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AMERICA: One paycheck and two illegals 

away from homelessness.



“Throughout this period, the trade unions transitioned from their alliance with the Democratic Party on the basis of ferocious anti-communism into outright instruments of the corporations and the state. They have and continue to collaborate in the “orderly shutdown” of factories and mines, after pushing through wage and benefit cuts on the bogus pretext of “saving jobs.”


REPORT: The assault to finish off the American 

middle-class is NOT over

“The report noted that many illegals don't have jobs or have difficulty in landing good jobs because of local laws.”

“However, it identified several states that have begun easing employment laws so that illegals can get a job.”


"The collection of billionaires, bankers, CEOs, generals and social 

arch-reactionaries that will comprise his cabinet and White House 

inner circle is pledged to remove all constraints on the ability of 

the rich to plunder American society for their own personal gain 

and profit."

Trump’s Labor Department Pick: Put Americans Last

By Mark Krikorian

The Corner at National Review, December 8, 2016

Excerpt: Trump’s pick for Labor secretary is perhaps the worst person imaginable for that role: Andrew Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants, the parent company of fast-food chains Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, and others. He is one of the nation’s most outspoken business voices for Gang of Eight-style immigration policies. He didn’t just sign an open letter once as a favor to a friend; he’s been a high-profile champion of amnesty and huge increases in immigration and guestworkers. This op-ed in Politico, timed to coincide with the launch of the Gang of Eight effort in 2013, could have been written by Jeb Bush. Here he is at AEI in 2013 making the case for importing more low-skilled workers. Here he joins with the Bloomberg-Murdoch Billionaires for Open Borders outfit and Grover Norquist in an effort to “push 2016 presidential candidates and congressional Republican leaders to support immigration reform this year.” There’s plenty more.

Now, Trump has been waffling and contradictory on the worker side of immigration (among other things) all along – I’ve written about it here, here, and here, for instance. Nor is it the case that Trump’s simply a liberal con man – Sessions could be one of the best Attorneys General we’ve ever had, Price and DeVos are solid conservative picks, and there’s every reason to think his Supreme Court nomination will be sound.

TRUMPERNOMICS: Serving the Rich, the Greedy and the 



Puzder’s nomination is of a piece with Trump’s other cabinet choices. Betsy DeVos, an enemy of public education, has been selected to head the Department of Education. Ben Carson, the neurosurgeon known for his antipathy towards government “interference” in housing regulation, has been nominated as the Housing and Urban Development Secretary.




TRUMP'S OPEN BORDERS AND AMNESTY/ NON-ENFORCEMENT POLICIES WILL HELP KEEP THE HAMBURGER INDUSTRY WELL STOCKED WITH "CHEAP" LABOR ILLEGALS.... The America people will then be forced to pay the REAL cost of all that staggeringly expensive labor

“Yet Andrew Puzder, the chief executive of the company that operates Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, has been chosen by President-elect Donald Trump as labor secretary.”

“Mr. Puzder, however, has been adamantly opposed to a meaningful increase in the federal minimum wage, which is $7.25 an hour. Mr. Trump has said he could stomach an increase to $10, which is still abysmal.”

“Here is the record at those restaurants. When the Obama Labor Department looked at thousands of complaints involving fast-food workers, it found labor law violations in 60 percent of the investigations at Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, usually for failure to pay the minimum wage or time and a half for overtime.”



OPEN BORDERS: The Democrat Party’s Weapon of Mass Destruction on the American Worker

"Los Angeles saw all crime rise in 2015: violent crime up 19.9 percent, homicides up 10.2 percent, shooting victims up 12.6 percent, rapes up 8.6 percent, robberies up 12.3 percent, and aggravated assault up 27.5 percent,"Landry said.”

Says the “WALL” will now be only “NO TRESSPASSING” signs posted every hundred miles!
“He's showing more empathy for illegal aliens than he is for American citizens.  Shouldn't it be the concerns of Americans he should be considering first, before the feelings of illegals?  These people are taking taxpayer money and American jobs, some committing crimes, and many are not assimilating and speaking English, and Trump wants them to stay?”


U.S. immigrant deportations fall to lowest level since 2007: The Obama administration deported 333,341 unauthorized immigrants in the 2015 fiscal year, a decline of about 81,000 (or 20%) from the prior year.

"For decades now, Islamic radicalism has been a dominant factor in worldwide terrorism."

One of life’s great mysteries is the fact that people with high intelligence scores are so often stupid -- not just stupid, but breathtakingly so. I have seen it in my personal and professional life, as I am sure that you have also.  Ex...

No Brain Required to Import Terrorists

One of life’s great mysteries is the fact that people with high intelligence scores are so often stupid -- not just stupid, but breathtakingly so.
I have seen it in my personal and professional life, as I am sure that you have also.  Examples abound.  Here is just one.  I once worked for an organization that was obviously failing.  A concerned, high-ranking person asked me if I had noticed any problems in the company.  I listed several, all of them significant.  He then gave me a blank stare, and said something to the effect, Good, I’m glad to see there are no problems -- and walked away.
Here is a more serious one, one which you also, no doubt, have noticed.  For decades now, Islamic radicalism has been a dominant factor in worldwide terrorism.  It is so blatantly obvious that no one, we would think, could possibly have missed it.  Yet, seemingly intelligent people steadfastly refuse -- absolutely refuse -- to acknowledge that fact.  Absurd excuses are made for cold-blooded murderers who ruthlessly kill and maim innocent children, women and men, and who do so not only without remorse, but with glee.
Barack Obama has suggested that the problem stems from unemployment among young Arab men.  Others blame oppression by Israelis.  Western imperialism is cast as the villain.  How about the Crusades?
By blaming everyone except the terrorists themselves, it then became logical, in a distorted way, to import young Arab men by the hundreds of thousands into Europe, and by the many thousands into the United States.  Once they got here, the reasoning went, they would adopt Western values, and peacefully prosper by doing so.
As the imported terrorists began racking up 

their macabre toll of murders, rapes and other 

violent crimes, one would think that this would 

have had some impact upon those who 

imported them, a decent sense of regret.  No.  

Instead, the woman who almost became the 

U.S. president had vowed to import even more 

of them.  More!
Angela Merkel of Germany did in fact import about a million into the nation she leads, and at long last the German people are beginning to take some notice, despite the attempts of their government to conceal the rape statistics which skyrocketed after the mass immigration.  The German government response:  German women should dress more modestly.  My thought:  perhaps they should wear burkahs, and never go out of the house without a male relative.  After all, that’s what they do in Mecca, don’t they?
The theory seems to have been that imported Arabs would adopt Western values, and assimilate into Western culture, as have immigrant Asians and Africans.  Are Arabs any different?
Of course they are.  You and I know that.  When we see news video of throngs of Arab men ranting in the streets of London, demanding that Shariah law be imposed, it becomes obvious that assimilation is the last thing these people desire.  Instead, they insist that we must submit ourselves to their way of life, and by extension, death.
We finally have an incoming president who recognizes the obvious, and is unafraid to give voice to those of us who also notice it.  Like us, he has been ridiculed and vilified for mentioning it.  We expect him to act decisively and swiftly to end the inexplicable stupidity, the madness, by which our previous leaders got so many of us killed.
For the first time in years, I am optimistic






Islam Is the Problem

“Islam is not the problem,” proclaims the Left. And if you say otherwise, you’re a “racist,” even though “Muslim” is not a race. Yet a fact remains: virtually all the world’s terrorists today claim Islamic motivations. So if Islam (belief) is not the problem, are we then left with a genetic explanation for this violence? Is there something inherent in the groups generally embracing Islam — Arabs, Persians, Indonesians, Punjabis, etc. — that would account for it? And, hey, I’m just asking; it’s the liberals who profess ideas suggesting this possibility.
Consider: When analyzing WWII and Germany, few claim the problem was Germans, but Nazism. When looking at 1917 Russia, we don’t say the problem was Russians, but Marxism. So fill in the blank: when evaluating the Muslim world and its violence, do we assume the problem is the people or _____?
Then there are other explanations for Muslim violence, all of which amount to Islamsplainin’. Poverty is one, but the Muslim world is not uniquely poor. There are many millions of poor Catholics in South America, Africa and elsewhere; and hundreds of millions of poor Hindus in India. Yet they aren’t committing terrorist acts. And Osama bin Laden was worth $125 million.
Another excuse is U.S. “meddling” in Muslim nations’ affairs; our taking Israel’s side in the Mideast is always Exhibit A. But there’s simply no good correlation between American interventionism and Muslim violence. Many nations and regions, such as Nigeria, Kashmir, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Mali, have problems with Islamic terrorism in the absence of a Yankee hand.
In fact, it isn’t unusual for Muslim nations to occupy 8 spots on a list of the world’s 10 most dangerous countries (examples found here and here). It also isn’t unusual for a non-Muslim nation in the top 10 to be a country such as North Korea or Central African Republic, the latter of which is 15 percent Muslim. This is no surprise, mind you, if we’re to believe a comprehensive German study of 45,000 youths that was reported in 2010. It found that while increasing religiosity among the Christian youths made them less violent, increasing religiosity among the Muslim youths actually made them more violent
When evaluating Islam and seeking to understand such phenomena, a simple but important point is never made. Christians may use as a guide for behavior, “What would Jesus do?” (WWJD); likewise, Muslims view Mohammed as a role model, considering him “the Perfect Man.” But there is a difference.
I’ve heard leftists diminish Jesus, saying things such as He wasn’t divine, He never existed, we don’t know anything about Him, He had brothers and that He was married. What I’ve never heard them say — it might have been uttered but is rare enough to have eluded my ears — is that He wasn’t a good man. This is why instead of condemning Jesus, un-Christian movements will often seek to co-opt His story for their own purposes, as the Nazis did with their so-called “Positive Christianity.” That’s how unassailable Jesus is as a model for behavior.
What of Mohammed? He was a warlord who launched close to 30 military campaigns, many of which he led himself. He was a caravan raider (a bandit) and captured, traded in and owned slaves (note: will liberals suggest slave-owning Mohammed be diminished, as they have sought to erase our founders’ memory?). He ordered massacres, used torture and had dissidents assassinated. He was a polygamist and made it lawful for masters to have sexual relations with their female captives. Mohammad also wasn’t very fond of dogs, an attitude begettingtheir mistreatment in the Islamic world (warning: last three links are disturbing).
One could quip here, if the dog is man’s best friend and Mohammad hated dogs, was he really part of the family of man? But, in fairness and as I’ll acknowledge, as with Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan or Tamerlane, Mohammad was largely a man of his time and place. And I’d be happy to let him rest in peace and put his memory to bed — except for one thing: more than a billion people worldwide won’t. This brings us to that seldom heard point.
If someone said Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan or Tamerlane was “the Perfect Man” and used him as his role model, would you turn your back on that person?
It’s not just the “freedom from guilt” by association phenomenon, where, as Hollywood does, people are made to have an affinity for a character for the purposes getting them to accept what he’s associated with (e.g., homosexuality). Nor is it akin to admiration for George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, which would wisely be tempered with the knowledge that they were, like everyone else, humans with flaws. For there simply is no room for criticism of a “Perfect Man,” no way to say “Alright, I’ll take the good he did and run with it and ignore the bad.” If a perfect man does something, it cannot be bad.
So is it fair to say that in the Islamic world, spreading religion by the sword, murder, rape and slavery have the sanction of a perceived embodiment of perfection? If much of the Islamic world appears mired in a medieval mentality, it could be because they’re modeling after a medieval man.
Yet what mainly plagues us is not Muslims’ enslavement to misbegotten ideas, but our own. For example, many Westerners cannot open their minds to the possibility that any religion could be a destructive force because they’re in the grip of a destructive force themselves: Religious Equivalence Doctrine, which holds as dogma that all faiths are morally equal.
Some may say a solution to this is, as they put it, to “realize Islam is not a religion.” I hope these people will read the following with an open mind, because I believe this is a misguided notion that itself is dangerous.
The idea is thought to have utility: declassify Islam as a religion and rob it of First Amendment protection. Yet how much good would this do? The amendment also guarantees freedom of speech and allows even secular beliefs such as Nazism and Marxism to be promoted. All the proposal could really do is remove Islam’s tax-free status.
The idea is destructive, too, because it appears predicated on the assumption that a “religion” would have to be good or prescriptive of peace. (In reality, many if not most religions in history, such as that of the human-sacrificing Aztecs, don’t meet that standard.) Yet this notion strays mighty close to Religious Equivalence Doctrine, which is corruptive because since different faiths espouse different values, not all faiths can be equal unless all values are. This is moral relativism, which has some serious implications.
For example, what differentiates different ideologies is also that they espouse different values. Yet if all values were equal, we couldn’t say that conservatism was any better than Nazism or Marxism. We rightly don’t believe this, of course, and we should apply the same standard to “religion.” To wit: religion isn’t bad, but there is bad religion.
In other words, if we refuse to make qualitative distinctions among religions — any group of religions — it implies that qualitative differences among values or value sets don’t exist. This would mean tolerance could be no better than intolerance, Christianity no better than Islam, and good will toward men no better than jihad.
Delving deeper, however, the truth is that, in the most important sense, the secular/religious distinction is a false one. Consider: If God exists, is it more significant that we label belief in Him “religious” or that it’s true? If Marxism is essentially a lie, is it more significant that we label it “secular” or that it’s untrue? The most important distinction, the only one that really matters, is the true and the untrue.
(Note: because we’ve lost sight of this, our courts now essentially say that Christianity cannot be in government schools but Marxism can. Ponder that.)
In the final analysis, people believe things. Some of those things are good and some of those things are bad. Some awfully bad things are believed by a large number of people today. If we want to survive, we’d better recognize what those things are and who promotes them — and act accordingly.

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“We must stop all Muslim immigration because, in the end, those Muslims all intend to dominate and overrun our country. We need to stop this “oligarchy” by our votes.”    FROSTY WOOLDRIDGE



The Muslim Sheikhdom Qatar is a major sponsor of ISIS and global anti-American terrorism. How disturbing is it that Bill Clinton sucked in a bribe of ONE MILLION DOLLARS under the guise of a birthday gift? There is NO one the Clintons will not sell us out to and have already!





…. Sucking welfare off the American people like a pack of crony Wall Street Banksters!

…….. then they take their BILLIONS in U.S. welfare and finance global terrorism against the American people.




Selling Out America and Sucking In the Bribes!

 Hillary Clinton sucks in $28 Million Bribe From One of Her Muslim Dictators!

…. And their dirty money keeps rolling in!

With the influx of tens of thousands of Somalis have come numerous mosques and, of course, Islam

And, as you may have heard, Minnesota has the largest Somali population outside of Africa. Like many immigrants, no doubt, most came for new opportunity and jobs. Many also have come for some of the most generous welfare benefits in the nation. 

Minnesota: Yes to Immigration, No to Jihad

The cold tundra of Minnesota was a foreboding land to early settlers. French fur traders came to the bountiful lakes of the Northern Territory in search of hides and pelts. German and Norwegian farmers came for some of the richest farmland in the world. Flour mills in Minneapolis hired Irish and Polish workers and iron ore mines on the great Mesabi Range brought in Swedish and Eastern European immigrants. Today, many immigrants come from Mexico and Central America. They work in restaurants, at summer farms, and on roofing and construction sites. Programmers from India and Asia work in the many high-tech jobs the Twin Cities provide. Except for the proud Native American tribes, some of whom have become very wealthy from casino gambling revenues, all citizens of Minnesota are or were descendants of immigrants.
And, as you may have heard, Minnesota has the largest Somali population outside of Africa. Like many immigrants, no doubt, most came for new opportunity and jobs. Many also have come for some of the most generous welfare benefits in the nation. Aided by many charities, notably Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities, and American Refugee Committee, Somali immigrants have transformed the face of Minnesota, not only in major cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul but in many outstate mid-size cities such as St. Cloud and Wilmar.
The exact number of the Somali community in Minnesota is a 
matter of dispute. Minnesota officials put the number somewhere 
between 30 to 40 thousand. Those in the Somali community put the number much higher. With many Somali refugees from other states moving to Minnesota, one of the highest birth rates of any 
immigrant group in America, and numerous efforts made to resettle family members still in Somalia or in neighboring refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia, the real number of Somalis in Minnesota is probably closer, or soon will be, to 100,000.
With the influx of tens of thousands of Somalis have come numerous mosques and, of course, Islam. I grew up on the Eastside of Minneapolis. Full of historic Catholic Churches and many Polish and Eastern European surnames and delis, I don't recall a single mosque in the neighborhood. Now, in my neighborhood alone, I count at least a half dozen. Anecdotal evidence no doubt, but with 95 to 99 percent of Somalis identifying as Muslim, a building boom of mosques and Islamic Centers has occurred all over the City of Lakes and the North Star State. Good liberals praise the "increased diversity" of Minnesota and are quick to decry any real concerns as "Islamophobia". In 2015, Mark Dayton, bleeding heart governor of Minnesota, told a group of longtime residents in St. Cloud after recent problems between white and Somali students at schools in the area, that if they didn't like the new reality of tens of thousands of Muslim immigrants they should "find another state." Great. Minnesota is a welcoming state, except for those who have been here all their lives.
The Fifth Congressional district of Minnesota, anchored by the entire city of Minneapolis, has been represented by Keith Ellison for over a decade. Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress is seeking to run the DNC. Despite past ties to the Nation of Islam, Ellison is easily reelected every two years and has risen in national Democratic circles. In addition to Ellison, Minneapolis has elected Somalis to the city council and state legislature. This is not the Scandinavian and German enclave Minneapolis and much of Minnesota used to be.
With the largest concentration of Somalis in America, the local news is often full of stories about terrorist recruitment. Dozens of young Somali men have left Minnesota to fight with Al Shabaab, the Al Qaeda-sponsored group in Somalia. Six men were recently tried here in federal court for attempting to join ISIS. A knife-wielding man in St. Cloud attacked numerous people at a mall, stopping to cordially ask before stabbing if any were Muslim. Denying that Islamic extremists exist in the Somali community is like denying Minnesota winters are cold. Yet, the nonstop flow of Somali refugees continues. It is time for a pause
Minnesotans need a break. Our charity is exhausted, our Minnesota Nice worn out. Apart from terrorism, the state's social services have been greatly stressed. Public housing has long waiting lists, Section 8 apartments are full, welfare rolls have grown significantly and the number of refugees with dangerous and costly diseases like TB is substantial. Acknowledging real problems with refugees and real problems with Islamic terrorism is not racism or fear mongering, it is common sense.
For decades, liberal Europe encouraged Muslim immigration and turned a blind eye to radical clerics and segregated "no go zones". I am afraid the same reality has happened in Minnesota. Entire neighborhoods in Minneapolis, such as Cedar Riverside, dominated by low-income public housing high rises, are almost entirely Somali. Integration and assimilation have not occurred the way we were told by charities and Somali activists. A permanent, aggrieved underclass of Muslims ripe for radicalization is now the reality in the heartland of America. The parallels to France and other nations in Europe is both real and concerning. Numerous mass casualty attacks have now led many nations, including France, Belgium, and Germany, to reconsider their open border and immigration policies. Attacks in San Bernardino, Orlando, St. Cloud, and Columbus should lead us to do the same.
There is a real threat from radical Sunni Islam that cannot be ignored. I do not see Orthodox Jews flying airplanes into buildings. I do not see many Indian Hindu immigrants asking people their religion before stabbing them. And I do not recall many Mexicans pledging allegiance to a foreign religious group before killing dozens at a nightclub. We ignore reality when we refuse to acknowledge radical Islam for what it is... a grave and existential threat to America's national security. We need common sense when it comes to immigration, not just compassion.
Condemning radical Islam is not to condemn the entire religion. Years ago, many Catholics viewed attacks on pedophile priests as an attack on their religion. As a lifelong Catholic, a graduate of America's oldest Jesuit college (Georgetown University) and having a sister who is a Dominican nun, I will admit that I often dismissed claims of clergy sexual abuse as attacks on the Church and legitimate grievances against grandstanding bishops as "anti-Catholic rhetoric." I was wrong. There was a real problem in the Catholic clergy and a harmful defensiveness amongst Catholic bishops and protective laity. Denying the problem made it worse. Attacking those who told the truth ended up hurting the faithful, not helping them. Muslims who refuse to acknowledge radical Islam and the terrorism it breeds are only hurting the vast majority of Muslims who want peace.
We are a nation of immigrants. The frozen north of Minnesota was transformed into a productive, innovative, and enterprising territory because of immigrants. There is a reason companies like 3M, Medtronic, General Mills, and Cargill have prospered here. Minnesota is responsible for countless inventions, everything from toasters to thermostats to supercomputers and Black Box recording devices to cortisone, pacemakers and Scotch tape were invented here. We welcome and help people from all backgrounds and faiths. Minnesota has been especially generous in this regard. That is a good thing.
However, being a nation of immigrants does not mean we are a nation of idiots. We need a pause on immigration from countries that produce terrorists. We need a better system to vet and deport people who want to harm us and hate our way of life. We need an immigration system that considers the community that is already here instead of forcing tens of thousands of refugees on good but limited people. We need an immigration system that protects great states like Minnesota and realizes the true nature of radical Islam, not an immigration system that harbors terrorists and pushes liberal fantasies over common sense.
Cain Pence (no known relation to Vice President Mike Pence) is a Minneapolis based writer. Mr. Pence is a graduate of Georgetown University and has traveled extensively throughout all 50 states. His writings have appeared in numerous publications including The Hill, the Washington Times, the Washington Examiner, the Salt Lake Tribune, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Santa Fe New Mexican, the Minneapolis Post and others. He can be reached at

Migrant Family Apprehensions Up 230 Percent on Border



U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials reported a 230 percent increase in the numbers of Family Unit Aliens (FMUA) apprehended along the southwest border with Mexico.

The increase represents an additional 16,198 FMUA apprehensions when comparing the first two months of FY 2016 and FY 2017. 28,694 FMUAs were apprehended between ports of entry along the southwest border with Mexico during October and November of this year. During that same period in 2015, 12,496 FMUA apprehensions were made.
The Border Patrol defines a FMUA as the number of individuals (either a child under 18 years old, parent or legal guardian) apprehended with a family member by the U.S. Border Patrol. The 28,694 FMUA apprehensions represent at least 57,388 people. In many cases there are more than one minor with the family units so the number of people having to be processed by Border Patrol agents is likely much higher.
A statement release by CBP officials states:
In response to the increased number of individuals apprehended between ports of entry or encountered at ports of entry, CBP opened temporary holding facilities in Tornillo and Donna, Texas, capable of holding 500 people each.  The facilities are providing additional space for those in CBP custody awaiting transfer to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for processing, detention, and/or removal, or to the Department of Health and Human Services. CBP is prepared to add housing, beds, toilets, and bathing facilities as necessary. CBP is addressing this migratory surge along the Southwest border in a humane way, consistent with our border security mission and our American values.
In order to staff these facilities, U.S. Border Patrol officials moved 150 agents from the Tucson, San Diego, and Del Rio Sectors to the McAllen and Weslaco Centralized Processing Stations, Breitbart Texas reported.
The sectors are being robbed of agents are having their own surge of illegal immigrants as Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials try to make it look like they are doing something in response to the renewed humanitarian crisis along the southern border. The San Diego Sector reported an increase in FMUA apprehensions of 303 percent when comparing FY 2016 and FY 2107 October numbers. UAC apprehensions also increased, by 71 percent over the same time period last year. Breitbart Texas reported on October 22 that the San Diego Sector was also dealing with a 600 percent increase of Haitian refugees comparing FY 2016 to the previous year.
The Tucson Sector, from where agents are being moved to Texas, also saw an increase in FMUA apprehensions of 17 percent comparing October 2016 to October 2017. Fortunately, UAC apprehensions were down for the month.
The Del Rio Sector saw a 51 percent increase in FMUA apprehensions during this same comparison period while UAC apprehensions dropped by only five percent.
Bob Price serves as associate editor and senior political news contributor for Breitbart Texas. He is a founding member of the Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.

CE Relies on El Paso Migrant Shelter to Accomodate Flood of Central American Immigrants

By Joseph J. Kolb

CIS Blog, December 14, 2016

Excerpt: A unique "processing center" recently opened in the El Paso suburb of Tornillo, Texas, will provide temporary housing for 500 people. The complex is made up of framed canvas buildings and is only expected to house apprehended immigrants for up to 72 hours.

"In 2014, it was primarily the Rio Grande Valley Sector that saw the massive numbers of families and children," U.S. Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera told Breitbart Texas in his capacity as president of National Border Patrol Council Local 3307. "Now we are seeing increases in every sector — some as high as 200 percent."

Annunciation House assists immigrants with temporary housing, which Garcia says averages three days, a place to shower, eat, and transportation aid to join a friend or family member pending the outcome of their case.

In the past week, Garcia said the number being referred to his facility has slightly dropped to 600 people. Still a daunting number in the crisis the federal government has been forced to address, causing them to reach out to the migrant shelter.

Damning Report on Illegal-Alien
Entries Now Available

WASHINGTON, DC (December 2, 2016) — In September the media reported that the Obama administration was sitting on a damning Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report that called into question the administration’s claim that as many as 81 percent of people attempting to cross the border illegally are apprehended.

This new report, whose full text the Center for Immigration Studies has now obtained, estimates that nearly half of illegal aliens slip through the southern border undetected.

The report was apparently completed in May, leading some to 

suspect that the Obama administration did not want it released 

for fear that it would bolster Donald Trump’s call for a border 


Among other things, the report measures total level of illegal entry, the probability of apprehension, and the effect of law enforcement in deterring illegal entry. It relies on DHS databases of border apprehension records supplemented by Border Patrol observations, surveillance of illegal entries, and surveys of illegal aliens. The report was completed by the Institute for Defense Analyses, which played no role in the report’s release here.

For 2015, the estimated apprehension rate of illegal aliens between ports of entry on the southern border is only 54 percent. The report finds that although there has been a steep fall in total illegal entries over the past 15 years, there has not been a steep rise in the probability of apprehension over the same time period. Still, there has been some rise; shockingly, the report’s authors find that the estimated apprehension rate between ports of entry in 2005 was only 36 percent.

The report also notes that of illegal aliens crossing at ports of entry — for example, with fake IDs or hidden in vehicles — only 29 percent were estimated to have been apprehended in 2014, and only 39 percent in 2015.

Another interesting number highlighting the Central American influx and perhaps an increased effort on the part of immigration attorneys is the total requests for asylum. In 2009, Obama’s first year in office, there were 17,000 requests for asylum along the southern border; in 2014 there were 170,000 such requests.

Contact: Marguerite Telford


1 in 7 are addicted

MEXICO’S BIGGEST EXPORTS TO U.S.: Heroin, Criminals, Anchor baby breeders for 18 years of gringo-paid welfare.
1 in 7 are addicted

“According to the Centers for Immigration Studies, April '11, at least 70% of Mexican illegal alien families receive some type of welfare in the US!!!”