. That means your senator and representative aid this illegal baby invasion. None dare call it treason. Most Americans mistakenly trust their politicians to do the right thing. Congressional members from every state betray that trust daily.
The Fourteenth Amendment: It's a simple document, a constitutional amendment drafted after the Civil War to assure that newly emancipated black slaves would never be denied citizenship by the States. The drafters had no idea that years later it would be used to make a mockery of our immigration laws. Alan Wall, an American journalist living in Mexico states, "An illegal alien can cross the border, have a baby five minutes later, and that baby is automatically declared a citizen of the USA automatically."
The illegal aliens don't have to go through any legal doors. They are exempt from that. They are, in fact, rewarded for disobeying U.S. laws by having their children granted automatic citizenship. In addition, the happy family is entitled to welfare benefits. And, illegal alien parents who have children born in the U.S. are seldom deported. That's why their children are called "anchor babies" - they anchor their families securely in the USA.
It doesn't have to be this way. Most European countries have done away with birthright citizenship because they experienced the same abuses we are seeing. The Irish Supreme Court recently ruled that immigrant parents could be deported even if they have an Irish child. "It was becoming common for 'single pregnant woman' to come to Ireland from countries outside the 15-nation EU, most frequently from Nigeria, to claim political asylum," states Shawn Pogatchnik, AP writer. Ireland saw a wave of immigration abuse and promptly put a stop to it. Recently, the Irish voted to end birthright citizenship. Britain and Australia both changed their citizenship laws in the 1980's for the same reasons. If you are born in Switzerland you will not automatically become a Swiss citizen. Why should Americans allow our country to be invaded by people who do not honor allegiance to our laws?
Allegiance is the key word. Senator Jacob Howard, co-author of the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment, stated in 1866, "Every Person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States. This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons."
The Fourteenth Amendment states,"(A) Persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States." However a proviso limits foreigners who have babies in America. It couldn't be clearer, children of foreigners, aliens or diplomats, who are subject to the jurisdiction of their home country, are ineligible for citizenship. At the time the Fourteenth Amendment was ratified we didn't have immigration laws. One hundred and thirty eight years later we are paying for the misinterpretation of it.
Congress has the power to step in and correct this wrong, but don't hold your breath. There have been several bills dealing with this issue and most have died in committee. Except for a few brave individuals like Tom Tancredo of Colorado and Rep. Goode of Virginia, there isn't enough chutzpah on Capital Hill to fill a thimble. Where are the Thomas Jefferson's and Ben Franklin's when we need them? An important case, Hamdi vs Rumsfeld was recently heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. Yaser Hamdi was captured during the Afghanistan war fighting for the Taliban. It was later learned that he had been born in Louisiana to Saudi nationals when his father was employed as a chemical engineer on a work visa. The family subsequently moved back to Saudi Arabia where Hamdi was raised. Hamdi sued the U.S. government for holding him in a Navy stockade for two years. He demanded full rights of U.S. citizenship since by accident he happened to be born here. The U.S. government wanted Hamdi charged as a non-combatant and denied due process. Rumsfeld representing the U.S. government didn't raise this issue because he wanted to end birthright citizenship but other groups saw the possibility to finally challenge this fatal flaw in our immigration law that is wrecking havoc on our country.

One such group, Friends of Immigration Law Enforcement, submitted a 'friend of the court' or Amicus brief. They asked the Supreme Court to address the issue of whether Hamdi should be considered an American citizen at all, since at the time of his birth his parents were foreign nationals with no fealty to this nation.

The decision came down this week and just like the rest of the elite establishment in this country the U.S. Supreme Court ignored the issue of birthright citizenship except for a brief statement by Justices Scalia and Stevens stating Hamdi was a "presumed American citizen." So we live to fight another day. In the meantime the invasion/colonization of our country marches on. South Korean women can continue to visit and plan their very pregnant United States vacations!
In Part II: The costs of anchor babies will have you reaching for Pepto Bismol, Excedrin, Advil, Motrin, Paxil and Valium. And, you'll still be sick to your stomach!

AN AMERICAN SEES & SPEAKS – Comments Posted on Washington Post
One of the reasons anchor babies are such a burden to the US is the practice of chain migration. That baby gets to bring in his parents, siblings and in some cases grand parents and no one needs to be economically "sponsored" so all are eligible for the welfare state bennies. Parkland Hospital in Dallas recently went bankrupt due to the maternity ward where most, perhaps all the babies were born to illegals and their cost of care never paid. While it is quite understandable that some one from a poor country or any country for that matter might like to give the gift of citizenship to their offspring, it is the sole right of the sovereign nation to grant that gift. We exploit the poor and undocumented and it is time to stop. Your cheap cleaning lady or lawn guy is very expensive for the nation as a whole. Pay a living wage for what you don't want to do and the problem may, in part, disappear.
3/30/2010 9:58:56 PM
An argument to be made about immigrant babies and citizenship
By George F. Will
Sunday, March 28, 2010; A15
A simple reform would drain some scalding steam from immigration arguments that may soon again be at a roiling boil. It would bring the interpretation of the 14th Amendment into conformity with what the authors of its text intended, and with common sense, thereby removing an incentive for illegal immigration.
To end the practice of "birthright citizenship," all that is required is to correct the misinterpretation of that amendment's first sentence: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside." From these words has flowed the practice of conferring citizenship on children born here to illegal immigrants.
A parent from a poor country, writes professor Lino Graglia of the University of Texas law school, "can hardly do more for a child than make him or her an American citizen, entitled to all the advantages of the American welfare state." Therefore, "It is difficult to imagine a more irrational and self-defeating legal system than one which makes unauthorized entry into this country a criminal offense and simultaneously provides perhaps the greatest possible inducement to illegal entry."
Writing in the Texas Review of Law and Politics, Graglia says this irrationality is rooted in a misunderstanding of the phrase "subject to the jurisdiction thereof." What was this intended or understood to mean by those who wrote it in 1866 and ratified it in 1868? The authors and ratifiers could not have intended birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants because in 1868 there were and never had been any illegal immigrants because no law ever had restricted immigration.
If those who wrote and ratified the 14th Amendment had imagined laws restricting immigration -- and had anticipated huge waves of illegal immigration -- is it reasonable to presume they would have wanted to provide the reward of citizenship to the children of the violators of those laws? Surely not.
The Civil Rights Act of 1866 begins with language from which the 14th Amendment's citizenship clause is derived: "All persons born in the United States, and not subject to any foreign power, excluding Indians not taxed, are hereby declared to be citizens of the United States." (Emphasis added.) The explicit exclusion of Indians from birthright citizenship was not repeated in the 14th Amendment because it was considered unnecessary. Although Indians were at least partially subject to U.S. jurisdiction, they owed allegiance to their tribes, not the United States. This reasoning -- divided allegiance -- applies equally to exclude the children of resident aliens, legal as well as illegal, from birthright citizenship. Indeed, today's regulations issued by the departments of Homeland Security and Justice stipulate:
"A person born in the United States to a foreign diplomatic officer accredited to the United States, as a matter of international law, is not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. That person is not a United States citizen under the 14th Amendment."
Sen. Lyman Trumbull of Illinois was, Graglia writes, one of two "principal authors of the citizenship clauses in 1866 act and the 14th Amendment." He said that "subject to the jurisdiction of the United States" meant subject to its "complete" jurisdiction, meaning "not owing allegiance to anybody else." Hence children whose Indian parents had tribal allegiances were excluded from birthright citizenship.
Appropriately, in 1884 the Supreme Court held that children born to Indian parents were not born "subject to" U.S. jurisdiction because, among other reasons, the person so born could not change his status by his "own will without the action or assent of the United States." And "no one can become a citizen of a nation without its consent." Graglia says this decision "seemed to establish" that U.S. citizenship is "a consensual relation, requiring the consent of the United States." So: "This would clearly settle the question of birthright citizenship for children of illegal aliens. There cannot be a more total or forceful denial of consent to a person's citizenship than to make the source of that person's presence in the nation illegal."
Congress has heard testimony estimating that more than two-thirds of all births in Los Angeles public hospitals, and more than half of all births in that city, and nearly 10 percent of all births in the nation in recent years, have been to mothers who are here illegally. Graglia seems to establish that there is no constitutional impediment to Congress ending the granting of birthright citizenship to those whose presence here is "not only without the government's consent but in violation of its law."
majorman06 wrote:
Another negative yet seldom discussed effect that illegals have on Americans obtaining jobs is, especially in Houston, the requirement of being bilingual – speaking in both English and Spanish!

In 2002, when I was unemployed, I, as American citizen, was at a distinct disadvantage because even then, the majority of job opportunities listed – bilingual as a requirement for employment.

In 2002, I was naive, ignorant, and gullible since I believed the “lie” that they were gentle, hardworking, family folks just looking for a better life. In 2007, I was educated regarding the true mission of illegal aliens by illegal aliens. I have since done a 180 on many long held beliefs; I am no longer a bleeding-heart, tree-hugging liberal- not that I fit the mold of a conservative either…I do expect any candidate worthy of my vote, regardless of party affiliations, to be an American first that does not bow at the alter of politically correct while seeking votes and unlimited power, nor ignores our citizens while providing their campaign contributors with cheap labor (landscapers, highway and home construction companies, hospitality and fast food entities, etc…the people that run these anti-American companies do not live next door to drug/human traffickers—they have no idea what fearing for your life really means); I no longer trust my government to protect our citizens. Yet, “special interest” groups/advocates have labeled me a “racist” while they only promote and protect those that look themselves…they are the racists determined to destroy our country with the help of those we have elected!
Illegal aliens are pushing drugs, slaughtering, raping and kidnapping our children on tribal lands. They are racist and a corrupt group of people, who feel entitled to violate our rights, because they've been allowed to feel that they are preferred.
jenn3 wrote:
helper54, I'm an indigenous American, and I know my people's history. It was the Spanish, the ancestors of today's illegal Hispanics who committed genocide against the indigenous peoples of the lands now referred to as Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and attempted to do the same to the indigenous peoples of the lands we now refer to as the southeastern and southwestern US. We know all this because the Spanish, including their priests and missionaries kept very detailed records. The Mexican Spanish enslaved, raped, maimed (chopping off the heels and feet) those who sought to defend themselves or escape, and killed the Utes, Apache and Navajo in the southwest. Those indigenous peoples were forced to slave away in Spanish mines, and as other forms of labor. They were the ones who built the much touted missions in the US southwest.

After the Spanish committed the genocide in Mexico, Central and South America, they created the trans-Atlantic slave trade, bringing to those lands more than 8 million African slaves, who they worked virtually all to death. It was the Spanish who introduced slavery to the lands now referred to as the US.

I'd also like to add, that the African's themselves sold their own people into slavery, they weren't forced to. They felt this was a part of their culture and a personal right of the chiefs, it made them very wealthy. The Eastern Africans had been selling their people to the Arabs/Muslims for 10 thousand years. One laughable fact, Obama's ancestors sold their own into slavery, and Obama's interior secretary, Ken Salazar, is the descendent of the Spanish aristocrat who was the one who came up with the idea of creating the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and proposed it to the Spanish crown. It's the reason why his family received that huge land grant in what is now called Colorado.

The native peoples of the US do not support illegal aliens, or amnesty, they don't consider illegal aliens "indigenous". In fact, considering the fact that the Spanish were intent on slaughtering the indigenous, and sailed to their lands to do just that, they are considered far worse than the English and the Dutch settlers.

We can't change the past, but we know full well that allowing the destruction of the US constitution and bill of rights, the destruction of the sovereignty of the US will only exacerbate the problems facing all of us here in the US. Illegal aliens are pushing drugs, slaughtering, raping and kidnapping our children on tribal lands. They are racist and a corrupt group of people, who feel entitled to violate our rights, because they've been allowed to feel that they are preferred.
3/30/2010 12:58:52 PM
Yes, the 14th Amendment was indeed designed to prevent discrimination--against former slaves and their childre4n. The language of the amendment certainly seems to include illegals' spawn, and SCOTUS has affirmed this interpretation in the past.

That makes it a loophole. After all, a loophole is a law with consequences--often at a later time than its crafting--unintended by its framers, and often perceived as unfair.

I'm pretty confident that if closing this loophole were put to a national referendum, you'd get at least 2/3 of Americans favoring closing it, so that only the children of at least one American citizen would get automatic citizenship.

However, I'm equally confident that an amendment repealing this loophole wouldn't pass, because of both parties' need to pander to Mexicans with American citizenship--by which I mean people who vote for politicians and laws that help Mexicans specifically, regardless of whether they're good for America. A recent Pew poll indicated that a very large percentage of Americans of Mexican descent regard themselves as Mexicans. Not Mexican-Americans, not American-Mexicans. Just Mexicans.

So we're stuck with the 14th, like it or not. Historically it has been responsible for the Latino ethnic group swelling from .5% of the population in 1940 to 14% today. That's one out of seven.

Never has America's cultural composition been changed so much by so many.

And the American public was never consulted about this shift. It's not like the Mexican Embassy was asked to put on a dog and pony show to the American people during the Eisenhower era, and then have the American people vote on whether we'd like America to shift from one in two hundred Latinos to one in seven--and to have that one in sever come almost exclusively from Mexico's poorest, least educated cohort.

And then some people are shocked that we object to this being foisted upon us without us having any say-so in the matter.

Especially since many are not assimilating. Why should they? Empuje uno si quiere hablar en espaƱol. You can now live your entire life in the Southwest of the United States without having to learn one word of English.

Americans from outside the Southwest are often incredulous when I say that. But you can visit Quebec and meet many who don't speak any English. Our situation is coming to resemble that more and more.
''It puts them in the position of being border police," said Amanda Engler, a spokeswoman for the Texas Hospital Association in Austin.

Harris County Hospital District officials say their policy is not to question patients directly about their citizenship.

''We do not explicitly ask if our patients are illegal, but we do ask them for proof of Harris County residency," district spokeswoman Shannon Rasp said. "Often citizenship status becomes clearer when billing issues come up."

Eighty‑three percent of the undocumented immigrants receiving in‑patient care at the district's hospitals and clinics last year were from Mexico, officials said. Six percent were from El Salvador or Guatemala. And the remaining 11 percent were from such countries as Britain, Canada, Haiti, India, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria and Vietnam.

''Using anecdotal information provided us by our staff, statistics from other public hospital systems and our patient demographics, we believe that approximately 70 to 80 percent of our obstetrics patients are undocumented," Rasp said.

In all, 57,072 patients visited the district's hospitals, clinics and health centers last year, and nearly a fifth were undocumented, Rasp said. The cost of their treatment was $97.3 million, up from $55 million in 2002.
Anchor babies account for roughly 10% of all US births. In 2003, anchor babies accounted for 70% of all births in San Joachim General Hospital in Stockton, California.
US taxpayers spent an estimated $7.4 Billion in 2003 to educate illegal immigrants.
34% of students in the Los Angeles school system are illegals or children of illegals.
Two thirds of Illegal Immigrants adults DO NOT have a high school degree or equivalent. The illiteracy rate for Illegal Immigrants is 2.5 times higher than that of US Citizens.
JUDICIAL WATCH get on their email list!
Nebraska Hustles To Keep Illegal Alien Medical Coverage
Last Updated: Fri, 02/19/2010 - 12:30pm
On the heels of a federal crackdown, lawmakers in Nebraska are scrambling to pass legislation that will allow pregnant illegal immigrant women to continue receiving free, taxpayer-financed medical care. 
The state has for decades offered the costly perk to pregnant illegal aliens, whose “anchor babies” are automatically United States citizens. However, the federal government recently notified the state that it was illegally determining eligibility for publicly-funded medical care known as Medicaid. 
Nebraska has skirted federal guidelines by using the illegal immigrants’ yet-to-be-born children to qualify for the medical care otherwise not available to undocumented aliens. Nebraska women who are legal U.S. residents will continue receiving Medicaid, the state-federal insurance program for the poor, once the state follows the federal guidelines but illegal immigrants won’t.
As the cutoff date approaches, legislators in the Cornhusker State are frantically working to pass a law that will allow the state’s estimated 1,000 pregnant illegal immigrants to keep their public medical coverage. The deadline is in early March and a state senator from Lincoln, Kathy Campbell, has introduced a measure to create a new program—funded by both the state and the federal government—aimed at restoring the coverage for illegal immigrants. 
Under the proposed law, Nebraska will create a special standalone program under an existing federal children’s insurance plan that will allow the illegal alien mothers to receive prenatal-care coverage similar to when the state violated federal Medicaid rules. Of course, U.S. taxpayers will fund the project. 
At least one Nebraska senator, John Nelson, questioned the measure’s fiscal impact and wondered if the state provides care for those here illegally, how many more will come to Nebraska to take advantage of the program. Another senator (Charlie Jansen) pointed out that illegal immigrants will continue using state benefits until the problem is addressed by lawmakers.
Fourteen states—including California, New York and Texas—already have similar programs that provide illegal immigrants with free government-funded medical care when they are pregnant. Once their anchor babies are born, the family receives a plethora of public assistance including food stamps and monthly welfare checks. 
Immigrants "want a U.S.‑born baby" and know that emergency room staffers don't collect any money up front, said Dr. Mario Rodriguez, an obstetrician in Starr County.
"The word is out: Come to Starr County and get delivered for free. Why pay $1,000 in Mexico when you can get it for free?" Rodriguez said.
'Unfortunately, doctors say, Starr County isn't alone.
Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul says he would support amending the United States Constitution to end the country's policy of guaranteeing citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants.
"Many argue that these children that are born to illegal aliens are really still under the jurisdiction of the Mexican government," Paul said in an interview earlier this week with Right Wing News. "I think we need to fight that out in the courts. If we lose, then I think we should amend the Constitution because I don't think the 14th amendment was meant to apply to illegal aliens. It was meant to apply to the children of slaves."
Paul argued his position by asserting the immigration issue should be dealt with on the state level despite the 14th amendment of the Constitution stating that all persons born in the country "are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside."
Last month, the Senate hopeful made similar comments related to his support for denying citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants.
"We shouldn't provide an easy route to citizenship," Paul said in an interview with a Russian television station. "We're the only country that I know that allows people to come in illegally, have a baby, and then that baby becomes a citizen. And I think that should stop."
Paul suggests what steps he thinks lawmakers should take to address illegal immigration on his campaign website:
I support local solutions to illegal immigration as protected by the 10th amendment. I support making English the official language of all documents and contracts.
Millions crossing our border without our knowledge constitutes a clear threat to our nation's security. I will work to secure our borders immediately. My plans include an underground electric fence, with helicopter stations to respond quickly to breaches of the border.

LA RAZA AGENDA: 3 Examples
Richard Alatorre, Los Angeles City Council "They're afraid we're going to take over the governmental institutions and other institutions. They're right. We will take them over. . We are here to stay."

Mario Obledo, California Coalition of Hispanic Organizations and California State Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare under Jerry Brown, also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Bill Clinton "California is going to be a Hispanic state. Anyone who doesn't like it should leave."

Jose Pescador Osuna, Mexican Consul General We are practicing "La Reconquista" in California."

Anchor Babies Grab One Quarter of Welfare Dollars in LA Co

The anchor baby scam has proven lucrative for illegal aliens in Los Angeles County, at considerable cost to our own poor and downtrodden legal citizenry.

The numbers show that more than $50 million in CalWORKS benefits and food stamps for January went to children born in the United States whose parents are in the country without documentation. This represents approximately 23 percent of the total benefits under the state welfare and food stamp programs, Antonovich said.

"When you add this to $350 million for public safety and nearly $500 million for health care, the total cost for illegal immigrants to county taxpayers far exceeds $1 billion a year -- not including the millions of dollars for education," Antonovich said.

I love children and I'm all for compassion -- smart, teach-them-to-fish compassion. But when laws, the Constitution, and enforcement allow illegal aliens (the operative word here being "illegal") to insinuate themselves into our nation and bleed us of our precious financial resources, then laws, the Constitution and enforcement need to be changed.

"The amnesty alone will be the largest expansion of the welfare system in the last 25 years," says Robert Rector, a senior analyst at the Heritage Foundation, and a witness at a House Judiciary Committee field hearing in San Diego Aug. 2. "Welfare costs will begin to hit their peak around 2021, because there are delays in citizenship. The very narrow time horizon [the CBO is] using is misleading," he adds. "If even a small fraction of those who come into the country stay and get on Medicaid, you're looking at costs of $20 billion or $30 billion per year."

"Remember 187 -- the Proposition to deny taxpayer funds for services to
non-citizens -- was the last gasp of white America in California."
---Art Torres, Chairman of the California Democratic Party
 By Maria Hsia Chang Professor of Political Science, University of Nevada Reno
One of the standard arguments invoked by those in favor of massive immigration into the United States is that our country is founded on immigrants who have always been successfully assimilated into America's mainstream culture and society. As one commentator put it, "Assimilation evokes the misty past of Ellis Island, through which millions entered, eventually seeing their descendants become as American as George Washington."1 Nothing more vividly testifies against that romantic faith in America's ability to continuously assimilate new members than the events of October 16, 1994 in Los Angeles. On that day, 70,000 people marched beneath "a sea of Mexican flags" protesting Proposition 187, a referendum measure that would deny many state benefits to illegal immigrants and their children. Two weeks later, more protestors marched down the street, this time carrying an American flag upside down.2 Both protests point to a disturbing and rising phenomenon of Chicano separatism in the United States — the product of a complex of forces, among which are multiculturalism and a generous immigration policy combined with a lax border control. The Problem Chicanos refer to "people of Mexican descent in the United States" or "Mexican Americans in general."3 Today, there are reasons to believe that Chicanos as a group are unlike previous immigrants in that they are more likely to remain unassimilated and unintegrated, whether by choice or circumstance — resulting in the formation of a separate quasi-nation within the United States. More than that, there are Chicano political activists who intend to marry cultural separateness with territorial and political self-determination. The more moderate among them aspire to the cultural and political autonomy of "home rule". The radicals seek nothing less than secession from the United States whether to form their own sovereign state or to reunify with Mexico. Those who desire reunification with Mexico are irredentists who seek to reclaim Mexico's "lost" territories in the American Southwest.4 Whatever their goals, what animates all of them is the dream of Aztlan. According to legend, Aztlan was the ancestral homeland of the Aztecs which they left in journeying southward to found Tenochtitlan, the center of their new civilization, which is today's Mexico City. Today, the "Nation of Aztlan" refers to the American southwestern states of California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, portions of Nevada, Utah, Colorado, which Chicano nationalists claim were stolen by the United States and must be reconquered (Reconquista) and reclaimed for Mexico.5 The myth of Aztlan was revived by Chicano political activists in the 1960s as a central symbol of Chicano nationalist ideology. In 1969, at the Chicano National Liberation Youth Conference in Denver, Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales put forth a political document entitled El Plan de Aztlan (Spiritual Plan of Aztlan).6 The Plan is a clarion call to Mexican-Americans to form a separate Chicano nation: In the spirit of a new people that is conscious not only of its proud historial heritage, but also of the brutal "gringo" invasion of our territories, we, the Chicano inhabitants and civilizers of the nothern land of Aztlan from whence came our forefathers ...declare that the call of our blood is...our inevitable destiny.... Aztlan belongs to those who plant the seeds, water the fields, and gather the crops, and not to the foreign Europeans. We do not recognize capricious frontiers on the bronze continent.... Brotherhood unites us, and love for our brothers makes us a people whose time has come .... With our heart in our hands and our hands in the soil, we declare the independence of our mestizo nation. We are a bronze people with a bronze culture. Before the world, before all of North America, before all our brothers in the bronze continent, we are a nation, we are a union of free pueblos, we are Aztlan.7 How Chicanos are Unlike Previous Immigrants Brent A. Nelson, writing in 1994, observed that in the 1980s America's Southwest had begun to be transformed into "a de facto nation"8 with its own culture, history, myth, geography, religion, education, and language.9 Whatever evidence there is indicates that Chicanos, as a group, are unlike previous waves of immigrants into the United States. In the first place, many Chicanos do not consider themselves immigrants at all because their people "have been here for 450 years" before the English, French, or Dutch. Before California and the Southwest were seized by the United States, they were the lands of Spain and Mexico. As late as 1780 the Spanish crown laid claim to territories from Florida to California, and on the far side of the Mississippi up to the Great Lakes and the Rockies. Mexico held title to much of Spanish possessions in the United States until the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the Mexican-American war in 1848. As a consequence, Mexicans "never accepted the borders drawn up by the 1848 treaty."10 That history has created among Chicanos a feeling of resentment for being "a conquered people," made part of the United States against their will and by the force of arms.11 Their resentment is amply expressed by Voz Fronteriza, a Chicano student publication,12 which referred to Border Patrol officers killed in the line of duty as "pigs (migra)" trying to defend "the false frontier."13 Chicanos are also distinct from other immigrant groups because of the geographic proximity of their native country. Their physical proximity to Mexico gives Chicanos "the option of life in both Americas, in two places and in two cultures, something earlier immigrants never had." Geographic proximity and ease of transportation are augmented by the media. Radio and television keep the spoken language alive and current so that Spanish, unlike the native languages of previous immigrants into the United States, "shows no sign of fading."14 A result of all that is the failure by Chicanos to be fully assimilated into the larger American society and culture. As Earl Shorris, author of Latinos: A Biography of the People, observed: "Latinos have been more resistant to the melting pot than any other group. Their entry en masse into the United States will test the limits of the American experiment...."15 The continuous influx of Mexican immigrants into the United States serve to continuously renew Chicano culture so that their sense of separateness will probably continue "far into the future...."16 There are other reasons for the failure of Chicano assimilation. Historically, a powerful force for assimilation was upward social mobility: Immigrants into the United States became assimilated as they rose in educational achievement and income. But today's post-industrial American economy, with its narrower paths to upward mobility, is making it more difficult for certain groups to improve their socioeconomic circumstances. Unionized factory jobs, which once provided a step up for the second generation of past waves of immigrants, have been disappearing for decades. Instead of the diamond-shaped economy of industrial America, the modern American economy is shaped like an hourglass. There is a good number of jobs for unskilled people at the bottom, a fair number of jobs for the highly educated at the top, but comparatively few jobs for those in the middle without a college education or special skills. To illustrate, a RAND Corporation study forecasts that 85 percent of California's new jobs will require post-secondary education. For a variety of reasons, the nationwide high-school dropout rate for Hispanics (the majority of whom are Chicano) is 30 percent — three times the rate for whites and twice the rate for blacks. Paradoxically, the dropout rate for Hispanics born in the United States is even higher than for young immigrants. Among Chicanos, high-school dropout rates actually rise between the second and third generations. Their low educational achievement accounts for why Chicanos as a group are poor despite being hardworking. In 1996, for the first time, Hispanic poverty rate began to exceed that of American blacks. In 1995, household income rose for every ethnic group except Hispanics, for whom it dropped 5 percent. Latinos now make up a quarter of the nation's poor people, and are more than three times as likely to be impoverished than whites. This decline in income has taken place despite high rates of labor-force participation by Latino men, and despite an emerging Latino middle class. In California, where Latinos now approach one-third of the population, their education levels are far lower than those of other immigrants, and they earn about half of what native-born Californians earn. This means that, for the first time in the history of American immigration, hard work is not leading to economic advancement because immigrants in service jobs face unrelenting labor-market pressure from more recently arrived immigrants who are eager to work for less. The narrowing of the pathways of upward mobility has implications for the children of recent Mexican immigrants. Their ascent into the middle-class mainstream will likely be blocked and they will join children of earlier black and Puerto Rican migrants as part of an expanded multiethnic underclass. Whereas first generation immigrants compare their circumstances to the Mexico that they left — and thereby feel immeasurably better off — their children and grandchildren will compare themelves to other U.S. groups. Given their lower educational achievement and income, that comparison will only lead to feelings of relative deprivation and resentment. They are unlikely to be content as maids, gardeners, or fruit pickers. Many young Latinos in the second and third generations see themselves as locked in irremediable conflict with white society, and are quick to deride successful Chicano students as "wannabes." For them, to study hard is to "act white" and exhibit group disloyalty.17 That attitude is part of the Chicano culture of resistance — a culture that actively resists assimilation into mainstream America. That culture is created, reinforced, and maintained by radical Chicano intellectuals, politicians, and the many Chicano Studies programs in U.S. colleges and universities. As examples, according to its editor, Elizabeth Martinez, the purpose of Five Hundred Years of Chicano History, a book used in over 300 schools throughout the West, is to "celebrate our resistance to being colonized and absorbed by racist empire builders." The book calls the INS and the Border Patrol "the Gestapo for Mexicans."18 For Rodolfo Acuna, author of Occupied America: The Chicano's Struggle Toward Liberation, probably the most widely assigned text in U.S. Chicano Studies programs, the Anglo-American invasion of Mexico was "as vicious as that of Hitler's invasion of Poland and other Central European nations...."19 The book also includes a map showing "the Mexican republic" in 1822 reaching up into Kansas and Oklahoma, and including within it Utah, Nevada, and everything west and south of there. At a MEChA conference in 1996, Acuna referred to Anglos as Nazis: "Right now you are in the Nazi United States of America."20 The effect of books such as those is to radicalize young Chicanos. As an example, although Chicano undergraduates at Berkeley lacked any sort of strong ethnic identity before entering college, in Berkeley they became "born again" as Chicanos because of MEChA and Chicano Studies departments. 21 The strident rhetoric of intellectuals is echoed by some Mexican-American politicians. Former California state senator Art Torres called Proposition 187 "the last gasp of white America" and spoke of "reclaiming" Southern California. The Mexican government also contributes to the Chicano sense of separateness through its recent decision that migrants will not forfeit their Mexican citizenship by becoming U.S. citizens and are allowed to vote in Mexican elections.22 Multiculturalism and Immigration All of this is exacerbated by the U.S. government's immigration policy and a new ethic of multiculturalism that has become almost an official dogma in the mass media and in academe. Exponents of multiculturalism maintain that all cultures are equal, and that the United States must accept its destiny as a universal nation, a world nation, in which no one culture — especially European culture — will be dominant. "The ideal of multiculturalism is a nation which has no core culture, no ethnic core, no center other than a powerful state apparatus."23 The social ethic of multiculturalism is actively supported by an official government policy of "corporate pluralism" which militates against America's earlier ideal of assimilation. According to Gunnar Myrdal, "corporate pluralism" refers to a society where racial and ethnic entities are accorded formal recognition and standing by the state as groups in the national polity, and where political power and economic reward are based on a distributive formula that postulates group rights and defines group membership as an important factor in the outcome for individuals. By replacing individual meritocracy with group rewards, corporate pluralism "strongly discourages assimilation in the conventional sense because if a significant portion of one's rational interests are likely to be satisfied by emphasis on one's ethnicity, then one might as well stay within ethnic boundaries and at the same time enjoy the social comforts of being among people of one's own kind."24 Corporate pluralism is realized through such government policies as affirmative action, court-ordered busing, and bilingual education. In the case of the latter, by the late 1970s, bilingual education has become "a Hispanic institution." A bilingual establishment has been formed which "fights for jobs and perks" and is determined to maintain Spanish as both language and culture. Being supported by government laws, that establishment cannot easily be dislodged.25 Conclusion Chicanos are not the only ethnic groups in the United States who resist assimilation and are geographically concentrated in certain areas and cities. The Cubans in Miami and Chinese in Monterey Park are other examples, but neither group is large enough to practice autonomism or separatism. Chicanos in the Southwest, however, are great in numbers and "are producing spokesmen for...autonomism, separatism, and even irredentism."26 Since 1977, INS has apprehended over a million illegals a year, the majority Hispanics; anywhere from 2 to 5 million eluded the INS. By the early 1980s, the number of illegal aliens in the United States, mostly Hispanic, totalled 3 to 12 million. In 1980, the Census Bureau counted 14.6 million Hispanics in the United States, increasing to 15.8 million by 1982, and 17.3 million by 1985 — making America the 5th or 4th largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.27 According to the 1990 Census, Latin America accounted for 38 percent of America's foreign-born, well over half of whom were from Mexico. The real percentage is probably higher because illegal aliens avoid the census and most illegals are from Latin America.28 According to a report by the Urban Institute in 1984 entitled The Fourth Wave: California's Newest Immigrants, by the year 2000, 42 percent of Southern California's residents will be Caucasian, 41 percent Hispanic, 9 percent Asian and 8 percent black. Demographers Leon F. Bouvier and Cary B. Davis in Immigration and the Future Racial Composition of the United States expect that, by 2080, Hispanics (more than half Chicano) will constitute 34.1 percent of the total U.S. population, even if immigration were restricted to 2 million entrants a year from all areas of the world and birthrates of Hispanics converge with those of non-Hispanics. In 2080, Hispanics will be either a plurality or a majority of the population in California and Texas at 41.4 percent and 53.5 percent, respectively, assuming an influx of a conservative one million immigrants a year.29 Former Senator Eugene McCarthy, writing in 1987, had warned of a "recolonization". McCarthy's warning was sounded five years earlier by a historian of race relations, George Fredrickson. Speaking at a colloquium on race relations in 1982, Fredrickson observed that: There are two ways that you can gain territory from another group. One is by conquest. That's essentially the way we took California from Mexico and... Texas as well. But what's going on now may end up being a kind of recolonization of the Southwest, because the other way you can regain territory is by population infiltration and demographic dominance .... The United States will be faced with the problem that Canada has been faced with... and which our system is not prepared to accomodate.30 Mario Barrera, a faculty member of U.C. Berkeley's Department of Ethnic Studies, admitted that multiculturalism "would help prepare the ideological climate for an eventual campaign for ethnic regional autonomy."31 In January 1995, El Plan de Aztlan Conference at UC Riverside resolved that "We shall the vote if possible and violence if necessary."32 The rise of Mexican irredentism as a serious political movement "awaits only the demographic transformation of the Southwest."33 As an article entitled "The Great Invasion: Mexico Recovers Its Own" in 1982's Excelsior, Mexico's leading daily newspaper, put it: The territory lost in the 19th century by...Mexico...seems to be restoring itself through a humble people who go on settling various zones that once were ours on the old maps. Land, under any concept of possession, ends up in the hands of those who deserve it.... [The result of this migration is to return the land] to the jurisdiction of Mexico without the firing of a single shot.34 Multiculturalism and United States government's immigration policy have contributed towards the rise of Chicano ethnic separatism within the American Southwest that has all the makings of an incipient Nation of Aztlan. NOTES * Paper presented at the Second Alliance for Stabilizing America's Population Action Conference, Breckenridge, CO, August 6, 1999. 1. Scott McConnell, "Americans No More?" National Review (December 31, 1997), p. 30. 2. Samuel P. Huntington, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1996), pp. 19, 20. 3. Mario Barrera, Beyond Aztlan: Ethnic Autonomy in Comparative Perspective (NY: Praeger, 1988), p. 7. 4. "It is not clear whether most Chicano nationalists favor independence for Aztlan itself or seek its annexation by Mexico." Brent A. Nelson, America Balkanized: Immigration's Challenge to Government (Monterey, VA: American Immigration Control Foundation, 1994), pp. 31, 26. 5. Reconquista! The Takeover of America (California Coalition for Immigration Reform, 1997), p. 2. 7. 1)
A Question of Citizenship
A Commentary By Debra J. Saunders
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trust Republicans to go too far. They take a good idea -- such as the notion that the federal government should enforce immigration laws, and states should be able to help -- and then drive it into the fringes. Witness a Fox News interview in which Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., declared, "We should change our Constitution and say if you come here illegally, and you have a child, that child is automatically not a citizen."
Graham has supported a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. He opposed the new Arizona immigration law. So why would he advocate repealing part of the 14th Amendment -- which, by the way, exists because the Grand Old Party wanted to stop efforts to keep freed slaves from becoming citizens?
Graham's right about this much: Illegal immigrants have taken advantage of the law. The Dallas Morning News reported Sunday that 60,000 babies are born annually in Texas to illegal immigrants. Last year, these "anchor babies" accounted for 16 percent of the state's births.
But it's not clear how many illegal immigrants are coming here to have babies as opposed to having babies in America because they are here.
Then there's the recent Washington Post story about "birth tourism" and affluent expectant mothers paying offshore consultants a $14,750 fee to obtain tourism visas that allow them to give birth in the United States and win U.S. citizenship for their babies.
No one likes to see adults game the system. In June, pollster Scott Rasmussen found that 58 percent of voters say a child born to an illegal immigrant should not automatically become a citizen of the United States.
But there are better ways to deal with those abuses. Direct the State Department to deny visas to would-be birth tourists. Keep the heat on employers who knowingly hire illegal workers. The new Arizona immigration law is designed to achieve "attrition through enforcement." Deport more adults who, unlike children, knowingly break the law.
But some Republicans want to keep going. Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, is arguing that the 14th Amendment does not and never did confer automatic birthright citizenship.
Section One states, "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."
"There are two elements, birth and subject to the jurisdiction," Chapman University Law School Dean John C. Eastman told me. "For about 50 years, we've just assumed birth was all you needed." But a review of the original debates and early court cases demonstrates a recognition that parents had to "show allegiance." If they broke federal law, they "never qualified" as being under U.S. jurisdiction.
This is where the argument gets dicey. Eastman has argued that a child born to a Saudi in the United States on a temporary student visa was not under U.S. jurisdiction, as the father had not declared allegiance to America. Eastman's answer is to let people come here to study or work, but as something less than guests.
This path could turn a melting pot nation into an empire of the native born and law-abiding foreign workers who never have a chance to belong. Think Old Europe. Think Saudi Arabia.

“In Mexico, a recent Zogby poll declared that the vast majority of Mexican citizens hate Americans. [22.2] Mexico is a country saturated with racism, yet in denial, having never endured the social development of a Civil Rights movement like in the US--Blacks are harshly treated while foreign Whites are often seen as the enemy. [22.3] In fact, racism as workplace discrimination can be seen across the US anywhere the illegal alien Latino works--the vast majority of the workforce is usually strictly Latino, excluding Blacks, Whites, Asians, and others.”
Just over half, 54 percent, say it is important that they change to assimilate into society, yet about two-thirds, 66 percent, say Latinos should maintain their distinct culture.

Rep. Xavier Becerra, (LA RAZA PARTY) is a Mexican racist. He supports La Raza  supremacy, amnesty, no e-verify, and OBAMA’S CONTINUED NON-ENFORCEMENT of laws prohibiting the employment of illegals, as directed by LA RAZA.

Illegals Receiving Health Care …."But....( of course there is!)"

 “If you’re in this country illegally, should you be able to get health care?” CNN’s John King asked Mrs. Pelosi.

“No, illegal immigrants are not covered by this plan,” she replied.

Mrs. Pelosi’s remarks are downright deceptive, according to Congressman Lamar Smith (R-Texas), who points out that the proposed health care legislation “ contains gaping loopholes that will allow illegal immigrants to receive taxpayer-funded benefits .”

These loopholes, Rep. Smith maintains, are “no accident.” He maintains that the proposed legislation, despite months of debate, still contains no mechanism for verifying if applicants are legal residents or not.

The Republican members of the Ways and Means Committee attempted to address this loophole by an amendment proposed by Congressman Dick Heller (R-Nevada) which would have required applicants for government provided or subsidized health care to demonstrate eligibility through the Income and Eligibility Verification System (IEVS) and the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) systems.
But, on July 29, the Heller Amendment was soundly defeated by the following 26 Majority Members of the House Ways & Means Committee: Xavier Becerra (Calif.), Shelley Berkley (Nev.), Earl Blumenauer (Ore.), Joe Crowley (N.Y.), Artur Davis (Ala.), Danny Davis (Ill.), Lloyd Doggett (Texas), Bob Etheridge (N.C.), Brian Higgins (N.Y.), Ron Kind (Wis.), John Larson (Conn.), Sander Levin (Mich.), John Lewis (Ga.), Jim McDermott (Wash.), Kendrick Meek (Fla.), Richard Neal (Mass.), Bill Pascrell (N.J.), Earl Pomeroy (N.D.), Chairman Charlie Rangel (N.Y.), Linda Sanchez (Calif.), Allyson Schwartz (Pa.), Pete Stark (Calif.), John Tanner (Tenn.), Mike Thompson (Calif.), Chris Van Hollen (Md.), and John Yarmuth (Ky.).

The Federal for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) believes the legislation is now purposefully self-contradictory in order to ensure that the millions of illegal Latinos will receive coverage. FAIR points out that while one provision of the proposed health care reform bill states illegal immigrants will not be eligible for benefits, the legislation remains without any system of verification for determining if a patient is a legal or illegal U. S. resident.

Moreover, Fair insists, the bill leaves open the possibility that if one citizen family member is eligible for benefits, then the entire family — including illegal immigrants — is also eligible for the benefits.

“At a time when the federal government is running trillion dollar deficits, and the projected costs of the proposed health care overhaul seem to grow with each passing day, the committee that writes our tax laws wants Americans to pay for the health care costs of illegal aliens,” says FAIR President Dan Stein. “Given the opportunity to close loopholes that would cost the public billions of dollars each year, Democrats on the committee unanimously rejected an amendment that would bar illegal aliens from a national health care program.”

The cost of treating illegal aliens amounts to nearly $11 billion a year, according to calculations done by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a non-profit group that opposes illegal immigration. And that cost is not expected to go away if a health insurance reform bill becomes law.

According to FAIR’s Director of Special Projects Jack Martin, illegal immigrants presently cost U. S. taxpayers $10.7 billion a year for health care. The numbers are contained in a report that FAIR plans to publish in the near future.

“The current health care bill is looking as if it is leaving a very large loophole for medical coverage being provided to illegal aliens,” Martin said.

So again, yes, the speaker of the House can say: "We've made no provision for Health Care for Illegal Aliens". But, is she in fact telling you the WHOLE truth or only half a truth. I am an independent voter and I, at this point, have my opinion. You be the judge for your own opinion.
May 19, 2007
The Betrayal of America
Joe Mariani
Just before the 2006 election, I predicted (among other things) that without the slim Republican majority in the House of Representatives, amnesty for illegal immigrants would soon become a reality. "If Democrats take control of the House," I wrote, "that barrier will vanish like mist, and the Democrats will have a flood of uneducated, largely ignorant new low-class workers to turn into good little Democrat voters, all demanding a piece of the government pie."Six months later, here comes the amnesty. Although the remaining Republicans managed to write increased border security measures into the bill, no one is naive enough to think they won't be simply ignored, just as they were in 1986. The "one-time" amnesty Ronald Reagan signed was also supposed to result in tighter border controls... which the Democrat-controlled Congress simply "forgot" to fund. So twenty-one years later, here we are again: facing another "one-time" amnesty, with promises of more border security we know will not be honored. This compromise will cut the 850-mile border fence the President signed into law just before the 2006 elections -- of which only two miles have yet been built -- to 370 or so miles. Anyone care to place bets on how much of even that shortened fence will ever exist in reality? With the Iranian terrorist group Hizballah building a massive base in South America from which to attack the US, how can we afford not to build that fence?The main point of the bill (much of which has not yet even been written) is to grant every single illegal alien currently in America a visa, allowing them to stay despite the fact that they broke the law to get here and violate numerous laws every day that they remain. I wonder when Congress will do the same for other categories of criminal. For instance, will car thieves be granted a "path to ownership" which allows them to keep their unlawfully-obtained vehicles? If so, I'm going to feel awfully stupid for saving up money to put down on a new car... the same way millions of people who are patiently waiting for permission to emigrate to the United States must feel as though they just received a boot to the face for respecting our laws. If lawbreakers are allowed to keep what they obtained by criminal means, then no matter what you may call it, it's an amnesty. Period.But we have to "bring millions of people out of the shadows," we are told by people such as Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA). What shadows? Remember those huge illegal immigration rallies last year, in which hundreds of thousands of criminals -- along with their supporters and enablers -- marched through the streets of major US cities protesting the audacity of people who thought we should enforce our own laws? The only "shadows" I saw were cast by all the Mexican flags and "This is OUR continent, not YOURS" signs. There were other signs as well, but many of them were in Spanish, so I couldn't read them.This amnesty proposal will result in a huge influx of uneducated and unskilled immigrants over the next decade, too fast for our culture to absorb them. Food and services will increase in price, as the artificially-depressed wages paid under the table to those who had no choice but to accept them will have to rise. It will also bring in millions of new illegal immigrants, expecting yet another "one-time" amnesty a few years down the road. Many of these people will demand free medical care, welfare, and other government services. And which party will promise them all the freebies they could want? By agreeing to this compromise, the Republicans will doom their own party and marginalise Conservatives for years, ensuring a one-party Socialist state for at least a generation. The only slim chance to stop this abomination of a bill is for every person who cares about America's
To make up for the shortfall, Starr County's hospital district is proposing a 25 percent tax hike.
Already, the U.S. government is pitching in, setting aside $1 billion in Medicaid funds to pay for emergency care received by undocumented migrants over the next four years.

But Olivarez said getting the reimbursements isn't easy. Federal officials ''told us at a meeting they would pay us about 20 cents on the dollar," he said. "But it's better than nothing."

No one knows for sure how many undocumented immigrants there are or what they cost the health care system. Most hospitals don't ask whether patients have papers.

Total cost unknown ... BUT LA RAZA NOR MEXICO IS PAYING FOR IT!!!


Every Citizen of the USA is paying dearly for this invasion. They should be shipped back home for their care and stay there. Our kids are learning less in school, they are being dumbed down by the invasion of non-English speaking children. Our next generation is suffering.

Every Citizen of the USA is paying dearly for this invasion. They should be shipped back home for their care and stay there. Our kids are learning less in school, they are being dumbed down by the invasion of non-English speaking children. Our next generation is suffering.,0,4990201.story?page=2

Prenatal cases flood local clinics for poor

Robyn Shelton Sentinel Medical Writer

March 11, 2007

Medical clinics that serve the poor in Florida are being overwhelmed by illegal immigrants and other uninsured women needing prenatal services, creating a looming crisis that already has forced at least one health department to close its doors to pregnant patients. Two groups that serve the poor in Orange County say they are booked to capacity for prenatal services, with women waiting up to five weeks to get an initial appointment at the busiest locations. That's the good news. Mark S. Williams worries that local women may not get care in the future because providers do not have the staff, money or ability to meet the rising need. In Orange County, the number of women seeking prenatal services from these groups has climbed 65 percent since 2002. "We are at our limit; we have to begin to look at how we can just maintain what we have or reduce the number of patients that we see for prenatal care," said Williams, chief executive officer of Community Health Centers Inc. "If the growth in the region continues -- and we have no reason to believe that it won't -- there will be patients who just aren't going to be seen." Counties throughout Central Florida are reporting an increasing demand for prenatal services, but Orange stands out for its sheer volume. Its main providers for poor women are the Orange County Health Department and Community Health Centers, a nonprofit organization that offers a variety of health services. Combined, the agencies treated more than 6,300 pregnant women in 2006, up from about 3,800 in 2002. But doctors say the number of individual women doesn't tell the whole story. Each patient needs ongoing care during her pregnancy, accounting for a combined 36,292 prenatal visits to both agencies in 2006, an 84 percent increase from 19,718 in 2002. The Orange County Health Department, which has a higher patient load, has opened two additional sites for obstetrics care in recent months and is trying to recruit more nurse practitioners. "Almost as soon as we open [a new location], we're fully booked with appointments," said Patricia Nolen, the department's program director for women's health. Yet the problem is not simply the rising numbers -- it's that more patients are uninsured. Many are illegal immigrants, who do not qualify for government coverage for the poor through Medicaid. But there's also a growing number of uninsured U.S. citizens who earn slightly too much to qualify for Medicaid but too little to buy private insurance. As a result, providers are treating more women but getting paid for a smaller proportion of their clients. For example, about 80 percent of the prenatal patients at the Orange County Health Department were covered by Medicaid in the past, leaving about 20 percent who were uninsured. Today, the breakdown is closer to 50-50, said Dr. Kevin Sherin, Health Department director. Statewide, an estimated 650,000 women of childbearing age have no coverage. "There's a significant number of moms who cannot access health insurance for a variety of reasons," Sherin said. This creates crushing budget demands for centers that serve these women. Demand keeps growing Danielle Phillips, 21, is among the thousands of prenatal patients at the Orange County Health Department. She works in a clothing store and didn't have medical insurance when she became pregnant. Phillips now is covered by Medicaid and grateful for the care she receives at a clinic near her home. "I really like it there," she said. "I was surprised at how well they take care of you." It's expensive to provide the services. This fiscal year, the Orange County Health Department expects to bring in about $3 million from a variety of funding sources to cover women's-health expenditures. However, the total cost of the services is expected to run about $3.4 million, creating a $400,000 shortfall. Officials say illegal immigrants are contributing to the crisis because of their growing numbers and lack of insurance because of restrictions on the use of Medicaid for non-U.S. citizens. The Pew Hispanic Center estimates there are about 850,000 illegal immigrants in Florida and about 12 million nationwide. In Florida, these women can get short-term Medicaid coverage for prenatal care while their paperwork is processed, but they quickly drop off the rolls when they do not have valid Social Security numbers and required documentation. As a result, the bulk of their pregnancy care is uncovered. One way to gauge the growing burden in Florida is through the state's "emergency Medicaid deliveries" that cover births by non-U.S. citizens. Many of these emergency patients are undocumented, and state statistics show a fourfold increase in their numbers since 1996. That year, Medicaid paid for 4,556 emergency deliveries at a cost of more than $10 million in state and federal funds. By 2006, the number surged to 20,099 deliveries costing more than $85 million. Turning away patients Illegal immigrants are just part of the prenatal-care picture. The overall population boom in Florida has been straining the system for years, said Ann Davis, immediate past president of the Florida Association of Healthy Start Coalitions. The coalitions are private, nonprofit groups that help poor, pregnant women and their babies throughout the state. Davis said Healthy Start's budget was flat for years, and even with an increase last year, there aren't enough funds. "For years, we did not have any increases, and yet, the fastest-growing segment of our population are young women of child-bearing age," Davis said. "This is not rocket science. There's not going to be enough" money to serve everyone. Many counties are sounding the alarm about the problems they see down the road. In Okaloosa County, the crisis already forced the Health Department to stop offering prenatal care in July. The small county went from an average of 30 to 40 prenatal cases each month to more than 130 a month in recent years. Dr. Karen Chapman, the department director, said her local Healthy Start coalition was providing about $167,000 annually to help pay for prenatal services, but the actual cost was almost four times that much. After covering the shortfall for years, the department couldn't do it anymore. Chapman said poor women now must travel to clinics in other counties or see private doctors willing to put them on payment plans. In the end, she said, some women surely are falling through the cracks. "It was a very painful and difficult and traumatic decision for us," Chapman said, "but even as a government agency, we still have to make payroll and pay our bills. It's just a real tragic situation." A look at solutions In Orange County, advocates for the poor are pushing for a number of changes: The state could increase the income limits for Medicaid eligibility, as other states have done, so more poor women would qualify for coverage, said Linda Sutherland, executive director of the Orange County Healthy Start Coalition. Florida could fund prenatal care for illegal immigrants. Williams said this would be a cost-saver in the long run because women with inadequate prenatal care are more likely to have low-birthweight babies, who often require expensive hospitalizations. Taxpayers end up footing the bill for their care one way or another, he said. "The immigrant issue is a tough one that people aren't going to agree on," Williams said. "I think there are moral issues here, and there's a right thing to do, but you don't even have to feel that way to see that there are also economic issues." Private doctors could bring much-needed manpower to the system. In Brevard County, the Health Department has recruited local obstetricians to work for hourly wages in its clinics. Dr. Heidar Heshmati, department director, said the system is financially viable because the hourly compensation is slightly less than what the department can bring in through Medicaid reimbursements. Until something is done, medical providers expect to grapple regularly with the prenatal-care demands of their communities. More closings are possible. "It's clearly one of the options that [groups] have to keep in mind," said Dr. William Sappenfield, state epidemiologist with the Florida Department of Health. "They do have a limited budget, so they have to figure out how to provide services, and if they spend money in one direction," then less remains for other needs.


Nevada already blows a whopping $630 million a year to provide its rapidly growing illegal immigrant population with public services that should be reserved for legal U.S. residents.

No. Of Illegal Aliens On Welfare Doubles In Nevada

Last Updated: Tue, 11/03/2009 - 12:51pm

A relatively new federal program that allows illegal immigrants to use their American-born anchor babies to collect welfare for the entire family has expanded nationwide and nearly doubled in a western state that already spends hundreds of millions of dollars to provide undocumented residents with public services.

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program (TANF) was created by the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services a few years ago so that illegal aliens could get monthly welfare checks to help support the entire family. It is the only public assistance program where parents can apply in their children's name as opposed to applying in their own. It also does not require parents to demonstrate that they are in the U.S. legally since most aren't.
In Nevada alone, the TANF program's caseload has grown 96% since the recession hit the state like an atomic bomb two years ago. A news report reveals that around 4,250 of the families receiving the benefit in Nevada have "mixed immigration status." In other words, U.S. taxpayers are supporting thousands of illegal alien families because they have at least one anchor baby.
Nevada already blows a whopping $630 million a year to provide its rapidly growing illegal immigrant population with public services that should be reserved for legal U.S. residents. The Silver State spends $470 million annually to educate the children of illegal immigrants in public schools and an additional $45 million for limited English programs. Eighty five million goes to healthcare for illegal immigrants and $31 to incarcerate them.

The amnesty-promoting National Council of La Raza and its Development Fund have received millions in federal funds to "counsel" their constituents on obtaining mortgages with little to no money down; the group almost succeeded in attaching a $10 million earmark for itself in one of the housing bills past this spring.

Illegal aliens are also largely responsible for Nevada's home foreclosure crisis, reportedly the nation's worst. Around 5 million fraudulent mortgages nationwide are in the hands of illegal aliens, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and it is no secret that a substantial chunk of them are in Nevada.

September 25, 2008
It's also no accident that the vast majority of the mortgages already defaulted on or about to default come from states where illegal immigration is the most rampant. According to the New York Times: California, Arizona, Texas and Florida. It was time to scam America internally and externally.

The mortgages, with an average size of about $450,000, were Alt-A loans -- the kind often referred to as liar loans, because lenders made them without the usual documentation to verify borrowers' incomes or savings. Some of the loans came only via an on-line application with no appearance of the person getting the loan was needed. Nearly 60 percent of the loans were made in California, Florida and Arizona, where home prices rose -- and subsequently fell -- faster than almost anywhere else in the country.
But there's so much more, according to blogger and journalist Michelle Malkin:
Regional reports across the country have decried the subprime meltdown's impact on illegal immigrant "victims." A July report showed that in seven of the 10 metro areas with the highest foreclosure rates, Hispanics represented at least one-third of the population; in two of those areas -- Merced and Salinas-Monterey, Calif. -- Hispanics comprised half the population. The amnesty-promoting National Council of La Raza and its Development Fund have received millions in federal funds to "counsel" their constituents on obtaining mortgages with little to no money down; the group almost succeeded in attaching a $10 million earmark for itself in one of the housing bills past this spring. ( Proving corruption in high levels of our government) our SENATORS are operating in a Clandestine manner.
"The principal beneficiaries of our current immigration policy are affluent Americans who hire immigrants at substandard wages for low-end work. Harvard economist George Borjas estimates that American workers lose $190 billion annually in depressed wages caused by the constant flooding of the labor market at the low-wage end." Christian Science Monitor


LA RAZA'S MOTTO IS: "For the Race, everything. For others, nothing!"


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