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GROPER AND POTTY MOUTH BRIBES SUCKER JOE BIDEN URGES 'DECENCY' AND 'DIGNITY'... So really it all starts with a revival of Biden groping, touching, and sniffing women

The Indecency of Joe Biden

Decent people don’t go around telling other people to call them decent. That’s what crooks do.
Daniel Greenfield
Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.
Quick, when I say “Joe Biden”, you say, “decency”.
"Vote for decency, vote for dignity," Senator Amy Klobuchar said in her endorsement of Biden.
Biden, Senator Kamala Harris, claimed in her endorsement, would, "restore truth, honor, and decency."
Michael Bloomberg endorsed Biden, arguing that he possesses, “decency, honesty and commitment."
Pete Buttigieg hailed Biden’s, “fundamental decency”, which he mentioned three times on MSNBC.
"Joe Biden is decent. He’s kind. He’s caring. He’s empathetic," insisted Beto O'Rourke.
These were obviously coincidences. There's no reason to think that Tom Perez had been working Amy, Beto, Pete, Kamala, and Michael over with a wet towel and talking points in the basement of the DNC.
If you doubt that, here's more of the decency parade.
Susan Rice, a woman who once had decency droned, endorsed Biden's "compassion and decency". As did her former colleague, Samantha Power, praising Biden's, "empathy and decency". As did James Comey, “restore decency, dignity to the office”, John Kerry, “his ability to persevere, his decency”, and David Axelrod, “character, empathy, decency”. And David Axelrod, a sleazebag who dragged Obama to the White House by exposing his political opponent’s private divorce records, knows all about decency.
"Biden is one of the most honest, decent, practical, & experienced individuals with whom I have ever worked," gushed John Brennan.
Since Brennan, a former CIA director now works for NBC News, that’s probably true, if not high praise.
Virtually every Democrat member of the House and Senate, institutions that are universally hailed as decent, virtuous, and honest, who endorsed Biden cited his incredibly mind-blowing “decency”. And then went on to praise him as “the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being.”
Decent people don’t go around telling other people to call them decent. That’s what crooks do.
Decency isn’t especially high praise. It’s just expected. Having dozens of politicians and political appointees, a professional class whose level of decency could only be exceeded by the occupants of a maximum-security prison, line up to testify to your decency is a defensive admission of indecency.
But Joe Biden doesn’t settle for having other people falsely claim that he’s decent. He insists he is.
After winning South Carolina, thanks to an endorsement from House Whip James Clyburn, the king of state pork, who had praised Louis Farrakhan and defended Rep. Conyers over allegations of sexual misconduct because he thought the women accusing him were white, Biden praised his own decency.
“This all starts with a revival of decency and honesty and character,” he insisted.
Rep. Clyburn has been claiming that Biden was having trouble because he was afraid to touch women.
Clyburn called Biden "a feeler, toucher kind of guy" who had "become a victim of the #MeToo movement.”
So really it all starts with a revival of Biden groping, touching, and sniffing women.
“What drives you?” Biden was asked. “Decency and honor,” he replied. Leaving out modesty.
What sort of man goes around touting his own decency? An extremely indecent man.
Biden and his campaign have to constantly tout his decency because that’s a quality that he lacks at a cellular level. He’s never been a decent man or done anything decent in his long and sordid life.
It's like the time that Biden told a man, "I probably have a much higher I.Q. than you do. I went to law school on a full academic scholarship, the only one in my class to have a full academic scholarship." Then he falsely claimed, that he "ended up in the top half of my class.″
Then he made up a bunch of other stuff that also never happened like graduating with three degrees.
Biden told those lies because he’s not smart. He was a C student who graduated at the bottom of his class. And he keeps insisting that he has decency because, like brains, that’s another missing element.
Biden’s long career of plagiarism, compulsive lying, groping, and corruption never had much in the way of decency to it. The first time he ran for the White House, he had to drop out because he insisted on plagiarizing his speeches and making up stories that never happened. And he’s never stopped doing it.
"I marched in the civil rights movement," Biden falsely claimed in 1987.
"I had the great honor of being arrested with our U.N. ambassador on the streets of Soweto," he lied this year about an arrest while trying to see Nelson Mandela that never happened.
Back then, Biden was the youngest candidate, now he’s the oldest, but all he did was slow down. Decency is just another of the many things that he lies about when running for higher office.
"Joe Biden's biggest assets: his decency," the Los Angeles Times claims. "Decency is the secret to Joe Biden's resiliency," the New York Daily News argues.
Except where is that actual decency?
On the campaign trail, Biden called an Iowa voter, "fat", then he challenged him to take an IQ test. It’s a familiar taunt from 1987, just like his lie about the civil rights movement dates back to the eighties.
Back in the eighties, no word association test involving “Biden” and “decency” would have worked. He isn’t running on decency now because he evolved and became a better person, but a weaker one.
Underneath the halting attempts at gravitas and dignity, Biden is still a jerk. He’s just gotten old and incapable of being as aggressive as he used to be. He ends responses early and mumbles his way through speeches. His gaffes have become legendary. The C student is finally out to lunch.
Once upon a time, Joe Biden could have run on being a fighter. But that time is now past. All he and his people can do is try to dress up his ineptness, poor memory, and worse delivery as dignity and decency.
It’s not that Joe Biden is a poor debater, they insist, he’s just too decent to jump into the mud. Even though anyone who remembers the tactics he used against Paul Ryan can’t help but laugh.
The way Biden did throughout that debate.
Biden couldn’t spell decent and dignified. Just ask his classmates at Dartmouth. But, these days, he can’t spell much of anything. And all his campaign can do is pretend that it’s because he’s above the fray, not because he’s a shambling wreck of the obnoxious braying jackass that he once used to be.
And Biden’s final indecency in a long career of indecencies is to pretend that his ineptitude is principle.
There are men and women in politics who would not sink to that level. But Biden has never had a principle that he wouldn’t borrow on, trade, and cash in. He’s not a fanatic because he doesn’t believe in anything except his own delusions of egotistical grandeur which are based on the most obvious frauds.
At the end of his long career, Joe Biden is getting everyone to call him decent because of his indecency with women, with family members, and his offices, not to mention his failing mental faculties.
All the false claims of Biden’s decency accomplish is exposing everyone who calls him that as being every bit as indecent as the corrupt political hack they’re dragging by his worn heels to the White House.

Biden preaches 'decency' and 'dignity' hours after insulting and threatening a voter

If there's one lesson Joe Biden seems to have gleaned in his five or six decades in public office, it's that it's fine to say black is white, green is orange, red is purple...
So here's the surreal 'product' that comes of it according to CNS News:
Hours after an angry Joe Biden "shushed" one of his female minders and told a union worker in Michigan "you're full of sh**," Biden preached a message of unity and "dignity" in Philadelphia Tuesday night.
"Tonight we are a step closer to restoring decency, dignity and honor to the White House," Biden said, as he headed for a major victory in Tuesday's primaries.
That comes after the last public interaction he had with a voter, poking a finger in to the man's face, and hurling a string of insults, with gems of civility like "don't be such a horse's ass," "you're full of sh**," alongside a vow to take the voter"outside," presumably to beat him up. The video is here.
Biden's statesman-like display to the voter came in response to the man asking Biden, standard-bearer of the Democratic Party, about his bid to expropriate law-abiding citizens' guns, (which Biden misidentified as AR-14s). Instead of soothe the man, which would have been easy, telling him his fears were overblown, Biden responded with a slew of personal insults showing a freakish sort of rage against the very people he expects to vote for him.
It's not exactly a show of civility, let alone "decency," "dignity," or "honor" as he's touting now.
And cripes, this isn't the first time, either.
Last December, he similarly flew off the handle when an old Iowa farmer asked about his "selling access" over the House Biden Ukrainian corruption, and the problems of his age. Instead of answer with civility, Biden challenged the man to a push-up contest and hurled personal insults, basically calling the man fat three times:
 Instead of telling the farmer he's got it wrong, he growls with ad hominem attacks — "You're a damn liar" — and then attacks the man three times for being fat, failing to answer his question. 
It followed with an insult to a second Iowa voter in January:
The video is non-shareable, but it's a doozy — click here to see it.
Biden not only told the man — a Tom Steyer–supporter, as it were — to go vote for someone else on some pipeline disagreement — but poked the guy, palmed the man's chest, and put both mitts to grip the man's jacket openings, something the man remarked would have drawn security if he himself had done that to Biden.  In short, Biden got handsy even with a guy he had a problem with, in a bizarre gesture of aggression.
"I did not expect to be told to leave, to go vote for somebody else, then to be lectured about," Fallon said.
Then  he lost it with a female student, calling her a "lying, dog-faced pony soldier," only half in jest, a strange way to engage a voter, and whatever it was, it didn't look like 'dignity' or 'decency.' It looked like a guy who was "off."
Prior to that, he flew off the handle with other members of he public, telling skeptical voters not to vote for him:
Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared to dismiss voters concerned about his age, saying he didn't want their votes in the 2020 Democratic primary race, clearly unable to offer reassurances about his mental faculties.
“I say if they’re concerned, don’t vote for me,” Biden said while speaking to reporters in Keene, New Hampshire.
A year earlier, he was calling Trump voters "some of them, the dregs of society."
These meltdowns with voters - and there have been many - should be distinguished from his gaffes, which often are not intended to insult.
These are something else -- cold mean statements from a politically corrupted nasty old man who hates people.
As I noted in February, when he looked all washed up (I was wrong about that part):
Second reason he failed had to have been in his string of insults to voters. With the press covering for him, voters took matters into their own hands and asked Biden all about his corrupt deals. Instead of answering them with platitudes, Biden attacked them. He challenged an old fat Iowa farmer to a push-up match, engaging in fat-shaming and other insulting statements. He told another voter to "go vote for someone else." It raised questions: Did Biden want to be there? He seemed to wither like a hothouse protected flower when exposed to actual voters and it was clear he hated them. He lacked the press as a foil for his fight (as Trump did not), so ended up attacking the little guys. Big turnoff. Not a guy you'd want to have a beer with, according to the political-viability estimator. Nobody wants to vote for a mean old man who hates people.
Now that he's back, the fact that he made such a shameless statement about "decency," "dignity" and "honor" which are so at odds with his own repellant behavior with little-guy voters, he comes off as living on another planet. For months, he's demonstrated that he's unable to take political heat, nor respond to challenges in ways that look presidential. The fact that he's bringing up promises that are exactly the opposite of his own behavior, pretty well serves to remind us of how temperamentally unfit he is for public office, any public office.
He's a textbook case of 'what not to do' on matters of decency, honor and dignity

“He’s a totally corrupt swamp thing, and here’s the worst part of his manifest corruption – he doesn’t seem to realize that he’s corrupt, if not personally than in terms of allowing his bum kid to leverage his position. He thinks it’s A-OK for his boy Hoover to cash in all over the globe. After all, that’s what you do, right? That’s part of the benefits package for being in the liberal elite. And all these people fussing and fighting about the paternity test-failing dirtbag getting rich are totally out of line. How dare they? HOW DARE THEY!”

He wants to raise taxes, open the borders, let you pay for illegal aliens’ sex changes, and spark a civil war by taking guns from the people who don’t commit crimes.

Joe Biden? Seriously?

The establishment narrative on Joe Biden is, to put it mildly, malarkey. Gropey J actually is everything the liberals accuse Donald Trump of being – bizarre, vulgar, dumb, corrupt, incompetent, and utterly unfit to be president. But yet the Creepy Veepy is so much more. In the last month, this totally not-senile, not-at-all-weird guy has assembled a track record of freaky behavior that would put mid-eighties Crispin Glover to shame. 
Let’s review…
Corn Pop is old news. Biden’s latest rambling onion-on-the-belt monologue was something about little kids at a pool rubbing his leg hair or something – it’s so random I’m not even linking to it. There’s no best-case scenario here – he’s just creepy.
Then, for no other reason than I guess he felt like a snack, he started gnawing on his wife’s fingers in public and on camera. You know, like people do. You wonder what the thought process there was…
Hey, sure are lots of cameras…gosh, I’m kind of hungry…oh look, an index finger. Yum.
I’m a little surprised he didn’t pull out a packet of ketchup.
But the best part was when some guy pointed out that, you know, Biden’s loser son Lil’ Crackpipe is the poster child for corruption and Sane Joe started spazzing out and calling him “fat” and challenging him to a push-up contest for some reason.
This is just odd. And this is the candidate who, amazingly, is still in the lead for the Democrat nomination.
And then there’s the groping females thing. He still does it occasionally, though the media does its best to curtail coverage of his lecherous creeping. Do you believe there’s any chance at all that he is not going to, at some point, have some horrifying incident with some female at the White House, you know, like grabbing the Queen for a hug n’ rub, or walking absent-mindedly into the press room in a flapping robe with Little Joe and the gang in effect? 
And let’s be charitable. No one has ever called Joe Biden “smart.” Well, maybe as a joke. The fact is that he’s a 40-watt guy in a 100-watt world. Haters say Trump is dumb, but he is demonstrably not dumb. The thing about Trump is that because our garbage elite hates him it tends to ascribe all possible negative characteristics to him regardless of whether they apply. Trump is cunning, crafty and has a keen sense of strategy. You may dislike him, but that does not change the fact that alone, against the full force of the elite and its media serfs, he prevailed and continues to prevail. If Trump, who managed to figure out that it would be a good idea to campaign in Wisconsin, is dumb, what does that make Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit and the sobbing losers who supported her?
No one can seriously argue that Joe Biden is smart, and no one does. They’ll either call you “racist” or start complaining about Trump. But you won’t get anyone comparing the former veep to Stephen Hawking. They just sort of elide past his staggering stupidity, perhaps hoping that whoever he picks for his veep will give him a rubber ball to play with and lock him in an Oval Office closet when it's time to do some presidenting.
He’s a totally corrupt swamp thing, and here’s the worst part of his manifest corruption – he doesn’t seem to realize that he’s corrupt, if not personally than in terms of allowing his bum kid to leverage his position. He thinks it’s A-OK for his boy Hoover to cash in all over the globe. After all, that’s what you do, right? That’s part of the benefits package for being in the liberal elite. And all these people fussing and fighting about the paternity test-failing dirtbag getting rich are totally out of line. How dare they? HOW DARE THEY!
Understand that Biden sees nothing wrong with this. Nothing. And that means there will be exponentially more of it. Hell, the useless DoJ under Trump won’t prosecute obvious graft. Do you think a DoJ that’s thrilled to have a fellow traveler back in the White House is going to root out Biden's business badness? You do? Well, then meet my unicorn Chet.
And SloJoe is utterly incompetent. This is the guy who thought they should let bin Laden skate. As Robert Gates, no Trumpie, said, "I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.
This is the guy who wants to take your doctor, again, and impose another brilliant healthcare reform idea, again – all designed to unscrew the last big healthcare reform the Democrats passed, which he praised as “a big [vulgarity] deal.
He wants to obey that tiresome Swedish teenager’s commands to sacrifice at the altar of the weird weather cult. He wants to appoint all Hawaiian and Scat Franciscan judges. 
He wants to raise taxes, open the borders, let you pay for illegal aliens’ sex changes, and spark a civil war by taking guns from the people who don’t commit crimes.
When you think of a calm, steady, wise presence guiding the nation, you do not think of Joe Biden, though that’s what is allegedly needed to end the nightmare of the Trump presidency – you know, the record job numbers and the lack of stupid new wars. You think of Obama and Stumbles McMyturn, only dumber and touchier.
Just recently, Biden’s campaign ran an ad alleging that foreigners were “laughing” at Donald Trump. Is there any Democrat anywhere who takes America’s side in a dispute with malicious aliens? In any case, those tin pot euroweenies had plenty to cry about – Donald Trump has forced them to pay up for NATO. Of course, that will end too if Joe takes office. We’ll return to business as usual – the business as usual of being shafted for the benefit of the global bigshots.
Basically, we’ll get rid of all the peace and prosperity that Trump has brought and get back to normal – that is, people like us being plundered by the garbage elite.
Trump has a track record of success, and Democrats hate him. Joe has a track record of failure, corruption, and creepiness. Well, I guess we know why the Democrats seem to love him.
It’s out now, my new novel Collapse, the action-packed yet hilarious sequel to People's RepublicIndian Country and Wildfire. Friendless loser Never Trumpers hate it, so you’ll love it.
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And here's the biggest laugh of all: the Democrat party's only hope is a confused old man whose corruption is oozing into the 
open only because the Democrats wagered everything on impeaching President Trump.

The Democratic Party Is Wounded and Dangerous

Beware the wounded animal.  In pain and desperation, it will do violent things.  It seems to me no coincidence that Joe Biden's big win on Super Tuesday was followed by Democratic senator Chuck Schumer threatening conservative members of the Supreme Court on Wednesday.
Joe Biden is hardly Lancelot to President Trump's dragon.  The Democrats and the Deep State needed a first-class warrior; instead, their best option is a walking advertisement for Alzheimer's awareness.  In his best days, Joe Biden was the political equivalent of Jack McCall, shooting his adversaries in the back.  When he wasn't using his position of power for financial gain or stealing other people's words, he was helping his family line their own pockets.  Today, he's a disoriented and stumbling shell of an unimportant political hack who looks on in confusion while his wife does his fighting for him.  If you've ever wondered what happens to the shriveled soul of a lifetime liar and Democratic swindler, just cast your eyes upon Old Joe.  He's a walking, talking effigy of Democratic corruption and amorality.  He's what the Democratic Party usually keeps far off the main stage for the back-alley entertainment; now he's the main event, but no amount of stick-prodding by Donna Brazile or Tom Perez is going to turn Joe Biden into Fred Astaire.  He's a freak-show carnival attraction at best, amazing onlookers by his ability to occasionally jumble audible words together into a sentence.  The Democrats needed a man who could command a movement; all they got was a man who can barely control his own.
I'm not saying President Trump's re-election is in the bag.  Far from it.  We've never seen such an array of villains acting in concert to take down an American president.  The Democratic Party has most of the permanent bureaucratic Deep State (as well as stealthy anti-Trump Republicans), Wall Street, Russia, Iran, China, Venezuela, cosmopolitan Europe, global warming doomsayers, the Middle East's worst terrorists, and domestic Antifa terrorists here at home all actively working to dislodge President Trump from the White House.  In the past, the chiefs of our intelligence agencies and clandestine services retired into relative obscurity, cognizant that duty commanded their silent withdrawal into the pages of history.  After orchestrating a coup against the American president, however, it is not unusual to see the former heads of Obama's CIA, FBI, and NSC all tirelessly justifying their criminal acts on cable news each night.  The corporate news media and institutional government have spent years trying to gin up enough hysteria in the nation that mock beheadings of the president and ritual re-enactments of his assassination during summer theater might lead the American people to clamor for the real thing.
So, no, the 2020 election will not be over until all the votes have been counted on November 3, and it becomes clear that we have successfully preserved Western civilization for at least a little while longer from this most recent manifestation of Vienna's bloody 1683 siege.  All I am saying is that Joe Biden was never meant to be the establishment's champion for resurrecting their oligarchic power.  They wanted a formidable presidential nominee, someone who could check all the right identity politics boxes while stringing words together that were substantively meaningless while singularly inspiring.  Instead, they're settling for a politician past his expiration date who sounds less crème de la crème and more soused in crème de menthe.  The Democratic Party may depend on dead voters to win elections, but running dead candidates is another thing altogether.
So just because the cable news anchors and Carville clones are all high-fiving each other and cheering for managing to narrowly prevent a communist disciple of Stalin and Castro from sewing up the Democratic nomination for president by the beginning of March, don't forget how disappointed they are at heart.  If Biden goes on to clinch the nomination, the Democratic Party will have managed to take all the aloof, plain, manila-folder blandness of John Kerry and combine it with the alertness and energy of a nursing home after pill rounds.  This is the one whom the commentariat is celebrating right now, the guy Obama and the gang blocked from running in 2016 because they felt him not quite up for the challenge when he was four years younger.  The vice president during the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression, the wordsmith who marveled at Obama for being strangely "articulate" for a black guy, and the obtrusive shoulder-rubber whose chief political instinct was to sniff the hair of the wives and daughters of White House officials and visiting dignitaries.  Imagine being in such dire straits because the previous Democratic president so hollowed out the party's future by losing over a thousand elected officials across the country during his time in office that the last, great hope to beat President Trump this year is just hoping to make it to bed each afternoon before saying something so inappropriate or illogical or ridiculous that Red Bernie becomes the Democrat's Dear Leader by default.  For every minute of his few wakeful hours, his handlers have to be on constant guard against the possibility that a voice in Biden's head will scream, "Oh, look, a young child with wonderful-smelling hair."  "Comeback Joe"?  More like "Come back, Joe!"
The Democrats and the Deep State have spent the last four years constructing the greatest wag-the-dog spectacle America's ever seen in an attempt to cover up the malfeasance and criminality of the last administration, while preventing the current one from achieving too many victories.  Considering that Brennan and Comey are still free and Obama and Hillary are still smiling, they've been remarkably successful.  But the Mueller obfuscation and Schiff circus are behind us, the dance music of delay is dying down, and the Democrats' and Deep State's ability to keep pushing back their day of reckoning is coming to an end.  If they don't win in 2020, they cannot keep justice at bay, regardless of how stacked in their favor it has always been in the past.  And standing in the gap as their last-ditch prospect to save them from President Trump's re-election and spare them from long delayed judgment is none other than Corn Pop's archenemy.  The one "reasonable" Democrat in the race who has already burnished his "moderate" credentials by fully embracing Bernie's Green New Deal, Warren's Medicare for All, and Beto's door-to-door gun confiscation.  Nothing says "electable centrist Democrat" like "D'oh!" Biden's full tilt toward Marxist socialism.  No wonder Chuck Schumer sounds like some injured animal in the forest, lashing out at tree branches all around him.  That's what small, weak, dying creatures do when they know the end is near.
Image: Lorie Shaull via Flickr.

Thanks to Rep. Sylvia Garcia, the barn door now is open on the Bidens and the Democrats


Much of the day Thursday at the impeachment show was spent on how innocent the Bidens are of any wrongdoing re: Ukraine.  Rep. Sylvia Garcia had fancy charts and graphs to demonstrate her point:  There was absolutely nothing wrong with Hunter Biden trading on his name to make $50 - 80k a month on the board of a verified corrupt gas company in Ukraine, nor was there anything wrong with Joe's quid pro quo, that the prosecutor investigating that company be fired or a billion dollars in aid would not be forthcoming.  
YouTube screen grab
Perhaps Rep. Garcia should have read Peter Schweizer's new book Profiles in Corruption before assembling her power-point lecture.  The Bidens are among the most corrupt politicians in the US.  And Schweizer's sources, unlike those of our mainstream media,  are not anonymous but hard copy documents.  She might have waited a bit longer for the documents now released that show that Obama met with Ukrainian prosecutors, US embassy officials and faux-whistleblower Eric Ciaramella in January 2016 to discuss Burisma and Hunter Biden's role there.  George Kent, the Democrats' own witness, had  voiced his concern about Hunter Biden's position there but was rebuffed by a Biden aide.   Ciaramella?  Rep. Garcia's overarching defense of the Bidens will very likely come back to haunt the congresswoman from Texas as will Biden's memo to the media not to report on or address the "conspiracy theory" that there was something corrupt about his family's dealings with Ukraine and Burisma.  Biden obviously thinks he can control what the left media will investigate; he thinks this because it has always worked in the past.  That is probably why the NYT never reported on the Obama WH meeting with the Ukrainian prosecutors who were investigating Hunter Biden and Burisima and had been since 2014.
Garcia then contended that President Trump made "the phone call" in July, the transcript of which we are all familiar with, because he was threatened by Biden's rise in the polls!  Does any sentient person believe that?  Of course not.  If there is anyone who knows polls are meaningless it is Donald Trump and his supporters.  And Joe Biden was never, will never be, a threat to Trump's re-election.  He does not know what state he is in from day to day.  He thinks we don't need "standing armies" and that we should be "helping” communist China!  
The man is dangerously oblivious of all things relevant to our national security.  It is hard to imagine Biden even going the distance and becoming the Democrat nominee.  So Rep. Garcia's entire theory is seriously flawed.   We also all know, as do they,  that what Trump was concerned with was not the 2020 election but the 2016 election, since Ukraine's interference to benefit Clinton was beginning to be reported, specifically by Politico in January 2017.  
 But Garcia opened the door even wider than Schiff did  to further discussion of the Bidens' financial malfeasance.   They will have a very difficult time explaining, let alone defending, the many get-rich-quick schemes in which they were involved.  
Meanwhile, the bobble-heads on CNN and MSNBC wax rhapsodic on Schiff's theatrical debut: "dazzling" (Jeffrey Toobin), "powerful and forceful" Wolf Blitzer, "virtuoso performance (Joe Scarborough); there are more and they are all distastefully obsequious.  

Supercut: The media has a fevah and the only cure is more @RepAdamSchiff

This insincere kind of "Flattery corrupts both the receiver and the giver." (Burke)  Schiff and his fans on the Left should not take any comfort from such benighted, self-serving sources. 
Then there is Rudy Guiliani.  The splenetic left media love to mock him but he is about to drop a boatload of info on the corruption in Ukraine that is not going to land on Trump but on the Bidens and all those diplo-thugs who think they should be running  American foreign policy rather than the President.  
The most mystifying aspect of the Left's obsession with removing President Trump from office is what exactly is its motivation.  Yes, prior to the election they were certain they could derail Trump, so yes, they were stupefied when Hillary lost.  But everyone knows by now that the Russia hoax was just that, a hoax cobbled together with a cast of characters from the Clinton campaign and her hired guns (Fusion GPS and Perkins-Coie) to the reprobates at the upper realms of the FBI, the DOJ and CIA.  None of  their investigations have yielded fruit and still they keep digging the hole in which they have already found themselves.  
What is it they so maniacally fear about this man who, in spite of them, has accomplished so much good in just three years?  Is it his promise to drain the swamp which would mean uncovering all their shady money deals that have for generations made them all wealthy while in office? Perhaps.  It is more likely that because he is not a politician but an authentic American patriot who believes this country was founded on great principles, is still a grand and successful experiment, and that but for the intervening presidencies of Marxist socialist utopians like Obama, can be great again.  How dare he!  What an upstart, they think!  We run this place, not some self-made interloper from outside the beltway or Ivy League.
Whatever the reason for the Left's psychopathy regarding President Trump, they have now gone so far over the edge of sanity it is quite likely they will be unable to come back as a legitimate party.  The fact that Pelosi and Schumer have allowed the odious, prevaricating and self-aggrandizing Adam Schiff to carry on like his home is in a tree and that only one or two Democrats have objected to their impeachment crusade to unseat the man proves the party is lost forever.  That horse has left the barn, as has the one that will take the Bidens down and out.   How will it all end?  "It's the natural law of karma, we create our own destiny by our own thoughts, words and deeds for good or ill. (Midsomer Murders)

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