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Central American governments are warning that tens of thousands of people are leaving their countries and heading north to the U.S., trying to make it to the border before Donald Trump takes office. Reuters: Trump's tough campaign rhetori...

Illegal aliens surging north hoping to reach US before Trump takes office

Central American governments are warning that tens of thousands of people are leaving their countries and heading north to the U.S., trying to make it to the border before Donald Trump takes office.
Trump's tough campaign rhetoric sent tremors through the slums of Central America and the close-knit migrant communities in U.S. cities, with many choosing to fast-forward their plans and migrate north before Trump takes office on Jan. 20.
During fiscal year 2016, the United States detained nearly 410,000 people along the southwest border with Mexico, up about a quarter from the previous year. The vast majority hail from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.
Since Trump's victory, the number of people flocking north has surged, Central American officials say, contributing to a growing logjam along the southern U.S. border.
"We're worried because we're seeing a rise in the flow of migrants leaving the country, who have been urged to leave by coyotes telling them that they have to reach the United States before Trump takes office," Maria Andrea Matamoros, Honduras' deputy foreign minister, told Reuters, referring to people smugglers.
Carlos Raul Morales, Guatemala's foreign minister, told Reuters people were also leaving Guatemala en masse before Trump becomes president.
"The coyotes are leaving people in debt, and taking their property as payment for the journey," he said in an interview.
Last week, U.S. Customs and Border Protection opened a temporary holding facility for up to 500 people near the Texan border with Mexico, in what it said was a response to a marked uptick in illegal border crossings.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said earlier this month immigration detention facilities were holding about 10,000 more individuals than usual, after a spike in October of migrants including unaccompanied children, families and asylum seekers.
Unemployed and sick of the lack of opportunities and endemic gang violence that blight his poor neighborhood in the town of San Marcos, south of San Salvador, Carlos Garcia, 25, said he was looking to enter the United States before Trump assumes power.
"There's one thing I'm very clear about," he said. "I want to get out of here."
DHS says there has been a 25% increase in border detainees compared to last year.  And it's only going to get worse as the poor, illiterate slum dwellers attempt to cross the border before Donald Trump is inaugurated.
No one feels anything but pity for these people who, more than anything else, are suffering from a dose of bad, corrupt, incompetent government.  But few feel pity for Americans who, because these illegal aliens lack any skills to make it in a modern economy, will be forced to bear the cost and suffer the consequences of their presence. 
Are we a sovereign nation, or aren't we?  Do we have the right to say who can cross our borders, or don't we?  These are the fundamental questions to be answered in any debate on immigration  legal or illegal. 
Donald Trump has answered those questions, and a lot of people don't like what he's said.  As president, he will have the opportunity to put his beliefs into action and re-establish American control over our own borders  just like any other nation on Earth.

TRUMP AND PAUL RYAN CONSPIRE TO ASSAULT MEDICARE - Republican Congress, Trump plan assault on Medicare


Cut Federal Pensions and Medicare to Cover Tax Cuts For the Super Rich
 "Trump is not the initiator of this class war against working people. It has been underway for decades, beginning in earnest with the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 and continuing under every succeeding administration, including the eight-year tenures of Democrats Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The colossal redistribution of wealth and income from the bottom to the top of  American society reached record proportions under Obama, whose legacy of falling living standards and worsening economic crisis for tens of millions of workers was a decisive factor in the victory of the fascistic demagogue and con artist Trump."

Republican Congress, Trump plan assault on Medicare
By Kate Randall 
26 November 2016
During his election campaign, Donald Trump declared that he had no plans to make “substantial” changes to Medicare, the government-run health insurance plan for the elderly and disabled that covers 55 million Americans. The president-elect’s web site now says his administration will work to “modernize Medicare” and allow more “flexibility” for Medicaid, the health care program for the poor jointly administered by the federal government and the states.
These are code words signaling the readiness of the incoming administration to work with the Republican-controlled Congress to shift Medicare from a guaranteed government program to a plan with fixed government contributions—or vouchers—and to pave the way for the program’s privatization and dismantlement. Medicaid is to suffer a similar fate.
House Speaker Paul Ryan (Republican of Wisconsin) has been explicit about plans to gut Medicare. Under his plan, the government would give those in traditional Medicare a fixed amount to buy insurance. This amount would be tracked to the country’s overall growth rate or another index, plus a percentage increase, but it would not keep pace with rising health care costs. Seniors would eventually pay a larger share of costs, while government costs would shrink.
In an earlier version proposed by Ryan, cost-sharing—where the government currently pays roughly 70 percent of Medicare costs and beneficiaries pay 30 percent—would flip, leaving seniors responsible for 70 percent of costs and the government only 30 percent.
Skimpy vouchers would replace the current government guarantee, leaving traditional Medicare with a sicker, more costly insurance pool, with higher premiums. The New York Times quotes John K. Gorman, a former Medicare official who is now an insurance consultant, who said, “Regular Medicare would become the province of affluent beneficiaries who can buy their way out of” private plans.
The vast majority of working-class and middle-income seniors would be squeezed out of Medicare and left with narrow network Medicare Advantage plans, which are run by private corporations. Such a shift would have catastrophic consequences for the millions of seniors who rely on Medicare. They would see their access to specialist doctors and hospitals, life-saving treatments and procedures sharply curtailed, resulting in unnecessary suffering and death.
The attack on Medicare is part of a frontal assault to be carried out by the Trump administration against all that remains of the social reforms wrested by the working class from the ruling elite over the last century. None of the social programs enacted in the 1930s and 1960s, including Social Security, the government retirement program, will be outside the scope of the social counterrevolution that is being prepared.
Trump is not the initiator of this class war 
against working people. It has been underway 
for decades, beginning in earnest with the 
election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 
continuing under every succeeding 
administration, including the eight-year 
tenures of Democrats Bill Clinton and Barack 
Obama. The colossal redistribution of wealth 
and income from the bottom to the top of 
American society reached record proportions 
under Obama, whose legacy of falling living 
standards and worsening economic crisis for 
tens of millions of workers was a decisive 
factor in the victory of the fascistic demagogue
and con artist Trump.
Trump’s victory, however, with its shift to “fortress America” nationalism, signals a sharp escalation of this class war policy.
No one should take for good coin claims by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other congressional Democrats that they will wage a serious fight against measures to undermine Medicare. In the short period since the General Election, President Obama and the Democrats have fallen all over themselves to pledge support for the incoming administration, maintaining a cowardly silence over the fact that Trump lost the popular vote by millions of ballots. The trade union bureaucracy has likewise signaled its eagerness to work with Trump in pitting American workers against their class brothers and sisters in China, Mexico and the rest of the world.
Trump’s plans for “flexibility” in Medicaid include transforming funding for the program into block grants for the states, in which a fixed and likely reduced grant would be provided to states to administer the health program for the poor. In those states that have expanded Medicaid under the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act (ACA), including those run by Republican governors, block grants would mean deep cuts to already meager benefits.
While Trump and the Republicans rail against the ACA, commonly known as Obamacare, and vow to repeal many of its features if not the entire program, the Ryan plan for Medicare draws on some of the ACA’s most regressive features. Since Obama’s signature domestic program became law in 2010, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has worked at breakneck speed to transform Medicare’s fee-for-service payments into a system that rewards doctors and hospitals for cutting costs.
HHS projects that nearly every fee-for-service payment to Medicare will be tied in some way to “value” by 2018. A recent estimate by the Congressional Budget Office anticipates a reduction in Medicare spending under Obamacare of $716 billion from 2013 to 2022.
The ferocity of the coming attacks on the basic social needs of the working class—health care, education, decent-paying jobs, pensions—is prefigured in the gang of billionaire parasites being assembled by Trump to staff his cabinet, virtually all of whom have made their fortunes by savaging workers’ living standards and attacking social programs.
Billionaire Betsy DeVos, Trump’s pick for secretary of education, is a leading proponent of charter schools and vouchers and vehement enemy of teachers and public education. Investor and former banker Wilbur Ross, Trump’s likely pick for secretary of commerce, made his fortune through leveraged buyouts of distressed steel and coal companies. He made billions by downsizing firms, slashing wages and pensions, and selling off what remained for a hefty profit.
The incoming administration has singled out the 2.7 million US federal employees for attacks on jobs, employment security and pensions.
Millions of workers are in for a huge shock when they see the reality behind Trump’s promise to “Make America Great Again.” The realization that they have once again been deceived by a capitalist con man will fuel the growth of social opposition.
Democratic Party politicians, on the other hand, who insisted during the election that Trump was “unfit” for the presidency, are now working to accommodate themselves to his agenda. It is not the wealthy upper-middle class that forms the Democrats’ main base of support, beyond Wall Street and the military/intelligence establishment, that will be hammered. Indeed, as the stock market surge since Trump’s election indicates, they stand to make themselves even richer off of the misery of working people and youth.
This party of big business, from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, is a thousand times more fearful of a mass movement of the working class against capitalism than it is of Trump’s ultra-right agenda.
That can be halted only by a political movement of the working class consciously directed against the entire political order and the capitalist system it defends.

Incoming Trump administration prepares assault on federal workers

Incoming Trump administration prepares assault on federal workers
By Nick Barrickman 

25 November 2016
The incoming Trump administration has singled out civilian federal employees for attacks on jobs, employment security and pensions. According to the Washington Post,
“President-elect Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress are drawing up plans to take on the government bureaucracy they have long railed against, by eroding job protections and grinding down benefits that federal workers have received for a generation.”
The federal civil service, which consists of over 2.75 million workers, excluding members of the armed forces, the judiciary and elected officials, has come under relentless attack from the political right for decades. Right-wing propaganda depicts federal workers as overpaid and privileged drones in an attempt to divide the working class and divert anger over declining living standards and growing inequality against a section of the working class itself. The aim is to dismantle whatever remains of job protections
and benefits that are based on civil service laws and contracts with federal employee unions. This is despite the best efforts of the unions over many years to help impose job cuts and wage and benefit concessions.
In 2012, House Republicans proposed a 10 percent federal workforce reduction as part of their fiscal budget for that year.
According to the Post, the incoming administration will implement “[h]iring freezes, an end to automatic raises, a
green light to fire poor performers, a ban on union business on the government’s dime and less generous pensions.” In addition, the Trump White House will seek “guidance” from the Republican governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, who in 2011 provoked mass protests at the state capital by shredding
public employee rights and imposing sweeping concessions on public workers.
The new administration will also follow the example of Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who, as governor of Indiana, tied
state worker pay to performance ratings.
According to Jason Chaffetz, Republican congressman from Utah and chairman of the House Committee on Government
Oversight and Reform, the plan to slash federal employee pensions will be modeled on his home state, which recently replaced defined benefit pensions with market-based defined contribution plans such as 401(k)s. The switch from
traditional pensions will initially affect newly hired workers, according topress reports.
The assault on federal workers is based on the ten-point “Contract with the American Voter” released by Donald Trump in late October. The statement declared that within its first 100 days in office, the Trump administration would enact “a hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce the federal workforce through attrition (exempting military, public safety, and public health).”
The Post quotes former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a member of Trump’s transition team, as saying that Stephen Bannon, Trump’s chief White House strategist, will lead the
attack on federal workers. Until signing on as the head of Trump’s presidential campaign last August, Bannon headed the Breitbart News web site, a platform for the fascistic alt-right that regularly rails against the so-called “privileged
class” of government workers in Washington.
Contrary to the myth of a ballooning “big government” promoted by the right wing, the US civil service has undergone numerous cutbacks in its workforce under both Republican and Democratic presidents. As a result, the number of federal employees today is consistent with the number employed in the 1960s, despite a near-doubling of the US population since then.
A likely precedent for Trump’s plan to slash workers’ pay and job protections is the 2014 Veterans’ Choice Act, signed into
law by President Obama. Passed during the scandal at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) that year, the law facilitates the firing of VA workers while giving employees less than a week to appeal their dismissal.
Prior to the Veterans’ Choice Act, workers had the option of appealing their dismissal to the Merit Systems Protection Board, established as part of the civil service system to prevent politically motivated firings.
Under a Trump administration, such firings are likely to become the rule. During the presidential campaign, Trump regularly declared that if elected he would shut down government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Education. At the same
time, Trump is pledging a massive increase in military spending and packing his administration-in-waiting with military figures.
The planned assault on federal workers exposes the cynicism behind repeated statements by Democratic Party leaders—from Obama and incoming Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren—suggesting that Trump may enact measures to improve the lot of workers and pledging their readiness to collaborate with him.
The American Federation of Government Employees
(AFGE), the largest federal employee union, has remained silent on Trump’s agenda. On November 9, the day after the election, AFGE President J. David Cox Sr. released a brief press statement declaring, “We 
will work with the Trump administration on areas of common ground, as we have with every administration for generations.”



"The brutality of this society, compounded by 

militarism and police violence, falls hardest 

on the young. One study has found that the 

prevalence of serious depression among 

teenagers increased by 37 percent between 

2005 and 2014. Another reported that 

children from 10 through 14 are for the first 

time more likely to die from suicide than from

a car accident."





"These figures present a scathing indictment of the social order that prevails in America, the world’s wealthiest country, whose government proclaims itself to be the globe’s leading democracy. They are just one manifestation of the human toll taken by the vast and all-pervasive inequality and mass poverty 


The slow and painful death of America that dominates American society."




The same period has seen a massive growth of social inequality, with income and wealth concentrated at the very top of American society to an extent not seen since the 1920s.

“This study follows reports released over the past several months documenting rising mortality rates among US workers due to drug addiction and suicide, high rates of infant mortality, an overall leveling off of life expectancy, and a growing gap between the life expectancy of the bottom rung of income earners compared to those at the top.”


"The choice of debt-ridden Greece, Europe's worst economic basket case, was oddly appropriate as the location for the start of the swansong tour of the U.S. president who has produced as much American national debt in eight years as all previous American presidents had produced over a span of 220 years combined. "

To watch Barack Obama's pathetic final non-victory lap around the world this past week, one can't help but recall his stomach-churning "Apologize for America Tour" at the start of his administration.  You'll recall that in ...

Bookends to a Disastrous Presidency

To watch Barack Obama's pathetic final non-victory lap around the world this past week, one can't help but recall his stomach-churning "Apologize for America Tour" at the start of his administration.  You'll recall that in April 2009, he went to Europe, which we sacrificed tens of thousands of American lives to liberate 70-plus years ago, and informed Europeans that America "has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive" of Europe. 
Last week, Mr. Obama could not resist the urge to dis his country once again, telling the "global community," again from a foreign shore, that in the age of the internet, nationalism (read: Donald Trump) is rearing its ugly head.  "Faced with this new reality where cultures clash, it's inevitable that some will seek a comfort in nationalism or tribe or ethnicity or sect," he informed us from Athens.  He reassured his audience that "American democracy is bigger than any one person."  (Wink, wink, Donald.)  Fittingly, he then went on to tour the ruins of ancient Greece, before flying off to Berlin to cry on the shoulder of his globalist soul mate, Angela Merkel, another leader looking at a potential uprising by her constituency, frightened by her insane immigration policies.
The choice of debt-ridden Greece, Europe's worst economic basket case, was oddly appropriate as the location for the start of the swansong tour of the U.S. president who has produced as much American national debt in eight years as all previous American presidents had produced over a span of 220 years combined.  One must wonder if Mr. Obama views pauper Greece as the model America should emulate.
These two globetrotting tours by the man-child president expressing disdain for both his own country and the choices of its people seem the perfect bookends to Obama's presidency. 
His is a presidency that will likely produce shudders for years to come for all sentient Americans who had the misfortune to live through it, but particularly for Democrats.  It was a sheer disaster, both in terms of the reversals the Democrats will see in their policy initiatives and in the depth of Democratic Party political losses down to the state and local levels.
As for the Democrats' agenda, Marc Thiessen neatly summed it up in the Washington Post.  Mr. Obama and his Democratic fan base (what is left of it) are going to learn how all of those "accomplishments" of his administration, achieved by means of presidential fiat in executive orders, executive actions, regulatory "guidance," and regulations, can be as easily undone by President Trump.  Even the rare policy Obama bothered to have codified into law – albeit with zero bipartisan support – like the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") will be gratifyingly rescinded with the GOP controlling both houses of Congress and all polls showing either a majority or plurality of Americans hating it.  
And make no mistake: the Democratic Party's political losses this past Election Day were enormous.  Due to the decimation that has occurred of the Democratic Party, the Republican Party is arguably in the strongest position it has been in a century, if not longer.  In addition to controlling the White House and both houses of the U.S. Congress, as reported by Real Clear Politics, the GOP now controls over two thirds of the 98 state legislative bodies across the country.  Additionally, it has control of both the governorship and both state legislative chambers in 23 states, whereas the Democrats can say that of only seven states.
Ironically, Barack Obama turned out to be the greatest gift to the Republican Party since Confederate general George Pickett ordered his infantry to make a headlong charge across three quarters of a mile of open field against barricaded Union artillery.  That blunder led to victory for the Union army at Gettysburg and in turn to ultimate victory for our Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, in the Civil War.
Obama's obtuseness in recognizing how a majority of Americans feel about him, his policies, and the Democratic Party he represents continues unabated, despite the shellacking his agenda took on Election Day.  He's just the gift that keeps on giving, which he demonstrated in another talk, again on foreign soil.
When asked by reporters if he would adhere to George W. Bush's decision not to criticize his successor's policy choices, Mr. Obama suggested that he will not remain silent as Mr. Trump pursues his own policy course.  "As an American citizen who cares deeply about our country," Mr. Obama intoned last weekend in Lima, Peru, "if there are issues that have less to do with the specifics of some legislative proposal or battle or go to core questions about our values and ideals, and if I think that it's necessary or helpful for me to defend those ideals, I'll examine it when it comes."  Translation for us rubes: "I'll be screaming from the peanut gallery."
How noble of him.  It is just this sort of hubris – this failure to recognize that we do not want to hear from him anymore – that drove Americans crazy and to the polls to throw Hillary Clinton (Barack Obama in a pantsuit) into the political abyss two weeks ago. 
I say to Mr. Obama: bring it on.  Your constant hectoring of the American people for the last eight years about what American values supposedly are (if I hear that "that's not who we are" line one more time, I may slit my wrists) repulses us.  Your professorial sneering and snide comments toward Middle America from your earliest days of campaigning for president grated on us like fingernails on a chalkboard.  Who can forget that immortal quote in ad-libbed comments made by Mr. Obama to the Democratic cognoscenti in San Francisco way back in 2008, that Americans in Pennsylvania – you know, one of those "toss-up" states that (shockingly!) went for Donald Trump – are people who just "cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations"?  Gotta love that down-home feel he has for us regular 'Mericans.
When asked by the New Yorker's David Remnick what he told his daughters following his party's massive defeat on Election Day, Mr. Obama said he actually told his children (I am not making this up) that his fellow American citizens are "living organisms" who are "messy."  Yes, that's what we are, Professor Obama.  Just icky microbes in a Petri dish to be studied and manipulated by brilliant Democratic thinkers like you.  If we don't appreciate your genius, well – pfff – we just don't, since we are only one-celled amoebae, after all.  Can't pack a whole lotta thinkin' in that little gelatinous blob, now, can we?
So let us hope that Mr. Obama keeps to his word and yelps about every policy President Trump chooses to enact, or every Obama executive order he decides to repeal.  That pompous nattering will remind everyday Americans just why, on November 8, 2016, they rejected his party and their candidates lock, stock, and barrel.
Yes, just keeping talking, Mr. Obama.  You'll ensure that the Republicans hold a solid majority of political offices across the country for the next 30 years – at least.
William F. Marshall has been an intelligence analyst and investigator in the government and private sector for 30 years.  Presently he is a senior investigator for Judicial Watch, Inc.  (The views expressed are the author's alone and not necessarily those of Judicial Watch.) 

Thanksgiving 2016 and the social crisis in America

24 November 2016
On October 3, 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln signed a proclamation authored by Secretary of State William H. Seward declaring the last Thursday of November “a day of thanksgiving.”
Despite a Civil War of “unequalled magnitude and severity,” the declaration stated, the conflict had not “arrested the plough, the shuttle or the ship,” while “the mines, as well of iron and coal as of the precious metals, have yielded even more abundantly than heretofore.” The proclamation concluded, “The country, rejoicing in the consciousness of augmented strength and vigor, is permitted to expect continuance of years with large increase of freedom.”
The ravages of the Civil War would last another year and a half. Nevertheless, it was true that society was being transformed by railroads, steamboats and the telegraph, an expansion in productive capacity that would accelerate with the rapid industrialization fostered by the Second American Revolution. The Civil War would clear the way for capitalist progress—and the explosive growth of the class struggle—by abolishing slavery.
As families throughout the United States gather to share a meal this Thanksgiving, relatively few will agree with Seward’s assessment that the country can expect “years with large increase of freedom.” Rather, for many, Thanksgiving will serve only to underline the economic hardship and oppression they face.
More than one in eight households will have had difficulty 

putting food on the table the year before, and millions will 

have a Thanksgiving meal only by standing in line at a food 

pantry or soup kitchen.
Over a million-and-a-half people were homeless last year, 

including some 300,000 children and 450,000 disabled 

people. Millions more live in substandard housing, doubled 

up with other families, or in motels. Such conditions may 

affect only a minority of American families directly. But the 

great majority of the population is economically insecure.
Forty-six percent of adults are so financially strapped that “they either could not cover an emergency expense costing $400, or would cover it by selling something or borrowing money,” according to a survey released by the Federal Reserve this year.
Under these circumstances, the announcement that the average premium under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), supposedly designed to insure lower-income people, will increase 25 percent next year means that millions will either lose their health coverage or face hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in additional expenses.
The terrific stress caused by living in households one accident or illness away from financial ruin, in which young people are burdened by debt and face narrowing prospects, while the elderly confront rising medical costs and decreasing retirement benefits, produces many signs of social distress.
The brutality of this society, compounded by 

militarism and police violence, falls hardest 

on the young. One study has found that the 

prevalence of serious depression among 

teenagers increased by 37 percent between 

2005 and 2014. Another reported that 

children from 10 through 14 are for the first 

time more likely to die from suicide than from

a car accident.
Perhaps the most devastating manifestation of the social 

malaise is America’s drug epidemic. This year, a shocking 

28,000 people will die from opioid overdose, almost as many 

as the number killed in car accidents. For tens of thousands 

of families, Thanksgiving will be a time of mourning for 

those who have lost their lives to heroin, fentanyl or 

prescription painkillers.
Many of the states most affected by the drug epidemic are those worst hit by joblessness and deindustrialization. Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, the “rust belt” states that backed Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 but swung behind Donald Trump in the 2016 election, all saw their rates of opiate overdose increase by more than 10 percent between 2013 and 2014.
The social crisis in the United States is fueling an immense growth of oppositional sentiment, including significant signs of renewed class struggle and political radicalization that found only initial expression in the elections. This came first in the widespread support during the Democratic primaries for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who called himself a socialist and denounced the “billionaire class” and social inequality.
Sanders’ “political revolution” concluded ignominiously with an endorsement of Hillary Clinton, who ran on the claim that, in the words of President Obama, America is doing “pretty darn great.” The implication of this delusional narrative was that those who disagreed and were swayed by Republican candidate Donald Trump’s demagogic appeals to social discontent were part of the “white racist working class,” seeking to defend their “privileged” status against blacks and other minorities. Basing her campaign on various forms of identity politics, Clinton pitched her appeal to the affluent and complacent. The result was a sharp decline in votes for the Democratic candidate within all sections of the working class.
Trump, who is being installed in the White House with the blessings of the outgoing president and both parties, will not “make America great again.” Neither he nor any section of the ruling class has a solution to the social crisis gripping America. His “America first” economic nationalism will exacerbate the global capitalist crisis and mean sharper attacks on workers within the United States. His program of tax cuts for the 

wealthy, the elimination of regulations on corporations, cuts 

in social programs and an immense increase in military 

spending will fuel social discontent and anger.
Trump’s election marks a turning point in the looming showdown between the financial parasites he personifies and the great mass of the population, the working class.

Andre Damon

Surgeon general’s report: One in seven Americans face substance addiction

By Kate Randall 
19 November 2016
One in seven Americans will become addicted to drugs or 

alcohol in their lifetimes, but only 10 percent of those affected

will ever receive any help in treating their addictions. These 

are some of the grim statistics provided in a new report 

released Thursday by the US surgeon general and the 

Department of Health and Human Services.
“Facing Addiction in America: The Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health” reports that over 27 million people in the United States reported current use of illicit drugs or misuse of prescription drugs in 2015, and over 66 million people reported binge drinking in the past month.
The victims of this health and societal crisis are the tens of thousands of lives lost and ruined each year due to substance misuse. Substance addiction cuts across all segments of society, but has hit rural communities, the deindustrialized Rust Belt and impoverished areas of Appalachia particularly hard.
Alcohol misuse contributes to 88,000 deaths in the US every year; 1 in 10 deaths among working adults is due to alcohol misuse. In 2014, there were 47,055 drug overdose deaths, including 28,647 people who died from a drug overdose involving some type of opioid, more than in any previous year on record.
The report uses the term “misuse” as opposed to “abuse” in an effort to remove some of the stigma of addiction to encourage and facilitate treatment.
While the US spends more than any other country on health care, it ranks 27th in life expectancy, at a time when life expectancy continues to increase in other developed countries. The report notes that this disparity in life expectancy “is largely due to substance misuse and associated physical and mental health problems.”
The report points to recent research showing an unprecedented increase in mortality among middle-aged white Americans between 1999 and 2014 that was largely driven by alcohol and drug misuse and suicides, although this trend was not witnessed in other racial and ethnic populations.
The surgeon general estimates that substance 

misuse disorders cost “more than $400 

billion annually in crime, health and lost 

productivity.” The human costs are 

from motor vehicle crashes, intimate partner

and sexual violence, suicide attempts and

fatalities, overdoses, and numerous health 

In 2014, 9,967 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents in the US while driving under the influence of alcohol, accounting for nearly one third of all traffic-related fatalities. While there are approximately 1.3 million arrests for driving under the influence each year, this number represents only about 1 percent of the actual alcohol-impaired driving incidents reported in national surveys.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports more than 2,200 alcohol overdose (alcohol poisoning) deaths in the US each year, an average of six a day. More than three quarters of alcohol overdose deaths occur among adults between the ages of 35 and 64, and 76 percent who die are men.
In 2014, 47,055 drug overdose deaths occurred in the US, with 61 percent of these the result of opioid use, including prescription opioids and heroin. The number of people dying from opioid overdoses increased nearly fourfold between 1999 and 2014.
The report notes that the over-prescription of opioid pain relievers beginning in the 1990s has led to a rapid escalation of their use and misuse among a wide demographic of men and women across the US. The use of opioids is so widespread that more people use prescription opioids (38 percent) than all tobacco products combined (31 percent).
Nearly 30,000 people died due to a heroin or prescription 

opioid overdose in 2014, and an estimated 20,000 died as a 

result of an unintentional overdose of alcohol, cocaine, or 

non-opioid prescription drugs.
The illegal manufacturing and distribution of synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, which are often combined with heroin or distributed as heroin, are contributing to the rapid increase in opioid overdose deaths.
Alcohol and drug misuse have numerous longer-term effects on physical and mental health. Heavy drinking can lead to hypertension, liver disease and certain cancers; regular marijuana use is associated with chronic bronchitis; and use of stimulants such as cocaine can lead to heart disease.
Alcohol and substance misuse during pregnancy can result in long lasting health effects for the baby. Alcohol misuse can cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs), resulting in physical, mental and behavioral problems in children. It is estimated that FASDs affect as many as 2 to 5 percent of the population. The opioid crisis has resulted in a fivefold increase in the number of babies dependent on opioids at birth.
The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) found that among the more than 265 million Americans aged 12 and over in 2015, almost 8 percent of this population met diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder for alcohol or illicit drugs. Another 1 percent met the criteria for both an alcohol and illicit drug use disorder.
Although 20.8 million people met the diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder in 2015, only 2.2 million of them received any type of treatment. The surgeon general’s report is short on answers as to why this is the case.
The report includes a chapter on “The Neurobiology of Substance Use, Misuse, and Addiction,” which describes the three main circuits in the brain involved in addiction, and explains how substance use can “hijack” the normal functioning of these circuits.
“Understanding this transformation in the brain is critical to understanding why addiction is a health condition, not a moral failing or character flaw,” the authors note. They also point to medications that have proven useful in treating both drug and alcohol addiction, but which have been often overlooked and under-prescribed.
The surgeon general’s report recommends health professionals act on this research in their treatment of those suffering from addiction. However, the fact that 90 percent of those in need of treatment never receive it—and addiction and overdose deaths continue to skyrocket—points to deeper economic and social factors. This includes the lack of funding for alcohol and drug misuse treatment at federal, state and local level, leading to those in need often ending up in the prison system instead of in treatment.

Recognizing the role of poverty, unemployment and 

other life stresses as contributing factors to 

addiction, the surgeon general’s report 

recommends initiatives to provide affordable 

housing, job training and recovery support to 

“address the risk and protective factors that are 

most actionable at the local level.”

Arguing that “the health care system alone cannot address all of the major determinants of health related to substance misuse,” the authors recommend rallying “community-based organizations, religious institutions, law enforcement, local businesses, researchers and other public, private, and voluntary entities” to tackle the crisis.
Under conditions where austerity and budget cuts can only be expected to deepen under the future Trump administration, such band-aid prescriptions offer little hope to the tens of millions suffering from addiction, many of whom face a future of increased health problems, overdose and death.

Top 0.7 Percent of World’s Population Controls $116.6 Trillion of Wealth



During the age of Obama, the rich have gotten richer and the poor, far poorer, according to a survey of the world’s wealth.

Swiss bank Credit Suisse has released its 2016 review of the world’s wealth, showing that during the last six years, the control of wealth at the top has become more concentrated, while earners at the bottom who are worth less than $10,000 have not only become a larger pool of people, but have also lost wealth.
The most recent review shows that nearly half the world’s wealth — or about $255 trillion, which makes up 45.6 percent of the world’s wealth — is owned by a mere 0.7 percent of the world’s population. Meanwhile, 73.2 percent of the world only holds about $6 trillion of the world’s wealth, according to
But a previous Credit Suisse review from 2010 revealed that the top wealthiest people, which then made up only 0.5 percent of the world’s population, owned a far lower $69.2 trillion of the world’s wealth. In that same year, 68.4 percent of the world’s citizens owned a larger $8.2 trillion in wealth.
The previous review also revealed that the middle classes lost ground since 2010.
The middle classes took a huge hit between 2010 and 2016. Citizens worth between $10,000 and $100,000 have shrunk from the 2010 number of 1,045 million people (or 23.5 percent of the world’s population) to the much lower number of 897 million (18.5 percent of the people) this year.
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Meanwhile, the upper middle class seemed relatively static. In 2010, 334 million people (7.5 percent of the population) were worth up to a million dollars. By this latest review, 365 million people (also 7.5 percent of the population) were worth as much.
The Credit Suisse report also found that 41 percent of all the world’s citizens worth at least a million dollars live in the United States. Only Japan and the United Kingdom came close with nine percent and seven percent, respectively, of the world’s population worth up to a million dollars.
The list of ultra high net worth-level (UHNW) individuals is also dominated by Americans. Fifty-two 52 percent of all the world’s UHNW individuals live in the U.S. By contrast, it takes all of Europe to equal the next 21 percent of these very wealthy people.
It does not appear that President Barack Obama’s polices helped the poor and middle classes get ahead. Instead, the rich have fared extremely well in the era of Obama, while everyone else has lost ground.
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1 in 7 are addicted
LOS ANGELES: Mexico’s Second Largest City, First Place for Billion Dollar Mexican Welfare, Number 1 for Mexican Murder and Western Gateway For the LA RAZA Mexican Drug Cartels




Suspected Illegal Alien Marijuana Farmers Held Workers Hostage: ICE

MEXIFORNIA.... welcomes Mexico's DRUG CARTELS... but first register to vote DEM!




"At one point she hailed the “record profits” of the auto companies. She did not mention that these profits came at the expense of the jobs, wages and retirement benefits of thousands of auto workers, decimated under the terms of the auto bailout organized by the Obama administration."




"Between 2002 and 2015 annual earnings for the bottom 90 percent of Americans rose by 

only 4.5 percent, while earnings for the top 1 percent grew by 22.7 percent, according to the

Economic Policy Institute. Under the Obama administration, more than 90 percent of 

income gains since the so-called “recovery” began have gone to the top one percent."


 “Our entire crony capitalist system, Democrat and Republican alike, has become a kleptocracy approaching par with third-world hell-holes.  This is the way a great country is raided by its elite.” ---- Karen McQuillan THEAMERICAN




As Barack Obama invites hordes to jump our borders jobs, welfare offices and voting booths…. WHAT IS LEFT FOR THE AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS HE HATES SO MUCH?





Transcripts released by WikiLeaks of Clinton speeches to Wall 

Street bankers, for which she received six-figure paychecks, 

show her praising the recommendations of the 2010 Simpson-

Bowles deficit-reduction commission, which called for sweeping 

cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; the elimination 

of 200,000 federal jobs; a tax on employees’

Wikileaks exposes Obama's Crony Bankster Corruption!



“Citigroup’s recommendations came just three days after then-President George W. Bush signed into law the Troubled Asset Relief Program, which allocated $700 billion in taxpayer money to rescue the largest Wall Street banks. The single biggest beneficiary was Citigroup, which was given $45 billion in cash in the form of a government stock  purchase, plus a $306 billion government guarantee to back up its worthless mortgage-related assets.”


“As president, Obama not only funneled trillions of  dollars to the banks, he saw to it that not a single leading Wall Street executive faced prosecution for 
the orgy of speculation and swindling that led to the financial collapse and Great Recession, and he personally intervened to block legislation capping 
executive pay at bailed-out firms.”

“So when Clinton was hobnobbing with  Goldman Sachs CEO Blankfein in 2013, while  investigations of wrongdoing by Goldman and the other Wall Street banks were still ongoing, she was consorting with a man who belonged in prison.”

HOW MEXICO KILLED AMERICA FROM BORDER to OPEN BORDER…. By invitation of the Democrat Party


WAKE UP, FOOLS! It’s already here!!!




Fighting back Wall Street’s Looting and Rule



Senator Bernie Sanders Takes the Crooked Road For Obama’s Crony Banksters for KILLARY KROOKED KLINTON

Much more here:

“The response to the publication of these speeches by so-called “socialist” Bernie Sanders exposes the utterly fraudulent character of his entire presidential bid. While he postured during the Democratic Party primaries as a proponent of a “political revolution” against the “billionaire class,” Sanders now functions shamelessly as a sideshow for the Clinton campaign, browbeating his (now much smaller) audiences with admonitions to vote for the preferred candidate of the “billionaire class”  he claimed to oppose.”



Fighting back Wall Street’s Looting and Rule

 OPEN BORDERS: The Democrat Party’s Weapon of Mass Destruction on the American Worker

"Los Angeles saw all crime rise in 2015: violent crime up 19.9 percent, homicides up 10.2 percent, shooting victims up 12.6 percent, rapes up 8.6 percent, robberies up 12.3 percent, and aggravated assault up 27.5 percent,"Landry said.”





Suspected Illegal Alien Marijuana Farmers Held Workers Hostage: ICE

AMERICA’S ECONOMIC ARMAGEDDON – The Impact of Obama-Clintonomics

Under Obama-Clintonomics, the rich became VERY rich and we got the tax bills for their bailouts and crimes!

MEXIFORNIA.... welcomes Mexico's DRUG CARTELS... but first register to vote DEM!


 Let the Mexicans Destroy America

…. Amnesty will destroy the GOP, white and black middle America, keep wages depressed and build the LA RAZA SUPREMACY DEMOCRAT PARTY



"The same period has seen a massive growth of social inequality, with income and wealth concentrated at the very top of American society to an extent not seen since the 1920s."

"He (Trump) is able to get a hearing because millions of people are being driven into economic insecurity and poverty while the rich and the super-rich continue to amass obscene levels of wealth. He is able with some success to divert mass discontent along reactionary nationalist and racialist channels precisely because what passes for the “left” in American politics, anchor by the Democratic Party, has moved ever further to the right, culminating in the Obama administration which has presided over endless war and an unprecedented redistribution of wealth from the bottom to the top of the economic ladder."







HILLARY & BILLARY: Their Looting of the Poor of Haiti

“The couple parlayed lives supposedly spent in “public service” into admission into the upper stratosphere of American wealth, with incomes in the top 0.1 percent bracket. The source of this vast wealth was a political machine that might well be dubbed “Clinton, Inc.” This consists essentially of a seedy money-laundering operation to ensure big business support for the Clintons’ political ambitions as well as their personal fortunes. The basic components of the operation are lavishly paid speeches to Wall Street and Fortune 500 audiences, corporate campaign contributions, and donations to the ostensibly philanthropic Clinton Foundation.”



There’s more than one way to destroy America’s white middle class!

HSBC laundered hundreds of millions and perhaps billions 

of dollars for drug cartels responsible for the deaths of tens 

of thousands of people over the past two decades. The bank 

transferred at least $881 million of known drug trafficking 

proceeds, including money from the Sinaloa Cartel 

in Mexico, which is known for dismembering its victims and 

publicly displaying their body parts.

HILLARY, BILLARY and the OBOMB: Were they America’s biggest looters?

You were wondering how many jobs went to illegals and how well Obama’s crony banksters have done???

The sputtering economic recovering under President Obama, the last to follow a major recession, has fallen way short of the average recovery and ranks as the worst since the 1930s Great Depression, according to a new report.

Had the recovery under Obama been the average of the 11 since the Depression, according to the report, family incomes would be $17,000 higher, six million fewer Americans would be in poverty, and there would be six million more jobs.