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Daniel Horowitz has reviewed ICE’s brand new comprehensive enforcement and removal operations reportICE reported that it issued detainers on criminal aliens in fiscal year 2019 who were collectively charged with 2,500 murdersTo put that in perspective, albeit via an imperfect comparison, Horowitz says that law enforcement agencies only arrested 9,049 individuals in total for homicide in 2018.
This source places the total number of murder arrests in 2018 at a slightly higher number — 11,970. Either way, it’s clear that illegal aliens make up a shockingly high percentage of those arrested for homicide.
Horowitz acknowledges that some of those for whom a detainer issued in fiscal year 2019 might have been legal immigrants who were convicted of murder a while ago. But “the bulk of them,” he adds are “front-end detainers on illegal aliens who have just recently been charged with murder.”
Horowitz also notes that most illegal immigrants live in sanctuary jurisdictions where law enforcement doesn’t cooperate with ICE. Thus, there are many crimes, including murders, committed by illegal aliens that don’t result in detainers. California, for example, is home to by far the most illegal immigrants of any state in America. Yet, ICE only apprehended a fraction of the number of criminals they caught in Texas.
Thus, but for sanctuary jurisdictions, illegal immigrants would make up an even larger percentage of homicide arrests in the U.S.
The bottom line is that an alarming percentage of murders in America are committed by people who are here illegally. These are murders that we could prevent in many cases if we effectively enforced our immigration laws, e.g., by beefing up ICE and stepping up expedited removals.
Unfortunately, Democrats (and some Republicans) are dead set against such measures and against effective immigration enforcement generally.

“The legal age of sexual consent in Mexico is 12 years old. Sex with children at this age and younger is socially acceptable in Mexico. For example: A Mexican Lopez-Mendez pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a 10-year-old girl in West Virginia. His excuse: sex with young girls was common with his people. He said, "I was unaware that it was a crime." FROSTY WOOLDRIGE

Liberian nationals will only be disqualified from the amnesty if they have been convicted of aggravated felonies such as murder, rape, child sex abuse, sex trafficking, and kidnapping.

America Vs Mexico:
Clashing Cultures

By Frosty Wooldridge
Anyone understand why Mexicans fail miserably at creating a successful civilization? Ever wonder why millions of them invade the United States in search of a better life? Have you noticed that once they arrive, they create the same kind of 'society' in the United States? Unconsciously, they create the same conditions they left behind. You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the boy.
For example, in Denver in December, illegal alien Navi dragged his girlfriend to death behind his car. Illegal alien Cruz shot his girlfriend dead in the back because she wouldn't reconcile with him. Illegal alien Ruizz ran over and killed Justin Goodman, but Ruizz drove away from the scene leaving Goodman to die. In Greeley, Colorado they suffered 270 hit and run accidents in one year. Over 80 percent of hit and run wrecks in Denver involve illegal aliens. Denver boasts the drug smuggling capital of the West as well as the people smuggling mecca of the country. Illegals cheat, distribute drugs, lie, forge documents, steal and kill as if it's a normal way of life. For them, it is.
Mexico's civilization stands diametrically opposed to America's culture. Both countries manifest different ways of thinking and operating.
With George Bush's push to create the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" by dissolving our borders with Mexico, he places all Americans at risk.
Would you become friends with neighbors who throw their trash on city streets and parks, create ghettoes wherever they enclave their numbers, promote corruption, deal in violence, encourage drug use, manifest poverty, endorse sexism and downgrade education?
America's culture and Mexico's culture remain diametrically opposed to one another. America's fought Mexico and won. Today, Mexico invades America with sheer numbers of poor.
However, cultures rarely change and neither do their people.
As you can see from the ten points below, everything about Mexico degrades everything about America. For further information, you may visit  and  where you will find a plethora of information by a brilliant journalist Brenda Walker. Her original report may be viewed on on January 17, 2007 under the title: "Ten Reasons Why America Should Not Marry Mexico." I suggest you read more of her work.  She exemplifies incisive, sobering and shocking information.
These ten point stem directly from Brenda Walker's work. Let's examine why America must not entangle itself by merging with Mexico.
The legal age of sexual consent in Mexico is 12 years old. Sex with children at this age and younger is socially acceptable in Mexico. For example: A Mexican Lopez-Mendez pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a 10 year old girl in West Virginia. His excuse: sex with young girls was common with his people. He said, "I was unaware that it was a crime."
Mexicans remain the most sexist males next to Islamic men. Both boast the most misogynous cultures in the world. Rape and other violence toward women are not treated as serious crimes. In Mexico, a custom known as "rapto" whereby men kidnap women for sex is regarded as harmless amusement. Mexican society regards women little more than objects.
Crime and violence remain mainstays of Mexican culture. Drug cartels and the Mexican army coordinate their massive efforts to promote drug distribution not only in Mexico but into the USA. Mexico City suffers the second highest crime rate in Latin America. Kidnapping remains second only to Columbia for ransom money. Beheadings, killings and gun fire erupt at drug distribution points on the US/Mexican border.
Spontaneous hanging continues in Mexico. A mob beat up and burned to death two policemen on live television in 2004 in Mexico City. As Brenda Walker wrote, "Mexicans do not have the same belief as Americans that the law is central to the equitable functioning of a complex nation. It's the Third World."

Mexicans abhor education. In their country, illiteracy dominates. As they arrive in our country, only 9.6 percent of fourth generation Mexicans earn a high school diploma. Mexico does not promote educational values. This makes them the least educated of any Americans or immigrants. The rate of illiteracy in Mexico stands at 63 percent.

Drunk driving remains acceptable in Mexico. As it stands, 44,000 Americans die on our nation's highways annually. Half that number stems from drunken drivers. U.S. 

Congressman Steve King reports that 13 American suffer death from drunken driving Mexicans each day. Alcoholism runs rampant in Mexican culture. They suffer the most DUI arrests.
Mexicans set the benchmark for animal cruelty. Mexicans love dog fighting, bullfighting, cock fighting and horse tripping. Those blood sports play in every arena and backyard in Mexico. They expand into America as more Mexicans arrive. They also engage in "steer-tailing" where the rider yanks the animal's tail in an attempt to flip it to the ground. In horse tripping, they run the animals at full gallop around a ring, then, use ropes to trip them at full speed. It's a death sentence as the horses break their legs, teeth, shoulders and necks-all to the delight of the cheering Mexican fans.

As La Raza confirms, Mexicans maintain the most racist society in North America. "For the Hispanic race, everything; for anyone outside the race, nothing!" Guadalupe Loaeza, a journalist, said, "Mexican society is fundamentally racist and classist. The color of your skin is a key that either opens or shuts doors. The lighter your skin, the more doors open to you."
Corruption becomes a mechanism by which Mexico operates. Corruption remains systemic. The Washington Post wrote, "Mexico is considered one of the most corrupt countries in the hemisphere." They feature drug cartels, sex slave trade, people smuggling, car theft cartels, real estate scam cartels, murder for money and, you must bribe your mail man to get your mail.
Last, but not least, Mexicans are Marxists. They promote a one-party government. As with any kind of Marxism, brutal totalitarian rule keeps the rich in power and everyone else subservient.
As we allow millions of Mexicans to colonize our country, we can't help but be caught up in these ten deadly cultural traits of Mexicans. With over 12 million Mexicans here today, the predictions grow to as many as 20 even 40 million Mexicans in a few decades as they come here for a better life.

The fact remains, as they come to America for a better life, they make our lives a living hell.

GOP/Democrats Slip Amnesty for 1K Liberian Nationals into Defense Budget

Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Senate Republicans and Democrats approved a defense budget for Fiscal Year 2020 after slipping into it an amnesty for nearly 1,000 Liberian nationals who will now be eligible for American citizenship.
This week, the Senate passed the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act that includes a provision that gives amnesty to about 840 Liberian nationals and their children who would otherwise have self-deported from the United States in March.
In early 2018, President Trump ended Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for Liberia, which acted as a de facto amnesty for Liberians to stay in the U.S. since 1991. Liberians were first given the temporary amnesty in the early 1990s due to a civil war in their nation.
After decades of renewing the temporary amnesty by Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama — despite the nation’s civil war long having ended — Trump reviewed their DED status and determined that Liberia is safe for nationals in the U.S. to return to.
The amnesty for Liberian nationals slipped into the defense budget had been pushed for months by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and a handful of Minnesota lawmakers. Effectively, all Liberian nationals who were allowed to stay in the U.S. over the last few decades will now be allowed to adjust their immigration status, making them permanent residences who can eventually apply to become American citizens.
Liberian nationals will only be disqualified from the amnesty if they have been convicted of aggravated felonies such as murder, rape, child sex abuse, sex trafficking, and kidnapping.
Also included in the defense budget is billions of American taxpayer money that will continue funding border security measures in foreign countries like Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia. Meanwhile, less than $1.4 billion is explicitly authorized for the construction of a border wall at the U.S.-Mexico border.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder

Ann Coulter: Who's Doing The Raping? Immigrants—But Don't Ask 'LAW & ORDER SVU'!

With the impeachment nonsense making TV news unwatchable, I’ve been catching up on “Law & Order SVU” recently.
The scripts involve the sort of real-life crimes that are a lot more common since our country has become “diverse,” such as child rape and incest. But the child-rapists are never diverse, as they are in real life. No, the perps are always blond, blue-eyed American men.
In fact, the modern American white male is the least rapey, most gentle, protective, chivalrous creature God has ever created. Get ready for a gigantic I TOLD YOU SO when American women realize that, from 1620 to the day Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act kicked in, they never had it so good.
I wouldn’t mention it, except for “Law & Order SVU.” It would be as if the writers portrayed New York City as a sleepy little burg and Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, as a fast-paced metropolis, jam-packed with skyscrapers.
In one episode titled “Zero Tolerance,” a white American male sells illegal alien girls to other white American men in a sex trafficking scheme that was somehow enabled by Trump ... SEPARATING CHILDREN FROM THEIR PARENTS AT THE BORDER!!!
(The theory of causation is a little vague, but it was definitely Trump’s fault.)
Also, according to “Law & Order SVU,” the main demographic with a sexual fetish for pre-pubescent Hispanic girls is: handsome, married American white men.
Thus, the john having sex with a 9-year-old illegal alien in this episode was a white businessman, married with two sons, who was in New York specifically to have sex with underage girls.
You have to admire television writers who have taken a vow to never leave their homes, have any human contact or read.
Reviewing my years of research on child sex crimes, I see that this has happened NEVER. It’s kind of the opposite. I ended up with so many immigrant child rape cases for “Adios, America!” that most of them had to be left on the cutting room floor—or the book would have been twice as long.
Since 2013, an average of 34 illegal aliens have been charged in North Carolina with 151 counts of raping or sexually assaulting a child per month—and that’s based on police data from less than a third of the counties in a single state.
Shocking child sex crimes that you’d expect to happen about once a century now come at a clip of “every few years.” Within a five-year timespan, for example, the same California judge presided over these two cases:
  • Guatemalan Willy Alejandro Jimenez grabbed a 4-year-old girl in a Palo Alto parking lot, raped her, beat her unconscious, then threw her naked body from a moving car.
  • Fifty-year-old immigrant Paul Narvios repeatedly raped his girlfriend’s 9-year-old daughter, getting her pregnant and making her one of only four girls under the age of 10 to give birth in the United States.
Since 1990, the media have reported on 53 specific girls aged 10 or younger who have given birth in Latin America. In the United States, with a population about 70 percent the size of the nine countries where those births occurred, there were four reported births to girls that young.
Three were to immigrants.
Two were fathered by Hispanic immigrants, one by a Haitian illegal immigrant and one by an American. But for William Edward Ronca, there would not be a single confirmed case of a white man in the Western Hemisphere impregnating a girl 10 years old or younger.
A report from the Inter-American Children’s Institute explained that Latin America is second only to Asia in the sexual exploitation of women and children because sex abuse is “ingrained into the minds of the people.” Women and children are “seen as objects instead of human beings with rights and freedoms.”
If the “Law & Order SVU” writers are worried that Trump is preventing these child-rape-happy cultures from coming to our country, I’ve got good news!
Just two months ago, at an illegal immigrant flophouse in Immokalee, Florida, a teenaged girl got up to use to the bathroom in the middle of the night and caught an adult man in the act of raping a toddler, with blood running down both their legs.
Although the victim’s age was redacted from the police report, the child was wearing a blood-soaked diaper when she arrived at the hospital. The infant was injured so badly that she’s been in the hospital since the attack, undergoing multiple reconstructive surgeries—with more to come.
We know the child’s rapist was an illegal alien—there was no one else in the trailer. At the moment, it appears that the primary suspect is her “father,” Hector Gabriel-Jimenez, 23, who has been arrested for child neglect.
He entered the country illegally back in February, was apprehended by border police and sent on his merry way—by a president who launched his campaign talking about Mexican rapists.
But Mariska Hargitay (“Detective Olivia Benson”) blames Trump for his imaginary act of enforcing the border, not for what he’s actually done, which is allow the ACLU to fling our border open to child kidnappers and child molesters.
Promoting the idiotic episode, Hargitay tweeted: "The situation at the border has been unconscionable and cruel. As we speak there are still countless children who are separated from their families because of our government's actions. We can do better. We must do better."
In fact, Trump has been doing exactly what the geniuses of “Law & Order” want! And unlike the show’s incomprehensible chain of causation, our actual border policy—which the “Law & Order” writers and Trump agree on!—led directly to a diapered baby being taken away from her mother and brutally raped.
As the father explained to the police: The reason he took the toddler away from her mother in Guatemala was so that "he would be allowed to stay in the U.S.A. and not have any problems with immigration for entering the U.S.A. illegally."
Incest and child rape are not native American habits. Nor is child rape common in Spain. This isn’t genetic. Bestial behavior toward women and children is a hallmark of primitive, peasant cultures—the cultures we are importing by the million.
The hallmark of civilized cultures is to arrest and imprison child rapists. But the brain-dead writers of “Law & Order SVU” invent little stories to demoralize the defenders of civilization, so we can let the incest and child rape flow!

DEMOCRATS PARTNER WITH GOP TO ASSAULT AMERICA'S WORKERS WITH FLOODS OF ILLEGALS HANDED AMNESTY..... So they can bring up the rest of their family and vote Democrat for more

Big Ag Amnesty Argument Shows GOP Progress—And Mounting Democratic Craziness. Could Be Good For Trump 2020.
The so-called  Farm Workforce Modernization Act, which passed the Democrat-controlled House last week,  reveals the current state of Amnesty politics. Deceptively promoted as a way to help the agricultural industry, the bill’s real purpose is to legalize millions of illegal-alien farm laborers i.e. it’s an Amnesty. It shows that Democrats will support any loosening of immigration laws, even if it turns illegal aliens into indentured servants. But only 34 out of 197 Republicans backed it, which (while disgraceful) shows the GOP no longer dares support an outright Amnesty. This polarization decreases the chances of Big Agriculture’s Amnesty—and serves to protect American workers.
The bill should horrify immigration patriots. It offers legal status to any illegal who worked in agriculture in the last two years. Those illegal aliens would receive a “Certified Agricultural Worker” visa and be barred from applying for a green card for at least four years. It expands the H-2A program by an additional 20,000 visas to cover other industries, including dairy and meat-packing. The H-2A supposedly covers temporary agricultural workers, but the new bill expands it past its intended area. It also allots 40,000 green cards per year for H-2A visa holders and gives legal status to many illegal aliens convicted of driving under the influence and Social Security fraud [House passes farm bill that critics say grants ‘large-scale Amnesty’ to illegal immigrants, by Adam Shaw, Fox News, December 11, 2019].
Mandatory e-Verify is the bill’s only highlight. But it would be imposed only after the Amnesty is fully implemented.
The good news: Republican and conservative opposition is significant enough to likely mean it’s doomed.
The Amnesty was sponsored by 25 Republicans, including California Rep. Devin Nunes and New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, whose performances during the impeachment hearing made them heroes to President Trump and conservatives. But both serve Big Agriculture’s interests. Stefanik has long tried to give Big Ag more cheap foreign labor due to the industry’s power in her district. Nunes’s family owns an Iowa farm in an area that mostly employs illegal aliens. If the bill becomes law, Nunes could well employ indentured servants [Devin Nunes’s Family Farm Is Hiding a Politically Explosive Secret, by Ryan Lizza, Esquire, September 30, 2018].
But only 32 Republicans joined the pair on the final vote. Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (although from ag-friendly Bakersfield CA), Minority Whip Steve Scalise, and House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney voted against the bill, signaling the GOP leadership’s opposition. And another significant Trump impeachment defender, Georgia Rep. Doug Collins, criticized the bill as “a path to citizenship for an unknown number of illegal immigrants who do some work in agriculture, along with their families.” [Collins statement on H.R. 5038, December 11, 2019]
The Heritage Foundation also attacked the bill because it “threatens the legal immigration system’s legitimacy and incentivizes aliens and farmers to ignore the legal immigration system in the future if it best serves their needs” [Congress Should Reject Amnesty for Illegal Agricultural Workers, by Daren Bakst, December 10, 2019].
That wall of opposition suggests the bill will die upon arrival in the Senate. President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are not keen on going against their party’s majority. And if Fox News’s primetime lineup is hostile, Trump just might denounce it outright. Tucker Carlson segments regularly inspire presidential tweets. Negative Carlson coverage could do the same for Big Ag’s Amnesty.
Given the recent past, this GOP opposition is a very positive development. In 2013, nearly one-third of Republican senators voted for the Gang of Eight Amnesty. But last week, only 17 percent of Republicans voted for a much-more limited Amnesty that benefitted corporate interests. It’s not hard to imagine that a majority of pre-Trump Republicans would have voted for the indentured-servant plan. But Trump’s victory in 2016, after hotly opposing Amnesty and illegal immigration, has changed the party. Very few Republicans openly champion “comprehensive immigration reform” anymore, and the White House has expressed zero interest in the idea. The only Amnesty that Republicans discuss now is a permanent legalization for illegal aliens who came to the U.S. as minors. That’s not ideal, but it’s better than an Amnesty for all.
In contrast, Democrats are now even more extreme on immigration than they were pre-Trump.
 Despite progressive concerns that the Gang of Eight’s guest-worker provisions would shaft American workers, every Democrat voted for it [Gang of 8 defends guest worker plan, by Seung Min Kim, Politico, May 13, 2013].  A few Leftists senators, such as Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, had voted against the 2007 Amnesty because it hurt American workers.
But only three Democrats voted against the latest Amnesty forcing American workers to compete against indentured servants. Three out of the four “Squad” members voted for it, while one—Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib—voted present. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow progressives claim to represent workers’ interests, yet they sided with big corporations against American workers.
Somali Congresswoman Ilhan Omar supported this bill because it legalized illegal aliens, whom she equates with American workers i.e. America has no legitimate existence as a nation. “The Farm Workforce Modernization Act is a major step forward for our immigration system and our workers,” she said. “This bill provides a pathway for qualified undocumented farmworkers and their families to legalize their status, a major victory.”
In other words, the Democratic Party’s commitment to identity politics and the demographic and political transformation of America by importing millions of new voters outweighs any concern for actual workers. Democrats don’t care that the Big Ag Amnesty hurts the job prospects of America’s working class, including immigrants, or the Historic American Nation, because they believe the newcomers will more be reliable Democrats than the natives.
This new dogma contrasts with the past views of the Squad’s hero, Bernie Sanders. For many years, Sanders opposed Amnesty on pro-worker grounds. “I don't know why we need millions of people to be coming into this country as guest workers who will work for lower wages than American workers and drive wages down even lower than they are now,” he told Lou Dobbs in 2007 [What Bernie Sanders told Lou Dobbs in 2007 about why he opposed the Kennedy-McCain immigration bill, by Matthew Yglesias,, February 12, 2016].
Sanders did vote for the Gang of Eight Amnesty in 2013, but two years later he was still insisting Open Borders were a Koch Brothers plan to undermine American workers.
Sadly, Sanders now sounds like the Squad on immigration and supports more immigration and open borders. He will likely support the Big Ag Amnesty too, even though he made an effective argument against such ideas in 2007.
This extremism dooms any chance of bipartisan support for a “comprehensive” Amnesty. Democrats no longer even pretend to care about border security. Many Democratic leaders want to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement, tear down what little we have of a border wall, and turn America into one big Sanctuary Society. They will concede nothing to Republicans on immigration, as we’ve seen time and again during the Trump era.
But Republicans know their base is implacably hostile to Amnesty. Many Republican lawmakers would love to reward their donors and corporate pals with cheap labor, but they know their voters will make them pay. The party realizes Trump won on opposition to illegal immigration and have adjusted accordingly, even if they still don’t get the message on legal immigration. No Republican can offer what Democrats want and survive politically. The GOP base wants a wall and aggressive immigration enforcement—two things Democrats will never support.
The GOP’s slow move toward immigration patriotism aligns them with average Americans. A 2018 Harvard-Harris poll found that 81 percent support reducing immigration. The vast majority of Americans want increased border security, including 56 percent of Hillary Clinton voters. Democrats on the opposite end of both issues give Republicans a powerful weapon for 2020.[Fox News Poll,  June  16, 2019]
So, if Trump and the Republicans are smart, they’ll hang the Big Ag Amnesty around Democrats’ necks. A pro-worker party can’t defend bringing back indentured servitude. And Trump’s opposition would tell Big Ag’s Republican lackeys to forget their corporate donors and remember Middle America. Supporting this bill hurts the party—especially when the Amnesty’s backers argue that Americans are lazy, as Congressman Doug LaMalfa, a farmer from California farm district,  did, below:

America Last Republican Congressman Doug LaMalfa (California) supporting Amnesty Bill HR 5038 and insulting the American people saying that they would rather play Xbox than go outside and work.

Trump must ensure that his Congressional party gets that memo and kills this bill in the Senate. The chances for that look good—which means a political advantage going into next year’s election is there for Trump’s taking.
When the Swamp compromises on immigration, the beneficiaries are Big Business and minority interest groups. The Farm Modernization Workforce Act is just more crooked “bipartisanship.”
And it’s another raw deal for the Historic American Nation.
Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC i