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Can Anybody Save the Whites?

Can Anybody Save the Whites?

• White males, now down to 31% of the population, have become the only Americans against whom it is not only permissible, but commendable, to discriminate.
By Patrick J. Buchanan —
“Something startling is happening to middle-aged white Americans. Unlike every other age group, unlike every other racial and ethnic group, unlike their counterparts in other rich countries, death rates in this group have been rising, not falling.”
The big new killers of middle-aged white folks? Alcoholic liver disease, overdoses of heroin and opioids, and suicides. So wrote Gina Kolata in The New York Times of a stunning study by the husband-wife team of Nobel laureates, Angus Deaton and Anne Case.
Deaton could cite but one parallel to this social disaster: “Only HIV/AIDS in contemporary times has done anything like this.”
Middle-aged whites are four times as likely as middle-aged blacks to kill themselves. Their fitness levels are falling as they suffer rising levels of physical pain, emotional stress, and mental depression, which helps explain the alcohol and drug addiction.
But what explains the social disaster of white Middle America?

First, an economy where, though at or near

full employment, a huge slice of the labor force

has dropped out. Second, the real wages of

working Americans have been nearly stagnant

for decades.
Two major contributors to the economic decline of

the white working-class: Scores of millions of

third-world immigrants, here legally and illegally,

who depress U.S. wages, and tens of thousands of

factories and millions of jobs

shipped abroad under the label of “globalization.”

Another factor in the crisis of middle- and working-class white men is the plunging percentage of those who are married. Where a wife and children give meaning to a man’s life, and to his labors, single white men are not only being left behind by the new economy, they are becoming alienated from society.

“It’s not surprising,” Barack Obama volunteered to his San Francisco high-donors, that such folks, “get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.”
We all have seen the figure of 72% of black children being born out of wedlock. For working-class whites, it is up to 40%.
A lost generation is growing up all around us. In the popular culture of the 1940s and 1950s, white men were role models. They were the detectives and cops who ran down gangsters and the heroes who won World War II on the battlefields of Europe and in the islands of the Pacific. They were doctors, journalists, lawyers, architects and clergy. White males were our skilled workers and craftsmen—carpenters, painters, plumbers, bricklayers, machinists, mechanics. They were the Founding Fathers, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Hamilton, and the statesmen, Webster, Clay, and Calhoun.
Lincoln and every president had been a white male. Middle-class white males were the great inventors: Eli Whitney and Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and the Wright Brothers.
They were the great capitalists: Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford and J. P. Morgan. All the great captains of America’s wars were white males: Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston, Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, U.S. Grant and John J. Pershing, Douglas MacArthur and George Patton.
What has changed in our culture? Everything.
The world has been turned upside-down for white children. In our schools the history books have been rewritten and old heroes blotted out, as their statues are taken down and their flags are put away.
Children are being taught that America was “discovered” by genocidal white racists, who murdered the native peoples of color, enslaved Africans to do the labor they refused to do, then went out and brutalized and colonized indigenous peoples all over the world.
In Hollywood films and TV shows, working-class white males are regularly portrayed as what was once disparaged as “white trash.”
Republicans are instructed that demography is destiny, that white America is dying, and that they must court Hispanics, Asians, and blacks, or go the way of the Whigs.

Since affirmative action for black Americans began in the 1960s, it has been broadened to encompass women, Hispanics, Native Americans, the handicapped, indeed, almost 70% of the nation.
White males, now down to 31% of the population, have become the only Americans against whom it is not only permissible, but commendable, to discriminate.
When our cultural and political elites celebrate “diversity” and clamor for more, what are they demanding, if not fewer white males in the work force and in the freshman classes at Annapolis and Harvard?
What is the moral argument for an affirmative action that justifies unending race discrimination against a declining white working class, who have become the expendables of our multicultural regime?
“Angry white male” is now an acceptable slur in culture and politics. So it is that people of that derided ethnicity, race, and gender see in Donald Trump someone who unapologetically berates and mocks the elites who have dispossessed them, and who despise them.
Is it any surprise that militant anti-government groups attract white males? Is it so surprising that the Donald today, like Jess Willard a century ago, is seen by millions as “The Great White Hope”?
Patrick J. Buchanan is a writer, political commentator, presidential candidate and author.

OBAMA-CLINTONOMICS: The final death of the American Middle Class and the

staggering expansion of the LA RAZA Mexican welfare state


“The long-term reversal of the social gains made by the working class has

only accelerated in the wake of the 2008 economic crisis. President Obama

has overseen one of the greatest transfers of wealth from the working class

to the rich in world history.”

Poverty has become more concentrated under Obama

By Nancy Hanover
2 May 2016
Under the Obama administration, more Americans have found themselves consigned to economic ghettos, living in neighborhoods where more than 40 percent subsist below the poverty level.

Millions more now live in “high poverty” districts of 20-40 percent poverty, according to recently released report by the Brookings Institution.

WILL OBAMA-CLINTONOMICS FINISH OFF THE AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS? - Working-Class Families Now Majority of Americans Squatting

Working-Class Families Now Majority of Americans Squatting

Working-Class Families Now Majority of Americans Squatting

• Tens of thousands of average Americans reduced to living illegally in vacant buildings, paying to live in tents.
By Victor Thorn —
From the beginning, Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency has been based more on illusion than real hope and change—the illusion of peace, the illusion of reform, the illusion of government transparency, and the illusion of an economic recovery.
Take Obama’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, for example. These government economists have regularly cooked the books soterribly that it’s as if America’s entire financial foundation rests upon rigged statistics, stock market bubbles, artificial money, and trillions in unfunded mandates that can never be repaid.
Today, more Americans collect food stamps than ever before in our country’s history, and the labor participation rate is lower than it was during Jimmy Carter’s presidency.

In 2008, Obama’s handlers, aided by a sycophantic press, misdirected the electorate with slick razzle-dazzle rhetoric without discussing how this candidate would enter the Oval Office with less business experience than an eight-year-old kid running a lemonade stand.
Reflecting his ineptitude, Obama surrounded himself with Keynesian pie-in-the-sky theorists, Marxist professors who advocated big government at any cost, and Wall Street crony capitalists intent on manipulating industries such as “greenenergy,” healthcare, and higher education.
Amid this seven-year stretch of economic stagnation, the renewed trend of squatting plagues many communities.
In Mira Mesa, California, for instance, squatters caused an apartment fire, resulting in $50,000 in damages to the building.
And only weeks after a police sweep cleared hundreds of squatters out of the former Seattle Times office building, the structure was once again overrun by homeless people.
That’s only the beginning.
Californians are renting out tents in posh suburban areas at a rate of $1,000 per month. In Colorado, a Denver SWAT team was forced to evacuate drifters residing in makeshift trailers.
At other locales, the working poor are reduced to shacking up in tent cities, the backseats of cars, shanty towns, or abandoned buildings.
A particularly troublesome example can be found near Atlanta, Georgia. There, a black woman named Daquisha Barber and her five children squatted in a home for months after forging the signature of a bogus real estate agent. The home they opportunistically took over had been placed on the market by its owner. It ended up costing the man over $10,000 in legal fees to finally evict her from the premises.
The same tactics were utilized in Charlotte, North Carolina when another black woman, Ninti El-Bey, returned to squatting in a home even after having been arrested and jailed for doing the same thing in another house.

Emigrate While You Still Can! Learn More . . .

Circumstances have reached such dire levels in Detroit that homeowners in a northwest neighborhood are actively seeking squatters to occupy a rash of abandoned or foreclosed residences in hopes of preventing vandalism or arson.
On November 16, AMERICAN FREE PRESS interviewed Ryan Hertz, president and CEO of Detroit’s South Oakland Shelter.
When asked about his city’s desperate housing situation, Hertz replied: “It’s an interesting concept, but not a solution. I would never encourage anyone to squat. It’s not our public position, and we can certainly do better. When homeless peoplelive in vacant properties, who’ll keep them up to par in terms of maintenance?”
As for the so-called Obama recovery, Hertz posited: “We’ve seen a change in the demographics of those who are displaced. It’s been a transition from the chronically homeless, disabled, and mentally ill to first-timers whose unemployment has run out. You’d never expect to see these people in shelters, and I’d estimate that 50%-80% of these folks are generally from working-class families. They don’t fit the mold of what you’d anticipate.”
Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.



"The EPI report refers to one particularly revealing episode in the

operations of the wealthy parasites who dominate American

society: the bipartisan deal in 2012, between Obama and the

congressional Republicans, which extended the Bush tax cuts for

all but the highest earners."

"Under the Obama administration, economic inequality has grown

worse, and the growth is accelerating. In 15 states, the top 1 percent

captured all of the income growth between 2009 and 2013. In 10 of

these, the top 1 percent captured more than 100 percent of all

income growth, with the result that incomes of the bottom 99

percent actually fell."

US wages and jobs decline, inequality rises

US wages and jobs decline, inequality rises

By Patrick Martin
23 June 2016
Two reports issued over the past week document the drastic worsening of the economic position of the American working class, and the consequent rapid rise in economic inequality.

Men with a high school education now make barely 50 percent of the wages of men with a college degree or more, according to data presented Monday by the White House Council of Economic Advisers. This is down from near equality between the college-educated and the non-college-educated 40 years ago (see Chart 1).

The CEA correlated the declining economic position of blue collar workers (using education as a surrogate for occupation) with the plunge in labor force participation rates among men of prime working age, those between 25 and 54 years of age (see Chart 2).

While 98 percent of men of prime working age were in the labor force in 1954, that figure has fallen to 88 percent today (81 percent actually working and 7 percent unemployed but available for work). The same divergence based on education was shown in these figures: 94 percent of male college graduates aged 25 to 54 were in the labor force, but only 83 percent of men with only a high school education.

The proportion of American men not in the labor force has risen six-fold over 60 years, from 2 percent to 12 percent. This compares to 7 percent in Spain and France and only 4 percent in Japan, countries which provide considerably better social benefits for the long-term jobless. In other words, men outside the labor force are both more numerous in the United States, and treated far worse by society.

The CEA report, like most such government and academic studies, is heavily laden with statistical jargon. But one passage makes clear that the brutal wage-cutting and job-slashing directed at workers in manufacturing and other semi-skilled occupations—carried out with the collaboration and support of the unions in those industries that are unionized—is a key factor in this social retrogression.

The report says: “In addition to reducing wages, abrupt demand shifts for less-skilled workers create inconsistencies between workers' expectations of the types of jobs they have traditionally had access to (and that were closely associated with their identity) and the realities of the jobs currently available to less-educated workers—for example, the decline in available jobs in manufacturing. This mismatch between what workers seek and what the job market offers may lead them to leave the labor force …”

In plain English, workers leave the labor force because they can no longer earn a living and support their families, which has a crushing moral and psychological impact in many cases.

The CEA report further finds that “the drop in the labor force participation rate for men over the past several decades may be explained by a decline in job opportunities for middle-skill workers and their reluctance to take jobs in other industries and skill classes.”

Again, in plain English, workers are dropping out of the labor force because they refuse to go from decent-paying factory jobs to low-paying work at WalMart, fast food or other so-called service industries.

Other details in the CEA report document regional differences, with the lowest rates of labor force participation in smaller industrial centers in the Midwest, the mining areas of Appalachia, and in rural, agricultural areas throughout the country—all areas where there has been little economic diversification and which are remote from high-tech centers or the booming financial markets.
The worst impact of the decline in labor force participation and the relative decline in blue-collar wages has been for black men. This is associated not so much with racial discrimination in employment, which is much less overt today than 60 years ago, as with the enormous increase in incarceration rates.

Men in prison are not included in the jobless figures and their appalling conditions are not recorded in reports like that issued by the CEA. But men who have been released from prison are far less likely to find decent-paying work and consequently leave the labor force altogether. These are disproportionately black and Latino.

The second report issued this past week was by the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank supported by the AFL-CIO. This provided a state-by-state picture of the growth of economic inequality over the past century, supplementing reports issued last year on economic inequality at the national level.

The report found that income inequality declined in every state from 1928 until 1979. From 1979 through 2013, by contrast, economic inequality has risen in every state, and in many states it has now reached the level of 1928, the height of the stock market boom before the Great Depression.

Under the Obama administration, economic inequality has grown

worse, and the growth is accelerating. In 15 states, the top 1 percent

captured all of the income growth between 2009 and 2013. In 10 of

these, the top 1 percent captured more than 100 percent of all

income growth, with the result that incomes of the bottom 99

percent actually fell.

For the US as a whole, the top 1 percent captured 85.1 percent of all income growth for that five-year period. The average income of the top 1 percent grew 17.4 percent from 2009 to 2013, while the average income of the bottom 99 percent grew only 0.7 percent. The result is that by 2013, the average income of the top 1 percent was 25.3 times the average for the bottom 99 percent.

The EPI profiled the 10 states with the biggest increase in the share of the top 1 pecent from 1979 to 2007. These included: “four states with large financial services sectors (New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Illinois), three with large information technology sectors (Massachusetts, California, and Washington), one state with a large energy industry (Wyoming), one with a large gaming industry (Nevada), and Florida, a state in which many wealthy individuals retire.”

The EPI report refers to one particularly revealing episode in the operations of the wealthy parasites who dominate American society: the bipartisan deal in 2012, between Obama and the congressional Republicans, which extended the Bush tax cuts for all but the highest earners. This legislative change touched off a frenzy of “tax planning” (i.e., fraud) by the super-rich, which caused them to reduce their incomes significantly in 2013. This means that the disparities reported by the EPI study are significantly understated, since the wealthy deliberately avoided “earning” income in 2013 to avoid paying taxes.

Taken together, the CEA and EPI reports document a society that is deeply dysfunctional, unjust and unstable. For the workers who produce the wealth of society, wages and participation in the labor force are plunging. For the parasites in the financial aristocracy who owe their vast fortunes to the labor of others, incomes are rising faster than ever.
It is figures like these that underlie the upheavals that have already shaken the US political system in the course of the 2016 election campaign, which has many months to run its course and more shocks to endure. More fundamentally, these figures are infallible indicators that American society faces an eruption of mass struggle, as young people and working people rebel against the destruction of their jobs, living standards and social rights.

“I estimate that enforcing the law and deporting all illegals would raise real low-skill wages by about 20% to 40% within 6 years, providing immediate relief to the oppressed low-skill citizens of our country.  (See my notes.)  Allowing in more high-skill people and few low-skill people would have long-term benefits that would eventually tower over this short-term benefit.  A more skilled population would increase the historical trend of economic growth in this country.  We might even become the richest per capita country in the world.


Exodus of Illegals Good for Economy

Exodus of Illegals Good for Economy

• But U.S. government refuses to admit illegal alien flight is actually happening.
By Bill White —
Almost one million illegal immigrants, 8.2% of America’s peak illegal immigrant population, have left the United States since the banking structure collapsed the economy in 2008.
But not only have American governing institutions like the U.S. Census Bureau continued to project nonwhite demographic growth, publications like The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) have begun publishing false and misleading economic figures to demand the renewed degeneration of mainstream American society.
Since 2008, Arizona has driven out 200,000 illegal immigrants, some into Mexico and some into other U.S. states, 40% of its peak illegal population of 500,000. But its population figure of 6.7 million continues to grow, as USCB projections ignore the changing assumptions and actual head counts. In reality, the Arizona economy is doing well with renewed job growth and prosperity being seen among white workers.
“Even if the size of the state’s GDP decreased, the decrease in immigration redistributed income from employers to employees, particularly at the bottom of the labor market,” said Steven Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies.
Arizona has barred illegal immigrants from receiving government benefits, hospital care, drivers licenses, and college education, while prohibiting them from receiving some damages in legal actions. As a result, many left the state. Illegal immigrants WSJ found hanging around a local Home Depot parking lot claimed that they couldn’t find jobs.
But immigrant-friendly states like California and New York have also seen widespread immigrant flight. Some 12.5% of California’s illegal population and 25% of New York’s illegal population have also left. Many went to Texas, one of the few states to see a growth of illegals, at 6.5%.

What Arizona is seeing happen as a result of shedding its largely parasitical illegal population is what nations like Japan have seen. A population shrinking less quickly than its shrinking GDP will see an increasing standard of living.
In Arizona, for example, its population should have shrunk about 3%—though due to the fantastic nature of government figures, this cannot be confirmed. Meanwhile, wages for low-income white workers increased 6% even in the worst years studied, 2008 to 2009. Farm owners say that they are increasing wages over 50% to accommodate the changes.
Rob Knarr, a farmer contacted by WSJ, said that he fired illegal aliens, who were willing to work for $13, and hired white workers at $20 an hour to operate harvest machines. Though Knarr only planted 120 acres of peppers instead of 550 acres, the price of commodities didn’t increase nationwide; in fact, consumer food price inflation is almost zero.

Emigrate While You Still Can! Learn More . . .

Knarr added that he sleeps better having legal citizens working for him.
“I don’t have to go to bed and worry about whether harvesting crews will show up,” he said.
Landscape and construction jobs have also seen wages increase. Average industry wages are now at $14.60 an hour, almost a living wage, as opposed to $10 an hour eight years ago. Meanwhile, real-estate prices have fallen 44% from their peak, as the U.S. economy continues to deteriorate. Some of the price drop, especially in the Southwest, has been attributed to illegalaliens heading home.
“Where did everybody go?” one real estate agent, who used to specialize in selling homes to illegals, asked WSJ.
Of course, visibly empty illegal neighborhoods find no reflection in statistical lies. While 11 million has been “the” number for illegals in the U.S. for 15 years, the Center for Migration Research revised the historical number upwards to 12 million to claim 11 million illegals are still in this country.
Bill White is a freelance journalist and publisher based in Virginia. He has also written articles for THE BARNES REVIEW (TBR) magazine. Bill is also the author of a new book entitled National Socialism: Yesterday & Today. Proceeds go to White’s legal defense fund


high cost of illegals in Arizona     

Arizona’s illegal immigrant population is costing the state’s taxpayers even more than once thought -- a whopping $2.7 billion in 2009, according to researchers at the public interest group that helped write the state's new immigration law.

OBAMA AND HIS MUSLIMS - Isn't he attempting to build a Muslim-style dictatorship by finishing off the America middle class?

We all know that Barack Obama was nominally a lawyer at some point in his past – not a good one, by anyone's account, but he was one.  Assume for the moment that Barack Obama had as his client The Muslim Brotherhood, or CAIR, or Hamas,...

Why Not Admit the Obvious: The President Won't Blame Them because He Agrees with Them

We all know that Barack Obama was nominally a lawyer at some point in his past – not a good one, by anyone's account, but he was one.  Assume for the moment that Barack Obama had as his client The Muslim Brotherhood, or CAIR, or Hamas, or any one of dozens of organizations dedicated to taking down the United States.  Could he possibly have done a more effective job of hiding his client's actions or intentions while they went about conducting criminal operations unmolested as he has for seven years?  Could he have been more successful at misdirecting and obfuscating and lying about their intentions and deeds than he has already been?
Though not every lawyer shares a client's philosophy, the zeal with which an attorney does his job can sometimes be proportionate to his identity with the client's goals and objectives.  The president certainly is a zealous fellow when it comes to radical Islam.
We know he won't call it "radical Islam," claiming that that is a distraction or a talking point.  Perhaps the real reason is that he doesn't believe that what the Islamists he supports are doing is radical at all.  Maybe the actual issue is that he believes in and supports their efforts to infiltrate and subvert the United States.  That would explain an awful lot, wouldn't it?
For seven years, we have heard how the president "doesn't get it" and is in over his head, is naive, and countless other excuses.  None of this has ever been the problem.  He gets it.  He simply gets it with regard to his own agenda, his own end game.
It's the American people who continue not to get it.  The president is in bed with the enemy.  It is ironic that so many of those who are angry that the president won't say "radical Islam" themselves won't openly say that he is and always has been the patron of radical Islamists, and he protects them for that reason.  Until we admit this, and see him for what he is and what he has been doing consistently and with determination, we enable him to succeed.
The president points to his limited efforts to eradicate certain violent Muslims through drone strikes and minimal military operations, as if this proves he is "one of us" and is working to protect the United States.  Muslims attack other Muslims all the time, but they are all still Muslims.  If the president chooses to assist certain factions he favors against certain others, this is hardly being done to protect the United States.  If that were his objective, he wouldn't be freeing a significant number of homicidal Muslims as well, who are back on the job killing Americans.  He is barely lifting a finger militarily or internationally, regardless of what he says.
However, he is moving heaven and earth domestically, where the actual invasion and conquest is actively going on.  People who recognize that we have seen increasing levels of terroristic violence across the country committed in the name of Islam by its perpetrators want the president to name the threat for the simple reason that his failure to do so, when viewed with all the other things he has done to protect and promote Islamists to weaken our military, our national government, and our security, tells them that he is in league with them and that he will not betray them while he repeatedly betrays us.  He refuses to identify them because he is their strongest supporter and their most steadfast protector.  His unwillingness to admit that there is any Islamic component at all to the terror, even when the terrorists say it happily, tells us that he is willfully misdirecting us from the truth, even when that ensures that more Americans will die.
Throughout this week, we have seen news reports of FBI analysts, whose work was to connect the dots, having their files erased of all Muslim suspects who were actively plotting against us.  We have heard of how the FBI's hands were tied, and the new rules required that they drop their surveillance of Muslim suspects against whom concrete evidence had not yet been found and how those suspects went on to commit mass murder, including this week in Orlando.  We have heard how employers and neighbors of Muslims who engaged in terrorism here were afraid of saying anything against the terrorists because they were Muslim, including both Orlando and San Bernardino.  Our government has vowed to punish those who express legitimate fears about Muslims behaving suspiciously, which the government deems Islamophobia rather than domestic or national security.  That is, our government has vowed to punish Americans who have the audacity to object to their own destruction.  How would any of this be different if we had an openly Muslim president and a pro-Muslim, pro-sharia government?
None of this is new, and it continues to be the policy of this administration right up to the last couple of days, when the Department of Homeland Security has come out with new prohibitions on words that might offend those who most want to destroy this country.  Words like "jihad" and "sharia" are banned by government fascists who control speech and thought.  There was a simultaneous story this week about a 25-year-old Syrian immigrant, Laila Alawa, who is one of 15  members of the Homeland Security Advisory Council Subcommittee on Countering Violent Extremism and who is rabidly anti-American and an anti-white racist.  She seems fine with Islamic violent extremism, declaring that 9/11 changed the world for good.  It is the committee on which she serves that advocated censoring those words that might offend Muslims. 
Those who work within this administration to harm the United States in the name of Islam have been serving at the president's pleasure, or with his blessing.  If that were not true, he would purge the government of all such anti-American and pro-Islamist enemies of the country.  He doesn't.  Their numbers grow steadily.  This is his administration.  These are his surrogates.  They are the vehicle by which his policies, his goals, and his beliefs are being put into effect.  He is one of them.  There is no other explanation for them populating our government at every level, but particularly the highest ones.  Those who most vehemently represent the president's views are rewarded with the opportunity to destroy this country from within, along with complete immunity from punishment or retribution for expressing their desire to do just that.
Naturally, an armed citizenry is a substantial obstacle to our overthrow.  It is for this president and his party members a rather happy coincidence, therefore, that we have just experienced both an Islamic victory on our soil, about which the president has vowed to do absolutely nothing, and the use of a gun, about which the president has vowed to do everything in his power.  It is at times like this that his priorities and goals converge and are laid open to be seen unmistakably.  Americans must pay the price for what was done to them.  It is our rights, but not those of the invaders and traitors, that must be slashed. 
It's time we admit the obvious.  Radical Islam isn't radical to this president.  It's simply a means to an end.  Our end.

According to the Centers for Immigration Studies, April '11, at least 70% of Mexican illegal alien families receive some type of welfare in the US!!!


....CA already pays out $22 billion on the state
level alone, with counties paying out more for
MEXICAN WELFARE. Los Angeles pays out
$600 million per year in welfare to illegals,
primarily for Mexico's ANCHOR BABY
We’ve got an even more ominous enemy within our borders that promotes “Reconquista of Aztlan” or the reconquest of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas into the country of Mexico.
“While the Obama Administration downplays violence along the U.S.-Mexico border, authorities in Texas reveal that Mexican  have transformed parts of the state into a war zone where shootings, beheadings, kidnappings and murders are common.


They Destroyed Our Country

“They knew Obama was an unqualified crook; yet they promoted him. They knew Obama was a train wreck waiting to happen; yet they made him president, to the great injury of America and the world. They understood he was only a figurehead, an egomaniac, and a liar; yet they made him king, doing great harm to our republic (perhaps irreparable.)”
more at this link

…ever hear of a billionaire that didn’t want OBAMA’S AMNESTY HOAX for  open borders, depressed wages and NO E-VERIFY???

On fifth anniversary of Wall Street crash, Obama tries the Big Lie technique

17 September 2013
On Monday, US President Barack Obama marked the fifth anniversary of the Wall Street crash of September 15, 2008 with a White House speech that only underscored the unbridgeable chasm that separates the entire political establishment from the broad mass of working people.






Documents obtained by  the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) show that the Obama administration "misrepresented" the number of serious crimes committed by illegal aliens released by ICE. In fact, the number of crim...

40% of Federal Criminal Cases in 2013 Were in
Districts on Mexican Border

We’ve got an even more ominous enemy within our borders that 

promotes “Reconquista of Aztlan” or the reconquest of California, 

Arizona, New Mexico and Texas into the country of Mexico. 







No, Mr. President -- You Are Not Who We Are

Using the royal “we”, the president indicates his displeasure with the U.S. for failing to live up to his vision of how “we” should be with the phrase, “That is not who we are.” No, Mr. President. It is not so much that that is not who we are as that you are not who we are.
It was 2007 and the Democratic candidates all had their hands over their hearts while the "National Anthem" was being played -- but not Obama. That should have told the whole story then and there. But that was unthinkable -- just a glitch for a man of superior intellect and vision preoccupied with bringing the U.S. up to speed with the real issues facing the world -- from climate change to economic justice for all -- where “all” means all the nations and peoples of the world. For Obama the U.S. presidency is a platform for his world leadership and by now it should be apparent to all that, if anything, Obama pledges allegiance to the UN and his job is to bring the U.S. into line with the UN world perspective. Hisapology tours reveal that he sees provincial U.S. nationalism as an embarrassment to his position as a world leader and statesman. The president is a World Statesman and if that means sacrificing shortsighted U.S. interests, so be it. For Obama, his stature as a world leader is more important than merely being president of the U.S. and being concerned with narrow U.S. interests. No, Mr. President. Most Americans want a president who will put America’s interests first.
Obama doesn't really see himself as President of the United States, but more as a ruler over the world. He sees himself above it all, trying to orchestrate & coordinate various countries and their agendas. -- Charles Krauthammer
There is a difference between open opportunity for both sexes and peddling feminization of males and masculinization of females -- giving dolls to little boys and hammers to little girls. Trying to obliterate differences between male sexuality and female sexuality -- the “pajama boy” initiative -- seems to be theunder-the-table initiative that our suave, epicene president is subtly pushing in K-12. In our own best interest of course. No, Mr. President, Most Americans don’t see twisting sexuality as being a healthy way to raise their children.
When it comes to Islam, our president shows all the characteristics of the “battered wife syndrome”. No matter how badly treated by her husband, the battered wife knows that he really loves her -- that the brutish behavior of her husband is not really him. No, Mr. President -- most Americans try to be realists despite the feigned dismay displayed by Muslim leaders regarding terror committed in the name of Allah. They see the reports and pictures of the Muslim faithful railing against the West. They see the devastation wreaked by suicide numbers. They learn that striving for world domination is the ultimate duty of all Muslims. They see what is going on instead of falling for word magic and wishful thinking. If the president doesn’t conjoin the words “Islam” and “terror” it will not exist? And conversely if he does then poof it will come to be? No, Mr. President. Most Americans don’t believe in your Voodoo (Islamic) Terrorist Security policy. 
Most Americans know when enough is enough. Using the U.S. as the safety valve for the failed social policies of any country in the world only delays reform of the oppressive misguided regimes that have brought their countries to disaster. From Cuba to Venezuela, using the U.S. to export their disaffected population only perpetuates the regimes in question. Moreover, despite clever Pew research which chops up the question of cutting back on immigration into so many subquestions that there seems no consensus, most Americans believe that the age of immigration is over. What once was a good thing has inflicted immense harm on the middle class and the black population in particular. Civilization no longer requires population density and the entire world is already overpopulated -- something the greenheads and climate alarmists disingenuously refuse to confront. No, Mr. President. Most Americans do not believe in open borders and favoring Muslim immigration.
A recent poll shows that a plurality Americans see Obama as the worst president since WWII. Hopefully, the next president will get it right. No, Mr. president, contrary to your World Statesman narcissistic fantasy, most Americans believe what is good for the U.S. is good for the world.

A NATION SURRENDERS ITS BORDERS TO NARCOMEX: Poverty has become more concentrated under Obama

Poverty has become more concentrated under Obama

Poverty has become more concentrated under Obama

By Nancy Hanover
2 May 2016
Under the Obama administration, more Americans have found themselves consigned to economic ghettos, living in neighborhoods where more than 40 percent subsist below the poverty level. Millions more now live in “high poverty” districts of 20-40 percent poverty, according to recently released report by the Brookings Institution.
All in all, more than half of the nation’s poor are now concentrated in these high-poverty neighborhoods. This means that on top of the difficult daily struggle to make ends meet, they face a raft of additional crushing barriers because of where they live.
The Brookings’ Metropolitan Policy Program report, “Concentrated poverty continues to grow post recession,” is authored by Elizabeth Kneebone and Natalie Holmes and scrutinizes this unprecedented shift in the aftermath of the 2008 financial meltdown.
The report, based on an analysis of US census tracts, shows that concentrations of poverty have grown under the Obama administration in all geography types: large metropolitan areas, small cities and rural areas. In fact, the number of poor people living in concentrated poverty in suburbs grew nearly twice as fast as in cities, putting paid to the myth of affluence or even stability in America’s suburbs.
The growth of social and economic distress within large parts of the US is demonstrated by the statistics. Pockets of high poverty exist in virtually every part of the country, including adjacent to the nation’s wealthiest neighborhoods. Since 2000, according to the report, the total number of poor people living in high-poverty neighborhoods has doubled to 14 million Americans. This is five million more than prior to the Great Recession.
Referring to the “double burden” facing the poor when they live in high-poverty neighborhoods, Kneebone and Holmes say, “Residents of poor neighborhoods face higher crime rates and exhibit poorer physical and mental health outcomes. They tend to go to poor-performing neighborhood schools with higher dropout rates. Their job-seeking networks tend to be weaker and they face higher levels of financial insecurity.”
These effects are clearly discernible once a neighborhood’s poverty rate exceeds 20 percent, the report explains. During the study period, between 2005-09 and 2010-14, the number of such high poverty neighborhoods grew by more than 4,300.

Across many demographics: City and suburb, black and white

Suburbs accounted for one-third of the newly high-poverty neighborhoods, a higher share than cities, rural or small metro areas. The share of poor black and Hispanic suburban residents climbed by 10 percent while poor white residents climbed by eight percent, almost as much.
The palpable effects of the auto industry restructuring, with the Obama administration’s stipulation of a 50 percent cut in wages for new autoworkers, is demonstrated in the growth of poverty in the sprawling auto-dominated Detroit region. Out of metro Detroiters living in poverty, 58 percent now reside in suburban districts, according to a survey by Oakland County Lighthouse.
A recent and similar demographic study by the Century Foundation states that the six-county region has the highest concentration of poverty among the top 25 metro areas in the US by population. This represents 32 percent of the poor living in concentrated tracts.
There has been a staggering growth of poor neighborhoods in and around Detroit, Kneebone told the Detroit Free Press, adding that the number “grew almost fivefold between 2000 and 2010-14.” Detroit now has an official poverty rate of 39 percent, the highest in the US among cities with more than 300,000 residents.
“Sadly this report reinforces what we have been seeing year after year in Detroit and across Michigan.” Gilda Jacobs, of the Michigan League for Public Policy told the World Socialist Web Site. “Poverty is too high, and where people—especially kids—live has a direct and significant impact on their economic standing, health and other outcomes.”

From the Rust Belt to the Sun Belt

Detroit, however, is just the most concentrated expression of the national trend. “Among the nation’s largest metro areas, two-thirds (67 percent) saw concentrated poverty grow between 2005-09 and 2010-14,” the Brookings study found. The authors note that some of the “largest upticks included a number of Sun Belt metro areas hit hard by the collapse of the housing market—like Fresno, Bakersfield and Stockton in California and Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona—and older industrial areas in the Midwest and northeast—like Indianapolis, Buffalo, and Syracuse.”
Eight metro areas now show concentrated poverty over 30 percent: Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis, Wisconsin (30.1 percent); Memphis, Tennessee (31.1 percent); Bakersfield, California (31.7 percent); Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, Michigan (32 percent); Syracuse, New York (32.4 percent); Toledo, Ohio (34.9 percent); Fresno, California (43.8 percent); and McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas (52.3 percent).
As the WSWS has previously reported, all job growth over the last decade has been “temp” or contingency employment, traditionally the lowest wage levels of any job and paying no benefits. This loss of hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs has impacted communities throughout the US. Concentrated poverty in suburbs has jumped 2.4 points in the wake of the recession, to a record high of 7.1 percent.

What is the “double burden” of concentrated poverty?

In her remarks to the WSWS, Gilda Jacobs elaborated on the double burden of concentrated poverty: “So many detrimental factors come with living in high-poverty neighborhoods. There are no viable jobs, public transportation, childcare, or grocery stores. Crime rates are high, there’s blight and abandoned buildings, and the health risks of lead exposure and asthma. Even Detroit’s public schools are unhealthy and even dangerous.
“This is what Detroit kids and other low-income children are dealing with every day, and what they have to try to overcome in improving their futures. These living and learning conditions are all connected, and harm kids’ development and learning, their academic outcomes and their future job prospects. It is called toxic stress when kids are under constant strain. This study reiterates that so many factors affecting poverty are external and environmental, making them nearly impossible to defeat alone,” she stressed.
A series of studies [including George Galster’s “The Mechanism(s) of Neighborhood Effects Theory, Evidence, and Policy Implications” and others] have documented how poor neighborhoods undermine even the most determined individual efforts to escape poverty.
Taken together, these studies demonstrate how the escalating growth of poverty concentration exacts an ever-higher toll on American society, affecting many aspects of life and particularly destroying the potential of the next generation.
*Education. High-poverty neighborhoods exert “downward pressure” on school quality. Data from the Stanford Data Archive has recently shown a staggering effect upon child learning capacities of attending impoverished school districts. Utilizing 215 million state accountability test scores, the study showed that “Children in districts with the highest concentrations of poverty score an average of more than four grade levels below children in the richest districts [emphasis added].”
*Violence. Exposure to violence has reached epidemic proportions for low-income youth, particularly among minorities. Parental stress over neighborhood violence is a substantial factor motivating families to move—when they can—from high-poverty neighborhoods, compounded by fears of negative peer influences upon their children. Youth and adults who have been exposed to violence as witnesses or victims suffer increased stress and documented declines in mental health.
*Toxic exposures. Poor areas are chronically associated with higher concentrations of air-, water- and soil-borne pollutants. Lead poisoning is most often associated with older housing stock. Researchers have demonstrated that depression, asthma, diabetes and heart ailments are correlated with living in high-poverty neighborhoods. Additionally, individuals in poor neighborhoods often receive inferior health care and reduced government services.
* Other effects of physical decay . The inability to exercise outdoors is a known factor in the rise of obesity, especially among children. High levels of noise pollution produce stress, and prolonged exposure to run-down surroundings can lead to hopelessness.
*The poor pay more. Prices in poor neighborhoods are notoriously higher and the goods of poorer quality than those in better-off areas. Food and health-care “deserts” are common. The costs of home and car insurance are usually substantially higher.
*Lack of social cohesion. Disorder and lack of social cohesion are associated with both crime and mental distress. Children who live without a cohesive neighborhood network are more likely to have behavioral problems and have lower verbal skills. Those in areas of concentrated poverty are typically more isolated within their households and have fewer educated or employed friends and neighbors. Low levels of employment in distressed neighborhoods also destroy the informal networks crucial for workers to find good jobs.


“I estimate that enforcing the law and deporting all illegals would raise real low-skill wages by about 20% to 40% within 6 years, providing immediate relief to the oppressed low-skill citizens of our country.  (See my notes.)  Allowing in more high-skill people and few low-skill people would have long-term benefits that would eventually tower over this short-term benefit.  A more skilled population would increase the historical trend of economic growth in this country.  We might even become the richest per capita country in the world.

getting worse!

Report: Released Criminal Aliens Committed Nearly 10 Times More Crimes Than Obama Admin. Told Congress

criminal illegal aliens AP
by CAROLINE MAY21 Jun 2016630
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The Obama Administration “grossly misrepresented” the number of crimes the criminal aliens it released from custody in FY 2014 subsequently committed by nearly tenfold, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) charges.
According to FAIR, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) records the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FIOA) request on FAIR’s behalf reveal that the 30,558 criminal aliens ICE released in FY 2014 committed 13,288 additional crimes.
The number of subsequent convictions contained in FIOA documents is far higher than the 1,423 additional offenses ICE reported to the House Judiciary Committee last July.
The criminal aliens released in FY 2014 who went on to commit those additional crimes had convictions for offenses like homicide, kidnapping, assault, sexual assault, and drunk driving. The new crimes, according to ICE’s report to Congress, included vehicular homicide, domestic violence, sexual assault, DUI, burglary and assault.
“Rather than end dangerous politically-driven policies that have put a total of 85,000 deportable criminal aliens back onto the streets in the last three years, ICE tried to hide them by providing grossly inaccurate information to Congress and the American people,” Dan Stein, the president of FAIR, said in statement.
In April, ICE revealed that it released an additional 19,723 criminal aliens —who had a total of 64,197 convictions among them including 101 homicide convictions, 216 kidnapping convictions, 320 sexual assault convictions, 1,728 assault convictions, and 12,307 driving under the influence of alcohol convictions — from custody in FY 2015.
In response to the FY 2015 numbers, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte warned that the Obama Administration’s immigration policies are creating “a sanctuary for tens of thousands of criminal aliens.”

“The American public has been misled by the enforcement priorities, deferred action, and executive action policies of this Administration, which categorize only certain so-called ‘serious’ criminal aliens as worthy of detention and then removal,” Goodlatte said in a statement. “Despite its rhetoric, the fact remains that the Obama Administration continues to willingly free dangerous criminal aliens, allowing them to continue to prey upon communities across the United States.”