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VA TORTURES DOGS! Contact your elected rep!

The VA apparently is the only government agency using dogs in this kind of extremely painful research where pain relief is withheld.


Puggy love! Dog owner charts her pooch's pregnancy and celebrates the birth of five adorable pups in a hilarious photo series


·         Bec Panthera was excited about her dogs Nala and Simba expecting puppies
·         Pug breeder from Sydney decided to harness her creative photography skills
·         She drew inspiration from human maternity and newborn photoshoots online
·         Made pregnancy announcement, maternity shoots and gallery of new pups

An Australian dog owner has celebrated her pug's pregnancy and birth with a gallery of hilarious photographs.
Bec Panthera was so excited her dogs Nala, three, and Simba, four, were expecting, she decided to document their momentous leap into pug-parenthood with an adorable album of professional maternity photographs.
The 33-year-old registered pug breeder from Sydney, harnessed her creative photography skills for the project and captured the entire journey.
The pictures include a hilarious pregnancy announcement, a glamourous maternity photoshoot and an adorable gallery of the new pups.
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Nala (far left) and Simba (far right) with their Monkey, Mouse, Moose, Wolff and Panther
Once the puppies were born, owner Bec Panthers decided to take  some pictures of the adorable new arrivals 
Bec said pug puppies are 'so adorable' and she was 'over the moon' when the litter arrived 
She sought inspiration from pictures of newborn babies she found online to photograph the dogs 
Nala as a hungry expectant mother and Simba as a nervous dad in this hilarious pregnancy announcement 
Bec said: 'I've always absolutely adored pugs. I got my boy Simba first in 2015 to just have as a companion.
'But they're just so cute, and so popular, So I decided to go down the path of becoming a registered breeder.
'Then I got my girl Nala in 2016. They're both such beautiful and lovely pugs and are a great representation of the breed.
'I was so excited when we found out Nala was pregnant in April 2018. Pug puppies are just so adorable. I was over the moon.'
Zookeeper Bec said she drew inspiration from browsing through galleries of 'stunning' human maternity and newborn photoshoots online - and applied a similar artistic approach to her photographs.
Bec, a zookeeper from Sydney, and her pug Nala, she she got in 2016 and describes as 'beautiful' 
One of the puppies artistically presented by Bec, who has put her talent for photography to good use 
A tiny puppy lies covered in fur. If pregnant mothers and newborn babies can have special pictures taken, why not dogs, reasons Bec
She said: 'I do a bit of a photography for a hobby, so I decided to document their entire pregnancy.
'My inspiration all came from looking up maternity photoshoots online.
'I thought if pregnant mothers and newborn babies could have those types of photos, why not pugs?
'So I just recreated those elegant type of professional photographs. We started with the hilarious pregnancy announcement.
'I've seen people do that like movie posters and I wanted to do the same.
'Then we got Nala dressed up for a glamorous pregnancy photoshoot. She loved it.
Nala and one of her puppies. Bec says she is  'a great representation of the breed'
Nala dressed up for a glamorous pregnancy photoshoot which she 'loved'
Sadly the puppies will have to be found news homes  but the photographs ;will be something to hold on to forever'
'Then once the puppies were born, I decided to take some newborn photos.
'I'm really happy with how they turned out. They're so used to taking their photos taken and they're the best models.
'It's gotten to the point now where my boy Simba will go and pose on the couch, so I can take a photo in hopes he will get a treat.
'They're just the best dogs.'
Dog lover Bec, who is also mum to French bulldog Fox, aged months, said the photographs were to commemorate her pooch's pregnancy and would serve as a keepsake for when the five puppies Moose, Panther, Monkey, Wolf and Mouse, are taken to their forever homes.
She said: 'It's going to be so hard to say goodbye to the puppies.
'But we always make sure that they're going to good homes.
'We will stay in touch with their new owners too. The photographs will be something to hold on to forever.' 

Saved from the slaughterhouse: Helpless puppies among 170 dogs freed from South Korean canine meat farm before they can be electrocuted and turned into soup





The three puppies were abandoned at the side of a road in an unknown location in India. The dogs were encased in hardened tar before rescuers freed them and reunited them with their mother.



Back from the dead!


Family who took their boxer to the vet to be euthanized are stunned to find out she was put up for adoption and given a new name instead



Border Patrol: $1M worth of heroin seized at New Mexico checkpoint

WTHR Indianapolis

Border Patrol: $1M worth of heroin seized at New Mexico checkpoint
ALAMOGORDO, N.M. (AP) — The U.S. Border Patrol says its agents have seized more than $1 million in heroin at an immigration checkpoint in New Mexico. The agency says authorities conducting an inspection at the checkpoint on New Mexico Highway 70 found the drugs Thursday in a black Honda that was being transported across the border on a tractor-trailer with other cars. They say the Honda stood out because it was not in good condition, unlike the other vehicles. A canine also alerted agents to the vehicle. In a statement, the Border Patrol said the heroin was wrapped in a bundle, along with a couple kilograms of cocaine. U.S. Border Patrol Agent Fidel Baca said the driver would not be

facing criminal

The man likely to be the next president of Mexico just called for mass migration to the US

I don't think this fellow and Donald Trump are going to get along very well, do you?
Mexican presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) called for mass immigration to the United States during a speech Tuesday declaring it a “human right” for all North Americans.
“And soon, very soon — after the victory of our movement — we will defend all the migrants in the American continent and all the migrants in the world,” Obrador said, adding that immigrants “must leave their towns and find a life in the United States.”
He then declared it as “a human right we will defend,” reports.
While the election is not until July 1, Obrador is by far the frontrunner. 
Obrador in April delivered speech criticizing Trump and promising that Mexico will not become a “piñata” for any foreign government, Global News reports.
The former mayor of Mexico City, Obrador holds progressive populist views. The 64-year-old ran unsuccessfully for president twice before, according to DW.
Fox’s Tucker Carlson noted Thursday that Obrador has previously proposed granting amnesty to Mexican drug cartels. “America is now Mexico’s social safety net, and that’s a very good deal for the Mexican ruling class,” Carlson added.
To be sure, AMLO is only saying out loud what every other Mexican president believed in his heart; that America is Mexico's "social safety net" and that it's up to the US taxpayer to take care of Mexico's unemployable, destitute millions.
Unsaid by AMLO is the implication of a mass migration of Mexicans to the US. The not-so-secret dream of every Mexican government that illegals flooding into America will eventually allow for a "return" of California and much of the American southwest to Mexico. 
What makes this socialist different, however, is his novel argument that entering the US illegally is actually a "human right." That's an opinion we could have a lot of fun with. One would assume if it was a "human right" to illegally enter the US, that it would then be a human right to enter Mexico - or any other country, for that matter.
Of course, AMLO is  just pushing leftist buttons by proclaiming this brand spanking new human right. He can't be serious, can he? It hardly matters. Trump will, I'm sure, have something to say about a mass migration of Mexicans to the US and if this socialist nutjob actually believes he can encourage that kind of invasion and not suffer any consequences, he doesn't know our president.


Adios, Sanctuary La Raza Welfare State of California  

A fifth-generation Californian laments his state’s ongoing economic collapse.

By Steve Baldwin

American Spectator, October 19, 2017

What’s clear is that the producers are leaving the state and the takers are coming in. Many of the takers are illegal aliens, now estimated to number over 2.6 million. 
The Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates that California spends $22 billion on government services for illegal aliens, including welfare, education, Medicaid, and criminal justice system costs. 



“Mexico prefers to export its poor, not uplift them.”

The following is a partial list of politicians that are La Raza members working for open borders, amnesty (illegal Mexicans are not interested in citizenship) and no wall. The ultimate goal of Mexico is to continue successfully using the United States as their welfare system, cut a deal whereby the illegals can hop the border, give birth, pillage, make their pesos and then return home.  DAVID


A county by county chart:       

According to the nonpartisan Center for Immigration Studies, the deportations occurred between October 2008 and February 2015. The three counties with the most deportations during this period were Los Angeles County, Calif.; Maricopa County, Ariz.; and Harris County, Texas.


They’re already signed up to vote LA RAZA SUPREMACY DEM!

“According to Immigration and Customers Enforcement data first obtained by the Associated Press this week, about 70 percent of the 40,000 migrant family members arrested at the border since May did not follow up their arrest with a necessary visit to an immigration office.”


This annual income for an impoverished American family is $10,000 less than the more than $34,500 in federal funds which are spent on each unaccompanied minor border crosser.
study by Tom Wong of the University of California at San Diego discovered that more than 25 percent of DACA-enrolled illegal aliens in the program have anchor babies. That totals about 200,000 anchor babies who are the children of DACA-enrolled illegal aliens. This does not include the anchor babies of DACA-qualified illegal aliens. JOHN BINDER


Illegal immigrant, 41, 'raped and impregnated a special needs girl, 13, who has the "intellect of a first grader" and can't speak'

  • Reynaldo Mora, 41, of Bethesda, is accused of raping and impregnating a 13-year-old teenager who communicates nonverbally in her home while babysitting

  • Mora was asked to watch the teen and her two siblings at their home in February, which is when he is accused of assaulting her in a bedroom, authorities said

  • The teenager who has the 'intellect of a first grader' communicated through 'gestures and writing' that Mora was the father of the unborn child, police said

  • Mora is currently charged with sex abuse of a minor and two counts of second-degree rape, in addition to federal proceedings he faces for immigration status

  • Mora's attorney has said his client is innocent and a paternity test will prove it 

  • If convicted, Mora faces up to 60 years in prison for the county charges

  • Mora was set to be released on bond, but was turned over to ICE instead

  • The status of his immigration proceedings is not known at this time
An undocumented immigrant has been accused of raping and impregnating a 13-year-old nonverbal girl he was babysitting in Maryland. 
Reynaldo Mora, 41, of Bethesda, is accused of assaulting the teenager who communicates with 'gestures and writing' and has the 'intellect of a first grader,' police said, in the bedroom at her home, while her two siblings were there.
Mora is currently charged with sex abuse of a minor, plus two counts of second-degree rape.
Mora's defense attorney told ABC 7's WJLA that authorities arrested the wrong man and that pending results of a paternity test will show it. 
He remains in federal custody for immigration related issues after first being arrested in April on the county criminal charges.   
Undocumented immigrant Reynaldo Mora, 41 (pictured), is in ICE custody related to his immigration status after first being arrested in April on suspicion of raping a nonverbal teen while babysitting in Maryland
Undocumented immigrant Reynaldo Mora, 41 (pictured), is in ICE custody related to his immigration status after first being arrested in April on suspicion of raping a nonverbal teen while babysitting in Maryland
The Montgomery County criminal case stems from Mora being asked by the teen's family to babysit her, as well as her two siblings whose ages weren't disclosed, in February.
That's when Mora is accused of sexually abusing the teen in a bedroom at her home in Kensington. It wasn't until some time in April that the teen took an at-home pregnancy test, which police said showed a positive result.
She was then taken by her aunt to Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center in Rockville for a follow-up test, which police said confirmed the teen was pregnant, and believed to be 11 weeks along.
The teenager later conveyed that Mora was the father of the unborn baby she was carrying, police said, leading to his arrest on April 19. 
A Google Street image of Montgomery County courthouse is shown here, which is where Mora's trial is scheduled to begin in October
A Google Street image of Montgomery County courthouse is shown here, which is where Mora's trial is scheduled to begin in October
Mora was set to be released on a personal recognizance bond at his latest hearing in the case on June 1, which came after his defense attorney Joe Campos had urged the Montgomery County District Court to reconsider its initial denial of bond.
This would have allowed Mora to work and live as
he had been doing prior to his arrest while he 
awaited trial in the case, but Montgomery County 
officials chose to turn Mora over, instead, to 
Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) 
Campos was able to get a judge to reconsider, after promising to personally retain Mora's passport under lock and key for however long the judge would like, and arguing that Mora needed to be free to work while his case proceeded so he could pay his $1,000 monthly child support bill, related to his estranged wife and three children, age three, 10 and 13.
'Being detained will not allow him to work and provide for his family and will hinder him to present a proper defense,' Campos argued in the legal filing which laid out 14 arguments for the court's granting of bond.
'Counsel is willing to safely keep Mr. Mora's passport under a locked cabinet in Counsel's office until the court no longer has this requirement.'
Leading up to his arrest, Mora had been working overtime as a cook in a Mexican restaurant, with locations in both Park Potomac development and downtown Bethesda.   
This time, the judge agreed to allow Mora to be released from the county's custody while his case moved forward, after he had already spent seven weeks at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility in Clarksburg after a Montgomery County District Court Judge denied him bond the first time around.
Meanwhile, sometime before Mora's second bond hearing on June 1, ICE had filed a detainer for Mora related to his immigration status.
A detainer issued by ICE amounts to a request for local authorities to hold undocumented individuals 'who have been arrested on local criminal charges and for whom ICE possesses probable cause to believe that they are removable from the United States, so that ICE can take custody of the alien when he or she is released from local custody,' as described on the ICE website.
If state and local authorities choose to comply with ICE's request to detain these individuals, those who would otherwise be released may be kept in custody for up to 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) while ICE determines if they will arrest that person.
In Mora's case, rather than being set free, he was turned over to federal agents by Montgomery County officials on June 6.
ICE confirmed to ABC 7 that Mora is undocumented but did not disclose details about how or when he entered the US.
Court records show that Mora was born in Mexico. 
Campos has maintained his client's innocence of the sexual abuse and rape charges lodged against him, noting that Mora willingly submitted DNA and that the results of a paternity test are pending. 
'I think some evidence will show something else,' Campos said, suggesting someone else is the father of the teen's unborn child.
'[Mora] is hopeful that this DNA test is going to clear everything.'  
The results of paternity testing can take up to 90 days. While the county waits for those results, Mora's trial has been scheduled to begin in October in Montgomery County Circuit Court. 
If convicted, Mora faces up to 60 years in prison.

Previously Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Raping Deaf Woman at 1996

Timothy Meads
Posted: Jun 22, 2018 8:15 PM
Previously Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Raping Deaf Woman at 1996
If ever there were a story to highlight the need for better border security as well as local and federal law enforcement coordination, it is that of previously deported illegal alien Jose Abarca.
Abarca, a Mexican national, has been sitting in jail since April 3rd, 2018 after Montgomery Country, MD police arrested the man during a routine traffic stop. After pulling over Abarca, police officers took the man’s information and ran it through their system. As his past offenses popped up on their computers, authorities realized they were not dealing with a simple speeding violation but were actually face to face with a convicted drug dealer and an alleged rapist,  according to WJLA ABC7
Abarca’s trouble with law enforcement began in January of 2008 after Montgomery County police conducted a drug bust that resulted in “$24,000 in U.S. currency, $7,700 in Mexican pesos, 15 grams of cocaine, three cell phones, a tally sheet, cutting device and sandwich baggies” being retrieved from Abarca’s mobile home in Germantown, MD. 
The illegal alien plead guilty, but not before his attorney attempted to argue that his client was simply forced into selling drugs because of the economic effects of the Great Recession as well as his drug addiction.
“The construction starts tanking because the building and real estate industry starts tanking...My client is not a huge or major player in the cocaine industry. It was mostly selling and violating — actually — the number one rule of drug dealing, getting high on your own supply,” attorney Frank Trock said. 
“He has an addiction. It’s an illness. It’s a horrible illness. I believe he’s certainly savable, your honor. He’s been here for years. There is no prior record. This is not a man who violates the law constantly,” Trock added, claiming that Abarca was addicted to drugs. 
The court disagreed and placed Abarca in jail. On March 9th, 2009, Immigration and Customs Enforcement sent him back to Mexico. 
But, just 10 days after his deportation, Montgomery authorities reported that Abarca's DNA matched with evidence from the crime scene of a 1996 rape.
In 1996, a deaf woman was visiting her friend and attending a fair at Galludet University in Washington, DC. On her second night at her friend's house, she "fell asleep on a sofa in her friend's back sunroom. It was around 10:30 p.m. when she dozed off. Then around 2 a.m., the woman awoke to a man shaking her body."
"To her astonishment, the man was pointing a silver handgun at her head, putting his hand over her mouth and motioning for her to stay silent and still. The suspect, described as a 'Spanish' man in his 20s with black hair, ripped off the sofa covers and raped the woman for 'a few minutes.' The victim did not put up a struggle out of fear for her life." 
The two friends called the police after the assailant ran off into the night. Authorities took DNA samples but were unable to find a match in their criminal database system. 
That 1996 case laid dormant until the January 2008 drug bust of Abarca. However, by the time that local police determined he was the primary suspect, he had already been deported out of the country by the feds.
It is unclear when he re-entered the United States, but Abarca now faces charges of "first-degree rape, first-degree burglary and the use of a handgun during a violent felony" after being stopped this April. He could be sentenced for a lifetime in prison plus 40 years if found guilty. Given that his DNA was found at the scene, it is likely that he will found guilty come his trial in October. 
But, on June 13 of this year, ICE put out a new deportation detainer on Abarca requesting that he be handed over to the federal authorities. 
This could pose a tricky conundrum for Montgomery authorities. Montgomery County, a sanctuary county, routinely ignores detainer requests because they feel it hampers local law enforcement's ability to crack down on crime and gain trust in immigrant communities. Of course, one could argue that if he is handed over to ICE now, there is no guarantee that he will not waltz right back over the border a third time after his second deportation.
It is unclear what, if any communication, occurred between local police and ICE in 2009 aside from Montgomery County alerting authorities they had an illegal alien inside their jail. It is unknown when local police decided to run his DNA to check for other crimes. But, clearly communication could have been better. Abarca's case also highlights the need for better border security to prevent illegal aliens from re-entering the country after deportation. 
This case, now 22 years in the making, is exhausting for all parties involved. To hep sort out the exact sequence of events, our friends at WJLA ABC 7 put together a timeline documenting the saga of the alleged rapist, convicted drug dealer, and previously deported illegal alien that is Jose Abarca: 

Timeline of Events:

- October 19, 1996 — Victim raped while sleeping in a sunroom along Notley Road in Colesville, Maryland, suspect DNA collected
- January 4, 2008 — Montgomery County Police arrest Jose Abarca on charges pertaining to cocaine distribution
- July 7, 2008 — Abarca pleads guilty in cocaine distribution case, is sentenced to one-year in jail
- March 9, 2009 — ICE deports Abarca to his native Mexico
- March 19, 2009 — Montgomery County Police make DNA link and formally charge Abarca with 1996 rape case, but are unable to locate him
- Unknown Date — Abarca returns to the United States illegally
- April 3, 2018 — Montgomery County Police arrest Abarca during a routine traffic stop on outstanding warrant
- June 13, 2018 — ICE lodges new deportation detainer against Abarca
Editor's Note: This article was updated to reflect that Montgomery County is a sanctuary county.


By Frosty Wooldridge

 Mexicans cheat, distribute drugs, lie, forge documents, steal and

kill as if it’s a normal way of life. For them, it is. Mexico’s 

civilization stands diametrically opposed to America’s culture. 

The legal age of sexual consent in Mexico is 12 years old. Sex with children at this age and younger is socially acceptable in Mexico. For example: A Mexican Lopez-Mendez pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a 10 year old girl in West Virginia.



 “The molestation was reported after the child was taken to a hospital for an outbreak of genital herpes early this month. When asked how she might have contracted the disease, the child claimed that Morales had molested her “a lot of times.”

"The legal age of sexual consent in Mexico is 12 years old. Sex with children at this age and younger is socially acceptable in Mexico. For example: A Mexican Lopez-Mendez pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a 10-year-old-girl in West Virginia." FROSTY WOOLDRIGE


Natalio Vitervo-Vasquez was deported twice but returned to provide “cheap” labor. He can’t read or write and raped his 10-year-old daughter.

“Prosecutors say the girl, who was 11-years-old at the time, went to a medical center where it was determined she was pregnant. Officials say she would have conceived the child at ten years of age.”


Unlicensed ILLEGAL Daycare Worker Accused of Breaking Child’s Legs


Tells Cops: I’d ‘Rather Be Deported than Go to Jail’

“The infant’s legs were reportedly broken below the knees.”