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Rep. Schiff Introducing Bill to Permit Negligence Lawsuits Against Gun Industry

By Susan Jones | October 5, 2017 | 10:46 AM EDT

( – Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said he plans to introduce a bill this week “that would essentially repeal the gun industry's immunity from liability.”
Twelve years ago, in July 2005, Congress passed a bill protecting the firearms industry from lawsuits stemming from the criminal or unlawful use of their products.
The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act was passed following a spate of personal injury, negligence and public nuisance lawsuits filed against the gun industry, not for any product defect, but to wring money out of them.
“We had this debate, frankly, in my office,” Schiff told CNN's "New Day" Thursday morning. “We were planning to introduce a bill, which we’re going to go ahead and introduce this week, that would essentially repeal the gun industry's immunity from liability. 
"The gun industry is unique – in all of American commerce, it’s the only industry that has a congressionally created immunity that says they’re not liable in circumstances where every other product, every other industry, might be.”
Host Chris Cuomo offered the “counter-argument,” noting that the 2005 law is intended to protect the gun industry, not from product defects, but from people who just don’t like guns in general or how the guns were used.

Schiff used alcohol as an example: “It’s perfectly legal to sell alcohol,” he said. “It is not legal to be negligent in who you sell it to and to turn a blind eye when kids come in to buy alcohol in your store. That is not permissible…Jack Daniels is selling to a store they know is basically selling to kids.” 
In the same way, Schiff said the gun industry shouldn’t “get a pass to act negligently” when their products are sold to prohibited people or are used in crimes.
Schiff said he considered holding off on introducing his bill, following the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday.
“But if we held off every week where there’s a shooting, we would never introduce gun legislation,” he said. “These topics shouldn’t be any more taboo, frankly, than they are when a terrorism attack occurs and we ask what do we do to stop terrorism. There are people dying every day from gun violence.

"We need to deal with it, and there's a fallacy that if one particular bill won't stop one particular incident, well then, there's no point in having any gun legislation, because there's no cure-all.”
Schiff said there are “several things” Congress can do “that would stop a lot of these attacks, or make them less lethal.
“You know, background checks will prevent some, and have prevented many from getting guns that don't deserve to have them -- or would be a danger with them. Getting rid of the bump stocks would prevent -- maybe not prevent the shooting, (but) make it a hell of a lot less lethal,”  he added.
The issue of gun industry liability came up during the 2016 campaign, at a Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders debate in Michigan.
Sanders, a Vermont independent, voted for the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. Clinton, as a Democrat senator from New York, voted against it and advocated for its repeal, just as Schiff is now doing.
Sanders said gun manufacturers should be held liable if they knowingly supply gun stores that sell to criminals. “But if they are selling a product to a person who buys it legally, what you're really talking about is ending gun manufacturing in America. I don't agree with that."

In Chicago, a Las Vegas Every Month

There were 59 murders in Chicago in September, the city where black lives don’t seem to matter to liberals and gun control zealots. The horrible death toll in the Las Vegas massacre is just a normal month in the gun control and murder capital of America. The Democratic caucus in Congress that seizes on Las Vegas as another crisis too terrible to waste in their pursuit of gun control says nothing about the Chicago carnage, for which nary an NFL millionaire takes a knee while whining about social justice:
The murder toll in Las Vegas on Sunday makes it the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.
Know what they call that in Chicago? June.
Actually, there were 84 murders in Chicago, just in June, according to, which keeps a running tally.
There were 76 murders in July, 50 in August.
And there were 59 murders in Chicago last month, so the death toll in Las Vegas — again, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history — was just a normal September there.
So far in Chicago, where Rahm Emanuel, former chief of staff for Barack Obama, is mayor, there have been 519 murders this year. And there's still a quarter of the year to go. But the numbers get crazy when totaling "gun violence" victims: In 2015, 2,988 people were victims of gun violence, according to records kept by TheChicago Tribune.
That number soared in 2016. There were 4,368 shooting victims last year, the Tribune reported.
The Las Vegas shooter is said to have scoped out a Chicago hotel overlooking its annual Lollapalooza concert venue, but he didn’t have to. Chicago gangs are doing the job quite nicely on their own. Much of Chicago’s violence stems from gang bangers, particularly those imported from south of the border, and from the steady supply of illegal drugs that are a consequence of open borders. It is called “gun violence” when it is in fact gang violence fueled by drug trafficking. As Katie Pavlich writes at TownHall:
As the violence in Chicago's gang plagued neighborhoods rages on, the underlying cause of the Windy City's murder rampages can be found thousands of miles away along a porous border. According to a report from Breitbart's Jeremy Segal, Mexican drug cartels are "allowed" to run Chicago's streets and young African-American men are killing each other as a result.
Harold “Noonie” Ward, a former high-ranking member of the Gangster Disciples, one of America’s largest street gangs, claims the deadly violence that is plaguing Rahm Emanuel’s “world class city” of Chicago is because Mexican drug cartels are being allowed by “the powers that be” to operate freely and “run” Chicago’s streets.
In an interview with Breitbart News outside of his childhood home, a now-condemned apartment in Altgeld Gardens, one of Chicago’s most well known housing projects, Ward explained that there are a number of issues leading to the bloodshed in the city. The greatest reason, Ward says, is drugs and how they are being brought into the city.  “Where the drugs are coming from is Mexican cartels,” Ward said. “From Mexico to Chicago, they make $3.5 billion dollars a year. And the majority of violence in Chicago, comes from the Mexican cartels.”
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has spoken out on the issue of Chicago violence and how it is blamed on guns, not gangns.  [TL1] In response to this liberal talking point which ignores the fact that Democratic bastions like Chicago and Maryland have the strictest gun control laws in the nation, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke went on Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs to saythat Rahmbo, a nicknamed earned for his White House ruthlessness, was shooting blanks in suggesting the problem was guns and not the criminals who use them:
Sheriff Clarke describes Emanuel as “dead wrong,” observing that “he must have gone to the same school that ‘president’ Barack Obama did on how to run a law enforcement agency. This is what happens when you have community organizers and academic elites and others who don’t know a thing about policing in the American ghetto start to dabble in police science.”
He says the cities experiencing these heightened levels of violence “might as well get used to it because this is what you’re going to have as long as you’re going to try to turn cops into social workers and you’re going to try to get them to emphasize de-escalation and more dialogue instead of going on the offensive to go after some very dangerous individuals.”
Indeed as Investor’s Business Daily noted in 2013, the problem in Chicago has historically not been gun violence, but gang violence:
The fact is that up to 80% of Chicago's murders and shootings are gang-related, according to police.
By one estimate, the city has 68,000 gang members, four times the number of cops. A police audit last spring identified 59 gangs and 625 factions — mostly on the south and west sides — none of which is going to submit to things like universal background checks.
Still Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel touts gun control and not goon control and thinks you can make people safer by disarming them in the face of armed predators. While Emanuel and others cry for new laws, existing laws are not enforced in Chicago, even with an adoptive native son, Obama, having occupied the White House during the last eight years of Chicago’s carnage.
As Investor’s Business Daily has noted, a recent study showed that despite rising murders and gang violence, Chicago ranked dead last in federal gun crime prosecutions:
A murdered Chicago teen's mother attends the president's speech on gun control, not knowing federal gun-crime prosecutions have in fact dropped on his watch — with the Windy City bringing up the rear.
Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton, the mother of murdered 15-year-old Chicago teen Hadiya Pendleton, was one of 20 mothers who lost children to criminal violence who were at the White House last Thursday to hear President Obama speak once again on the need for gun control.
Obama met with her and some of the others in a small group before his formal remarks and told them "how serious this issue really is and something needs to be done about it," she said.
But President Obama did not tell this group that Syracuse University's Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) shows that the Northern Illinois district ranked 90th out of 90 in prosecutions of federal weapons crimes per capita.
David Burnham, co-director of TRAC, states their analysis says that according to case-by-case U.S. Justice Department information obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, there were 52 federal gun prosecutions in Illinois North (Chicago) in 2012, or 5.52 per million in population.
By this measure, compared with the 90 federal judicial districts in the U.S., the prosecution rate in Chicago was the lowest in the country.
If President Obama had a son, he might have looked like Amari Brown, the little boy killed by a bullet intended for his gang-banger father on the streets of President Obama’s Chicago in yet another bloody Windy City weekend. As the Chicago Tribune reported, over the Fourth of July weekend in 2015, Amari Brown was one of the ten that were killed among 55 that were shot.:
Among those killed was 7-year-old Amari Brown, shot in the chest as he watched fireworks near his father's home in Humboldt Park late Saturday night.  Police say they believe the attack was aimed at the father, whom they described as a ranking gang member.
Former Chicago Police  Superintendant Garry McCarthy got it right when heobserved that Amari Brown was another victim, ,not of police racism, but of gang violence and a revolving door justice system:
Antonio Brown, who police say is a ranking member of the Four Corner Hustlers street gang, has been arrested 45 times on charges ranging from gun possession to burglary, and is not cooperating with detectives in their investigation into the slaying of his son, Amari Brown, police said.
McCarthy said that the elder Brown's last arrest was in April for gun possession after leading police on a vehicle pursuit. Brown was later released on bail in that case, Cook County court records show.
"If Mr. Brown is in custody, his son is alive," McCarthy, flanked by several police officials and other officers, told a room full of reporters at the Harrison District police station on the West Side on Sunday afternoon. "That's not the case. Quite frankly, he shouldn't have been on the street."
A lot of criminals shouldn’t be on the streets, particularly those convicted of gun crimes. Many gun and gang crimes in Chicago are drug-related  President Obama has commuted the sentences of many drug offenders, including those whopossessed a gun during the commission of their crimes:
President Obama on Thursday commuted the sentences of nearly 100 federal inmates doing hard time, and almost one in five were in jail partially because of the illegal guns they carried….
Of those who had their terms commuted this week, 19 were behind bars on a combination of drug charges that also involved firearms possession– often multiple counts– usually by a prohibited possessor….
The President commuted 111 federal prisoners in late August, in which a number of those with firearms charges were featured. Earlier the same month he did likewise for 214 inmates including 56 with gun felonies.
Current Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson recently pleaded for stricter penalties for repeat gun offenders after a Chicago Police commander was gunned down:
 Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson renewed his call on Friday for stricter penalties for gun offenders after a police commander was shot at while working on the South Side….
The violence hit close to home late Thursday when Noel Sanchez, commander of the South Chicago police district, was shot at while working the streets in the 8800 block of South Saginaw Avenue. The gunman fled to a nearby home, touching off an hourslong standoff with a SWAT team before five people were taken into custody early Friday. Multiple guns were also recovered.
Johnson cited the incident as an example of how gang members have become more emboldened, in part because of what the superintendent considers lenient penalties for gun offenses….
Johnson spoke once again in favor of proposed legislation in Springfield designed to make it harder for judges to impose light sentences for repeat gun offenders. The goal of the legislation is to ensure that they face several years in prison.
He singled out a 21-year-old man as an example of why the legislation is needed. The man was arrested in February on a felony weapons violation and sentenced to seven years in prison in April, police said. But he was assigned to boot camp and was already out on parole Aug. 22 when he was arrested again for gun possession in the West Side's Austin community.
Every month in Chicago there’s a mass murder fostered by liberals who blame the NRA and not the criminals who kill the innocents. Outlawing bump stocks will not make Chicago’s streets safer. Let the liberal politicians, Hollywood celebs and NFL millionaires come to Chicago and take a knee for the victims of their lax law enforcement and sanctuary city policies.
Daniel John Sobieski is a free lance writer whose pieces have appeared in Investor’s Business Daily, Human Events, Reason Magazine and the Chicago Sun-Times among other publications.


All full of tears and flapdoodle. Democrats are returning Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein's campaign contributions in the wake of revelations that he was a voracious sexual predator. But not to Weinstein, whose donations are tainted by the...

Democrats launder Harvey Weinstein's dirty dollars

All full of tears and flapdoodle. Democrats are returning Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein's campaign contributions in the wake of revelations that he was a voracious sexual predator. But not to Weinstein, whose donations are tainted by the supposed disconnect between the women's rights they claim to champion and Weinstein's porcine behavior: Just to themselves.
They're laundering Harvey's dirty dollars through Democrat front groups dedicated to electing more Democrats. These include Emily's List, Emerge America, and Higher Heights. And it's only a fraction of what Weinstein donated to the Democratic National Committee anyway: $30,000 out of a collective total of $300,000. They'd rather keep the rest. They also ignore the inconvenient detail about Weinstein himself, whose money is being given back, and blame Trump.
The Hill reports:
The DNC said it chose the three groups “because what we need is more women in power, not men like [President] Trump who continue to show us that they lack respect for more than half of America.”
Some of the more ambitious Democrats, with eyes to higher office perhaps, such as Sen. Liz Warren of Massachusetts, are redirecting their donations to abused women's shelters, which would probably help the victims of wife-beaters, but not the women abused in the workplace as Weinstein's victims were. What's more their cash amounts are small and it's not much skin off their noses to do it. The cash-strapped DNC is different, however, and it would rather just recycle.
That whole premise of 'electing women leaders' is worth looking at in any case. The Democrats have already elected a lot of 'women in power' and that sure didn't stop Weinstein from being one of their choicest donors while plying his sexual behavior. In fact, it rather empowered Weinstein, who specialized in donating to women's causes, while acting like a predatory pig a his own workplace and even in public. Right now, Weinstein has a $5 million donation in the pipeline to University of Southern California's famed film school for the creation of more .... women directors. He also was a bigtime donor to Planned Parenthood, which the left's idea of what women's rights amount to, and rubbed elbows with all the right feminist causes. Feminist causes seemed to be his 'beard' for barbarism because he knew his money would always get these pompous, self-regarding feminist groups to look the other way.
It was the same way for women politicians. Hillary Clinton took in big dollars from Weintein to become president and that sure didn't signal any virtuous intentions from Weinstein, who kept on harassing the interns back at the studio. Would electing another Kamala Harris have prevented Weinstein from preying on Hollywood neophyte actresses and paying hush money to harassed production assistants? Harris of course took cash from Weinstein in 2014, so it's safe to say that her election most certainly didn't. What two of them or ten of them would do, would be just as useless. The reality is, the trope of 'electing more women leaders' is an old argument feminism's critics have blasted at Democrats and feminists as empowering only an out-of-touch feminist elite, not the average working girl subject to predators like Weinstein. Laundering Weinstein's cash through this rationale can only be an insult.

Hillary, Billary and Harvey Weinstein and their boy Obomb….. new definitions of


…. The parasitism of  Hillary,  Billary, Obomb, Heffner, Cosby, Weinstein and the rest.

Champagne, caviar and the after-hours 

'office tour': Former waitress details her 

personal experience with Harvey 

Weinstein's 'sleazy' ways

Jade Budowski worked as a waitress in 

Weinstein's office building last year

Young writer speaks out about film 

producer's 'sleazy' ways in essay Saturday

  • Says the married father of five brought a 

  • string of young dates into Tribeca Grill

  • Inevitably took the women upstairs for 

  • 'office tour' while food sat cold, she says

  • Mogul 'slurped and splattered' his soup 

  • and had the food tastes of a 'toddler'

  • Weinstein has settled numerous sex 

  • harassment suits, report revealed 

  • Thursday

  • Budowski says he was 'every bit the 

  • sleazy Hollywood caricature' reports claim
A former waitress has spoken out about her personal experience with Harvey Weinstein's 'sleazy' ways.
Writer Jade Budowski, who worked last year at Manhattan's buzzy Tribeca Grill in the ground floor of the film mogul's office building, detailed her experience in a scathing essay on Saturday for the New York Post.
'Harvey Weinstein was every bit the sleazy caricature recent reports have made him out to be,' Budowski wrote.
Weinstein, 65, has come under withering fire following a Thursday report revealing he has settled sexual harassment claims from at least eight women over the past three decades.
Now Budowski reveals that the married father of five was a fixture in the upscale Tribeca Grill, which is owned by Robert DeNiro.
Scroll down for video 
Writer Jade Budowski, who worked last year at Manhattan's buzzy Tribeca Grill in the ground floor of Weinstein's office building, detailed her experience in a scathing essay
Writer Jade Budowski, who worked last year at Manhattan's buzzy Tribeca Grill in the ground floor of Weinstein's office building, detailed her experience in a scathing essay
Weinstein, 65, has come under withering fire following a Thursday report revealing he has settled sexual harassment claims from at least eight women over the past three decades
Weinstein, 65, has come under withering fire following a Thursday report revealing he has settled sexual harassment claims from at least eight women over the past three decades
Weinstein's food tastes were those of a 'toddler' though, she wrote: 'well-done' fries, chopped-up fettuccine, ice cream with extra sprinkles and French onion soup 'that he would slurp and splatter all over the booth'.
The movie mogul's tastes in women were equally predictable, with a steady stream of dates who appeared barely 21, and looked 'vaguely European, always beautiful, stylishly dressed, and totally out of place next to someone like him'.
If the women were sitting at the bar when Weinstein arrived, even if they'd requested to wait for him there, Budowski says he would fly into a rage, screaming at the servers: 'Why the f**k isn't she at the table?' 
At one of Weinstein's favored tables in the back of the dining room, the dates would proceed along a regular formula: 'Champagne, caviar, and an unspoken rule that Weinstein and his date not be disturbed.'
'We all knew what was in store for her,' a former coworker recalled to Budowski. 
'After a little small talk and a sip of champagne, there would be an "office tour" - usually well past working hours, after which the girl would return looking worse for wear and barely able to finish the glass.'
Married father-of-five Weinstein was a fixture in the upscale Tribeca Grill (pictured), which is owned by Robert DeNiro, according to Budowski
Married father-of-five Weinstein was a fixture in the upscale Tribeca Grill (pictured), which is owned by Robert DeNiro, according to Budowski
Weinstein is seen in September. Budowski says he brought a string of young twenty-somethings to the restaurant in his office building
Weinstein is seen in September. Budowski says he brought a string of young twenty-somethings to the restaurant in his office building
At one of Weinstein's favored tables in the back of Tribeca Grill (pictured), the dates would proceed along a regular formula: Champagne, caviar, and an after-hours 'office tour' upstairs
At one of Weinstein's favored tables in the back of Tribeca Grill (pictured), the dates would proceed along a regular formula: Champagne, caviar, and an after-hours 'office tour' upstairs
These so-called 'office tours' would sometimes last hours, while at Weinstein's insistence their table sat untouched, food growing cold, the ex-waitress said.
Not all of his dates were put off by this routine, apparently, with some of them returning for second or third dates with the powerful producer.
Staff at the restaurant were terrorized though, claims Budowski, fearing Weinstein's penchant for 'inappropriate touching'.
Budowksi left the Tribeca Grill in January and has gone on to work as an arts and entertainment journalist. 
One-third of the nine-man board at Harvey Weinstein's company resigned after the harassment allegations became public.
The company declined to comment on Budowski's recollections. 
But the Weinstein Company has launched an internal probe into the claims against their disgraced co-founder, and confirmed he would take an indefinite leave of absence.

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ICE director throws down the gauntlet to Governor Brown

Governor Jerry Brown just signed a bill making California a sanctuary state and the acting director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) is challenging his ability to protect criminal illegals from deportation.
Thomas Homan issued a statement saying that despite the declaration of California as a sanctuary state, ICE will continue to act even if it means there will be little cooperation from state law enforcement.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director Thomas Homan said in a statement Friday that California Gov. Jerry Brown's (D) decision to sign the law, SB54, would "undermine public safety and hinder ICE from performing its federally mandated mission." 
Under California's new law, state and local police will have major restrictions in how and when they can collaborate with federal agents on immigration investigations and arrests.
One notable provision in the law is it prohibits so-called immigration holds, requests from ICE to local authorities to hold a prisoner or detainee longer than the constitutionally mandated period.
Opponents say a hold, also known as a detainer, constitutes a violation of a detainee's constitutional rights, and their enforcement puts local authorities at risk of liability.
Immigration holds used to be considered a courtesy that state law enforcement gladly gave federal immigration authorities. Now it's a serious violation of a criminal illegal's constitutional rights?
Supporters, chief among them Homan and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, say detainers are necessary so arrests of dangerous immigrants can be made in the confines of jails and prisons. 
"ICE will have no choice but to conduct at-large arrests in local neighborhoods and at work sites, which will inevitably result in additional collateral arrests, instead of focusing on arrests at jails and prisons where transfers are safer for ICE officers and the community," Homan warned.
Still, California's new law allows for ICE agents to interview and arrest detainees in local facilities, as long as they have a judicial warrant, in keeping with due process protections in the constitution.
Homan and others in the Trump administration have long argued that judicial warrants are unviable in immigration enforcement and that detainers are "legally defensible." 
Homan also warned that under SB54, ICE  would "likely have to detain individuals arrested in California in detention facilities outside of the state, far from any family they may have in California." 
"Ultimately, SB54 helps shield removable aliens from immigration enforcement and creates another magnet for more illegal immigration, all at the expense of the safety and security of the very people it purports to protect," Homan said.
Donald Trump ordered the hiring of 10,000 more immigration enforcement agents so the federal government wouldn't have to rely so heavily on state and local law enforcement to remove criminal illegals. If California refuses to hold a deportable illegal alien, there will be an ICE agent right there in the police station to take custody of them.
The courts are apparently not going to force local jurisdictions to cooperate with ICE. So to get the job done, ICE is going to have to rely on its own resources. One way or another, many of the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens in the US who have been charged or convicted of a felony will be shown the door or jailed. 

By Frosty Wooldridge

Mexicans cheat, distribute drugs, lie, forge documents, steal and kill as if it’s a normal way of life. For them, it is. Mexico’s civilization stands diametrically opposed to America’s culture.

The legal age of sexual consent in Mexico is 12 years old. Sex with children at this age and younger is socially acceptable in Mexico. For example: A Mexican Lopez-Mendez pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a 10 year old girl in West Virginia.

REMITTANCES ….. are only part of Mexico’s looting… and billions for anchor  baby breeders, billions for heroin sales and then do the numbers!

Mexicans abroad sent home nearly $2.4 billion in transfers in November, 24.7 percent higher than a year earlier, marking their fastest pace of expansion since March 2006, according to Mexican central bank data on Monday…

“According to the Centers for Immigration Studies, April '11, at least 70% of Mexican illegal alien families receive some type of welfare in the US!!!”

So when cities across the country declare that they will NOT be sanctuary, guess where ALL the illegals, criminals, gang members fleeing ICE will go???? straight to your welcoming city. So ironically the people fighting for sanctuary city status, may have an unprecedented crime wave to deal with along with the additional expense.
$17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies.
$12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of English.
$22 billion is spent on (AFDC) welfare to illegal aliens each year.
$2.2 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs such as (SNAP) food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens.
$3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens.
30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens. Does not include local jails and State Prisons.
2012 illegal aliens sent home $62 BILLION in remittances back to their countries of origin. This is why Mexico is getting involved in our politics.
$200 Billion Dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal aliens.
Nearly One Million Sex Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants In The United States.









DACA Amnesty, Chain Migration Threatens English as Primary U.S. Language

The English language remains the key behind the United States’ common culture, but with talks of amnesty for illegal aliens and the potential mass immigration that would follow, American English’s future is on rocky ground.

Under a deal being pushed by White House Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short – who formerly led a ‘Never Trump’ effort inside the pro-open borders Koch brothers’ organizations – the Republican establishment, and Democrats not only would the estimated 800,000 illegal aliens currently shielded by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program receive amnesty, but millions more as well.
As Breitbart News reported, any form of amnesty for illegal aliens would potentially lead to a massive chain migration, primarily from Mexico, into the U.S. that could reach upwards of eight million foreign nationals. In addition, the amnesty could result in a surge at the U.S.-Mexico border, where hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens may attempt to enter the country.
Also, the amnesty could be expanded years later to include all 12 to 30 million illegal aliens residing in the U.S., creating a chain migration of hundreds of millions that would expand in decades afterward.
These realities of amnesty for illegal aliens put America’s most sacred and shared common tradition at risk: American English.
The vast majority of DACA recipients and the current immigrant population are Mexican nationals. An amnesty would certainly balloon the Mexican national population in the U.S. to historic, unprecedented levels.
In Mexico, though, English language rates remain incredibly poor. The latest researchconducted by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness showed that only five percent of the Mexican population “speak this language or understand it.”
Meanwhile, the U.S. now surpasses Spain as the second country in the world with the most Spanish speakers, with only Mexico surpassing the U.S., according to the latest research by Instituto Cervantes.
The 2015 study revealed that while American English remains stagnant in the U.S., there are now more than 40 million – mostly immigrant – residents in the U.S. who speak Spanish in the home. An additional almost 12 million speak Spanish and English.
That research backs up a 2015 study conducted by the Center for Immigration Studies which found that overall, there are now nearly 65 million U.S. residents who speak a foreign language at home, putting downward pressure on local hospitals, schools, and other public services.
In California, alone, the non-English-speaking population is ticking up close to 50 percent, while 35 percent of Texas residents and 34 percent of New Mexico’s residents speak a foreign language at home.
Of the nearly 65 million foreign-speaking U.S. residents, Migration Policy Institute research shows that more than 25 million were “limited” in English proficiency, making up almost half of the entire U.S. immigrant population. The number of foreign nationals lacking English proficiency has more than doubled since the 1980’s.
With current legal and illegal immigration levels, where more than 1.5 million enter the U.S. every year, primarily from Spanish-speaking Central America, the Instituto Cervantes estimates that by 2050, American will surpass Mexico as having the most Spanish-speakers, totaling almost half the U.S. population at 138 million.
With an amnesty for illegal aliens, those Spanish-speaking estimates could come potentially five to ten years quicker, as possibly tens of millions could enter the U.S. more easily over the course of five years.
The trend of the U.S. becoming a majority non-English-speaking country could readily be slowed for the national interest by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Sen. David Perdue’s (R-GA) RAISE Act, which would not only cut legal immigration levels in half but give priority to English-speaking immigrants.
The leading English language group in the U.S., ProEnglish, has endorsed the RAISE Act for the importance it places on English as a defining factor for sustaining America’s common culture:
“The English component is especially necessary,” ProEnglish Executive Director Stephen Guschov said in a news release. “The Clinton-era Executive Order 13166, which has never been repealed, requires all federal funds recipients including hospitals, doctor’s offices and school districts to provide interpreters or translations for non-English speaking persons. And they must pay for it themselves. If they don’t, they face civil rights violations, fines and even jail time.”
“Over a decade ago the General Accounting Office estimated the cost of E.O. 13166 was in the billions of dollars annually. So it is only common sense that if we’re going to be forced to bear the cost of immigrants who can’t speak English, we should require them to speak it before they get a visa and can come into our country,” Guschov says.
“E.O. 13166 heavily impacts the area of health care,” Guschov adds. “Requiring extra translation services for the over 300 languages spoken in this country only increases the cost of health care on all Americans while promoting linguistic divisions.”
“It only makes sense that President Donald Trump add E.O. 13166 to his list of unwise or unconstitutional presidential fiats that should be relegated to the trash can,” Guschov concludes. “After all, a requirement for a green card or U.S. citizenship is that one should be proficient in the English language.”
In 2012, researchers at the Nigerian Ahmadu Bello University studied the importance of a common language on a nation. The study ultimately concluded that a national language brings national unity, while also serving as an equalizer for a nation’s differing groups.
For decades, populist Republicans have tried to make English the official language of the U.S. Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann famously campaigned for president in the 2012 GOP primary on the issue.
Now, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is one of the biggest proponents of it, authoring legislation this year titled the “English Language Unity Act.” Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) has recently introduced the Senate version of King’s bill. So far, the legislation has 64 supporters thus far in the House and Senate.
“The most unifying force in the world has always been a common language,” King said in a statement. “Almost without exception, every nation-state, including the Vatican, has at least one official language – except the United States. My English Language Unity Act requires all official functions of the United States to be conducted in English.”
John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.




“That Washington-imposed policy of mass-immigration floods the market with foreign laborspikes profits and Wall Street values by cutting salaries for manual and skilled labor offered by blue-collar and white-collar employees. It also drives up real estate priceswidens wealth-gaps, reduces high-tech investment, increases state and local tax burdens, hurts kids’ schools and college education, pushes Americans away from high-tech careers, and sidelines at least 5 million marginalized Americans and their families, including many who are now struggling with opioid addictions.” ---- NEIL MUNRO