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Vatican ‘No Comment’ About Hundreds of Predator Priests Abusing 1,000 Children

Bishop Refuses to Resign, Allegedly Returned Priests Accused of Sexual Misconduct to Ministry

Patrick McPartland via Wikipedia/CC

Bishop Richard Malone of Buffalo, New York, is refusing to step down in the wake of leaked documents from the chancery that suggest he mishandled allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct by priests he oversees in his diocese.

“My handling of recent claims from some of our parishioners concerning sexual misconduct with adults unquestionably has fallen short of the standard to which you hold us, and to which we hold ourselves,” Bishop Malone told Catholics of his diocese in a statement posted to the diocese’s website on August 26.
In rejecting the calls for his resignation, Malone said, “The shepherd does not desert the flock at a difficult time.”
As Catholic News Agency reports, several of the allegations involve “boundary violations or sexual misconduct against adults,” which are not addressed in the same way as those against children in the 2002 Charter for Protection of Children and Young People published by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.
The report continues:
However the diocese may have failed its obligations under state law. The Erie County District Attorney has indicated that it is a matter of when, not if, he opens a criminal probe with the Attorney General into Bishop Malone and diocesan administrators. DA John Flynn Jr. told local news if administrators covered-up sex abuse, there are a number of potential charges they could face, such as hindering prosecution or child endangerment.
An investigation by 7 Eyewitness News I-Team into hundreds of church documents exposed how some of the allegations had been handled. Malone reportedly said he inherited the problem of sexual abuse within his diocese.
In one case – that of Father Art Smith – the investigation found students at St. Mary of the Lake school in Hamburg referred to the priest as “The Creeper.” Smith also reportedly exhibited signs of “grooming” and “stalking” an eighth-grade boy. WKBW reported that, in 2011, Smith sent a Facebook message to the boy using the words, “love you.”
According to the documents, Bishop Edward U. Kmiec – the former bishop of Buffalo – suspended Smith, and his parishioners were told he was on “medical leave.”
Nevertheless, the school principal reported to the diocese that Smith continued to show up at the school in 2012.
“This man is a predator and a groomer of young children,” St. Mary’s school principal Kristine Hider told the diocese in a letter. “Something needs to be done…As school principal, I feel the students in grade 8 have been injured and troubled by the actions of this man more than originally thought.”
However, in 2012, with the arrival of Malone – newly appointed by Pope Benedict XVI – Smith made the case to the new bishop he had been rehabilitated after attending a church-directed treatment center.
In November of the same year, Malone returned Smith to ministry as chaplain of the Brothers of Mercy nursing home in Clarence. Smith, however, still had access to hundreds of teens when he heard confessions at the diocese’s Catholic youth conference, held at the Adam’s Mark Hotel.
“If a teacher would have been grooming children and had inappropriate relations with a minor, they would have been fired and lost their license to teach,” Hider wrote to Malone. “Yet a priest that has a history of inappropriate contact with the youth was among the youth ministering the sacrament of Reconciliation.”
According to WKBW:
Malone wrote back to her to say that Smith’s behavior wasn’t technically in violation of the Charter for the Protection of Young People, a 2002 document adopted by American bishops in response to the sexual abuse crisis. He does not specify why he does not consider it a violation of that charter.
In 2013, the regional superior of the Brothers of Mercy wrote to Malone, reporting that Smith had inappropriately touched two young men at the nursing facility.
“We were willing to take a chance with Father Art,” Br. Jude Holzfoerster, wrote to Malone. But due to “his inappropriate conduct with employees…we must terminate Fr. Smith’s work on our campus.”
When Malone reportedly urged Smith to return to treatment, the priest responded, “Just get rid of me. I will not subject myself to that torture again.”
The following year, Smith wrote to Pope Francis that he had served as a priest for 42 years “without incident.”
According to the report:
“My canon lawyer says that there is absolutely no foundation for the way the Church has treated me,” he wrote to the Holy Father.
Later, in an email to one of Malone’s aides, Smith mentioned he retained both civil and canon lawyers and wrote, “They know I was done a severe injustice.”
In May 2015, the documents show Malone wrote to Smith to discuss “beginning to reintegrate your priestly ministry in the Diocese of Buffalo.”
The bishop then granted Smith permission to administer the Eucharist, to hear confessions, and assist other “priests in local parishes.”
Smith’s letter to Pope Francis, however, eventually required some response from Malone.
“Under my watch as diocesan Bishop…” Malone wrote to the Vatican investigative agency, “…contrary to what Father Smith stated in his letter, he once again faced boundary issues.”
“I need to note that in all cases and at all times, I have continued to express fraternal outreach, care, and pastoral support, as well as a concern for Father Art and will continue to do so,” wrote Malone.
The bishop concluded his letter to the Vatican, stating, “On the basis of his cooperation in regard to regular counseling, I have granted Father Smith faculties to function as a priest in the Diocese of Buffalo.”
“He is a person of good moral character and reputation,” Malone also wrote in a letter dated October 5, 2015, endorsing Smith to serve as a chaplain aboard a cruise. “I know nothing which would in any way limit or disqualify him from this ministry. I am unaware of anything in his background which would render him unsuitable to work with minor children.”
In 2017, after four new allegations of sexual misconduct, Malone granted Smith’s request to return as a parish priest. Smith currently lives at the rectory of Blessed Mother Teresa Church in Depew, states the news report. He was again suspended in July following another “substantiated” allegation of sexual misconduct against a minor.
The news investigation team provided the diocese’s statement regarding the report concerning Smith:
In the case of Father Art Smith, previous issues involving boundaries with minors were carefully and properly addressed. He was eventually given limited faculties at a senior living facility but no parish assignment. It wasn’t until March of this year that an allegation of sexual abuse of a minor was presented and immediately investigated. The claim was never ignored.
An editor’s note following the diocesan statement indicates it “makes no mention of the two sexual misconduct allegations made against Smith at Brothers of Mercy,” or of “the 2012 incident at St. Mary of the Lake in Hamburg,” as well as other prior allegations.
“The diocesan statement claims Fr. Smith received ‘no parish assignment,’ but its own records include a letter from Smith in August 2016, when he lists his new address as Blessed Mother Teresa Parish, 496 Terrace Blvd., Depew,” the editor’s note continues.
In a second case investigated by the news team, Father Robert Yetter – who as recently as last week was pastor at St. Mary’s of Swormville – had been accused of unwanted sexual advances by at least three young men in 2017-2018.
Auxiliary Bishop Edward Grosz reportedly referred Yetter for counseling, then wrote that the cases were closed.
Following the report by the news team, the diocese announced it had received a new complaint against Yetter, leading Malone to request the priest’s resignation as pastor of St. Mary’s and to place him on administrative leave while an investigation is conducted.
In one document leaked to the news team, Malone stated, “We have no obligation, I believe, to report to [the media] or anyone else on adult misconduct allegations.”
WKBW reports the diocese is attempting to find out how their documents were leaked. The news story states one diocesan attorney has charged 7 Eyewitness News with hacking their church emails – an accusation the news group states is “false.”
In Malone’s statement rejecting the calls for his resignation, he said he has focused on sexual abuse toward “children and teens” since the publication of the 2002 Charter.
“[R]eflecting on my handling of recent allegations of sexual misconduct with adults, I fear that in seeking to uphold the Charter to the letter, I may have lost sight of the Charter’s spirt, which applies to people of all ages,” the bishop said.
Malone announced that George Richert, the diocese’s communications director, would be stepping down September 7.

Catholic Business Group to Withhold $820,000 Annual Tithe to Vatican

By Michael W. Chapman | September 7, 2018 | 3:29 PM EDT

Pope Francis. (YouTube)
( -- A prominent Catholic business organization, Legatus, has announced that it is withholding its annual tithe to the Vatican -- estimated at $820,000 -- because of the recent revelations about sexual abuse (and cover-up) by some Catholic bishops and because of concerns about how the funds donated to the Holy See are being allocated. 
Legatus, which boasts a membership of more than 5,000 Catholic business leaders, was founded by Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino's Pizza. 
In a Sept. 6 letter to Legatus members, Legatus Chairman and CEO Tom Monaghan says, "Events over the past few weeks have prompted many members to contact the national office and members of the Board of Governors regarding the current crisis in the Church."
Ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, a prominent church leader for the last 40 years and a homosexual
predator who abused at least one boy for years and adult seminarians for decades. (YouTube)
"This is a time when each member of Legatus is truly needed," he states.  "Our mission to study, live and spread the Catholic faith in our business, professional and personal lives is more crucial now than ever."
"We are certainly blessed with the leadership of Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the USCCB, who has called for a 'prompt and thorough examination,' into how the recently uncovered moral and ecclesiastical failings have persisted and what steps are to be taken to remedy this indescribably difficult situation," writes Monaghan. 
"We have also had discussions regarding our (Legatus’) annual tithe to the Holy See, specifically pertaining to how it is being used, and what financial accountability exists within the Vatican for such charitable contributions," he says. "The Board has begun a dialogue along these lines, and in the meantime has decided to place the Holy See annual tithe in escrow, pending further determination (by the Board). "
Monaghan continues, "We certainly pledge our continued devotion to Holy Mother Church, and recognize the tithe has been an important commitment of Legatus since our founding.  However, in light of recent revelations and questions, we believe it appropriate to respectfully request clarification regarding the specific use of these funds."
(Image: YouTube)
"Please join the Board as we continue to pray for healing and clarity during this troubled time: for our Church, for all victims of abuse and injustice, and for our clergy," he says.
The Wall Street Journal reported on Sept. 6 that the tithe being put in escrow is about $820,000. 
On Aug. 27, when asked about the sexual abuse and cover-up allegations, Pope Francis told journalists, "I won't say a word about it." So far, at least 21 Catholic bishops and cardinals have called for a full investigation into the scandal, as have tens of thousands of Catholic laity in petitions to the Vatican.
In addition, U.S. attorneys in at least six states are launching investigations into sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, in the diocese of New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska and New Mexico. 


Illegals emboldened and getting more violent as judges thwart Trump

The border situation is getting extremely violent and ugly, according to a new report from the Washington Times:
Assaults on ICE agents reached a decade high in 2017, and assaults on Border Patrol agents have also surged in recent years, according to new government numbers that seem to back up agents’ claims that illegal immigrants are increasingly looking to fight rather than flee.
The new numbers, reported by Homeland Security’s inspector general, could even be underselling the problem, investigators said, because the government doesn’t do a good job of tracking incidents, and agents and officers don’t always report them properly.
But the report does signal renewed danger particularly on the southwest border, where agents say a surge in illegal immigration in recent years generally correlates with growing violence.
Violence? From illegals? The report is a contradiction of the "narrative" put out by the left, its press allies, and even some libertarians, that illegals commit far fewer crimes than the average American and therefore rule of law is unimportant. Illegals, after all, are just moms and toddlers, coming here to celebrate Mother's Day, aren't they. As NPR reported: "Illegal Immigration Does Not Increase Violent Crime, 4 Studies Show."
So O.K., then: Let the illegals in. Violence from illegals is nothing but a right-wing myth. Never mind about that rule of law stuff.
Now we have a new surge of border mayhem targeting law enforcement.
Obviously, something is going on.
To take an incentive-based look at what that might be, there are several possibilities.

One, President Trump's crackdown on illegal border crossers is ending the free-for-all illegal crossers have up until now benefited from. This Border Patrol chart, from Washington Post lefty columist Catherine Rampell, shows a clearupward trend in 2018. So instead of turning themselves in to the Border Patrol for diaper service, a warm bed, meals on wheels, and a bus ticket or free flight to their destination of choice, plenty of the people who pay cartels to get them across are finding themselves busted. Obviously, the Border Patrol is being restored to its original mission and that's cutting into one perverse incentive to emigrate illegally, because word gets around.
But it doesn't quite explain the violence. It would only explain an increased willingness of illegal border crossers to run away from, not toward, ICE and Border Patrol agents.
The violence is likely coming from money matters, both among cartels and their clients.
First, stepped-up enforcement of illegal border crossings is costly - to cartels, who make billions off these illegal crossings.  The knowledge that a bust may happen is enough to incentivize at least some would-be border crossers from not wanting to cross illegally at all, and that means less "business" coming in for the cartels. It's obviously enough to make them mean.
Two, busts are costly for cartels in another way: Losing a man to jail for one of Trump's stepped up busts of illegal border crossing operations means having to find a replacement and train that person, which costs cartels more cash. Like any business operation, cartels raise their prices to illegals to cover the costs - which is why the price of a coyote-guided illegal crossing has gone up - neighborhood of $6,000 or so, from Central America, and probably higher now.
Higher prices mean fewer customers. Which again, costs cartels money as it shrivels their markets further. They are cartels, after all. They get really nasty when they lose money.
 But most businesses diversify when business goes south.
Certain other factors seem to be working toward cartels' advantage. One of those is the presence of leftwing judges who throw consistent roadblocks at President Trump every time he tries to enforce rule of law on the border. Trump has not been able to get rid of DACA, a non-law that was nothing but an executive order drawn out of the air by a leftist president using his pen and phone for one. Nor has he been able to enact family separations from group border crossers apprehended crossing illegally as a disincentive to abusing the asylum system. The crying toddler pictures served the cartel aims handsomely, creating incentives for more business. Nor has he been successful (at least until recently) at keeping unvetted nationals from terrorist states out. What's more, the Border Patrol and ICE have been sanctioned in court for defending themselves from border rock throwers and shooters, ending up in big payouts to lawbreakers at lawmen's expense. The cartels watch these things, and can logically conclude, from their business perspective, that once a matter reaches a court level, leftist judges will ensure that illegals always win. That, too, is good for the cartel business..
Nobody gets involved in violence, not even cartels, unless the risk-to-reward ratio is acceptable enough. Obviously, leftwing judges have lowered the risks and stepped up the rewards as Trump has shrunk the market. If you know you're going to get off because the justice system and the leftwing press will always be on your side, you take the risk. That seems to be what's fueling this ugly trend.
A controlled border would not have this violence. An uncontrolled one, with just enough comfort for lawbreakers might just. That underlines just how important it is to allow President Trump the leeway he needs to enact his border control agenda. Voters need to figure this out, because the violence at the border shows that the cartels already have.

CE Operation in Midwest Nets 364 in One Month 

By Preston Huennekens 

CIS Immigration Blog, September 6, 2018 

Although ICE does arrest all illegal aliens it encounters during the execution of an enforcement action, the majority in this case had prior criminal convictions. That is in line with the most recent data, which shows that a majority of ICE arrests in FY 2017 and in YTD FY 2018 were criminal aliens. 

Ninety-seven of those arrested had been previously removed from the United States and subsequently re-entered, which is a felony. Sanctuary jurisdictions, such as the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago/Cook County make it significantly easier for illegal aliens to avoid detection by immigration authorities. 

Massive MS-13 Bust in California 

Establishment media ignores the story - and California Democrats seek to avoid “labels” for violent criminal illegals. 

By Lloyd Billingsley
In 2017, California sued the Trump administration 24 times and Becerra supports the state’s sanctuary law. The attorney general fines and prosecutes employers who tell federal officials about false-documented illegals. In similar style, Tani Cantil-Sakauye, chief justice of the California Supreme Court, has accused ICE of “stalking” criminal illegals in courthouses. California senator Kamala Harris is notably hostile to ICE and other Democrats want to abolish the federal agency. 

Department of Justice and Homeland Security officials gave no indication of the MS-13 members’ immigration status. On the other hand, Californians might wonder how members of a murderous criminal gang entered the country in the first place and have managed to avoid arrest and deportation. 

California Democrats claim their sanctuary law does not protect violent criminals but attorney general Xavier Becerra has made no effort to have MS-13 members deported. Last week’s bust, he said, was not based on “status,” only “criminal conduct.” 

It also failed to emerge how many of the MS-13 members have received California driver’s licenses, which since 2015 automatically registers them to vote. In the sanctuary state of California, more than one million illegals are already registered to vote and maybe MS-13 gang members will be among those heading to the polls in November. As a State Department investigation shows, false-documented illegals have been voting in local, state and federal elections for decades. 
. . . 

Border Agent Explains Why ‘Walls Do Work’ 

By Craig Bannister 
CNS News, August 31, 2018 

“As a border patrol agent, I can tell you: walls do work,” a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) attests, citing the success of barriers built on the San Diego border, in a CBP video. 

In a video explaining why borders walls are an essential component of border security, the agent recounts how the institution of border walls in San Diego has resulted in a 87 percent reduction in annual apprehensions of illegal aliens – from 560,000 to 68,000: 

The agent also explains how border security measures, such as border walls, have benefitted the environment and also transformed a “lawless wasteland” into thriving communities: 

“In areas where we constructed barriers, deployed more agents and gained back control of the border, natural habitats – damaged by illegal migration – have recovered. Piles of discarded debris disappeared. Neighborhoods and businesses replaced what was once lawless wasteland.” 

. . . 

Criminal Illegal Alien Accused of Sexually Assaulting Eight-Year-Old Florida Girl


An illegal alien who previously fled the United States after being accused of sexually assaulting a child is once again been charged with sexual battery of a child after allegedly climbing into bed with an eight-year-old Florida girl and assaulting her.

Wilibaldo Salinas Garcia, a 29-year-old illegal alien, allegedly admitted to sexually assaulting the young girl — whom he is related to — after he “digitally penetrated her and forced her to touch him,” according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.
While the eight-year-old girl was in her bedroom sleeping, the illegal alien allegedly crept into her room and got into bed with her. This is when authorities say Garcia forced the girl to touch him, though she tried to turn over to avoid the sexual assault. Police say Garcia was persistent and eventually, the girl left the room, saying she needed to use the bathroom.

"This is the 2nd time in 3 wks in that a man who's here illegally has sexually battered a child. We will hold him accountable and work with ICE to make sure he is deported after he answers to these charges.” -Sheriff Judd. Click to read news release: 

In text messages obtained by the Tampa Bay Times, the illegal alien allegedly admits to the sexual assault of the girl:
She told me you touched her private part and you kissed her and she couldn’t breathe and now she is scared of you,” the mother wrote. [Emphasis added]
I promise you it won’t happen again,” he eventually responded. [Emphasis added]
Garcia, according to the authorities, has a criminal record for drug possession and resisting arrest. In 2013, after being accused of sexually assaulting a child, he allegedly fled the U.S. but returned illegally last year.
The victim said Garcia had sexually assaulted her last year while she was on a hammock.
The illegal alien now faces life or death in prison. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has issued a detainer on Garcia, meaning that should he be released from custody for any reason, federal immigration officials will take him into custody to deport him out of the country.
John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.

ICE Agent: 'This Company Hired Manual Laborers With Little or No Regard for Their Legal Status…'

By Staff | September 6, 2018 | 4:36 PM EDT

(ICE Photo)
( - U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Texas Ryan K. Patrick and Special Agent in Charge Mark Dawson of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations (HIS) have issued a statement saying that “Waste Management Texas has entered into a non-prosecution agreement with the government based upon a pattern and practice of hiring illegal aliens at the company’s Houston location.”
“Waste Management of Texas employed at least three managers at its Afton location who actively encouraged and induced aliens to work illegally between 2003 and April 2012,” the August 29 statement said.
“The five-year HSI investigation resulted in the execution of search warrants in April 2012 where authorities discovered 16 illegal aliens at the Afton location with at least 100 employees in company records verified as fraudulently documented or using an identity that did not belong to them,” said the statement.
The statement quoted Special Agent Dawson.
“Federal law requires employers to hire only U.S. citizens and aliens who are authorized to work in the country,” Dawson said. “This company hired manual laborers with little or no regard for their legal status for almost 10 years at their Afton location. Today, they paid a substantial price for that conduct. We will continue to vigorously enforce immigration law where we find employers engaging in a pattern or practice of hiring unauthorized individuals in reckless disregard of the law.”
Here is the full text of the statement published by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Texas:
HOUSTON – Waste Management Texas has entered into a non-prosecution agreement with the government based upon a pattern and practice of hiring illegal aliens at the company’s Houston location, announced U.S. Attorney Ryan K. Patrick along with Special Agent in Charge Mark Dawson of Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).
Waste Management Inc. is North America’s leading provider of waste disposal and collection headquartered in Houston. The company serves nearly 20 million municipal, commercial, industrial and residential customers. Waste Management of Texas employed at least three managers at its Afton location who actively encouraged and induced aliens to work illegally between 2003 and April 2012.
The five-year HSI investigation resulted in the execution of search warrants in April 2012 where authorities discovered 16 illegal aliens at the Afton location with at least 100 employees in company records verified as fraudulently documented or using an identity that did not belong to them.
The non-prosecution agreement requires Waste Management to continue its substantial remedial measures to address all past immigration violations and forfeit more than $5.5 million in proceeds gained from hiring an illegal workforce at the Afton location,” said Patrick. “In considering whether to enter into such agreements, we must take into account the collateral consequences that a criminal prosecution would have on the company’s contracts with many municipalities across the country and the thousands of employees for the conduct of three managers at one operating unit in Houston.”
“Federal law requires employers to hire only U.S. citizens and aliens who are authorized to work in the country,” said Dawson. “This company hired manual laborers with little or no regard for their legal status for almost 10 years at their Afton location. Today, they paid a substantial price for that conduct. We will continue to vigorously enforce immigration law where we find employers engaging in a pattern or practice of hiring unauthorized individuals in reckless disregard of the law.”
Waste Management of Texas hired various staffing agencies to provide contract laborers. Many were hired or rehired at the Afton location in reckless disregard of the fact that they were not authorized to work. The undocumented workforce allowed the company to maintain their preferred helper workforce to maximize profits and productivity. The estimated proceeds to the company derived from this conduct at the Afton location is $5,527,091.55, the amount forfeited to the United States today.
Managers at the Afton location fired at least 10 employees in January 2012 because they lacked documentation. The aliens were told to assume the identity of actual U.S. citizens or individuals with legal status in order to work there. Managers also engaged in an identity theft scheme providing the terminated aliens with names and identifiers of actual individuals with status in the United States to allow the illegal aliens to be employed and added to the company’s payroll.
A federal grand jury indicted three managers in May 2014 for engaging in a conspiracy between 2008 and 2012 to induce and encourage unlawful immigration through a scheme to employ undocumented aliens as helpers on waste trucks picking up garbage in and around Houston. All were convicted and received sentences of 27 - 94 months.
Waste Management of Texas cooperated with the government’s criminal investigation and conducted their own internal investigation. They determined the managers at their Afton location intentionally thwarted pre-existing immigration compliance procedures that have since been enhanced to prevent future hiring of unauthorized aliens seeking employment by fraud or identity theft.
HSI conducted the long-term investigation. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Casey N. MacDonald, Douglas Davis and Edward Gallagher prosecuted the case and negotiated the non-prosecution agreement with the company.



 BEHEADINGS LONG U.S. OPEN BORDERS WITH NARCOMEX: The La Raza Heroin Cartels Take the Border and Leave Heads