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WATCH: Man Goes on Rampage in Seattle Target Store

FILE - In this Friday, Nov. 25, 2016, file photo, Paul Poirier shops at a Target store, in Wilmington, Mass. Target is lowering its fourth-quarter profit and sales outlook Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017, after the discounter said that sluggish holiday sales and traffic in its stores offset a surging online …
AP Photo/Elise Amendola, File

Store surveillance video reveals a man going on a rampage at a Seattle Target store that he allegedly terrorized on three occasions, according to KIRO 7.

According to King County Sheriff’s documents, Jason L. Lewis, 41, did not just smash merchandise; he also headbutted a store employee. Furthermore, Lewis allegedly tried to kick open a locked cabinet storing Apple iPads, smashed several counter displays, and threw a large standing display down an escalator just before he ran out of the store on August 17:
Surveillance video allegedly shows the accused using parts of a store display as a weapon to hit employees who were trying to apprehend him and as a tool to break open the locked Apple display case. The man is then seen pulling the case from its moorings, dragging it to an escalator, and sending it crashing down the stairway as customers rush to get out of the way.
Court filings charge that Lewis then loaded several backpacks with as many Apple iPhones, watches, and other items as he could before exiting the store. He is also accused of stealing items from another local store that day as well as stealing items from that same Target on other occasions.
An employee of Belltown Storage told police Lewis threatened him with violence on August 21.
Lewis has a long arrest record filled with incidents of violence, threatening behavior, threats of terrorism, and convictions on weapons charges in Texas.
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You know when you see a headline of "looters" you're going to be looking a blacks!



BLACK LIVES MATTER? Life doesn’t matter to America’s ignorant ghetto blacks period!


WATCH: Robbery Suspect Flees After Deli Clerk Takes Away His Gun

Dramatic surveillance video shows the moment a brave Bronx deli worker fights back against an armed goon who put a gun to his head during a foiled stickup, police said Tuesday.

A deli clerk in the Bronx wrestled the gun away from a would-be robber Monday and everything was caught on surveillance video.

CBS New York reports that the deli clerk, 38-year-old Mina Farag, did what he had to do once face-to-face with the armed suspect, whom the New York Police Department believes was in his 20s.
Farag said suspect raised suspicion the moment he walked into the store. He said, “He was like going around the store. His bag was open. In the beginning I thought he was trying to take something from the store.”
Then the suspect allegedly came behind the counter and confront Farag with a handgun.
Farag said, “He showed me his gun and said, ‘Give me money.’ I tried to calm him down. I told him the money’s right there. Once he tried to grab the money, I grabbed his hand with the gun with my two hands.”
The surveillance video shows other customers enter as Farag and the suspect fought over the gun, but no one came to Farag’s aid.
Police say the suspect fled the deli without getting any money. “He was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and a black backpack.”
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Watch: Teens Rob Store After Watching Clerk Suffer Heart Attack

Police in Washington state searching for two males caught on camera ignoring a store clerk who collapsed in front of them from an apparent medical issue, choosing instead to step around him to rob the store. https://abcn.ws/2N2IOLA 
Three males are caught on camera robbing a Shell station Saturday after watching the clerk collapse from a heart attack and leaving the man to die.


When a hurricane comes, fake reporters stand in ponds or lean into the wind. Real reporters confront looters, as this brave woman, Chelsea Donovan of WECT, does in North Carolina, chasing them down and demanding answers.
Her attempts to shame them are utterly futile. The Democrat base knows no shame. Hasn't even the faintest concept of it. And it's only a question of when the left, which believes that looting is a human right, decides to label her something alliterative, e.g. Permit Patty, and demand her firing.
A little flashback courtesy of Newsweek.
As the day wore on, the turmoil increased. Looting and burning swept down 14th Street and 7th Street, two of the ghetto's main thoroughfares, then spread south to the shopping district just east of the White House. On the sidewalk in front of the Justice Department's headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue, shirt-sleeved DOJ staffers watched helplessly as looters cleaned out Kaufman's clothing store. The story was the same all over. Without the force to control the situation, the cops let the looters run wild. The result was an eerie, carni­val atmosphere. Jolly blacks dashed in and out of shattered shop windows carry­ing their booty away in plain sight of the Law. Others tooled through the shopping districts in late-model cars, pausing to 611 them with loot and then speeding off­ only to stop obediently for red lights.
Looters stopped on the sidewalks to try on new sports jackets and to doff their old shoes for stolen new ones. Only rare­ly did police interfere. At the corner of 14th and G Streets, police braced a Ne­gro over a car. On the hood were several pairs of shoes. "They killed my brother, they killed Luther King," the culprit cried. "Was he stealing shoes when they killed him?" retorted a cop.
White reporters moved among the plunderers with impunity. "Take a good look, baby," a looter cried to a carload of newsmen as he emerged from a liquor store on H Street. "In fact, have a bottle"—and he tossed a fifth of high-priced Scotch into the car. Young black girls and mothers, even 7- and 8-year-old children, roamed the streets with shopping carts, stocking up on gro­ceries. "Cohen's is open," chirped one woman to friends as she headed for a sacked dry-goods store with the noncha­lance of a matron going marketing. "Take everything you need, baby," Negroes called to each other from shattered store windows. Mingling with the crowds on Pennsylvania Avenue were observers from the German, French, Japanese, Norwegian and other embassies, taking notes to cable home. "It's a revolution," a French Embassy attache remarked to his companion.
There was little fighting in Chicago. But at least nine Negroes were killed there, mostly in the act of looting. As elsewhere, the police who pegged shots at looters were the exceptions to the rule. And so the plundering went on al­most unopposed. Along Kedzie Avenue on the West Side, Negroes carried arm­fuls and cartloads of booty from ravaged storefronts. "I'm a hard man and I want some revenge," explained one. "King's dead and he ain't ever gonna get what he wanted. But we're alive, man, and we're getting what we want." 
'Bums': Nearby, a Negro woman begged the vandals to stop. "Come out of that store and leave that stuff," she shouted. "You all nothing but bums. Ain't we got enough trouble with our neigh­borhood burning down? Where are those people gonna live after you burn them down?"
Unhearing—or uncaring—the looters ignored her.
And what happens if the stores don't reopen? Society will take the blame for creating a "food desert". It's never the fault of the looters.


Christian-Bashing Emmys' Ratings Hit New Low

Craig Bannister
 By Craig Bannister | September 18, 2018 | 12:11 PM EDT

Ratings for Monday night’s politically-charged, Christian-bashing Emmysprogram fell to a new low for the annual awards show telecast.
The overnight ratings posted a double-digit percentage decline from the previous year’s poor performance, Deadline Hollywood reported Tuesday:
“Snagging a 7.4/13 result in metered market ratings, the NBC broadcasted and Michael Che and Colin Jost hosted 70th Primetime Emmy awards fell to an all-time low on Monday.
“In the early metrics, the Lorne Michaels executive produced and Saturday Night Live alum thick ceremony was down 10% from last year’s Stephen Colbert fronted show of September 16, 2017 on CBS.
The 2018 Emmys program is also expected to hit an all-time low among a key audience demographic, when the final numbers are released, Deadline says:
“In the final numbers, last year’s Emmys snared 11.8 million viewers and a 2.5 rating among adults 18-49. That translated into matching the previous viewership low of the Jimmy Kimmel hosted 2016 Emmys and a new low among the key demographic. Those are records, based on the first set of numbers we are looking at today, appear very likely to be broken – and not in a good way.”
This year’s Emmys program didn’t waste any time before attacking Christians – comparing them to ex-drug addicts – as the opening monologue declared that:
“The only white people that thank Jesus are Republicans and ex-crackheads.”


During a recent television interview on MSNBC, Elie Mystal opined that "if Kavanaugh succeeds, it is a moral failing of the process."  Mystal is right in one respect: there was a moral failure.  However, it has nothing to do with Judge Kavanaugh or the Republicans.  Rather, the "moral" failure is solely attributable to Dianne Feinstein.
During Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing, some Senate Democrats complained that they were not given numerous documents regarding Judge Kavanaugh (i.e., the entire record).  They asked to delay the hearing until such time as the records were produced.  However, at the same time that they were crying foul, Dianne Feinstein secretly withheld a document she allegedly received in July and did not disclose until after the hearing was over.
This "gotcha" eleventh-hour disclosure is yet another chapter in the interminable and embarrassing confirmation process.  The fact that it was first disclosed after the hearing and before the vote (although Feinstein knew about it in July) renders the timing and the motivation behind the disclosure suspicious.  Further fueling this feeling of skepticism is the Democrats' stated desire to delay Kavanaugh's confirmation and the fact that some Democrats have refused to objectively consider any of President Trump's nominees.  ("Some Democrats said they don't have to wait for President Trump to pick a Supreme Court nominee – they're voting 'no' regardless of who [sic] he names.")
While Mystal asserts that Kavanaugh's success would signify a moral failing, his objectivity is a bit elusive, given some of his recent comments.  In a recent article, Mystal stated: "Process is missing because Brett Kavanaugh was nominated by Donald Trump: one of the laziest men in the entire country, and almost certainly the laziest man to ever inhabit the office of the President of the United States.  Kavanaugh was not carefully 'vetted' by an executive operation that cares about the integrity of the third branch of government.  Trump and his dysfunctional White House are incapable of such tasks."
Mystal further stated that "Kavanaugh was vetted by the Republicans in the United States Senate.  That body is also not concerned about the integrity of the U.S. Supreme Court ... one might argue that the Senate should be.  But this is the same group of people who refused to meet with a qualified nominee based on allegations that he was nominated by Barack Obama.  The Senate wouldn't recognize integrity if it set itself on fire on the Senate floor."
While Mystal is entitled to his opinions about the president and Republicans, this is not a question about vetting.  Dianne Feinstein had this information for months and did not disclose it.  Kavanaugh went through days of intense questioning by Republican and Democratic senators.  During that time period, not one senator asked about this alleged incident.  While some senators might claim they did not know about it, Feinstein did, and she did not think it was important enough to raise or to share with her colleagues.  According to an article in The New Yorker:
For several days, Feinstein declined requests from other Democrats on the Judiciary Committee to share the woman's letter and other relevant communications.  A source familiar with the committee's activities said that Feinstein's staff initially conveyed to other Democratic members' offices that the incident was too distant in the past to merit public discussion, and that Feinstein had "taken care of it."
There is no conceivable reason why Feinstein did not ask Kavanaugh about this alleged incident before, or during, the confirmation hearing.  If she was concerned about Kavanaugh's character, she had an obligation to ask him about this alleged incident.  If she was worried about the individual's privacy, she could have simply redacted the person's name.  Members of the Judiciary Committee should be furious with her decision to withhold the information.
Sources who worked for other members of the Judiciary Committee said that they respected the need to protect the woman's privacy, but that they didn't understand why Feinstein had resisted answering legitimate questions about the allegation.  "We couldn't understand what their rationale is for not briefing members on this.  This is all very weird," one of the congressional sources said.  Another added, "She's had the letter since late July.  And we all just found out about it."
Dianne Feinstein's decision to withhold this information from the committee was significant.  The senators should have had the opportunity to thoroughly question Kavanaugh during the confirmation hearing.  His possible life appointment to the bench and the cases he will be deciding call for a judge of the highest ethical and moral standards.  By failing to disclose this information early on, Feinstein did a disservice to herself, her colleagues, and the American public.
Mr. Hakim is a writer and a lawyer.  His articles have been published in The Daily Caller, The Federalist, The Western Journal, American Thinker, World Net Daily, and other online publications.
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Kavanaugh's ordeal shows the depravity of the rabid left

Is there no depth to which leftists will not sink to demonize those with whom they disagree?  Unable to lay a hand on Brett Kavanaugh throughout the judiciary committee hearings, despite some of the rudest, most uncivil questioning on record since the Bork and Thomas hearings, now they've turned up a woman to play Anita Hill, a woman willing to prostitute herself on the pyre of leftist dreams of advancing their agenda through the courts.
These people, Feinstein and all those who have jumped on this ridiculous bandwagon, are truly vile.  To get what they want, they are happy to destroy anyone in their way.  They know that Kavanaugh is a fine man with a spotless reputation, but so what?  They fear his constitutional expertise; they despise our Constitution.  As Obama has stated, it is a document of negative rights; it lays out the government what it cannot do.  Leftists want the government to have the power to control all of us in nearly every aspect of our lives.
Now this woman, Christine Blasey Ford, who supposedly wished to remain anonymous (sure, she did), has come forward, having already paid for her own polygraph test (that's not at all suspicious, is it?), with her psychologist's notes from her 2012 recovered memory of inappropriate behavior by Judge Kavanaugh thirty-six years ago.  She does not remember what year this allegedly took place or where it took place, how she got there, or how she got home.  In her original letter, she wrote that four boys were involved; now she says it was two.  That her claims are being taken seriously is absurd, an example of the despicable tactics Democrats employ to get their way.  Others have suggested that she put her plan in motion when Mitt Romney was running against Obama and was ahead in the polls.  Romney had mentioned Kavanaugh as a potential SCOTUS pick. 
If the left succeeds in scrapping Kavanaugh's nomination, it will, as Victor Davis Hanson noted, mean we are no longer a nation of laws in which citizens have protected rights.  The country will be governed and people will be destroyed by innuendo and unproven accusations whenever someone wants them out of the way.  This woman is a leftist, an activist.  Her lawyer is as well.  But the lawyer,Debra Katz, chose not to believe Paula Jones's version of her encounter with Bill Clinton, who had a lifelong reputation for caddish behavior.
Leftists are nothing if not hypocritical.  They have relentlessly harassed the woman who accused Keith Ellison of abuse.
Kavanaugh has a reputation for being a perfect gentleman throughout his life.  Ford's story is a fabrication, purposeful or perhaps misremembered, but "recovered memories" have been proved to be notoriously unreliable.  Or maybe it is a simple case of mistaken identity; she is certain, and she is wrong.  It is a sad commentary that the left can always come up with some poor fool to be the patsy.
Leftists are proving once again that truth is not a leftist value.  If only there were a wayback machine that could revisit every congressman's behavior in high school.  It is easy to imagine which of them were jerks then, because they are jerks now.  (Think Schumer, Durbin, Ellison, any Kennedy, etc.) 
A couple of RINO Trump-haters, Bob Corker and Jeff Flake, are only too eager to jump on board this disgusting campaign to derail Kavanaugh.  Two failed senators who pretended to be Republicans but are not see this as a way to foil Trump.  Destroy Kavanaugh in the process?  Traumatize his family?  So what?  Both are leaving because neither could have won in his state, so they have nothing to lose.  If they do this, they, along with the Democrats fomenting this travesty, will be remembered as the traitors to their party that they are. 
If Dianne Feinstein thinks the #MeToo movement will serve as a disguise for her treachery, she is dead wrong.  Any sentient person can see what is going on here: a Ted Kennedyesque destruction of a man, his career, and his family.  Feinstein's reputation will never recover from this bit of vicious chicanery.  This farce is a tragedy, and all those who are perpetrating it are the real deplorables.
There is a line in Craig Johnson's new book, The Depth of Winter, spoken by the barbaric nemesis of the story: "Power is everything, anything else is simply a means to power."  Leftists believe they are the only ones who deserve to wield power, so they think nothing of ruining people to get it.  Rabid leftists, the people executing this charade, are America's nemesis.  Anyone who denies this is willfully blind.  This current, anti-Trump left is lethal to everything for which this great nation stands.


Google Vows to Fight U.S. Air Pollution While Censoring Data on Chinese Smog

A hazy day in Beijing: China hopes greater use of ethanol can reduce smog

Google plans to update its U.S. and Europe-based street view cars with pollution recording devices — but will also reportedly replace factual pollution data on its new censored search engine for China with statistics provided by the Chinese government.
The Washington Times reports that Google will soon be outfitting its Google Street View cars with pollution recording devices in Europe and the United States to monitor fluctuations in air quality. This is not Google’s first step into environmental studies, the company’s Earth Outreach division has been monitoring air quality since 2014 but the majority of the information has stayed in-house, something which may soon be changing.
Google has now partnered with California-based company Aclima, which builds Internet-connected air-quality sensors, and with the Environmental Defense Fund. Google will soon begin making their study data available to researchers linked to both groups.
Google Earth Outreach program manager Karin Tuxen-Bettman told TechCrunch: “These measurements can provide cities with new neighborhood-level insights to help cities accelerate efforts in their transition to smarter, healthier cities.”
However, despite Google’s apparent dedication to climate activism in the U.S. and Europe, it would seem that in China, its commitment to the cause may not be so strong. In a report on Google’s new China-based censored search product, called Dragonfly, the Intercept reported that the search engine will only return pollution results provided by the Chinese state.
The Intercept states:
Sources familiar with Dragonfly said the search platform also appeared to have been tailored to replace weather and air pollution data with information provided directly by an unnamed source in Beijing. The Chinese government has a record of manipulating details about pollution in the country’s cities. One Google source said the company had built a system, integrated as part of Dragonfly, that was “essentially hardcoded to force their [Chinese-provided] data.” The source raised concerns that the Dragonfly search system would be providing false pollution data that downplayed the amount of toxins in the air.
So while it seems Google is willing to fight for climate issues in the U.S., in the Chinese market — where their reporting of air quality levels could affect them financially — the tech firm suddenly becomes very compliant with the Chinese state’s official data on pollution levels. In a country that has faced a “smog apocalypse,” the air pollution data Google will gather in America and Europe might actually be used for good purposes.
Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering issues of free speech and online censorship. Follow him on Twitter @LucasNolan or email him at lnolan@breitbart.com

China Retaliates! Levies Tariffs on $60B in U.S. Goods

A container delivery truck drives past stacked piles of shipping containers at the Port of Long Beach in Long Beach, California on July 6, 2018, including one from China Shipping, a conglomerate under the direct administration of China's State Council. - The twin ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles …
Washington, DC103

China lobbed retaliatory tariffs on $60 billion in U.S. imports Tuesday after the U.S. announced new tariffs across $200 billion in Chinese goods.

The $60 billion is in line with what China said it was preparing should the United States go through with the tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods. President Donald Trump flagged the move late on Monday.
On Tuesday China announced it would go forward with the $60 billion tariff package, according to the Associated Press.
The U.S. Trade Representative’s Office finalized and released the list of $200 billion in Chinese goods to be levied with tariffs on Monday evening. The action came after a months-long section 301 investigation into Chinese trade practices and the potential additional tariffs. The USTR investigation found, “China’s acts, policies and practices related to technology transfer, intellectual property and innovation are unreasonable and discriminatory and burden or restrict U.S. commerce.”
The new U.S. tariffs will go into effect on September 24, 2018 at 10 percent until the end of 2018. On January 1, 2019 the tariffs on these $200 billion in Chinese goods will rise to 25 percent.
The USTR released lists for additional tariffs on $50 billion in Chinese goods in June and August. It noted in a Monday release noting these previous tariffs, “Unfortunately, China has been unwilling to change its policies involving the unfair acquisition of U.S. technology and intellectual property. Instead, China responded to the United States’ tariff action by taking further steps to harm U.S. workers and businesses.”
“In these circumstances, the President has directed the U.S. Trade Representative to increase the level of trade covered by the additional duties in order to obtain elimination of China’s unfair policies,” Monday’s USTR statement said. “The Administration will continue to encourage China to allow for fair trade with the United States.”
U.S. and Chinese trade delegations headed respectively by U.S. Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He are scheduled to meet September 27-28 in Washington, DC.
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THE RISE of BARACK OBAMA, sociopath huckster from Chicago, and the FALL of AMERICA


“My guess is that the students and employees at the U of I who listened to Obama's self-righteous speech believe that Obama is ethical because most of the media intentionally hid the mass corruption, or if they reported on it, they downplayed it.  The corruption and unethical behavior started as soon as Obama took office.” JACK HELLNER / AMERICAN THINKER.com

“They knew Obama was an unqualified crook; yet they promoted him. They knew Obama was a train wreck waiting to happen; yet they made him president, to the great injury of America and the world. They understood he was only a figurehead, an egomaniac, and a liar; yet they made him king, doing great harm to our republic (perhaps irreparable.)” ALLAN ERICKSON


BARACK OBAMA POSITIONS MARK ZUCKERBERG of FAKEBOOK to be his global controller of propaganda for the Obama bankster-funded third term for life.


“They knew Obama was an unqualified crook; yet they promoted him. They knew Obama was a train wreck waiting to happen; yet they made him president, to the great injury of America and the world. They understood he was only a figurehead, an egomaniac, and a liar; yet they made him king, doing great harm to our republic (perhaps irreparable.)” ALLAN ERICKSON


Reconquistas Muñoz, Solis present at Obama sovereignty sellout session ...Obama was joined at the meeting [about a push to amnesty millions of border-hopping job thieves] by Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs Phil Schiliro, and White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs [and former 'Tan Klan' minion] Cecilia Muñoz...
"Of course none of this comes as any surprise considering that Obama's point person on illegal immigration, Cecilia Munoz, once worked for the ultra-radical National Council of La Raza [aka the Tan Klan], a racist group that is committed to staging a takeover of the American Southwest and returning it to Mexico...."





“Democrats Move Towards ‘Oligarchical Socialism,’ Says Forecaster Joel Kotkin.”


"One of the premier institutions of big business, JP Morgan Chase, issued an internal report on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the 2008 crash, which warned that another “great liquidity crisis” was possible, and that a government bailout on the scale of that effected by Bush and Obama will produce social unrest, “in light of the potential impact of central bank actions in driving inequality between asset owners and labor."  

 Obama, of course, covered up his own role, depicting his presidency as eight years of heroic efforts to repair the damage caused by the 2008 financial crash. At the end of those eight years, however, Wall Street and the financial oligarchy were fully recovered, enjoying record wealth, while working people were poorer than before, a widening social chasm that made possible the election of the billionaire con man and Demagogue in November 2016.

“The response of the administration was to rush to the defense of the banks. Even before coming to power, Obama expressed his unconditional support for the bailouts, which he subsequently expanded. He assembled an administration 
dominated by the interests of finance capital, symbolized by economic adviser Lawrence Summers and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.”

Trump criticized Dimon in 2013 for supposedly contributing to the country’s economic downturn. “I’m not Jamie Dimon, who pays $13 billion to settle a case and then pays $11 billion to settle a case and who I think is the worst banker in the United States,” he told reporters.

THE OBAMA-CLINTON SWAMP…. How close they came to destroying American democracy…. It’ what happens when two psychopath lawyers are permitted to run for office!

“If the Constitution did not forbid cruel and unusual punishment, the sentence I would like to see imposed would place both Bill and Hillary Clinton in the same 8-by-12 cell.”    ROBERT ARVAY – AMERICAN THINKER com

“They knew Obama was an unqualified crook; yet they promoted him. They knew Obama was a train wreck waiting to happen; yet they made him president, to the great injury of America and the world. They understood he was only a figurehead, an egomaniac, and a liar; yet they made him king, doing great harm to our republic (perhaps irreparable.)” ALLAN ERICKSON

They Destroyed Our Country
“They knew Obama was an unqualified crook; yet they promoted him. They knew Obama was a train wreck waiting to happen; yet they made him president, to the great injury of America and the world. They understood he was only a figurehead, an egomaniac, and a liar; yet they made him king, doing great harm to our republic (perhaps irreparable.)”
'Incompetent' and 'liar' among most frequently used words to describe the president: Pew Research Center
The larger fear is that Obama might be just another corporatist, punking voters much as the Republicans do when they claim to be all for the common guy.

CEO pay is higher than ever, as is the chasm separating the rich and super-rich from everyone else. The incomes of the top 1 percent grew more than 11 percent between 2009 and 2011—the first two years of the Obama “recovery”—while the incomes of the bottom 99 percent actually shrank.
Meanwhile, Obama is pressing forward with his proposal, outlined in his budget for the next fiscal year, to slash $400 billion from Medicare and $130 billion from Social Security… AS WELL AS WIDER OPEN BORDERS, NO E-VERIFY, NO LEGAL NEED APPLY TO KEEP WAGES DEPRESSED