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THE BRIBES SUCKERS - THE DEMOCRAT PARTY AT WORK.... AND FILLING THEIR BOTTOMLESS POCKETS AS THEY DO "How many countries and people are threatened because the Obama administration allowed Russia to buy U.S. uranium assets after they gave massive kickbacks to the Clintons?"

San Francisco is a disaster about which Nancy Pelosi she cares nothing.  It is a city ravaged by drug abuse, homelessness, rampant crime and all the other scourges of leftism.  She lives extravagantly in her gated mansion.  She lives a life of wealth and privilege in city suffering a civilizational collapse created and orchestrated by her own party.  She revels in it.  She has become a near-billionairess by way of politics of the most corrupt variety.  She is indeed a cancer on the body politic. PATRICIA McCARTHY

Shouldn't Pelosi investigate how many deaths Obama/Biden policies caused?

For the past few years most of the media and other Democrats have tried to take out Trump with intentional lies about Russian collusion and endless investigations about Russia and other things. 
Now, they are trying to take him out by saying that he is causing many deaths because he purportedly reacted too slowly to the virus from China. They are even calling him a racist because he truthfully calls it the Chinese virus or Wuhan virus. They are clearly more respectful of China, where they lied continuously about the virus, than they are of Trump. A significant number of media outlets are even censuring the daily press conferences.
For the past few days, we have been treated to the media building up the deplorable, despicable Pelosi, who hung out in San Francisco for a week and delayed aid for days as she larded up the bailout bill with special interest money, while trashing Trump. Why isn’t the media trashing Pelosi instead of praising her for what she did?  Now she says Trump should be investigated for his slow response and blaming him for the deaths.  Pelosi will soon be larding up a new bill with more pork and radical leftist policies.
On Sunday, we were also treated to a Democrat campaign worker on Meet the Press, posing as Chuck Todd,  asking the brilliant Biden if Trump had blood on his hands.
Biden and Pelosi should be asked how many more people would have died if Trump listened to the experts at the World Health Organization in mid-January when they repeated the Chinese propaganda that the virus wouldn’t spread human to human. Why do so many claim Trump knewthe problem months ago when WHO said they didn’t know in January? How many more people would have died if Trump hadn’t clamped down on travel from China at the end of January, while Pelosi, the media and other Democrats fiddled with impeachment?
Good reporters would ask Pelosi and Biden how many people would have died if they were in charge, since they called the travel restrictions racist and an overreaction? In February, Pelosi even encouraged people to go to Chinatown and she claims Trump reacted too late!
How many more people would have die if Biden and Pelosi get their way and we stop using oil? How would the medical supplies, equipment and drugs move around the U.S. and the World without planes, ships, trucks and planes?
Maybe journalists should ask Governors Newsom and the brilliant Cuomo, leftists who also want to stop using oil, how many more people would die if they didn’t have hospital ships powered by oil?
How come the brilliant Cuomo had no idea that there were thousands of idle ventilators sitting in a warehouse while he was trashing the federal government for a shortage?
How many more people would die if we kept relying on China for so much of our medical needs, as we have ever since Obama/Biden said manufacturing was gone for good?
If Pelosi, the media or anyone else would like to investigate an administration for causing deaths she should look at the Obama/Biden years. There is a treasure trove of examples:
How many Worldwide deaths occurred because Obama pulled all troops out of Iraq and allowed ISIS, who Obama called the JV team, to greatly expand their power?
How many people died because Obama/Biden didn’t declare a national emergency for six months after the swine flu pandemic hit? How many died because they didn’t shut down the economy?
How many people are dying today because Obama/Biden didn’t replenish the medical supply and equipment inventory after it was depleted by the swine flu pandemic? Why didn’t they prepare? Why is Trump being blamed for the shortfall.
How many extra people died because costs skyrocketed under Obamacare mandates and life expectancy went down for four straight years?
How many lives were saved after Trump lifted the individual mandate, costs stabilized, people again had freedom of choice and life expectancy ticked back up in 2019?
How many deaths were caused in Ukraine because Obama/Biden refused to give them defensive weapons because that would have made Putin mad?
How many deaths have been caused because Obama/Kerry allowed Putin to monitor Assad and his chemical weapons?
How many countries and people are threatened because the Obama administration allowed Russia to buy U.S. uranium assets after they gave massive kickbacks to the Clintons?

How many excess deaths did we have because Obama/Biden did so little to stop the opioid addiction?
How many deaths occurred worldwide because of terrorism when the Obama Administration continually lied through the media to get the deal done with Iran?
How many lives were lost from terrorism and drugs because President Obama dictatorially stopped a year’s long investigation into a billion dollar a year drug running operation by Hezbollah to appease the tyrant dictators from Iran? Why don’t Pelosi and most journalists care?
How many lives has Trump saved because he has cut off the lifeblood from Iran tyrants who spread death around the World and pledge death to America and death to Israel?
How many lives are lost because Obama/Biden, almost all journalists and other Democrats support killing fully developed children before and after birth? As science has gotten better Democrats have become more radical in their support of Planned Parenthood.
Caricature by Donkey Hotey

Demonstrably and irrefutably the Democrat Party became the 

party whose principle objective is to thoroughly transform the 

nature of the American electorate by means of open borders and 

the mass, unchecked importation of illiterate third world peasants 

who will vote in overwhelming numbers for Democrats and their 

La Raza welfare state. FRONTPAGE MAG




The Democrat party is now becoming near exclusive home of the ruling class, as can be borne out by recent Congressional elections. 

Democrats Don't Care About American Lives

My article about Pop Kern, an 89-year-old kind white gentleman and how Democrats seek to punish him for bogus “white privilege” received a tremendous amount of positive response. A young relative of Pop Kern wrote informing me that Pop Kern is a loyal Democrat. This is not surprising. My black dad who passed away at age 90 was also a lifelong Democrat. Dad drilled into my head that Democrats are for the working man and Republicans are for the rich.
Respectfully, I tried to gently convince an elderly family member that her Democratic Party has dramatically changed. It is now the party of all things amoral, anti-Christian, anti-freedom, and anti-American. Looking me firmly in the eye, she stubbornly spouted, “I'm votin' for Biden!”
The singular intention of the Democratic Party is to obtain power to control every aspect of our lives. ObamaCare gave them godlike power to decide who lives and who dies. If you refuse to give up your Second Amendment right to own a gun, no healthcare for you. If you hold firm to your biblical convictions, no healthcare for you.
Fake news media allowed Obama to lie to the American people 29 times that ObamaCare would allow them to keep health-care plans that they liked. This huge lie won Obama the Politifact “Lie of the Year” award. ObamaCare became law against the will of the American people and cancer patients lost their lifesaving doctors. ObamaCare was a major step in Democrats' mission to transform America into a totally government-controlled nation. The lives of cancer patients did not matter.
American lives do not matter either regarding the invasion of illegal aliens. In defiance of federal law, Democrats host sanctuary cities which protect illegal alien rapists, murders, drug dealers, and career criminals. Outrageously, illegals are gifted driver's licenses, healthcare, attorneys, allowed to vote and numerous handouts unavailable to U.S. citizens.
Democrats deem coddling illegals more important than American lives. Kate Steinle was shot and killed by an illegal alien while strolling with her dad on a lazy Sunday afternoon in San Francisco. Kate's murderer had been deported numerous times and repeatedly welcomed back to the sanctuary city. Democrats acquitted Kate's murderer and even voted down a law to punish deported illegals who keep coming back. 
Democrats' vision for the perfect America includes transforming her into a wild, wild west of sex, a society in which every perversion is legalized and citizens are forced to celebrate. A memo exposed Obama's DoJ plan to legalize 12 perversions including pedophilia and bestiality.  Colleges are laying the groundwork by scolding us about our bigoted intolerance of pedophiles.
Democrats are sexualizing children beginning in pre-k with a mandatory LGBTQ curriculum. I Am Jazz, a book about a boy whose parents began his so-called sex change at age three, is required reading. 
Once you realize that Democrats only care about furthering their agenda and American lives do-not- matter, you understand their behavior. U.S. students are sick with strange diseases due to untested illegal alien children being sent to public schools. 
Transsexuals who regret having sex change surgery are blocked from media. 
Pediatricians whose research confirms that transgender ideology is child abuse are persecuted, fired, and blocked from media.  Women who regret aborting their babies are blocked from media. Women and little girls assaulted by men posing as women in transgender-friendly restrooms are hidden from the public. Feminists who fight transgenders destroying women’s sports are blocked from media. Every truth that undercuts Democrats' lies and evil agenda is blocked by fake news media.
President Donald J. Trump is our only protection against Democrats and fake news media implementing their vision of a new America, removed from her position as leader of the free world. This is why they are repulsed by Trump's slogan, “Make America Great Again.”
Their only hope is to separate Trump from his supporters via a thousand cuts; lying about him 24/7; spinning everything good he does into a negative; a reason to impeach him.
By reducing many of Obama's over-reaching regulations, Trump has our economy at its strongest in 50 years. Black unemployment is at its lowest in U.S. history. Democrats hate that blacks are doing so well under Trump. Clearly, black lives matter to Trump, but not to their so-called advocates in the Democratic Party and fake news media.
Iranian terrorist Soleimani murdered and severely wounded hundreds of U.S troops using roadside bombs. Soleimani planned attacks on U.S. Embassies to murder thousands more Americans. Trump killed Soleimani. Remarkably, Democrats sought to spin Trump acting to save American lives into a crime, a reason to impeach him. The Democratic Party has become the home of pure hate and evil, obsessed with gaining power.
Elderly lifelong Democrats are unaware that their “working man” party has become an anti-American and anti-Christian mob of hate-filled activists at war with everyday Americans.
Straight white men like elderly Pop Kern are number one on Democrats' hit list, targeted for destruction.
I ran into Pop Kern at the post office. With his great smile, he said, “I want to thank you for what you wrote on that internet.” I asked, “Did you read it?” He replied, “No, but I heard about it from Florida to Pittsburgh. Thanks for what you wrote. I really appreciate it.”
Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American



The Democrat party is now becoming near exclusive home of the ruling class, as can be borne out by recent Congressional elections. 


Ruling Class Held Hostage by Trump’s Impeachment

Every year 3 million visitors make the pilgrimage to Ellis Island.  It is estimated nearly forty percent of all Americans can trace their ancestors to the 20 million immigrants that were processed through New York and Ellis Island from 1892 to 1954.  These prospective citizens were determined to escape authoritarianism, soul grinding poverty, war and its aftermath, immutable class structures as well as religious and ethnic persecution.  
Once here they would immerse themselves in learning English and the nation’s founding documents in preparation for the most gut wrenching (passing the oral citizenship test) and emotional (the swearing in ceremony) day in their lives.  Thanks to their life experience and their determination to be citizens of the only nation in the history of mankind to be founded on the principle that all men are created equal, these newly minted Americans were among the most loyal and most well-versed in the nation’s founding.
What would the vast majority of those that willingly left everything behind to travel for up to three weeks, oftentimes across a storm-tossed ocean and relegated to the unsanitary and wretched conditions in steerage, think of the impeachment of Donald Trump?
Nearly all of the nations whence these immigrants came were governed by an immutable class structure.  At the apex of this rigid class pyramid was either a monarchy and its attendant birthright nobility or a dictatorship and its coercive administrative hierarchy or a communist oligarchy and its implacable bureaucracy.   Class mobility was at the whim and discretion of the autocrat or the oligarchy.
These nameless and faceless masses had virtually no say in their nation’s governance and they were at the mercy of the economic and foreign policy of the ruling elites.   They were viewed as being grossly inferior, uneducable and deplorable -- thus mere pawns to be sacrificed in the country’s wars and were little more than indentured servants to the ruling class. 
On the other hand, thanks to a Constitution constructed to prevent the ascendancy of any one faction into a position of permanent power and the evolution of a rigid ruling class hierarchy, the United States possessed the framework and opportunity for anyone to succeed and live in peace and economic security thus attracting millions to its shores.
However, beginning in the 1960’s many of those that came through Ellis Island began to notice a change in the relatively benign and Constitution-oriented governing class.  With the exponential growth of government, a new and potentially destructive class structure began to evolve, one that was reminiscent of ruling class supremacy in those nations they had escaped. 
A mindset, alien to 170 years of American history, took root amid overwhelming peace and prosperity.   A growing faction in the country began to believe that they were pre-ordained to govern as they were superior to the unwashed masses, particularly racial and ethnic minorities as well as those steeped in religion and morality.  Over the years the proponents of this belief infiltrated the universities and the media-entertainment complex creating an ever-growing army of narcissists and authoritarians which mutated into today’s American Ruling Class.
Angelo Codevilla writing in the American Spectator identified the characteristics of the American Ruling Class as follows:
Today’s ruling class, from Boston to San Diego, was formed by an educational system that exposed them to the same ideas and gave them remarkably uniform guidance, as well as taste and habits.  Regardless of what business or profession they are in, their road up included government channels and government money because, as government has grown, its boundary with the rest of American life has become indistinct.  Many began their careers in government and leveraged their way into the private sector.
Its attitude is key to understanding our bipartisan ruling class.  Its first tenet is that “we” are the best and brightest while the rest of Americans are retrograde, racist, and dysfunctional unless properly constrained.
Our ruling class’s agenda is power for itself.  While it stakes its claims through intellectual-moral pretense, it holds power by one of the oldest and most prosaic of means: patronage and promises thereof.  Like left-wing parties always and everywhere, it is a “machine,” that is, based on providing tangible rewards to its members.  Hence our ruling class’s standard approach to any and all matters, its solution to any and all problems, is to increase the power of the government-- meaning of those who run it, meaning themselves.
By taxing and parceling out more than a third of what Americans produce through regulations that reach deep into American life, our ruling class is making itself the arbiter of wealth and poverty.
The ruling class is keener to reform the American people’s family and spiritual lives than their economic and civic ones. It believes that the Christian family (and the orthodox Jewish one too) is rooted in and perpetuates the ignorance commonly called religion that is the greatest barrier to human progress.  This dismissal of the American people’s intellectual, spiritual, and moral substance is the very heart of what our ruling class is about.
[Lastly,] America’s best and brightest believe themselves qualified and duty bound to direct the lives of not only Americans but of foreigners as well.  Its default solution to international threats has been to commit blood and treasure to long-term, twilight efforts to reform the world’s Vietnams, Somalias, Iraqs and Afghanistans.
Since the Reagan era, the American Ruling Class has succeeded in electing George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, all of whom were members in good standing.  Thus, by 2016 the ruling elites were thoroughly entrenched and dominant throughout the halls of power.  They were prepared to govern this nation for many years to come as one of the flaws in the magnificent governing blueprint set up by the founding fathers was the reality that this government can only function with just two major political parties.  Both political party hierarchies had and fully intended to continue nominating candidates for the presidency and Congress who were either beholden to or members of the ruling class.  The rank and file voters were left with only superficial differences in the choice of candidates.
The election of Donald Trump in 2016 was an act of defiance and a rebellion by the deplorables and a devastating blow to the ruling elites.   With his election, President Trump began the process of a Republican Party divorce from the establishment -- which is now well underway.   Thus, the ruling class’s political hegemony is severely threatened.   They cannot achieve their endgame without de facto control of both parties.  Which is why Donald Trump may well be the most influential President in modern American history.
The Democrat party is now becoming near exclusive home of the ruling class, as can be borne out by recent Congressional elections.  Before the 2018 mid-term elections, the richest 66 House districts were split 38 Democrats and 28 Republican.  After the election the Democrats held 56 and the Republicans 10 In the 15 districts where at least 50% of the population have a college degree, all are represented by Democrats as of 2018, whereas the Democrats controlled 13 of 15 in 2016. 
Being relegated exclusively to the Democrat party means that the ruling class must accommodate and adopt the radical tenets of the much larger Marxist/socialist wing of the Party if they wish to win the Party’s nominations for elective offices.   A self-defeating and ultimately destructive path as militant socialists will, in due course, consume them.  Alternatively, and in league with their propaganda arm, the mainstream media, the ruling elites have pulled out all the stops and abandoned any ethical, moral or legal restraints to get rid of Donald Trump and recapture their previous hierarchical influence in the Republican Party.
The abominably fabricated and unconstitutional impeachment farce is the culmination of three years of frustration and determination to rid the nation of the “threat” that is Donald Trump’s takeover of a major political party and transformation of it into a vehicle of populism.  Which would allow the citizenry and not the elites to determine the course of the nation’s future.   In reality, impeachment, endless investigations, fabrications and the constant vilification of Donald Trump are aimed at intimidating the nameless and unwashed masses who had the temerity and insolence to vote against the wishes of the ruling class. 
Out of 20 million immigrants there are perhaps less than 100,000 of us living today that have any memory of being processed through New York and Ellis Island during the 60+ years it was the gateway to America.  The determination to invalidate an election and destroy the Constitutional foundation of this country for the sake of achieving unfettered political supremacy is not the United States we have come to know and love.  Despite their protestations to the contrary, the ruling class and their public face, the Democratic Party, does not love this country and its people and are, in fact, little different than the ruling elites that caused so many to seek refuge in America.
Graphic credit: Blue Diamond Gallery

IN THE November 2006 election, the voters demanded congressional ethics reform. And so, the newly appointed chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., is now duly in charge of regulating the ethical behavior of her colleagues. But for many years, Feinstein has been beset by her own ethical conflict of interest, say congressional ethics experts.

“All in all, it was an incredible victory for the Chinese government. Feinstein has done more for Red China than other any serving U.S. politician. “ Trevor Loudon

“Our entire crony capitalist system, Democrat and Republican alike, has become a kleptocracy approaching par with third-world hell-holes.  This is the way a great country is raided by its elite.” ---- Karen McQuillan  AMERICAN THINKER.com

Senator Who Employed Chinese Spy Endorses Joe Biden for President

Win McNamee/Getty Images
  9 Oct 20192,419

A high-profile U.S. senator with professional and personal ties to China — including once employing one of its spies — is backing former Vice President Joe Biden amid mounting questions over his son’s business dealings with the communist regime.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), a former chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, announced her endorsement of the former vice president on Tuesday, claiming to have witnessed Biden’s “fortitude” and leadership during their overlapping tenures in Congress.
Feinstein said in a statement:
I’ve worked closely with Vice President Biden and I’ve seen firsthand his legislative ability, his statesmanship, and most importantly his moral fortitud. During his time in Congress and in the White House, Joe Biden has been a tireless fighter for hard working American families.
The endorsement comes as Biden’s presidential campaign is besieged by scandal regarding the lucrative business dealings his youngest son, Hunter, had with foreign governments.
Only hours before Feinstein’s endorsement, the Chinese government announced it would not investigate how Hunter Biden ended up at the center of one its top private equity firms. The Chinese foreign ministry made the decision after President Donald Trump publicly called for a probe of Hunter Biden’s dealings with Bohai Harvest RST (BHR). In particular, Trump has noted that the circumstances surrounding BHR’s creation could have posed a conflict of interest for Joe Biden.
As Peter Schweizer, senior contributor at Breitbart News, revealed in his bestselling book Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends, Hunter Biden inked the multibillion-dollar deal that created BHR with a subsidiary of the state-owned Bank of China in 2013.
The timing of the lucrative deal has been brought into question as it came only 12 days after Hunter visited China with his father aboard Air Force Two. Officially, the then-vice president was visiting the country amid escalating tensions over islands in the South China Sea and decided to bring his granddaughter and son along. In a March 2018 interview with Breitbart News Tonight, however, Schweizer detailed the political machinations that preceded Hunter Biden’s $1.5 billion venture with China:
In December of 2013, Vice President Joe Biden flies to Asia for a trip, and the centerpiece for that trip is a visit to Beijing, China. To put this into context, in 2013, the Chinese have just exerted air rights over the South Pacific, the South China Sea. They basically have said, ‘If you want to fly in this area, you have to get Chinese approval. We are claiming sovereignty over this territory.’ Highly controversial in Japan, in the Philippines, and in other countries. Joe Biden is supposed to be going there to confront the Chinese. Well, he gets widely criticized on that trip for going soft on China. For basically not challenging them, and Japan and other countries are quite upset about this.
Since its creation, BHR has invested heavily in energy and defense projects across the globe. As of June, Hunter Biden was still involved with BHR, sitting on its board of directors and owning a minority stake of the fund estimated to be worth more than $430,000.
Such dealings at the center of politics and business, while perhaps not illegal, are not exclusive to the Biden family alone. As a few noted at the time of Feinstein’s endorsement, the senator and her husband have their own close ties to the communist country.
During her tenure as mayor of San Francisco in the late-1970s and early-1980s, Feinstein took advantage of the newly normalized diplomatic relations between the U.S. and China by establishing one of the first sister city partnership between San Francisco and Shanghai. Through that partnership, Feinstein led trade delegations to China in which she and her husband, Richard Blum, became acquainted with some of the country’s most prominent political leaders.
As the Federalist noted in August 2018, Feinstein and her husband leveraged those relationships to boost their own wealth. In 1986, Feinstein and Jiang Zemin — the then-mayor of Shanghai, who would later ascend to the presidency of the People’s Republic of China — “designated several corporate entities for fostering commercial relations.” One of those firms was Shanghai Pacific Partners, which employed Blum as a director. Blum reportedly had an interest of upwards of $500,000 in a project backed by Shanghai Pacific Partners.
After Feinstein was elected to the Senate in 1992, Blum continued profiting off their ties to China. A the same time, the freshman lawmaker was pitching herself as a “China hand” to colleagues, even once claiming “that in my last life maybe I was Chinese.” Through her seat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Feinstein led the fight on a number of initiatives seen as being favorable to China, including granting the country permanent most-favored-nation trading status in 2000.
Despite Feinstein and her husband having a close relationship with Jiang, the Chinese government targeted the senator as part of its espionage operations. In the early 2000s, the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) recruited a longtime employee of the senator to gather information about the inner workings of her congressional and district offices. Feinstein only learned of the staffer’s duplicity in 2013, after he’d already been on her payroll for more than 20 years.
“While this person, who was a liaison to the local Chinese community, was fired, charges were never filed against him,” Politico reported in 2018, speculating that because “the staffer was providing political intelligence and not classified information—making prosecution far more difficult.”
Apart from the convoluted history of the senator’s ties to China, the political timing of Feinstein’s endorsement also caught many off guard. The California Democrat, who hosted a fundraiser on Biden’s behalf last week alongside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) daughter, is only the most recent figure from the Democrat establishment to openly pledge support for the former vice president. Feinstein’s endorsement, however, was not totally expected, especially since her seamate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), is mounting a bid of her own for the Democrat nomination. In fact, earlier this year, Feinsten flirted with the notion of remaining neutral in the 2020 contest out of respect for Harris.
Compounding the political picture is that most polls show Biden no longer the favorite to win California, having fallen behind Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).
Feinstein, however, did not address any of that when endorsing the former vice president on Tuesday. Instead, the senator offered platitudes about Biden’s work to enhance gun control and how his campaign was a “fight to restore the soul of the nation.”

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