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Watch–Ken Cuccinelli: ICE Ready to Deport Approximately 1M Illegal Aliens with Final Deportation Orders

Acting United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Ken Cuccinelli says the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is ready to deport about a million illegal aliens who remain in the country despite having final orders for deportation.

During an interview with CBS News on Sunday, Cuccinelli said despite a delay of mass deportations by President Trump two weeks ago, ICE agents are ready to detain and deport the roughly one million illegal aliens who have been ordered deported from the country.
Cuccinelli said:
[ICE agents are] ready to just perform their mission which is to go and find and detain and then deport the approximately one million people who have final removal orders. They’ve been all the way through the due process and have final removal orders. Who among those will be targeted for this particular effort or not is really just information kept within ICE. [Emphasis added]
Cuccinelli said mass deportations by ICE of illegal aliens with final deportation orders “should be going on on a rolling basis” and blamed “the politics of Washington” for interfering with ICE operations.
“I’m just pointing out that the pool of those with final removal orders is enormous,” Cuccinelli said. “It’s important to note, here we are talking about ICE doing its job as if it’s special. And really this should be going on on a rolling basis for ICE and they’ve been interfered with, effectively, and held up by the politics of Washington to a certain extent…”
Trump, last month, delayed a plan by ICE to mass deport about 2,000 illegal aliens who had final deportation orders after details of the operation were leaked to the media. Former ICE Director Thomas Homan accused Acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kevin McAleenan of leaking the plans of the ICE raid in order to halt the operation.
Though Trump gave Congress two weeks to devise a plan to close loopholes in the country’s asylum system — loopholes that have invited millions of border crossers to the U.S. over the last decade — no such plan has been crafted that would pass the House and Senate.
The latest Harvard/Harris Poll finds that a majority of Americans support Trump’s plan to mass deport illegal aliens following inaction from Congress. This includes support from more than 8-in-10 Republican voters and more than 5-in-10 swing voters.
As Breitbart News has chronicled, there are about 1.7 million illegal aliens from Central America and Mexico, alone, living in the U.S. despite already being ordered deported or having pending deportation orders. The latest federal data concludes that there are more than 925,000 illegal aliens, in total, with final deportation orders who have continued living freely in the U.S. About 20 percent of these illegal aliens have at least one criminal conviction and almost all are not in federal custody. Roughly 60 percent of these illegal aliens come from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.
John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.

Poll: Majority of Americans Want Mass Deportations of Illegal Aliens Following Congressional Inaction

The Associated Press
AP Photo/J. David Ake

A majority of Americans want mass deportations of illegal aliens if Congress fails to reach a deal this week that closes loopholes in the country’s asylum system that allow mass flows of foreign nationals to pour through the U.S.-Mexico border.

The latest Harvard/Harris poll finds that 51 percent of American voters say they support mass deportations of the 11 million to 22 million illegal aliens living in the U.S. should Congress fail to reach a deal that closes loopholes in the asylum system.
More than 8-in-10 Republican voters, as well as more than 5-in-10 swing voters, said President Trump should carry out mass deportations of illegal aliens following Congressional inaction. Nearly 9-in-10 Trump supporters said the same.
Working and middle class Americans, those earning $75,000 a year or less, support mass deportations of illegal aliens if Congress fails to act by a majority of 53 percent. A majority of Americans 35 to 49-years-old also support mass deportations following inaction from Congress.
Democrats and voters who supported failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton are the least likely of any demographic group to support mass deportations of illegal aliens.
The poll comes as Trump delayed a nationwide plan to mass deport thousands of illegal aliens who have final orders for removal. Former acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Thomas Homan accused acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kevin McAleenan of leaking the plans to mass deport illegal aliens in order to halt the operation.
Trump, at the time, said he would give Congress two weeks to strike a deal to close loopholes in the asylum system. The two-week mark comes this week and Congress has yet to announce a plan that would pass both the Democrat-controlled House and the Republican-controlled Senate.
Today, there are approximately 11 million to 22 million illegal aliens living across the U.S. The majority are concentrated in California, New York, Texas, and Florida. As Breitbart News has reported, the illegal alien population over the last decade has increased by 60,000 in Massachusetts, by 45,000 in Maryland, and by 5,000 in each North Dakota and South Dakota.
John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.

Illegal immigrants are easily able to migrate into Virginia and other states because Congress does not provide border agencies with the legal authority, funds, and resources to catch, jail, and deter migrants, or to jail the many employers who hire hard-working, compliant, low-wage illegal aliens who live in the United States.

Report: Cops Arrest 80 at Mexican-Run Cockfight in Virginia

Patrick County Sheriff's Office via Martinsville Bulletin
7 Jun 2019716

Cops arrested numerous suspected illegal aliens and drug-traffickers at an illegal cockfight in Patrick County, Virginia, according to a report in the Martinsville Bulletin.

Eighty people were arrested at the cockfight, while 40 people allegedly escaped on foot as the officers raided the site, said the Bulletin:
Patrick County Sheriff Dan Smith said in an email Sunday that more than 50 officers from multiple law enforcement agencies executed a search warrant at 435 Long Branch Road at 1245 p.m. on Saturday. Smith said the site was the venue, and had been on multiple past occasions, for illegal cockfighting.
Evidence collected during the investigation shows that the operation is Mexican-based, and participants from as far as Texas and Georgia allegedly traveled to engage in the illegal activity, according to Smith. Cock fighting is classified as a felony under Virginia law.
Cash, methamphetamine, firearms, multiple-edged weapons and assorted property, including vehicles, were seized from the property.
The article provides the name of the 80 arrested people. Nearly all have Hispanic names and live in nearby North Carolina. The cockfight was arranged by a Mexican-run operation, the article says.
Police reports say Mexican drug gangs use low-level couriers to distribute small quantities of drugs to rural customers, like pizza delivery services deliver pizzas.
The couriers are often illegal migrants who minimize their legal risks by transporting small quantities of drugs. If caught, they are usually returned to Mexican by the United States and sometimes get back pay from the drug rings.
The same business model was spotlighted in March when a federal grand jury indicted 12 alleged gang members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel for distributing and selling drugs.
The Department of Justice press release said:
Harrisonburg, VIRGINIA – A federal grand jury sitting in U.S. District Court in Harrisonburg has indicted 12 members of Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), a Mexican-based criminal organization considered by the Department of Justice to be one of the five most dangerous transnational organizations in the world, on federal drug conspiracy charges, United States Attorney Thomas T. Cullen announced today.
“CJNG is one of the most dangerous drug cartels in the world, and its members and associates are actively operating in the Shenandoah Valley and Southside Virginia,” United States Attorney Cullen stated today. “Dismantling organized drug activity and staunching the flow of deadly substances like heroin and cocaine into our communities are among my top priorities as U.S. attorney.  I am grateful that our federal, state, and local partners share this goal and for their hard work during the course of this investigation.”
As part of the conspiracy, it is alleged that the defendants maintained a series of residential properties in and around Axton for the purpose of receiving, storing, packaging, and distributing multiple kilograms of cocaine and multiple pounds of marijuana which they had received directly from members of CJNG. These drugs were then allegedly shipped to Winchester, and elsewhere throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, for redistribution.
Illegal immigrants are easily able to migrate into Virginia and other states because Congress does not provide border agencies with the legal authority, funds, and resources to catch, jail, and deter migrants, or to jail the many employers who hire hard-working, compliant, low-wage illegal aliens who live in the United States.






Pew Research: Vast Majority of Illegals, 4-in-9 Legal Immigrants, Not English Proficient

Associated Press
 28 May 2019539

The vast majority of illegal aliens and a sizeable portion of legal immigrants living in the United States are not proficient in the English language, a survey finds.

A Pew Research Center study finds that an overwhelming majority of the 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the U.S. do not define themselves as being proficient in English. Despite a slight uptick in the number of illegal aliens who claim they are English proficient, still only about 34 percent said they are proficient in English.
Likewise, only about 57 percent of legal immigrants — that is, legal foreign-born residents whom the federal government has admitted to the country — are proficient in English, according to the Pew Research study.
Illegal aliens arriving to the U.S. from Mexico, Northern Triangle countries, and other parts of Latin America have exceptionally low English proficiency rates. For example, only about 25 percent of illegal aliens from Mexico said they were English proficient.
Similarly, only 22 percent of illegal aliens from the Northern Triangle said they were proficient in English, as well a minority of 43 percent of illegal aliens from other Latin American countries.
Overall, Pew Research estimates that only about 3.4 million illegal aliens of the entire illegal alien population said they were English proficient.
As Breitbart News has chronicled, foreign language-speakers have increasingly made up the U.S. population, forcing Americans to adapt in their day-to-day lives and work environment to non-English atmospheres.
For example, nearly half of all residents in the country’s biggest cities speak a foreign language at home, according to research by the Center for Immigration Studies.
Every year, a new flow of illegal aliens either cross the U.S.-Mexico border or overstay their visas and compete against the majority of working and middle class Americans for oftentimes entry-level and generally lower wage jobs. Americans are not only subjected to this illegal labor market competition but also must compete against an additional 1.2 million legal immigrants who are admitted to the U.S. annually.
John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder


Coulter: U.S. Isn’t Becoming Europe. We’re Becoming Rome

22 May 20192,196

Can we have a quick reality check and acknowledge that what is happening to America is a million times worse than what’s happening in Europe and is of much greater consequence?

Conservatives regularly point to the mass migration afflicting Europe as if it’s the Ghost of Christmas Future for America. Since waves of Third World migrants began sweeping into the European Union, we’ve seen terrorism, knifings, rape gangs and riots popping up all over the birthplace of Western civilization. Sweden has gone from a country where rape was essentially nonexistent to the Rape Capital of the World.

It’s sweet of Americans to be so concerned about Europe, but maybe they should look at their own country. On account of a mass immigration policy imposed on us by our government, the United States has undergone a transformation 
unprecedented in all of world history.

From 1620 to 1970, the U.S. was 
demographically stable — not to be confused with “a nation of immigrants.” The country was about 85% to 90% white, almost entirely British, German, French and Dutch, and 10% to 15% African American. (The American Indian population, technically in their own nations, steadily plummeted — an example of how vast numbers of new people can displace the old, both accidentally and on purpose.)

In a generation, the white majority has nearly disappeared, while the black percentage has remained about the same, with more than 90% of African Americans still native-born. White Americans are one border surge away from becoming a minority in their own country.
In 2016, non-Hispanic whites were 61.3% of the population and 54% of all births. That was two years ago, before Trump came in and flung open the border to all of Latin America, especially children and pregnant ladies hoping to have an anchor baby.

Back in 1995, the Census Bureau estimated that whites would decline to about 64% of the population by 2020. Today, the Census Bureau projects the nation will be less than 60% white by then. We’re moving faster than even La Raza could have hoped!

This isn’t about race — though it might be of some concern to the rapidly diminishing white population that our cultural overlords are so tormented by “whiteness.”


“The Unbearable Whiteness of Congress” — The Daily Beast

“Whiteness is terrorism” — Trinity College professor Johnny Eric Williams on Twitter

“The Problem of Whiteness” — course at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Abolish the White Race” — Harvard Magazine (“The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists.”)

This stunning demographic replacement matters because American culture is the 
envy of the world. Not only was this wonderful culture created by white Western Europeans, but merely asking immigrants to assimilate to it is generally considered a hate crime.

If everyone assimilated to our culture, who cares what race they are? But given sufficient numbers, they don’t. They don’t need to, and we certainly aren’t asking them to. The reason we successfully assimilated not-so-different European cultures was that we controlled the numbers — essentially stopping immigration for 50 years while we forged an American character.

Let’s compare our demographic situation to the European countries we’re weeping over. France is still about 80% French (85% Western European), and England is about 80% English (85% Western European). Even Holland is still approximately 76% Dutch (80% Western European).

What we’re witnessing in Europe is that continent’s first brush with the joys of diversity.

American conservatives’ obsession with Europe’s snail-like introduction to diversity, while ignoring a demographic tsunami in their own country, is the mirror image of neoconservatives’ fixation on unrest in the Middle East, while ignoring the invasion on our border.

When did it become deplorable, Walmart-y behavior to care about your own country? Not to care more, but merely to care as much as you do about the rest of the world?

It seems as if progress is inevitable, that things always get better and never retrogress. But the Roman Empire had philosophers, literature, science, great buildings, statues and works of art. It had advanced communication, plumbing and transportation systems. It had a universal set of measures, laws and rules.

And then the Dark Ages came. In the blink of an eye, all that was lost. The people no longer had the technological know-how even to repair bridges and aqueducts built by the Romans. They had lost the ability to make cement. They lost many of the works of Aristotle. Roads and plumbing fell into disrepair. Statues crumbled. Nikki Haley would be happy!

Only centuries later did civilization begin to reassert itself, barely climbing back to the accomplishments of several centuries earlier.

Whatever the causes of the fall of the Roman Empire, one thing is for damn sure: There were not vast bands of powerful Romans prattling about “Roman privilege,” demanding that the Huns be given preference over Romans and writing articles with titles like “Abolish the Romans!”

That is the driving impulse of one of our two major political parties. The 
other party can’t bestir itself to care about anything other than tax cuts, abortion and moving our embassy to Jerusalem. 

Mass Immigration Poses An Existential Crisis For The West

Source: AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza
America needs well-enforced borders but President Donald Trump’s national “emergency” is part of a much larger crisis facing Western nations.

State entropy, widespread violence and economic desperation, prevalent in many parts of Central and South America, the Middle East and Africa, are driving millions north—mostly to America and the European Union. The sheer potential numbers could pose overwhelming challenges of assimilation and undermine the cultural underpinnings of our market economies and democratic institutions.
The recent sharp increase in Border Patrol apprehensions of illegal migrants and asylum seekers has exhausted U.S. recourses to detain those awaiting adjudication. Within several weeks of apprehension, they join 11 million immigrantswithout permanent legal status—driving down wages for lower-paid Americans and overwhelming local cultures in some of the nation’s poorest communities.
Sophisticated technologies—cameras, drones and the like—are more cost efficient than a wall, but only a wall could keep migrants from setting foot on American soil and being released into the general population.
Most asylum claims are questionable. Mexico offers migrants humanitarian visas and the opportunity to work, but politically motivated judges have squashed administration attempts to limit asylum claims.
Sadly, federal courts led by Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts have become quite comfortable arrogating power in response to public sentiment—for example, striking down state statutes prohibiting gay marriage—and acceding to political pressure from Democrats—the peculiar reasoning Roberts applied to declare Affordable Care Act fines are taxes.
Presidential claims about “Obama Judges” and “Trump Judges” have some merit but in any case, Trump’s immigration point man, Stephen Miller, has not done the homework to effectively argue that a national emergency exists.
Trump charges the illegal flood is full of criminals, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, always a comforting presence, counters that Americans commit rape, robbery and homicide too. What matters is whether poor immigrants commit crimes at an alarming higher rate that our indigenous population.
Since 2015, Germany has admitted over 1.4 million asylum seekers—about 2% of its population, and they commit about 14% of the crimes. Surely, the FBI could help Miller to come up with comparable U.S. statistics. Then we could get at the truth—or he has but the administration is not willing to back off on its crime claims.
Polls show most Americans don’t support the wall and believe legal immigration is good for the economy and our culture, and no one has a finger on the pulse of voters like Pelosi, except perhaps Roberts.
The 1976 National Emergency Act empowers a majority in the Congress to nullify presidential declarations. However, with the GOP holding the Senate, lawsuits will decide whether the president can supplement the $1.4 billion authorized by Congress to build 55 miles of border fence by transferring Department of Defense funds to instead build 234 miles of fence.
The NEA does not define a national emergency. Instead that is spread over at least 470 statutory provisions. One states “the Secretary of Defense can ‘undertake military construction projects … necessary to support such use of the armed forces.’”
As Justice Robert Jackson reminded in Youngstown v. Sawyer (1952), which overturned President Harry Truman’s nationalization of the steel industry to support the Korean War effort, presidential discretion is at its peak when it acts with the support of Congress and “at its lowest ebb” when it is “incompatible with the expressed or implied will of Congress.”
When the Republicans controlled Congress, Trump could not get his wall built, and he campaigned on the issue in 2018 and got shellacked. Now congressional House Democrats have decided there is no pressing need for a wall.
The president recognizes he will get pilloried in the lower courts but expects a fair hearing in the Supreme Court. He should ponder Roberts’s ire regarding his charges about the politicization of the courts—sometimes being right is not enough.
For Americans living in large prosperous cities, the influx of well-educated legal immigrants, especially in STEM disciplines, are welcome, but many illegal immigrants become burdens in the labor markets and on public services in Trump country.
If Trump fails to get his wall, the crisis at the border could easily become a mass migration that imposes incalculable burdens on those Americans least able to bear them.




Gaffney: 'You Can't Assimilate Vast Numbers of People Who Don’t Want to be Part' of U.S.A.

By Michael W. Chapman | March 22, 2019 | 11:56 AM EDT
Frank Gaffney. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
During a discussion about the need for immigrants to assimilate into American society and the spectre of sharia (Islamic law) in U.S. communities, Center for Security Policy Chairman Frank Gaffney said it is imperative to keep in mind "that you cannot assimilate vast numbers of people who simply don’t want to be part of your society." Gaffney, a former assistant secretary for Defense in the Reagan administration, added that Judge Jeanine Pirro is being suppressed because she dared to ask a question about the origins of the anti-Israel views expressed by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.).
When asked about assimilation during a March 20 interview on Breitbart News Daily, Gaffney said to host Alex Marlow, This topic "reminds me of the old story that conservatives are liberals who’ve been mugged by reality, and the thing you're describing, Alex, is being mugged by the reality that you cannot assimilate vast numbers of people who simply don’t want to be part of your society."
"They want to transform it into something very different and ultimately, at some point, you either resist or you submit," he said. "Submission is going to be pretty ugly, and it’s happening in parts of Europe already, and there’s more in the offing, I’m afraid. [Garbled] This rising tide of sharia supremacism, it’s chilling.”
He continued, "The trouble is, it’s not simply a problem in its own right, it’s a foretaste of what the Ilhan Omars and the Keith Ellisons and the AndrĂ© Carsons, Rashida Tlaibs, and so on, would have in mind for America, too, if they had their way. This is the really vexing problem of our time.”
“Again, not all Muslims want to live under sharia," said Gaffney.  "They don’t want to impose it on the rest of us. But enough of them do and the authorities of the [Islamic] faith certainly do."
As for Judge Jeanine Pirro, whose program on the Fox News Channel has been suspended for a second week, Gaffney said, "Jeanine Pirro, who is a friend of mine and much-admired former public servant and now, extraordinary resource, on her program, Justice w/Judge Jeanine, was suspended last week and may be again this week, and maybe – who knows – indefinitely."

Jeanine Pirro.  (Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)
“The faux-Fox [News Channel] is suppressing Jeanine Pirro explicitly – as you know, Alex – because she dared, even in a question, to connect the dots between what Ilhan Omar is doing with anti-Semitism, on the one hand, and the traditions, teachings, and practices of sharia, as we’ve come to know it," said Gaffney.
On her March 9 program, Jeanine Pirro said, “This is not who your party is" in reference to the Democrat Party. “Your party is not anti-Israel, [Omar] is. Think about this. She’s not getting this anti-Israel sentiment doctrine from the Democrat Party. So if it’s not rooted in the party, where is she getting it from? Think about it. Omar wears a hijab, which according to the Quran 33:59, tells women to cover so they won’t get molested."
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.)  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
“Is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to sharia law, which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution?” said Pirro.
Comments and tweets made by Rep. Omar have been condemned by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as "anti-Semitic" and "deeply offensive."  

MULTI-CULTURALISM and the creation of a one-party globalist country to serve the rich in America’s open borders.

“Open border advocates, such as Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, claim illegal aliens are a net benefit to California with little evidence to support such an assertion. As the CIS has documented, the vast majority of illegals are poor, uneducated, and with few skills. How does accepting millions of illegal aliens and then granting them access to dozens of welfare programs benefit California’s economy? If illegals were contributing to the economy in any meaningful way, CA, with its 2.6 million illegals, would be booming.” STEVE BALDWIN – AMERICAN SPECTATOR


What will America stand for in 2050?

The US should think long and hard about the high number of Latino immigrants.

By Lawrence Harrison

It's not just a short-run issue of immigrants competing with citizens for jobs as unemployment approaches 10 percent or the number of uninsured straining the quality of healthcare. Heavy immigration from Latin America threatens our cohesiveness as a nation.


By Tom Barrett 
At the current rate of invasion (mostly through Mexico, but also through Canada) the United States will be completely over run with illegal aliens by the year 2025. I’m not talking about legal immigrants who follow US law to become citizens. In less than 20 years, if we do not stop the invasion, ILLEGAL aliens and their offspring will be the dominant population in the United States. 



Open the floodgates of our welfare state to the uneducated, impoverished, and unskilled masses of the world and in a generation or three America, as we know it, will be gone. JOHN BINDER

But many less-skilled migrants play their largest role by simply shifting small slices of wealth from person to person, for example, by competing up rents in their neighborhood or by competing down wages in their workplace. The crudest examples can be seen in agriculture.

Overall, the Washington-imposed economic policy of economic growth via immigration shifts wealth from young people towards older people by flooding the market with cheap white-collar and blue-collar foreign labor.

"Critics argue that giving amnesty to 12 to 30 million illegal aliens in the U.S. would have an immediate negative impact on America’s working and middle class — specifically black Americans and the white working class — who would be in direct competition for blue-collar jobs with the largely low-skilled illegal alien population." JOHN BINDER 

The U.S.-born baby is, of course, a U.S. citizen, whose illegal alien parents are eligible to receive, on the baby’s behalf, food stamps, nutrition from the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program, and numerous tax benefits, including the EITC.
Most importantly, the newborn is deportation insurance for its parents. Illegal aliens facing deportation can argue that to deport one or more parents would create an “extreme hardship” for the new baby. If an immigration officer agrees, we’ve added a new adult to the nation’s population. At age 21 the former birthright citizen baby can formally apply for green cards for parents and siblings, and they, in turn, can start their own immigration chains.


US now has more Spanish speakers than Spain – only Mexico has more


·         US has 41 million native speakers plus 11 million who are bilingual
·         New Mexico, California, Texas and Arizona have highest concentrations


DYING AMERICA: Poverty, Open Borders, Widespread Homelessness, Housing Crisis, Opioids, Corrupt Politicians and Then Suicide!

"In a state like Florida, where immigrants make up about 25.4 percent of the labor force, American workers have their weekly wages reduced by perhaps more than 12.5 percent. In California, where immigrants make up 34 percent of the labor force, American workers’ weekly wages are reduced by potentially 17 percent." JOHN BINDER
"In the last decade alone, the U.S. admitted ten million legal immigrants, forcing American workers to compete against a growing population of low-wage foreign workers. Meanwhile, if legal immigration continues, there will be 69 million foreign-born residents living in the U.S. by 2060. This would represent an unprecedented electoral gain for the Left, as Democrats win about 90 percent of congressional districts where the foreign-born population exceeds the national average."

Atlantic Op-Ed: The Migration Wave Has Barely Begun

File Photo: John Moore/Getty
  11 Mar 201926

Americans need to reform their immigration laws before hundreds of millions of foreigners decide to take up residence in the United States, says David Frum, an author at the pro-globalist Atlantic magazine.

“If Americans want to shape their own national destiny, rather than have it shaped by others, they have decisions to make now,” says Frum, a Canadian-born Never Trump advocate who is also a consistent voice for the immigration reforms which would help young Americans rejuvenate American society.
Frum writes:
With immigration pressures bound to increase, it becomes more imperative than ever to restore the high value of national citizenship, not to denigrate or disparage others but because for many of your fellow citizens—perhaps less affluent, educated, and successful than you—the claim “I am a U.S. citizen” is the only claim they have to any resources or protection. Without immigration restrictions, there are no national borders. Without national borders, there are no nation-states. Without nation-states, there are no electorates. Without electorates, there is no democracy. If liberals insist that only fascists will enforce borders, then voters will hire fascists to do the job liberals refuse to do.
Americans are entitled to consider carefully whom they will number among themselves. They would be irresponsible not to consider this carefully—because all of these expensive commitments must be built on a deep agreement that all who live inside the borders of the United States count as “ourselves.” The years of slow immigration, 1915 to 1975, were also years in which the United States became a more cohesive nation: the years of the civil-rights revolution, the building of a mass middle class, the construction of a national social-insurance system, the projection of U.S. power in two world wars. As immigration has accelerated, the country seems to have splintered apart.
Many Americans feel that the country is falling short of its promises of equal opportunity and equal respect. Levels of immigration that are too high only enhance the difficulty of living up to those promises. Reducing immigration, and selecting immigrants more carefully, will enable the country to more quickly and successfully absorb the people who come here, and to ensure equality of opportunity to both the newly arrived and the long-settled—to restore to Americans the feeling of belonging to one united nation, responsible for the care and flourishing of all its people.
Frum’s article was written before homeland security chief Kirstjen Nielsen said March 6 that 900,000 migrants may cross the southern border this year. That is one migrant for every four Americans who will be born in 2019.
However, Frum’s task of persuasion is difficult because there are enormous social and professional pressure on his college-educated readers to go along with the cheap-labor immigration policies which are moving income and wealth from young employees up to older CEOs and investors
In Frum’s urban, college graduate, Internet surveillance environment, young people get exiled from their jobs when they notice that their wages are being shrunk, their rents are being inflated, and their politics are being poisoned by Wall Street’s use of immigration to stimulate corporate and stock growth.
Amid the threat of economic and social ostracism, few young graduates have the nerve and economic security to apply the law of supply and demand to the labor market, or to object as their jobs and hoped-for careers are quietly allocated to people who will rationally work for Spaghetti-Os and citizenship.

Immigration to America Is Not What It Used to Be

Speaking at a naturalization ceremony in Texas on March 18, former President George W. Bush said immigration to America “is a blessing and a strength.” He also said that “borders need to be respected,” and praised the work of border patrol agents, but that’s not what the media seized upon.
The Washington Post inserted “blessing and strength” into the lead of its story, headlined “George W. Bush: ‘May we never forget that immigration is a blessing and a strength’,” also working into the first sentence the following dig at Donald Trump: “a message that sharply contrasts with President Trump’s rhetoric on the issue.”
CNN Politics covered the speech, making sure to note “the rhetoric and policy positions from Bush came in contrast to much of the modern Republican Party and President Donald Trump.” The BBC said, “Mr Bush’s comments were seen as an implicit rebuke to President Donald Trump’s administration.”
And on and on. CBS News: “Bush urges politicians to ‘dial down rhetoric’ on immigration.” The Boston Globe: “described immigration as ‘a blessing and a strength,’ a message that sharply contrasts with President Trump’s rhetoric on the issue.” People: “it was a soft rebuke of the prevailing anti-immigrant position of some members of the Republican Party, including President Donald Trump.”
Get it? George W. Bush has won his grim battle with history. Various photos showed him inviting dozens of new citizens up to the podium, including Muslims in headscarves, Hispanics, and Africans. Apparently including anyone of European descent would have been bad optics.
And never mind that if Bush II hadn’t bombed, invaded and occupied Iraq, the Middle East might be relatively stable today. Iraq, for all its problems, would nonetheless provide a strategic counterweight to Iran. We would have saved trillions of dollars and spared millions of lives, and additional millions of refugees would have stayed home.
What’s Really Happening
The problem with all this media-spun anti-Trump “wisdom” from Bush is simple: President Trump is right, and the spin is wrong.
It is true that America was enriched in the past by waves of new immigrants. It is true that in the past, these waves of new immigrants benefited the economy. And it is true that even now, if immigration were brought under control, reduced somewhat, and reformed so that only highly skilled immigrants with a commitment to learning English were vetted and admitted, it would again be beneficial to our economy and enrich our culture. But that’s not what’s happening.
According to, the United States “now accepts over one million legal immigrants each year, which is more than all of the other industrialized nations in the world, combined.” Additionally, according to, nearly 28 million illegal immigrants currently live in the United States.
Attempting to quantify the costs and benefits of immigration into the United States is not easy. According to a study conducted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, the cost to America taxpayers to provide illegal immigrants government funded education, health care, justice and law enforcement, public assistance, and general government services is estimated at $135 billion per year. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, “63% of non-citizen households access welfare programs compared to 35% of native households.”
Statistics abound—and for every study suggesting that America’s immigration is creating a burden on the economy, there is another that concludes the opposite, that immigrants continue to provide a net economic benefit to the economy. So rather than provide yet another regurgitation of battling statistics, it is important to note some crucial qualitative differences between immigration trends in America today, compared with past centuries in America.
Why Immigration to America Today Is Different
  1. Immigrants today are not coming from nations of equal or greater economic achievement. In the past, immigrants from Europe, for the most part, were emigrating from nations that were as advanced as the United States was, if not more so. Today the overwhelming majority of immigrants are coming from developing nations.
  2. Immigrants in the past came primarily from European nations which had cultural values—educational, religious, and political—that were, if not nearly identical to American cultural values, at shared a similar trajectory towards achieving those values. Immigrants today come from nations that, relatively speaking, have far fewer cultural similarities to America than past waves of immigrants.
  3. Immigrants today, for the most part, are coming from nations that are rapidly increasing in population and, in aggregate, dwarf the United States in population. Related to this is the fact that in the past, the people already in America were themselves rapidly increasing in population, but this is no longer the case, except among populations of recently arrived immigrants.
  4. Immigrants today arrive via 10-hour hops on an airliner. In the past, waves of immigrants spent 10 months traversing land and sea in a journey of staggering expense and significant dangers. While this isn’t universally true, particularly for the overland migrants that cross America’s southern border, the general point stands: coming to America today does not require the commitment it required in the past.
  5. Similarly, in the past, immigrants pretty much renounced their countries of origin. They made a one-way trip and they adopted the language and values of America. Today, retaining cultural unity with one’s country of origin is a few clicks on the internet, a cheap telephone call, an affordable airfare. Technology has greatly eroded the forces that used to impel immigrants to become Americans.
  6. Immigrants in the past arrived in an America that had a voracious need for unskilled workers. Today the American economy is relentlessly automating jobs that used to require unskilled labor, and the American population already has a surplus of unskilled workers.
  7. Immigrants today are arriving in a welfare state, where they are assured of food, shelter, and medical care that are, in general, orders of magnitude better than anything available to them in their native countries. This creates a completely different incentive to today’s immigrants. In past centuries, immigrants came to America to find freedom and to work. Today they are offered a smorgasbord of taxpayer-funded social services.
  8. Immigrant students today—especially in the coastal urban centers where most of them settle—enter a public education system that teaches them with a reverse-racist, anti-capitalist bias. They are taught in our public schools not to assimilate, but to “celebrate diversity”; not to earn opportunities through hard work, but through fighting discrimination. They are taught, often in their native language, that they have arrived in a nation dominated by racist and sexist white males, who exploit the world to amass evil profits.
Recipes for Disaster
These final three points are the most troublesome. If immigration reform advocates made those a priority and addressed them decisively with new policies, the other concerns might be manageable. But we must address the problems caused by immigrants with low job-skills, who encounter the welfare state, and are subjected to anti-Western cultural messaging.
To suggest Americans should resist competing with highly skilled immigrants, for example, is not only xenophobic, but it smacks of an entitlement mentality. Allowing immigrants into the United States who are qualified to join our ranks of scientists, engineers, researchers and doctors will only help our economy and overall standard of living. Allowing unskilled immigrants into this country, however, when we already have tens of millions of unskilled workers who are either in our prisons or unemployed and collecting welfare—who themselves could perform this work—is much more likely to constitute a drain on our economy.
Similarly, it is a recipe for disaster to allow immigrants into an America where the curricula in K-12 schools and universities—beholden to powerful left-wing teachers and faculty unions—indoctrinates immigrants to resent the alleged evils of capitalism and the incorrigible racist, sexist core of our American culture. This is particularly true when accompanying this siren song of corruption is easy access to social services of all kinds, including welfare. If new immigrants are taught the cards are stacked against them, and at the same time they are offered a free ride that provides a standard of living many times greater than what they knew in the countries they came from, why work?
Clearly an increasing population, all else held equal, does cause overall economic expansion. It isn’t clear at all, however, that this is the optimal way to create economic expansion. First of all, global human population is destined to level off by 2050 anyway, so rather than expanding the population through immigration, economic policy needs to search for the answer as to how to continue to experience economic growth despite a stable, aging population. In Japan, they have already made this policy decision—with zero net immigration and the oldest population on earth, Japan leads the world in the development of androids that will, presumably, become caregivers to the elderly. Economic growth oriented towards improving the quality of life for the elderly is one example of a sustainable growth sector—economic growth dependent on an immigrant-fueled population expansion is not sustainable.
There is another factor, of course, that makes immigration today far more problematic than it was in previous generations. Now more than ever, mass immigration of unskilled economic migrants and political refugees has become a strategy to move America sharply to the Left by dramatically transforming the electorate.
What the establishment uniparty is doing in America today is a deliberate devaluation of American votes, and a deliberate thwarting of the political rule of  Americans who have lived and worked in America for generations. Trump’s bellicosity may scare the soccer moms, but they along with everyone else who loves America ought to reflect on his actions instead of his tone. He is the only major politician in modern times who has tried to do anything to stop this. George W. Bush, God bless him, should stop letting the media use his words as weapons in their war against Trump.
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About the Author: Edward Ring
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