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It’s either good investigative journalism or a nefarious “black campaign.”
Whether true or false, Mexico state Gov. Enrique Peña Nieto has been knocked for a loop by a YouTube video that purports to show him as a regular customer of a posh Beverly Hills boutique.
Peña Nieto is far ahead in the polls for 2012 presidential elections, and riding out front makes him an easy target, as this scandal shows.
The video popped up on YouTube earlier this week. It shows the House of Bijan, perhaps Beverly Hills’ most exclusive men’s shop, displaying a wall clock with Peña Nieto’s name on it. The clock is alongside others who are purportedly clients of Bijan, including the Prince of Wales, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim and dozens of others.
Peña Nieto’s opponents immediately started bashing him, saying earning a clock on the wall of Bijan is only for those who spend between $2 and $5 million there.
Here’s what Education Secretary Alonso Lujambio (and potential campaign rival) posted on his Twitter account: "Peña Nieto: explain to Mexicans where you got the 23 million pesos to buy clothing in the most expensive store in the world.”
Peña Nieto late this week addressed the controversy multiple times. He said he’d never been to Bijan at 420 Rodeo Drive and called the video a “black campaign.” 
Later, he said such tactics could even threaten the federal government’s relations with state governments and put “at risk institutional relations.” 
Peña Nieto makes an easy target on the personal wealth front. He comes from rather humble stock and has never worked outside government for any significant period. So this scandal feeds the perception of elected officials lining their pockets at the public trough. Moreover, he is from the Institutional Revolutionary Party, the former authoritarian party that ruled Mexico as a fiefdom for seven decades.
But imagine for a second that Peña Nieto is right and that he’s never been to the Beverly Hills boutique. Then this augurs for some below-the-belt politicking during the upcoming campaign. Many Mexicans would throw in last weekend’s arrest of Jorge Hank Rhon, the PRIista who is a former Tijuana mayor, as part of election politics. Hank Rhon was charged with firearms violations because soldiers found 88 weapons in his house. With extraordinary speed, prosecutors said Friday ballistics tests show two of those weapons were used in homicides in Baja California. This kind of prosecutorial celerity is uncommon in the extreme in Mexico.
I would expect Peña Nieto’s camp to dish out its own surprises soon. 


Four in 10 homicides in California are gang-related, Harris said. Those cases also account for 80% of the state's effort to relocate witnesses whose lives are in danger because of their cooperation with law enforcement, she said.
“What's needed to discourage illegal immigration into the United States has been known for years: Enforce existing law.” ….. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

Obama's 'Hispanicazation' of America
Monday, January 10, 2011 08:28 AM
By: James Walsh



7.         President Barack Obama: During his presidential campaign, President Obama promised to run an ethical and transparent administration. However, in his first year in office, the President has delivered corruption and secrecy, bringing Chicago-style political corruption to the White House.


From the Desk of Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton:
Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington's "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians" for 2009
1.         Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT): This marks two years in a row for Senator Dodd, who made the 2008 "Ten Most Corrupt" list for his corrupt relationship with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and for accepting preferential treatment and loan terms from Countrywide Financial, a scandal which still dogs him. In 2009, the scandals kept coming for the Connecticut Democrat. In 2009, Judicial Watch filed a Senate ethics complaint against Dodd for undervaluing on his Senate Financial Disclosure forms a property he owns in Ireland. Judicial Watch's complaint forced Dodd to amend the forms. However, press reports suggest the property to this day remains undervalued. Judicial Watch also alleges in the complaint that Dodd obtained a sweetheart deal for the property in exchange for his assistance in obtaining a presidential pardon (during the Clinton administration) and other favors for a long-time friend and business associate. The false financial disclosure forms were part of the cover-up. Dodd remains the head the Senate Banking Committee.

2.         Senator John Ensign (R-NV): A number of scandals popped up in 2009 involving public officials who conducted illicit affairs, and then attempted to cover them up with hush payments and favors, an obvious abuse of power.
3.         Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA): Judicial Watch is investigating a $12 million TARP cash injection provided to the Boston-based OneUnited Bank at the urging of Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank. As reported in the January 22, 2009, edition of the Wall Street Journal, the Treasury Department indicated it would only provide funds to healthy banks to jump-start lending. Not only was OneUnited Bank in massive financial turmoil, but it was also "under attack from its regulators for allegations of poor lending practices and executive-pay abuses, including owning a Porsche for its executives' use." Rep. Frank admitted he spoke to a "federal regulator," and Treasury granted the funds. (The bank continues to flounder despite Frank's intervention for federal dollars.) Moreover, Judicial Watch uncovered documents in 2009 that showed that members of Congress for years were aware that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were playing fast and loose with accounting issues, risk assessment issues and executive compensation issues, even as liberals led by Rep. Frank continued to block attempts to rein in the two Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs). For example, during a hearing on September 10, 2003 , before the House Committee on Financial Services considering a Bush administration proposal to further regulate Fannie and Freddie, Rep. Frank stated: "I want to begin by saying that I am glad to consider the legislation, but I do not think we are facing any kind of a crisis. That is, in my view, the two Government Sponsored Enterprises we are talking about here, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are not in a crisis. We have recently had an accounting problem with Freddie Mac that has led to people being dismissed, as appears to be appropriate. I do not think at this point there is a problem with a threat to the Treasury." Frank received $42,350 in campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac between 1989 and 2008. Frank also engaged in a relationship with a Fannie Mae Executive while servi ng on the House Banking Committee, which has jurisdiction over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

4.         Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner:
5.         Attorney General Eric Holder: Tim Geithner can be sure he won't be hounded about his tax-dodging by his colleague Eric Holder, US Attorney General.
6.         Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL)/ Senator Roland Burris (D-IL): One of the most serious scandals of 2009 involved a scheme by former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to sell President Obama's then-vacant Senate seat to the highest bidder.
7.         President Barack Obama: During his presidential campaign, President Obama promised to run an ethical and transparent administration. However, in his first year in office, the President has delivered corruption and secrecy, bringing Chicago-style political corruption to the White House.
8.         Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA): At the heart of the corruption problem in Washington is a sense of entitlement. Politicians believe laws and rules (even the U.S. Constitution) apply to the rest of us but not to them.
9.         Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) and the rest of the PMA Seven: Rep. John Murtha made headlines in 2009 for all the wrong reasons.
10.       Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY): Rangel, the man in charge of writing tax policy for the entire country, has yet to adequately explain how he could possibly "forget" to pay taxes on $75,000 in rental income he earned from his off-shore rental property. He also faces allegations that he improperly used his influence to maintain ownership of highly coveted rent-controlled apartments in Harlem, and misused his congressional office to fundraise for his private Rangel Center by preserving a tax loophole for an oil drilling company in exchange for funding. On top of all that, Rangel recently amended his financial disclosure reports, which doubled his reported wealth. (He somehow "forgot" about $1 million in assets.) And what did h e do when the House Ethics Committee started looking into all of this? He apparently resorted to making "campaign contributions" to dig his way out of trouble. According to WCBS TV, a New York CBS affiliate: "The reigning member of Congress' top tax committee is apparently 'wrangling' other politicos to get him out of his own financial and tax troubles...Since ethics probes began last year the 79-year-old congressman has given campaign donations to 119 members of Congress, including three of the five Democrats on the House Ethics Committee who are charged with investigating him." Charlie Rangel should not be allowed to remain in Congress, let alone serve as Chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, and he knows it. That's why he felt the need to disburse campaign contributions to Ethics Committee members and other congressional colleagues.
Tom Fitton

. *
7.         President Barack Obama: During his presidential campaign, President Obama promised to run an ethical and transparent administration. However, in his first year in office, the President has delivered corruption and secrecy, bringing Chicago-style political corruption to the White House.

"Barack Obama's kind of change is where you sit down and you cut a deal with the corporate world," Edwards Campaign Manager David Bonior said during an interview with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. "If you look at his record in Illinois when he had a major — sponsored a major health bill that's what he did. He watered down with the help of the corporate lobbyist and they got a weak product out of that."
Scarborough asked: "Are you saying that Barack Obama is a sellout to corporate interests?"
Bonior replied: "He was four years ago in Illinois. All you have to do is look at the legislation I'm referring to."
Bonior was referring to health care legislation that Obama was instrumental in passing when he was an Illinois state senator five years ago, in part because he worked with insurance companies to make additions to the bill that would ensure their approval of the measure.


Obamanomics: How Barack Obama Is Bankrupting You and Enriching His Wall Street Friends, Corporate Lobbyists, and Union Bosses


Editorial Reviews
Obama Is Making You Poorer—But Who’s Getting Rich?
Goldman Sachs, GE, Pfizer, the United Auto Workers—the same “special interests” Barack Obama was supposed to chase from the temple—are profiting handsomely from Obama’s Big Government policies that crush taxpayers, small businesses, and consumers. In Obamanomics, investigative reporter Timothy P. Carney digs up the dirt the mainstream media ignores and the White House wishes you wouldn’t see. Rather than Hope and Change, Obama is delivering corporate socialism to America, all while claiming he’s battling corporate America. It’s corporate welfare and regulatory robbery—it’s Obamanomics.
Congressman Ron Paul says, “Every libertarian and free-market conservative needs to read Obamanomics.” And Johan Goldberg, columnist and bestselling author says, “Obamanomics is conservative muckraking at its best and an indispensable field guide to the Obama years.”
If you’ve wondered what’s happening to America, as the federal government swallows up the financial sector, the auto industry, and healthcare, and enacts deficit exploding “stimulus packages,” this book makes it all clear—it’s a big scam. Ultimately, Obamanomics boils down to this: every time government gets bigger, somebody’s getting rich, and those somebodies are friends of Barack. This book names the names—and it will make your blood boil.
Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies
by Michelle Malkin
Editorial Reviews
In her shocking new book, Malkin digs deep into the records of President Obama's staff, revealing corrupt dealings, questionable pasts, and abuses of power throughout his administration.
From the Inside Flap
The era of hope and change is dead....and it only took six months in office to kill it.
Never has an administration taken office with more inflated expectations of turning Washington around. Never have a media-anointed American Idol and his entourage fallen so fast and hard. In her latest investigative tour de force, New York Times bestselling author Michelle Malkin delivers a powerful, damning, and comprehensive indictment of the culture of corruption that surrounds Team Obama's brazen tax evaders, Wall Street cronies, petty crooks, slum lords, and business-as-usual influence peddlers. In Culture of Corruption, Malkin reveals:
* Why nepotism beneficiaries First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are Team Obama's biggest liberal hypocrites--bashing the corporate world and influence-peddling industries from which they and their relatives have benefited mightily
* What secrets the ethics-deficient members of Obama's cabinet--including Hillary Clinton--are trying to hide
* Why the Obama White House has more power-hungry, unaccountable "czars" than any other administration
* How Team Obama's first one hundred days of appointments became a litany of embarrassments as would-be appointee after would-be appointee was exposed as a tax cheat or had to withdraw for other reasons
* How Obama's old ACORN and union cronies have squandered millions of taxpayer dollars and dues money to enrich themselves and expand their power
* How Obama's Wall Street money men and corporate lobbyists are ruining the economy and helping their friends In Culture of Corruption, Michelle Malkin lays bare the Obama administration's seamy underside that the liberal media would rather keep hidden.

           Publisher: Regnery Publishing (July 27, 2009)
           Language: English
           ISBN-10: 1596981091
           ISBN-13: 978-1596981096

54, 000 NEW JOBS FOR 100,000 NEW IMMIGRANTS THAT ARRIVE FOR THEM - USA 2011: McJobs, $4 Gas And Underwater Housing -

USA 2011: McJobs, $4 Gas And Underwater Housing -


In May the U.S. economy added just 54,000 jobs. For the purposes of comparison, that same month over 100,000 new immigrants arrived in America.

So what kind of jobs were those 54,000? Economics professorships at the University of Berkeley? Nonexecutive directorships at Goldman Sachs? That sort of thing? No, according to an analysis by Morgan Stanley, half the new jobs created were at McDonald's.

Dependence on illegal labor is the elephant in the room for the U.S. restaurant business. And experts say the Chipotle ICE investigations are a wake-up call for an industry that is one of America's biggest employers and generates over $300 billion in annual sales, according to research firm IBISWorld Inc.
In its annual report to the Securities and Exchange Commission dated February 17, 2011, Chipotle Mexican Grill revealed that it fired approximately 450 workers at 50 of its restaurants in Minnesota last year as the result of an audit by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
USA 2011: McJobs, $4 Gas And Underwater Housing


'There are always going to be bumps on the road to recovery,'' President Obama said at a Jeep plant in Toledo the other day. "We're going to pass through some rough terrain that even a Wrangler would have a tough time with.''

His audience booed. They're unfireable union members with lavish benefits, and even they weary of the glib lines from his 12-year-old speechwriters.

We're not on the road to recovery. You can't get there from here, as they say. Obama was in Toledo to "celebrate" the sale of the government's remaining stake in Chrysler to Fiat. That's "Fiat" as in the Italian car manufacturer rather than "an authoritative or arbitrary decree (from the Latin 'let it be done')," which would be almost too perfect a name for an Obamafied automobile. The Treasury crowed that Fiat had agreed to pay a whopping $560 million for the government's Chrysler shares.

Wow! 560 million smackeroos! If you laid them out end to end, they're equivalent to what the federal government borrows every three hours. That's some windfall! In the time it takes to fly Obama to Toledo to boast about it, he'd already blown through the Italians' check.

But who knows? If every business in the U.S. were to be nationalized and sold to foreigners to cover another three hours' worth of debt, this summer's "Recovery Summer" would be going even more gangbusters. I'd ask one of Obama's egghead economists to explain it to you simpletons, but unfortunately they've all resigned and returned to cozy sinecures in academia.

The latest is chief economic adviser Austan Goolsbee, the genius who in 2007, just before the subprime hit the fan, wrote in the New York Times that this exciting new form of home "ownership" was an "innovation" that had "opened doors to the excluded" and was part of an "incredible flowering of new types of home loans."

Where have all the flowers gone? Not to worry. By now, some organization of which you're a member has already booked Professor Goolsbee to give an after-dinner speech at your annual meeting where you'll be privileged to get a glimpse of his boundless expertise for a mere six-figure speaking fee.

"I'm not concerned about a double-dip recession," Obama said recently. Nor would I be if I had government housing, a car and driver, and a social secretary for the missus. But I wonder if it's such a smart idea to let one's breezy insouciance out of the bag when you're giving a press conference.

In May the U.S. economy added just 54,000 jobs. For the purposes of comparison, that same month over 100,000 new immigrants arrived in America.

So what kind of jobs were those 54,000? Economics professorships at the University of Berkeley? Nonexecutive directorships at Goldman Sachs? That sort of thing? No, according to an analysis by Morgan Stanley, half the new jobs created were at McDonald's.

That's amazing. Not the Mickey D supersized hiring spree, but the fact that there's fellows at Morgan Stanley making a bazillion dollars a year analyzing fluctuations in minimal-skill, fast-food service-job hiring trends. What a great country! For as long as it lasts. Which is probably until some new regulatory agency starts enforcing Michelle Obama's dietary admonitions.

Until then, relax. That bump in the road is just a Quarter Pounder with Cheese that fell off the counter on the drive-through lane to recovery. Like every other blessing, we owe the Big MacConomy to the wisdom of Good King Barack.

"This plant indirectly supports hundreds of other jobs right here in Toledo," Obama told the workers at Chrysler. "After all, without you, who'd eat at Chet's or Inky's or Rudy's ... ? Manufacturers from Michigan to Massachusetts are looking for new engineers to build advanced batteries for American-made electric cars. And obviously, Chet's and Inky's and Zinger's, they'll all have your business for some time to come."

A couple of days later, Chet's announced it was closing after nine decades. "It was the economy and the smoking ban that hurt us more than anything," said the owner. But maybe he can retrain and reopen it as a community-organizer grant-writing application center.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median period of unemployment is now nine months — the longest it's been since they've been tracking the numbers. Long-term unemployment is worse than in the Depression. Life goes slowly waiting for a fast-food job to open up.

This is Main Street, Obamaville: All bumps, no road. But shimmering on the distant horizon, beyond the shuttered diner and the foreclosed homes, is a state-of-the-art electric car, the new Fiat Mirage, that should be wheeling into town in a half-decade or so provided it can find somewhere to charge.

"We will be able to look back and tell our children," declared King Barack the Modest of his own candidacy in 2008, "this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow."

Great news for the oceans! Meanwhile, back on dry land, a quarter of American mortgages are "underwater" — that's to say, the home "owners" owe more than the joint is worth. In Harry Reid's Nevada, it's 63%. Perhaps Obama's Aquatic Bodies Water-Level Regulatory Authority, no doubt headed by Jamie Gorelick or Franklin Raines or some other Democrat worthy, could have its jurisdiction extended to the Nevada desert.

"Hope"? "Change"? These are the good times. What "change" are you "hoping" for in Obama's second term? The loss of America's triple-A credit-rating? The end of the dollar as global currency? Or just a slight upward tick in the same-old-same-old multitrillion-dollar binge-spending?

On what?

Random example from the headlines: The paramilitarization of the education bureaucracy. The federal Department of Education doesn't employ a single teacher, but it does have a SWAT team: They kicked down a front door in Stockton, Calif., last week and handcuffed Kenneth Wright (erroneously) in connection with a student-loan "investigation."  "We can confirm that we executed a search warrant," said Department of Education spokesperson Gina Burress.

The Department of Education issues search warrants? Who knew? The Brokest Nation in History is the only country in the developed world whose education secretary has his own Delta Force. And, in a land with over a trillion dollars in college debt, I'll bet it's got no plans to downsize.

Nor has the TSA. A 24-year old woman has been awarded compensation of $2,350 after TSA agents exposed her breasts to all and sundry at the Corpus Christi Airport security line and provided Weineresque play-by-play commentary. "We regret that the passenger had an unpleasant experience," said a TSA spokesgroper, also very Weinerly. But hey, those are a couple of cute bumps on the road, lady!

The American Dream, 2011: You pay four bucks a gallon to commute between your McJob and your underwater housing to prop up a spendaholic, grabafeelic, paramilitarized bureaucracy-without-end bankrupting your future at the rate of a fifth of a billion dollars every hour.

In a sane world, Americans would be outraged at the government waste that confronts them everywhere you turn: The abolition of the federal Education Department and the TSA is the very least they should be demanding. Instead, our elites worry about sea levels.

The oceans will do just fine. It's America that's drowning.

© Mark Steyn, 2011

Message From California: “American Citizens Need Not Apply”
The United States is ordered by a “government of the people, by the people, for the people…”
But in modern-day California, it’s not so obvious any longer which “people” the government is allegedly serving.
Let’s go back to September of 2010. In the midst of the Golden State’s contest for a new Governor, a woman named Nicky Diaz Santillan held a press conference in Los Angeles – along with her famous Attorney Gloria Allred – and announced that she was suing Republican gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman.
Santillan, we were to learn, had been a live-in housekeeper for the Whitman family between 2000 and 2009. After she was fired from that position she decided to do what Californians often do, and she sued her former employer for “emotional and financial abuse.”
Ms. Santillan happened also to be an illegal alien -a fact she revealed at her press conference -and had stolen an American citizen’s Social Security number so as to falsify documents and to portray herself as a citizen, when she was seeking employment with Whitman.
It was quite a spectacle, that strange September day in California. Seated behind the microphones and in front of the cameras of the American media, flanked by an American Attorney who had accessed the American judicial system to sue an American citizen named Meg Whitman, sat an illegal alien named Nicky Diaz Santillan.
Nobody dared to ask questions about the fact that Ms. Santillan’s presence in California was a violation of federal law. And nobody said a word about her admission to the crime of identity theft. It was all about the alleged “abuse” done to her by the American Meg Whitman.
In fact, California’s top law enforcement agent at that time – Attorney General Jerry Brown – had nothing to say about illegal immigration and identity theft either. Brown was the Democrat nominee for Governor, and he was polling behind Whitman. So rather than address the apparent crimes and confessions, Brown instead joined the chorus of critics claiming that Whitman had been “insensitive” for ending Ms. Santillan’s employment.
Shortly after that press conference, Brown began to poll ahead of Whitman. On Election Day in November, Brown trounced Whitman by nearly fourteen percentage points.
In California, trying to uphold the law with illegal aliens can be a very costly thing. Yet the political benefits of allowing illegal aliens to live above the “government of the people” can be enormous.
After the election, California was rocked by another bizarre event. At Fresno State University, one of California’s largest tax-payer funded schools, the campus newspaper revealed that their student body president Pedro Ramirez was an illegal alien.
Whether Ramirez was “outed,” or he “arranged to be outed,” is not quite clear. But after the news broke, Ramirez set out on a well orchestrated series of international media interviews (he rapidly became the “guest of choice” at “CNN En Espanol”) and a speaking tour to promote the federal “Dream Act” amnesty legislation. He flew up and down the state of California, and even paid a visit to Washington, D.C. to “lobby Congress” on behalf of illegal immigrants.
Ramirez’ presence in California was a violation of federal law, yes. But once again, California government officials didn’t dare ask the obvious questions: How does he pass through security check points at airports? Does he have an American passport? Does he have a California Driver’s License? How did he obtain these documents? Was identity theft involved?
It’s a “government of the people,” sure. But what does this mean any longer in California?
Not only does California ignore definitions of “crime” and “punishment” in cases involving illegal aliens, it is now about to legislate preferential treatment for illegal aliens which, de facto, will put U.S. citizens at a disadvtange. With a budget deficit of somewhere between $10 and $15 billion – a deficit that is expected to swell to about $25 billion by the middle of 2012 – California is cutting back on funding for everything from highway maintenance to K-12 education.
But – alas! – the California legislature has nonetheless found money in the coffers to fund special college and university grants intended specifically for illegal alien students (Americans need not apply). It’s called the “California DREAM Act,” and it’s sailing quite smoothly through the legislature right now.
In the 21st Century, it’s difficult to imagine that tax-payer funded college scholarship programs designated for “citizens and legal residents only” would be met with favor anywhere in America. But in modern-day California – a state that will probably be asking for an “Obama bailout” in the near future - tax-payer funds set aside “for illegal aliens only” is quite acceptable.
Yes, it’s true - the United States is ordered by a “government of the people, by the people, for the people…” But in our 31st state, it’s a government that is “for” just about anyone – except the American Citizen.


The Obama administration and the ruling class as a whole are seeking to spin the recent jobs figures to create the image of a strongly rebounding economy and an end to the jobs crisis. Under the cover of this phony recovery, both political parties will mount an escalating attack on the already inadequate benefits provided to jobless workers.
Despite such grim facts, the Obama administration seized on Friday’s report, including a decline in the official jobless rate from 8.9 percent to 8.8 percent, to proclaim a turnaround in the jobs market. Speaking at a UPS shipping facility in Washington DC, Obama said, "Our economy is showing signs of real strength."
Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis declared, “The bottom line: the policies and programs of this administration are working.”
The danger, as Washington Post economics columnist Robert Samuelson argues, is that of “importing poverty” in the form of a new underclass—a permanent group of working poor.
 “The principal beneficiaries of our current immigration policy are affluent Americans who hire immigrants at substandard wages for low-end work. Harvard economist George Borjas estimates that American workers lose $190 billion annually in depressed wages caused by the constant flooding of the labor market at the low-wage end.”      Christian Science Monitor
“We could cut unemployment in half simply by reclaiming the jobs taken by illegal workers,” said Representative Lamar Smith of Texas, co-chairman of the Reclaim American Jobs Caucus. “President Obama is on the wrong side of the American people on immigration. The president should support policies that help citizens and legal immigrants find the jobs they need and deserve rather than fail to enforce immigration laws.”
“Obama’s rejection of any serious jobs program is part of a conscious class war policy. Two years after the financial crisis and the multi-trillion dollar bailout of the banks, the administration is spearheading a campaign by corporations to sharply increase the exploitation of the working class, using the “new normal” of mass unemployment to force workers to accept lower wages, longer hours, and more brutal working conditions.” WSWS.ORG



But Obama is NOT ignoring LA RAZA demands for jobs for illegals!

Obama ignores worsening jobs crisis
By Jerry White
8 June 2011
President Obama dismissed concerns over last week’s disastrous jobs report and warnings of a possible double-dip recession during a joint White House press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel Tuesday.
The president suggested the figures―which showed an increase in the national jobless rate rising 9.0 to 9.1 percent in May and the average length of unemployment reaching a record high of nearly 40 weeks―were an anomaly. “Economic data which in better times would go without comment now makes people wonder are we going to go back to a terrible crisis,” he complained.
“We are going to have some days when things aren’t going as well as we like,” he said, but claimed the country nonetheless was in a “recovery,” pointing to the creation of two million jobs by the private sector and the rebound of the US auto industry.

PENDING ECONOMIC TRAIN WRECK - Unemployment in MEXICO is Under 6%. Unemployment in Parts of MEXIFORNIA Exceeds 30%



By Frosty Wooldridge
May 26, 2011
“No fewer than 44 states are bleeding serious red ink, while unprecedented costs of social programs, unemployment claims and natural disasters are draining their remaining coffers along with the reserves of the insurance companies. This is the same story; exponential growth and exponential decline.” Mike Folkerth
In this ongoing series with my friend and economist Mike Folkerth,, and author of The Biggest Lie Ever Believed, he writes, “No other mathematical possibility remaining than for the US to pitch into a full blown depression.”
Today, the U.S. languishes with a $14.2 trillion debt. Our Congress has dug our hole so deep, that when we look up, we cannot see the bottom. Give us an idea of what we face and why Mr. Folkerth:
“I was recently asked by a friend why I have predicted the time frame of 18 to 22 months for a failure of America’s current economic system,” said Folkerth. “I thought I would share my response. Those who disagree should respond accordingly with their reasoning and rebuttal. If you agree; today is a good day to begin adjusting.
“Before I continue, I should interpret my meaning of failure. In this instance, failure should be considered that point and time when the vast majority of American’s realize that our mathematically flawed underpinnings of debt-based-growth-capitalism has failed. And, the point in which radical change is evident and being openly aired, even by our dimwitted leadership. It will suffice to say that the trip back down our mountain of debt won’t be pretty.
“So why 18 to 22 months as a time frame for a meltdown or our current economic structure? It’s a complex multifaceted calculation, but in short, the exponential mathematical function will play out in several key areas simultaneously. Once the U.S. got behind the power curve in several critical areas that had formerly grown exponentially, the time before reaching mathematical impasse is not only short, but much easier to calculate.
“The backside of any exponential curve that represents total consumption of any finite physical supply, or the exponential growth of debt, looks exactly like the front side of that growth curve, except in reverse.
“The trip up and down an exponential curve can be likened to a speeding car going uphill with no brakes and limited fuel. Everything goes just ducky so long as the engine is propelling us ever upward. Once the fuel runs out, the trip back down is similar to the trip up with the exciting addition of the ever increasing speed of decline.
“That brings up oil consumption as a perfect real life example of that speedy decline. Over the period of a short 120 years, world oil consumption has gone from zip to 84 MBD (million barrels per day). Once the maximum supply reaches balance with consumption, the shortages and rising costs will become monumental within months, rather than years.
“As an aside, those who continue to believe that we are awash in oil in the United States should seriously consider the hard cold facts that provide indisputable evidence to the contrary.
“The U.S. National Debt has reached the vertical stage of the exponential curve to the tune of currently growing at $2 TRILLION per annum. In 1980, the 204 year accumulated National Debt was $907.7 BILLION. The fight occurring in this year of 2011 over raising the debt ceiling by another $2 Trillion, may well represent the last time that any compromise is possible, as this proposed one year deficit has now reached approximately 2000 times the total National Debt of our first 204 years of existence!
“The last remaining argument for raising the debt level is one in which the United States will increase GDP (Gross Domestic Product) to a level where income and debt are once again in balance. The former supposition is both physically and mathematically impossible. The flawed assumption is two-fold in supposing that GDP can be forever exponentially increased and that such increases of GDP are unconstrained by physical inputs (hard limits).
“Some two years past, I predicted that U.S. GDP had hit zenith if corrected for per capita share, inflation, and debt accumulation. In fact, GDP has fallen when the proper accounting is applied. GDP is constrained by the available matter and energy while debt is merely a paper agreement between delusional humans that has no constraints whatsoever with the possible exception of running out of trees and cotton from which to produce paper. Let there be no gray area; the United States is broke.
“Real unemployment is not improving and won’t improve, due to an imbalance of labor required verses labor available. The U.S. now has an endless oversupply of labor that is growing by millions…yes, millions.
“This very week in May, 2011, some 5.3 MILLION students will graduate or will have dropped out of high school and college. During the entire year, approximately 1 Million legal immigrants will join our ranks and there is currently a bill being discussed to allow some 12 Million illegal immigrants to receive amnesty and citizenship. They all have one thing in common; they’re looking for work.
“When I state “labor,” it should be considered to include brawn or brains. It should also be considered that real wages for the Middle Class has been stagnant for years and is now in steady decline.
“Student debt has grown exponentially and has now eclipsed the total credit card debt in America. The only possible way out of this conundrum would be immediate, tremendous job growth and unprecedented wage increases, which are both physically impossible for the U.S. under a globalized economy, and it is now far, far too late to correct our past errors even if our leadership were so inclined…and they aren’t.
“Education costs in general and the highly successful propaganda of “I need to pay for my kid’s college regardless of cost,” have transferred the last bastion of wealth from Middle America’s families to the institutions of higher learning. This total breadth of this wealth transfer could easily represent the greatest Ponzi scheme of all time.
“A recent report has concluded that 2011 will represent the fewest summer jobs for students in our nation’s history and fewer job prospects for graduates. All that, while at the same time setting a record level for graduating student debt at an average of $22,900.
“The false and fleeting wealth of personal housing has been lost. Housing will not recover in any meaningful way and foreclosures will remain quite high for the remaining period of time prior to the failure of our debt culture. Housing may be seen as a micro-view of the nature of our future decline. Personal housing values grew and fell in an exponential manner.
“The first class of baby boomers did in fact arrive as scheduled this past January 2011, and that first wave of 3.4 million has 16 years of relentlessly marching reinforcements arriving behind them, with each class growing in number. Millions upon millions of Americans will now claim Medicare and Social Security while they simultaneously draw down their investments. Once again, this is a real life example of exponential growth and exponential decline.
“The only possibility of these states pulling out of this exponential decline would be for tax revenues to surpass all time previous highs…by a bunch. The states will soon reach the point of having no further areas from which to cut. The maintenance of our massive aging infrastructure has become impossible to fund. Without the offsetting phenomena of exponential growth, the game ends quite suddenly.
 “The positive feedback loop that is being created by above subjects and many other examples that I won’t take the time to delve into, will culminate in an event that will be similar to that of the Great Depression. I see little evidence that points to the possibility of putting off that event beyond an 18 to 22 month time frame.
 “In the mean time, most Americans will busy themselves with accusing one political party or the other for the failures. Nothing could be further from the truth. The culprits are mathematics and natural physics; subjects that our elected officials on both sides of the aisle are totally ignorant of.
“The fuel that fed our exponential rise was provided by two rarely reported, but essential elements; new frontiers to settle and vast undiscovered resources. The license plate motto of our 49th state of Alaska says it all; The Last Frontier. And by the way, Captain Kirk was fiction; there is no final frontier that will save our collective bacon.”
“The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function." – Dr. Albert Bartlett, Professor of Physics, University of Colorado.
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We are not is not about the color of their skin...this is why we hate the illegals and after reading this...if you feel any remorse for them....then your a complete moron. The facts were taken off this government site.

1. It is ILLEGAL to be here without proper papers ( citzenship or work permits )....if they are here breaking the law to get do we expect them to obey the law when they are here?

2. 68% of all housed inmates in California prison's are illegal latinos costing the state approximately 14 billion per year to keep locked up.

3 47 % of all child molestation cases last year were from illegal aliens. "In those instances, the illegal immigrants typically gained access to the victims after having worked as a day laborer at or near the victims' homes," she says. "Victims ranged in age from 1 year old to 13 years old, with the average age being 6."

4. 617, or 41 %, were sexual homicides and serial murders by illegal aliens. "The murders were the worst of the sex crimes and were especially vicious. The most common method was for an offender to break into a residence and ambush his victims. Not only were victims raped, but some (6%) were mutilated. The crime scenes were very bloody, expressing intense, angry perpetrator personalities. Specifically, most victims were blitzed, rendered incapable of fighting back, and then raped and murdered. The most common method of killing was bludgeoning, followed by stabbing. Caucasians were more likely to become victims of sexual homicide committed by illegal immigrants. Hispanics were second, and African Americans were third."

5. Schurman-Kauflin states that the illegal alien population includes 240,000 sex offenders – a "conservative estimate," she says. She goes on to say, "This translates to 93 sex offenders and 12 serial sexual offenders coming across U.S. borders illegally per day." She points out the 1,500 offenders in her study had a total of 5,999 victims, an average of four victims for each sex offender and says, "This places the estimate for victimization numbers around 960,000 for the 88 months examined in this study."

6. The Schurman-Kauflin study noted that "Nearly 63% of the offenders had been deported on another offense prior to the sex crime." Note the word "deported," something that often comes up when we are talking about the crimes committed by illegal aliens. That means they were once removed from the country but came back in again to commit the crime! In this case, lack of any serious border security allowed the additional crime to happen – an additional 82,473 sex crimes – per year!

7. "Illegal immigrants who commit sex crimes first cross the U.S. border illegally. Then they gradually commit worse crimes and are continually released back into society or deported. Those who were deported simply returned illegally again. Only 2% of the offenders in this study has no history of criminal behavior, beyond crossing the border illegally. There is a clear pattern of criminal escalation. From misdemeanors such as assault or DUI, to drug offenses, illegal immigrants who commit sex crimes break U.S. laws repeatedly. They are highly mobile, work in low skilled jobs with their hands, use drugs and alcohol, are generally promiscuous, have little family stability, and choose victims who are easy to attack. Their attacks are particularly brutal, and they use a hands-on method of controlling and/or killing their victims."

8, "Women and girls are trafficked from many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Mexico is the number one source for young female sex slaves in North America. Tlaxcala, in Central Mexico serves as a hotbed for slave traders. Young women and girls are abducted, tricked, and sometimes sold by poor families into a caged life. Highly prized are 12 year old girls sneaking across the border into the United States. The girls are grabbed by Los Lenones, aka pimps, and dragged to unfamiliar areas where they are ‘broken in.' It is well known that this often occurs in Mexico. The initiation process entails 20-30 men per day having brutal sex with the girls and women. Victims are beaten, drugged, and repeatedly raped until their wills are broken. It is then that the sale is possible.

9, "Recently an outbreak of hepatitis traced to Chi-Chi's Mexican restaurant, in Pennsylvania was inexplicably traced to contaminated green onions, not the most obvious cause, undocumented food workers who harbored Hepatitis. For the most part, Hepatitis is a blood-borne, not a food-borne disease. The Hepatitis outbreak infected over 650 individuals, caused 9,000 Americans to undergo immune globulin shots, and killed 4 people.
If Americans found out restaurants can commonly infect their customers from food workers, it would be a serious blow to the restaurant industry. Better blame the green onions. Let's concede the onions, grown in Mexico, were contaminated from fecal material containing Hepatitis. Did all the green onions imported from Mexico end up in one single restaurant? There were no other outbreaks of Hepatitis anywhere elsewhere from green onions. There were 13 mexican restaurant workers who had Hepatitis. They were the likely source of the transmitted infection.

All these diseases and pathogens, and a plethora of others that are not endemic to the US, are being brought in by unscreened illegal aliens who then spread them to an unsuspecting population. These diseases will give you something to think about the next time you are eating at a restaurant with the grunt work being done by illegal aliens who didn't have medical screening before preparing and handling your food.

10. However, the direct cost of educating the children of illegal aliens is somewhere between $29 and $35 BILLION dollars a year. You can add in another billion or two for the costs of supplemental feeding programs and other welfare benefits administered through the schools but which are off the "education costs" in the school budgets.

Most illegal aliens are working in lower paying jobs are often sharing houses and apartments with other families. Most pay little or no state or federal income taxes and, because they have low incomes and frugal lifestyles, they pay little sales taxes as well. The local and state taxes illegal aliens pay, comes no where near paying for the education costs of their children. The difference is picked up by the tax paying public. Since many localities fund public schools through real estate taxes, this often means escalating taxes which put an enormous burden on elderly home owners living on fixed incomes.

11. Digressing for a moment, what the hell was a convicted, illegal alien sex offender even doing out of jail or not immediately deported – even if 63% do come right back - let alone roaming around the neighborhoods while on a registry! Has the judicial system in this country gone insane?

In any case, Operation Predator began on July 9, 2003, and resulted in 6,085 child predator arrests throughout the country - an average of roughly 250 arrests per month and eight arrests per day. While arrests have been made in every state, the most have occurred in these states: Arizona (207), California (1,578), Florida (255), Illinois (282), Michigan (153), Minnesota (190), New Jersey (423), New York (367), Oregon (148) and Texas (545).

While Operation Predator was a noble effort and ICE is to be commended, it only made a small dent in the criminal activity and number of horrific crimes being committed by illegal alien child sexual predators.

12. An article in the San Francisco Chronicle stated that Mexicans living in the U.S. send between $6 and $8 billion back to their families every year, making them the third-biggest legitimate force in the Mexican economy, after oil and tourism. Additionally, US taxpayers pay for all the direct and indirect costs of "housing" the Mexican illegal aliens. In essence, it's an unofficial form of foreign aide. Mexico isn't about to control its borders, since Mexicans fleeing their country for work in the U.S. send plenty of money back to their own country.

While the $6-8 billion number is often quoted, a fairly recent story in The Brownsville Herald, Banks seek stake in billions sent home, notes that some estimates place the amount of dollars going south in 2006 will be $45 Billion, which was up from an estimated $30 Billion in 2004.

Regardless of the amount, all that money is leaving the US economy and not creating additional job opportunities here. Additionally, all that money represents jobs Americans used to have.

13. "All the research suggests that the reason illegal aliens create large fiscal [deficits] for the country is not their legal status, but rather their educational attainment. Sixty percent of illegals are thought not to have even a high school education, another twenty percent, a high school education only. All the research suggests that people with relatively little education make relatively little money in the modern American economy ...[As] a consequence, they tend to pay relatively little in taxes, even if they are legal and on the books.
At the same time, [these individuals] tend to use a fair amount in public services, reflecting their lower incomes. I estimate illegals pay about $16 billion a year to the Federal Government in taxes ... the difference between what they pay in taxes and use in services is about $10 billion. So right now the net drain on the Federal Government alone from illegal families is about $10 billion. If we began to legalize [these individuals] and they began to pay taxes and use services like legal immigrants with the same level of education, the net fiscal drain would roughly triple to nearly $30 billion."

14. The United States currently has one of the lowest rates of TB in the world. Mexico has 10 times the rate and killing over 400,000 in mexico each year.

15. Chagas Disease (American Trypanosomiasis), endemic to South and Central America, is spread by infected triatomine bugs, known as the "kissing bugs," that bite people. It was unknown in the United States until fairly recently. It is now estimated that between 100,000 and 500,000 people in the US have Chagas Disease. Who is infected? Mostly illegal aliens.

Since Chagas Disease is basically unknown outside of the illegal alien community most doctors won't recognize it and the blood supply just started being screened for it. Most cases of Chagas Disease that occur in patients other than illegal aliens are thought to be contracted from tainted blood – blood sold by illegal aliens with Chagas Disease before the blood supply started being tested for it as of August of 2006.

16. HIV The number of illegal Mexican and Central American immigrants with HIV or AIDS is unknown, mostly because researchers rarely ask about immigration status. However, it is known that the rate of HIV infection among Latino women in California is about twice the rate of white women. At one free California health clinic, all of the women that had HIV or AIDS were Mexican or Central American "immigrants."

17. To make matters worse, in excess of 7,000 new cases of leprosy have been diagnosed in the U.S. in the past three years. As the “Silent Invasion” report concludes, “illegal alien immigrants from Brazil and up through Mexico have fueled the resurgence into the United States.”

18. Malaria was eradicated from the USA in the 1940s but recently there were outbreaks in southern California, New Jersey, New York City, and Houston. Additionally, Malaria tainted blood has been discovered in the blood supply donated by latinos.

19. In 2006 , 21,807 of the 39,537 people, 54.3%, arrested on DUI charges in california. were Hispanic.
The article goes on, "When crashes occur, it is not uncommon for Hispanic drivers – often intoxicated and unlicensed – to flee before troopers arrive. According to State Police records, about a third of accidents involving migrant workers are hit-and-run. State Trooper Koushel said migrants often cannot be conclusively identified when they're stopped for a violation or involved in an accident." "Many", he said, "are illegal aliens who carry fake or invalid driver's licenses". "Because of that", he said, "many fail to show up in court. It's almost like writing a ticket to a ghost."

20. How many hit and run accidents are there and what is the participation of illegal aliens? As reported by Deadly Roads, as of December 29, there were 1,544 killed and 105,078 injured in hit and run accidents in 2006 in the state of california.

I could go on and on....but you get the picture....check out that website!