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Trump’s Self-Serving Immigration Ban
Trump closes the country to immigrants, except the ones he regularly hires and fires
By David Cay Johnston, April 26, 2020
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The Sinister Logic of Trump’s Immigration Freeze
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The White House is closing pathways to citizenship while maintaining a flow of exploitable immigrant labor.
By Adam Serwer
The Atlantic, April 29, 2020

Trump Closed Doors to Legal Immigration as a Distraction From His failures During Coronavirus Pandemic
By Charles C. Foster
The Houston Chronicle, May 1, 2020
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Lawsuit: Indian Managers Use H-1Bs to Discriminate Against Americans

Indian Workers Manish SwarupAP
Manish Swarup/AP

An Indian-run outsourcing company used Congress’s H-1B visa-worker program to systematically discriminate against American college graduates, according to a class-action lawsuit filed in New Jersey.
The company, named Wipro, “operates under a general policy of discrimination in favor of [imported] South Asians and against [American] individuals who are not South Asian and not Indian,” says the lawsuit, which was filed in New Jersey.
Wipro has about 22 offices and 15,000 employees in the United States. The company’s revenues come from Fortune 500 companies who rent Wipro’s gig workers for software programming and other middle-class skilled jobs. Wipro’s customers, according to the lawsuit, included Mastercard, FedEx, Capital One banking, and Atlantic Richfield Company, an international oil company.
Wipro did not respond to questions from Breitbart News.
The lawsuit is asking for a judge’s approval to create a class-action lawsuit on behalf of Americans who were excluded from jobs, denied promotions, or were fired from Wipro.
Wipro is just one of many Indian firms that use H-1B, L-1, and B-1 visa workers to operate the U.S.-India Outsourcing Economy.
The outsourcing economy keeps roughly 1.5 million foreign white-collar workers in the United States, mostly via the H-1B program. The foreign population includes roughly 270,000 Chinese graduates and one million Indian graduates, despite the coronavirus shock that has pushed many American graduates out of jobs.
The outsourcing economy generates some $80 billion in revenue for Indian companies, Indian’s ambassador said in 2019.
U.S. companies are eager to tout payroll savings, in part because every dollar cut from salaries adds at least $10 to the company’s value on Wall Street.
The lawsuit says:
First, Wipro’s practice of relying on visa workers to staff U.S. positions results in available positions overwhelmingly going to visa holding South Asian and Indian individuals, to the exclusion of non-South Asian and non-Indian candidates. Second, Wipro’s employee allocation practices result in available positions overwhelmingly going to South Asian and Indian individuals, to the exclusion of non-South Asians and non-Indians, who are then terminated at disproportionate rates. Third, Wipro’s appraisal and promotion process results in South Asians and Indians receiving more promotions. Fourth, Wipro’s benching and termination practices result in South Asians and Indians receiving positions more frequently, while non-South Asians and non-Indians remain on the bench for longer periods, resulting in diminished career prospects and disproportionate terminations for these individuals. Finally, Wipro’s hiring and staffing decision-making process, as a whole, results in available positions overwhelmingly going to South Asians and Indians to the exclusion of non-South Asians and non-Indians.
The lawsuit cited the experience of four American professionals who were sidelined by the Indian managers in the United States:
in 2015, it became evident that Wipro was trying to get rid of Mr. [James] Gibbs. For instance, Mr. Rambhatla quadrupled Mr. Gibbs’ sales and margin quotas to levels that appeared unrealistic. Nevertheless, Mr. Gibbs was able to meet these quotas.
At the time he left Wipro, Mr. Gibbs was the only non-South Asian who reported directly to Mr. Rambhatla. Each of the other seven or eight non-South individuals who had previously reported to Mr. Rambhatla had been terminated or had quit. Each was replaced by a South Asian of Indian descent.
The lawsuit repeatedly notes that the favored Indian visa workers were far less skilled than the Americans, and sometimes hostile to American colleagues and customers:
For instance, Mr. [Ardeshir] Pezeshki observed that the vast majority of individuals selected for U.S. positions were South Asian. These individuals were often poorly skilled and unqualified for the positions, which created tension with Wipro’s clients. For example, based on Mr. Pezeshki’s observations, clients often had two complaints with Wipro: (1) a lack of skilled workers on projects and (2) poor quality of work. On one occasion, during a periodic sales conference, Mr. Pezeshki heard several South Asian individuals discussing a client who was upset with the lack of skilled resources on a project. One of the individuals, upon hearing about the client’s complaint, responded: “Fuck the Americans.”
Multiple lawsuits are being filed against the Indian companies for distribution, by lawyers at Kotchen & Low, and by James Otto. The federal and state governments have done very little to prevent Fortune 500 companies from using H-1Bs to sideline American graduates, aside from levying occasional fines.
However, President Donald Trump has directed his deputies to draft policies that would transfer jobs from visa workers back to Americans who have lost jobs in the coronavirus crash.
The outsourcing contracts to the Indians firms are often justified to Congress and to Wall Street experts as cost-saving measures. But the outsourcing contracts often contain hidden expenses, rewards wasteful featherbedding by Indian contractors, degrade software quality, and often alienate customers, U.S. managers and professionals tell Breitbart News.
U.S. executives strongly favor outsourcing because it makes work easier for CEOs and H.R. managers, the Americans say to Breitbart News. The Indian workforces are easy to hire and fire, they don’t complain to managers, they do not make professional arguments against executives’ decisions, and they allow kickbacks via India or ancillary U.S. businesses, the Americans say.
Indian managers have a hidden financial incentive to exclude Americans, Indian H-1B workers told Breitbart News.
Indian hiring managers will sell Americans’ jobs to Indians for $5,000 to $10,000, one Indian H-1B worker told Breitbart News. Honest Indian managers cannot stop the kickbacks, he said, because “you can’t survive — you will become a bottleneck in the chain. … [Senior managers] will fire you,’ he said.
In contrast, mid-level American managers do not sell jobs, he said, adding, “There are very few honest Indian managers — maybe one in a million. ”

The outsourcing business started in the 1990s, and it has helped push millions of American engineers, software programmers, and other experts out of their jobs and out of the task of developing the next generation of commercial, economy-boosting technology.
The bill for the investors’ outsourcing strategy is now being imposed on tens of millions of young Americans.
Silicon Valley CEOs are losing their fundamental competition against Chinese companies, said a February 27 article by Eric Schmidt, one of the former Silicon Valley chieftains who served as CEO of Google while the sector discarded its American professionals.
The Valley now needs a bailout from Washington, DC, he wrote in the New York Times — without noting the CEOs’ role in destroying innovation by hiring visa workers:
Important trends are not in our favor. America’s lead in artificial intelligence, for example, is precarious. A.I. will open new frontiers in everything from biotechnology to banking, and it is also a Defense Department priority. Leading the world in A.I. is essential to growing our economy and protecting our security. A recent study considering more than 100 metrics finds that the United States is well ahead of China today but will fall behind in five to 10 years. China also has almost twice as many supercomputers and about 15 times as many deployed 5G base stations as the United States. If current trends continue, China’s overall investments in research and development are expected to surpass those of the United States within 10 years, around the same time its economy is projected to become larger than ours.
The establishment U.S. media has failed to follow the huge impact of colleg graduate outsourcing on the U.S. economy and technology development, just as it failed to follow the transfer of the U.S manufacturing sector to China.
For example, a Los Angeles Times’ immigration reporter recently wrote, “research shows that immigrants typically don’t compete with U.S.-born workers for jobs, or lower their wages,” even though the entire sector exists to replace Americans with cheaper foreign rivals. 

Trump gets 2:1 public support for his Americans-first shift on immigration.
Even 62% support from Dems who 'somewhat disapprove' of Trump.
Is strong evidence for a strategy of incrementalism vs. a big rush for a total victory.
But deadline is Nov 3 

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Pelosi is a ghastly creature. She and her ilk – Feinstein, Boxer, Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom – have effectively destroyed California and they did it on purpose. They strive to import as many illegal migrants as possible; they've created and fostered the homelessness and let it fester. California is now a socialist disaster and the further destruction of the economy is just what they've wanted.  PATRICIA McCARTHY

Beto Prefers Playing “Race Card” to Protecting American Workers, Nation’s Health

By Pawel Styrna, April 29, 2020
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Migration, Poverty, Crowded Housing Spread Coronavirus Pandemic in U.S.

By Neil Munro, April 27, 2020

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This Isn't the Time for More Immigrants
With all the other problems Covid-19 has created, allowing immigration to continue is just exacerbating the unemployment debacle.
The Wall Street Journal, April 30, 2020

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Pelosi is a ghastly creature. She and her ilk – Feinstein, Boxer, Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom – have effectively destroyed California and they did it on purpose. They strive to import as many illegal migrants as possible; they've created and fostered the homelessness and let it fester. California is now a socialist disaster and the further destruction of the economy is just what they've wanted.  PATRICIA McCARTHY

Californians Fighting Governor’s Cash Handouts to Illegal Aliens
By Shari Rendall, April 28, 2020
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Ex-ICE Chief Warns of Border Surge on ‘Day One’ of Biden Presidency

By Paul Bedard
Washington Examiner, April 29, 2020

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Dems Favor Open Borders During Coronavirus

It is too late for the party to moderate now.

By George Neumayr

The American Spectator, April 24, 2020

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Other illegals will simply go to the polls 

and vote without taking the trouble to 

apply for citizenship. Together, these 

groups could form a voting block that 

could tear our nation apart.

48 Migrants Found in Two Tractor-Trailer Busts near Texas-Mexico Border

Laredo North Station Border Patrol agents apprehend 36 illegal aliens locked inside a tractor-trailer rig at the Interstate 35 immigration checkpoint. (Photo: Laredo Sector/U.S. Border Patrol)
Photo: Laredo Sector/U.S. Border Patrol

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents stopped two human smuggling attempts involving tractor-trailer rigs at an interior immigration checkpoint near the Texas border with Mexico. The interactions led to the apprehension of 48 migrants and two U.S. citizens for an investigation related to human smuggling.
Laredo North Station agents assigned to the Interstate 35 immigration checkpoint on April 30 observed a white tractor-trailer rig approaching for inspection. The agents interviewed the driver and referred him to a secondary inspection station where a non-intrusive inspection revealed multiple people locked inside the trailer, according to information provided by Laredo Sector Border Patrol officials.
The agents cut the seal on the trailer and searched the trailer. The search led to the apprehension of 36 illegal immigrants, officials stated. The agents identified the migrants as citizens of Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico.
Emergency medical technicians examined the migrants and determined they appeared to be in good health. None required immediate medical attention, officials stated. The agents placed the 36 under arrest for immigration violations and detained the U.S. citizen driver for further investigation.
During an interview with Breitbart Texas this week, Laredo Sector Chief Patrol Agent Felix Chavez said smuggling in tractor-trailers is up significantly this fiscal year.
During the first seven months of Fiscal Year 2020, which began on October 1, 2019, Laredo Sector agents apprehended 1,071 migrants in motor-vehicle related incidents. This is up from 669 during the same period in FY19, the chief said. The use of tractors increased by 38 percent when compared to the previous year.
“All of this comes as our agents face the dangers of the Coronavirus,” he explained. “As first responders, our agents have to make physical contact with people during rescues and while making apprehensions. The bravery and courage they display in carrying out their jobs impresses me every day.”
Chavez stressed that illegally crossing the border and the entire human smuggling process is very dangerous. He cited the callous treatment of migrants by the Mexican cartels and others engaged in the human smuggling process.
“They have no respect for human life,” the chief said, “even during the COVID-19 pandemic. To them, these people are nothing more than human cargo.”
Laredo North Station agents observed a black tractor-trailer approaching the Interstate 35 checkpoint the morning before the incident above. a non-intrusive inspection of the rig revealed another group of migrants locked inside the trailer. The agents conducted a physical inspection of the rig and found 12 Mexican nationals locked inside. The agents took 12 illegal immigrants and the U.S. citizen driver into custody for further investigation.
Border Patrol officials previously told Breitbart Texas the human smugglers lock the migrants inside these trailers where temperatures can get dangerously high. They said there is no air circulation or toilet facilities inside. The migrants can be locked for many hours and have even been abandoned in the past. The migrants have no means of escaping in the event of a crash or abandonment.
Bob Price serves as associate editor and senior news contributor for the Breitbart Texas-Border team. He is an original member of the Breitbart Texas team. Price is a regular panelist on Fox 26 Houston’s What’s Your Point? Sunday-morning talk show. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX and Facebook.

We can even hear it today from Mexican nationals and their descendants in the U.S. who glorify La Raza at the expense of their adopted country.
Mexican Invasion
By Tom Barrett
At the current rate of invasion (mostly through Mexico, but also through Canada) the United States will be completely over run with illegal aliens by the year 2025. I’m not talking about legal immigrants who follow US law to become citizens. In less than 20 years, if we do not stop the invasion, ILLEGAL aliens and their offspring will be the dominant population in the United States. According to US Border Control (see LINK below). “They will have made such inroads into the political and social systems that they will have more influence than our Constitution over how the U.S. is governed. The ugly consequence of an ignored U.S. Constitution is already taking place.” The millions upon millions of illegal aliens streaming into the US are the foundation for what could be another attempt at secession by several US states. Many of them will use ill-conceived programs that reward illegal immigration to become US citizens. Other illegals will simply go to the polls and vote without taking the trouble to apply for citizenship. Together, these groups could form a voting block that could tear our nation apart. Those of you who read the email version of this column should go to  to see the map posted there. It shows the borders of a new nation proposed by influential Mexican nationals and Hispanic US Citizens. (See LINK below: Professor Predicts 'Hispanic Homeland'.) It includes six northern states of Mexican, as well as Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and southern Colorado. The idea of a Hispanic Homeland could be ignored as the pipedream of crackpots if a substantial majority of Mexican citizens did not support it. A Zogby poll of Mexicans done in June 2002 revealed that a substantial majority of Mexican citizens believe that southwestern America properly belongs to Mexico. They said that Mexicans do not need the permission of the U.S. to enter this territory. 58 percent of Mexican citizens agreed with this statement: "The territory of the United States' southwest rightfully belongs to Mexico." Only 28 percent disagreed with the statement. Listen to what some Mexican government officials and US leaders (including politicians and Professors at taxpayer-funded Universities) have to say on this subject. Jose Angel Gutierrez, professor, University of Texas, Arlington and founder of La Raza Unida political party screams at rallies: "We have an aging white America. They are dying. They are ******** in their pants with fear! I love it! We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him!" (See LINK below.) Richard Alatorre, Los Angeles City Council "They’re afraid we’re going to take over the governmental institutions and other institutions. They’re right. We will take them over. Mario Obledo, California State Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare under Jerry Brown, who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Bill Clinton, says, “California is going to be a Hispanic state. Anyone who doesn’t like it should leave." Proposition 187 was the California initiative supported by a majority of Californians that denied taxpayer funds for services to non-citizens. Speaking at a Latino gathering in response to Proposition 187’s passage in 1995, Art Torres, the Chairman of the California Democratic Party, said: "Power is not given to you. You have to take it. Remember, 187 is the last gasp of white America in California." The national newspaper of Mexico, Excelsior: "The American Southwest seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot." Gloria Molina, Los Angeles County Supervisor: "We are politicizing every single one of these new citizens that are becoming citizens of this country...I gotta tell you that a lot of people are saying, "I’m going to go out there and vote because I want to pay them back." Jose Pescador Osuna, Mexican Consul General: “We are practicing ‘La Reconquista’ in California." "Reconquista" means the reconquest of the US southwest by Mexico. (See LINK below.). These people are serious! They think they are going to take US territory. The Mexican President declared it here in our country, and Bill Clinton signed a Presidential Executive Order that paves the way for at least part of Mexico’s dream. Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo said in Chicago on July 23, 1997, "I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders and that Mexican migrants are an important – a very important – part of this. For this reason, my government proposed a constitutional amendment to allow any Mexican with the right and the desire to acquire another nationality to do so without being forced to first give up his or her Mexican nationality." Translation: It is next to impossible to receive Mexican citizenship unless you can prove you are of Mexican descent. But Mexico knows that the US has soft immigration laws and will grant citizenship to almost anyone. (After all, we grant citizenship every day to immigrants from countries who have sworn to destroy us.) So Mexico wants to take advantage of this ridiculous situation by encouraging their citizens to apply for US citizenship while keeping Mexican citizenship. That way the Mexican government can influence the political process here in the US. Executive Order 13122, signed on May 25, 1999, by the most treasonous president this nation has ever been cursed with, Bill Clinton, established an Interagency Task Force on the Economic Development of the Southwest Border. Part of the Order reads, "The Southwest Border or Southwest Border region is defined as including the areas up to 150 miles north of the United States-Mexican border in the States of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California." According to experts on international law, this sets the stage for a 150-mile-wide “Border Zone” that will neither belong to Mexico or the US. This could then become the first area of a Hispanic Nation that would eventually encompass the areas shown in the map of the proposed Republica del Norte (The Northern Republic). Our government, pushed by liberal Democrats, has been systematically laying the groundwork for such a breakaway republic. Did you know that immigrants from Mexico and other non European countries can come to this country and get preferences in jobs, education, and government contracts? It’s called affirmative action or racial privilege. Some time ago a vote was taken in the U.S. Congress to end this practice. It was defeated. Every single Democratic senator except Ernest Hollings voted to maintain special privileges for Hispanic, Asian and African immigrants. They were joined by thirteen Republicans. Bill Clinton and Al Gore have repeatedly stated that they believe that massive immigration from countries like Mexico is good. They have also backed special privileges for these immigrants. Mexico, a nation that has benefited enormously from American generosity is now working to destabilize our country. Is “destabilize” too strong a word? I don’t think so. Whether or not Mexican leaders think they can actually create enough hatred against “gringos” to accomplish the creation of a new republic made up of mainly US territory, they know that pushing that agenda will cause huge political problems here and allow Mexico to accomplish many of their goals. Is the government of Mexico behind this? You have seen quotes from a Mexican President and a Mexican Consul General in support of it. They have everything to gain and little to lose by pushing it. The Mexican government is also pushing illegal immigration, which destabilizes our economy. The US Border Control website (see LINK below) shows an illustration from a Mexican government publication showing their citizens how to best illegally enter the US. Why? It takes the strain of taking care of unemployed Mexicans off the Mexican treasury and puts it on the US treasury. And when the illegals get on welfare, they send some of their money home, which helps the Mexican economy. All this talk by Mexican and US officials about the US illegally occupying Mexican territory does nothing but breed racial hatred. The sad thing is that none of this is about race. It is about the things that all wars and conflicts are about: Greed, power and money. I don’t like to talk about a problem without offering a solution. The US politicians and professors who advocate taking US territory are guilty of sedition. Remove them from their offices and (hopefully) put them in a federal penitentiary where they can consider the error of their ways. The Mexican politicians who do the same are guilty of inciting sedition. This is very close to an act of war. Immediately cut of all economic aid to Mexico until its government publicly disavows this lunatic plan. Finally, we must realize that we can’t stop this by marching US troops into Mexico. We should use troops to guard our borders, because the US Border Patrol cannot cover the huge US-Mexico border without help. And we need to use pass laws that will stop the government from rewarding illegal immigrants at the expense of those who follow the law. We have a huge immigration problem in this country. This ridiculous Hispanic Homeland idea is just a symptom of the problem. INTERNET RESEARCH: Professor Predicts 'Hispanic Homeland' 1.
 Professor Predicts 'Hispanic Homeland' ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A University of New Mexico Chicano Studies professor predicts a new, sovereign Hispanic nation within the century, taking in the Southwest and several northern states of Mexico. Charles Truxillo suggests the “Republica del Norte,” the Republic of the North, is “an inevitability.” He envisions it encompassing all of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and southern Colorado, plus the northern tier of Mexican states: Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas. Along both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border “there is a growing fusion, a reviving of connections,” Truxillo said. “Southwest Chicanos and Norteño Mexicanos are becoming one people again.” Truxillo, 47, has said the new country should be brought into being “by any means necessary,” but recently said it was unlikely to be formed by civil war. Instead, its creation will be accomplished by the electoral pressure of the future majority Hispanic population in the region, he said.