Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mexicans Come Out For Trump - STOP THE MEXICAN LOOTERS THEY SAY! But LA RAZA Hillary Clinton says illegals are her "unregistered dems".

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Hillary and Billary have had a long history of 
hispandering to the Mexican fascist party of 
LA RAZA which is funded with U.S. tax 
dollars and operates out of the Obama white 

Hillary Clinton, during those few days she was
Senator of the State of New York, was an open
advocate for CHAIN MIGRATION, which 
would enable each and every looting Mexican
to bring on up the rest of their family for 
gringo picking!
"Magnon voted for Hillary Clinton in 2008, 
but now considers her corrupt. She had high 
hopes for President Obama before she saw 
how he handled immigration and national 

When she hears Trump talk about building a
wall to keep out those not legally entitled to 
enter the country, she isn’t offended. She’s 
reassured: “He said the Mexicans who are 
crossing are rapists and murderers. Well, he’s 
right. He’s not talking about us. He’s talking 
about the illegals.”

"Three Illegal Alien Convicted Rapists Arrested Sneaking Back into Texas."  see the article below

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“Living in a border town, I’ve seen how it’s 
changed, where the maids we have here, 
illegally, they’re not leaving. They’re having 
kids here, they get Medicaid, food stamps
WIC. It is just unbelievable what they get,” 
she said.

"Now, Magnon said, migrants who cross 
illegally seem to stay and apply for welfare, 
such as the federally funded Women, Infants
and Children program (WIC), which provides 
food, healthcare referrals and nutrition 
education to low-income mothers with young 

"Unless someone stops the flow of illegal 
immigration and stabilizes the economy, Gil 
worries, “Our kids are going to be working 
like psychos for the deadbeats.”

How Donald Trump scored a win in Texas border country

Patti Magnon grew up on the other side of the Rio Grande — in the adjacent Mexican city known as Nuevo Laredo.
But the border here has never been a barrier, and Magnon, who has lived on the U.S. side now for years, feels at home in both. “Proud to be an American & a Catholic!” proclaims her bio on Twitter. “Love my Mexican heritage! An immigrant is not the same as an illegal immigrant.”
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Remittances to Mexico Fall as Immigration, Incomes Stagnate

By Jesus CaƱas and Pia Orrenius
Southwest Economy, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, First Quarter 2016