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RICK PERRY & PORN - An Investment God Guided Him To?

Did God tell Rick Perry to go and invest in PORN and he shall reapeth the rewards of iniquity? * RICK SHOULD KEEP TALKING ABOUT ALL THE MISERABLE WAGES HIS CRAP JOBS PAY AND HOW MANY OF THOSE JOBS ARE HELD BY ILLEGALS USING STOLEN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS?!? * Rick Perry accused of hypocrisy as he comes under fire for investment in America's largest pornography distributor By John Stevens Last updated at 10:14 PM on 20th August 2011 Leading Republican contender and prominent Christian candidate Rick Perry has been accused of hypocrisy after it was revealed that he invested thousands of dollars in the country's largest pornography distributor. Just a week after he launched his presidential campaign, the Texas governor has come under fire for his investment in Movie Gallery, a company that rented pornographic movies. In 1995, while serving as Texas' agriculture commissioner, financial disclosures reveal that Mr Perry bought between $5,000 and $10,000 worth of the company's stock. Under fire: Republican presidential candidate Texas Governor Rick Perry, pictured today, has been criticised for his investment in America's largest pornography distributor The revelation is particularly embarrassing for the Republican candidate as the company was boycotted by the American Family Association, which hosted Mr Perry's high-profile prayer rally in Houston a week before he kicked off his campaign. In potentially even more damaging allegations, Mr Perry is accused of signing into law bills that could have benefitted the pornography distributor. Texas-based website The Burn Orange Report reported that Movie Gallery, which filed for bankruptcy in February 2010, had been facing two lawsuits for illegal business practices. Smaller video stores had accused the company of illegally distributing pornography across state lines, but the company's chief financial officer had described the lawsuits as 'frivolous'. The website reported that Mr Perry used similar language when signing a tort-reform bill that limited the liability of companies like Movie Gallery. Uncomfortable: The movie company was boycotted by the American Family Association, which hosted Mr Perry's high-profile prayer rally, pictured, on August 6 Amen: Worshipers pray during 'The Response', a day-long prayer rally, which was attended by Rick Perry Mr Perry said the bill would 'remov[e] the incentive for trial lawyers to file frivolous lawsuits,' the website claimed. The American Family Association led a high profile of Movie Gallery until it went into administration, which has added weight to the accusations of hypocrisy. Patrick Vaughn, general counsel with the American Family Association, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: 'They sold family-friendly material in the front but had adult rooms in the back.' Mr Perry has spoken out against pornographers in the past and in his 2008 book 'On My Honor' suggested that pornography plays a role in 'turning some viewers into eternal perdators'. Mr Perry's team have tried to dismiss the allegations of hypocrisy, saying that he sold his entire investment in the company the same year as he bought it. Investment: Mr Perry owned shares in rental company Movie Gallery, which went bankrupt in February 2010 Run for the White House: The increased scrutiny comes a week after Mr Perry announced his presidential bid in Charleston, South Carolina 'This company was a regional video store that he owned [stock in] for less than a year,' his campaign spokesman Mark Miner told the newspaper. 'This is nothing different than a Blockbuster chain.' But Matt Angle, director of Democratic research group the Lone Star Project, said this is part of a higher level of scrutiny that Mr Perry can now come to expect on the national political stage. 'He doesn't get a pass for something that happened in 1995,' Mr Angle told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. 'He was a statewide elected official in Texas and let me tell you, Rick Perry is not... the type of candidate who would give his opponent a pass on anything like that.' UNDER FIRE: HUNTSMAN ATTACKS PERRY ON GLOBAL WARNING On the attack: Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman criticised Rick Perry's position on climate change Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman is pounding away at rival Rick Perry's skepticism of manmade global warming and criticism of the nation's central banker, saying those stands hurt the GOP and make the Texas governor come off as a not so serious national figure. Huntsman, a former Utah governor who was President Barack Obama's first ambassador to China, has trailed in early polls nationally and in early voting states, leading his campaign to pledge more aggressive attacks on the top candidates. Perry said in New Hampshire this past week that he didn't believe in manmade global warming, branding it an unproven scientific theory. He also defended the teaching of creationism in schools because evolution 'has some gaps to it.' 'When we take a position that isn't willing to embrace evolution, when we take a position that basically runs counter to what 98 of 100 climate scientists have said, what the National Academy of Science has said about what is causing climate change and man's contribution to it, I think we find ourselves on the wrong side of science, and, therefore, in a losing position,' Huntsman told ABC's 'This Week.' Huntsman said he couldn't remember a time when 'we actually were willing to shun science and become a party that was antithetical to science. I'm not sure that's good for our future and it's not a winning formula,' according to interview excerpts released Saturday ABC. The full interview is set to air Sunday. Campaigning in Rock Hill, S.C., on Saturday, Perry didn't back down, saying he believes the Earth's temperature 'has been moving up and down for millenniums now and there are enough scientists out there that are skeptical about the reasons for it.' Perry also took on the Federal Reserve and its chairman, Ben Bernanke, when he said the central bank's leader would be committing a 'treasonous' act if he decided to 'print more money to boost the economy.' Such action, the governor told a crowd in Iowa, would amount to a political maneuver aimed at helping President Barack Obama win re-election. Huntsman said he wasn't sure that 'the average voter out there is going to hear that treasonous remark and say that sounds like a presidential candidate, that sounds like someone who is serious on the issues.' Perry said Saturday voters are worried about monetary policy. 'I'm about representing the American people out here and the American people are really concerned and scared.' Read more:


CRIMINAL BANKSTERS BANK of AMERICA FIND 70 YEAR OLD WOMAN AND HER DYING HUSBAND MAKE GOOD VICTIMS! THE BIGGEST BANKSTERS IN HISTORY IS BANK of AMERICA! CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT TODAY! Sunday, Aug 21 2011 3 Woman, 70, and terminally ill husband face losing their home for paying the mortgage too early By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 5:49 PM on 20th August 2011 A 70-year-old woman and her terminally ill husband face losing their home because she paid her mortgage a week early. Sharon Bullington, of New Port Richey, Florida, says that Bank of America has filed to foreclose on her and husband, James, 78. Mrs Bullington said: 'It's like death to me. My husband is bedridden. It's almost more than I can bear.' The couple moved to Florida 15 years ago after Mr Bullington retired from General Motors in Flint, Michigan. Their home is now valued at $133,464, though they owe about $177,000. When James became ill, the couple encountered financial difficulties because of high medical bills. The couple asked Bank of America to modify the loan. The bank told the couple they would have to first officially default on their $1,400-a-month payment. The Bullingtons did that and entered into the modification plan, which reduced their payment to $916. Mrs Bullington made the January payment on December 23, and the bank accepted the money, according to court records. The next month, she made the February payment over the phone. Weeks later, the money had not been withdrawn from her bank account. After Bullington asked the bank about it, a representative told her she had punched in the wrong routing number. In March, the bank kicked the couple out of the modification plan. Mrs Bullington pleaded for help in a June letter to Bank of America president Brian Moynihan and U.S. Rep. Gus Bilirakis. One of Mr Moynihan's aides, Ana Olivera, told Mrs Bullington the foreclosure could not be stopped, reports. She wrote in a two-page letter that the payment due on Jan. 1, 2011, had been made in December. 'In accordance with the Trial Payment Letter dated December 15, 2010, it indicates that if you are not able to make each payment in the month in which it is due, you will not be eligible for a modification under the Home Affordable Modification Program,' the letter said. Miss Olivera told Bullington she could avoid a foreclosure by selling the home in a short sale or by signing it over to the bank. The letter said the bank values Bullington's business and strives to provide exceptional customer service. 'I understand that you may be disappointed with our final resolution and appreciate the opportunity to clarify this matter,' Miss Olivera wrote. 'While this may not be the response you were hoping for, I trust I have addressed your concerns.' The Bullingtons' lawyer, Shawn Yesner, said the case makes no sense because his clients did what the bank told them to do. In ten years as a lawyer, he said, he has never seen such an outrageous letter. 'I couldn't believe they would put that in writing,' he said. 'I had to read the letter three or four times. Bank of America is putting her in a depressed state. She has never been behind on anything.' The bank says it is now going to review the Bullingtons' case. As thousands of property owners across the U.S. battle foreclosure, defense attorneys have accused lenders of bogging down the courts with an unwillingness to negotiate with people on their mortgages, often by simply refusing to make decisions. Mrs Bullington, who has no children or siblings, said she is the sole caregiver for her ill husband, who cannot move from the home in his condition. She said she has repeatedly contacted the bank, but nobody will talk to her. Mrs Bullington said: 'I just don't understand why they're doing this. It looks like they're out to get us.' I Bank of America prepares to slash 10,000 jobs By Barry Grey 20 August 2011 Amidst plunging stock markets, fears of a new banking crisis, and near-zero economic growth in the US, Europe and Japan, Bank of America, the biggest US bank by assets, has announced 3,500 job cuts this quarter and is reportedly preparing to lay off over 10,000 workers in the coming months. Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan announced the 3,500 job cuts in an internal memo Thursday and said they were part of a sweeping restructuring and downsizing effort. The Wall Street Journal on Friday cited "one person familiar with the situation" as saying at least 10,000 jobs will likely be eliminated. * * "Bank of America is currently experiencing severe financial woes and we are offering to publicly drop our boycott efforts if the bank will publicly announce an end to their program designed to issue credit cards and mortgages to illegal immigrants." said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "We also want Bank of America to stop donating to the racist illegal alien supporting organization called the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) as well." * Bank of America Boycott Offers BofA a Truce August 18, 2011 CONTACT: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) (866) 703-0864 / The organizers of a national boycott against Bank of America, that has been ongoing since February of 2007 in response to BofA's plan to offer credit cards and mortgages to illegal aliens, has offered to end the boycott if BofA will end the credit card program. Over 132,000 Americans have signed the boycott online petition found at to "demand that all companies and corporations operating within the territory of the USA cease and desist any financial or political support for illegal aliens" Bank of America's stock is crashing after reports indicating the bank is losing billions of dollars. Bank of America's credit cards for illegal immigrants plan received national press coverage as did the launch of the Bank of America Boycott led by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. American citizens flooded BofA headquarters in Charlotte, NC with complaint calls, large numbers closed their accounts with BofA, moved their mortgages to other companies, and mailed in cut up Bank of America debit and credit cards in protest. It is a violation of federal law to aid and abet illegal aliens inside the United States and numerous certified polls show that over 80% of Americans oppose benefits knowingly offered to illegal aliens. "Bank of America is currently experiencing severe financial woes and we are offering to publicly drop our boycott efforts if the bank will publicly announce an end to their program designed to issue credit cards and mortgages to illegal immigrants." said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "We also want Bank of America to stop donating to the racist illegal alien supporting organization called the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) as well." Each week, thousands of Americans see the website and the associated information located there. The website also has a large list of banks that do or do not accept the Matricula Consular cards that the Mexican government sells to illegal aliens in America. Bank of America's name remains synonymous with illegal immigration due to the lasting discussion of this scandal. Talk radio shows and bloggers across America continue to mention BofA's issuance of credit and mortgages to illegal aliens, and the resultant backlash from Americans, in discussions of the bank's current financial crisis. "Unless Bank of America drops their efforts to finance illegal immigrants in America, we will continue and strengthen our boycott efforts." said William Gheen. "Furthermore, we are asking the over 132,000 people who have signed our online petition to contact the Congress demanding that no tax resources be used to bail out Bank of America as long as the bank continues to violate federal law by willfully aiding and abetting illegal immigrants on US soil." Americans for Legal Immigration PAC and other illegal immigration fighting groups in the NIIBC (National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition) hope that Bank of America will do the right thing by ending these morally repugnant practices and become a good corporate citizen in America by ending its support for illegal aliens and groups that support illegals like NCLR.


MEXICANS ARE THE MOST RACIST AND VIOLENT CULTURES IN THIS HEMISPHERE! NEARLY HALF THE MURDERS IN CA ARE BY MEXICAN GANGS!!! 5 decapitated bodies found in popular Acapulco spots; 9 bodies found in other Mexican state By Associated Press, Published: August 20 ACAPULCO, Mexico — Two decapitated bodies and scalped heads were dumped outside a Sam’s Club store in Acapulco while three headless corpses were found nearby on the resort city’s main tourist strip, authorities in Mexico said Saturday. The bodies discovered outside the Sam’s Club were cut into more than 20 pieces, Guerrero state’s Public Security Department said in a statement. The statement said the skin on their faces and scalps had been removed and left in a woman’s purse at the scene. The three other decapitated bodies were found in a car parked on the boulevard Miguel Aleman 200 meters (656 feet) from the store, police said. One of the victims was a woman. Their heads have not been located. Nearly two dozen Acapulco gas stations closed temporarily on Friday to protest the escalating violence. Drug violence has grown in Acapulco since the December 2009 killing of cartel boss Arturo Beltran Leyva, which set off fighting among factions of the Beltran Leyva cartel. Meanwhile, authorities said they found the bullet-riddled bodies of nine men on a highway in the Pacific Coast state of Nayarit. The men’s hands were tied and their bodies showed signs of torture, the Nayarit Attorney General’s Office said in a statement Saturday. The men were aged 20 to 35 and the bullet wounds were from rifle fire, the statement said. Nayarit has become a battleground for drug cartels fighting for control of the area. The Sinaloa cartel, Mexico’s most powerful, has long been active in Nayarit, which borders its home base in Sinaloa state, but the gang has recently been challenged by the Zetas and by the remnants of the Beltran Leyva cartel. In May, a gunbattle between rival drug gangs in Nayarit left 29 bodies in fake military uniforms heaped across a roadway and inside bullet-riddled vehicles.


THEIR LIES! OBAMA PELOSI, TO BUY THE ILLEGALS’ VOTES, CONTINUES TO EXPAND THE LA RAZA MEXICAN WELFARE STATE IN OUR BORDERS! * ON THE SENATE FLOOR, BARACK OBAMA LIED IN THE FACE OF THE NATION ABOUT OBAMACARE NOT INCLUDING ILLEGALS. IN FACT PERHAPS THE ONLY THING OBAMA HAS NOT LIED ABOUT IS THIS COMMENT TO ASSURE HIS CRIMINAL BANKSTERS THEY’RE HOME FREE; NO JAIL, NO CUTS IN BONUSES, NO REGULATION!!! “I’m not here to punish banks!” BARACK OBAMA ON FLOOR OF SENATE – STATE of the UNION MESSAGE * Joe Wilson was right "There are also those who claim that our [ObamaCare] reform efforts would insure illegal immigrants. This, too, is false." --Barack Obama HE LIED. Yes, Barack Obama lied when he told the American people that his takeover of our health care system would not benefit illegal aliens... In fact, his administration just confirmed it a few short days ago. Remember when Obama admonished and scolded patriotic Americans in 2009 during a televised speech to a joint session of Congress and claimed that ObamaCare would not benefit illegal aliens? Remember when Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) called him on that false statement and shouted "You Lie" from the House floor? Of course, Wilson's colleagues, including some in the GOP leadership, twisted Wilson's arm and FORCED HIM TO APOLOGIZE... FOR TELLING THE TRUTH. Oh yes, Wilson, it turns out, was telling the truth. The Department of Health and Human Services just announced that it will be funneling millions in cold hard ObamaCare cash to "community health centers" that service "migrant and seasonal farm workers." And since a disproportionately large number of those workers are undocumented, Rep. Wilson rightly pointed out recently, "It is inevitable that they will serve illegal aliens." Folks, we have some unfinished business. Republican leaders promised us that if the American people gave them the majority in the House of Representatives, they would repeal or defund ObamaCare. And it's time to hold them to that promise. Perhaps they're thinking (or hoping) that the American people have forgotten the promise... But today, we're going to force them to keep their word. Today, we're going to force them, kicking and screaming if we must, to defund ObamaCare. Use the button below to send your urgent and personalized Blast Faxes to the Republican Leadership of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. Or alternatively, you can send your urgent and personalized Blast Faxes to each and every Republican Member of the House and Senate... that's over 280 Blast Faxes. Tell them, in no uncertain terms, that you oppose the Obama Administration's efforts to provide taxpayer-subsidized health care to illegal aliens through ObamaCare. Furthermore, tell them to keep the promise they made to the American people to defund and repeal ObamaCare. If button above does not work, please use this hyperlink. Don't Let Them Get Away With It. It's unreal. The politicians in Washington promised us they would start to control their insatiable appetite to squander your hard-earned tax dollars AFTER they were handed a 2.4 trillion dollar limit increase. Yeah, right... Barack Obama got his increase alright, but it didn't take his administration long to proudly announce that it would give away millions of ObamaCare dollars to provide taxpayer-funded medical service for people who violated our laws and are working in the United States illegally at a time when almost one out of every five Americans are underemployed. But what is even more surreal is that even when they're caught lying, they simply continue their efforts to mislead the public. HHS, after all, didn't simply come out and proclaim that they were giving away free medical care to illegal aliens. Instead, HHS tried to spin the truth by suggesting that the funds would be used to provide assistance to "migrant workers" who are in the country legally. Feeling pressed on the issue, however, HHS spokeswoman Judy Andrews started to tap dance: "The Program's authorizing statute does not affirmatively address immigration status. Rather, it simply states that health centers are required to provide primary health care to all residents of the health center's service area without regard for ability to pay." Pressed further, according to CNS News, "Andrews said that grant recipients will not check the immigration status of people seeking services." (THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS NOW CONTROLLED BY LA RAZA “THE RACE” AND WORKS FOR OPEN BORDERS, AMNESTY, NO WALL, NO E-VERIFY AND TO EXPAND THE MEXICAN OCCUPATION FOR ALL THAT STAGGERINGLY EXPENSIVE “CHEAP” MEXICAN LABOR THE SPECIAL INTERESTS DEMAND!) Let's be perfectly clear, this ObamaCare boondoggle is not simply open to abuse. Rather, THIS BOONDOGGLE WAS SET UP SPECIFICALLY TO BE ABUSED. And those who say different are about as credible as the character of Captain Renault in the movie Casablanca, when he said: "I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here" just prior to collecting his winnings. We're shocked too... shocked that our elected officials still believe that they can get away with pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people. Well, the lies and deceit stop today. Use the button below to send your urgent and personalized Blast Faxes to the Republican Leadership of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. Or alternatively, you can send your urgent and personalized Blast Faxes to each and every Republican Member of the House and Senate... that's over 280 Blast Faxes. Tell them, in no uncertain terms, that you oppose the Obama Administration's efforts to provide taxpayer-subsidized health care to illegal aliens through ObamaCare. Furthermore, tell them to keep the promise they made to the American people to defund and repeal ObamaCare. * Illegals Receiving Health Care …."But....( of course there is!)" “If you’re in this country illegally, should you be able to get health care?” CNN’s John King asked Mrs. Pelosi. “No, illegal immigrants are not covered by this plan,” she replied. Mrs. Pelosi’s remarks are downright deceptive, according to Congressman Lamar Smith (R-Texas), who points out that the proposed health care legislation “ contains gaping loopholes that will allow illegal immigrants to receive taxpayer-funded benefits .” These loopholes, Rep. Smith maintains, are “no accident.” He maintains that the proposed legislation, despite months of debate, still contains no mechanism for verifying if applicants are legal residents or not. The Republican members of the Ways and Means Committee attempted to address this loophole by an amendment proposed by Congressman Dick Heller (R-Nevada) which would have required applicants for government provided or subsidized health care to demonstrate eligibility through the Income and Eligibility Verification System (IEVS) and the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) systems. But, on July 29, the Heller Amendment was soundly defeated by the following 26 Majority Members of the House Ways & Means Committee: Xavier Becerra (Calif.), Shelley Berkley (Nev.), Earl Blumenauer (Ore.), Joe Crowley (N.Y.), Artur Davis (Ala.), Danny Davis (Ill.), Lloyd Doggett (Texas), Bob Etheridge (N.C.), Brian Higgins (N.Y.), Ron Kind (Wis.), John Larson (Conn.), Sander Levin (Mich.), John Lewis (Ga.), Jim McDermott (Wash.), Kendrick Meek (Fla.), Richard Neal (Mass.), Bill Pascrell (N.J.), Earl Pomeroy (N.D.), Chairman Charlie Rangel (N.Y.), Linda Sanchez (Calif.), Allyson Schwartz (Pa.), Pete Stark (Calif.), John Tanner (Tenn.), Mike Thompson (Calif.), Chris Van Hollen (Md.), and John Yarmuth (Ky.). The Federal for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) believes the legislation is now purposefully self-contradictory in order to ensure that the millions of illegal Latinos will receive coverage. FAIR points out that while one provision of the proposed health care reform bill states illegal immigrants will not be eligible for benefits, the legislation remains without any system of verification for determining if a patient is a legal or illegal U. S. resident. Moreover, Fair insists, the bill leaves open the possibility that if one citizen family member is eligible for benefits, then the entire family — including illegal immigrants — is also eligible for the benefits. “At a time when the federal government is running trillion dollar deficits, and the projected costs of the proposed health care overhaul seem to grow with each passing day, the committee that writes our tax laws wants Americans to pay for the health care costs of illegal aliens,” says FAIR President Dan Stein. “Given the opportunity to close loopholes that would cost the public billions of dollars each year, Democrats on the committee unanimously rejected an amendment that would bar illegal aliens from a national health care program.” The cost of treating illegal aliens amounts to nearly $11 billion a year, according to calculations done by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a non-profit group that opposes illegal immigration. And that cost is not expected to go away if a health insurance reform bill becomes law. According to FAIR’s Director of Special Projects Jack Martin, illegal immigrants presently cost U. S. taxpayers $10.7 billion a year for health care. The numbers are contained in a report that FAIR plans to publish in the near future. “The current health care bill is looking as if it is leaving a very large loophole for medical coverage being provided to illegal aliens,” Martin said. So again, yes, the speaker of the House can say: "We've made no provision for Health Care for Illegal Aliens". But, is she in fact telling you the WHOLE truth or only half a truth. I am an independent voter and I, at this point, have my opinion. You be the judge for your own opinion. * The politics of Healthcare Reform from the AP - "Immigration analyst James R. Edwards Jr. reported last week in National Review that "no health legislation on the table requires federal, state or local agencies -- or private institutions receiving federal funds -- to check the immigration status of health-program applicants, so some of the money distributed via Medicaid and tax credits inevitably would go to illegal aliens." Moreover, the Senate Finance Committee plan creates a preference for illegal aliens by exempting them from the mandate to buy insurance. That's right. Lawabiding, uninsured Americans would be fined if they didn't submit to the ObamaCare prescription. Lawbreaking bordercrossers and deportation fugitives would be spared. For years, advocates of uncontrolled immigration have argued that illegals aren't getting free health care, and that even if they were, they'd not be draining government budgets. The fiscal crisis in California gives lie to those talking points. In March, the Associated Press reported that Sacramento and Contra Costa counties were slashing staff and closing clinics due to the prohibitive costs of providing nonemergency health services for illegals. "The general situation there is being faced by nearly every health department across the country, and if not right now, shortly," Robert M. Pestronk of the National Association of County and City Health Officials, told the AP." * Congressman Brian Bilbray, along with 55 other Members of Congress, is urging the leaders of the United States House of Representatives to include a method of enforcement for benefits under any new plan of nationalized health care. The text of the letter follows: September 15, 2009 The Honorable Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House H-232 United States Capitol Washington, DC 20515 The Honorable John Boehner Office of the House Republican Leader H-204 United States Capitol Washington, DC 20515 Dear Madam Speaker and Republican Leader Boehner: As discussion on health care reform continues, we urge you to include measures that will prevent illegal immigrants from receiving taxpayer-funded benefits in any health care reform bill considered by the House. While the House bill currently says illegal immigrants cannot get benefits, the statement is meaningless because the bill contains no verification mechanism to ensure that illegal immigrants will not receive benefits. The non-partisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) recently issued some troubling information on the immigration-related provisions of the current health care bill, H.R. 3200. Specifically, the new CRS Report R40773, Treatment of Noncitizens in H.R. 3200, points out the following: • CRS states that H.R. 3200 "does not contain any restrictions on noncitzens—whether legally or illegally present, or in the United States temporarily or permanently—participating in the [taxpayer-subsidized Health Insurance] Exchange." • While section 142(a)(3) of H.R. 3200 states the responsibility of the Health Choices Commissioner to administer the "individual affordability credits under subtitle C of title II, including determination of eligibility for such credits," no specific enforcement mechanism is outlined in the bill. • CRS also notes that "there could be instances where some family members would meet the definition of an eligible individual for purposes of the credit, while other family members would not. For example, in a family consisting of a U.S. citizen married to an unauthorized alien and a U.S. citizen child, the U.S. citizen spouse and child could meet the criteria for being a credit-eligible individual, while the unauthorized alien spouse would not meet the criteria. H.R. 3200 does not expressly address how such a situation would be treated. Therefore, it appears that the Health Choices Commissioner would be responsible for determining how the credits would be administered in the case of mixed-status families." Our constituents find these provisions unacceptable. The Pew Hispanic Center estimated that there are almost two million families in the United States where illegal immigrant parents have U.S.-born children, and even more mixed-status families exist. If H.R. 3200 becomes law in its current form, billions in taxpayer funds could go to those who are in our country illegally. Most of our concerns could be easily addressed by requiring individuals applying for affordability credits to undergo citizenship verification using one of the existing programs used for various social service programs. We urge you to adopt language such as the Heller amendment (offered in the House Ways & Means Committee during the markup of H.R. 3200, July 16, 2009) or the Deal amendment (offered in the House Energy & Commerce Committee markup of H.R. 3200, July 31, 2009) in the final version of any health care reform legislation to close these costly, unnecessarily loopholes. Sincerely, * Calif. Hospitals Spend $1.25 Bil On Illegal Immigrants * 07/05/2011 While the Obama Administration halts deportations to work on its secret amnesty plan, hospitals across the U.S. are getting stuck with the exorbitant tab of medically treating illegal immigrants and some are finally demanding compensation from the federal government. The group that represents most of the nation’s hospitals and medical providers recently urged President Obama to work with Congress to reimburse them for the monstrous cost of treating illegal immigrants. Federal law requires facilities to “treat and stabilize individuals” regardless of their immigration status, but federal support for the services remains “virtually nonexistent,” according to a letter submitted by the American Hospital Association to the president. This week officials in California, the state with the largest concentration of illegal immigrants, joined the call for federal compensation after revealing that hospitals there spend about $1.25 billion annually to care for illegal aliens. The figure skyrocketed from $1.05 billion in 2007, according to California Hospital Association figures quoted in a local news report. The problem will only get worst, according to officials, who say the $1.25 billion for 2010 could actually be higher. They complain that federal law forces them to treat patients in emergency rooms regardless of immigration status yet they get stuck with the financial burden. This has forced many hospitals to curtail services or close beds and could ultimately compromise healthcare. Nationwide, U.S. taxpayers spend tens of billions of dollars annually to provide free medical care for illegal immigrants with states that border Mexico taking the biggest hit. Adding to the problem is the fact that Mexico, the country that provides the largest amount of illegal immigrants in the U.S., has long promoted America’s generous public health centers. It even operates a Spanish-language program (Ventanillas de Salud, Health Windows) in about a dozen U.S. cities that refers its nationals—living in the country illegally—to publicly funded health centers where they can get free medical care without being turned over to immigration authorities. * THESE FIGURES ON WELFARE FOR ILLEGALS IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY ARE DATED. IT NOT EXCEEDS $600 MILLION PER YEAR!!! (source: Los Angeles County & JUDICIAL WATCH) * * LOS ANGELES – A MEXICAN WELFARE AND CRIME STATE WHERE THE JOBS ALSO GO TO ILLEGALS http://mex¬icanoccupa¬tion.blogs¬¬11/04/mexi¬can-welfar¬e-state-in¬-los-angel¬es.html * One tragic thing about this book is that it was written in 2003. Since then the Mexican occupation has doubled. Welfare to illegals is up to $20 BILLION in California. Welfare to illegals in sanctuary city Los Angeles is past $600 million per year, while Mexican gangs murder all over the state. Yet the lifer-politicians continue to fight for open borders, more perks for illegals, and their illegal votes! * * * For some, a struggle WHO THINKS ABOUT THE STRUGGLE OF THE AMERICANS? Some illegal immigrants have used stolen Social Security numbers to qualify for health programs -- a form of medical identity theft increasingly on hospital radars. Many more scramble to pay for their medicine and doctors visits in cash, a challenge in an economy where day-laborer work has dried up.


RICK PERRY’S DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS… HE’S NOT AS GODLY AS HE WOULD HAVE US BELIEVE! NEW YORK TIMES August 20, 2011 Perry Mines Texas System to Raise Cash By NICHOLAS CONFESSORE and MICHAEL LUO Two years ago, John McHale, an entrepreneur from Austin, Tex., who has given millions of dollars to Democratic candidates and causes, did something very unusual for him: he wrote a $50,000 check to a Republican candidate, Rick Perry, then seeking a third full term as governor of Texas. In September 2010, he did it again, catapulting himself into the top ranks of Mr. Perry’s donors. Mr. McHale, a Perry spokesman said after the initial donation, “understands Governor Perry’s leadership has made Texas a good place to do business.” Including, it turned out, for Mr. McHale’s business interests and partners. In May 2010 an economic development fund administered by the governor’s office handed $3 million to G-Con, a pharmaceutical start-up that Mr. McHale helped get off the ground. At least two other executives with connections to the firm had also given Mr. Perry tens of thousands of dollars. Mr. Perry leapt into the Republican presidential primary this month preceded by his reputation as a thoroughbred fund-raiser. But a review of Mr. Perry’s years in office reveals that one of his most potent fund-raising tools is the very government he heads. Over three terms in office, Mr. Perry’s administration has doled out grants, tax breaks, contracts and appointments to hundreds of his most generous supporters and their businesses. And they have helped Mr. Perry raise more money than any politician in Texas history, donations that have periodically raised eyebrows but, thanks to loose campaign finance laws and a business-friendly political culture dominated in recent years by Republicans, have only fueled Mr. Perry’s ascent. “Texas politics does have this amazing pay-to-play culture,” said Harold Cook, a Democratic political consultant. Mark Miner, a spokesman for Mr. Perry, said there was no connection between Mr. McHale’s contributions and the grant to G-Con. He said that the purpose of the state money was to create jobs and that it was appropriate for Mr. Perry to appoint people who support his vision and policies to state oversight posts. “These issues have been brought up in previous elections to no avail,” Mr. Miner said. Mr. Perry is not the first governor to have taken contributions from contractors or appointees to state commissions and boards, which oversee many of the agencies that in other states are controlled directly by the governor. But because he has been in office more than a decade, he has had greater opportunity than any of his predecessors to stock the government with loyalists — he has appointed roughly 4,000 people to state posts — while enacting policies that have benefited allies and contributors. And Mr. Perry has been much more aggressive than any past governor in soliciting money from them. According to a study last year by Texans for Public Justice, a watchdog organization, Mr. Perry has raised at least $17 million from more than 900 appointees or their spouses, roughly one dollar out of every five that he has raised as governor. Among the state boards that have generated the most campaign contributions for Mr. Perry, the study found, were the State Parks and Wildlife Commission and the board of regents of Texas A&M, Mr. Perry’s alma mater. Those appointees have donated more than $4 million to his campaigns for governor. “I know that at least some of the people who were initially approached to be regents have been later turned down because they didn’t pass what I would call a loyalty test,” said Jon L. Hagler, a prominent A&M alumnus and a major donor to the university. Mr. Perry has also drawn scrutiny for two of his signature economic development efforts, the Texas Enterprise Fund and the Texas Emerging Technology Fund. The enterprise fund, which is intended to be a deal-closing tool for the state as it competes for jobs, has dispensed $435 million in grants to businesses since 2003. The technology fund, which has doled out nearly $200 million to companies since 2005, has a similar job creation mandate. More than a quarter of the companies that have received grants from the enterprise fund in the most recent fiscal year, or their chief executives, made contributions to either Mr. Perry’s campaign dating back to 2001 or to the Republican Governors Association since 2008, when Mr. Perry became its chairman, according to an analysis by The New York Times. The award to G-Con is just one example of state money paying dividends for Perry benefactors. The company is working with the Texas A&M university system on a pharmaceutical manufacturing effort toward influenza vaccines. Among G-Con’s officers, according to records filed with the Texas secretary of state, is David M. Shanahan, who also has a significant ownership stake in the company. He is also the founder and president of Gradalis, a biotech firm based in Dallas that received a separate $1.75 million grant from the state’s technology fund in February 2009. Campaign finance records show that Mr. Shanahan contributed $10,000 to the governor in November 2009. The following month, G-Con filed its application for an enterprise fund grant, said Lucy Nashed, a spokeswoman in the governor’s office. (Mr. Shanahan also donated $5,000 in 2007.) State records from a network of firms associated with G-Con also list Mr. McHale, the longtime Democratic donor, as an officer. Patricia Haigwood, a spokeswoman for G-Con, said Friday that Mr. McHale, who did not return messages asking for comment, was one of the original board members of G-Con. But she said he left the company in late April 2010 and had not made an investment in G-Con. Gradalis, however, controls 10 percent of G-Con, corporate records show. And Mr. McHale and James R. Leininger, a San Antonio businessman who has given more than $230,000 to Mr. Perry, have minority interests in Gradalis, Ms. Haigwood said. Gradalis’s technology fund grant came under scrutiny last year when The Dallas Morning News revealed that Mr. McHale and Mr. Leininger, both major Perry donors, had significant financial interests in the company. Ms. Nashed said that grants from both funds must be approved by the speaker of the Texas House and the lieutenant governor and that all recipients go through rigorous reviews. Mr. Perry has also drawn criticism for his appointees to the board of the Teacher Retirement System, a $110 billion pension fund that is among the nation’s largest. In recent years he has appointed at least four top donors or fund-raisers to the board. Mr. Perry’s trustees leaned on the fund to invest more money with hedge funds and private equity firms, as many public pension funds have in recent years. But in some cases, the appointees appear to have pushed for firms whose investors, officers, or partners were Perry donors. In 2009 an investment manager at the fund, Michael Green, wrote to a board trustee saying that the fund’s chief investment officer had pressed him and other employees to set aside their objections to such investments, including allocations to two firms whose partners and former partners have donated more than $1 million to Mr. Perry’s campaigns. When Mr. Green complained about the pressure, a superior dismissed his concerns. Mr. Green’s boss, he wrote to the trustee, told him: “This is the way business is done.” An internal investigation concluded that no rules had been broken. Philip Mullins, a trustee, said, “I think the concerns that were raised were based on a feeling that the chairman and some other people on the board were trying to set up a fund-raising campaign for the governor of Texas.” Another instance of political donations to Mr. Perry seeming to dovetail with his policy decisions came in 2005, when the TXU Corporation, a utility based in Dallas, sought permits to build coal-fired power plants. That October, Mr. Perry issued an executive order for a review panel to fast-track the application. In the months that followed, current and retired TXU executives, as well as the company’s political action committee, sent Mr. Perry more than $100,000 in donations, including one check dated the same day as Mr. Perry’s order. Mr. Perry’s office said at the time that the order was unrelated to the contributions. A state judge later blocked the order, ruling that Mr. Perry had overstepped his authority. In 2003, after a rash of mold-related lawsuits against home construction companies, Mr. Perry championed the creation of a state board, the Texas Residential Construction Commission. The new commission was a priority of Mr. Perry’s most generous contributor: Bob Perry, a homebuilder who has contributed more than $2 million to the governor over his career. (The two men are not related.) The legislation creating the board also sharply limited the rights of homeowners to sue contractors for faulty construction, shunting most disputes to the commission. After its passage, Bob Perry and his wife sent two $50,000 checks to the governor’s campaign. Three weeks later, the governor appointed an executive of Perry Homes, Bob Perry’s company, to the commission, which was abolished in 2009. In 2009, as Mr. Perry was running for re-election, José Cuevas Jr., a restaurateur and the governor’s appointee as chairman of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, used a personal e-mail account to solicit donations for Mr. Perry from the owners of dozens of restaurants and bars overseen by the board. In an interview last week, Mr. Cuevas said he saw nothing wrong with asking the owners, many of them business contacts, for donations. It was important, he said, for Mr. Perry’s appointees to support his broader mission of smaller government. ”When you personally know someone,” Mr. Cuevas said, “and know their abilities and vision, you’re willing to raise as much money as hard as you can for that person.”


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