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U.S. Yanks Scathing Report Blasting DHS for Catching Less than 1% of Visa Overstays

MAY 16, 2017

Update 5/19/17: Public affairs officer, Arlen Morales, told Judicial Watch this week that the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General’s office has been “working through a number of technical issues” and sent a working link for the report.
Fifteen years after Islamic terrorists exploited the U.S. government’s inept method of tracking visa overstays, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) still uses an antiquated system that doesn’t have the capability to get the job done. This allows foreign individuals, who may “pose severe national security risks” to remain in the country, according to a federal audit that for unknown reasons was yanked from the public domain. A 45-page report was issued this month by the DHS Inspector General and Judicial Watch reviewed it thoroughly before the watchdog mysteriously pulled it from its website. Judicial Watch has repeatedly reached out to the DHS IG’s office but has received no response. Here’s the link that went bad as also noted by a few other outlets.
To be sure, the findings are an embarrassment to the government because visa overstays have been a major national security issue for well over a decade. Several of the 9/11 hijackers remained in the U.S. after their visa expired to plan and carry out the worst terrorist attack on American soil. A few years after the 2001 attacks Congress launched a system that was supposed to take care of the problem by tracking the entry and exit of foreign nationals with electronically scanned fingerprints and photographs. But five years and $1 billion later, the system, U.S. Visitor and Immigration Status Indicator Technology (US VISIT), still had serious flaws. A few years later the investigative arm of Congress, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), published a report confirming that nearly half of the nation’s illegal aliens entered the U.S. legally and overstayed their visas undetected. In the years that followed the government did little to improve what has developed into a dire national security disaster. In 2011 yet another federal audit confirmed that the U.S. had lost track of millions who overstayed their visas and two years later the crisis intensified when DHS lost track of 266 dangerous foreigners with expired visas. The government determined that they “could pose a national security or public safety concerns,” according to the director of Homeland Security and Justice at the GAO.
Just last year Judicial Watch obtained DHS figures showing that more than half a million foreigners with expired visas—like the 9/11 jihadists—remained in the country, thousands of them from terrorist nations like Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria. More than 45,000 Mexicans overstayed their visa, according to the DHS records, and thousands more from El Salvador, Ecuador, Venezuela and China. The visas are granted for “business or pleasure” and the foreigners come via sea or air port of entry. For nearly a decade a number of federal audits have offered the alarming figures associated with visa overstays, including one released back in 2011 that estimates half of the nation’s illegal immigrants entered legally with visas.
This month’s DHS IG report exposes the disturbing reality that the U.S. government has done nothing to prevent another terrorist attack by dangerous elements that remain in the country with an expired visa. Many fall through the cracks because Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the DHS agency responsible for the task, must piece together information from dozens of systems and databases that aren’t reliable. The problem is 

so out of control that ICE must 

depend on often sketchy data 

provided by third parties such as 

commercial carrier passenger lists 

that often provide false visitor 

departure and arrival information. “Such false departure information resulted in [Enforcement and Removal Operations] officers closing visa overstay investigations of dangerous individuals, such as suspected criminals, who were actually still in the United States and could pose a threat to national security,” according to the DHS IG report. “For example, [a deportation] officer stated that a suspect under investigation was listed as having left the country, but had given his ticket to a family member and was still residing in the United States.”
Here are the overall figures that illustrate how bad the problem is; of more than half a million visa overstays identified by the DHS watchdog, a mere 3,402 were caught by federal authorities. It gets better. The various unreliable databases that ICE uses also provided inaccurate information on the 0.4% that got busted, according to the report. “In some cases, the individuals arrested had been reported in DHS systems as having already left the United States,” the report states. “Because this information was not recorded, ICE personnel were unable to provide an exact number when asked during our audit.”
In 2015, the U.S. issued nearly 11 million visas and, though only a small percentage overstay, they pose serious national security risks, the watchdog found. As an example, the report mentions the 9/11 hijackers who overstayed their visa. “This prompted the 9/11 Commission to call for the government to ensure that all visitors to the United States are tracked on entry and exit,” DHS investigators remind. Instead, there is a backlog of 1.2 million expired visa cases, the report says.


Report accuses Pentagon of running multi-billion dollar slush fund for military operations

By Jordan Shilton 
22 May 2017
A report in Sunday’s edition of the Washington Post accuses the Pentagon of operating a multi-billion dollar slush fund which it has accrued over the past seven years by overcharging the armed forces for the cost of fuel purchases. The $5.9 billion it has built up since 2010 has been used to fund military operations in Syria and Afghanistan, effectively avoiding any of the budgetary oversight requirements necessary to obtain additional funding from Congress.
The most significant expenditures from the fund identified by the Post were a total of $1.4 billion used in 2016 to maintain the United States’ brutal occupation of Afghanistan and the use of $80 million to train Islamist militias in Syria in 2015 with the aim of toppling the government of Bashar al-Assad in Damascus.
The explosion in spending on the Afghan war illustrates the deepening crisis of the more than 15-year-old US occupation of the impoverished, war-torn country.
Billions of dollars have been spent on waging a ruthless counter-insurgency war against the resistance of the local population to the US presence, led by the Islamist Taliban. This has included the expenditure of vast sums of money to establish and prop up a corrupt puppet regime in Kabul, which is struggling to exercise authority over more than a few major cities, is deeply reviled by wide sections of the population, and is losing ground to the Taliban. Just last month, Taliban fighters carried out their bloodiest attack on the Afghan army since 2001, killing upwards of 200 soldiers.
The $80 million redirected by the Pentagon to Syria helped continue to fund a US training program to create a Sunni militia capable of fighting ISIS and ousting Assad. The program proved to be an unmitigated disaster, managing to train only 150 of the original target of 5,000 fighters. Most of these fighters were captured by al-Qaida or other groups when they were sent into Syria, or deserted.
This setback only caused Washington to intervene even more aggressively, first by funneling aid through its Gulf allies and the CIA to Jihadi proxy forces to wage war in Syria, and later by bolstering the presence of US ground forces. Under President Trump, the number of US ground forces in Syria has more than doubled and he has relaxed restrictions on airstrikes, leading to a dramatic spike in civilian casualties.
The sharpest criticism of the Pentagon’s slush fund came from Navy officials, who described the surplus built up by the Pentagon as a “bishop’s fund.”
The Post noted that the Defense Logistics Agency, the body responsible for selling fuel, sets a fixed price which is often substantially higher than the commercial rate and is intended to remain in place for a year. Before 2009, no major discrepancies arose, but from 2010 onwards, the DLA began setting prices at levels sometimes $1 per barrel above the commercial rate.
A review of Pentagon purchasing data found that the branches of the armed forces had been charged $23 billion more for fuel between 2010 and 2016 than commercial airlines would have paid.
While Pentagon officials acknowledged that around three-quarters of this covered additional costs, such as specialized fuel requirements and overheads, this still left a $5.9 billion surplus. The only time Congress appears to have directly intervened was in 2015, when it requested the Pentagon to return $1 billion to reflect reduced fuel prices.
The Defense Department’s use of such a fund to meet the costs of military operations is only the latest example of the increasing ability of the military-intelligence apparatus to act outside of any accountability to Congress. Despite the US gargantuan defense budget, which dwarfs those of all of its nearest competitors, the Pentagon has over recent years taken advantage of accounting methods to allocate tens of billions more in funding to military operations beyond the funds approved by Congress.
Under the Obama administration, Democrats and Republicans included a so-called parity regulation as part of their 2011 budget deal which stipulated that any increase in defense spending had to be accompanied by a corresponding rise in domestic budgets. To avoid this requirement, the Pentagon increasingly relied on Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) funding, which is designed to cover the costs of foreign wars. Reports suggest that the Pentagon now uses $30 billion of OCO annually to supplement its base budget.
Such developments could only take place under conditions where there is a bipartisan consensus to retain the US military as a force capable of waging war around the globe. Both the Democrats and Republicans, speaking on behalf of the super-rich oligarchy in the United States, are fully committed to the increasing resort to military violence in a desperate bid to offset Washington’s economic decline and retain its hegemonic position against its geopolitical rivals in every region of the world. Under conditions in which Washington has been waging virtually uninterrupted war for a quarter-century, the maintenance of even a semblance of democratic control over the military’s operations is increasingly impossible.
President Obama initiated the US intervention in Syria, expanded the US presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, launched air and drone strikes on at least eight countries across the Middle East and North Africa, and facilitated the bloody Saudi onslaught on Yemen, where tens of thousands of civilians have died.
In a revealing finding that shows how routine the waging of war has become for the US military, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported that the Pentagon’s accounting systems do not recognize a difference between wartime operations and routine expenditure, which was traditionally covered by the base defense budget.
The GAO wrote that the Defense Department internally reallocated $146 billion in operations and maintenance (O&M) funding between 2009 and 2015, but added, “[T]he effects of such realignments on base obligations were not readily apparent because DOD did not report its O&M base obligations to Congress separately from its O&M overseas contingency operations (OCO) obligations used to support war-related programs and activities.”
Even greater sums of money are to be allocated to the military under Trump’s budget proposal, to which the Democrats have offered virtually no opposition, of an annual defense spending increase of $54 billion, equivalent to almost 10 percent of the existing budget. Such additional funds will pay for the escalation of the conflict in the Middle East, where the US is seeking to maintain its dominance over one of the most energy-rich regions of the world against its chief rivals, Russia and China.
On Friday, Defense Secretary James Mattis put forward a plan for the waging of war by the US across a region stretching from Central Asia to West Africa. Presented as a fight against Jihadi “terrorism,” it is in reality only one step in the global military strategy of US imperialism, which carries the increasing risk of triggering a catastrophic world war between the major powers.


"The American Southwest seems to be slowly 

returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico 

without firing a single shot."  --

EXCELSIOR --- national newspaper of 


REMITTANCES ….. are only part of Mexico’s 

looting… and billions for anchor  baby breeders, 

billions for heroin sales and then do the numbers!

Mexicans abroad sent home nearly $2.4 billion in transfers in 

November, 24.7 percent higher than a year earlier, marking their 

fastest pace of expansion since March 2006, according to Mexican 

central bank data on Monday…

They claim all of North America for Mexico!

USA Completes 270 Straight Months of Merchandise Trade Deficits With Mexico

Vice President Mike Pence swears into office USTR Robert Lighthizer, May 15, 2017.

USA Completes 270 Straight Months of Merchandise Trade Deficits With Mexico

By Terence P. Jeffrey | May 19, 2017 | 10:46 AM EDT

Vice President Mike Pence swears into office USTR Robert Lighthizer, May 15, 2017. (Screen Capture)
( - The United States ran a $7,032,600,000 merchandise trade deficit with Mexico in March, making it the 270th straight month that the United States has run a merchandise trade deficit with its southern neighbor, according to data release this month by the Census Bureau.
The last time the United States ran a monthly merchandise trade surplus with Mexico was September 1994—in the first year under the North American Free Trade Agreement, which the Trump administration officially notified Congress yesterday it will renegotiate.
In September 1994, the United States exported $4,381,200,000 in goods to Mexico and imported $4,376,500,000—running a surplus of $4,700,000.
The $7,032,600,000 merchandise trade deficit that the U.S. ran with Mexico this March was 1,496 times larger than the $4,700,000 surplus it ran in September 1994.
NAFTA was signed by President Georg H.W. Bush in December 1992—just one month before he left office. Congress approved it by simple majority votes in both houses of Congress—rather than by the two-thirds Senate majority needed to ratify a treaty—in 1993. In December 1993, President Bill Clinton signed it.
In the three years leading up to approval of NAFTA (1991, 1992, 1993), the United States ran merchandise trade surpluses with Mexico. In 1991, it ran a surplus of $2,147,600,000. In 1992, it ran a surplus of $5,381,200,000. And in 1993, it ran a surplus of $1,663,300,000.
The U.S. also ran a merchandise trade surplus with Mexico in 1994, the first full calendar year NAFTA was in effect. That year, the bilateral U.S. merchandise trade deficit with Mexico was $1,349,800,000.
But September 1994 was the last time the U.S. ran a monthly merchandise trade surplus with Mexico. In every single month since then, the U.S.  has run a trade deficit with Mexico.
On Thursday, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer--who was sworn into office on Monday--officially notified Congress that the Trump administration will be renegotiating NAFTA.
“The United States seeks to support higher-paying jobs in the United States and to grow the economy by improving U.S. opportunities under NAFTA,” Lighthizer wrote in a letter to Congress.
“We are committed to concluding these negotiations with timely and substantive results for U.S. consumers, businesses, farmers, ranchers, and workers consistent with U.S. priorities and the negotiating objectives established by the Congress in statute,” Lighthizer wrote.


Chicago and the State of Illinois are lurching toward insolvency, burdened by enormous pension liabilities, political payoffs from past generations that kept the Democrat Machine in power for generations.  Rahm Emanuel knows this, and is doing h...

Rahm’s latest plan to stave off Chicago financial collapse under fire – from Dems

Chicago and the State of Illinois are lurching toward insolvency, burdened by enormous pension liabilities, political payoffs from past generations that kept the Democrat Machine in power for generations.  Rahm Emanuel knows this, and is doing his best to come up with financial schemes to keep paying bills. His latest effort at borrowing to keep the Chicago Public Schools (already almost a billion dollars behind in paying its expenses – particularly pension fund contributions) afloat is being called a “payday loan” even by Democrats, as the Dems scramble to blame Republican Governor Bruce Rauner for the collapse of the Blue Model. Fran Spielman reports for the Chicago Sun-Times:
Under fire for authorizing a “payday loan,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Friday defended his plan to let the Chicago Public Schools borrow $389 million secured by late block grants owed by the state.
“You have a situation…created by the state of Illinois to create a maximum amount of pressure on the public schools, specifically Chicago,” Emanuel said.
“It’s a short-term solution to a short-term problem created consciously, woefully by the governor to create political pressure. That’s how we’re handling it. That’s the most appropriate way to deal with it.”
Aldermen don’t see it that way. They likened it to the skipped pension payments that got CPS into this mess and Emanuel vowed to end.
“Daley didn’t pay pensions. This is borrowing instead of not paying. You’re still robbing Peter to pay Paul and putting a Band-Aid on it,” said South Side Ald. Anthony Beale (9th).
“We’re borrowing money hoping that, eventually, the state comes through. If the state doesn’t come through, we’re gonna be in worse shape tomorrow than we are today. It’s gonna cost to borrow money. Taxpayers are still losing.”
Illinois is as broke as Chicago. If this were a business, Rahm would be borrowing against his “accounts receivable” – also known as “factoring.” That is a common practice among financially-troubled businesses to keep the doors open. Rahm is trying to find a factor that will lend almost $400 mill against the promise of a broke state to come up with the cash.
The source of the borrowing has not yet been determined, nor has the interest rate. That must wait until the borrowing goes out to bid. The maximum interest rate allowed by state law is nine percent.
Chief Financial Officer Carole Brown said the short-term loan will be limited to $389 million because the school system’s “lending partners” were willing to finance only about “85 percent of the outstanding receivable” of state grants. The rest will come from savings generated by mid-year budget cuts, Brown said, with a hazy explanation that raised more questions than it answered.
Nine percent is a handsome return in a low interest environment. If Rahm is unable to borrow at that price, it would be a sign that the financial crisis is getting closer.  But I suspect that he already has sources of funds, and that the bet would be that the feds would come up with a loan if the effort fails.
Chicago has already sold off major assets, including the right to collect money from parking meters. There are fewer and fewer sources of funds available.
The crash is coming. The Dems are just looking for opportunities to blame Republicans for the consequences of their bribes to unionized public employees. 




During Obama’s 8 year bankster regime, he openly operated and funded the Mexican fascist racist party of LA RAZA “The Race” from the White House under La Raza VP Cecilia Munoz…. Google Obama and LA RAZA!



California: The sick man of the United States…. A STATE UNDER MEX OCCUPATION!

PUS-SPEWING XAVIER BECERRA…. Is what happens when illegals vote LA RAZA FASCISM.

“As one attorney general, Kamala Harris, steps down to replace Barbara Boxer, another attorney general is secreted out of the glands of selfsame power in the form of pus-spewing Xavier Becerra.
It didn’t stop Becerra, a prominent Latino rights  advocate who has served in Congress since 1993, from pushing for the dealer’s release at the request of his 
father, Horacio. The elder Vignali, a rich Los Angeles businessman, contributed thousands of dollars to Becerra’s various campaigns and a favor was in order. 

Mexico’s looting and ethnic cleansing of a once American state.


OPEN BORDERS: The Democrat Party’s Weapon of Mass Destruction on the American Worker

"Los Angeles saw all crime rise in 2015: violent crime up 19.9 percent, homicides up 10.2 percent, shooting victims up 12.6 percent, rapes up 8.6 percent, robberies up 12.3 percent, and aggravated assault up 27.5 percent," Landry said.”



“Mexican drug cartels are the “other” terrorist threat to America. Militant Islamists have the goal of destroying the United States. Mexican drug cartels are now accomplishing that mission – from within, every day, in virtually every community across this country.” JUDICIAL WATCH


Importing poverty…. 


“The lifetime costs of Social Security and Medicare benefits of illegal immigrant beneficiaries of President Obama’s executive amnesty would be well over a trillion dollars, according to Heritage Foundation expert Robert Rector’s prepared testimony for a House panel obtained in advance by Breitbart News.”

MEXICO’S BIGGEST EXPORTS TO U.S.: poverty, anchor baby breeders for welfare, criminals, unregistered dems and HEROIN!

ILLEGALS VOTING …. (for more)!



Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Emergency Intervention Needed in California NOW!

MEXICO’S BIGGEST EXPORTS TO U.S.: poverty, anchor baby breeders for welfare, criminals, unregistered dems and HEROIN!

By Arthur Schaper

In California, illegals can vote: it’s possible and very likely. California’s automatic motor-voter law all but assures that illegals seeking driver’s licenses will get a ballot along with their license.

Miscreants from any corner of the world can register to vote in California online, too. No vetting, no assurance, no integrity.

Voter fraud in broken inner city hellholes like Detroit and New York City cannot compare with the ballot stuffing throughout the once Golden State. 


De Léon, who introduced the bill, made his remarks at a hearing in Sacramento on SB54, the bill to make California a “Sanctuary State.

California State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Léon (D-Los Angeles) said last Tuesday that “half his family” was in the country illegally, using false documents, and eligible for deportation under President Trump’s new executive order against “sanctuary” jurisdictions.

"The American Southwest seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot."  --- EXCELSIOR --- national newspaper of Mexico
They claim all of North America for Mexico!

SENATOR DIANNE FEINSTEIN, HUBBY LOOTER RICHARD BLUM AND LAP B ITCH, BARBARA “BRIBES” BOXER…. Along with Nancy Pelosi, four of the most corrupt and self-serving plunderers of America… These Cretans redefine the term CRONY CAPITALIST PIGS!



 “Our entire crony capitalist system, Democrat and Republican alike, has become a kleptocracy approaching par with third-world hell-holes.  This is the way a great country is raided by its elite.” ---- Karen McQuillan  THEAMERICAN