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TWO MORE CALIFORNIA SHITBAG LYING LAWYERS - GLORIA ALLRED AND LISA BLOOM - Two reminders that lawyers are nothing but parasite sociopaths!

Feminist Lawyer Gloria Allred  Accused of Telling Harvey Weinstein Accuser to Stay Silent

Discrimination attorney Gloria Allred, representing alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein, talks to the press outside the US Federal Court on August 27, 2019 in New York. - Jeffrey Epstein, 66, had been charged with sex trafficking of minors, a case that grew out of reports that he had been treated …

Feminist power attorney Gloria Allred reportedly told an alleged victim of Harvey Weinstein to stay silent as part of a settlement deal with the disgraced Hollywood producer, according to the New York Times reporters who initially broke the Weinstein scandal.

Times reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey revealed in a recent episode of the newspaper’s podcast “The Daily” that Allred’s firm advised the accuser — dancer Ashley Anderson — to settle with Weinstein for $125,000. As part of the deal, she was barred from talking publicly about her allegations against the producer.
Anderson, who now goes by Ashley Matthau, alleged that Weinstein approached her while she was working on the 2004 movie Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights in Puerto Rico. She claims that she met Weinstein in his hotel room where he masturbated on top of her.
“The restrictive clauses that go along with these settlements are remarkable,” Twohey said in the podcast. “Women oftentimes can’t tell their husbands. They can’t tell their colleagues. If they want to see a therapist, the therapist has to sign a confidentiality clause.”
Twohey said the alleged Weinstein victim was breaking her settlement by talking to reporters. “She is deciding that she’s willing to face the legal risks because she feels that strongly about telling the world about what happened to her,” the reporter said.

New alleged victim of Harvey Weinstein, Natassia Malthe (L) and Attorney Gloria Allred speak during a press conference held at Lotte New York Palace at Lotte New York Palace on October 25, 2017 in New York City. (Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Senator Hillary Clinton and Miramax boss Harvey Weinstein arrive at the Brooklyn Museum for the premiere of Miramax Films ‘Finding Neverland’ October 25, 2004 in New York City. (Evan Agostini/Getty Images)
Gloria Allred has promoted herself as a tireless defender of women and has taken on clients against Bill Cosby and the late Jeffrey Epstein.
In the Times podcast, the reporters also reveal that Matthau, the alleged victim, also claims that Allred warned her that she wouldn’t admit that her law firm had represented her in the case. Matthau also told the reporters that Allred’s firm took a 40 percent cut of the settlement.
It was only after the scale of Weinstein’s alleged misconduct became public in 2017 that Allred took a more public role, by holding press conferences and talking about the women she represented against Weinstein.
“I felt like she wanted basically all the media attention,” Matthau told the reporters. “Like it — once it became a big story, then she wanted to be a part of it. But when it was not in front of the cameras, it was something that she didn’t.”
Times reporters Kantor and Twohey recently published the book She Said, which delves into the scandal and the newspaper’s role in breaking it.
In an earlier podcast episode last week, the reporters discussed Allred’s daughter, feminist attorney Lisa Bloom.
She Said  reveals that Bloom tried to discredit actress Rose McGowan, who has claimed that Weinstein assaulted her. The book says that Bloom, who briefly advised Weinstein after the scandal broke in 2017, offered to place articles in media outlets that would portray the Grindhouse actress as unstable.
“I feel equipped to help you handle the Roses of the world because I have represented so many of them,” Bloom wrote in a memo to Weinstein that is excerpted in the book.
Bloom later resigned from Weinstein’s team and has since apologized. McGowan has called for Bloom to be disbarred.

Like her mother, Bloom has promoted herself as a defender of women’s causes and has represented women in sexual harassment cases.



Lindsey Graham Calls On The DOJ To Investigate Joe Biden's Connections To Ukraine

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman on Sunday called on the Department of Justice to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden's relationship to Ukraine. 
"You are calling for a probe, by the DOJ, into all things Ukraine," Fox News' Maria Bartiromo said during an interview.
"Yeah, I want the Department of Justice to appoint someone to look at the role Ukraine played, if any, in the 2016 elections," Graham explained. "There are a lot of allegations out there about Ukraine may have fed information to the Democrats [and the] Department of Justice against Trump campaign managers and others. And I think it's fair after what the Trumps are going through regarding Russia, that somebody look at the connection with the Bidens while the vice president was a sitting vice president, the Biden connection to the Ukraine through its son."
"Now you can't have it one way and look at one family and not the other. And I don't trust the media to do this and I'm hoping somebody that the Department of Justice will appoint an investigator to look at all things Ukraine, like we looked at all things Russia," Graham said. 
Graham's call for an investigation comes after reports of President Donald Trump's calls with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged Zelenski to work with Rudy Giuliani to investigate Biden over widely discredited allegations of impropriety, the Wall Street Journal reported. Giuliani has suggested that the vice president used his power to shied a Ukrainian gas company from an investigation. Biden's son, Hunter, is on the gas company's board of directors.

They Destroyed Our Country
“They knew Obama was an unqualified crook; yet they promoted him. They knew Obama was a train wreck waiting to happen; yet they made him president, to the great injury of America and the world. They understood he was only a figurehead, an egomaniac, and a liar; yet they made him king, doing great harm to our republic (perhaps irreparable.)”

Corruption blinders of the media and other Democrats

Most journalists and Democrats didn’t express any concerns when:
  • VP Biden threatened (promised) Ukraine that he would cut off a billion dollars in aid to them if they didn't fire the prosecutor investigating a company his son was involved with.
  • Hunter Biden got paid $50,000 a month as a board member of a corrupt Ukrainian gas company when he had no expertise on the product of the company.
  • Obama promised the very dangerous Russia and Putin that he would be flexible if he was reelected (somehow no one at FBI or elsewhere was ever concerned that Russia may have tried to influence the 2012 election to elect the flexible president.)
  • Hillary, Obama and many others violated the nation's security laws by using her non-government computer.
  • Obama gave kickbacks to union supporters when he violated the nation's bankruptcy law with the bailout of GM.
  • Obama used taxpayer dollars to reward political supporters like at Solyndra.
  • Hillary, through her family and foundation, got huge amounts of speech money and donations from foreign countries. Russia, for example, got Uranium for their generosity. (If there is any doubt about whether they were kickbacks, that should have disappeared when the donations dried up and speech fees dropped or dried up when she no longer could return favors)
  • Obama shipped over $1 billion in taxpayer money in unmarked bills, to Iran tyrants, who still pledge death to America, to get a deal.
  • Obama dictatorially stopped a years’ long investigation into a billion dollar a year drug running ring by terrorists to appease Iranian tyrants because he was more concerned about his legacy than the safety, health and lives of the American people. 
  • Hillary and the DNC paying over $10 billion to buy a fake dossier from a foreign national to destroy Trump. It appears they didn't think they could beat him based on the truth or their policy proposals. 
  • Obama and his administration, including the FBI, Justice Department, the intelligence agencies and the State Department, using the fake dossier as a source for FISA warrants and to infiltrate the Trump campaign with informants. (they obviously didn't believe their record or policies would win the votes). Instead of the media and other Democrats caring about this pure corruption they have participated in perpetuating the lies about Russian collusion for over three years.
  • The Obama Administration, at the Justice Department, EPA and CFPB using taxpayer money for political purposes and political supporters by creating slush funds from money confiscated from businesses that they pretended would go to victims. 
If the media and Democrats want to investigate anything, how about a possible corrupt payback from Netflix to Obama? Obama gave the very wealthy Netlfix, Google and others huge financial benefits with net neutrality and Netflix gave the Obama's a huge contract even though they had no video production expertise or experience. It is similar to paying Biden's son huge amounts of money with no expertise. 
But now when President Trump may have said something to a foreign leader about investigating corruption by Biden's son, that is supposed to be an impeachable offense. Shouldn't a President want political corruption by politicians to be investigated? Shouldn't the media and other Democrats be more concerned about the corruption itself than the phone call?
From this story, it appears that the media and other Democrats believe that every phone call that Trump makes to a foreign leader should become public knowledge if any bureaucrat makes a whistle blower report when they disagree with something the president does. That would certainly be cumbersome, and foreign leaders would no longer want to have discussions if every discussion could be made public. 
Elizabeth Warren says she wants to get rid of corruption but not once have I heard her complain about the massive corruption during the Obama years or at her precious CFPB, so she really doesn't care. 
Isn't it odd that no bureaucrats seemed to care about the corruption of Obama/Biden?  It shows why we need to drain the swamp.

The judge found these releases, together with the publication of Clinton’s secret speeches to Wall Street banks, in which she pledged to be their representative, were “matters of the highest public concern.” They “allowed the American electorate to look behind the curtain of one of the two major political parties in the United States during a presidential election.”


“Clinton also failed to mention how he and Hillary cashed in after his presidential tenure to make themselves multimillionaires, in part by taking tens of millions in speaking fees from Wall Street bankers.”



Is it a signal that she's back in the game because she's selling her president-ability to the world's global billionaire crowd and laying the groundwork for more funds?  There are all kinds of ways for foreign billionaires to get money to the U.S. without consequences, after all.  What's more, it's pretty much the biggest base of support she has, which is at least one reason why she lost the 2016 election.
“The couple parlayed lives supposedly spent in “public service”
into admission into the upper stratosphere of American wealth, with incomes in the top 0.1 percent bracket. The source of this vast wealth was a political
machine that might well be dubbed “Clinton, Inc.” This consists essentially of
a seedy money-laundering operation to ensure big business support for the
Clintons’ political ambitions as well as their personal fortunes.
The basic components of the operation are lavishly paid speeches to Wall Street and Fortune 500 audiences, corporate campaign contributions, and donations to the ostensibly philanthropic Clinton Foundation.”
"But what the Clintons do is criminal because they do it wholly at the expense of the American people. And they feel thoroughly entitled to do it: gain power, use it to enrich themselves and their friends. They are amoral, immoral, and venal. Hillary has no core beliefs beyond power and money. That should be clear to every person on the planet by now."  ----  Patricia McCarthy -

THE DEMOCRAT PARTY’S BILLIONAIRES’ GLOBALIST EMPIRE requires someone as ruthlessly dishonest as Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama to be puppet dictators.

1.     Globalism: Google VP Kent Walker insists that despite its repeated rejection by electorates around the world, “globalization” is an “incredible force for good.”

2.     Hillary Clinton’s Democratic party: An executive nearly broke down crying because of the candidate’s loss. Not a single executive expressed anything but dismay at her defeat.

3.   Immigration: Maintaining liberal immigration in the U.S is the policy that Google’s executives discussed the most.

Democrats as a protection racket? Ed Buck makes it a trifecta

The New York Times has been trying to dismiss the arrest of Ed Buck, a Democratic fatcat who had a thing for injecting young black men with drugs before paying them for sex, as a "small-time Democratic donor," but the facts on the ground suggest he was a rather big one. And maybe that's a function of the paper's desire to protect its masters, the Democrats. They aren't known as Democratic operatives with bylines for nothing.
Fox Business has a rundown:
While Buck once identified himself as a conservative Republican, according to the Los Angeles Times, he became a national figure when he spearheaded the effort to impeach Arizona’s Republican Gov. Evan Mecham in the 1980s. He later made large donations to Democrats, including more than $500,000 since 2007, according to court documents filed by Moore's mother in a wrongful death suit pertaining to her son.
At the federal level, those include contributions to prominent Washington lawmakers as well as 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. At the local level, Buck has donated more than $51,000 to Los Angeles city and county officials, candidates, and affiliated parties dating to 2008.
In 2012, Buck contributed $100 to the campaign for Jackie Lacey for Los Angeles County District Attorney, and four years later, gave $1,400 to Eric Garcetti for Mayor of Los Angeles. Both Lacey and Garcetti still hold their titles.
The highest contribution was $13,000, according to the court papers, to former West Hollywood Mayor John Duran when he ran for county supervisor in 2014.
That doesn't sound too small-time to me.
And in fact, his ideological switcheroo sounds as though he found the Democrats a more suitable protection racket for his perversions than the Republicans. Who needs political beliefs when the real belief is perversion and that's what he needs protected?
It's actually part of the pattern with these scandals. Pervert with big vices donates cash to Democrats to ensure his protection from the cops. Harvey Weinstein knew it, that was what his Planned Parenthood and other woke cause donations bought for him - a capacity to prey on young actresses trying to win roles. Jeffrey Epstein knew it too, donating to leftist Bill Clinton causes in order to buy enough influence to enable him to prey on underage girls with impunity, spiriting them to his pervert island for himself along with his highly connected Democrat buddies. Both had added payoffs in that Weinstein then had the power to threaten actresses and reporters who threatened to tell on him, while Epstein had blackmail material on very powerful people which kept them on his string.
Now we have the sorry case of Ed Buck, a creep who enjoyed paying for sex with young black men while poisoning them with drugs, and then relying on his political donations to ensure the cops looked the other way. Note that quite a few of his donations were to Los Angeles local officials, all of them Democrats. Assuming this tweet's images are not manipulated, look at the range of Buck's Democrats:  Democratic donor Ed Buck arrested on drug charges after new overdose at his West Hollywood home! @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @SenSchumer @tedlieu @HillaryClinton @CBSThisMorning @GayleKing I see 3 dead people killed by Ed Buck ... WTF? @FBI @LAPDWestLA

Democratic donor Ed Buck arrested on drug charges after new overdose at his West Hollywood home

A THIRD death in this guy's house. WTF!? Ed Buck donated money to Chuck Schumer, Ted Lieu, & Hillary Clinton... was given a free pass / no repercussions after the first two black guys died (18 months apart) from drug fueled speed & poppers homosexual parties.. @CBSNews

Combine it with media malfeasance - the mainstream media tried to turn down Ronan Farrow's report on Weinstein, it tried to pin the Epstein scandal on President Trump, and now it's trying to persuade us that Buck was just small fry, and the protection racket seems complete.
With so many of these perverts turning up in the Democrat donor base as well as organizations such as Planned Parenthood, one wonders if these are the only ones out there. Is the Democratic Party held together in no small part by freaks using politics as their 'vaccination' from scrutiny? Are their perversions and the need to protect them at the root of why these groups are so powerful and Democrats are so extreme and inflexible on issues such as abortion? Might that be why they're so out of step with even the Democratic voting public? And why are the Democrats the more hospitable party for such a sorry scenario? Why are they the party of perverts? It actually isn't just these three, it's quite a few of them as I noted here. A lot of such characters have turned up in a very, very short time and the pattern is exactly the same for each. How many more are there? What does Ted Lieu, Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton and other Democrats who've benefited from Buck's bucks have to say about this? And why aren't all of the Democrats confronting this? 
Image credit: Twitter screen shot
SENATOR DIANNE FEINSTEIN: I got rich, really, rich, selling out my country as my husband/pimp paid out bribes to other DEM POLS so they would keep their mouths closed about our corruption!

IN THE November 2006 election, the voters demanded congressional ethics reform. And so, the newly appointed chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., is now duly in charge of regulating the ethical behavior of her colleagues. But for many years, Feinstein has been beset by her own ethical conflict of interest, say congressional ethics experts.
“All in all, it was an incredible victory for the Chinese government. Feinstein has done more for Red China than other any serving U.S. politician. “ Trevor Loudon
“Our entire crony capitalist system, Democrat and Republican alike, has become a kleptocracy approaching par with third-world hell-holes.  This is the way a great country is raided by its elite.” ---- Karen McQuillan  AMERICAN

Judicial Watch: Only Crimes in Russia Scandal Are from ‘Obama Gang’

Katie Pavlich's Latest Books, Fast and Furious: Barack Obama's Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up are available on Amazon


“The watchdogs at Judicial Watch discovered documents that reveal how the Obama administration's close coordination with the Mexican government entices Mexicans to hop over the fence and on to the American dole.”  Washington Times





Barack Obama’s Russia Connection



If Obama was a fully recruited agent of Moscow, tasked with giving Russia a significant military advantage over the United States, and economically weakening and socially dividing the nation, how would he have conducted his presidency (or his post-presidency) any differently? TREVOR LOUDON


We are all victims of the Obama cabal’s collusion with Russia – President Trump’s voters and all Americans who believe in our free and fair election process.



Democrats Allow Communists to Infiltrate Their Party Across the Nation

“Obama’s new home in Washington has been described as the “nerve center” of the anti-Trump opposition. Former attorney general Eric Holder has said that Obama is “ready to roll” and has aligned himself with the “resistance.” Former high-level Obama campaign staffers now work with a variety of groups organizing direct action against Trump’s initiatives. “Resistance School,” for example, features lectures by former campaign executive Sara El-Amine, author of the Obama Organizing.”
“Professor Paul Kengor has extensively researched the Chicago communists whose progeny include David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, and Barack Hussein Obama.  Add the openly Marxist, pro-communist Ayers, and you have many of the key players who put Obama into power.”
We are all victims of the Obama cabal’s collusion with Russia – President Trump’s voters and all Americans who believe in our free and fair election process.





“Obama’s new home in Washington has been described as the “nerve center” of the anti-Trump opposition. Former attorney general Eric Holder has said that Obama is “ready to roll” and has aligned himself with the “resistance.” Former high-level Obama campaign staffers now work with a variety of groups organizing direct action against Trump’s initiatives. “Resistance School,” for example, features lectures by former campaign executive Sara El-Amine, author of the Obama Organizing.”

BARACK OBAMA: Was he America’s first closet Communist president?

Obama choose Communists and Marxists for the highest, most powerful positions in our land, including his closest political advisors, and his head of the CIA.  These facts are not in dispute.  Most are openly admitted by the people in question, as necessary damage control.  Our press chooses not to report them.
Professor Paul Kengor has extensively researched the Chicago communists whose progeny include David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, and Barack Hussein Obama.  Add the openly Marxist, pro-communist Ayers, and you have many of the key players who put Obama into power.

They Destroyed Our Country
“They knew Obama was an unqualified crook; yet they promoted him. They knew Obama was a train wreck waiting to happen; yet they made him president, to the great injury of America and the world. They understood he was only a figurehead, an egomaniac, and a liar; yet they made him king, doing great harm to our republic (perhaps irreparable.)”
These people were engaged in a massive political conspiracy. The Democrats made a decision from the outset—beginning with the election campaign of the favored candidate of Wall Street and the CIA, Hillary Clinton—that they would not oppose Trump on his anti-working-class social policy or his authoritarian hostility to democratic rights and promotion of anti-immigrant racism, but on issues of imperialist foreign policy.
“Obama’s new home in Washington has been described as the “nerve center” of the anti-Trump opposition. Former attorney general Eric Holder has said that Obama is “ready to roll” and has aligned himself with the “resistance.” Former high-level Obama campaign staffers now work with a variety of groups organizing direct action against Trump’s initiatives. “Resistance School,” for example, features lectures by former campaign executive Sara El-Amine, author of the Obama Organizing.”

Barack Obama’s plot for a third term for life 
A Muslim dictatorship like his crony paymasters, the 9-11 invading Saudis who have financed him for decades.

“Obama has the totalitarian impulse. After all, he went around saying he didn't have Constitutional authority to legalize the illegals, and then he tried anyway. The courts stopped him.”
What was Obama’s motive? Simple, he knew if he did that for Hillary, he’d own the next President of the United States, and could blackmail her with the truth till the end of time. It literally would have given him a 3rd and 4th term.
How President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton aided Russia’s quest for global nuclear dominance.

Giuliani Raises Alleged 'Corruption' by Joe Biden and Son As Whistleblower Controversy Swirls

By Susan Jones | September 20, 2019 | 7:44 AM EDT
 ( - Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) told reporters on Thursday he does not know the "specifics" of the "urgent" whistleblower complaint that Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire has so far withheld from Congress.
"I don't know what the complaint has to say in terms of its specifics," Schiff told a news conference on Thursday after a four-hour, closed-door hearing with Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, who deemed the whistleblower complaint "urgent."
"But I can tell you that the speculation about whether this involves a presidential communication -- even if it involved a presidential communication, and I don't know at this point -- that doesn't mean that the (executive) privilege covers it, if that communication is about a crime or fraud," Schiff said.
Schiff has said he will go to court, if necessary, to force the release of the complaint to Congress.
The Washington Post, which broke the story, said the whistleblower complaint made by someone in the intelligence community involves a "promise" President Trump supposedly made to Ukraine. Trump held a July telephone call with the new president of Ukraine, a few weeks before the whistleblower complaint was filed.
By Friday morning, speculation swirled that this has something to do with the Trump administration urging the new president of Ukraine to look into alleged corruption by former Vice President Joe Biden, now one of Trump's potential Democrat rivals in the 2020 election.
(CNN's Alisyn Camerota framed it this way Friday morning: "So did President Trump threaten to withhold billions in aid from Ukraine for political gain?" Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, speaking hypothetically, told CNN on Friday morning: “[I]t is unprecedented for an American president to contact a foreign government for the purpose of initiating an investigation of a political rival.” And Rep. Jackie Speier, a Democrat on the House intelligence committee, told CNN Friday morning: "What we know is zero. So if in fact what is being reported is true, that means that the president of the United States is using taxpayer money to try and have opposition research for his 2020 campaign determined by how much money he gives to a foreign country.")
Enter Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, who went on several cable news shows Thursday night to make the case against Biden:
Giuliani noted that for two years, "there have been allegations from Joe Biden's own mouth," and Giuliani quoted Biden as saying, 'I told the president of the Ukraine you're not going to get your $1.2 billion loan guarantee unless you fire the prosecutor." The Ukrainian prosecutor in question was investigating Biden's son Hunter for corruption.
Giuliani told "Fox News," "What I was urging the Ukrainian government to do was not to do something embarrassing to Joe Biden. I was urging the government of the Ukraine to investigate extraordinarily serious allegations of corruption."
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe set the speculation swirling Thursday night in an interview with CNN's "Anderson Cooper."
McCabe was discussing why the Acting Director of National Intelligence did not refer the whistleblower complaint to Congress, which normally happens, but instead involved the Justice Department:
So for instance, we don't know this, this is speculation. But if the department and the dni made the conclusion that the president's conduct was potentially criminal conduct, they could then argue that's not an intelligence matter and therefore not under the purview of the DNI.
Now a scenario in which that might take place could be if, for instance, the president had a conversation with a foreign leader in which he promised some sort of assistance to that country for, let's say, return of assistance in his re-election campaign. That, of course, would likely be criminal activity and could be qualified by the Department of Justice as not an intelligence matter.
"Right," Anderson Cooper replied. "We should just point out again, we do not know the nature of this."
"We do not," McCabe agreed.
Schiff is particularly annoyed that the whistleblower complaint was withheld from Congress, as he told PBS Thursday night:
We got answers to the fact that this is, for example, the first time that a director of national intelligence has ever withheld a complaint from Congress. Whether the inspector general finds it credible or not credible, the practice has always been to provide it to Congress.
Here, it was found to be credible, it was found to be urgent. And it is unprecedented to be deprived this way.
It was also clear from the testimony that the Department of Justice has weighed in, in a way that it never has before in a whistle-blower complaint. It's also clear, I think, that the issue is not the classification of the intelligence. Many people have said, well, other presidents have asserted that they have the right to declassify intelligence or provide classified information to the Congress.
That's apparently not the issue either. And so the question is, why is this being withheld from Congress? Is this an effort to cover up impropriety? Who does the complaint involve?
And, most seriously, if this is urgent, and they're not allowing Congress to deal with it, and they're not allowing the inspector general to deal with it, then it's going unaddressed and we're at risk.
"Forget Biden," Giuliani told Fox News's Laura Ingraham Thursday night.
"The vice president of the United States bribed a foreign official, isn't that a matter of grave concern to this country? Whether it's Joe Biden or not? I will tell you what Joe Biden did out of his own mouth.
"Joe Biden said to the president of the Ukraine, you're not going to get your $1.2 billion loan guarantee unless you fire the prosecutor. The crime of bribery is defined in the Ukraine, as well as all of the world, as the following: You cannot offer something of value in exchange for official action. The something of value is the $1.2 billion loan guarantee. The official action is telling him he's got to fire the prosecutor. That's a crime. Prima fascia," Giuliani said.
"We have a motive. The prosecutor was investigating Joe Biden's son for over two years, taking $5 million in money that went from Ukraine to Latvia, to Cyprus, to Joe Biden's little crazy company that he had. Which follows $1.5 billion that went into that same company from China. The partners of the company are Joe Biden's son, John Kerry's son, and "Whitey" Bulger's nephew. I didn't make that up, Laura."
Appearing with CNN's Chris Cuomo Thursday night, an angry Giuliani said this all began as he investigated "a tremendous amount of collusion" between the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC and Ukraine: In the course of that investigation, "I found out this incredible story about Joe Biden, that he bribed the president of the Ukraine in order to fire a prosecutor who was investigating his son.
"That is an astounding scandal of major proportions which all of you have covered up for about five or six months," Giuliani told Cuomo. "You've also covered up the fact that Biden and his son took $1.5 billion out of China. And that's why the president thinks you're a corrupt media, because if this were President Trump and Donald Trump Jr. and they took millions of dollars from a corrupt oligarch in the Ukraine and they took $1.5 billion out of China while the president was negotiating with China, you would be screaming and yelling and going crazy about how corrupt it is.
"And because it's Joe Biden and he's a protected Democrat, you don't cover it. This scandal is a scandal of major proportions," Giuliani said.
Cuomo accused Giuliani of "going after political opponents of Mr. Trump."
"I'm the president's attorney," Giuliani explained. "Joe Biden is presumed innocent. But somebody has got to investigate him..."
"Did you ask the Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden?" Cuomo asked.
"No, actually I didn't," Giuliani said. "I asked Ukraine to investigate the allegations that there was interference in the election of 2016 by the Ukrainians for the benefit of Hillary Clinton for which there already--"
"You never asked anything about Hunter Biden?" Cuomo interrupted. "You never asked anything about Joe Biden to the prosecutor?"
"The only thing I asked is to get to the bottom of how it was that the guy (Ukrainian prosecutor) who was appointed dismissed the case against Antac (a George Soros group).
"So you did ask Ukraine to look into Joe Biden," Cuomo said.
"Of course I did," Giuliani said.
"You just said you didn't," Cuomo noted.
"No, I asked them to look into the allegations which related to my client, which tangentially involved Joe Biden in a massive bribery scheme. Not unlike what he did in China. Explain how the kid (Hunter) got $1.5 billion from China."
The two men argued about whether Giuliani had contradicted himself, and Giuliani tried to clarify: "What I said is this. I asked them to investigate the allegations that relate to the false charges against the president of the United States. Those allegations tangentially involve Biden --" Giuliani started to say.
After some insults back and forth, Giuliani continued: "These are crimes of major proportions, and because they're Democrats, you won't cover it...And you were standing up for two systems of justice. Joe Biden can be involved in bribery. Joe Biden's son can get $1.5 billion from China and you won't cover it. And you want to cover some ridiculous charge that I urged the Ukrainian government to investigate corruption. Well, I did and I'm proud of it."
"Did the president (Trump) ask the president of Ukraine to do the same thing?" Cuomo asked.
Biden's eventual answer was this: "I have no idea. I never asked him that. I don't know if he did, and I wouldn't care if he did. He had every right to do it if he was the president of the United States. He had every right to say to the Ukrainian president, we have two outstanding allegations of massive corruption--"
"Did he (Trump) ask you to do what you were doing?" Cuomo cut in.
"No," Giuliani said. "I did what I did on my own. I told him (Trump) about it afterwards because I'm his lawyer and know how to investigate."
House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) discouraged people from jumping to conclusions on Thursday:
"Look, I know the media always wants to rush when they think something sensationalist, and 9 times out of 10 we find out a lot of that is not true. I think the New York Times has experienced that just in the last week. This is not something I'd ever see the president doing, and I--I would instead of jumping to conclusions, actually get the facts first," he told a news conference.