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LA RAZA SUPREMACIST BETO O’ROURKE… openly endorsed by Mexico!
O’Rourke tweeted his support for hundreds of undocumented people into American communities.

“Many thanks to volunteers & donors who ensure that we take care of families being released by ICE in El Paso. 200 to be released today. Over 500 tomorrow.” BETO O’ROURKE
 We’ve got an even more ominous enemy within our borders that promotes “Reconquista of Aztlan” or the reconquest of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas into the country of Mexico.

Top 5 Voter Fraud Cases Along Texas Border in 2018

A woman places her ballot paper in the box during early voting for the mid-term elections in Sylmar, California on November 3, 2018. (Photo by Mark RALSTON / AFP) (Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

In a year fraught with voter fraud allegations, many of which resulted in prosecutions across Texas, counties along the Mexican border stood out as hotbeds for investigative activities.

Here are the top 5 voter fraud cases along the Texas border in 2018:
1.  Three arrested in Starr County investigation for fraudulently filling in mail-in ballots–one for a dead person.
In January, authorities arrested Ernestina Barron, 50, a Rio Grande City school district employee, on three counts of election fraud and three counts of a fraudulent application for a mail-in ballot for filling out applications illegally for other voters in an earlier election. Days later, officials charged Erika Lozano-Pelayo, 37, after she purportedly submitted an absentee ballot for a voter who died but remained on the voter registration rolls. A third woman, Belinda Garcia, 45, surrendered to the Starr County Special Crimes Unit on a charge of fraudulently applying for a mail-in ballot. She reportedly said the voter was disabled but this was not true.
2. 14 Hidalgo County residents charged in voter fraud scheme. 
A total of 14 residents were arrested for their purported roles in a voter scheme that recruited people to falsely claim residential addresses so they could vote in specific races and manipulate the results of a 2017 Edinburg city election. Investigators with the Hidalgo County DA’s office, the Texas Rangers, and Office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton initially arrested four of the suspects in May 2018, all of whom illegally voted in that 2017 election. One was a convicted human smuggler serving probation who voted illegally. Two claimed to live in the city’s limits, but, in fact, resided elsewhere. Another suspect was only charged with making a false statement on a voter registration form. In June, county officials charged a fifth person with two counts of illegal voting. Then, in November, nine more were arrested. The investigation continues and more arrests may come in 2019.
3. Non-U.S. citizen indicted for leading “voter assistance” ring that targeted elderly and disabled voters in Hidalgo County.
In June, a Hidalgo County grand jury indicted Marcela Guttierrez, a non-U.S. citizen on an illegal voting charge for misleading a voter to believe she was demonstrating how to use a voting machine when, actually, Guttierez voted for a slate of candidates she was paid to support in a June 2016 Hidalgo city runoff election. Two of her fellow campaign workers, Sylvia Arojano and Sara Ornelas, also were charged with seven counts of unlawfully assisting voters. Reportedly, Arojano is married to a school board member for the Hidalgo County school district.
4. Poll watcher accuses Hidalgo city official of unlawfully assisting a voter in the 2018 midterm.
In December, the Texas Secretary of State escalated a voter fraud complaint to Paxton’s office. A poll watcher accused Hidalgo City Councilman Rodolfo “Rudy” Franz of unlawfully assisting a voter during the 2018 midterm election’s early voting period. The complaint alleged that Franz suggested and instructed the voter on who to vote for on their ballot even though Franz was asked multiple times by election workers to stop.
5. Texas Democratic Party accused of encouraging noncitizens to vote in 2018 November midterm in Rio Grande Valley.
An October complaint accused the Texas Democratic Party of mailing “altered” voter registration applications to noncitizens in the Rio Grande Valley. The mailers allegedly had the U.S. citizenship box pre-checked, creating false claims to voter eligibility. The document urged recipients to vote in the November midterm election. The box asking if a voter will be 18 years of age on or before election day also was pre-filled. The Public Interest Legal Foundation, an election integrity law firm, alerted Starr and Hidalgo county district attorneys, Paxton, Texas Secretary of State Rolando Pablos, and the U.S.  Department of Justice (DOJ) about the complaint. Subsequently, Pablos referred the complaint to Paxton’s office for further investigation.
While Texas border voter fraud cases permeated Breitbart News coverage, other high profiles cases in the Lone Star State garnered honorable mentions:
Texas AG to prosecute three indicted on nine counts of voter fraud in Nueces County 2016 Democratic primary runoff.
Paxton announced his office would prosecute three residents indicted by a grand jury on nine counts of voter fraud stemming back to a May 2016 Nueces County Democratic primary runoff election. County Clerk Kara Sands presented data to a local commissioners court in January that unmasked the alleged voter fraud.
Salvadoran illegal immigrant living in East Texas since the 1980s was indicted on voter fraud and immigration violations charges.
In June, Texas prosecutors indicted Salvadoran national Mario Obdulio Orellana, 57, who lived illegally in the state since the 1980s. Officials said Orellana purportedly falsified documents to obtain a U.S. birth certificate, applied for and received a U.S. passport and a Social Security number. Prosecutors said Orellano claimed to be a U.S. citizen when he registered to vote and fraudulently cast a ballot in the 2016 presidential election.
Mexican national faces deportation after pleading guilty to voter fraud in Texas.
In September, Mexican national Laura Janeth Garza, 38, pleaded guilty to voter fraud charges for voting in three election cycles, including 2016. She did so by stealing a Texan’s identity to obtain a U.S. passport and Social Security number. The American citizen victim learned about the fraud when she tried to apply for a passport in her own name and discovered Garza already did so. Garza was sentenced to 10 years in jail, after which she will be deported.
Texas AG: Democratic Party leader funded “voter fraud ring” in Tarrant County.
In October, Paxton’s office indicted four North Texas women for their alleged roles in a “voter fraud ring” that targeted the elderly in select northern Fort Worth precincts during the March 2016 Democrat Party primary election. Subsequently released court documents revealed the ringleader, Leticia Sanchez, 57, allegedly paid her co-defendants with funds provided by the then Tarrant County Democratic Party Executive Director, Stuart Clegg. The scheme reportedly intended to influence the outcome of certain down-ballot races. Allegedly, they did this by “seeding” or proliferating mail-in ballots through forged signatures and altering historical applications, then resubmitting them without the voter’s knowledge.
In Texas, illegal voting is a second degree felony punishable up to 20 years in $10,000 fine. Making a false statement on a voter registration application is a Class B misdemeanor.
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"Mexicans cheat, distribute drugs, lie, forge documents, STEAL and kill a s if it’s a normal way of life. For them, it is. Mexico’s civilization stands diametrically opposed to America’s culture.:  FROSTY WOOLDRIDGE
One of the most serious of those crimes involves the theft of the identities of millions of United States citizens and lawfully-admitted immigrants whose citizenship, lawful immigrant status and good names are valued commodities that provide millions of illegal aliens with a sort of “camouflage.” MICHAEL CUTLER

Electoral Fraud: the Real Record

When Donald Trump was running for office, he raised the issue of fraudulent votes. As with everything else Trump has said, it was instantly attacked and ridiculed by the media. Since then, the idea has been dismissed by MSM journalists who have insisted that there have not been any cases of illegal voting.
Recently, though, the novel possibility of fraudulent votes in favor of aRepublican candidate has made the MSM do a 180o while reiterating that such things have never happened favoring Democratic candidates. As with many other topics, MSM journalists have blatantly lied. Here are a few recent instances of illegal voting:
  • In 2014, NBC found dozens of illegal aliens voting in Florida.
  • In Kansas, Victor David Garcia Bebek, a Peruvian national, voted in 2012 and 2014.
  • In November 2016, there were 6,540 same-day registrants in New Hampshire who registered to vote in New Hampshire using out-of-state driver’s licenses to prove their identity.
  • In Sacramento, California, two illegal aliens voted five times in 2016.
  • The Public Interest Legal Foundation found over a thousand persons whovoted illegally in Virginia.
  • In Cincinnati, a poll worker found her dead neighbor's name on an active voter registry.
  • In Maryland, several Democratic city governments are allowing noncitizens to fraudulently vote in elections.
  • In Ft. Worth, Leticia Sanchez formed a mail-in voter fraud ring, which included helping a blind voter. Just prior to being arrested, she warned her minions that a group of “malicious people” were investigating.
  • Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes refused to turn over voting records on the counting and collection of ballots, despite the law saying she had to. There were many irregularities in that 2018 election, such as there being more voters on rolls than actual citizens. s Some 80,000 individuals filled out blank voting forms. Broward County has seen past instances of voter fraud, always in favor of Democrats, the key beingabsentee ballots. “Irregularities” also occurred in Santa Rosa, Citrus, and Okaloosa counties. To date, no one has been arrested.
  • California turned solid blue in 2018, thanks partly to fraud through “ballotharvesting.”
  • Nine Mexican-Americanswere caught in Edinburg, Texas for engaging in voter fraud.
  • Elsewhere in Texas, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), alerted district attorneys in Starr and Hidalgo Counties about altered voter applicationssent by the Texas Democratic Party to South Texas noncitizens.
  • Again in Texas, Marcela Gutierrez, a noncitizen, was indicted by a Hidalgo County for marking a ballotwithout a voter’s consent in a 2016 election.
  • More than 4,500 ballots were cast in Milwaukee than registered voters in the 2018 election.
  • In North Carolina, 24 illegal aliens were caught voting in the 2016 elections. 19 foreign nationals were also charged.
  • “The Public Interest Legal Foundation, a nonprofit specializing in election integrity, found that non-Americans are being added to voter rolls in states such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia. The group says that a large portion of the non-citizens even managed to cast their ballots in elections as well. For instance, in 2017, the group found that nearly 5,600 people on the voter rolls in Virginia were deemed as non-citizens, with a third of them voting in previous elections.”
  • This summer, 19 noncitizens were indicted for voting in the 2016 election.
  • More than 3,000 foreign nationals were removed from voter rolls across 13 sanctuary jurisdictions from 2006 to 2018, most of them in Virginia.
  • In 2016, North Carolina saw hundreds of instances of double voting, voter impersonation, and noncitizen voting.
  • Bexar County in Texas, which contains San Antonio, concealed records of noncitizen voting.
  • Meantime, nearby Harris County (Houston), refused to allow inspection of voter rolls.
  • Charges of election fraud and fraudulent application for ballot by mail were leveled at Erika Lozano-Pelayo of Starr County is located west of McAllen, Texas. Starr County is one of 13 counties reporting more than 100% voter registration. At the same time, Ernestina Barron was arrested on three counts of election fraud, and three counts of a fraudulent application for ballot by mail.
  • 5,500 noncitizens discovered on Virginia voter rolls.
  • In 2015, 141 U.S. counties were found to have more registered voters than people.
  • 7.2 million voters are registered in multiple states.
  • In 2016, in Marion County, Indiana, 12 employees of a Democratic-linked voter recruitment organization were caught submitting fake voter registration applications.
  •  Rhode Island was found to have 150,000 names in voter rolls which should not have been there.
  • 2017 report showed that at minimum, there were 45,000 duplicate voters in 2016.
  • The Public Interest Legal Foundation reported that there are more than 100,000 non-U.S. citizens are registered voters in Pennsylvania.
  • In 2018, California's DMV admitted registering 1,500 foreigners to vote in U.S. elections.
  • Habersham County, Georgia’s Mud Creek precinct had 276 registered voters, yet 670 votes were cast in a May 2018 primary.
  • In 2018, a volunteer for the Beto campaign urged followers to transport undocumented aliens to the polls.
  • Again in 2018 in California, there were 23,000 California DMV voter-registration failures.
  • In 2018, a number of Democratic-controlled cities (San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and others) opened up voting rights to illegal aliens. In fact, San Francisco spent $385,000 to help 61 noncitizens vote illegally.
  • The gadfly Project Veritas filmed a Hispanic poll voter telling someone to bring in illegals to vote. The individual has not been arrested.
  • And speaking of being filmed, Florida Democratic Party attorney Leonard Samuels, declared that destroying ballots is not fraud.
  • In 2017, Jonathan Marks, commissioner for Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Commissions, Elections, and Legislation, confirmed that noncitizens had voted hundreds of times in elections.
  • In 2010, two Democratic officials in Michigan, Jason Bauer and Mike McGuinness, conspired to defraud the election. They were given a slap on the wrist when caught.
  • In California, 194 people voted more than once in the 2016 presidential primary. None were arrested.
  • In Hialeah in 2012, Deisy Penton de Cabrera was found with numerous ballots that didn’t belong to her. The ballots she had belonged to elderly people, most of whom were blind, deaf, or had Alzheimer’s.
  • In Arkansas, Former Democratic State Rep. Hudson Hallum, his father, and a few campaign workers altered ballots and were caught and arrested.
  • The Los Angeles County Registrar dismissed accusations of ballot miscounting in the 2018 election.
Keep in mind also that these are just a tiny portion of detected transgressions. How many more illegal acts have occurred that have gone unnoticed? After all,voting illegally is child’s play, with no checks and balances and a minimum of negative repercussions. Since Republican voters are almost always the victim and the Republican Party is without doubt the Stupid Party, this stomach-churning travesty will continue.

Texas Democrats asking non-citizens to vote

The Public Interest Legal Foundation has alerted the Justice Department to a gambit by Texas Democrats to get non-citizens to vote.

The state party sent out a voter registration form asking non-citizens to sign up, with the citizenship box already checked "yes."

The Public Interest Legal Foundation alerted district attorneys and the federal Justice Department to the pre-checked applications, and also included a signed affidavit from a man who said some of his relatives, who aren't citizens, received the mailing.
"This is how the Texas Democratic Party is inviting foreign influence in an election in a federal election cycle," said Logan Churchwell, spokesman for the PILF, a group that's made its mark policing states' voter registration practices.

The Texas secretary of state's office said it, too, had gotten complaints both from immigrants [sic] and from relatives of dead people who said they got mailings asking them to register.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott vowed to investigate.

"If true there will be serious consequences," he said.

This is an open invitation for voter fraud on a large scale, and the way the Democrats went about it defies belief:

The applications were pre-addressed to elections officials, which is likely what left many voters to believe they were receiving an official communication from the state.

But the return address was from the State Democratic Executive Committee, and listed an address in Austin that matches the state Democratic Party's headquarters.

The letter is emblazoned with "Urgent!  Your voter registration deadline is October 9."  It continues: "Your voter registration application is inside.  Complete, sign and return it today!"

On the application, boxes affirming the applicant is both 18 and a U.S. citizen are already checked with an "X" in the Yes field.
The mailing also urges those who are unsure if they're registered to "Mail it in."

Dead people were also being asked to vote.
Sam Taylor, spokesman for Texas's secretary of state, said they heard from people whose relatives were receiving mail despite having passed away 10 years ago or longer.  One woman said her child, who'd been dead 19 years, got a mailing asking to register.

"It looks like a case of really bad information they are using to send out these mailers," Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor is being very charitable.  I doubt very much whether it's "bad information" being used by Democrats. 

How many other state Democratic Parties send out similar requests to non-citizens and haven't been caught?  Are we to believe that one party in one state came up with this idea all on its own?  Perhaps, but not likely. 

Many liberals believe that anyone in the United States – citizen or non-citizen – should be able to vote.  If they want to make that argument and change the law to make it happen, they are more than welcome to try.  Of course, if they run on that issue, they will get slaughtered at the polls.  So instead of going to the American people and working to change the law, they try an underhanded dirty trick to achieve the same goal.

Someone should go to jail for this ruse.

DREAMers tell of going ballot-harvesting in California to flip the House blue

It was one of those tug-on-the-heartstrings, tear-jerking, carefully curated narratives about DREAMers we're supposed to read and respond to with sympathy.
But a story that ran in the Los Angeles Times yesterday accidentally did more to raise questions about the issue of ballot-harvesting in California than any raving right-wing tome could ever do.
The Times describes how California's famed ballot-harvesters, who flipped places such as Orange County blue by "helping" fill out, turn in, and continue to turn in ballots from otherwise uncommitted voters until they got the result they wanted, aren't actually U.S. citizens.  Here are the DREAMers in action, "helping" the voters to vote the way they wanted:
In California, Dreamers like Cruz phoned voters, walked precincts and protested outside Republican lawmakers' offices, reaching people who had not been called or visited by either party. Their efforts helped boost turnout among Latinos in this year's midterm election – 29 million nationwide were eligible to vote, according to the Pew Research Center – which is projected to surpass levels higher than in past presidential election years, political analysts said.
An analysis of data from eight states by the Latino Policy and Politics Initiative at UCLA found the Latino vote grew by an estimated 96% from 2014 to 2018, compared with 37% among non-Latinos.  The surge, researchers said, helped move 20 House districts held by Republicans to Democratic control in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, Florida, New Jersey and New York.
Here's how they actually did it:
Half an hour later, she was helping Silva look up candidates as he filled out his ballot by the light of her phone.  "I'm glad you guys came," he said.  "I was going to leave it in my drawer."
The story doesn't say what the DREAMer/ballot-harvester would do if the voter decided to vote some other way from the way she wanted him to fill his ballot out.  The incurious reporter omitted the obvious question from that heart-tugging scene: Did this foreigner tell the indifferent man how to fill out his ballot?  Let's just say the reporter showed a strong interest, based on the rest of her reportage, in protecting the foreigner from any accusation of illegal voting.
But only a fool would think she didn't tell the indifferent man whom to vote for, effectively voting by proxy.
This pretty well amounts to foreign nationals voting, without any fear of prosecution.  That changes the nature of the election and, in fact, the U.S. republic itself.  Voting up until now has been a practice reserved for citizens.  Today, non-citizens vote – by getting hold of indifferent Americans and in a perfectly legal setup in California, filling in the ballots by proxy, with no fingerprints visible.  Who knows what kind of coercion may be employed by some of them?  
And even more disturbingly, if DREAMers can do that to promote their own political agenda, what's to stop other foreigners, with far more malign agendas, from doing it?  Shall a team of Russian or Chinese agents, Arab terrorists, or Mexican cartels, be next to help harvest the ballots?  (You know the Chinese are thinking about it.)  They're as foreign as DREAMers, and it would be perfectly legal under current California law.  Ballot-harvesting, which is illegal in most states, makes this all possible.  What's to stop the Chinese from running an agent (as recent CIA busts show, it doesn't need to be a Chinese-American) and then sending their goons and agents to the houses of Chinese-American voters in Chinese-American neighborhoods, to insist that they vote for Beijing's candidate? They'd have the additional pull of being able to warn those voters about repercussions against family back home and don't think they wouldn't dream of using it.
What it means now is that the House has been flipped in no small part by foreigners, who not only cast one ballot, but may have cast dozens and dozens of ballots, all from the advantages of ballot-harvesting.
It sounds as though it's time for a constitutional amendment to end this fiasco should the GOP retake the House in 2020, or we can forget about the integrity of the ballot entirely.  Spread the news of this de facto foreign voting far and wide.
Image credit: Pax Ahimsa GethenCC BY-SA 4.0.

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